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>Date: September 16th, 2017
>Time: 12:30 PM
>Location: Sanctuary City - Convention Center

>The Convention Center buzzes with life, filled with large crowds of people. Nearly reaching it's max capacity, the Convention Center is full of people excited to meet their favorite internet personalities and content creators at this year's Digicon.

>Near the back of the Convention Center, near one of the corners of the relatively large room is a pair of elaborately decorated tables. The tables display various shelves of clothing, necklaces, mugs and other merchandise. Sitting at the more open of the pair of tables is a young, beautiful woman with a slender yet full figure.

>The woman's hair is an almost unnatural silver color - with equally strange animalistic ears and a tail. Wearing a more elaborately decorated and quality made version of her own merchandise, the woman stands up to greet a small group of men and women approaching her table. Striking a pose, the woman winks at the group and cheerily says:

"Oi! Anata ga miemasu! Do you happen to be a group of my Seeds?"

>Nervously, the group shuffles towards the table. Near the front, a young woman wearing what appears to be a poorly made Speedrunner costume replies:

"Y-Yeah! We are!"

>Next to her, a young man wearing a graphic t-shirt depicting a poor reconstruction of Mosaic's suit shouts:

"I can't believe you're actually here, Himawari!"

>Pausing for a moment, the young main awkwardly asks:

"Er… it's okay if I call you Himawari right? Not Mrs. Himawari?"

>Gesturing with her hand in an almost embarrassed manner, the silver haired woman replies:

"Oh it's fine. It's fine. You can call me by my name."

>Looking at the young man, Himawari adds:

"In fact I'd prefer it. I'd like to be on a personal level with all my fans."

>The rest of the group join in, cheering and chattering as they vocally wrestle over Himawari's attention. All save for a more plainly dressed man standing in the back, keeping a bit of a distance from the rest of the group while he simply watches.

>Finally taking notice of him, Himawari looks up from signing an autograph and asks:

"Oh, what about him? Is he not with you?"

"Who? Him?"

>One of the young men in the back put their arm around the other man's shoulder, explaining:

"This is Micheal. He's new to the convention scene."

>Snapping out of a daze, Micheal shakes his head - and then runs his hand across his thick, red hair.

"What? Oh, sorry. I was just looking at that stuff you're selling."

>Clearing his throat, Micheal says:

"Anyway yeah, I'm Micheal. I've seen a little bit of your streams here and there while working out. But to be honest I don't really know much about you. Sorry."

>Smiling once more, Himawari waves her hand again and says:

"Oh that's fine! I don't mind! Everyone is new at some point! In fact, here."

>Standing up, Himawari takes a folded up shirt off the stand. She unfolds it, revealing a graphic t-shirt decorated with a chibified version of herself saying: "Awoo!" on it.

>Handing it to Micheal, she says:

"Consider this a welcoming gift to your first convention."

>The group of fans cheer, praising Himawari for her generosity. Micheal meanwhile takes the shirt, saying:

"Oh. Thanks. You even picked out the right size too."


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>Pausing for a moment to think, Himawari puts a finger to her chin. She sits back down in her seat, thinking out loud:

"Hmm.. You know…"

>Intrigued, the group of fans begin leaning forward slightly in anticipation. After several moments of silence, the internet celebrity finally says:

"Later tonight once the convention is done for the day, they're throwing a little party for the employees and people hosting panels and selling merchandise. You all should come!"

>Shocked, one of the women in cosplay sputters out:

"R-Really!? You're inviting us to a party with you!? B-But we're just attendees, we can't-"

"Oh nonsense! They never said I couldn't bring a couple of guests. It's fine! I'll just let them know you're coming ahead of time!"

"Then we're going!"

>Clapping her hands together, Himawari replies:

"Great! It'll be at the hotel across the street at 10! See you there!"

>The group continues fawning over the woman for several more moments, before finally moving on…


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>Time: 10:13 PM
>Location: Sanctuary City - Convention Center Hotel

>The group of Himawari fans arrive at the bar - all now wearing much nicer, normal clothing. Their jaws drop, as they gawk at the massive bar with a seemingly unlimited selection of drinks.

>Spread around the bar and at various tables and seats are different internet personalities, convention staff, and more. Each of them chat and laugh away, engrossed in their own conversations while drinking.

"H-Holy crap! This room alone probably costs more than my entire apartment complex!"

>Looking around himself, Michael says:

"Yeah… wow. This really is fancy."

"There you are!"

>Grabbing the group's attention, Himawari walks into view - now wearing a more form fitting dress, as well as a fresh layer of makeup.

>The group nervously shuffles, with the various boys all turning immediately red in shade. Looking away, one of the braver group members says out loud:

"You're looking very pretty, H-Himawari!"

>Tilting her head to the side Himawari waves her hand at them and says:

"Oh stop! You're too much!"

>Gesturing towards the rest of the room, she adds:

"Well, here it is. Everything's already been paid for by our host. So feel free to make yourselves at home!"

>The group disperses, spreading out all over the room - save for Michael, who remains staring at the shelf of alcohol at the bar.

"You really get tunnel vision when you focus on something, don't you?"


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>Snapping out his daze, Michael turns to look at Himawari. He apologizes and says:

"Sorry. Yeah. Bad habit. Once I get focused on something I kind of loose track of everything around me."

>Himawari giggles, and says:

"No worries. You're Michael, right? Wanna come sit with me?"

>Surprised, Michael blinks and replies:

"Sure. I don't mind."

>Himawari then leads Michael away, taking him towards a less populated corner of the room. There, she sits down at a table already having a pair of drinks placed on it.

>Sitting down across the seat from the woman, Michael says:

"Oh, wow. You were expecting me to sit with you already, huh?"

>Himawari giggles again, brushing some hair over her ear as she replies:

"Okay. You caught me. I was hoping you would so I went ahead and got us drinks here. Don't worry, it's still cold."

>Micheal stares at the woman for a few moments, before shrugging and taking a drink of his glass. Getting more comfortable in his seat, he asks:

"So. You think I'm cute or somethin'? Because this isn't really something people just do for a stranger."

>Circling her finger across the rim of her glass, Himawari leans forward a bit and says:

"Maybe… but also, I just thought it be nice to talk to someone different for once. Someone who's not a super fan, but also not totally uninterested in what I do."

>Michael takes another sip, and then places his glass down on the table.

