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>Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada.
>Date: August 14th, 2017
>Time: 8:30 PM

>A warm breeze brushes by, pushing away small bits of dirt and pebbles from the door and into the gym parking lot. The glass doors open with a loud creak, as a woman with warm brown skin steps outside.

>Walking casually down the sidewalk and around the parking lot, the woman brushes some of her relatively short hair out of her eyes and adjusts her gym bag while speaking on the phone.

"Mhm. Yeah. No. I told you not until next Monday."

>The woman rounds a corner, now leaving the parking lot and heading down the street.

"Well now that they've finished reworking the website, things should run a lot smoother this year. I've already uploaded my students' first assignments."


>The woman stops dead in her tracks, having heard something brush by her. A rock rolls across the sidewalk and into her shoes, causing her to turn around. Her eyes move around suspiciously, trying to find the source of the noise.

>After a few moments of silence, she turns back around and begins walking again.

"Sorry dad. Still on my way home and thought I heard something moving around in the bushes. Yes, I still have it."

>Once again, the woman hears the sound of something brushing across the leaves. Her eyes narrow again, and she says:

'…Alright, I think I'm gonna hop off the phone now. Tell mom I love her. Mhm. Love you too. Bye."

>Now hanging up, the woman slowly slides her phone into the pocket of her shorts. Feeling nervous, she begins opening her gym bag - reaching inside of it while eyeing her surroundings.

"Whoever's out there needs to buzz off! I've got pepper spray and I'm not afraid to use it!"


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"Isn't that illegal?"

>A voice calls out, from no discernable direction. Now feeling more nervous, the woman pulls the pepper spray out of her bag, clenching it tightly.

"Hasn't been for a while! Now get out of here! I'm serious!"

>Before she can say anything further, the mysterious voice lets out a laugh and then says:

"Come on, I'm just looking for a drink! I won't be long!"

>In an instant a blurred figure leaps out from a near-by tree - grasping onto the woman. Without warning the strange man suddenly pulls the woman's head to the side, sinking his teeth into her neck.

>In a panic, the woman flails her arms, slapping at and trying to push the man off. Realizing he's too strong for her she closes her eyes and then sprays her pepper spray over her shoulder and into the man's face.

>Immediately, he lets go of the woman - throwing her to the side as he reels back in pain.

"Agh! Fuck! That burns! Fuck! My nose!"

>Crawling backwards, the woman stares at her attacker - covering her neck with her hand.

"T-There's more where that came from, asshole!"

"I said I just wanted a drink, you bitch! Fuck!"

>Slowly the man begins to relax, recovering from the pepper spray noticeably fast. He lowers his hands from his face - revealing a slim faced young man with short blonde hair. Glaring at the woman, he begins walking towards her - stating:

"You know I thought you'd be cooler than this, since you're one of those hot gym bitches."

>The man holds out his hand - causing his fingernails to suddenly extend into a sharp, claw-like form. Appearing visibly angry, he adds:

"Guess I'll just drain you dry before the change begin-"

>Without warning the woman sprays the man in the face again with the pepper spray, causing him to once again jump back in pain. Now shouting, he yells:


>Turning away, he suddenly vanishes - leaving behind only a gust of wind as he runs off with inhuman speed.


File: 1635451516404.jpg (109.8 KB, 835x1080, Marcie - 15.jpg)

>Staring off into the distance, the woman slowly removes her hand from her neck - thinking out loud:

"W…Was that a Meta-Human?"

>Looking down, the woman looks at the palm of her hand - taking note of the blood on her palm. Slowly, she picks herself up from the ground and reaches into her bag - pulling out a towel to cover neck with.

>Without another word she begins walking as fast as she can, keeping her pepper spray firmly clenched in her hand.



>Arriving home, the woman immediately collapses onto her couch. Visibly exhausted, she shakily reaches into her pocket - pulling out her phone and dialing a number.

"H-Hello? Yes. I'd like to report an assault. Marceline Williams."

>Staring up at the ceiling, Marceline watches as the fan spins - staring at it absent mindedly.

"Well, I was walking home from the gym on Grey Avenue. About half-way down the road a man jumped out of a tree and bit me. Y-Yeah. Bit me on the neck."

"He looked about average in height and build. And had short blonde hair. I-I'm not really sure about his face. I wasn't really paying attention to the details. Also, I think he might of been a Meta-Human. He ran away faster than a normal person should be able to."

"O-Okay. Right. Thank you."

>After talking a little longer on the phone, Marcie finally hangs up - letting out a sigh as she drops her arm, allowing her phone to gently fall to the floor beside her couch.

>Still staring at the ceiling fan, her eyes slowly begin to droop. Mumbling, she says out loud:

"So… tired…"

>Without another word Marcie falls into a deep sleep…


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>Date: August 16th, 2017
>Time: 9:08 PM
>Location: Marceline's Apartment

>Marceline's eyes suddenly open, with her shooting up on the couch. Breathing heavily, Marceline's eyes dart around the room.


