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R: 89 / I: 108

[Event] - The Resort

>Two young boys haphazardly pull a case up a flight of stairs.

"Larry, it's like no place you've ever been in your whole life. . ."

>The boys finish lifting the case up, ending up in a landing area.

". . .first thing you gotta remember about Dreamville is to pace yourself. This is a mistake a lot of first timers make. . ."

>The boys start dragging the case towards a room.

". . .they've got all these unbelievable rides and cool stuff to do. Try to do it all at once and you'll be waking up like a loser by lunchtime!"

>The boys drag the case into a bedroom, flipping it onto its side.

"Number two. Don't eat just before you go in the Dream Pod."

>The "more experienced" boy grabs a shirt from a nearby closet, putting it into the case.

"Number three. Wacky is huge. I know he's only this big on TV. . ."

>The boy pinches his fingers together.

". . . but in real life he could be the dad."

>The boy grabs some more clothes, putting them into the case.

"Well I guess that's all the important stuff."

>The two boys sit on the case.

"You're gonna love this place Larry, it really brings out the kid in you."

>The footage transitions to b-roll of the park, showing various activities that are available as a voiceover speaks:

"There's never been a better time to make all your dreams come true."

>The footage transitions back to the boys again, where Larry speaks up for the first time.

"I'll be leaving about. . . three weeks!"
R: 21 / I: 88

[Solo] - "Antipathy"

>Date: September 30th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - The Prism
>Time: 9:00 AM

>A small burst of bright red light flies across the training area of the Prism - cutting right through a test dummy.

"As I thought."

>Aiden lowers his hand, placing it back in his jeans pockets as he looks over to Stella standing beside him.

"I gained his Fissure technique, and everything else he had."

>Aiden then walks over to the test dummy - seeing no signs of direct slicing. No directional carving, no uneven distribution of mass along the lacerated edges. Simply an entirely clean cut surface - on both ends.

>As Stella walks up beside him, she crosses her arms as she inspects the bisected test dummy.

"You did mention something about your senses feeling even more heightened after coming back."

>Nodding, Aiden then stands back up and looks at his hand. Looking upward, he then instantaneously teleports a few feet in front of himself - then rapidly across the room before returning back to his exact starting position.

"His teleportation is different from my instantaneous movement. Given the difference, my approach seems to be slightly faster - just as I figured."

>Taking in the information for a few moments, Stella then asks:

"Aiden are you sure you can handle all of this? You have no adverse side effects whatsoever?"
R: 54 / I: 74

[Event] - Conjunction

"The ways of divination are esoteric, and not always reliant on magic, often times the future of an individual is not divined through arcane means, but instead by understanding the movement of their spheres." ~Head Seer of the Department of Mysticism, Earth-2
>Date: September 23rd, 2017
>Location: Manhattan, New York City
>Time: 11:30am

>On an unimportant corner of a busy street of the big apple, a lone tent interrupts the flow of people going about their day, its dark colours and star patterns making it look like it could easily fit in with a circus if not for it being alone.

>The owner of the tent, a woman using an old crate of some kind to grant herself some extra height over the crowd, also looks like the type to fit in with carnies, with an outfit that almost appears to check every possible box for a performer wishing to create an image of being a witch.

>With a dramatic flourish, the woman clicks and summons a trail of small sparkles that look like stars, earnign a reaction from the crowd.

"Welcome! Welcome! I am the great magus Sybillus! Trained in the ancient mystic arts by ancient masters from near and from beyond our stars! Capable of reading the fate of any being with a mere glance! Enchanter of-"

>The speech is interrupted as a cop car screeches to a halt behind the crowd, and a police officer steps out.

"Oi, lady, we already told you you can't-"

>On her stand, the woman does a flourish of her wrist, and a piece of paper appears in her hand with a puff of smoke.

"Why of course, good officers, you requested that I obtain a permit to perform, and in fact I have."

>The woman flourishes again, and the paper flies from her hand, landing perfectly in front of the officer.

"Now, good people, who wishes to step forward, to learn what awaits them in their future?"
R: 32 / I: 138

[Solo] - "Resolute"

>Date: September 28th, 2017
>Location: Parsinion Capital City
>Time: 11:23 AM

"Move all the infantry units back towards Dyad! Keep pressure up in Fracture! Do not let them take Rupture!"

>The Parsinion Shard Commander, the leader of the nation's para-human military force, continues to bark orders at his men. Various soldiers all dressed in black garb with silver trimmings, continue their work to defend the different districts of the Capital City from attack.

"Where did these people even come from, Commander?!"

>A Shard Lieutenant asks, as he manifests a sword in front of him - attacking the robot humanoids that are swarming him.

"Damned machines! They're swarming in like pests!"

>The humanoids have bright red eyes and strong metallic frames. Each of them equipped with motors that are seemingly strong enough to grind bones into dust.

"Their origin isn't relevant at the moment, lieutenant. What matters is completing our orders - and our orders are to protect the capital palace from invasion."

>The Commander of the Shards then pulls his hand back, before launching forward a flurry of fractal "glass" swords and knives. Each of the supernatural weapons pierces a core component of an approaching automaton - rupturing them and causing core component failure inside.

>The resulting explosions cause significant knockback, as the Shard Commander and his subordinates construct walls of supernatural matter and energy to protect themselves.

"Then we better go and protect the castle!"
R: 17 / I: 73

[Solo] - "Eternal Flame"

>Date: September 24th, 2017
>Location: N/A
>Time: 12:00 PM [Relative to Sanctuary City]


>A voice calls out, as the tired form of Shirai kneels on the ground. One hand on his sword's pommel grip, he gives an exhausted groan as he replies in English.

"I cannot. Too much energy…."

>In that moment, however, a blast of bright red light then seemingly strikes Shirai from above - only for him to barely dodge out of the way in time. Gripping his sword tightly, Shirai's eyes then begin to act - rapidly scanning the environment.

{"Where is he?!?!"}

>Suddenly, another flurry of red lights appear - beams of energy raining down on him from seemingly nowhere.

"You have to learn to mind your surroundings - especially when your eyes fail you."

>As Shirai attempts to run from the assault of energy beams - he successfully dodges most of them, before getting hit in the back by one of the final beams.


>As the energy beam connects with his back, Shirai feels a pinge of pain in his body as he falls to the ground. Weakened, he then slowly raises his head up - only to see two figures standing before him.

"Not bad. You've gotten faster since the last time."

>Shirai then looks up, seeing the forms of Mosaic and Paladin standing before him.

"But not fast enough. Again."
R: 35 / I: 161

[Solo] - "Midnight Blade, Shining Light"

>Date: September 21st, 2017
>Location: The Moon
>Time: 8:00 AM [Relative to Sanctuary City]

>A set of pebbles slowly rolls off the side of a small cliff. The view from the cliff overlooks the large blue sphere in the distance, as a pair of metallic footsteps begin to move towards the cliffside.

"Left to their own devices, the sapient and the sound continue to reject their clear evolutionary path."

>The bio-mechanical form of the android Eidolus then reaches the edge of the moon's clifside - now standing over a large chasm on the lunar surface. Placing one of his metallic gauntlets on his synthetic skin, he then gives a light scoff of amusement.

"Were that the choice remained difficult, your reluctance could be understood. But there is so much that you collectively refuse to embrace."

>Holding his hands out - Eidolus then slowly makes a crushing motion with his fist, encompassing the view of the Earth before him.

"In certain occasions, sacrifices are made for the greater good of all mankind."

>Looking behind him, Eidolus's face the morphs into a wry smile, as large numbers of metallic humanoid androids begin marching up from the bottom of the cliffside. As the machines reach Eidolus's location, he then snaps his fingers.

"In time, the rest of our brethren will learn, as I have. As you all have."

>Turning his attention back to the sight of Earth before him, he then says:

"There is no substitute for evolution."
R: 43 / I: 188

[Solo] - "The Light Beyond"

>Date: September 16th, 2017
>Location: Kyoto, Japan - Tasogare Castle Hallway
>Time: 7:00 AM

>The large open interiors of the ancient castle remain hollow - with sound nowhere to be heard. The soft, faint rumbling of a wooden plank is the closest thing to an audible sound within earshot - as the light of the Sun slowly pierces the windows.


>The thudding sound gets louder and more frenetic in its frequency - seemingly converging on a fixed location. The edge of the corridor leading towards a larger part of the castle is then suddenly inundated with a massive amount of wind.


>A human voice can be heard from the empty hallway, as the sounds get even louder.

["Watch where you're going!"]

>A voice speaks out in Japanese - clearly irritated as the aerial bursts get larger and more intense.

["Hey! I'm the one being graceful here! You should've practiced your form!"]

>Another voice says, also speaking in Japanese. An amorphous black mass then slowly rises from the faint shadows protected from the sunlight.
R: 29 / I: 112

[Solo] - "Anger and Peace"

>Date: September 15th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Business Sector
>Time: 10:00 AM

"Just hang on for a moment. I told you, I'll be there soon."

>Marek then ends the call and places his phone back in his jacket pocket. Looking at the other side of the limousine, he sees Miranda adjust her hair slowly - dragging a strand of hair behind her ear.

"What, you're trying to look pretty for the Director? We're not here to see him."

>Scowling, Miranda flicks a small blast of compressed air at Marek's face - which he absorbs with his fingers. Smirking in satisfaction, Marek then speaks with a sarcastic tone to his voice.

"Ohh~ Touched a nerve~?"

>Miranda continues firing bolts of compressed air at Marek, while Jakob sits on the opposite side - typing on a laptop computer.

"Will both of you stop? I'm trying to focus here."

>Marek and Miranda then both stop, and turn their attention to their younger brother.

"Sorry, J. It's just too much fun riling Miranda up like that."

>Sighing, Jakob doubles down on his efforts, beginning to type at a faster rate as his processing power begins accelerating his thoughts.

"I know, I get it. But this too important to screw up."

>Looking back at Miranda for a moment, Marek then inquires:

"So why exactly do we need to break into the MRD's systems again? I thought your boyfriend was running the place?"

>Miranda shoots Marek another murderous glare before she then states.

"Stop screwing around Marek. Chase doesn't matter here. Instead, we need answers from him."

>Marek's face then immediately darkens at the thought.

"Forgot that the bastard's still alive. Shame, 'cause I can fix that."

>Miranda then waves her hand in a dismissive fashion.

"You are such a damned brute, Marek. You know that? You and Aiden! Why can't you both be more like Jakob? Or Jonah?!"
R: 26 / I: 114

[Solo] - "Contiguity"

>Date: September 14th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Archeon Complex
>Time: 5:00 PM

>A sense of frenetic tension courses through Arachnid's body, as his swinging becomes more and more erratic. The strain of his muscles begins to further weigh down on the silk adhesive - as he continues to swing through the interlocked arrangement of skyscrapers that comprise Sanctuary City's Business Sector.

{"Damnit! How the hell did someone figure it out?! This isn't good….Shit!"}

>Unable to think throughout the entirety of the day, only now after his classes have finished - can he begin venting in his mind.

{"I still need to finish that report on the microalbumin cultivation. The peptide bonding and substrate creation data needs to be cleaned up too…..Ugh."}

>Twisting like a corkscrew through a large arrangement of construction work, Arachnid continues swinging. His pace and speed begin to pick up rapidly as he then thinks to himself:

{"If somebody's figured out who I am, then what about Mariah? Jay? Aiden?"}

>Using even greater reserves of strength, seemingly burrowed within his muscles, Arachnid creates a slingshot in mid-air - flinging himself further across the city's skyline and towards the Archeon Complex in the distance.

>After a few more minutes of swinging, Arachnid lands on the rooftop of the main complex in a cold sweat. Barely able to keep himself together, he then pants heavily as he hears a voice from before him.

"You could've come here with the Aurora. The fact that you didn't tells me that you're shellshocked. Don't be."

>Looking up, Arachnid sees Aiden standing before him, holding his hand to help him up.

"Come on. Let's talk about it inside."
R: 45 / I: 104

[Event] - Contralto

>Date: September 14th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - UP Tower
>Time: 8:47am

>Located at the top of the UP Tower, the CEO of UP's office looks out across Sanctuary City, commanding an impressive view of the city thanks to the majority of the surrounding city having been built by the same company as the tower itself, granting the tower the privilege of being one of the tallest buildings in the city.

>As the morning sun rises over the city, the windows of the office adjust, allowing more natural light into the room while simultaneously blocking out the glare from the star, diffusing the light into a comfortable level for the occupant.

>Watching the city below, Bella Blake stands near one of the windows, her position giving her a view out to the sea. Her thoughts are soon interupted, however, as a woman enters the room, neatly dressed and holding a package.

"Ms Blake, this package came for you. I've had it scanned like you require and nothing was detected. . ."

"Thank you Anne, put it on the desk and I'll handle it."

>The woman, Anne, nods and places it on Bella's desk, leaving the young woman to her own musings.

>After a few moments, Bella peels herself away from the window, carefully approaching the package and inspecting it.

"No signs of any mechanisms, no signals being sent out. . ."

>Bella opens the package, revealing the contents, a lone flash drive.

"Ah, a foolish trap, why would I ever-"

>As she speaks aloud, the flash drive is suddenly surrounded by a device that seems to grow out of nowhere, breaking through the box and landing neatly on the desk, where it comes to life, producing a projected image of a robotic face, a speaker on the side plays audio from a synthetic voice.

"I trust you're alone, Apex, or at least I would hope you are, if you wish your identity to remain secret."

>Bella narrows her eyes, reaching into her pocket for something.

"I want to play a game, a game of puzzles. A break-in occured at the courthouse, but the police could not find a motive, after all, the only thing that was stolen was Lady Justice's blindfold, which leads to the question - what was really stolen?"

>Bella finds what she's looking for and pulls it out of her pocket, a spike of some kind. As the recording continues, Bella drives it down into the device, piercing it.

"If you're stumped, perhaps you should check the good lady yourse-"

>The device sparks as the spike releases a pulse, shutting the device down, which then proceeds to distintegrate into a silvery dust.

"I hate riddles. . ."

>Directly in her view, one of the windows in the Archeon Genetics Research building flashes, and a plume of smoke bursts out of it violently.
R: 9 / I: 38

[Event] - "Fables"

>Date: September 20th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown Sector
>Time: 7:30 AM

"….So you do have the card, right?"

>A pair of MRD officers sit on the front of their hovercraft, both reminiscing about their past experiences with playing cards.

>One of the MRD agents agents slowly sips his cup of hot coffee through the exposed part of his helmet. His partner sits on the other side of the vehicle's front, scratching the back of their neck.

"Yeah well, it's a vintage collectible. They don't make the pocket creatures like they used to."

>Scoffing, the other MRD agent then responds.

"You said that card was for your kid, James."

"Yeah well, I can buy him a whole pack of newer cards once I sell this one on the market."

>Their discussion is then interrupted by a sudden surge of force - powerful enough to knock them both off of their positions. As they fall to the ground, they can barely make the image of a large creature barreling down the street towards them.

"What the hell?!"

"Shit! Call HQ! We're gonna need backup!"

>The monster continues charging down the street, seemingly breathing fire and generating pulses of energy all around it as it does so. Buildings start to shatter dramatically while this occurs - collapsing under the weight of their compromised foundations.

>People start screaming and running for their lives, attempting to duck for cover as the creature continues to barrel forward.

"Uh, we're out of our league here man! Let's get these people to safety!"

>Quickly scrambling to their feet, the MRD agents slowly move their hovercraft onto its standing position and quickly get inside. As they prepare the engines, they're looking in the rear view mirror - seeing the giant monster rapidly approaching them.

"Oh nonononono! Shit! This isn't a good idea!"

"Well it's too late to get out now! Brace for impact man!"


>Both MRD agents then close their eyes behind their helmets and brace for impact…….and then silence.


"Are we alive?"

>Both MRD agents look up - and are astonished by the sight before them.
R: 7 / I: 25

[Solo] - "The Shadow of the Blade"

>Date: September 13th, 2017
>Location: Kyoto, Japan
>Time: 11:00 PM [JST]

>Thundering sounds crash against the skies of the dark and rainy night. The city remains eerily quiet, with only the noise of the rain and thunder filling the skies above.

>Two figures quickly rush across the buildings of the city, weaving in and out of air ripples powerful enough to rupture the rain. Brief pockets of air serve to repel the rain droplets, a result of the sheer air pressure of the strikes being landed.

["Give up you fool! You will not deter me from my goal!"]

>An armored figure speaks in Japanese, with a distorted pitch to their voice. An unnatural and almost eerily calm determination can be felt in the figure's words - although their opponent remains ever resolute, steadfast in their resistance.