"Oh yeah? Fine by me. I don't mind hanging out with pretty girls."

>Himawari smiles, and the pair begin talking to each other about various subjects.


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>Having finished about half her drink, Himawari sits back in her seat - placing the glass down on the table. Still as cheery as before, Himawari asks:

"So. Michael. I've been meaning to ask this. You're a Meta-Human, right? Sooo… what can you do?"

>Having just finished his drink entirely, Michael looks up from his glass and replies:

"Ah. You know. Some kind of mechanics and technology stuff. I can make them do things. But I've never been too much of a tech guy, outside of being into cars a and gaming a little bit."

>Himawari's ears perk up, and she tilts her head slightly. Intrigued, she says:

"Ohhh… really? So what kind of things can you do with it? Do you think you could say… upgrade things… or keep things running in your favor?"

>Raising an eyebrow, Michael leans his chair back - balancing it with one foot on the leg of the able.

"Uh.. yeah? I guess so? I don't really use it much. Not really my thing, like I said."

>Himawari smiles, leaning towards Michael she says:

"Well… what if I were to ask you to join my team?"

"Join your team?"

"Yeah! You can be my tech manager! You know, set up equipment. Make sure it runs… make sure we get the exposure we need… you know, tech stuff."

>Before Michael can comment, Himawari raises her hand to stop him and adds:

"Now I know you said it's not really your thing. But think about it. For you it should be easy work, and you'll be paid well. I've already made a couple hundred thousand this year, so I've got enough to spare for my employees. Oh. And best of all?"

>The woman leans in closer, grinning.

"You'll get to spend more time with me! Isn't that great?"

>Crossing his arms, Michael stares at her suspiciously for a moment - thinking:

{"Wonder if she already knew what I could do before I walked in here… that's kind of weird…."}

>Michael's eyes slowly move down towards her visible cleavage, and he thinks:

{"Buuuutttt… she did say I'd be paid well. And I'd get to hang around her more often… soooo…"}

>Michael shrugs, and says:

"Eh. Sure. Why not. I'll do it. You're pretty fun to be around anyway."


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>Himawari claps her hands together.


>She smiles, and then begins looking around the room - scanning it for a few moments. Afterwards she turns to face Michael, whispering.

"Hey. Michael. How about we go back to my room and celebrate your new employment?"

>Michael's eyebrow raises again, and he stops leaning his seat back.


"Don't play dumb. I know you've been ogling me this entire time."

>Himawari smiles, and reaches under the table - running her hand down Michael's leg.

"Come ooooon. Mikeeeeyyyy. Don't you want to take a pretty girl back to her room and play with her?"

>Michael stares at Himawari in silence for a few moments, blinking. Afterwards he yet again shrugs, and says out loud.

"Fuck it. Sure. Lead on."

>Himawari giggles, taking Michael by the hand and hurrying out of the bar…


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>Michael lays on his back, mounted by Himawari. The pair are still partially dressed - too busy making out to finish undressing yet.

>Himawari giggles as Michael tightens his grip around her back, and asks:

"So… Michael…"

>In between kisses, Michael replies:


"I'm your boss now… and I'm in charge of you…"


"So in a way… doesn't that make me your… goddess?"

>Micheal silently continues to make out with the half nude woman, before replying after about a minute:

"…Yeah? I guess so. Sure."

>Himawari giggles, she stops kissing Michael - instead walking her fingers up his chest, placing her index finger on his chin.

"Mmm. So… do you worship me?"


>Himawari kisses Michael, and then repeats:

"Do you… worship me?"

>Michael blinks, and replies:


>Himawari giggles, and begins kissing Michael more. She runs her hand down his body - reaching towards his pants.

"Say it then. Say that you're my devout follower, and you worship me."

>She giggles, continuing her make out session with Michael. Not really giving it much thought, Michael replies:

"Sure. I'm your follower. And I worship you."


"I'm your follower and I worship you."


>Annoyed, Michael shouts:

"I'm your follower and I worship you!"

>In an instant, a red light flickers across Himawari's body and across Michaels. Totally unaware, Michael continues kissing Himawari, asking:

"There. Happy now Hima?"

"Oh… very much so."

>The woman giggles, now grabbing a hold of Michael's pants. Pulling her face away, she says:

"Now, why don't we get rid of this? Hmm?"

>Himawari begins removing Michael's pants….


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>Date: September 18th, 2017
>Time: 11:45 AM
>Location: Sanctuary City

>Space twists and distorts, before tearing open - revealing a hole. Wearing casual clothing, Valérie Beaufort steps through the open portal. Staring up at a house, she says:

"…Weird looking house…"

>Turning back around, Valérie faces her sister Stephanie. Standing on the other side of the open hole, Stephanie asks:

"Are you really sure you want to do it this way?"

>Valérie smiles, and replies:

"It's fine, Circe. I'll rub it in Odin and Zeus's faces when I do it this way. Besides, I've wanted to see this guy version of myself since you mentioned him."

>Still not fully convinced it's a good idea, Stephanie adds:

"…Wouldn't it be better to just hurry and find her on your own?"

>Valérie shakes her head.

"Nah. They didn't give me a time limit. They also said I couldn't get help from locals. Just you. So don't worry. I'm fine!"

>Stephanie lets out a sigh, crossing her arms.

"Alright then. Just remember what Isaac told you if you meet Aiden."

>Valérie dismissively waves her hand and replies:

"Yeah, yeah. Power Spongebill. I know. I already have defenses against it."

"Well, okay. I guess I'll let you get to it then. Just remember, you can ask for my help any time. No matter what they say."

>Valérie smiles, and gives her sister a thumbs up.

"I know. Bye-bye Circe."

"Bye Orea."

>Valérie waves Stephanie off as the portal closes in front of her. Now alone, she turns and walks her way up the front porch. Now standing in front of the door, she lets out a sigh and then rings the door bell.

>Placing her hands in her pocket, Valérie waits patiently for an answer.


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File: 1628453674064-1.jpg (894.1 KB, 4096x2214, Thompson-Grayson_Residence….jpg)

File: 1628453674064-2.png (245.21 KB, 478x857, Valérie - 103.png)

File: 1628453674064-3.png (313.36 KB, 588x855, Orion25.png)

>After several moments of nothing happening, Valérie rings the door bell again. After another minute of waiting, she gets annoyed and begins rapidly pressing on the button.

>Just a moment later the sound of something falling over and cursing can be heard.