>Now realizing where she is, the woman yawns, and begins searching for her phone. Clenching her neck, she says:

"Ugh… What time is it…?"

>Finally finding the device, Marcie takes a look. Confused, she furrows her brow.

"August 16th… 9:09 PM…? I was asleep for two days?"

>Confused, she begins standing up. Sniffing the air, Marceline's face contorts into disgust - causing her to pinch her nose.


>Slowly, she moves her arm up - sniffing herself.

"Ugh… I stink."

>Dragging her feet across the floor, Marceline begins walking towards her bathroom. Crossing the short distance across her small living room, she reaches towards the door handle - only to suddenly pull it off.

>Confused, says:

"…The hell…?"

>Unsure of what to do next, she calmly places the door handle down on a small table next to the door and then heads inside.


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>A few minutes later Marceline exits the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. Now feeling more awake, she heads towards the small kitchen - opening the fridge door.

"…So hungry… and none of this looks good.."

>Letting out a sigh, she thinks to herself:

{"The corner store should still be open…"}


>Now having arrived at the corner store, Marcie opens the door - stepping in. Immediately she's greeted with a cool rush of air - with the store being much cooler than the outside.

>Marcie walks down the various isles of the store, feeling her stomach churn with hunger as she eyes each and every one of the various snacks, candies and foods the store contains. Grumbling, she says to herself:

"None of this looks any good to me…"

>Suddenly Marcie's ears perk up, taking note of a bell ringing - signifying the opening of the store's front door. Her pupils begin to contract, as she immediately spots a man entering the store. She stares at him, with her hear beginning to beat faster.

>Her stomach grumbles, aching slightly as she feels even hungrier.

"…So hungry…"

>Silently, she watches as the man makes his purchase and then begins to exit the store. Marcie begins following the man, exiting the store with him.


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File: 1635455847010-1.gif (3.88 MB, 480x199, Flying Smoke.gif)

>Silently, Marceline follows the man down the street - focusing her eyes mostly on his back. Her vision shifts, causing everything around her to darken while the man's vascular system appears as a clear to her.

{"…Warm… so warm and sweet…"}

>Her breathing becomes quieter, and more rapid as she watches the man's heart beat - pumping blood in and out of itself. Quivering, Marcie's hands begin to change shape - her fingernails elongating and taking on a sharper and more claw-like shape.

>As this happens the man continues walking, unaware of her presence as he eats from his bag of chips.

>Finally reaching a secluded place at the mouth of an alleyway, Marcie rushes forward - sinking her claws into the man's shoulder and back, dragging him into the darkness of the alley. Ripping one of her clawed hands out of the man's body, she pushes his head to the side - exposing his neck.

>Marcie opens her mouth - revealing a set of long, sharp fangs. In an instant she digs them deep into the man's neck, siphoning the blood from his body. Her eyes begin rolling into the back of her head, as she drinks from the man.

>Several moments like this pass, until Marcie suddenly snaps out of her trance. Immediately she pulls her teeth from the man's neck, pushing him away. Horrified, the man turns and runs off - yelling while covering his neck.

>Looking down, Marcie stares at her now blood soaked hands - and then back towards the entrance of the alleyway.

"Oh my god…"

{"What was that? What did I just do?"}

>Marcie's ears perk up, immediately taking note of several voices from far away.

{"T-That's the MPD!"}

>Instinctively Marcie turns around and then leaps into the air - clinging onto the brick surface like an insect.

{"What is happening!?"}

>In a burst of speed the woman effortlessly scales the side of the building, climbing onto it's roof - only to suddenly explode into a black cloud of smoke, racing through the air and towards her apartment.


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>The stream of smoke races upwards alongside the apartment building, before passing through the window, as if it weren't there at all. Afterwards Marcie's body re-materializes, causing the smoky substance to vanish. Breathing heavily, she looks around the room.

>Without another word she hurries towards the bathroom, immediately checking herself in the mirror. Blood stains her mouth and chin, causing her eyes to widen. She brings her hand to her face, intending to wipe it - only to take notice of her clawed fingers. Staring at them, she examines her hands intensely - thinking out loud:

"…I have claws…"

>Immediately her fingers begin to change, with the claws retracting back into their normal shape. Looking back into the mirror, Marcie opens her mouth - watching as her massive fangs retract and shrink, taking on a more natural appearance.

>Unsure of what to think, Marcie scratches her head, and re-examines her left hand while saying out loud:

"I-I'm just a Meta-Human, right? A late bloomer, or something. That's all."

>She watches as her claws appear again.