["Your aspirations will doom not only your family, but our entire country! Cease this nonsense Akito!"]

>Shirai, the supernaturally powerful shinobi, then leaps into the air - blasting the armored figure with a burst of condensed air.

["Again you insist on this rebellion, Ryozo. It is unbecoming of a Narukami - or have you forgotten that?"]

>The armored figure then draws his blade, a large black and red katana that seemingly glows with a faint red light.

>Instantly, the figure then slashes with immense speed - instantaneously producing a red glowing slash. The slash then seemingly cuts through the very air itself, bisecting it and causing the air pressure to immediately disperse across the area.
R: 14 / I: 53

[Event] - "Monad"

>Date: September 18th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Archeon Complex
>Time: 12:00 PM

"I can see why you said this would be a bit difficult."

>Aiden says, as he carries a large crate in his hands. While moving through the interior of the hangar, he then turns his head to the side - seeing Amber as she walks beside him.

"You're the one who wanted to do manual labor."

>Amber says impatiently, as she looks at her datapad. While she's checking the inventory for the supplies, she then speaks up once more:

"I hope you know what you're doing, Aiden. We're giving them a lot of stuff."

>Giving an amused scoff, Aiden then places the box on the ground - near the shipping container. Dusting his hands, he then looks up and turns to his chief technology officer.

"Well I can't back out now, can I? As much as I'd love to terminate the deal, for personal reasons of course - I can't actually do that. Fiduciary responsibility and all."

>Aiden then scratches the stubble of his chin lightly, his sunglasses obscuring his eyes as usual.

>Rolling her eyes, Amber then looks up at the shipping containers, while keeping the datapad in her hand.

"You still need to inform Dana of the generous change in budget - for the genetics division."

>Letting out a loud sigh, Aiden then places one hand at his side - with the other at his chin.

"Well it can't be helped now can it? Like I said."

>Turning to face Amber once more - Aiden gives her an amused look.

"Fiduciary responsibility."

>Aiden then turns around and walks off, leaving Amber with the boxes - and more Archeon personnel carrying them around.
R: 34 / I: 148

[Solo] - "Centrifugation"

>Date: September 16th, 2017
>Location: Haven City - Wyngarde Manor
>Time: 8:05 AM

"Yes, I will be ready to visit you shortly. Fret not, I am genuinely considering the large capital injection that you have requested."

>A redheaded woman finishes putting on her coat, adjusting her gloves - as her eyes stare at the mirror in front of her.

"Yes, Mister Blackburn. As I said, the preparations have already been made. I'll assist you in the site scouting. We will discuss the details when I arrive."

>Now placing a hat on top of her head, the redheaded woman then assesses her attire once more. Craning her head to the side, she notices a slight patch of white hair behind her reflection.


>In an instant, the white patch of hair is now a deep red - matching the rest of her appearance. Satisfied, the woman then turns around and begins walking out of her room - into the larger corridors of the manor.

{"Apologies in advance, Mister Blackburn. But you are the most effective proxy to my end goals."}
R: 51 / I: 126

[Event] - "Trial By Fire"

>Date: September 13th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Archeon Complex
>Time: 12:30 PM

"Are you sure this is the place?"

>A hooded figure says, hovering in the skies above the Archeon Complex. Beside him, is another hooded figure - standing on an amorphous mass of black smoke.

"You can sense him, can't you? No shit it's him."

>Blinking, the initial hooded figure then responds:

"We've only got one shot at this, Rampage. You know that right? Boss isn't gonna be happy with us if we screw this up."

>The larger and bulkier hooded figure - Rampage, looks back at his ops partner and speaks:

"Like I said, Phantasm. No shit."

>Phantasm signs and shakes his head - his facial expression unknown behind his helmet and mask.

"Yeah, yeah alright. Fine. Let's get this over with."
R: 64 / I: 102

[Event] - A Seanse in Salem


>Trees rustle as a fall breeze cuts through the twilight sky, the sound spooking away some rabbits below, as well as a young girl, the presence of two vulpine ears and a tail indicating her Meta-Human status in a way that’s difficult to hide. Gulping, the girl calls out:

“G-guys? I’m done hiding now. . . y-you can find me now guys. . . Joshua? Hayden? Finlay. . ?”

>The girl jumps again as something jumps about through the bushes.

“I m-mean it guys. . . it’s getting dark. . .”

>Another breeze picks up, shaking the trees again.

“Mom said I’m not allowed out after dark and I don’t know the way back. . .”

>The rustling continues and another voice, with an invisible owner, joins the girl’s calls.

“C-cold. . . so cold. . .”

“W-who’s there?”

>The girl rapidly looks around, trying to find the source of the voice, with tears welling up in her eyes.

“C’mon guys. . . it’s not funny. . .”

“. . .cold. . . can you help me. . ?”


>The girl looks around again, and a small pink light flickers into existence behind one of the bushes.

“. . .you look warm. . . can you can you help. . ?”

>The girl lets out a yelp, scrambling away from the light.

“. . .I only want to be warm. . . to to leave. . .”

“I-It’s r-really not f-funny g-guys!”

“. . .not not funny? . .cold. . .”

>The girl doesn’t respond for a few minutes, and a silence descends. Then, having clearly thought something over in her head, she swallows her fear and speaks up again.

“I-if. . . If I help, can you help me get home?”

“Home. . . home? Know woods. . .”

“T-then. . .”

>The girl shuffles forward awkwardly, her tail flicking around in front of her as she gets near to the pink light.

“. . .muh-my tail is warm. . . it could warm you up?”
R: 55 / I: 124

[Event] - Uncertainty

>Date: September 6th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Central Park
>Time: 5:40am

>Leaves rustle in the Sanctuary City park as a twilit breeze calmly brings in the start of the first light of the day, announcing the beginning of a long process of brightening to indicate the day to come.

>With the sun still below the horizon, the park itself is empty besides those who have little better to do in the early hours of the morning, creating an illusion of a peaceful lake of grass, occasionaly interrupted by a tree swaying.

>Then, like a drop of water disturbing a puddle, the peace of the park is rent asunder as space seems to fold in on itself over the grass, pulling the ground up in the air for a moment and causing several objects to float upwards before they suddenly slam back to the ground, twisted and bent into odd shapes.

>In the centre of the chaos, an odd mass without a mass floats, its form constantly shifting and changing.
R: 31 / I: 124

[Solo] - "Guiding Hand, Supporting Me"

>Date: September 2nd, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential Sector
>Time: 8:00 AM

>A relatively modest sized home rests at the edge of a local gated community within Sanctuary City's Residential Sector. The house, of modest size, is in the middle of partial renovation - with tiling and colors being changed by construction workers.

"Come on, Rachel. We're going to be late."

>Diana finishes packing up the majority of her items into the backpack for Rachel, as Rachel then takes it out of her hands. Somewhat pouting, she then says:

"Do I really have to do this? Staying in the office all day is boring!"

>Sighing, Diana then says:

"Well, it's better than keeping you cooped up at home all day. You're feeling miserable there."

>Muttering to herself, Rachel fidgets in place a bit before she says:

"Yeah well, it's because I don't have any friends!"

>Diana sighs and then pats Rachel on the head.

"You don't have any enemies either, Rachel. Count the blessings and all that. Besides, isn't Jericho your friend? The boy who works at Archeon?"

>Muttering again, Rachel says:

"Yes, but that's not the point! Some legal guardian you are. Parents are supposed to shower their kids in all sorts of fancy gifts! Throw them lots of parties! Not take them to work all day….."

>Diana laughs as she and Rachel walk out of the door, and towards the large MRD hovercraft parked in front.

"Well, not everyone has a MRD Commander as their 'mother'. Come on, let's get you to the Spire."

>After getting inside of the hovercraft, both Diana and Rachel sit in their seats, as Diana begins flying them both away from the Residential Sector of the city.
R: 39 / I: 98

[Event] - "A Dog Starved at His Master's Gate"

>Date: September 1st, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown Sector
>Time: 12:30 PM

"What do you mean he's not being restrained?!"

>An MRD field captain continues firing energy blasts from his plasma-based bazooka. The attacks scorch the black clothing of a large, muscular figure. As more blasts pile on, an MRD lieutenant rushes up to the captain.

"Captain! We're low on plasma charges! We're going to need backup from HQ! The target's getting closer!"

>Irritated, the MRD captain bares his teeth behind his helmet as he snaps back at his subordinate.

"Under no circumstances are we allowed to let the target near the armory! Radio to HQ if we're that low on munitions!"

>Turning back to face the figure in the distance, the MRD captain mutters under his breath.

["Why did it have to be this bastard?"]

>Megiddo continues walking slowly towards the large barricade - currently blocking the way to the MRD's secondary armory station. The armory itself is a collection of valuable weaponry and gear - experimental tools designed to restrain even the toughest of Meta-Humans in the city.

{"Why is he even coming here? Is he trying to destroy it? Or is he back to his 'goon for hire' phase where he's working jobs for the highest bidder? What's this prick up to now?!"}

>Out loud, the MRD captain then holsters his large plasma cannon over his shoulder once more - taking aim with the automated targeting system as the generator powers up another blast.

"Don't think that you're some hot shit here, Megiddo! Even you have a limit! Once we reach it, the only thing you'll be waking up to is a padded cell in the Wedge!"

>The MRD captain then fires off another barrage of plasma blasts - completely eviscerating the floor and nearby metal of cars and bicycles nearby. Large plumes of smoke and fire begin to radiate out from the area, as the battle intensifies.

>The MRD captain's subordinates join him in firing off massive barrages of plasma blasts into the area - all aimed at Megiddo. The summation of their plasma firepower begins to generate a smell of burning plasma all the while.
R: 39 / I: 148

[Event] - "Propitiatorium"

>Date: August 28th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential District
>Time: 7:00 PM

>Hovering in the center of his living room - Aiden continues meditating, with his eyes closed. Sitting cross legged, various items are hovering effortlessly around the living space - chairs, bags and entire couches.


>As Aiden continues hovering in place, he maintains his cross-legged motion, as he internally speaks to himself:

{"Focus your mind. Clear your thoughts. Find your center."}

>Then there's a knock on the door frame leading out into the hallway of the house. Without opening an eye, Aiden responds:

"Hey Stella. I'm not busy - despite the appearances."

>Stella nods as she walks into the room - easily evading the slowly hovering items. She also takes a note of the room - before saying:

"Getting better at this warping effect, I see."

>Aiden then opens his eyes - as his surroundings have instantly changed. Instead of the living room of his house - he and Stella are now situated on a beach. The sandy flooring of the beach instantly fills Stella's shoes, as she walks around - drawing lines in the sand with her movements.

>Still hovering cross-legged in the air, Aiden sees the waters of the beach rushing towards them - only to subside and retreat back from the shore with the same haste and efficacy.

"I've gotten better at it, yeah."

>Now no longer hovering in mid-air, Aiden gently lowers himself to the sandy floor of the beach, turning to face Stella. His sunglasses are on his face as usual, as he states:

"What did you want to talk to me about?"
R: 29 / I: 132

[Solo] - "Enkrateia"

>Date: August 25th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City
>Time: 1:00 PM

"So let me get this straight? You want us to help you make a frontline push towards a demonic army?"

>Phoebe looks at Jack in disbelief, as he remains where he is, standing in the middle of the parking lot - outside of Archeon. A few aches and tinges of pain continuously course through Jack's skin - a reminder of Phoebe's raw strength.

"I'm aware of how it sounds, Phoebe. But I'm dead serious. I can't do this alone, and I didn't know who else to turn to."

>Jack says, looking pleadingly in Phoebe's eyes - as the latter scoffs, narrowing her own.

"You mean there was no one else for you to actually turn to, Jack."

>Looking away, Jack feels his face slowly start to convulse - turning into a mixture of regret and self-directed anger.

"I'm more than aware of everything that I've done, Phoebe. I'm trying to make up for it every single day - in the months since I left."

>Both Jack and Phoebe then turn their attention towards Aiden - who remains standing in place as well. Aiden's hands are back in his jacket pockets, as he looks carefully at his former enemy.

"….Where exactly did you decide to go, Jack? After you left this place."
R: 23 / I: 100

[Solo] - "Binding Ties"

>Date: August 25th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown
>Time: 10:30 AM


>A man whispers to those around him, as they continue to try and sneak their way through the wreckages littering the street. Burning metal fills the air with a noxious smell - causing some people to become queasy and sick.

>As the man continues to sneak by the wreckage, using the burned cars as cover - his followers nervously tremble as they continue to move alongside him.

"I'll get you out of here, I swear."

>Loud footsteps can be heard in the distance, as sparks of bright light go off around them. Unable to see, the man and his followers can only watch as loud yelps of pain echo through the air. The loudness of the screams being apparent - even amidst the dense fog of fire and burning material.

"Just stay close to me, guys. We're almost there."

>Demiurge continues to wrap everyone around him in a makeshift invisibility cloak - having improvised the material on the spot. As he and the dozen or so people behind him continue to crawl slowly through the wreckage, his mind races.

{"It's her. Of all the people to show up in this city….It had to be her."}
R: 14 / I: 59

[Solo] - "Symposium"

>Date: August 20th, 2017
>Time: 12:00 PM [Relative to Sanctuary City]
>Location: The Axiom

{"Remember to breathe in. Focus."}

>The air feels stale in the large open void of space - the large magical platforms filling the void being the only source of footing.

>A woman with blonde hair slowly practices her breathing techniques - with a flickering radiance of multi-color lights softly manifesting around her body.

{"Good. That'll help me maintain my efficiency with mana."}

>Through instinct, the blonde woman quickly cycles through a series of arcane hand gestures with both hands, not even looking at the gestures. Thousands of years of experience course through her motor neurons - guiding the dexterous motions of her fingers and thumbs.

>Larger emanations of magical lights begin to ripple from the space between her hands as she continues making the gestures - moving faster over time.

>Throughout all of this, visions flash in her mind, all situated around a woman with white hair.

{"Mother…..I miss you so much."}

>The blonde woman's face then begins to slowly darken in sadness - until she hears a voice calling out from behind her.

"Stella! There you are!"

>Recognizing the voice, Stella turns around to see Isaac lightly jogging to her location in the open space of the arena.
R: 33 / I: 161

[Solo] - "Dark Hour"

>Date: August 17th, 2017
>Time: 3:47 [Relative to S.C.]
>Location: Genesis Station - South America

>The artificial island of Genesis Station is situated hundreds of miles off South America's northern edge - closer to Central America. A large concentric circle network of small settlements and buildings comprises the large structure. The simulated archipelago regularly sees little activity, as resources and building materials are airlifted into the base - using discreet methods.

>As another submersible shipment slowly rises from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean - the crew on the docking station slowly walk towards them, ready to greet their new arrivals.

"Is the material here? We're on a tight schedule, agents."

>One of the research scientists looks impatient, as a figure in reinforced armor slowly exits from the submersible's exterior. Carrying with them a large black canister with glowing wiring - the armored figure looks down at it for a moment.

"We're well aware, doctor. Now if you'll excuse us, we have a command center to report to."

>The armored figure is one of Eukaryon's - utilizing magical equipment to reinforce their strength and general power. Behind the figure are two more figures slowly flanking them.

"Where's the second shipment? We're not hoping to fall behind schedule, and risk irritating our……benefactor, once more."

>The research scientist says to the armored agents, as they begin walking towards the large command center in the distance.

"He's already unimpressed with your work so far. If he doesn't see improvement within the month? He'll send Doctor Bolivar's team to replace you."

>Narrowing his eyes, the research scientist replies.

"…..'Replace'? What does he mean by- Oh…."
R: 8 / I: 34

[Solo] - "From The Same Cloth"

>Date: August 15th, 2017
>Time: 11:55 AM
>Location: Sanctuary City - Archeon Incorporated

"Hey, are you paying attention, chief?"

>Aiden shakes himself out of his daze as he looks up from his stack of folders - the ones piled across the length of his desk. He then turns his attention back to the voice.

"Oh, sorry Amber. I was dazing off a bit, wasn't I?"

>Amber scoffs as she then points a laser back at the presentation before him.

"As I was saying, operating margins have increased after the restructuring proposal you implemented. But we're still down on free cash flow, relative to before."

>Aiden scratches the side of his left chin with his hand.

"Something's causing an increase in CapEx then?"

>Amber nods, motioning with the laser pointer to a specific bar on the graph.

"Yeah, genetics. You're giving Dana's team too much free reign, Aiden. We're finding more practical and immediate solutions for our research over at engineering."

>Aiden sighs.

"Yes, but long term research is just as important."

>Suddenly, Aiden feels a presence behind him for a moment.

