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>Date: September 9th 2017
>Time: 7:18 PM
>Location: Harris Household - Sanctuary City Residential District

>A ways out from the business and noise of the big city and closer to the calm, forest edge sits one of Sanctuary City's residential areas. With it's location closer to that of the city's walls, the environment tends to be more peaceful and quiet than locations situated closer to the city's more populated districts.

>Here, most homes are modestly sized. With a rare few having more than two or three bedrooms. Despite it's comparatively more isolated location, the neighborhoods of the area still receive regular MRD patrols as well as built in emergency Meta-Gene dampeners in public spaces.

>Inside one of these homes a slender, but tall nineteen year old sits at his computer desk, typing away rapidly at the plain sight of a text file. With his mother coming from a family of Chinese immigrants, Sying has always had relatively high expectations placed on him from his maternal family - pushing him towards more STEM oriented careers.

>Not wanting to be completely forced into something, Sying took an interest in programming and game design. Thanks to his many years of practice, Sying has found decent success in this field - successfully publishing several small games on the side while working as a freelance programmer.

>Lately however, Sying's output has been slowing down - ironically due to him working too much. With a lack of rest, Sying's work has been declining in quality. Causing his personal projects to be put on hold, and his client satisfaction to plummet.
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>Sying watches helplessly, tears welling up in his eyes as Cynthia falls unconscious. Several minutes pass, with Sying finally breaking down - dropping to the floor sobbing.

>The cube suddenly dissipates, dropping the water and Cynthia's lifeless body to the floor. The water washes across the room, swerving around Sying and towards the end of the building.

>Sying sobs into his hands, struggling to breathe.

"I… didn't… mean.. to…! I… didn't… kill! No! Oh God no!"

>As Sying continues to cry, Rigel begins walking up behind him. Appearing visibly saddened, Rigel speaks with a calm tone.

"Sying. I'm… sorry. I should've stepped in."

>Looking up from his hands, Sying begins sniffing - trying to keep the snot from running down his face any more. Rigel looks to the floor, explaining.

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>Time: 12:04 AM

>Quietly and calmly, Sying walks home with Rigel. Along the way he reflects on the day's events, closing his eyes and letting out a pained sigh.

>After a few moments he opens his eyes, looking at Rigel.

"Hey. Rigel."

>Rigel tilts his head towards Sying.


"…Thanks. You're… a good friend."

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>He drops the key immediately, going into a panic.

"Mom. Mom!"

>Bursting through the doorway, Sying runs into the destroyed living room - finding nothing but wrecked furniture and blood everywhere.


>Sying hurries around the house, looking for any sign of his mother. After having checked nearly every part of the down stairs, he finally rounds the corner making his way to the kitchen.

>Inside, Sying is immediately greeted the sight of a destroyed kitchen, with the back door broken down. His pupils dilate, coming face to face with his greatest fear.

>The dark beast is crouched to the floor, loudly crunching it's teeth as it slouches over a hidden object.

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>With the implications of the situation hitting him again, Sying begins crying loudly - unable to form words. He drops to the floor, balling his hands into fists and punching the floor.

>Rushing in, Rigel looks panicked.

"Sying! Oh my God, Sying!"

>Shocked by the carnage, Rigel gawks - attempting to process the situation.

"I… Sying…"

>Silently, Rigel walks towards Sying - placing a paw on his back, as he silently consoles him. Sying's body shakes, as he sobs violently.


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>A little while later.

>Still shook, Sying sits down on the nearly destroyed recliner. His face and throat are red, and sore. Leaving him exhausted. Near by, Rigel paces around the room - processing everything.

"Sying… the authorities will be here soon. What are you going to tell them?"

>Staring blankly towards the direction of the kitchen, Sying mumbles out:



>Sying looks to Rigel.

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