"That was all just a one time episode. P-Probably stress from these… abilities. H-Haha…"

>Her fingers elongate further, and even split apart into new appendages with their own razor sharp claws. Staring at it, Marcie's curiosity begins to kick in, as she thinks:

"…I wonder what else I could do…?"

>Her fingers join back together, and then shrink back into their normal shape. Afterwards she puts her hands to her sides, and then straightens her back - staring into the mirror. Suddenly her breasts shrink - and then enlarge. Raising an eyebrow, she turns to the side - examining herself.


>Her breasts return to their normal size, and she turns to face the mirror again - this time causing her eye color to change from a deep brown to blue, then green, and then yellow.

"…Woah… I…"

>Suddenly she reels back, and shakes her head. Frustrated, she thinks:

{"Ugh! Damn it! This is no time to play around! I attacked somebody! I-I… drank their blood like a… l-like a…."}


File: 1635462518813.jpg (436.92 KB, 850x1070, Marcie.jpg)

>Looking into the mirror again, Marcie leans forward - watching her eyes shift back into their normal color. Again, she opens her mouth - examining her sharper than usual canines.

{"…Like a Vampire…"}


>Three days later

>Sitting on her couch, Marceline types away on a small, cheap looking laptop. Her fingers move almost too fast for the computer to keep, with her being careful not to use too push pressure with her fingers.

"''Day three. I was a little bit afraid, but today I decided to expose myself to sunlight. Thankfully it didn't hurt. Just made me feel weaker and a little bit tired."

"I'm starting to feel a tiny bit hungry again, so afterwards I decided to try eating. The food smells great, but it's like the taste is just… gone. For the most part. I can still tell the difference between flavors, but there's not much more to it than that. It also didn't help my hunger."

>Marcie lets out a sigh, and continues to type:

"I'm not really sure what to do now, other than to find the guy who did this. Or at least someone else who's… like me."

>Marceline saves the file, and then closes her laptop's lid - placing it on the coffee table in front of the couch. She stares silently at it for a few moments, before grumbling:

"Time to start looking around, I guess."


File: 1635546368401.jpg (58.27 KB, 1000x1387, Lichtenstein-Knock-Knock.jpg)

>As Marceline states at the table and finishes grumbling, a knocking comes from the door.

"Girl scouts, want to buy some cookies?"

>A feminine voice drifts through the door, although the knocking seems too strong for someone of girl scout age, as does the voice. . .


File: 1635546785764.png (3.99 MB, 1807x2000, Marcie - 24.png)

>Marcie narrows her eyes at the door. She sniffs the air, taking note of the strange scent.

{"That… doesn't smell like a normal person."}

>Cautiously, she begins slowly rising from her seat - replying:

"Be there in a moment!"

>Moving towards the door, she continues focusing on the scent.

{"Smells… similar to me."}

>Slowly, the vampire places her hand on the knob unlocking and then pulling it open.



File: 1635547370297.png (58.03 KB, 168x498, Character_c07_img_01.png)

>On the other side of the door is a younger girl in a sailor uniform, still clearly adult, she doesnt look older than 18 or 19. To Marceline though, she smells like she's the elder person here.

>The uniform is also weird, it looks more like someone cosplaying as a student than an actual student's uniform, and the gloves the girl is wearing, both with pentagrams on them, definitely wouldn't be approved by any school.

>Alongside this, its completely the wrong look for a girl scout, and is very obviously missing the cookies.

>With the door open, the girl shifts her foot slightly to put her foot in it to prevent it from closing.

"Heyaaa ☆, how many cookies do you want, we've got chocolate chip, mint, and if you want to order early, we even have special vampire cookies!"


File: 1635547828543.jpg (282.85 KB, 630x891, Marcie - 22.jpg)

>Marceline stares at the strange girl for several moments, unsure of what to do next. Narrowing her eyes slightly, she says:

"Agh. Sorry. I'm on a bit of a diet right now. Maybe come back another time."

>Putting on a slightly forced smile, Marcie's left hand begins elongating it's nails into sharp claws - hidden from view by the door.


File: 1635548263417.jpg (113 KB, 720x1000, nwx7lamr73521.jpg)

"Oh, 'reeeeaaaally'?"

>The girl opens her mouth as she drags the sentence on, revealing rows of sharp, pointed teeth - the mouth of a predator.

"They're low fat though ☆. Even if you ate some you'd be able to get a look that you could 'die' for. . ."

>The girl shifts her foot to give it more leverage in the door, and grins at Marceline with those sharp teeth again.

"And it would be really helping me out. . . You dont even need to buy any, just invite me in and we can discuss options, riiiight?"


File: 1635548624905.jpg (45.75 KB, 677x977, Marcie - 11.jpg)

>Marceline becomes more anxious by the moment, starting to push against the door slightly.

"I'm afraid I'm busy right now, miss. So I'm going to have to ask you to go."

>Marcie's claws reach their final length, sharpening to the point of being able to split a hair down the middle.


