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>Date: October 1st, 2017
>Time: 12:00 PM
>Location: Sanctuary City - MRD Central Precinct

"Again, I'm gonna need a better explanation than that."

>Commander Harrison rubs his eyelids as he sits behind his desk, sighing. Waiting again for the MRD troops to recite their story, he sifts through the diagrams and papers spread out across the table. A pair of half-eaten candy bars remain at his side, next to the chewing gum pack he's also been taking from.

"Well sir, the reports all refer to the same description of the subject. A young man with an advanced watch on his wrist. Mechanistic and potentially nanoform in nature."

>Ryan perks up, sitting forward in his seat at the mention of the nanoform structure.

"You said nanoform? As in advanced nanites? That's upper clearance technology - so how did a kid get it?"

>The second MRD troop refers to the video screen on the wall, scrubbing through security footage obtained from a prior operation.

"The Daedalus Corporation - after we found out that it was a front for "Laplace" and his operations - we found a man being interrogated. Our man on the inside freed him during the operation and the resulting firefight."

>The Commander then nods as he eats from his candy bar, souring as he remembers the sugar intake advice from Doctor Weber.

"….The same one who got us evidence for a search warrant?"

>The MRD troops both nod as they continue.

"There's more, sir - we think the man was an inadvertent accomplice, not an intentional bad actor."


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>Ryan then motions for the MRD troops to continue.

"As we outlined before Director Harrison, we believe the suspect was hired through the Daedalus Corporation as a contractor - applied mechanics and general electrical engineering. They were looking for a mechanical systems architect to design and build a fission generator."

"They wanted the kid to build a nuclear power plant? Permits are necessary for that."

"Which we believe they acquired from the state as well as Sanctuary City's council and government. The mayor also gave her explicit permission according to our investigation."

>Shaking his head, Ryan then says:

"Just get to the important part. I know there's a reveal here somewhere."

>The two MRD troops look at each other for a moment, before returning their gaze to their boss.

"The suspect's name is Jericho Black. He's a 19 year old grad student at Sanctuary City University - transfer student."

"We think he was trying to find a way into the city for better post-grad opportunities. His family's from a rural town in the Midwest. Doesn't have a lot of money, and paid for school on a full-ride scholarship."

>Ryan blinks.

"So he's smart then I take it. Ace engineering prodigy."

"Yes sir. Top of his class, and in national ranks. Natural aptitude for mathematics and engineering according to his professors and research supervisors."

>The MRD Commander then stands up and crosses his arms, impatient at the troops' story.

"And why are we after him? Why even refer this to me?"

>Hesitating, one of the MRD troops then says:

"…..Because sir. He's binded his body to the most sophisticated piece of technology that was being hoarded in the facility."


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"We've confiscated most of the equipment found at Daedalus's labs. As we suspected, it's built from the same baseline as the technology that "Laplace" employed. Details are still sparse here, but we're confident that the material is a nanoform agent - as we've mentioned before."

>The MRD troops then show footage from cameras inside of the Daedalus facility - during the MRD operation exercising the search warrant.


>The footage shows a young man with wavy brown hair hastily running around the hallways of the facility - holding a large metallic orb in his hands. The orb has unique, arcane markings on its glossy metallic surface.

"Hey kid! Drop the fucking tech!"

>A group of armored mercenaries round the corner, blocking the young man's path as he holds the metallic orb with trembling arms. Feeling a bead of sweat falling down his back, he steels his nerves and speaks:

"H-Hey guys! I'm just returning this! I saw a bunch of those MRD guys running around with it-"

>A hail of bullet fire hits the floor in front of the young man's feet, causing him to jump back and yell in shock.

"Fuck! I wasn't trying to steal the pod! I swear I wasn't! I swear! I swear!"

>The young man becomes rapidly more erratic as his heart rate increases, his palms become dripped in sweat as his fight or flight response kicks in.

"We're gonna ask you one more time kid. Drop the tech."

>Looking between the metallic pod and the mercenaries, the young man then reacts in a split second.

"….Fuck it."