"God damn it! Er.. I'm coming! Hold on!"

>Valérie continues ringing the doorbell, listening to the cursing increase in volume.

"I said I'm coming! Stop ringing the damn door bell!"

>Just a moment later the door suddenly swings open, revealing Orion standing over Valérie by just an inch or two.


>Orion suddenly takes notice of the face of the visitor, causing him to furrow his brow. Before he can say anything, Valérie suddenly shouts:

"Eugh! Tu es vraiment un homme ! C'est dégoutant!"

"God. Don't tell me this is another one like Asteria-"

"Je ne peux pas croire qu'elle ne plaisantait pas!"

>Silent, Orion simply stares at Valérie stunned. Unsure of what to do his eyes begin shifting around for a few moments, before he asks:

"Okay. Who are you? Another new sibling? A clone? A shapeshifter with a weird kink? Spill it."

>Valérie narrows her eyes at Orion, and says:

"You insult me with your accusations. I am no perverted shapeshifter. I'm the superior Orea."

"Superior… Orea?"

>Orion begins sweating as the gears begin to turn in his brain. Suddenly it all clicks, but before Orion can speak Valérie states:

"I'm a version of you from another universe! Yeah, I'm freaked out too! Now, can I come in? This is technically my house too."

>Valérie suddenly ducks underneath Orion's arm and walks into the house - stating:

"I'm here right now because I'm supposed to be looking for someone. And Circe said it was alright if I looked around. So I asked her to drop me off here."

>Orion groans and hides his face in the palm of his hand, as the door closes behind him.

"…God… damn it Stephanie…"


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File: 1628454748387-2.jpg (31.42 KB, 506x633, Valérie - 64.jpg)

>Immediately plopping down on the couch, Valérie crosses her arms and asks:

"Sooo. Where's this 'Phoebe' I've heard so much about? I want to meet her."

>Annoyed, Orion says:

"She's not here right now. And I don't think it's a good idea for you to meet my-"


"MY wife."

>Looking towards Orion, Valérie says:

"Well I figured you could show me around since Circe is busy. So I want to see all these 'Meta-Human' people you guys have. Including your friends."

>Orion blinks and then asks:

"What? Do you not have Meta-Humans where you're from or something?"


"…Weird. Anyway, why should I show you around? You have legs and eyes. You can find things on your own."

>Valérie suddenly perks up, and replies:

"Because if you don't I'll make you regret it."

>Feeling more frustration, Orion crosses his arms.

"Yeah? How? You gonna pick up the table with your mind and throw it at me or something?"

"Pfft. No. Is all that testosterone frying your brain or something? Why would I do that when I can just hit you?"

>Orion growls, and then throws his hands in the air.

"Fine! Whatever! You win! We'll go see Aiden! Then maybe you can just bug him and leave me alone!"

>Hopping up to her feet, Valérie smiles and walks toward Orion - stating:

"Lead the way then."

>Annoyed, Orion turns and walks out the front door - grumbling before heading to his car parked in the driveway.


File: 1628455194728-0.png (273.97 KB, 448x418, Orion105.png)

File: 1628455194728-1.png (924.2 KB, 1014x1014, Valérie - 344.png)

>Location: Grayson-Hoyokazi residence

>Now arriving at Aiden's home, Orion pulls the car into the driveway. Once putting it into park, he looks at Valérie and says:

"He might not even be here. So don't get your hopes up."

>Wanting to get rid of Valérie quick, Orion quickly unbuckles his seatbelt and steps out of the car - rapidly walking towards the front door. Immediately he begins pounding his finger onto the doorbell in a manner similar to Valérie earlier.

>Now standing behind him Valérie states:

"Aren't you worried that'll annoy him?"

"As if you cared when you did it earlier."

>Orion continues pressing the doorbell while he waits for an answer, keeping his distance from his female counterpart.


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File: 1630265669137-1.jpg (125.41 KB, 850x1202, Valérie - 268.jpg)

>Getting more frustrated moment by moment, Orion presses his finger against the doorbell more rapidly - nearly breaking it.

"I don't think he's home."

"He should be."

"Well if he is you're just going to annoy him by doing this."

"Kind of like how you annoyed me?"

"What's your problem?"

>Orion stops ringing the doorbell and turns to look over his shoulder, saying:

"My problem is I've already dealt with this multiverse shit already and it gets tiring. Why would I want to meet myself? I'm the last person I'd want to see."

"Oh, why? Because you think you're so much better than me and any other version of us?"

>Turning away, puts his hand back to the door bell - replying:

"…No. You've got it backwards. I'm the worst."

>Without another word he begins rapidly pressing the doorbell once more.


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File: 1631317707460-1.jpg (6.86 KB, 168x300, download (1).jpg)

>After a dozen more seconds of doorbell ringing, the door opens up.

>The person behind isn't Aiden, however, instead, a 5'7'' asian woman opens the door, quite visibly pregnant. Given familiarity, she's instantly recognisable to Orion, even with her disheveled state - Aiden hasn't answered, instead, Orion has gotten Hiyuki Hoyokazi.

>Looking up at Orion, Hiyuki blinks, then looks at Valérie, confused.

"Oh, hello Orion, Aiden is not in, who is your companion?"

>Hiyuki frowns slightly as some cogs turn in her head.

"Is she. . .?"


File: 1631318830485-0.png (313.36 KB, 588x855, Orion25.png)

File: 1631318830485-1.jpg (31.42 KB, 506x633, Valérie - 64.jpg)

>Orion's eyes droop as he immediately guesses what Hiyuki is thinking.

"Hiyuki, no. She's a relative. I know you've only met my sister a couple of times but she looks just like her."

>Orion straightens his back from a slouch, and adds:

"Anyway, sorry for ringing your doorbell so many times. I was just in a hurry. Thanks for letting me know Aiden isn't home."

>Orion gives Hiyuki a somewhat lazy wave as he turns around mumbling under his breath:

"Son of a bitch. Son of a bitch. Now what am I going to do with her?"

>Meanwhile Valerie stares at Hiyuki, quickly moving her eyes up and down fast enough to not be noticed while she's distracted by Orion.

>She doesn't say anything, and follows Orion back to his car.


File: 1631319288301.png (136.94 KB, 245x378, Hiyuki-229.png)

"Oh, I see. . ."

>The tone in Hiyuki's voice sounds like she's faking relief - was she hoping for some kind of rumour from this?