File: 1635615467364.png (224.45 KB, 1166x659, recreator-20170513-figure0….png)

>The girl frowns, the disappointment clear across her face, then leans forwardly rapidly, craning her head around Marceline's neck and sniffing it.

"Wow, you're *really* thin. . . I'd be doing your a favor really. . . how many days has it been?"

>Her changing of conversation topics is strange, yet her tone is knowing, and sounds more genuine than before.

"What I'd do to you is a lot nicer than what *they* would do to you. . . better to die than go through that. . ."


File: 1635617323845.jpg (158.02 KB, 526x900, a2b.jpg)

>Marceline begins pulling back, now pushing harder against the door.

"This is the last time I'll say it. Leave. Now."

>Marcie's fangs can now be visibly seen as she bares her teeth at the girl.


File: 1635617564938.png (29.99 KB, 185x185, Character_c07_img_03.png)

"Or you'll use those claws you've been sharpening. . ?"

>The girl begins pushing back against the door, her strength is. . . deceptive for her size, although from her lack of having done anything else, it seems like her physical capabilities are about all she has.

"If I eat you here, you get to die before they get you, and I get to eat, everyone wins. But if you attack me, I have to kill you painfully and that's just bad. . ."

>The girl smils again, once more showing the sharpened teeth.

"So what'll it be, newbie. . . because you're sure as hell not gonna like it when the bigwigs find out someone was turned without permission. . ."


File: 1635618345155.gif (2.08 MB, 500x682, d30.gif)

>Marcie slowly reaches out next to the door, digging her claws hand into her bag hanging on a small coat rack

"I think I'll take a third option, thanks."

>Suddenly Marcie reaches around the door - spraying the girl in the face with pepper spray. She then follows it up, swiping at her with her clawed hand.


File: 1635620198623.jpg (9.83 KB, 400x225, 17-e1496504090355.jpg)

>The girl takes the Pepper Spray to the face, unblinking, and then gives her lips a lick after.

"Tasty. . ."

>Not bothering to dodge the claw, the girl flies backwards, hitting the opposite wall of the hall with a crash, cracking it severely as she does. Picking herself out of it, her head flops to the side slightly, indicating the amount of damage she took, but the injury is soon healed as she grabs it and jerks it back into place.

"Not a bad right hook. . . now's my turn. . ."

>The girl cracks some muscles, then jumps at Marceline with enough force to further crack the wall. . .


File: 1635621263229.jpg (372.14 KB, 595x800, hUVC52eZ_1008182226451gpad….jpg)

>Before Marceline can break out of her state of shock, she's suddenly knocked backwards - tumbling and smashing through her coffee table and into the back wall, cracking it.


>Slowly picking herself off the floor, Marcie wipes broken wood and glass off her top. She then tosses away the pepper spray.

"Damn it… "

>With massive claws now protruding from both hands, Marcie plants her feet firmly on the ground - making sure to keep her hands raised.

"So… Any chance we can call it even and go our separate ways? Because I'm willing to forgive you for breaking my coffee table."


File: 1635622482038.jpg (12.18 KB, 320x320, 19227361_457610137935469_5….jpg)

"No can do, sorry ☆. If I don't eat you, I'll have to report you to them, and I just hate talking to them. . ."

>The girl reverts back to the "girl scout" persona for a moment.

"An unauthorized turning in a city like this? With several factions already trying to make it their own? That's just a recipe for both the turner and turnee to get shredded, mashed, pulped, and then finally killed to send a message. . . Which is a massive waste, I live off eating bottom of the barrel newbies like you, keeps me entertained and the bigwigs can sleep at night without having to worry about people like you."

>The girl jumps across the room, landing by the door again.

"Besides, I've got the exit covered here and you can't hurt me, so I think I'll be winning now."


File: 1635623063052.jpg (1.92 MB, 1612x2000, t0CIbp0R_1406171512461gpad….jpg)

>Marcie let's out a sigh, mumbling to herself:

"Alright then…"

>Marcie's body suddenly erupts, transforming into a stream of a black, smoke-like substance. The cloud races towards the girl, only for a clawed hand to reach out of it - sinking into the girl's eyes.

>Marcie's body completely reforms, with her grabbing the inside of the girl's skull, using it as a handle to swing her body and throw it into the hallway wall.


File: 1635628788091.gif (2.07 MB, 498x278, wall_slam.gif)

>The girl flies through the air, hitting the hallway wall with another loud crash, but this time, she goes straight through it as well, leaving a gap that goes through to the apartment across the hall - at least the owner isn't in so she doesn't have to explain the girl that flew through their wall. . .

>Despite the force of the hit, Marceline can see the girl standing up again, and starts recklessly moving broken limbs back into place with several visceral clicks. . .