>He then motions to hold the metallic pod up, then slam it down into the ground. At that instant, the mercenaries begin shooting at him - hitting the pod instead.

"Oh shit."

"Idiot! You damaged the device!"


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>The bullets crack the exterior of the metallic pod, causing cracks as the markings begin to glow with a bright blue light. Then a feedback pulse of blue light ricochets from the pod - knocking the mercenaries back as the pod itself shatters.

"{Oh hell."}

>The young man thinks to himself, as the contents of the pod float in the air, pulsing with a glowing blue light - reminiscent of the pod itself. It then immediately thrusts forward under an invisible power, fastening itself to the young man's left wrist.


>Searing with pain, the young man looks down and finds the glowing blue light wrapped around his left wrist. After a few moments, it then dies down to reveal a futuristic looking watch on said wrist.

"{Analysis Complete. Genetic Substrate Copied. Index Activated."}

>The watch has a glowing blue holographic center plate, a dial and a series of buttons on the side. Nanite circuitry runs down the young man's wrist in conjunction with the protrusions of the buttons - giving his left arm a blue circuitry hue - before said design fades away.

>Standing up, the mercenaries cough as they ready their weapons to fire.

"Enough of this. Just kill the brat and take the watch."


>The young man then holds his hands out, waving them frantically.

"Waitwaitwait! I don't know what this is! I don't know what the fuck happened! Don't shoot me!"

>The soldiers aim their rifles at the young man, loading ammunition in preparation to complete their orders.

"I'm serious! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do this! I'm sorry!"

>The young man says, more frantically with panic rising in his voice.

>All of a sudden, the futuristic watch then speaks with a mechanical voice.

{"Parasympathetic Factors Detected. Elevated Heart Rate. Dilated Pupils. Cortisol Detection. Assessment Beginning.}

>The watch then produces a scan pulse of blue light - far more subdued and rapid in motion than before. As the faint blue holographic light scans the entire area, it then states:

{"Analysis Complete. Beginning Defensive Parameters. Form Zeta Accessed."}

>A bright blue light then appears from the futuristic watch, enveloping the young man whole as the bullets begin firing into the blue light.

>After seconds of firing, the soldiers stop their assault, watching for a moment.

>The blue light then subsides as a humanoid figure appears from the dust and smoke created by the gunfire. A figure with a flaming blue head, monochromatic robes and alien-like face stares back at them, with an inhuman cadence to their voice.

"…..That hurt."

>The figure then holds up their hands and immolates the soldiers - burning them alive with a wave of intensely powerful flames.

>The feed then cuts out, as the screams of the mercenaries can be heard.


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>After the feed cuts out, Ryan immediately looks at the MRD troops and says:

"And he's still on the loose?"

>A MRD troop looks at their datapad as they say to the Commander:

"We're not sure if he's actively malicious in his intent sir. But we've sent out patrols to look for him."

>Ryan points at the cut feed on the wall's monitor.

"When was this footage taken?"

>A MRD trooper replies.

"A week ago sir. We've identified the subject as Jericho Black as I said prior. His family's been notified of the incident and they've been given a security detail. His face has been seen by a few criminals already from reports on the ground. We believe he's in serious danger if he's not found soon."

>Thinking to himself for a moment, Ryan then replies.

"The watch-like device has likely bound itself to his DNA, so I'll guess he's the only one who can use it, until we can remove it from him. Is he a Meta-Human?"

>Looking down at their notes again, the MRD trooper responds:

"Negative sir. As far as we can ascertain, he has no file on record with government Meta-Human databases. If he's a late power developer, then he's not showing it yet."

>Considering the factors at hand, Ryan then sighs and makes a motion with his hand.

"Thank you, you're both dismissed."

>After the MRD troops leave, Ryan then rubs his eyelids again as he mutters to himself:

"I'm going to regret this."

>Pressing a button on his landline phone situated on the desk, Ryan then says through his speaker phone:

"Melissa, can you notify Derek that he's ordered to meet me in my room in ten minutes? I have an assignment for him."

>Ryan then sits back down in his chair and signs again.

"….Still, this is going to need a finer touch, and I don't have any other options at the moment."

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