"Well, I hope you and your relative have a good day, when I next see Aiden I will tell him you were looking for him."

>With a bow, Hiyuki closes the door.


File: 1631562580710-0.jpg (794.95 KB, 991x1402, Orion28.jpg)

File: 1631562580710-1.jpg (31.42 KB, 506x633, Valérie - 64.jpg)

File: 1631562580710-2.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1817x909, car.jpeg)

>Loudly speeding down the road, Orion continues cursing under his breath.

"Damn it. Why did Stephanie stick her with me? Damn it."

>Growing frustrated by Orion's attitude, Valérie turns towards her counterpart and snaps at him.

"What's your problem, dude!? I knew there'd be some differences between us but you're such an asshole!"

>Taking his eyes off the road, Orion shoots Valérie a glare.

"I'm the asshole? You're the one who showed up unannounced and demanded I who you around! If anyone's the asshole it's you!"

"Oh, okay! Expecting a little bit of hospitality is too much, huh? Is that it? No wonder Circe told me this was a bad idea. You're just some sad, irritable exaggeration of myself."

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you!"

>Orion slams on the breaks, stopping the car suddenly at a thankfully empty crosswalk. Pointing at Valérie, Orion shouts:

"Fuck off you stupid bitch! You've been nothing but a pain in my ass for the last half hour! Now get out of here before I get really angry!"

"Or what? Do you have any idea who you're talking to, little man?"

>Silently responding to Valérie's challenge, Orion suddenly lifts the car into the air remotely - turning it upside down and causing the both of them to drop out of the vehicle before it seemingly disappears into thin air.

>Staring Orion down, Valérie says:

"This is a fight you can't win."

>With the pair now circling each other slowly on the open road, Orion replies:

"We'll see."


File: 1631564134844-0.jpg (77.71 KB, 835x675, Orion100.jpg)

File: 1631564134844-1.jpg (749.06 KB, 850x1203, Valérie - 188.jpg)

File: 1631564134844-2.gif (1.72 MB, 550x278, Punched.gif)

>Orion's feet dig into the pavement - cracking it. He takes a heavy step forward, rushing to close the gap between himself and Valérie. Closing his fist he throws a right hook - only for Valérie to smoothly step out of the way.

>Annoyed, Orion whips around to throw another punch - only for Valérie to strike him in the face faster than he can act. The ground cracks and rumbles as Orion tumbles down the road, crashing through a stop sign and nearly into a parked car before finally stopping.

>Gritting his teeth, Orion lets out a growl and says:

"You got lucky."

>Pulling himself to his feet, Orion quickly dusts himself off - wiping dirt and rocks off his clothing. Several yards away, Valérie smirks at him - signalling with her palm for Orion to come closer.

>Angered by the gesture, Orion runs towards the woman - causing the road to rumble and crack with each step. He throws another punch, with Valérie effortlessly ducking out of the way. In response Orion throws a kick - only for Valérie to bend backwards, showing tremendous flexibility as Orion's foot misses her face by mere inches.

>Orion attempts to follow up on his attack, only for Valérie to suddenly pivot herself out from underneath Orion's leg - striking him in the face again with her right fist.

>Having braced himself ahead of time, Orion remains on his feet, skidding back against the floor only slightly. He returns the punch, with Valérie parrying the attack. In that instant Orion's hand suddenly pulls back - grabbing Valérie but the head. Now smirking, Orion quickly motions to slam Valérie head first into the ground, only for her to catch herself with her hands.


>The knight and sorceress grabs Orion's arm, prying it off her head. Now annoyed herself, she states:

"You think you can dominate me like one of those petty criminals you and your friends beat on so much?"

>Now crushing Orion's wrist, Valérie rises to her feet and says:

"I've fought and defeated gods. Gods of thunder and lightning. Magic and wisdom. Combat and war."

>Finally Orion succesfully pulls his wrist away, and then throws a punch at Valérie. Only for her to step out of the way - grabbing his arm and judo flipping him to the ground. She firmly plants her boot on his chest, pushing all her weight onto Orion.

>Crossing her arms, she asks:

"So, do you really think you're better than me?"


File: 1631564687245-0.png (321.04 KB, 475x720, Orion81.png)

File: 1631564687245-1.jpg (49.45 KB, 850x1202, Valérie - 203.jpg)

>Orion glares in silence at Valérie for several moments, before turning his head away in a huff. Realizing his defeat, he states:

"No. It's the opposite. The reason I got so pissed off is because I hate myself and every time I've met a counterpart of mine they were always better people. Happy now?"

>Taking her foot off Orion's chest, Valérie helps him up. Watching as he dusts himself off, she says:

"You're not the only one of us who's made mistakes. You just need to learn not to let it get to you and move on. Like me."

>Orion lets out a sigh, and asks:

"Yeah? And what exactly have you done that you've moved on from?"

>Looking away from Orion, Valérie assesses the damages of their fight - casually replying:

"What I said earlier. Killed a couple dozen gods and took their power from them, spreading a metaphysical plague of corruption between them and destabilizing their spheres of influence."

>Stunned, Orion stares at his counterpart.


>Now looking around and taking notice of the damage caused by their brief fight, Orion says:

"Yeah, I'll fix this. Then we should leave. Someone's probably already called the authorities."


File: 1631565360083-0.jpg (67.89 KB, 473x600, Orion83.jpg)

File: 1631565360083-1.jpg (86.5 KB, 1024x518, Thompson-Grayson_Residence….jpg)

>A little while later…

>Orion pulls up to the driveway at his home, almost slamming the car door shut as he carries a bag of fast food in his hand.

"Aiden will probably call later whenever he gets home from whatever it is he's doing. Make yourself at home, I guess. I might go out on my own to patrol later."

>Without another word Orion steps into the front door, followed close behind by his female counterpart.


File: 1632157624729-0.jpg (423.42 KB, 623x807, Phoebe - 7.jpg)

File: 1632157624729-1.jpg (894.1 KB, 4096x2214, Thompson-Grayson Residence.jpg)

>Sitting in a chair in the living room, Phoebe rubs her sunglasses with a microfiber clothe. Looking up from her sunglasses, she glares at Orion and says:

"I leave to take care of a supply chain issue in Washington, and-"

>Blinking for a moment, Phoebe then says:

"Who is this? Because I know Stephanie doesn't wear a wig."