File: 1635631611644.jpg (370.58 KB, 710x800, MovHdnYn_0411140653371.jpg)

>Quickly, Marceline exits her apartment, pulling the door shut and running from one end of the hall to the other in the blink of an eye.

>Her body transforms again into the cloud of black smoke. She flies towards the wall - entering an air vent.

>A few moments later she exits through a rooftop vent, restoring her body to it's original form.

{"Oh shit. Oh shit. She knows where I live. Whoever… They are, are going to know where I live."}

>Marcie leaps from the top of the roof, effortlessly crossing the road wide gap to another roof. Looking at her hands, she thinks to herself:

{"Okay. I can turn into smoke. I can re-arrange my body. But how far can I push it to hide?"}

>Marceline concentrates for a moment, causing her body to begin transforming. Light bends around the vampire, obscuring her from view as her body quickly compresses and twists around - taking on the shape of a bird.

>With the transformation complete Marceline flies away, now visible again as nothing more than an apparently average bird.


File: 1635635573959.jpg (88.12 KB, 500x660, bb7.jpg)

>A few hours later.

>Marceline swoops down into a dark alleyway, transforming back into her normal self before reaching the ground.

>A puddle splashes, as she lands feet first into it. Letting out a sigh, she looks around - double checking her surroundings.

{"I seem to be fine for now. But now I'm feeling hungry. Great."}

>Marcie makes her way towards the mouth of the alley, popping her head around the corner. She sniffs the air, smelling several sources of food near by. Narrowing her eyes, she spots a woman in old clothing walking down the street and passing a stray dog.

{"I'm not drinking from that poor dog."}

>Marceline suddenly dashes across the street, pulling the woman into a dark spot away from the street lamps. She immediately covers the woman's mouth and then sinks her teeth into her throat - this time retaining her lucidity.

>After a few moments she lets go of the woman, leaving her feeling groggy and disoriented. Marcie meanwhile begins gagging, saying out loud:

"Ack! That was like spoiled milk!"

>Marcie exits the alley, walking quicky down the street. She looks up at the night sky, and thinks to herself:

{"Great. What do I do now? Move? Ugh."}


File: 1635714779621.jpg (456.38 KB, 3456x2304, stray-dog-cesars-way.jpg)

>As Marceline drinks from the lady, the stray dog watches, then, once she's finished and starting pacing, it walks over to her calmly and sits to the side of her path, watching her move about.

>As she paces, the dog keeps on watching, oddly not disturbed from seeing someone "attack" someone like she did.


File: 1635715050299.jpg (227.63 KB, 700x972, Marcie - 12.jpg)

>Marceline suddenly stops pacing, noticing the dog out of the corner of her eye. She turns to look at the dog, leaning forward.

"…Hey there. What's a cute thing like you doing out here so late?"

>Marcie reaches towards the dog, intending to pet i.


File: 1635715218722.jpg (66.1 KB, 512x384, unnamed.jpg)

>The dog blinks at Marceline, then turns its head to look down the street, as if pointing a way.

>At the end of the street, just as the dog looks in its way, a pigeon lands and coos in the direction of Marceline and the dog.

>Looking back at Marceline, the dog stands up and begins to walk in the direction it looked. . .


File: 1635715306991.jpg (66.62 KB, 640x936, Marcie - 14.jpg)

>Marceline furrows her brow. Curious, she follows the dog in the direction of the pigeon.


File: 1635715583081.jpg (31.78 KB, 637x421, Border-Collie.jpg)

>The dog casually walks along, reaching the pigeon, which coos at the dog again.

>Turning to face Marceline, the dog barks at her, then looks across the street, where another pigeon has landed. Not waiting at the edge of the road, the dog begins walking over to the second pigeon.

>As weird as it is, it looks like the dog's leading Marceline somewhere.


File: 1635716528621.jpg (36.54 KB, 433x604, Marcie - 16.jpg)

>Marceline stares at the dogs for several moments, watching as it begins walking across the street.


>She continues to follow the dog.


File: 1635717522263-0.jpg (220.11 KB, 1200x800, picture-of-black-and-white….jpg)

File: 1635717522263-1.jpg (398.33 KB, 2560x1405, NewExteriorDarkSky_TV_medh….jpg)

>The dog continues across the road, heading to the next pigeon, after which it walks along to another, all the while ensuring that Marceline is following it.

>After about ten minutes, the dog stops across the road from a fancy Vegas-style casino in a much nicer area of the city than the dog looks like it fits in.

>Sitting down again, the dog barks at the casino, the sign for which reveals it as "Kiki's".


File: 1635717993417.png (1.08 MB, 695x956, Marcie - 17.png)

>Marcie looks up at the sign, thinking to herself:

{"A casino? Weird. But I guess it's a suitable replacement for a vampire if there aren't any old castles around."}

>Marcie turns and crouches down, petting the dog.

"If I can sort all of this out, I'll come back for you. Stay safe."