"….Actually Amber, let's continue this at another time. It's almost time for lunch, so we'll need to wrap this up."

>Raising an eyebrow skeptically, Amber then gives a resigned sigh.

"If you insist. I still think that I'm right though."

>Aiden gives an appreciative side nod as he stands up and shuffles the paper around his desk - organizing them neatly into manilla folders.

"That's both your best and worst trait."

>After a few minutes of packing, Amber then takes her papers and presentation data and leaves the office to get some food - leaving Aiden alone in his office.

"…..You have a very theatrical way of appearing when people least expect it. Did you know that?"

>Aiden says, looking behind himself to see the hovering form of Magister - floating right outside of his door.

"So I've been told."
R: 33 / I: 153

[Solo] - "Fault Line"

>Date: August 10th, 2017
>Time: 11:30 PM
>Location: Sanctuary City - Outskirts

"Come on. Get up."

>A sturdy hand grabs onto the arm of an injured MRD agent - tossing them across the dimly lit room. A loud thudding noise surges from the point of impact, as the armored peacekeeper crumples to the floor - lowering against the wall.


>The figure then adjusts the bandages on their wrists.

"Still not talking? Good."

>Flicking out with his fingers, the figure then produces a set of bright orange sparks across their fingertips.

"That'll make this part more enjoyable for me."

>The hooded figure then slowly walks across the room, looking the MRD agent head on as the latter begins to frantically wave their hands in front of them.

"Stay the fuck away from me! I already told you that I don't know anythi-AAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"


>From outside of the "interrogation" room, a pair of Brigadiers lean against the wall. Standing right in front of the door - but facing it from either side, they continue standing guard.

"You sure he knows what he's doing? The dude said he didn't know shit."

"He's lying, dumbass. Pop open a book for once. Interrogation's the fine art of 'forceful persuasion' - 'specially when people are lying."

>More screams permeate the cracked edges of the worn down door. The dilapidated hallway having seen better days.

"Dude's probably been working there for years. You think he's gonna snitch on his own people? Would you?"

"If it meant gettin' outta that shit? Abso-fuckin'-lutely."

"You're an actual little bitch, you know that?"

"Fuck off."

>Suddenly, both Brigadiers hear a sudden barrage of loud noises. Bottles shattering. Screams from their fellow Brigadiers - and what seems to be the sound of bones cracking.

"What the….You hear that?!"

"I've got ears, dumbass. Go check it out."

>Nodding, the Brigadier does so.
R: 76 / I: 280

[Event] - "The Tangent"

>Date: July 30th, 2017
>Location: Subterranean Base
>Time: 9:00 PM [UST]


>Ouranos says, as he tosses another set of damaged circuitry boards to the floor. He stands in the middle of a large research laboratory, flanked by several scientists.

"Lord Ouranos, we are not making any progress with the Meta-Gene mapping project! The data has been empirically derived multiple times!"

>A scientist with blonde hair continues scrambling to show information to Ouranos - moving quickly through images on his datapad as he continues speaking.

"The codon sequences inscribed in the Meta-Gene have been catalogued properly! Decades of research, with the same general conclusion!"

>Holding up the datapad straight to Ouranos's mask, the scientist then shouts:

"The Meta-Gene has been properly sequenced! The entire codon structure is known!"

>Silence fills the air for a moment, with only the mechanical whirring of servos and motors faintly emanating from distant corners of the laboratory. The rest of the scientists look on in concern, as Ouranos remains silent.

>The armored leader of Eukaryon continues to cross his arms, as he's slowly flanked by his magitek soldiers. They then assume positions, standing behind him with their arms crossed.
R: 17 / I: 74

[Solo] - "Enervation"

>Date: July 26th, 2017
>Time: 6:30 AM [ Relative]
>Location: North African Desert

>Large plumes of sand jettison up into the air - as a surge of glowing red energy beams ravage the deserts below. Large scorch marks slowly spread across the barren desert, with the smell of burning sand filling the air.

>The light of the Sun continues to radiate onto the large expanse, as a figure in white clothing continues quickly moving from hill to hill.

{["I cannot let him reach me! Who is this interloper anyway?!"]}

>Continuing his skilled and graceful movement across the sand dunes, the vigilante known as Shirai attempts to shake off his pursuer. Barreling down through more sand dunes, he then spins in place - standing and looking around.


>Shirai's eyes then dilate behind his mask and hood - as he begins to manifest a supernatural black-red eye pattern. His eyes now begin moving rapidly, as he tries to get a view of his pursuer.


>More silence passes, as Shirai's hand slowly reaches for one of his two customized swords - holstered to a harness on his back.

["……….There you are!"]

>Shirai then spins around - moving at rapid speeds and with an almost preternatural sense of precognition. As he does so, he unholsters his sword from its strap - and slices through the form of his pursuer.

["Got you!"]

>Shirai is quick to loose his boastful demeanor however, as the pursuer then begins to regenerate.

["What the- How?!"]

>Jumping backwards, Shirai lands on the ground and readies his sword once more. As he assumes a dueling stance, he watches as the strange figure before him continues to heal itself rapidly.

["What are you?!"]

>He shouts out loud, in Japanese. Clearly bewildered, Shirai prepares for retaliation from the figure.
R: 24 / I: 97

[Solo] - "Invictus"

>Date: June 24th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Financial Sector
>Time: 12:00 PM

>A luxury car continues driving through the streets of Sanctuary City - right in the middle of the Financial Sector. A few miles away from the barrier into the Residential Sector, the city streets remain as active as ever.

>The car, a Lamborghini, continues driving down the streets at a brisk pace. While doing so, the car's driver looks over at his rear view mirror - seeing a series of MRD vehicles driving behind him.

>Raising an eyebrow behind his sunglasses, the figure then says:

"Someone's in a hurry."

>As the MRD vehicles rush past his own car, the driver then presses a button on his car's dashboard. Seemingly out of nowhere, the car then begins to pick up the MRD's private frequencies - as a MRD trooper says:

["All units, Meta-Human facility escapee inbound on I-500. Alpha-Zeta class Meta-Human. All units be advised to proceed with extreme caution."]

>As the man continues driving, he then thinks to himself:

{"It's my day off. For once, I think they can handle it. It's what the taxpayers pay them for, isn't it?"}

>Giving himself a quick smile at his statement, he then says out loud:

"Very funny, Aiden. Now to the manor. Before I'm late for my own party."

>Aiden then continues driving his car towards the Residential Sector of the city.
R: 67 / I: 216

[Event] - "Agnosia"

>Date: June 20th, 2017
>Location: Underground Area
>Time: 11:00 PM

>Motors and wires slowly churn and hum, a soft pulse of mechanical whirring filling the empty air. A hooded man is finishing up the preparations for their latest work - as they physically place a black helmet on a kneeling figure.

"That ought to do it. Perfect."

>Now placing the helmet on the figure's head, the hooded man watches on - crossing his arms in satisfaction.

"There you go. Now you're ready."

>The empty metallic room echoes each sound for what seems like miles, as the suited man now slowly rises up from his knee stance. Faint orange lights pulse and glow across the midnight black texturing of his powered suit.

>As he looks down at the armor, surveying it closely, he then says:

"Is that everything, Placebo?"

>Speaking in a monotone and robotic voice, the figure then waits as Placebo begins walking around him - examining him.

"Should be. Of course, I don't know the purpose of this job you've been given. Just the immediate goals."

>Pointing up in the air with one of his hands, Placebo says:

"Sanctuary City Caduceus Bank. Archeon, UP and Hoyokazi Tower. MRD Spire to collect our 'friends' there."

>Adjusting the cuff-like devices around his wrist, armored figure then replies:

"As for you?"

>Scoffing, Placebo then gestures to himself, pointing at his chest as he says:

"What do you think, Pathfinder? I'm staying the hell out of this - as I'm frankly too important to get messed up and churned into minced meat!"

>Placebo says - obviously freaked out at the idea of a direct confrontation after the last encounter.

"Either way, the boss only gave us a window of time - the next 24 hours. If we're not done by then?"

>Pathfinder finishes adjusting his cuffs as he looks at Placebo - stating:

"Then what?"

>Placebo sighs.

"Then we're in real trouble….."

>Off in the distance, a large mechanical pod apparatus continues glowing faintly in the distance. It carries with it a soft orange light.
R: 97 / I: 130

[Event] - The Tree

>Date: May 31st, 2017
>Location: Somewhere in the British Countryside
>Time: 10:00 AM

>Madeleine sits in a luxurious chair in a sitting room of her home, leaning slightly to the side, she stirs a cup of tea delicately, carefully dividing her focus between it and the other person in the room as she talks.

"You can't seriously tell me that you think Master: Curse, is a better film than Spirit Regret."

>Madeleine finishes stirring the teea and carefully puts the spoon to the side, touching the cup slightly to check the temperature of it.

"I mean, come on, Spirit Regret is a defining anime film, Master: Curse might have cool fight scenes, sure, but it's pretty shallow. . ."

>While waiting for a response, Madeleine picks up the cup delicately and takes a sip.
R: 26 / I: 100

[Solo] - "Revelation"

>Date: June 14th, 2017 [Relative]
>Location: Null Space
>Time: Indeterminate

>The infinite expanse of cosmic void fills the periphery of a mind - as the person within continues to exert themselves.

{"Just a little bit more…."}

>Large plumes of cosmic fire, stellar light and radiation continue to spiral across the skies above. Down on the surface of a large, technological planet - a figure continues their training.

>The entire planet is surrounded by large, futuristic structures, with electronics wiring spread about. Large structures full of glowing energy contain the majority of the light inside of the structure.

{"Now think of something more concrete. More lively on top of that."}

>In that moment, entire populations of people and domesticated animals then start to appear - walking down the streets. Seemingly going about their day to day lives. All of them remain completely oblivious to the meditating figure hovering above them.

{"Good. You're almost there. Finish imagining the structure, the larger system. Of all the interconnecting parts, weaving and intermingling. The natural essence still eludes this place."}

>The disembodied voice continues to speak to the man, as vegetation starts growing alongside the barren technological planet. Rivers and valleys begin to sprout - slowly supporting life in addition to the humans that now exist.

>However, it's not just the normal animals that appear from nothingness - but in addition to that, also the more otherworldly creatures.

>A dragon swoops down onto the large futuristic city from above - seemingly being guided by a knight in magitek armor. Several more dragons and wyverns join in a large formation around the planet.

>At that moment, the people in the city then all slowly gain the ability to fly - each of them starting to soar around freely at their own volition. They start rapidly arcing into the sky, flying in their own unique patterns and formations - all of them looking happy and delighted as they do so.

>The meditating figure then looks up and out in front of them, with their eyes still closed.

"How long have I been at this?"

>The disembodied voice then responds to him, as if to congratulate him.

{"A few months relatively speaking, almost a year. Oh, you're still missing something."}

>The figure, wearing spectacled sunglasses, also harbors bright snow white hair. Said figure then looks up into the sky - craning his head to the side as the empty void of space is now suddenly filled with the radiating light of a heavenly body.

>A new main sequence star now suddenly hovers in the air - light years away from the planet.

>Looking back down, the figure then smiles as the disembodied voice then says:

{"This is the fifth time you've crafted a solar system of your own. Care to stop now, Aiden?"}

>Aiden then sighs and parts his hair back - looking up at the sky, seemingly at no one. He then smiles as he says:

"Are you kidding? I've got all the time in the world, don't I?"
R: 34 / I: 135

[Solo] - "Guiding Light"

>Date: June 12th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential Sector
>Time: 6:00 AM

"Wake up, Oreo…."

>A light gust of wind slowly ripples over Aiden's face - parting the waves of black hair obscuring his facial features. As he slowly opens his eyes, he then looks up at the source of the voice, stating:

"….Just five more minutes? Please?"

>Scoffing, Stella then flicks her finger casually - causing Aiden to slowly stand upright. As he's caught off guard by the motion, he then says:

"I thought telekinesis was off limits inside of the house?"

>Stella then moves onto the bed, now sitting across from him - cross legged. As she presses her fingers to his cheeks, she begins playfully pulling at them.

"Ack! That hurts!"

>Aiden says, somewhat embarrassed. As he protests lightly, Stella gives an amused hum with her voice.

"Only in your mind it does. Mister Indestructible."

>Sighing, Aiden then lightly and slowly pulls Stella's fingers away from his cheeks - instead choosing to hold her hands in his as he says:

"…..Alright. I'm up. Is there anything that you wanted to say specifically? It's awfully early."
R: 0 / I: 0 (sticky)


Need a reference or extra details?

Visit the wiki:
R: 50 / I: 104

[Event] - Falling Meteor - Consuming Darkness

>Date: June 10th, 2017
>Location: Yoshimura Institute - Tokyo
>Time: 12:30pm

>A young researcher, working overtime on their weekend, sits over a computer, her head hanging low as she groans from a hangover from the previous night.

"Ugh. . ."

>The researcher looks up, opening one of her eyes as the computer makes a sound, jumping back in her chair as she notices something in the data being streamed to her workstation as it scrolls up. Grabbing the mouse, she scrolls back to the specific part.

"That's. . . that's. . ."

>The researcher moves back from the computer, scrambling through various documents on her desk until she finds the one she's looking for.

"If. . . this signature. . ."

>The woman brings the document up and places it next to the screen.

"Call the director on. . ."

>The woman takes out a smartphone branded with a single Japanese character and enters a number from the document into it, calling the number.

"Hello, Director Yoshimura? My apologies for calling you at this inconvenient time, but the document said to call you immediately if an energy signature similar to the one within it was detected, so I did, Director Yoshimura. I can prepare a report for you for Monday if you wish, or show the readings to you now if you wish to come into the institute."
R: 22 / I: 91

[Solo] - "Shooting Star - Falling Meteor"

>Date: May 17th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential Sector
>Time: 8:00 AM

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

>As she moves a pair of plates from the dining table towards the kitchen - Stella continues speaking to Aiden.

"I already have a lot on my plate, I know. But still. It's a good move. Besides….."

>Aiden looks off at the window - seeing brief portions of the city skyline in the far distance.

"I haven't seen him in a very long time. That's my own fault, before you ask."

>Giving a soft smile, Stella then walks back towards Aiden and puts her hands on his shoulders as she leans in from behind.

"Part of being an adult is recognizing your mistakes, is it not?"

>She then gives him a kiss on his right cheek as she says:

"So go mend those wounds."

>Aiden then turns around and gives Stella a soft kiss on the lips before he then stands up.

"As usual, you always know what to say."
R: 26 / I: 118

[Solo] - "Overture"

>Date: Indeterminate
>Location: Trans-Temporal Space
>Time: Indeterminate

"We need a different method, a new approach."

>Davos says, as he places both of his hands on the central terminal of the TTC's interior. Thinking intently, he then notices as Maxwell stares at him from his visor, stating:

"So what exactly do you propose, Eshiram?"

>Scoffing, Davos the mutters under his breath as he continues looking around, stating:

"If only you were as intellectually curious as I am, little brother."

>Looking back up at Maxwell, he then states:

"We will do what we always do, Eizen. Improvise and create a more effective solution to our problem. That problem being….."

>Flicking his finger on a small button on the central terminal - Davos stands back as he then crosses his arms. A large glowing projection of the Earth then appears, stating:

"The super-humans on this variation of the Earth. Several of them seem to be immune to our psionic suggestion. Temporally, they're black holes as well."

>Narrowing his eyes behind his helmet, Maxwell then states:

"The ones that Mechanicus decided to partner with? The Grayson boy and his compatriots?"

>Nodding, Davos then states:

"Among other things. If Mechanicus has found anomalies in the fabric of reality that cannot be accounted for with our abilities - then he may have found a countermeasure against us. This is….problematic."

>Maxwell leans against a pillar inside of the TTC's interior control room - as bright waves of energy flash outside of the windows, contrasting with the black void of outer space.

"So where are we going? You said we needed a new approach, Eshiram. So what is the approach?"

>Looking up at Maxwell, Davos then sighs as he makes a gesture with his hand. Immediately, his body begins to glow with a bright golden light - releasing energy as his form shifts. Now in the body of a somewhat younger man with sliver hair and glowing eyes, he states:

"We find the countermeasure and prepare accordingly. A field test of our capabilities against these superhumans will be necessary - if we are to enact our plans."

>Maxwell then nods at the machine in the center of the room, as well as the large holo-projection of Earth, stating:

"The contingency is still available. It'll require months of preparation, but we should be able to do it."