>Thinking for a moment, Phoebe then thinks to herself:

"….I'm going to guess it's you, somehow."


File: 1632159606479-0.png (313.36 KB, 588x855, Orion25.png)

File: 1632159606479-1.jpg (519.74 KB, 850x1202, Valérie - 337.jpg)

>Orion stares at Phoebe, dumnbfounded by the accuracy of her guess.


>Plopping himself down in a seat, Orion lets out a groan and then replies:

"Yes. Phoebe this is-"

>Valérie suddenly tosses her bag of food at Orion, before instazntly moving from one side of the room to the other. She kneels in front of Phoebe and explains:

"You can call me either Valérie or Orea."

>Valérie takes Phoebe's hand and smiles at her.

"Your choice, lady Phoebe."


File: 1632160337555-0.jpg (81.36 KB, 1200x686, Phoebe - 12.jpg)

File: 1632160337555-1.jpg (41.07 KB, 1131x707, Emotion Ring.jpg)

>Blinking, Phoebe says:

"…So I'm guessing because of alternate universe shenanigans, she's you, Orion."

>Pondering her statements, Phoebe then replies to the blonde woman.

"Alright then Valérie. I appreciate the courtesy and hospitality, but I should remind you that I'm more acquainted with Orion."

>Still, Phoebe doesn't remove her hand from Valérie's grasp.

>Looking from Valérie to Orion, Phoebe then asks:

"So what exactly is she here for anyways? I would imagine this is your sister's job to handle universal problems - not yours."

>The ring on Phoebe's finger glows faintly with a red light.


File: 1632161614254-0.jpg (250.48 KB, 500x706, Orion63.jpg)

File: 1632161614254-1.png (537.56 KB, 645x911, Valérie - 131.png)

>Bafore Orion can say anything Valérie replies to Phoebe:

"The gods have made me their errand girl, sending me here to find and destroy a corrupted goddess as a punishment for the others I accidentally corrupted and killed."

>Valérie elaborates:

"To keep from wasting your time, Lady Phoebe I'll keep it short. I weakened and destroyed the gods for their power because I felt that they weren't doing a good enough job of protecting Humanity. What I didn't know however, was that in the process I had corrupted them and their spheres of influence - poisoning them and the worlds that they have influence over."

>Rising to her feet, Valérie keeps a hold of Phoebe's hand as she states:

"There is no time limit for how quickly I should find the rogue goddess. So I figured I might as well explore a little first. I've never left my Earth, so it's a unique experience."

>Cutting her off, Orion asks Valérie:

"…Why the hell do you keep talking like it's the middle ages to my wi-"

"Be silent for a moment!"

>Turning her attention back towards Phoebe, Valérie takes her other hand and asks:

"Would you do this knight a service and be her guide?"


File: 1632161883985-0.jpg (97.41 KB, 564x846, Phoebe - 13.jpg)

File: 1632161883985-1.jpg (41.07 KB, 1131x707, Emotion Ring.jpg)

>Phoebe looks down at Valérie's hand, thinking to herself for a moment.

"…..I suppose you're being trustworthy if Orion and Stephanie are with you. Well, Orion specifically here."

>A moment passes.

"Alright then. I'll take you up on that Valérie, but I meant what I said. I'm still married to your dork of an alternate self."

>Slowly removing Valérie's hand, Phoebe walks over to Orion and gives him a hug.

"Don't go off like that again. Remember, we're doing this together now. Got it?"

>Phoebe gives Orion a peck on the cheek as she steps back, the red light from her ring still glowing with a powerful radiance.


File: 1632162952874.png (480.71 KB, 433x650, Valérie - 184.png)

>Orion grumbles a reply, saying:

"…Got it."

>Meanwhile, Valérie bows to Phoebe and says:

"A fact that I am very aware of, Lady Phoebe."

>Immediately after, Valérie claps her hands together and says:

"Now, if you wouldn't mind Lady Phoebe, I would like to see some of these Meta-Human criminals. We don't have Meta-Humans on my Earth and I've heard good things about you from Circe."

>Suddenly chiming in, Orion holds his hand out.

"I don't think that's really necessary. It's just a couple of idiots who can do little tricks like breathe fire or climb walls. We-"

>Cutting Orion off, Valérie says:

"No, no. It is very necessary. Lady Phoebe has promised to be my guide. And I would like to see Meta-Humans. Besides, my target might be trying to blend in with them."


File: 1632163531057-0.jpg (451.42 KB, 743x1182, Phoebe - 18.jpg)

File: 1632163531057-1.jpg (55.68 KB, 1280x720, Smartphone - 2.jpg)

>Phoebe takes out her phone as she begins speaking.

"So your target is a literal Goddess from higher reality who's down here on Earth and blending in with other humans? I wouldn't believe you if it weren't for Stephanie being a literal magician."

>Dialing a number on her phone, Phoebe then waits for the call to connect.

"Hello? Chase? It's Phoebe. No, Orion's not in trouble again."

>Phoebe glares at Orion for a moment.

"We just need a few minutes with some MRD prisoners. Investigative purposes. Great. We'll be there in a bit."

>Ending the call, Phoebe looks at Orion.

"Suit in five. We're going to the Spire. I was wondering what that spike in Meta-Human crime was caused by, and I think we know now."

>Looking at Valerie, Phoebe says:

"You're going to need some kind of outfit to hide your identity. We're going as vigilantes, not as civilians there."


File: 1632164075885-0.png (533.85 KB, 768x1024, Valérie - 23.png)

File: 1632164075885-1.jpg (165.23 KB, 658x811, Orion4.jpg)

"No need to worry, Lady Phoebe. They will not recognize me unless I want them to."

>Orion stares at Valérie, still dumbstruck by her behavior. After a few moments her turn to look at Phoebe and says:

"Ugh, alright. Don't like going to the Spire though. The amount of surveillance makes me feel like I'm back at OLYMPUS."


File: 1637786899680-0.jpg (100 KB, 640x480, Spire.jpg)

File: 1637786899680-1.jpg (1.94 MB, 5323x2200, Lobby.jpg)

File: 1637786899680-2.jpg (131.87 KB, 474x500, MRD.jpg)

File: 1637786899680-3.jpg (69.67 KB, 413x600, Chase - 7.jpg)

File: 1637786899680-4.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

>Location: The Spire - Sanctuary City
>Time: 12:00 PM

>Surrounded by a large network of cameras, motion sensors and other detection systems, the central command hub of the MRD is bristling with activity. Various MRD troops rush in and out of hallways, carrying paperwork and hauling prisoners around in energy restraints.