>Finished petting the dog, Marceline walks towards the grand entry way of the casino hotel. She stops just before entering, and takes a deep breath.

{"Here I go."}

>Marceline enters the casino, cautiously moving towards the now obviously vampiric presence inside.


File: 1635789913433-0.jpg (398.33 KB, 2560x1405, NewExteriorDarkSky_TV_medh….jpg)

File: 1635789913433-1.png (126.73 KB, 258x365, Casino_Bouncer.png)

File: 1635789913433-2.jpg (224.85 KB, 1420x1000, Caesars-Horseshoe-Southern….jpg)

>The entrance to the casino is blocked by a bouncer, who seems to be stopping people from entering. As Marceline approaches, he sniffs like he's smelled something disgusting then moves to the side to let her in wordlessly.

>The inside of the casino is just as extravagant, or gaudy, as the outside, lines of slot machines are available for gamblers, and tables for both cards and roulette are available - all perfectly designed to take money from unsuspecting customers.

>At this time of day, the casino is relatively quiet, only a few people using the slot machines. On the other side of the room, a high roller section is cordoned on from the rest. A few staff members are also wandering around the building, all looking almost unnaturally charismatic as they move about.


File: 1635791068896.jpeg (228.07 KB, 704x1100, Marcie - 5.jpeg)

>Marceline raises her eyebrow at the bouncer as she walks past him and into the casino, taking a moment to sniff herself when she's sure nobody is looking. Not noticing any strange stench she shrugs and continues on.

>Once arriving in casino's main area, she stops - taking a few moments to look around.


>Unsure of what to do next, Marceline slowly makes her way towards one of the staff. Somewhat awkwardly, she greets them.

"…Hi. Uh.. there's somebody here I'm supposed to meet. I think…"

>Marcie's eyes move around the room uncomfortably, still feeling on edge from the night's events.


File: 1635792949505.jpg (3.55 MB, 4032x3024, img_1380.jpg)

>The member of the casino staff looks Marceline up and down.

"First time in a casino honey? Are you lookin' for your friend? Want to wait by the bar?"


File: 1635793105460.png (754.28 KB, 500x673, Marcie - 20.png)

"I've been in one before, just not this one. But that's a good idea. Thank you."

>Marceline turns and begins walking towards the nearest bar - sniffing the air as she does so.


>Reaching the bar, Marcie takes a seat - looking around cautiously.


File: 1635794727316-0.jpg (3.55 MB, 4032x3024, img_1380.jpg)

File: 1635794727316-1.jpg (1.9 MB, 3400x2261, thunder_valley_casino_reso….jpg)

"Sure thing honey, just call if you need anything. . ."

>The staff member smiles at Marceline with a toothy grin, showing a small set of slightly enlongated canines. . .

>Behing the bar, a bartender is mixing cocktails, after serving another customer, they make their way over to Marceline.

"What'll it be?"

>The bartender also gives Marceline a smile, showing more fangs.


File: 1635795872527.jpg (77.49 KB, 850x1088, Marcie - 3.jpg)

>Marceline stares at the bar tender for several moments.


>Marcie rests her arms on the bar counter, leaning forward slightly as she says:

"I'd like to know why a dog and a couple of pigeons had me follow them here. And I suspect you, or someone else here is behind it."


File: 1636226091267.jpg (79.69 KB, 1024x512, landscape-1513186198-getty….jpg)

>The bartender sniffs the air around Marceline.

"Oh wow you're really fresh. . . and thin too. . ."

>Another member of the staff comes over, narrowing their eyes at Marceline.

"Should we. . . kill her?"

"I mean, the boss drew her here I think? She mentioned animals guiding her, and the boss is the only Carmilla in the city. . ."

"She could just be delirious from starvation? If she's that new she might not even know. . ."

>The bartender coughs.

"Have you. . . you know. . ?"

>They tap their neck.


File: 1636226627548.jpg (71.73 KB, 636x900, Marcie - 6.jpg)

>Marceline stares at the pair, visibly annoyed at their comments. Opening her mouth, she exhales - allowing the coppery smell of blood on her breath to waft towards the two.

"Well, this is all great. Never in my life has anyone ever audibly expressed a desire to kill me before, until tonight. You're all just a lovely bunch of people, aren't you?"

>She pulls away from the counter a bit, keeping her eyes trained on both staff members.


File: 1636227035598.jpg (160.97 KB, 1200x900, image001jpg.jpg)

>The bartender does a gesture to try and calm Marceline down.

"It's not that we want to kill you, it's just we might have to kill you. . ."

"There're rules, right? People aren't just allowed to be turned without approval. . ."

"So, we're wondering if we're meant to kill you, or send you to the boss. . ."

"So have you. . . you know. . ."

>The bartender repeats the tapping gesture.