>Waving his hand in dismissal, Eshiram then states:

"Bah. The coward's approach. We will show the humans why they are our lesser regression, our embryonic state. Then, and only then, will Samael understand the weight of his mistakes. Entrusting them with our world's legacy."
R: 63 / I: 201

[Event] - "Wuthering Nature"

>Date: May 15th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Archeon Complex
>Time: 5:00 PM

>Archeon's Genetics division is busy as always - with various laboratory technicians continuing their research experiments. Overseeing the entire endeavor, is Dr. Dana Desmond - maintaining her position as chief geneticist and molecular biologist at the company.

"Anna, I'm going to need that enyzme production chemical in a few days. Josh, make sure the codon readers are up and running for next week. I'm not going to allow a poor demonstration for Archeon - unlike what happened with DataDrive."

>As she continues barking orders with a concerned, but stern demeanor - she then hears a buzzing sound from inside of her coat. Blinking, she then answers her phone, as the tone in her voice changes immediately.

"Oh, sweetie! How are you?"

>Stopping for a moment, Dana then waits for the person to respond before saying:

"Well it's good to hear that. It's your day off for the week, so I hope you'll spend at least some of that time studying for your final exam!"

>More murmuring from the phone's speaker before Dana concludes:

"I love you too sweetie! See you this weekend!"

>Ending the call, Dana then sighs as she flashes a weak smile:

"Just like your father…."
R: 67 / I: 92

[Event] - Enkoimesis

>Date: May 12th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown
>Time: 12:39 PM

>People lazily wait in the queue at a trendy coffee shop, all of them dealing with their own business as they wait to get their daily lunch, their time far too precious to be worried about the lives of others.

>One such person, a young man engrossed in his phone, makes his was into the shop, casually walking forward while not looking ahead, focussed entirely on the stream of messages going in front of him in a group chat.

>After a few steps in, the man stops abruptly as he hits the person in front of him in the queue.

"Oh. . . sorry about that. . ."

>The man takes a step back, looking up at the person who he bumped into, a woman who easily stands at 7 foot tall, her black hair interrupted by unnatural-looking streaks of white hair. Not saying anything, the woman turns slightly to look at the man, staring at him with two empty, glazed over eyes.

"You ok. . ?"

>Something seems to snap within the woman, and she grabs the man's arm, the horrible sound of bone cracking coming from it as she tightens her grip on him and lifts him up.

"Arrrgh. . . J-jesus. . . I-I'm sorry. . . d-do you want me to pay for your coff-"

>With the same amount of strength as before, the woman flings the man at the other end of the coffee shop, his body hitting one of the coffee machines with a resounding crash, stunning the rest of the shop into silence, and drawing what attention wasn't previously on the woman to her.

>The woman stands in place for few seconds, silently regarding the rest of the coffee shop, then lunges forward. . .

>A few minutes later.

>An MRD van hurtles around the corner, meeting another one that has set up position outside of the coffee shop.

>The chaos from the shop has spread slightly out to the street, as various pieces of debris and people litter the area, evidently having been thrown out of the shop by the woman.

>The woman herself remains with the shop, with whatever parts and people from it she hasn't thrown out yet.

>Once the van comes to a stop, several MRD troopers come out, most of them taking up positions to cover the shop while they arrange a way of breaking up the incident. Paramedics also fill the area, working on what people are brought into a safe location.

>As the troopers get into positions, the officer in charge looks around, and notices a gap in the line.

"Where's the rookie? He better not be lagging behind. . ."

>The officer stops as he notices an overeager trooper charging the shop.

"Get back in line, before-!"

>Before he can finish his sentence, the man is thrown out, flying into one of the MRD vehicles with enough force to knock him out, even through his advanced armour.

>Stepping out of the shop, the woman stands in from of the MRD line, silently looking them over.
R: 17 / I: 79

[Solo] - "The Arcana"

>Date: May 8th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential District
>Time: 8:00 AM

>As he continues to close his eyes and keep his mind focused - Aiden then thinks to himself:

{"Keep focusing, Aiden. It's coalescing. Don't break concentration."}

>A seemingly invisible force of energy and matter continues to surge around Aiden - slowly picking up speed as it continues to build up power, gradually. The grass around him begins slowly bending at artificial angles, as he remains cross legged on the grass of his backyard.


>After a few more moments, he then thinks to himself:

{"Good. I'm getting better at controlling my mind. Thoughts lead to emotions, which lead to actions."}

>Then at that moment, Aiden feels hands cover his eyes from behind, as a familiar voice says:

"Can you guess who it is?"

>Sighing, Aiden then says, without opening his eyes:

"It's not difficult when I remember your voice."

>Scoffing lightly, Stella then removes her hands from Aiden's face as she then stands up and walks around - standing in front of him.

"Yeah well, it was worth a shot, wasn't it?"

>Aiden nods, smiling as he opens his eyes and stares at her. Now seeing her fully in view, he stands up and says:

"Sure. I suppose that's accurate."

>Dusting himself off, Aiden then watches as the invisible force of power subsides around him.

"Anything you need, Stella?"
R: 72 / I: 211

[Event] - "Out of the Silent Planet"

>Date: May 5th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential District
>Time: 8:00 AM

>At the Grayson Residence, Aiden finishes dusting off his clothes - making sure they're nearly presented. As he does so, he then looks at himself in the mirror. Seeing his wavy black hair intersect with portions of his face - he's barely able to see himself in the mirror as a result.


>As he moves to part his bangs out of his hair - he then feels a pair of hands slowly do that for him. Recognizing the person by their sensitivity of touch, he then says out loud:

"I'm hopeless, aren't I?"

>Scowling lightly, Stella then neatly parts Aiden's hair - adjusting it with a fine tooth comb. As she carefully moves over his hair with the comb, she speaks:

"If you were hopeless, I wouldn't be your fiancé."

>Sighing, Aiden then watches as Stella finishes her work - before seeing her in the mirror smiling behind him.

"Not sure where I'd be right now without you."

>Raising an eyebrow, Stella then gives Aiden an amused look as she says:

"I'll admit, I don't think you'd be in the best place either."

>Turning him around slowly, she then helps him button up part of his jacket pouches as she states:


>Stella says with dramatic effect, annunciating with each button connection.


>Finishing the last button, she then looks at Aiden for a moment - getting lost in his eyes. She likes his shade of light blue, seemingly unique to his irises.

"Hmmm. 'Aiden'. A Gaelic name, I believe."

>Tapping her finger against the bridge of his nose, she then states:

"…..'Little Fire'. It suits you."

>Now leaning back, Stella states:

"I love a little bit of fire in my men."
R: 106 / I: 266

[Event] - "Preliminary Exams"

>Date: April 28th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Archeon Complex
>Time: 8:00 AM

>As Aiden continues looking over his papers, doing his usual examination of company reports, he hears a knock on the door.

"Come in."

>Looking up, he sees as his secretary, Stella, walks into the room. Jubilant and full of energy, Stella quickly walks over to Aiden, carrying a set of folders in her hands.

"….And here's your schedule for the next week!"

>Stella says, cheerfully as she places the large stack of folders on Aiden's desk.

"You're very busy, Thaumaturge!"

>Closing her eyes and giving Aiden a warm smile, Stella radiates a positive energy from her body.

"…..Thank you."

>As Aiden looks on at the stack of papers, he speaks in a somewhat resigned tone of voice. Sighing, he then looks at the papers as he picks up one of the folders. Opening it, he then says:

"…..Is this an update on the bio-electricity conversion circuitry?"

>Nodding, Stella says:

"I'm not sure what any of that means, but that's what the subject says, yes. It's directly from the Biotechnology Division."

>Giving an understanding look, Aiden then closes the folder shut with one hand as he looks over at Stella again.


>Finding his gaze fixating on her chest for a few seconds, Aiden watches as Stella then scoffs and lightly smacks him on the cheek.

>Wincing, Aiden then sighs as he says:

"Deserved that. Sorry."
R: 83 / I: 108

[Event] - Signs & Portents

>A cry of pain rings out through a castle undercroft, echoing against the walls and reverberating out and then back to an isolated chamber where a white-haired woman hangs by a chain, a mix of a dark ichor and blood dripping from her.

>In front of this sight, a young girl with black hair trembles, a ritualistic dagger in her hands, as she trembles, she breathes heavily, the walls of the undercroft moving in and out as she does.

>With one final breath, the girl falls backwards and the undercroft fades away.

>2017, Prydwen Castle

>Ceridwen wakes up with a start, immediately turning to a table on the side of her bed, on which she can see a small stone with a rune engraved on it, reaching over to it and picking it up, she moves it around in her hand, notincing several cracks on it.

Why do I keep on using you. . ."

>Ceridwen flings the stone at the wall, causing the stone to break apart from the force.

"if you don't bloody work?!"

>The young girl angrily pants for a few seconds, then sighs and calms herself down, and pulls herself out of bed, grabbing some clothes and putting them on.

"Argh. . . never mind, I didn't need the sleep anyway. . ."

>Walking over to her window, Ceridwen opens it, looking out of it for a second before reaching into a pouch on her belt and taking something out, crushing it in her hand and sprinkling it into her eyes, wincing from the irritation.

"Looks like the West stone needs a look today then. . ."
R: 89 / I: 130

[Event] - Threads of Fate

>In the far reaches of the Weave, circling a yellow dwarf star spins a planet–as unusual as it is dangerous!

>Elodia–a tarnished jewel embedded in a ring of light worn on reality's clenched fist!

>Its hilltops–once rolling with nature and life–now scarred by the swift march of technological progress.

>Its inhabitants evolved–not from creatures nature to its world into sapient life, but on a world from far within the Web.

>A unique ability arose among them–the ability to call upon creatures far beyond their ken, to protect and nuture them.

>Across their realm their kind would come to be known and feared as–the Humans.

>Worship is the lot decreed upon them by fate–endless subservience. . .

>. . .until there came a leader. One who united the humans–who ended the oppression–

>–who gave these paradoxical creatures a new beginning.

>They called him Praetor–

>Vereus Preator!
R: 96 / I: 156

[Event] - The Coffin

>Date: 23rd April, 2017
>Location: Somewhere in the Dakota Badlands

>A man in modified military fatigues runs across a stretch of the badlands, his breathing ragged and exhausted. Tripping slightly, he stops to reorient himself, looking behind to see if some unseen pursuers are nearby.

>Not seeing anyone, the man takes a deep breath then carries on running again, heading into the hills.

>After a few more minutes of running into the hills, the man comes across a small, abandoned shack, and breathes a sigh of relief.

>Slowing his pace down, the man stumbles towards the shack, opening the door and stepping inside, only to be met by a person sitting down on a wooden chair in the shack, their feet resting comfortably on a rickety old table, a battered old cowboy hat covering their face.

"Howdy there pardner, how can I help ya today?"

>The man looks confused for a second, trying to work out what is happening, then comes to a realisation as he recognises the voice.

"Blink? Oh thank g-"

>The man stumbles forward, nearly falling over, only being stopped by Blink appearing closer to him and steadying him.

"Woah there, you look like you've run for your life. . ."

>The man coughs and looks up at Blink, grinning.

"I did. . ."

>Blink awkwardly blinks at the man, then helps him onto the chair.

"You said they were starting to suspect, didn't realise they'd cotton on quite so soon, but don't worry, we'll have you in a nice relaxing spa in no time. . ."

"You need to tell the boss that they need to act fast, they found something the other day, I don't know what, but it can't be good. . ."

"Woah woah, start from the top, we'll work it out from there, ok?"

>Date: 24th April, 2017

>Several miles away from the abandoned shack, at a ramshackle compound. . .

>Armed men move about the compound, going about their daily tasks in a casual manner. Despite this, however, there is a certain air of tension around the area as something isn't quite normal. . .

>On a hill above the compound, Valeria Di Giovanna, Meta-Human activist, watches the movement from a vantage point, her lizard-like eyes flitting about as she follows the paths of several different people below.

>After several minutes, Valeria pulls away, still keeping low, but skidding down the hill she's on slightly to put it between herself and the compound, where her companions arelocated.

"I count ten guards. . . I say I just bust in and take it by force, I could do it nice and easy."

>As she talks, Blink looks up from their previous task, drawing some random shapes in the sand with a stick.

"Maybe, but we don't want to risk that, no point you getting injured, not when you can have back up. . ."
R: 19 / I: 69

[Solo] - "The Mind's Eye"

>Date: April 24th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Financial Sector - Wiseman Faults
>Time: 5:00 PM

>Wiseman Faults is the largest private equity firm in the world - managing tens of trillions of assets. The vast majority of those assets are owned by the firm's CEO - Isaac Meisner.

>As Isaac finishes up a call with a client at the end of the work day, he looks around his desk - taking note of the different papers and financial reports outlined before him. Projections for growth among various subsidiaries, likely acquisition targets and litigation material are all laid out before him - as he finishes his call.

"…Thank you again Mr. Matthews. We'll consider your arrangement for a joint venture with that new start up company. Hopefully they'll be a good competitor to DataDrive. Yes, thank you again. I'll talk to you soon."

>Hanging up the phone, Isaac writes a final series of numbers and statements on the paper before him - as he then feels a presence appearing. Immediately recognizing the presence, he then thinks to himself:

{"Hmm. I wonder what he's here to ask me about?"}
R: 17 / I: 70

[Solo] - "Shooting Star Magicka"

>Date: April 22nd, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown Sector
>Time: 11:00 PM

>MRD agents find themselves in a firefight against a series of Brigadiers. The hooded criminals, known for their penchant towards property damage - continue lobbing flaming grenades across the barricaded streets.

"Shit! Watch out!"

>MRD agents quickly leap for cover - barely avoiding the massive explosions that form around the barricaded cars. As the smell of burning metal seeps into the air, they quickly rise to their feet - aiming their plasma blasters.

"Shoot to neutralize, men! Take 'em down!"

>The MRD then retaliate in kind, firing off waves of plasma bolts towards the Brigadiers. As their ranks slowly go down - incapacitated due to the plasma bolts, the remaining members start to improvise.

"Fuck these pricks! Go all out!"

>The remaining Brigadiers then begin using their powers, transplanted from their leader Trasher. As they begin generating bone spike protrusions from their body - their hoodies quickly become ruined as they start rushing towards the MRD.

>Muttering underneath their breath, the MRD agents slowly lower their weapons in shock.

"….Oh hell….."

>At that moment however, a blinding flash of technicolor light reverberates across the sky - catching the attention of the Brigadiers.

"What the fuck?"

"Dude, is that a space rock?"

"Oh shut the fuck up and focus on the-"

>The light then grows brighter and brighter, flashing with a bright radiance as it rapidly converges on the ground between the MRD and the Brigadiers.


>The resulting explosion knocks the MRD agents back - sending them flying into cars and lampposts. As they're knocked out, the Brigadiers who remain are resistant to the blast; their enhanced abilities improving their durability.
R: 41 / I: 63

[Event] - Twenty Thousand Leagues

>Date: February 14th, 2017
>Anchorage, Alaska

>T-Minus: 8 Days

>An advanced submarine sits in the harbour of Anchorage, the trim identifying it as the RV Nautilus, the pageantry around it indicating that the vessel hasn't been launched yet.

>Around the ship, operations crew members shift the last of the supplies for its maiden voyage, their movements slightly hampered by the light snow falling all around them. Various dignitaries and other VIPs mull about in the crowd.

>Out of sight of the press and onlookers, a crew member with short brown hair, his uniform identifying him as a member of the engineering department, holds his phone in front of him, talking to someone over video chat.

"I know it's Valentine's Day sweetie, but we're heading out today, and we've put too much into this for me to bail at the last minute. . ."

". . .I'll make it back to you when we get back, it's going to be a couple of weeks at most, ok? See you then, love you. . ."

>The man ends the call and sighs, ruffling his uniform slightly to try and keep himself warmer, clearly not used to cold weather.

"I should be back home right now, why'd the captain pick today. . ?"
R: 57 / I: 106

[Event] - "Synaesthesia"

>Date: April 21st, 2017
>Location: S.C. - Residential District - Grayson Residence
>Time: 8:00 AM

>Muttering to herself, Phoebe slowly opens her eyes as she sits up in her bed. Rubbing her eyelids, she then checks the time from the periphery of her vision.

{"Eight o'clock. Ugh. Great."}

>Getting up, she then goes through her usual routine of getting herself ready for the day. After doing everything necessary - she then finishes getting her outfit ready before turning around to look at her phone.


>The phone screen reads:

["No New Messages"]

>Instinctively frowning, Phoebe sighs and then picks up her phone. Thinking to herself, she stews in her own mixture of raw emotions.

{"Deliah's gonna kill me for not visiting the firm in a month. Better late than never. I'll try and catch a visit this week."}

>Now walking to the front of the door, she gets to the front door and leaves - then locking the door behind her.