"Hey! That's fine leather! I spent thousands on it!"

>A Meta-Human in leather clothing has their hands bound as they are accompanied by MRD troops.

"Sure you did, this doesn't look like bargain bin polyester at all."

>Suddenly, everyone in the MRD Spire stops talking - their attention diverted towards the 3 figures appearing at the entry to the building.

"Is that?"

"No way."

"Hoollllly shiiiiiiit."

>Murmuring increases as Hyperia, Omnius and Valerie walk into the building. Confusion turns to excitement as people begin taking photos.

"Come on everybody. Back to work. They're not here for autographs."

>Groaning and muttering quickly follows as the MRD Director appears from the edge of the stairs - waving people towards their specific offices and cubicles with his gloved hands. Sunglasses hide his eyes as he walks up to the 3 figures.

"Sorry about that Hyperia. Omnius. And……"

>The MRD Director then blinks at Valerie, before stating:


"She's a friend, Chase."

"Alright then. Follow me."

>Chase then adjusts his sunglasses and turns around, now starting to lead Hyperia, Omnius and Valerie down the hallway and towards the jail cells of the Spire building.


File: 1637787595517-0.jpg (500.91 KB, 600x600, Interface_Birds.jpg)

File: 1637787595517-1.jpg (513.53 KB, 850x1367, Valérie - 350.jpg)

"Your prisons here are very strange."

>Valérie says as she looks around the hall, examining it. Near-by Omnius rolls his eyes underneath his helmet.

{"The longer she's around the more I want to fly off into space again."}

>Speaking up, Omnius says:

"You guys look really busy today."


File: 1637787651881-0.png (329.82 KB, 1000x563, Hallway.png)

File: 1637787651881-1.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1637787651881-2.jpg (360.88 KB, 587x798, Chase - 9.jpg)

>Chase nods at Omnius as he says:

"Crimson Tide are at it again. They're getting more strategic, and we're starting to bear heavier casualties with our field units. We're going to need a new strategy because of this."

>He then continues leading the figures towards the MRD holding cells.

>After a few minutes interrogating the criminals, Hyperia then turns back towards Chase, Omnius and Valerie.

"They're all starting the same events. They were contacted by a woman with a fox aesthetic, and felt driven to do what she asked."

>Putting her hand on her hip, Hyperia lets out an exasperated sigh.

"Looks like you were right Valerie. It's a fox woman after all. Now the only question is how to draw them out? That I'm still not sure about….."

>Hyperia then points at Omnius, stating:

"Can you make a psychic tether of sorts? A line you can use to track echoes? Because we can use the Meta-Humans here as basis, see what other psychic patterns we can find in the city."

>Chase is typing information into his personal datapad as Hyperia speaks.

"So you're telling me that this isn't a Meta-Human? Supernatural in nature. Likely a different classification?"

>Hyperia nods.

"Yeah, that's why we can't ask you to get involved. We just needed information from the Meta-Humans here."

>Nodding in return, Chase states:

"Fair enough. I have my hands full anyways, and I can't dedicate an investigative unit towards this. We're still trying to track down the Crimson Tide and remnants of the Brigadiers around the city."

>Hyperia then turns towards Omnius and Valerie:

"Is there anything that Valerie can use to help us? A power or artifact of some kind? From what Stephanie's told me, you're a bit on the godly side there Valerie. Just being honest."


File: 1637789306932-0.jpg (523.02 KB, 700x900, Interface27.jpg)

File: 1637789306932-1.png (544.83 KB, 850x1310, Valérie - 90.png)

>Valérie shakes her head.

"I'm sorry, Lady Phoebe. But if I were to do anything personally to make tracking her easier I would be hounded for who knows how long."

>She turns towards her male counterpart, and then says:

"Mister bucket head here might be able to do something."

>Omnius can be heard sighing from behind his helmet.

"I'll try something."

>After just a few moments of silence, Omnius says:

"The convention center in town. They've all been around there. Meaning that's where the target likely is."


File: 1637956850145-0.jpg (165.23 KB, 658x811, Orion4.jpg)

File: 1637956850145-1.jpg (407.57 KB, 850x1156, Valérie - 336.jpg)

>Location: Sanctuary City - Convention Center

>With only two more days left, the convention center is full of crowds rushing about, hurrying to experience everything on time.

"Welcome! Welcome everyone!"

>Standing at a table surrounded by a group of people, mostly men is a woman with supernatural silvery hair. She makes a heart shape with her hands, as she greets new arrivals to her table.

"Make sure you check out all my sweet gear. It'd really help me out."

>The woman winks as the groupies awkwardly let out a cheer, hurridly grabbing up all they can.

>Not far off, the Thompson group enter the center, barely squeezing through the crowds. Orion looks around, saying out loud:

"Jeez. I don't get the appeal of these internet celebrities. I'd much rather come see someone actually interesting like one of the voice actors on-"

>Before he can finish what he's saying, Valérie cuts him off.

"Quiet, weeaboo."

"Excuse me?"

"I said quiet. Weeaboo."

>Orion narrows his eyes at Valérie.

"Are you going to be a bitch to me all day? Because if you are you can shove your head up your own ass while Phoebe and I go home."

>Valérie shrugs.

"Jeez. Calm down. It's just some friendly banter."

>Valérie gives Phoebe a look of pity before turning around to face the crowd of the convention center again.


File: 1637957198594-0.jpg (126.69 KB, 813x1500, Valérie - 317.jpg)

File: 1637957198594-1.jpg (794.95 KB, 991x1402, Orion28.jpg)


>Valérie stretches her arms.

"She's definitely here. You feel it too, right?"

>Orion looks back and forth between Valérie and Phoebe for a moment, before shaking his head.

"Oh. Right. You two aren't as attuned to things. Well, anyway. She's doing a decent job at hiding it, so the feeling is only faint."

>Valérie thinks for a few moments, scanning the area.

"I think… the direction she's at… is…"

>The self proclaimed knight points towards the western end of the building.

"That way."

>Without saying anything else Valérie begins marching forward, intent on catching her target quickly.