File: 1636227342232-0.jpg (76.77 KB, 549x764, Marcie - 10.jpg)

File: 1636227342232-1.jpg (282.85 KB, 630x891, Marcie - 22.jpg)

>Rolling her eyes, Marcie quickly replies in an aggressive tone:

"God damn it. Yes."

>She lets out a tired sigh, and crosses her arms.

"Now instead of talking about killing me, can you just go ask your boss or whatever?"


File: 1636227718244-0.jpg (514.71 KB, 1920x960, PCG_1332.jpg)

File: 1636227718244-1.jpg (482.2 KB, 1920x1080, 20170909211902_1.jpg)

"Sooooo. . ."

"She isn't delirious. . ."

"Which means the dog probably did lead her here. . ."

"I guess. . ."

>The staff shrug and look at each other.

"This way then. . ."

>The staff member not behind the bar starts walking to an elevator at the back of the room.


File: 1636227852189-0.jpg (44.81 KB, 606x757, Marcie - 13.jpg)

File: 1636227852189-1.jpg (482.2 KB, 1920x1080, 1636227718244-1.jpg)

>Marceline quickly hops out of her seat, and begins following the staff member towards the elevator.


File: 1636232548793-0.jpg (482.2 KB, 1920x1080, 20170909211902_1.jpg)

File: 1636232548793-1.png (254.32 KB, 860x577, 274-2745373_victorian-fain….png)

>The elevator opens, and the staff member steps in, making sure to close the door after Marceline is in as well. As soon as the doors are shut, the staff member presses a button for one of the sub-basements.

"So. . . come here often?"

>The staff member awkwardly blinks, not enjoying the situation, and lets out a sigh of relief when the elevator dings to indicate that it has arrived at the right floor.

"Oh thank. . ."

>The staff member coughs, closing their eyes to remember something, before nodding and stepping out of the elevator and doing a bow.

"You are welcomed, good kindred, to the Court of Maria Watson, Carmilla Matriarch of the Snows, Rose of the Desert, and the True Queen of Toronto. . ."

>The slight red tint to the staff member's ears indicates that they are definitely not used to saying this, and this isn't something they enjoy saying.

"Now, if you would introduce yourself, our mistress is just ahead. . ."

>The staff member indicates behind them to a couch that doesn't match the fanciful titles they were forced to say.


File: 1636232635462-0.jpg (49.85 KB, 540x754, Marcie - 9.jpg)

File: 1636232635462-1.png (1.08 MB, 695x956, Marcie - 17.png)

>Marceline takes one final look at the staff member, with a raised eyebrow.


>She steps forward, walking towards the couch. Never having been in the presence of royalty before, she awkwardly stands in front of the couch - giving a half hearted bow.

"Uh… hi…"

>Marcie blinks, feeling awkward.

"My name is Marceline."

"…Nice to meet you…?"


File: 1636320207393-0.png (52.42 KB, 250x140, HinakoVampire.PNG.png)

File: 1636320207393-1.jpg (511.52 KB, 1240x1754, 7318404d5ea35af8ba5faa1a8f….jpg)

>A pair of multicoloured eyes open as the figure on the couch wakes up, stretching out as if waking up from a long sleep. As they move, Marceline can sense that they're old than her, a fair bit older - decades at least.

>The eyes close for a moment and then reopen, looking far more normal this time as a pair of glasses have been put over them.

>Then, the person yawns, stretching as they move to stand up, ending up looking quite small next to Marceline.

"Ugh. . . what year is it. . ?"

>The woman yawns again, then sniffs the air as some scent catches in her nose, with a slow and tired pace, she leans over to the younger woman and smells at her.

"Very young. . . very new. . . not approved. . . you should be killed but. . ."

>The woman steps back.

"I hate killing pretty girls. . ."

>The woman yawns again, slipping back down on the couch and draping herself across it in a way that would fill the entire length if she were a bit taller.

"I wanna keep her. . ."

>She looks over at the staff member, then back at Marceline.

"What're you good at, pretty girl?""


File: 1636320853710-0.jpg (104.88 KB, 850x1177, Marcie - 2.jpg)

File: 1636320853710-1.jpg (436.92 KB, 850x1070, Marcie.jpg)

>Marceline stares at the woman, furrowing her brow. She blinks, and mumbles:

"You…want to… keep me?"

>After a few moments of simply staring back at the woman, she finally says:

"What am I good at? Well… I'm an English teacher. And I was one of the better athletes in High School."

>Scratching her temple, she adds:

"I sang in a talent show as a kid once and won. Also I'm fast at typing.."

>Not sure what else to say, Marceline goes quiet.


File: 1636321163738.jpg (155.16 KB, 749x1148, 6be20076537e27b6b883564eb7….jpg)

"Cute too. . ."

>The woman lets out another yawn.

"But not like that. . . although. . . I do like it when the cute ones sing. . ."