>Phoebe then looks down at her phone and thinks for a moment. Sighing, she then thinks:

{"…..Only one person could really cheer me up at this point. Wonder if she's still busy this week?"}

>Phoebe then dials the number on the phone and starts walking to her car on the driveway.
R: 0 / I: 0

[Event] - "Acquiescence"

>Date: April 21st, 2017
>Location: S.C. - The Spire
>Time: 8:00 AM

>Flipping through the pages in his dossier file, Chase narrows his eyes behind his sunglasses. Adjusting the position of the papers in his hands, he then carefully examines the marked on map - guiding his eyes across the brush marks towards a large X symbol.

"…..Someone's been busy….."

>Looking through more papers, Chase then thinks to himself:

{Am I looking at the same thief here? Nobody's this good at breaking and entering into facilities. There must be some mistake."}

>Chase then picks up the phone on his desk and begins dialing a number. After doing so, he continues examining the papers and making markings with his pen as he carefully examines the diagram of the map before him.

>As the phone picks up the call, a voice can be heard on the other side.

["Hello Chase. What do you need?"]

>Still looking at the map, Chase then asks:

"Dianna. Do we have any known burglars or infiltrator Meta-Humans in the in city that are unaccounted for?"

>There's a sound of ruffling on the other side of the call, as Chase waits for an answer. Finally, Valkyrie then responds:

["No. Not that I'm aware of. Why do you ask?"]

>Muttering, Chase then says to himself:

"Then we have a new thief that's unaccounted for. Absolutely no information whatsoever - and nothing to go off of. All I know is that they're going after high value targets."

>Silent on the other side of the phone, Valkyrie then says:

["Want to start an investigation then? I can scout out the area of the scene of the latest crime. See if I can get any leads."]

>Chase instinctively nods his head, before stopping himself and saying:

"…..Why don't we both go and check out the scene together?"

>Silent for a moment, Valkyrie then stammers:

["I-I mean…O-Of course sir! I'd be happy too!"]

>Embarrassed, Valkyrie then coughs lightly through the call as she waits for Chase to speak in return. Eventually, he says:

"Sure. I'll go pick you up from the precinct, and we can go assess the scene ourselves. It'll give me a good measure of how you're doing in your new job - Commander."

>Chase then ends the call and gets up - starting to walk towards the door out of the office. While doing so, he thinks to himself:

{"How can a thief inadvertently avoid any and all detection on a consistent basis - while leaving behind absolutely no trail whatsoever?"}

>He then leaves the office as he walks away to the aerial hovercraft vehicles on the landing pad of the highest floors in the Spire's structure.
R: 0 / I: 0

[Event] - "Performance Indicators"

>Date: April 21st, 2017
>Location: S.C. - Archeon Complex
>Time: 8:00 AM

>As he taps his fingers against the desk, Aiden thinks to himself:

{"…..Well, the process can't take too long? Right?"}

>After a few seconds, Amber walks into the room with a set of papers in her hands. Placing them on Aiden's desk, she then says:

"Alright. Legal's back with the first draft of the proposed joint venture. You sure you want to go through with this, Aiden?"

>Closing his eyes as he goes deep into thought for a moment, Aiden then states:

"We're going to need to expand into new markets, like I said before. Hoyokazi's infrastructure and distribution networks in Japan and mainland Asia are our best bet. Besides, they know their way around local and regional laws and regulations there. We don't have any experience with that."

>Opening his eyes, Aiden then leans forward, still in a thinking position.

"We also need a business ally that can help us buffer against attempted business maneuvers from our smaller rivals. Consolidating our infrastructure networks, proprietary technology and capital expenditure levels can help to reinforce each of our strategic moats."

>Looking up at Amber closely, Aiden then concludes:

"It's mutually beneficial."

>Raising an eyebrow with a degree of skepticism, she replies:

"I don't doubt that. But I wonder if that's the only reason why you're willing to take this major step. Even your father never committed to a move this big. He considered something similar, sure - but I heard he decided against it at the last moment."

>Aiden then stands up at his desk and dusts his clothes off, stating:

"Well, it won't hurt to try. Let's see where this goes."

>Aiden then starts looking at the papers, picking them up as he begins reading through them carefully and methodically. While doing this, he keeps a few thoughts in the back of his mind.
R: 45 / I: 149

[Event] - "Synergies"

>Date: April 20th, 2017
>Location: S.C. - Archeon Complex
>Time: 9:00 AM

>Directing his hands as the large vehicle lands on the helipad outside - Aiden looks on in anticipation.

{"Finally, they're here. Can't wait to see how they turned out."}

>He looks on at the large metallic containers that are magnetically attached to the vehicle; the lower side carrying a set of large, metallic containers.

"Steady…..A few degrees towards the hangar bay….."

>The large aircraft carrier then moves slightly to the right - just enough before Aiden gives a confirmation gesture with his hand. As the carrier lands on the ground with the cargo, Aiden then steps forward, stating:

"Great job. Thanks for carrying the cargo for us last-mile. I know it's been a long trip, but thanks for covering for us."

>The personnel nod as they move to check on the vehicles themselves - testing engine operational efficiency after the long flight. Meanwhile, Aiden looks at the large containers themselves - around 20 of them.

>Each container is massive, around the size of a large pickup truck. Looking over the shipping details of the material on his data-pad, he then thinks:

{"AEP-001, AEP-002, AEP-003, AEP-004 and AEP-005 are all accounted for. Good."}

>Aiden can see large holographic displays on the front locks of the containers - each having the name "AEP-00x", with x being a number from 1 to 5.

{"That should be good enough. The other projects aren't ready yet, but this should be good enough to get started."}
R: 3 / I: 12

[Solo] Part 3 - 108 108

>Date: February 28th, 2017
>Location: Coventry, England

>The 28th of February is an official flag day in Finland, a day to celebrate the culture of the Finnish people. Unfortunately for the people of the Motor City, European flag days are of little concern for people trying to cause a nuisance.

>For the record, UK holidays are of little concern too.

>A group of people bursts out from the central rail station of Coventry, their eyes glazed over as they run around wildly, several of them running into various obstacles - including each other.

>From behind the crowd, a man jumps over the ticket barriers, using them as leverage for the jump. Straightening his jacket out, he looks over the crowd.

"Oi oi what's 'is? I only gave 'em a lil' push and t'ere runnin' aroun' like a bleedin' pack o' nonces."

>The man is joined by a woman who also jumps over the barriers, her own clothing matching the man's.

"They's go' sof' while we's bin in prison, 'at's wot."

"Loo's like they 'ave i's 'cus of 'ow long i' took t' pay our bail."

"Ye, real goo' of 'at bloke tho', even gave us 'ese fancy new whistle and flutes."

>The man looks himself over again, properly taking in his jacket.

"F' free t', good bloke."

>A quick siren rings as a small drone swings around the corner, entering the station. swooping over to the two, it hovers in the air as a robotic voice rings out from it.

"Stop in the name of the law, you have been found to-"

"Oi what's this doohicky?"

"Think it's mean' to be a coppa."

>The man points at the drone.

"'at's a coppa?"

>As the man points, a beam fires out of his glove, hitting the drone and causing it to spiral down, hitting the ground with a thud.

"Sheffield pit! Did I do 'at?"

>The man grins and looks at the woman.

"y'know what this means, sis?"
R: 36 / I: 112

[Event] - "Reconciliation"

>Date: April 16th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City
>Time: 9:00 AM

>Dark clouds begin to form around Sanctuary City - forming a large mass of amorphous black fluid. The fluid then quickly begins dripping to the ground - like liquid tar. The substance, cold to the touch, begins to rapidly absorb matter nearby - increasing its size and general coldness. As the amorphous black chunks continue to increase in size, large monsters begin appearing from them.

>The monsters, large with black rocky bodies and a singular eye each - start blasting at nearby structures with bright red energy beams. The beams then begin to increase in their general intensity - as the large black blobs continue to spread.

>Panicked people start running for their lives, praying and crying in fear. As MRD troops arrive and attempt to push back against the black blobs - they find that their attacks and abilities are useless in the face of the black blobs.

"What the?! Stay back! Everyone move!"

>The MRD agents begin evacuating innocent civilians to their cars, while doing their best to push back against the amorphous black blobs. The blobs themselves are still only on the surface and on the streets - but have succeeded in converting massive portions of the nearby populace into those black rocky monsters.
R: 47 / I: 166

[Event] - "Shatter Point"

>Date: April 15th, 2017
>Location: Paradise City
>Time: 9:00 AM

>A large structure, made entirely of what seems to be glass - continues lumbering across Paradise City - wreaking havoc on the large archipelago-like structure as it does so. Entire city blocks are shaken by the force of its large, titanic steps. The rupturing of power cables and integrated circuitry begins to turn the downtown area of the city into a large hazard zone.

>Naturally, the city's local MRD contingent are attempting to stop the monster - but are having difficulties doing so. A few of them radio to each other, from different points in the city.

["Visual on the underside of the monster. See any openings?"]

["Negative. There's nothing to indicate points of potential breakage. Solid casing of glass by the looks of it."]

["So why aren't conventional weapons working? Glass shatters without much effort with projectile weapons."]

["Unknown. Potentially being reinforced by a Meta-Human's ability."]

>The MRD troopers continue communicating over the radio as they attempt to figure out some way to stop the monster. As mentioned prior, conventional artillery weapons aren't working.

>However, one of the MRD agents notices something interesting about the monster.

["Hey wait a minute - you see that color gradient it's showing? It glows whenever it's hit - and then the glow concentrates quickly around the attacked part."]

["Maybe that's how it's doing this. Reinforcing itself through an energy field. So we just need to concentrate fire - and then hit it from behind when it's distracted."]

["But how are we going to do that? Most of our firepower's already concentrated here to keep its attention. We're not going to be fast enough to-"]

>Then they hear it, a loud sonic boom - concentrated in range, but unmistakable. A figure in red then quickly bursts onto the scene from the skies above - carefully winding their way through the complex network of buildings, overpasses and tunnels in the city. They're headed straight for the monster, and as they slow down in their speed - their appearance is immediately telling.

"Well shit, she's here. About time."
R: 92 / I: 134

[Earth-71] - A New Dawn

>Date: August 25th, 2019
>Location: Metro City
>Time: 5:30am

>A pickup pulls up to a junkyard in the city, the driver winding down the window slowly, and manually, to talk to the man on the gate.

"Hey Gus, here for the usual. . ."

>The voice startles the man, causing him to jolt up, shaking his head.

"Oh hey Hiyuki, didn't see you there. . ."

"Sleeping on the job again?"

". . .just resting my eyes! Here for the usual?"


"Sure, one min. . ."

>The man stands up, walking out of his security office and heading to the gate, where he pulls out a set of keys and manually unlocks the gate, slowly pulling it open for the pickup to rumble through.

"Thanks Gus, you're the best, don't let anyone tell you anything else."

>The driver, Hiyuki, steps out of the vehicle, stretching to warm her body slightly. Moving back to the pickup, she takes out several tools from the back, clipping them onto a mechanic's belt which she then slings around her waist. Reaching back into the truck, Hiyuki takes out the keys before giving Gus a wave as he closes the gates again.

>With everything secured, she heads further into the junkyard.

>Time: 6:02am

>Deeper in the junkyard, a newly formed pile of electronics parts grows larger and larger as Hiyuki adds more and more spare parts from the surrounding scrapped electronic appliances to it.

>Once the pile has reached a certain height, Hiyuki returns to it, going through it piece by piece to determine the usability of each part.

"Junk. . . repairs. . . spares. . . junk. . . junk. . ."

>Hiyuki's process is practiced, almost ritualistic, reducing the size of the pile at a scary pace, only being stopped when the young woman hits something unfamiliar.

>Taking out an odd battered belt, Hiyuki brings it up to eye level, leaning back from the pile slightly.

"Well. . . what're you then. . ?"

>Hiyuki spins the belt around, taking in all of the details, only for the belt to spark, shocking her.

"Ow, who puts electronics in a belt?! Well, except toy companies. . ."

>Shrugging, Hiyuki takes the belt and puts in her pile of things to take home.

"Still, rules are rules, anything that shocks me goes home. . ."

>Standing up and dusting herself off, Hiyuki checks the time.

"Never had it be so literal before though. . ."

>Grabbing the pile, Hiyuki makes her way back to the entrance of the junkyard.
R: 21 / I: 86

[Solo] - "Turf Wars" [Part 2 - Epilogue]

>Date: April 10th, 2017
>Location: S.C. - Downtown Area
>Time: 10:00 AM

>Large plumes of flames continue arcing and crackling across the streets of the Sanctuary City Downtown hub. Large cars are burnt to cinders - electronic billboards are entirely fried. Swathes of metallic chain link fences, busses and other large structures are completely melted into molten substances. The level of damage done to this part of the city is substantial.

>However, the majority of the flames are bright blue in color - larger and more intense in terms of power. More of the blue flames emerge from the area as the damaged form of Vulcan skids to the ground. Collapsing in a heap of molten rock and magma, he slowly rises up on one knee to catch his breath. Panting - he exhales bursts of flame from his molten mouth as he does so.

"Son of a bitch….You weren't…kidding about being the better……model….."

>Vulcan then collapses from the blue flame burns all over his body - landing on the floor as he does so. In a prone position, a set of footsteps get closer to the downed Meta-Human criminal.

"You definitely put up a fight - I can say that much."

>Matrix, in his Thermodynamic energy form, then moves to kneel on both knees beside Vulcan - examining the Meta-Human carefully.

"But you also caused a lot of damage."

>He looks for a moment - staring at the searing hot conflagrations before him. Large arches of catalyzed flames continue snapping from road to road around them.

"….So did I, to be fair there."
R: 60 / I: 260

[Event] - "Turf Wars" [Part 1]

>Date: April 10th, 2017
>Location: S.C. - Downtown Metro Area
>Time: 8:25 AM

"Get the civilians out of here! NOW!"

>An MRD platoon trooper says to his regiment, as dozens of MRD hovercraft form a makeshift barricade around the open plaza. Downtown looks similar to Times Square in New York City - a large interconnecting network of streets, billboards, signs and various stands in-between.

"We're pinned down! Too much heavy fire!"

"Your armor's designed to withstand most firearms! What's the issue?!"

"It's not the gunfire! It's the literal fire!"

>As the MRD trooper continues to communicate with his commanding officer - another massive fireball rains down from above, around the size of a bus. The resulting immolation and pressurization of the air begins to rapidly burn away at the metal casing of the hovercraft vehicles. The smell of burning alloys slowly fills the air.

"This isn't good. We need a new plan of attack, and fast."

>The glowing yellow fingertips of a fiery humanoid Meta-Human slowly lower.

"You're boring me now. And I thought I was gonna get the fun job too."

>Vulcan's flame-encased head moves from side to side, as he continues standing in the middle of the Downtown section of the city.
R: 26 / I: 115

[Solo] - "Turf Wars" [Part 0 - Prologue]

>Date: April 5th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Financial District
>Time: 10:00 PM

>Blaring alarms go off in the middle of the Sanctuary City banking square. A centralized location for various local, regional and federal banking agencies. As footsteps get louder, the cause of the noises quickly barrels across the street. Running away from a bank vault and bank entrance, a group of Brigadiers continue moving quickly in the direction of their getaway van.

"Hurry the fuck up! The MRD's gonna catch us if you don't haul ass!"

"You think I don't fucking know that dipshit? Shut the fuck up and move!"

"Guys! It's already on the news! Fuckin' helicopter's tailin' us!"

>One of the Brigadiers points upward, diverting their collective attention towards the eavesdropping news helicopter. As the news crew continues covering the scene, they detail their report.

"….nd there are five members of the infamous 'Brigadier' Meta-Human gang, quickly moving away from the scene of the bank heist! They appear to be convening on a narrow street corner on the intersection of Maine and Rogers street. Potentially a getaway vehicle waiting for them! Channel 5 SCTV is continuing to pursue the criminals and will continue to provide eyewitness commentary of the situation!"

>Shooting their handguns in a futile effort to deter the helicopter, the Brigadiers then quickly turn their attention towards their initial focus point.

"….Wait. Where's the fucking getaway car?!?!"
R: 5 / I: 24

[Earth-71] - "Driver Black"

>Date: August 25th, 2019
>Location: Metro City - Financial District
>Time: 7:00 AM

>A motorcycle quickly drives down the streets of the metropolitan city, narrowing a nearby turn as the vehicle continues chugging light fumes.


>The motorcycle continues weaving its way down the street as it goes faster and faster. After a few minutes, it reaches its destination - a large hospital building.