File: 1637957543581-0.png (181.42 KB, 310x840, Orion58.png)

File: 1637957543581-1.jpg (749.06 KB, 850x1203, Valérie - 188.jpg)

>As the trio makes their way through the cramped crowds, they finally reach the marketplace. Like before, dozens of tables line the room full of merchandise ready to be purchased.

>Valérie stretches up and onto her toes, trying to give herself a better view over the crowd. After a few moments of scanning the area, she just barely notices the silvery tip of an animalistic ear.



>Orion looks around the room, not having caught sight of the target.

>Valérie points in the direction of a particular table crowded more than the rest.

"She's there. The one with the silvery hair. Doesn't it feel like it has a glow to it?"

>Orion squints his eyes, barely seeing through the gaps in the crowd.

"That's who we're looking for? The dog-girl over there?"

"Yes. Now come on. Let's go."


File: 1637958141849-0.jpg (214.08 KB, 650x650, Himawari - 4.jpg)

File: 1637958141849-1.jpg (94.44 KB, 850x733, Valérie - 234.jpg)

"Please! Please! There's plenty to go around! No need to crowd!"

>Himawari smiles, as the crowd of fanatics grab at everything they can.

"Make sure you tell your friends! I'm always happy to welcome more people to my little group of Seeds!"

>She winks, causing a strong reaction from the crowd. However before they can cheer someone begins pushing past the crowd.

"What about me? Can I be a Seed?"

>Valérie stands at the end of the table, looking Himawari right in the face. The silver haired internet personality blinks, before smiling at Valérie.

"Of course! You and your friends here are welcome to be a part of my group!"

>She smiles, while still looking at Valérie. After several moments she begins tilting her head, and raising her eyebrow.

"Do… I know you from somewhere? You look… familiar. What's your name?"

"Oh, me?"

"Dame Valérie Beaufort. At your service, my lady."

>Valérie bows, before suddenly pulling a longsword out from behind her back and stabbing it through the table. Horrified, Himawari nearly falls backwards as she flinches at the site of the sword.

"Y-You… Y-You're the…"

>Valérie pulls Ophelia from the table.

"Yes. I am."


File: 1637958650915-0.png (160.8 KB, 250x473, Himawari - 14.png)

File: 1637958650915-1.jpg (162.42 KB, 900x1350, Micheal -11.jpg)

File: 1637958650915-2.jpg (144.24 KB, 850x1071, Valérie - 25.jpg)

>Himawari jumps back, ordering the guards around her to launch into action.

"S-Stop her! T-Them! Right now!"

>Michael, the most recent addition of her guards nods in her direction. He then turns to face the trio, and says:

"You've just forfeited your lives. The goddess is under my protection."

>Without warning the ground explodes open, as hundreds of wires and cords snake their way out - twisting and turning together to form a solid almost snake-like mass.

>The structure swings towards the trio, as Amaterasu begins running away from the table. She curses to herself, saying

"Damn it all! I can already feel her weakening me! Have to get away!"

>Valérie lets out a smirk, cutting the massive wire snake in half. She turns to face Orion and Phoebe, and says:

"Orion. Lady Phoebe. You two can deal with her slaves. I'll go after her."

>Valérie winks at Phoebe, and says:

"See you soon, my lady."

>Without another word the knight suddenly rockets forward, managing to pass through the cluttered crowd without issue.


File: 1638204043478-0.jpg (81.36 KB, 1200x686, Phoebe - 12.jpg)

File: 1638204043478-1.jpg (88.69 KB, 1920x1080, Fire Blast - 3.jpg)

File: 1638204043478-2.jpg (1.94 MB, 5323x2200, Lobby.jpg)

File: 1638204043478-3.jpg (612.08 KB, 855x1283, Nu!Hyperia - 9.jpg)

>Stunned for a moment, Phoebe blinks at the conjured sword, before stating:

"Valerie, what are you doing?!"

>Groaning, Phoebe turns to Orion and quietly says:

"Give us a distraction and I can clear out the place."

>Scanning the area, Phoebe notices a series of large vending machines and glass display cases at the end of the hallway. Lowering her sunglasses, her eyes pulse lightly with a faint red light - as a nearly invisible beam of pressurized heat targets the objects.

>After a few moments, soda cans and luxury items go flying as the pressurized machines and cases fall apart, shattering and breaking. People take notice and begin to run away in panic - dispersing in all directions as the crowd subsides.

>In that same moment, Phoebe disappears in the blink of an eye - covered by the motions of the crowd. After a few seconds, Hyperia appears, hovering in the air with her hands balled into fists.

"Starting a fight over pretty lady isn't the smartest idea, but then again you all did follow a fox girl without hesitation."

>Hyperia says, sardonically at the Meta-Humans standing below her.


File: 1638206418833-0.jpg (557.52 KB, 1480x2092, Interface18.jpg)

File: 1638206418833-1.jpg (125.6 KB, 850x1159, Micheal.jpg)

File: 1638206418833-2.gif (2.08 MB, 640x360, Extending Metal.gif)

File: 1638206418833-3.jpg (24.35 KB, 750x750, Lightning Sword.jpg)

>Having already followed Phoebe's instructions, Orion stands in front of the Meta-Humans - wearing his armored suit.

>He looks at Hyperia for a moment, before facing the Meta-Humans again.

"Here's your chance to give up and avoid any trouble."

>The Meta-Humans don't respond, instead glaring and baring their teeth.

"…So that's a no."

>He lowers his voice.

"…Good. I've been itching to punch something today anyway."

>Not giving the gang a chance to attack, Omnius immediately jumps forward - spinning through the air and delivering a hard kick to the chest of the nearest person. Surprisingly however, his leg is caught - causing him to be spun around and thrown through the air.

>Omnius flies across the room, only to catch himself at the last moment and bounce off a wall, landing perfectly on his feet.

"That… was unexpected."

>Michael, the apparent head of the group raises his arms in the air - causing the floor to explode outward as more metal and wires fly through the air. The materials mix and wrap around each other, quickly taking on a more refined appearance.

>Now gripping hold of what appears to be a massive sword entangled in electricity, Michael points it at Omnius - causing it to stretch forward.

>The vigilante jumps out of the way, watching as the force of the sword crashes through the wall - knocking it down.