>The woman stretches out again, shifting down the couch slightly.

". . .I meant bloodline though, what bloodline do you belong to? Who was the one who turned you?"


File: 1636321700533-0.jpg (36.54 KB, 433x604, Marcie - 16.jpg)

File: 1636321700533-1.png (3.99 MB, 1807x2000, Marcie - 24.png)

>Feeling slightly flustered by the woman's comments, Marcie looks away and clears her throat.

"…Right. Sorry."

>Now looking at the woman, Marcie says:

"I don't know the answer to either of those two questions. I didn't know bloodlines were a thing. And the guy who turned me was just some random blonde asshole who stalked me when I left the gym a couple days ago. I sprayed him with mace and then he ran off. But if it helps, I can do this."

>Marceline holds up her hand - causing it to elongate to a strange and unsettling length. Afterwards it pulls back into it's normal shape.


File: 1636322971334-0.png (819.1 KB, 653x951, 68854b8540b1df18dde722b329….png)

File: 1636322971334-1.png (829.45 KB, 637x900, 540e1d44b7476a7f87849223ab….png)

File: 1636322971334-2.png (52.42 KB, 250x140, 1636320207393-0.png)

>The woman yawns again.

"Very fresh. . ."

>With another yawn, the woman slowly takes off her glasses, revealing the kaleidoscope eyes once more.

>With a snap of her fingers, the woman stares Marceline down.

"You are telling the truth, aren't you dear?"

>Her voice seems to echo inside Marceline's head as well as outside, like it's forcing itself on top of her own thoughts and overwriting it.


File: 1636323287009-0.jpg (227.63 KB, 700x972, Marcie - 12.jpg)

File: 1636323287009-1.jpg (45.75 KB, 677x977, Marcie - 11.jpg)

File: 1636323287009-2.jpg (109.8 KB, 835x1080, Marcie - 15.jpg)

>Concerned, Marcie's eyes dart back and forth across the room, before settling back on the woman again.

"Uh… yes?"


File: 1636323722613-0.jpg (657.83 KB, 900x1391, c94143a41080af25d49e5829cb….jpg)

File: 1636323722613-1.png (52.42 KB, 250x140, 1636320207393-0.png)

>The woman yawns, closing her eyes for a moment, and the pressure seems to drop, returning as soon as she opens them again.

"And are you leaving anything out here dear?"


File: 1636324055755-0.jpg (36.54 KB, 433x604, Marcie - 16.jpg)

File: 1636324055755-1.jpg (372.14 KB, 595x800, Marcie - 19.jpg)

>Feeling increasingly uneasy by the moment, Marceline quickly replies:

"No. I left the gym and got attacked. Went home and passed out, then woke up a couple days later to find myself like this."

>Marcie stops to think for a moment, before adding:

"Well. There was this… other vampire, I guess. I don't know if they had anything to do with making me like this. They didn't seem like it. But she came by my apartment earlier tonight and threatened to drink my blood and kill me."


File: 1636387248766.png (349.03 KB, 580x850, 2e77f284bb3685c40cab90a7ff….png)

>With a final yawn, the woman slips the glasses back on, and the pressure disappears once again.

"It's always nice when my little kittens behave and tell the truth. . ."

>The woman slips back down the couch, moving back into a position to lie and sleep.

"Why don't you stay here tonight? I'll have someone fix your apartment, and nasty scavengers wouldn't dare intrude on my territory."


File: 1636387942530.jpg (66.39 KB, 634x900, Marcie - 23.jpg)

>Marcie stares at the woman for a moment, and then nods her head.

"…Thank you. I appreciate that."

>She looks around the room, only just now realizing how large and expensively furnished it looks.

"Sorry if this comes across as rude… but you're some kind of vampire royalty? Does that make you the head vampire?"


File: 1636389778560.png (547.58 KB, 441x875, 5569118d1dab8f7f0b3390cc33….png)

>The woman yawns again, starting to slip back to sleep

"I should be, I mean, how closely related I am to the Carmilla, that should count. . ."

>Even with her eyes closed, the vampire is still talking.

"But Toronto's nothing like home, too cold. . ."

"And why don't Canadians have any balls? All like 'sorry' and 'eh?'. . ."

>The small rant is contrasted by her eyes being closed still.

"Anyway, I need to sleep, the years are so tiring. . . Just ask for a room from the staff kitten. . ."

". . .although I wouldn't mind a cute sleeping friend."


File: 1636390296000.png (346.58 KB, 353x559, Marcie - 42.png)

>Marceline's face turns a slight shade of red, and she replies:

"Ah… thanks for the offer. Maybe another time."

>Marcie looks around one more time, before setting her eyes upon the woman one last time:

"Thank you again, Mrs. Watson."

>Unsure of what else to do, she gives a quick bow - before turning and heading back towards the elevator.

[The End]

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