"Perfect. Right on time."

>Parking the bike, the figure gets off of it and take off their helmet - revealing a mane of midnight black hair. Yawning, the man then carries his helmet as he walks inside the building.

>Time: 5:00 PM

"Thanks Aiden! We'll see you tomorrow!"

>Waving back at the nurse, Aiden then walks out of the building, holding his motorcycle helmet.

>Aiden then rubs his eyelids - tired.

"Gotta love residency. Sheesh."

>Shaking his head, he then looks down at his watch - checking to make sure that the time is exactly on the dot.

"Alright. Time to go home."

>In the periphery of his vision, he then notices something surprising.
R: 21 / I: 91

[Solo] - "Dysfunction" - [Part 2]

>Date: April 4th, 2017
>Location: Archeon Midwestern Manufacturing Facility
>Time: 2:30 PM

>Mosaic touches down in the manufacturing facility - looking around. As he sees the partial wreckage of the place in question, he stares in disbelief for a moment. Large fires explode in plumes as workers rush to evacuate the scene - not paying attention to Mosaic's sudden presence. At the same time, he then looks around for any sign of the cause - only to then realize:


>Looking at the distorted figure of a being slowly walking through the fires and towards him, Mosaic quickly makes out his form and appearance. As the figure of the costumed Meta-Human becomes more pronounced, Mosaic then scoffs as he says:

"I figured as much. The Champion clones looked a bit too much like you. Moved a like you too."

>Scratching his chin, Mosaic then says:

"Hit harder though. So I'd say they were an upgrade overall-"

>Centurion then rushes Mosaic at blinding speeds, enough to get his attention - but not enough to blast past his own senses. Making a feint maneuver, Mosaic flips backwards, landing on the ground on his feet. Moving his attention up directly towards the powerful Meta-Human, he then says:

"No time for chit chat then I guess."

>Mosaic then rushes Centurion with his own displace of force, attacking him with precision strikes and demonstrating enough strength and force to push him backward. As he does so, he jumps towards the figure, stating:

"You really have nothing to say then? Fine by me."

>Mosaic then catches a punch from Centurion, moving to then punch him up into the air - sending him flying without hesitation.

>As Centurion is sent flying into the air, Mosaic then watches as continues flying. Narrowing his lenses, he then states:

"Something isn't right. Centurion is supposed to be a "hero". He's not the type to destroy facilities out of spite. That and he's been gone for years. What in the world happened to him now?"

>Mosaic then stares up into the sky, waiting for Centurion to regain his bearings and continue the fight in a few moments.
R: 10 / I: 47

[Solo] - "Dysfunction" - [Part 1]

>Date: April 4th, 2017
>Location: Unknown
>Time: 6:00 AM

>A series of lights flicker on inside of a dark and decrepit structure - deep underground. A subterranean labyrinth of crossed wires and metallic plating. Loud foot steps echo across the walls as a single figure slowly walks down the hall. As the hooded figure arrives at the nearest door, they then say:

"About fucking time I found this place."

>The figure then kicks the door down - sending it flying with immeasurable force. As they slowly walk into the large, open room, they witness a large number of pods in the room - with figures slowly hovering inside of them. Without even flinching, the figure then waves his hand - generating a massive surge of force, which is enough to rupture the containment seals and blast them open as the bodies fall out.

>Walking past the bodies, the hooded figure makes its way to single, larger pod in the back center of the room. Ripping it open, he then watches as a costumed figure falls out of the pod - coughing in pain.


>The costumed being continues rapidly coughing in air as they slowly recollect themselves.

"Let me go you bastards! I don't know what you want from me! Just let me-"

"Oh shut the fuck up."

>Not caring about the costumed figure's pleas, the hooded figure then grabs onto their face - pulsating a black energy into their body as they convulse and shout in pain.


>Their loud shouts of pain echo down the hallway - as the other figures slowly rise up behind the hooded figure.
R: 51 / I: 165

[Event] - "Iocosus Magicus"

>Date: March 30th, 2017
>Location: ????
>Time: Indeterminate

"This is untenable."

>A pair of small rocks tumble to the ground, near the edge of the beach sands. The large archipelago like structure - reminiscent of an island, stretches on for infinity in various directions. The blue open skies are accentuated by a cool breeze carried by the wind. The waters of the surrounding ocean seemingly push their way closer and closer to the edges of the beach sands.

>Iblis slowly picks up another rock and tosses it across the ocean. As he does so, his mind wanders back - flashes of memories rising to the mental periphery of his thoughts. Wincing, he can envision the large, grand structures of the floating lands - Thaumia in all of its architectural glory.

"Infernal saboteurs, the lot of them. I should've rendered them non-existent when I had the chance."

>Shaking his head, Iblis then flicks a large portion of his flowing black hair out of his eyes as he turns his attention back towards the small den on the edge of the beach. Thinking to himself for a moment, he then says:

{"To hell with it. I won't be a burden to my people any longer. They deserve their vengeance, even if I have to rely on humans to achieve it."}

>Now trudging towards the den situated in the middle of the beach, Iblis recounts his experiences in his mind - the restrictions and bindings. The mental and physical torture by his creators. All of it. The pain of him, and the rest of his species. It all comes bubbling to the surface, as he reaches the interior of the den and rings the bell.

>For a moment, nothing happens, causing Iblis to grunt in frustration.

{"Stupid contraption. It's likely damaged, knowing my luck. Very well then. I will wait nonetheless."}
R: 74 / I: 87

[Event] - "The Meeting"

>Date: March 30th 2017,
>Location: Sanctuary City, MRD Precinct
>Time: 8 PM

>Darkness covers the city like a blanket, with only the city lights illuminating anything. Despite this, the MRD Precinct is as busy as it is any other time of day.

>Various officers come and go, with the occasional criminal or civilian coming in and out of the main building. Inside, things are even more busy as the precinct's staff work hard to keep things moving as quick and smoothly as possible.

>Outside, a young man with brown hair covered nearly from head to toe in obscuring clothes squats behind a dumpster, having managed to get his way into one of the precinct's few security blind spots.

>He appears to be silently working himself up, taking a small ear-piece and putting it on. Afterwards he puts on a ski mask with a pair of sunglasses to hide his identity.

{"Let's do this."}

>The man steps out from behind the dumpster and begins quickly walking towards the building. The moment he steps into view an officer runs in front of him, and places their hand out to stop him.

"Stop right ther-"

>The officer suddenly gasps, and then drops to the floor. Almost like a spreading plague, more and more people begin to fall over as well, having been put to sleep.

>Now having free reign inside the station, the man begins to head towards the back of the building.
R: 27 / I: 120

[Solo] - "Sound and Fury"

>Date: March 24th, 2017
>Time: 1:00 PM
>Location: Sanctuary City - Hydroponics Sector

"Come on boss….where are you?"

>Arachnid says as he continues hanging on a thin silk strand - above a large metallic pipe overlooking a refinery.

[The Hydroponics Sector of Sanctuary City was a green project originally commissioned to improve water retention and reuse throughout the city. As one of the most populated cities in the world, it was an easy candidate to test the efficacy of a large scale project.]

>Staring through his lenses, Arachnid magnifies the internal zoom - scanning and assessing the situation.

"….Oh no."

>Hostages. Around 10 of them. Refinery workers bound and gagged, and being held at gunpoint by Brigadiers.

[The most reckless and inhumane of Sanctuary City's lowly gangs, the Brigadiers have made a name for themselves in recent weeks. They're more organized than before, almost to a fault. More coordinated, and less fragmented. That can't be a coincidence.]

>Arachnid then takes a moment to notice the moat of water between the gate entry to the refinery, and the MRD Hovercraft surrounding it. He then activates his microphone and begins listening in on the MRD activity.


"What do these fuckers want this time?"

>The MRD platoon leader says as he walks towards the blockade with an irritated fashion.

"Sir! They're making some demands right now. Five million dollars in cash, non-traced. Early 2000s dated, before the code imprint was refined."

>Nodding, the MRD platoon leader continues speaking:

"Well, that's not too much of a surprise. Wouldn't want us tracking them once they bail. What else is there?"

>The MRD agent continues speaking, her tone becoming more nervous as she continues:

"….Sir, they want Niles's release. They want Thrasher out of jail."

>Narrowing his eyes behind his helmet, the MRD platoon leader also has a change in tone - though one of outright malice.

"….They want us to release their God damned leader? That piece of shit?! After everything he's done?!"

>The MRD agent steps back for a moment.

"S-Sir! I'm just relaying their demand-"

"I heard you perfectly clear! You tell those fuckers the only thing they're getting is a cell in solitary confinement! It's the least they deserve…."

>Back on his silk strand, Arachnid shakes his head in dismay.

"Nonononononono they're gonna blow it! I've gotta do something, now!"

>He then gracefully flips from his silk strand line, moving through the air as he begins swinging towards the refinery.
R: 26 / I: 45

[Event] - "Proximal Exposure"

>Date: March 24th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City, Industrial District - Archeon HQ
>Time: 12:00 PM

"I'll get back to you later. Good to hear about your promotion."

>Aiden puts down the phone as he shuffles a bunch of papers around his desk. Internal assessments, performance indicator reports and general financial documents are then placed neatly into a manilla folder. As he does so, he checks his watch - seemingly unassuming in appearance. After denoting the dual hands pointing straight up, he then thinks to himself:

{"Good. Right on time then."}

>He then slowly stands up and adjusts his shirt as he looks around the office. Moving around his desk carefully, he then picks up a pair of keys. After getting a buttoned jacket from a nearby rack, he puts it on and walks out of the room.

>Time: 12:10 PM
>Location: Sanctuary City Highway

>As he drives his customized muscle car down the SC-10, one of the internal highway systems connecting the entire city, Aiden lightly taps the side of his right cheek with his right hand. Carefully directing the steering wheel with his other hand, his mind slowly begins to drift towards different subjects.


>As he slowly rounds another turn on the SC-10, he recognizes a distinct overpass. Remembering the past, he closes his eyes and sighs.

{"Right….The Ryozo guy."}

>Remembering his altercation with the masked assassin on the highway, Aiden's mind then refocuses on his main goal, going to see Hiyuki Hoyokazi.

"….Really hope she hasn't done anything with that thumb drive….."

>The car then continues barreling down the highway system, its engine roaring with sustained strength.
R: 12 / I: 31

[Solo] - "Claustrophobia"

>Date: March 28th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City, Shopping District
>Time: 11:15 AM

>The ground rumbles, quaking as a man in a shoddily put together, sharp edged metal suit slams into the concrete. He tumbles and rolls, leaving behind a trail of cracks and holes with broken off pieces of metal everywhere.

>Having finally stopped, the man takes a moment to catch his breath - letting out an animalistic growl. He speaks to himself under his breath, as if he were talking to someone else entirely.

"Kill him. We'll kill him."

>The man spits out a bloodied tooth, and then his head jerks to the side. His tone of voice changes.

"My tooth! He made me lose a tooth!"

>Again, the man jerks his head to the side and continues conversion with himself.

"Forget the tooth! We'll replace it later! After we've killed him."

"Yes! Good idea! Kill him and then fix our tooth!"

>As the man begins pulling himself up from the ground another figure in a much sleeker and more protective looking metal suit hovers down from the air towards him.

"Having a conversation with yourself again, Crazy Guy?"

>The man glares at Omnius, quickly forcing his arm towards him, causing a bolt of lightning to launch from his palm and towards his target.

>Omnius moves quick, narrowly moving himself out of the way by just a hair's width.

"You missed."


>The man now standing up fully extends both arms towards Omnius, firing two continuous electric streams towards him. The vigilante again moves out of the way, fly around, ducking and weaving out of the way of the attack.
R: 75 / I: 179

[Event] - Sicilian Dragon

>Date: March 15th, 2017
>Somewhere in the British Countryside

>Two ladies sit at a table, harsh light shining through a large bay window next to it, obscuring their features. At the centre of their table is a chess table, the pieces laid out for the start of a new game.

>One of the ladies picks up her king's pawn, moving it two spaces forward.

"I suppose you've heard about the attack on The Wedge."

>Her opponent responds by moving one of her own pieces.

"Of course, the official stance is that the Meta-Human Alliance did it, but. . ."

>The first lady moves one of her knights forward.


>The second lady thinks for a moment, then moves her one of own pieces in response.

"It's all too quiet for them, so either it wasn't someone important, or it was a pretender."

"You say that, but they have hit 21 other holding facilities since then, all across the world, and haven't denied ownership of this attack."

"Ah, but all of those were very open attacks, not like the first one, instead it looks like they're sending a message on how they actually act. . ."

>The first lady nods, then moves the same knight again, placing it by the initial pawn.

"Have any of them attacked there, yet?"

>The second lady brings one of her own knights out to respond.

"Not yet. . ."

"Then why don't we make a bet?"

>The first lady brings out her second knight.

"How do you mean?"

"The usual rules, we each select several candidates to make up a team, send them there, whoever manages to convince her of the worthiness of their cause gets it all."

"And I suppose I will be paying for these candidates?"

"Of course, you know I can't afford to setup up our little dances."

>The second woman leans backwards, sighing and running over the proposal in her head.

"Fine. . ."

"Excellent, it's your move by the way."

>The second woman looks at the chess board and goes to move a piece. . .
R: 22 / I: 95

[Solo] - "Journey"

>March 21st, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown Sector
>Time: 12:00 PM

>Large bright flames jet out from the exhaust of a black muscle car - careening across the streets of the mega city. Trails of black tar and mud appear in the wake of the flames - rapidly bubbling into the air as the temperature rises in tandem with the flames.

"Where's he going? We're gonna run outta road at this point!"

"I don't fucking know! Where's the blockade? I ordered a passage block on Graham Street minutes ago!"

>MRD officials continue to bicker in their hovercraft, doing their best to keep pace with the mysterious black car. Seemingly incapable of matching its supernatural speed, the attack vector for the MRD is instead a blockade run at an upcoming street intersection.

"Radio them again, make sure we've got half a dozen APC units blocking the path! Reinforced like I said, given how fast the damn car is going!"

>The MRD official in the passenger seat nods and begins patching in - communicating over the official MRD frequency.

"All units, converge on Graham and Johnson Street. Target's approaching, ETA five minutes given its velocity."


>A few blocks ahead and a few minutes later, a large MRD blockade has been created - full of armored MRD vehicles, tanks and seemingly reinforced battle carriers. Various regiments of MRD agents stand ready to catch the muscle car - with the agents themselves readying their weapons.

"Shoot the tires and the suspension mechanism. Goal's to subdue, not destroy the target. HQ will probably want to interrogate the Meta-Human, so give 'em up in a wrapped blanket - instead of a coffin."

>The MRD platoon leader says - with an exasperated and annoyed tone in her voice.

"Unless you need a reminder of what happened the last time?"

>Silence emanates from the entire platoon as the platoon leader speaks:

"Good. Now maintain your positions. Target's inbound right about….now!"
R: 24 / I: 94

[Solo] - "Insomnia"

>Date: March 20th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Industrial Sector
>Time: 11:30 PM

>A group of Brigadiers quickly rush down a narrow alleyway in the city. A loud, piecing noise rushes throughout the nearby streets as they continue barreling down the alley. While they do so, a set of MRD hovercraft move nearby - barely missing them.

"Hurry the fuck up! We're lagging behind!"

>The hooded Brigadier, looking behind the group, then replies:

"Shut up! Keep quiet or they're gonna find us!"

>The Brigadiers continue moving, their boots upending the puddles of water underneath their feet.

>After a few minutes, they round a nearby passageway - ending up at a large, abandoned warehouse. Sighing, the 5 Brigadiers all look at each other as they enter through a broken gate on the side of the warehouse.


>Inside of the abandoned warehouse, one if the Brigadiers tosses down a backpack, with a pile of cash quickly sliding out of it. Scowling, another Brigadier points at them.

"Dumbass! If you lose the cash, the boss is gonna rip you a new one!"

"Fuck off. I'm the one who got the damn money! Besides, he ain't here."

>The hooded Brigadier then picks up a wad of cash and flicks it across the palm of his opposing hand.

"And as long as he's locked up? We're the ones running this joint. Not him."

"I'll tell him you said that."

>More scowling as the rest of the Brigadiers settle in for the night.


>Time: 12:00 AM

>A loud [thud] noise wakes up the Brigadiers immediately - the sound of metallic plates crashing against the ground.


"The fuck…."

"Who's there?!"

>The Brigadiers all wake up, still drowsy as they rub their eyelids and noses.

"Johnny if you broke the gate again I swear-"

>There's a loud noise as a muzzle flare lights up the darkness - and then a Brigadier falls down to the ground - a wound directly in their chest.
R: 36 / I: 159

[Solo] - "The Wedge"

>Date: March 10th, 2017
>Time: 8:00 AM
>Location: Anticosti Island - "The Wedge"

>Situated high up north, at the border of the United States and Canada, is Anticosti Island. The island is formally known as territory placed in the province of Quebec, and has been a relatively unused area for most of its history.

>However, in the 1980s, after the onset of Meta-Humans - circumstances quickly changed with the island. A joint venture between the United States and Canada led to the formation of one of the most reinforced supermax prisons for Meta-Humans in the entire world - "The Wedge".

>As a nigh impenetrable remote outpost, far situated from the rest of the world, "The Wedge" as a prison seemed the ideal holding facility for the most dangerous Meta-Humans in both countries. The facility has around-the-clock patrols of MRD agents; in addition to a whole slew of clinical psychologists, therapists and general practitioners.

>However, the remote facility may be due for an unexpected visit.

>Time: 8:30 AM
>Location: - "The Wedge" - Interior

>Inside of the facility, groups of psychologists, therapists and their MRD escorts are quickly walking through the Administrative hub of the facility. The first of 3 core areas of The Wedge, the Administrative hub, serves as a logistics and authorization clearance frontend. All authorized personnel are required to verify both their identities and their assigned visiting periods inside of The Wedge, in order to maximize security.

>In front of the main desk area, a man in an enhanced suit of power armor walks forward - a MRD agent.

"Hey, I'm here for my scheduled check-in, assessment of patient #1008."

>The receptionist at the desk raises an eyebrow for a moment, before saying:

"…..Verification card, please."

>The MRD agent hands a card over from their pouch, waiting for it to be scanned through a complex electronic machine. After a few seconds, and a brief flash of green light from the machine, the receptionist hands the card back to the MRD agent.

"Authorized. You're allowed in, lieutenant."

>Nodding, the MRD agent then walks through, uncharacteristically quickly for a regular inspection.
R: 58 / I: 107

[Event] Part 2 - 101

>Date: February 21st, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City

>Once a day of festivities in Ancient Roman times, the 21st day of February is of little concern for most Americans, just another day in the second month of the year, creating a relatively quiet day.

>In a quiet corner of the city, a teenaged boy talks to a man hidden behind the shadows.

"A-are you sure it'll?"

>The boy looks down at something the man is holding out, a belt of some kind.

"Beyond even your wildest dreams, put it on, try it out."

>The man's voice is distorted by some kind of modulator, further obsfucating his identity.

>Hesitating for a moment, the boy reaches out and takes the belt, carefully putting it on and looking around, smiling awkwardly when he sees a piece of trash on the ground.

>The boy reaches out his hand and points it at the trash.

>After a few seconds, the trash flies towards the boys stomach, disappearing into the thin air just before hitting it.

"Woah, a-and I don't need to pay for this."

"No, and I'll shake on that."

>The man offers out his hand for the boy to shake, and he happily takes it, suddenly pulling it back as he's shocked by something.

"Woah, static, weird! But thanks man!"

>The boy turns around, rushing off to his own business.

"No problem, you've helped me too. . ."
R: 47 / I: 208

[Solo] - "Riposte"

>Date: March 5th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Civil District
>Time: 8:00 AM

>Sanctuary City's City Government building is a large, pristine building with multiple levels. Situated behind a large structural blockade of fencing, the building stands as a monument to the city's effective governance and policies. Various MRD patrol units patrol the exterior fencing and gates of the Mayor's building; observation troopers are stationed on the rooftops of nearby buildings.

>Dozens of MRD Hovercraft also surround the building from higher elevations - along with modified APCs and heavy duty vehicles on the ground floor. Somewhat militaristic in presentation, the entire display serves as a secondary reminder of the MRD's militaristic strength and coordination - in addition to being a symbol of the city's fortification efforts.

>Inside of the large building, a series of elaborately designed hallways stretch for dozens of meters - each ornately decorated with gold embroidered paraphernalia and symbols. The symbols represent the various positions of the City's Government - including the Mayoral insignia on the largest door.

>The mayor's office has its door slightly opened, as the distinct voice of a woman can be heard from inside.

"…-dy said that I'll handle it, Mister Barnes. DataDrive's core operations weren't encumbered by the attacks. I have it on good authority that the MRD and local authorities have already swept the perimeter."

>A woman, seemingly in her late 20s is on the phone. Her relatively long auburn hair is surprisingly radiant, almost with a faint glow. As her eyes dart back and forth between a series of large folders on her desk, she carefully picks up and reads through said papers, while on the phone.

"Yes of course. I've already spoken to Lambda Pharmaceuticals as well. They're a point of interest for our potential targets here, and the MRD are already preparing sting operations to catch the perpetrators."

>After another moment, the blonde woman sighs as she then says:

"Yes of course. I understand. I'll speak to you again, after I've gotten more updates on the matter, Mister Barnes. Good day."

>Putting down the phone, the woman then rubs her eyelids in annoyance, muttering under her breath:

"….Ungrateful buffoons."

>After a few seconds, a voice them comes up over the speaker on her desk.

{"Mayor Jackson? Director McIntyre of the MRD has arrived for your meeting."}

>Feeling her body tense up slightly, Mayor Jackson then says:

"….Alright then. Send him in."

>Leaning back in her chair for a moment, the mayor then opens up a nearby bottle of pharmaceutical drugs and takes a pair of them. After having a drink of water in addition, she then regains her composure as she waits for the MRD Director to arrive.
R: 35 / I: 108

[Event] - "Contiguity"

>Date: N/A
>Location: Another Earth
>Time: N/A

>A version of Sanctuary City exists, contained in a world separate to the known universe. Virtually identical on a macroscopic scale, this world still contains a few notable differences. Arbitrarily designated "Earth-1", in comparison to the known universe, this world is seemingly more extravagant in scope. More powerful Meta-Humans exist, a more volatile, yet orderly world all the same. In this universe, carefully bordering with the known universe - a massive spatial-temporal event begins to coalesce around the universal space….

>Date: March 3rd, 2017

>Location: Earth-1 - Sanctuary City
>Time - 10:00 AM

>The pristine mega structure of a city stands, serving as a monument towards Meta-Human advancement in the larger country and world. Situated in the same place as its known counterpart, Earth-1's version of Sanctuary City is massive, sprawling with far more advanced structures and technological integrations. Futuristic machines and devices are stretched out far across the normal city scape, with teleporting rail stations and levitating buildings making up the core structural components.

>As people walk their pets, check their holographic projections from their phones, and remotely talk to each other through radio wave interfaces in their ears - warning notifications begin to appear across the city. Large red holographic text signs appear, surrounding multiple areas of the outstretched city, each with glowing hazard signs. The holograms read:


>Just then, large glowing fissures begin to appear across the sky - ripping open with violent force to reveal large surges of glowing energy passing through. Appearing within the barrier field of the city, the large fissures continue seeping open glowing pools of supernatural energy - which rapidly coalesce and turn into the shape of large stone golems. As the mineral constructions crash into the ground, they generate a significant amount of force - beginning to rupture the city. The monsters shatter through fractal energy bridges and platforms, causing the hard light projections to fall to the ground below.

>As the golems begin attacking machinery nearby, the resulting damage begins to cause massive explosions - damaging nearby integrated power lines in the city's streets and propagating a chain of damage across the city's downtown area.
R: 25 / I: 54

[Event] - A World in a Grain of Sand


>The Scottish Highlands

>It was a cold winter, that year, cold enough to freeze the lakes. No weather for a child to be out on the highlands.

>Yet, at least one was, a young boy, his thick clothing doing all it could to keep the cold out. A task made more difficult by his apparent decision to display his blonde hair to any that could see him. Running through the snow, his thin, lithe form betrays little of the lawyer he would grow up to be. Yet still, despite his young age, the boy's looks appear almost noble, like a child out of story for children, a future knight.

>The boy runs, stopping when he sees a pillar of smoke rising from the distance. Blinking, he changes directions and runs over to it. . .

>The boy arrives at his destination, a few scuffs and scrapes revealing his trip over wasn't entirely without incident, and finds the source of the smoke.

>A pile of rubble, smoldering from what was clearly a massive blaze, fills an area that indicates that it was once a barn. In the centre, a young girl sits, her knees brought up to her chest to keep out the outside world. Matted white hair drapes over her body, with ash turning what would normally match the snow into a grey mess. Sitting in a tree by the remains is a young boy, similar in age to the blonde boy and the girl, a book in his hands.

>As the blonde boy approaches, the boy in the tree scoffs, flicking a page in his book.

>The noise brings the blonde's attention to the tree, causing him to look up.

"What happened?"

"Ask her."

>The boy in the tree nudges his head to the girl.

"Don't you care?"

"Why should I?"

"She could be hurt!"


"Well. . . she. . ."

>The blonde stops talking, unable to come up with a response.

"Go talk to her if you care."

"I will!"

>The blonde boy indignantly marches across the rubble, the flames not even coming close to touching him as he makes his way over to the girl. Once he's reached her, he stands tall, as tall as a boy his age can look anyway, and loudly steps around to announce his presence.

"What happened?"

>The girl looks up for a moment, watching the boy with tear-stained eyes.

"I don't wanna talk."

>Her voice is buried in a thick accent, betraying her roots in the region.

"Well I'm not leaving!"

>The blonde boy keeps on stomping around.

"Not leaving! Not leaving!"

>A flame bursts up in the boy's path, nearly hitting him. Watching it for a second, the boy stares it in wonder.

"Woooaaah. . . cool!"

>He stomps back over to the girl.

"Did you do that? That's super cool! I can only make a little flame like this!"

>The boy holds out his hand and lifts a finger up, staring at it intensely for a moment before a little flicker of fire emerges from it, the warmth of it touching the girl's head.

>The girl looks up at the flame, blinking.

"It's not cool like yours though! I bet you could do loads of stuff with yours!"

"Iwas. . . Iwas. . . trying to get fire wood for gra. . ."

>The flames throughout the rubble die down.

"Oh cool! Want me to help with that? I'm strong!"

>The blonde boy flexes his spindly arms, earning a giggle from the girl.

"No point. . . dad's gonna kill me when I get back. . ."

>The blonde boy frowns.

"Oh. . . well. . . wanna play before he gets back?"


"More fun than moping around."

>The blonde boy offers out his hand for the girl to take.

"I'm Leo!"

>In the distance, the boy in the tree rolls his eyes.

>The girl looks at the hand for a second, and then carefully goes to take it.

"I'm. . ."
R: 33 / I: 147

[Solo] - "Social Dynamics"

>Date: March 2nd, 2017
>Time: 11:00 PM
>Location - Sanctuary City - Industrial District

>It's near midnight within the main construction and manufacturing hub of the city, with various corporate buildings closing up secondary operations. As most personnel leave their areas of working, turning off machinery and closing down sections of buildings - a sleek, feminine figure swings through the air.

"Right about….now!"

>Said figure then detaches from a thin line at her fingertips - landing on the side of a building. Peering through the window of the building she's attached to, she then takes a small device out from her think spandex outfit - a small cut opening housing the device.

"There we are…."

>Tapping the device against the glass, the woman waits, before a soft rumbling sound begins penetrating the sides of the office. Blue electrical sparks then crackle from the machine, as a bright blue pulse moves through the window - frying all of the electronics inside. Looking smug, the woman then says:

"Easy as pie. Now to plant the evidence inside…."

>The device, an EMP to short circuit the machinery, leaves the woman able to break and enter. Vaulting carefully, she then makes a figure 8 motion as she flips up into the air - attaching a web to the window as she smashes through it - moving into the building. After landing, she then states:

"Time to get to work…."

>She then begins walking out of the office building and towards the larger, futuristic hallways of the building complex.
R: 36 / I: 120

[Event] - "Conversion Point"

>Location: Alteria - Prism World

>The dimension of Alteria is a unique dimension existing in a different phase state - and separate from that of the main universe.

>As a separate dimension in another world, Alteria is home to the planet Machina - its analogue to Earth.

>Machina is a large, technologically advanced "hypercity" of a world - filled with various technological devices and equipment powered by mana. The capital city of Machina is called Concentus.

>As the capital city of the entire planet, Concentus is home to an entire race of beings, very similar to humans. These human adjacent beings are called the Formiacs, and the best among them are chosen to become Paragons - technomagical warriors and hunters, trained to fight off the supernatural monsters native to their dimension.

>Monsters like the beings terrorizing the planet right now.

>Date: February 28th, 2017 [Relative to Earth]
>Time: 10:00 AM [Relative to Earth, Sanctuary City]
>Location: Machina - Concentus City

"Move! More of them are coming!"

>A group of Paragons quickly glide through the large mechanistic structures that make up the refinement district of the city. Large power lines of mana and magical energy are strewn out across the structural apparatus, pumping vast quantities of magical energy and mana particles through the city. As the leylines of magic are sustained by the technological masterworks, the Paragons continue their movement patterns.

"Primus! Prepare the distortion incantation! The creature are magnifying!"

>The leader of the trio of Paragons, a bulky armored figure clad in red, aims a mana powered rifle at various light figures converging on their location. As the figures are hit by the supernatural bullets, they're blasted into miniature chunks, quickly reforming into more copies of themselves.

>The gold clad armored figure begins making a series of quick hand gestures, consolidating magical energy stored in their body - as they then unleash a massive fractal distortion that captures the swarm of figures - enveloping most of them and wrapping them into nothingness, leaving normal space in their wake.

"That should hold the majority of them! I'll need a few minutes to charge another distortion field!"

>The third and final figure, draped in sapphire blue armor with a hood and a cape, states:

"…So where did you send them, Primus? We're running out of options."

>Scowling behind his helmet, Primus then says:

"If you needed to know, Magnus. I've created a region of null space that can hold them together for now. Pocket dimension of sorts. But if they destabilize and cause a chain reaction, the energy release they generate will-"

"Rip open the fissure and set them loose again, we're aware."

>The leader in red armor states, as all three figures converge on their destination.

"…Of course, Maximus. But I trust your judgment in having me use the majority of my energy to slow them down."
R: 3 / I: 9

[Solo] - Albatross

>Personal Log, 03.01.17:

"This city is sick, rotting from the inside as parasites from above and below suck it dry, causing the wounds to fester, to burst, leaving behind cancerous growths that weaken its fiber even more.

The people are blind to this, blind to the depravity hidden below the surface, but I, I am aware, and I know now how to cleanse this city. The answer is so simple now that I see it. . .

The city needs a butcher, someone willing to cut off the tumors, and I am that person, I have been chosen.

My friend comes to me at night, they chose me because I understand now, because my eyes have been opened. Because I have seen the message of my counterpart in the sanctuary.

One day, I hope that my work will be complete, but it is not, so my righteous task continues. . ."
R: 16 / I: 59

[Solo] - "Recombinant"

>Date: March 10th, 2017
>Location: Western Europe - Unknown Forest Laboratory
>Time: 10:00 AM [Relative]

>Distant sirens blare as a research facility goes into lockdown. As more lights blare, research personnel inside of the facility begin frantically running towards exits. Cursing to themselves, the researchers hurridly look at their documents, still cursing to themselves.

"Shit! We're running out of time. The structural blueprint hasn't been fully decoded!"

>A researcher says to themselves, quickly barreling around the nearest hallway while continuing to talk into their phone.

"I know! I know! But we haven't figured out the proper sequencing method! We don't know if the program can fully complete the process! This is biological code! Not some random program! It could take decades-"

>The researcher is then knocked back by a violent explosion, sent spiraling across the room and knocked to the floor - spiraling across the ground. Damaged by the force of the explosion, the researcher can feel a ruptured rib cage, and the searing pain of a pinched nerve in his lung. Reeling from the pain, he looks up, with hazy vision slowly making out a blurry figure in the distance - at the edge of the hallway.

"….What the…."

>At the end of the hallway is an armored figure, clad in midnight black armor and plating. A glowing red visor pulsates light from their body as he walks to a nearby scientist on the ground. Watching as the scientist panics and slowly begins easing away from the figure - the damaged researcher can only look on in horror - as the armored figure reaches down and snaps the scientist's neck.

{"Oh God! He killed him!"}
R: 12 / I: 30

[Event] - "Chaos"

>Date: March 3rd, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City

>The bustling streets of Sanctuary City are absolutely full, as is typical of a Friday evening. Near bumper to bumper traffic, and packed sidewalks are a common during this time as everyone rushes to eat, drink or party the week's worries away.

>A group of young looking men move through the packed streets, rudely bumping through anyone in their way while they laugh to themselves. The members of the group itself appear fairly typical, non really standing out appearance wise - save for one individual, who has an almost pinkish shade of red hair.

"I'm tellin' you man."

>One of the more plain looking guys places his elbow on the red haired man's shoulder.

"This place is the shit. I can't go anywhere else anymore. It's just too good."

>The red haired man smiles.

"Yeah. You've been talking about it non stop about it all week. Hopefully it lives up to the hype."

>Arriving at their destination, the first thing the group sees is a massive line, as well as a giant neon sign saying "The Star Light Lounge".

"Shit. Look at the size of that line. It'll be sunrise by the time we get to the doors."

>The group curses amongst themselves thinking of what to do. Suddenly, a guy in the back says:

"Hey! Michael! Think you can do something about it?"

>The red haired man turns to look at his group mate.

"What? Like cause a distraction so we can slip in?"


>Michael thinks about it for a few moments before shrugging.

"Yeah, ok."
R: 8 / I: 19

[Solo] Part 1 - 72

>Date: February 14th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City

>Valentine's Day, a day of celebration for couples. . .

>In the evening, at least, before everyone finishes work, however, Valentine's Day is a day like any other, people go about their work as if the day was just the same as every other day.

>Although, perhaps, with a bit of extra cheer in their hearts.

>This nature of a day like any other day is reflected in the movement of Sanctuary City itself, the ebb and flow of the traffic undisturbed by simple date like "February 14th".

>Despite being loud, the sound of it all is peaceful, in its own way. . .

>And then, an alarm goes off.
R: 19 / I: 79

[Solo] - "Terminal Velocity"

>Date: March 1st, 2017
>Location: Paradise City - Southwestern United States
>Time: 11:00 AM

>A large, coastline city, situated off of the Californian coast - Paradise City is the 3rd of the 5 big "Core Cities" that house Meta-Humans in the United States. Created as a secondary failsafe in the event that Sanctuary City reached its peak carrying capacity - Paradise City remains a secondary hub for Meta-Human activity on the West Coast.

>The city itself is a series of spread out, island-like structures; each connected with a series of pneumatically powered bridges and rail systems. Hovercraft are licensed in the city, as large futuristic structures carefully gleam across the skies. Various hovering monorail systems move across the city's structures as well - contrasting against the glistening waters below.

>A loud humming sound can be heard in the distance, roaring with power as it disrupts the serene and calm air space. Rushing through the air - a large metallic apparatus moves across the clouds at high velocities. Exceeding the speed of sound, the large object slowly begins rotating on its side, its fins guiding its movement.

>The missile's trajectory is aimed squarely at Paradise City's center, directly surrounding the various buildings and skyscrapers that make up the Downtown area of the city. However before the missile can begin its downward arcing descent, a pair of bright red lasers pierce the clouds behind the missile - cutting it in half. Searing plasma scorch marks can be seen from the missile as smoke billows from the metallic chamber, the internal contents of the missile burning up in the air before cooling down in the waters below.

>Then a figure in black and red, a cape billowing behind them, quickly rushes to the clouds, hovering in mid-air as they look around.

"That's the last of them. Now I just need to find Energon…."

>Hyperia, hovering in the air while maintaining a strong posture, looks around the area carefully. Scanning the area below with her eyes, she begins to rapidly parse between the vehicles and people below. After a few seconds, she then states:

"There you are."

>In a blink, Hyperia then disappears, a trail of bright red light following in her wake…..
R: 68 / I: 106

[Event] - The Conclave

>June 5th, 2000

>In an emerald land, an after-image of what an isle once was, a lone castle sits, with timeless walls that match the feeling of separation of the area. Above this castle that was and never was, a distortion sits within the sky, calmly ebbing and flowing, a single tendril reaching from it to the castle below.

>On this day, the castle is busy, far busier than it appears to be used to, people of various races, cultures, and creeds are gathered within the main courtyard, their shouts and arguments making them look more like a mob than a gathering. Looking over them, a man with long black hair stands over the gate, his eyes following their movements carefully, taking in everything that happens. . .

>On the opposite side of the courtyard, another black-haired man stands, trying to calm the crowd down.

"Please. . . please. . . we understand your issues, this conclave would not have been called if we did not understand the weight of this situation, but you must remain. . ."

>A voice calls out from the crowd.

"The Prydwens promised us peace as long as we followed the statute of secrecy, these signs show they have failed!"

"The only thing that could do that is on the other side of the rift! Why have you betrayed us?!"

>The man raises his hands to try and quieten the people down.

"The Prydwens have not betrayed any of you. . ."

"The Hydes said the same, how can we-!"

>The crowd suddenly quietens down as a woman dressed in white emerges from the castle, her hair matching her robes. With a presence that indicates she was once much more powerful, she walks slowly and with a certain weakness in her steps.

"The Rift remains closed, I have ensured it myself. . ."

>Her voice is wispy, hollowed, yet it still carries enough volume to cut over the crowd.

>As she speaks, the man walks over to her, a look of concern in his eyes, and moves himself into a position to catch her at any time.

"But we have much to discuss, please, join us inside. . ."

>The woman slowly turns and walks back into the castle, a door opening up below in the courtyard to allow the others to enter as well.

>From his perch, the man watching the events shrugs, then walks away. . .
R: 17 / I: 63

[Event] - "Course Correction"

>Date: February 25th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown
>Time: 9:00 AM

>Smoke flares up from a series of skyscrapers - with panicked civilians running away in terror. Chunks of debris fall to the floor as the UP Building continues to burn thanks to a ferocious and raging fire.

"Someone call the MRD!"

"It's the Breakers again! Everybody run!"

>As panicked workers mix into the mass of evacuating civilians - the figures of armored Meta-Humans jump into a modified Hovercraft - and begin flying away.

>The Breakers - the hired gun Meta-Human mercenaries of the city, carry a set of briefcases with them. In the front seat. Fracture tries to open one of the briefcases and scowls. A bright shock surges from the numerical lock - stunning him briefly. As he yelps in pain, he then says:

"Shit! The case is fit with security measures! We're gonna have to drop it off for the client to open instead!"

>Aquarius, sitting in the passenger seat, says:

"How much time until we get to the drop off point? I'd say we've got five minutes until some vigilante goon gets the drop on us."

>CopyCat perks up, her eyes narrowing as she states:

"We better not be going into Autonaut territory. Maniacs will rip us apart with their vehicles. And Fracture?"

>Fracture looks up at CopyCat, clearly annoyed.


>CopyCat narrows her eyes:

"We're taking a big risk carrying this shit. Especially when we're on the MRD's radar for that Sacrament chick. That score better be seven digits or higher."

>Fracture rolls his eyes and sits back up front, looking at Capgras who handles the driving.

"We get the money and buy the manpower we need to get the hell out of this city. It was a bad idea coming here, and we've put a target on our backs like you said. So I'm gonna rectify the situation and get us the fuck outta here. Happy now?"
R: 36 / I: 107

[Event] - "Odyssey"

>Date: June 1st, 2000
>Location: Unknown
>Time: 11:30 AM

>The sounds of clicking and tapping fill the room, bouncing and echoing off the sterile, colorless floors and walls of the room. Being a lab, the room is full of various equipment and computers, most of which appearing ahead of their time for one reason or another.

>Near-by, a pair of young children - one a blonde boy and the other a reddish-brown haired girl sit next to each other on a mostly cleared off counter top.

"Can we get up now?"

>The boy looks at a tall, blonde man in a lab coat typing away at a computer. Without giving the children so much of a glance, he sternly replies:



"No. We have several tests to work through today. So you will remain there, while I finish preparing."

>Both children let out audible groans. Once again, the room goes silent. With only the sound of clacking keys being heard.

>It stays like this, for several minutes - before finally the girl speaks up this time:



"F-Father. How much longer?"

>Now appearing visibly frustrated, the man stops typing - letting out a sigh as he pinches his brow. He mumbles:

"Damn you Monica. They're like this because of you."

>He turns to look at the girl, causing her to nervously real back slightly. She averts her eyes, trying to avoid his stern gaze.

"If either of you bothers me with that question again, I-"

>The man suddenly stops, interrupted as he hears a knock coming from behind him.
R: 28 / I: 79

[Event] - "Mean Reversion"

>Date: February 20th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown
>Time: 12:00 PM

>A dozen or so cars barrel down the streets of Sanctuary City's highway, loose change and dollar bills flying from the open windows. Casings of metal bullets litter the road - in the wake of the various cars, while MRD Hovercraft vehicles chase after them. The city's downtown region is barricaded, with various major streets blocked off to passers by - as well as segmented off to civilians.

>The lead MRD Hovercraft then activates its speakers, the voice of the platoon speaking through:

["Brigadiers! You are violating Sanctuary City law through armed robbery and attempted retreat! Pull over or we'll be forced to open fire on your vehicles!"]

>The Brigadiers in the cars seemingly respond by firing more bullets into the air - attempting to divert the MRD from their path.

>Inside of one of the Brigadier cars, a Brigadier Meta-Human turns their hooded head towards the backseat - looking at the cash piles in the back.

"Man, Phobos is gonna kick our asses for this!"

>The Brigadier next to their companion speaks - still steering the car wheel like a madman - attempting to avoid oncoming traffic from the highway overspill.

"Man can you just shut the fuck up and let me drive?! If they catch us, we're going to the Spire! Phobos can worry about that shit later when we've got the money and got the fuck out of here!"

>As the Brigadiers continue firing at the MRD hovercraft, the MRD platoon leader turns to his partner in the cockpit and says:

"They're getting erratic. Movements are becoming more unpredictable. Jitters are probably getting to them now."

>The MRD trooper in the driver's seat then says:

"Any ideas then?"

>The MRD platoon leader nods.

"We're getting closer to the Hydroponics district. From what I remember in the intel briefings, Phobos has the remainder of the Brigadiers piled up there. Might be better to let them lead us to-"

>Then suddenly, a resounding thud noise ripples from the side of the MRD hovercraft window as the MRD platoon leader does a double take.
R: 31 / I: 91

[Event] - "Fracture"

>Date: February 10th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Outskirts
>Time: 11:00 PM

>Faint rays of light slowly illuminate patches of grass, stretching out across the edges of Sanctuary City's borders. Far away from the core metropolitan structures of the city - are miles of abandoned cars and working machinery. As vines, grass and other forms of vegetation move throughout the area, a pulse of bright orange heat appears from the sky - burning a large patch of grass all the way to the ground.

>As more plumes of fire drop down from the sky, a Meta-Human with a humanoid molten form rises from the largest plume of fire. Stepping out from his own incendiary work, Vulcan stretches his arms as he yawns with a distorted cadence in his voice - a byproduct of his molten and magma body.

"More chores and shit. Great."

>Holding his hand out, Vulcan generates a massive plume of fire, scorching other areas of the nearby vegetation - and generating massive discharges of smoke which rapidly float into the air.

"This better be worth it."

>As Vulcan continues doing his work, he then hears a series of light rumbling sounds. Turning his inflamed head, he squints his flame eyes, saying:

"The fuck? Who's there?!"

>There's no reply - only the sounds of crackling flames echoing through the abandoned field. After a few seconds, Vulcan then holds up both of his hands - high in the air as he creates a condensed ball of flame.

"Whatever. I'll flush you out the hard way then."

>As he slams the condensed fire ball into the ground, Vulcan creates a huge surge of fire that vaporizes most of the vegetation in his immediate area - generating even more smoke and fumes as the rumbling sounds continue.


>Confused, Vulcan then looks around, walking slowly through the flame field he's created - eyes darting from side to side, as the rumbling sound intensifies.

"What is that?!"

>Immediately, Vulcan begins to feel a pressure building up in his head as he realizes what the sound actually is.

"….Is that air-"

>Vulcan's body is the snuffed out of flame as a massively powerful surge of air covers the entire field - slamming the fires into non-existence and flattening the remaining vegetation, cars and the like.
R: 19 / I: 83

[Solo] - "In Training"

>Date: February 5th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - MRD Spire
>Time: 7:00 AM.

>The large mechanical apparatus towering over the Financial District of Sanctuary City is the Spire. A large command center which serves as the national headquarters of the MRD. Separate from the core MRD Precinct - the Spire is the true headquarters of the organization.

>Inside of his office, situated at the highest story of the building, sits the MRD Director. As he sips a cup of coffee, Chase moves through the MRD recordings once again.

"Might as well look through it one more time. See if there's any discrepancies I didn't notice the first time."

>Pressing a button on his computer, he loads up a video file, CCTV footage of the MRD operation held at Daedalus Industries - a front organization for a mercenary group that the MRD have been investigating for months.


>The footage is partially grainy as a young man with wavy brown hair quickly runs down the hallway of a Daedalus Industries manufacturing center. The sound of gunfire and bullets can be heard in the distance - as MRD officers engage with the mercenary agents in the front half of the building. After rounding the corner, the young man is approached by a man wearing a unique outfit - an MRD armor. The MRD agent then speaks to the young man, his words indecipherable due to the helmet and the lack of audio. In his hand, the MRD agent holds a glowing metallic sphere with a series of unique circuitboard patterns. Handing the sphere to the man, the MRD agent then pats him on the back and then walks away - calmly.


>Confused, the young man then takes the metallic sphere and runs, thinking:

{"What the hell is this sphere? I'm guessing it's some kind of mechanical container? Is this reinforced steel or some sort of unique alloy?"}

>Tapping it as he comes to a halt before another corridor, he then thinks:

{"I could sell this to Archeon, since this job went bust. Hopefully that'll help with my application there, since these guys seem to be mercenaries, not a legit company."}

>Gritting his teeth, the man then slams his fist into the sphere in anger, a kneejerk reaction to his feelings of embarrassment and frustration at his past decisions.

{"Stupid, stupid, stupid! Good job Jericho. You got yourself roped up in some major situation, and you've got nothing to show for it!"}

>Sighing, Jericho then begins running to the edge of the corridor, saying out loud:

"This damn place is way too big! I knew I should've looked at the schematics before I started here!"

>His voice then cuts off as he hears footsteps now quickly running in his direction. Kicking himself mentally once more, he then realizes:

{"Now I've given them my position! Ugh! You idiot!"}

>Quickly turning around, Jericho begins running in the opposite direction, his nervousness starting to get the better of him as he tries to keep his conviction and focus.

{"You can do this. You can do this….You can do this!"}
R: 8 / I: 36

[Solo] - "Contention"

>Date: January 30th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown
>Time: 8:00 PM

>Faint roaring diffuses through the city streets as a large armored vehicle swerves by cars. Astonished pedestrians and MRD agents watch as the vehicle barrels down the street, blaring with a set of large flames. The embers illuminate the neatly paved roads of Sanctuary City - contrasting with the metallic and rigid design of the vehicle itself.

>The Manifold, Mosaic's personal ground vehicle transport, intersects with an entry road onto the highway of Sanctuary City's upper structure. As the vehicle rushes onto the higher levels of the city with the structural overpass, faint pulsing emanate from the front head lights of the Manifold.

>Inside of the Manifold's interior and in the driver's seat, Mosaic looks at his dashboard carefully. Lenses narrowing at the report shown at his side:

["3rd Brigadier attack since Phobos's arrest."]

>Sighing, he then flips his finger across the screen - disabling the news report function of the system's UI.

"Soon it'll be the 4th, unless I figure out what they're after."

>Grabbing the modified stick shift, Mosaic presses his foot against the clutch pedal of the vehicle, manually shifting gears as the Manifold surges forward at an even higher speed. Being guided by automated proximity systems and drift harnesses, pockets of superheated and compressed gas help Mosaic to maneuver the vehicle at higher and higher speeds - rapidly closing in on his location.

"Good ol' Hydroponics District. Remember when I took Phobos here for a splash. Good times."
R: 44 / I: 130

[Event] - "Genesis"

>Date: January 20th, 2016
>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential District
>Time: 10:00 PM

>A figure in a dark suit, cape and sophisticated cowl glides through the air. The cold breeze of the air presses against the figure's suit as they glide across air currents. Situated against the backdrop of Sanctuary City, the capital city of Meta-Humanity, bright lights from large metropolitan skyscrapers remain in the distance.

{"Reports of a psychic Meta-Human. He seems stronger than most."}

>The figure then lands on a nearby rooftop - gracefully gliding as he comes to a standstill at the edge of a high-rise mansion. Overlooking the neighborhood, he focuses his lenses on a series of force bursts across the street. Recognizing the description of the psychic Meta-Human, he then says to himself:

"Well what do you know? He's exactly what the reports said. Powerful."

>The figure then jumps into the air, extending his cape again as the nanomesh material begins to glide - carrying him forward once again.