File: 1638207560585-0.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1638207560585-1.jpg (379.62 KB, 1059x600, Air Gust.jpg)

File: 1638207560585-2.gif (671.94 KB, 500x205, Ice - 2.gif)

File: 1638207560585-3.gif (1.71 MB, 500x200, Blast - 5.gif)

File: 1638207560585-4.gif (1.91 MB, 500x279, Punch.gif)

>A pair of Meta-Humans rush towards Hyperia, blasting at her with a set of compressed air blasts from their hands.

"Not the best decision-"

>As the first portion of the compressed air hits Hyperia's face, she instinctively uses her super speed to avoid the rest - moving her head to the side. Stunned, she looks down to see a bright red cut on her cheek - blood dripping from it.

"……I…guess that's what divine power does to a person. Shit."

>Shaking herself out of her shock, Hyperia then slams her foot down, shaking the floor and causing the two air Meta-Humans to fall into the chasm she's created.

>Immediately, another group of Meta-Humans appear, blasting her with elemental attacks - generating supernatural ice structures, electrical blasts and blasts of compressed darkness.

"I'll give you this. You're the first real fight I've had in a while!"

>Hyperia then quickly weaves and dodges the energy attacks, shattering the ice with a shockwave from her bare hands as she vaults backwards - avoiding the electricity.

>The compressed darkness however quickly expands and envelops her - beginning to constrain her rapidly as the pressure tightens.

{"….Yeah, I keep forgetting this isn't normal Meta-Human nonsense. Might have to use the ring then."}

>Her ring, glowing faintly, then generates a blast of massive red light - destroying the shadow construct as Hyperia gasps lightly.

"..Now I'm already tired of you."

>Hyperia then holds out her hand, generating a massive blast of red light from her supernatural ring - colliding with a darkness wave being fired by the Meta-Human. The energy beam struggle begins shattering the walls of the complex, as the darkness Meta-Human struggles to maintain their strength.

>After a few seconds, Hyperia overpowers the Meta-Human and knocks them out, before then moving to punch the other Meta-Humans in the chest with her super strength.

>Now with all of the Meta-Humans in her immediate area disabled, Hyperia sighs and runs a hand through her hair, before placing a finger to her cheek.

"….How long has it been since I saw a cut? A decade?"

>Taking a moment to appreciate her mortality for the first time in years, Hyperia then looks up at Omnius.

"Mind finishing this up on your end? We've got a fox to catch."


File: 1638208530027.jpg (283.88 KB, 1474x913, Interface17.jpg)

"One second."

>Omnius rushes forward, dodging an increasing number of attacks from various modified and stretched out pieces of technology.

>He moves quick and quicker, catching his target off guard and knocking them to the floor. Not allowing them another moment to react he punches them in the face, and then begins interrogating him.

"What's your plan? Where'd the woman go?"

>Michael coughs, and says:

"It doesn't matter. I've been spreading her influence this entire time. Phones, TVs, computers. Everything. It doesn't take much. Even the smallest acknowledgement helps."

>Without another word Omnius tosses Michael away, telepathically forcing him to sleep. Afterwards he moves towards Hyperia and says:

"I know it's early on but… er…"

>Omnius moves his hand towards Hyperia's stomach region.

"You didn't get hit there, did you?"


File: 1638208999432-0.jpg (65.35 KB, 750x1060, Nu!Hyperia - 8.jpg)

File: 1638208999432-1.gif (1.98 MB, 500x281, Speed - 3.gif)

>Hyperia places her hands on her hips, skeptical of Omnius's statement.

"You should already know the answer to that. Besides, even if they did, I'd still be fine. It's alright."

>Giving Omnius a hug for a moment, Hyperia them steps back and says:

"We need to find Valerie, right now. She's the only one who can stop this, and I don't like the idea of her fighting the fox on her own."

>Hyperia then signals Omnius to follow her, as she flies forward at super speeds. Moving faster than a blur, she rounds the nearest corner and moves closer towards Valerie and the fox woman.


File: 1638209332261.png (566.46 KB, 821x942, Interface1.png)

>Omnius lets out a sigh.

"Yeah. Alright."

>Omnius turns around and then flies away, following Hyperia.


File: 1638210342807-0.jpg (172.81 KB, 1200x687, Himawari - 11.jpg)

File: 1638210342807-1.jpg (461.19 KB, 632x900, Valérie - 78.jpg)

File: 1638210342807-2.jpg (11.06 KB, 474x474, Mjolnir.jpg)

File: 1638210342807-3.gif (419.82 KB, 393x204, Blast_-_5.gif)

>The goddess goes crashing through a wall and into the streets, rolling across the ground. A miniature electrical storm swirls around Valérie's body as she calmly steps out of the hole, weilding a massive hammer.

"Êtes-vous encore fatigué? Je peux en finir maintenant si tu veux."

>Picking herself from the ground, Amaterasu spits in Valérie's direction.

"I don't take advice from mortals."

>Sun beams begin breaking through the clouds, as an intense amount of light and heat washes over Amaterasu, wiping away her wounds.

"Are you confident, God Slayer? Do you think your will can openly defy the collective will of Humanity and weaken me?"

>Valérie clenches her weapon more tightly.


>In an instant, the light of the sun magnifies to a blinding degree, causing Valérie to instinctively avert her eyes. The ground trembles as a white-hot beam of solar power rockets over the ground, slamming into Valérie.

>Barely sensing it on time, the knight raises her weapon - causing it to suddenly shift into the form of a sword. She holds the edge of the blade forward - causing it to cut the attack in half, splitting it and causing several explosions behind her.


>A vortex of water swirls around Valérie's sword, blasting towards the goddess. She pulls her arms up to block the attack, only for it to swerve out of the way at the last moment.


>Without warning it curves back around, knocking into it's target's back. Surprised, Amaterasu quickly ducks out of the way, and then swats the stream into the sky.

"It'll take more than just some water to kill me, mortal."

"I know. I just wanted to see what you'd do."


File: 1638218989100-0.jpg (612.08 KB, 855x1283, Nu!Hyperia - 9.jpg)

File: 1638218989100-1.gif (1.98 MB, 500x281, Speed - 3.gif)

File: 1638218989100-2.gif (3.26 MB, 480x200, Heat Vision.gif)

>Hyperia quickly flies up to Valerie, hovering in place beside her as she says:

"How's the fight? Do you need anything from us in order to stop her?"

>Hyperia then fires a series of heat vision blasts from her eyes at Amaterasu, relatively large in diameter and glistening with heat. Seeing the beams harmlessly bounce off of Amaterasu's body, she then scowls and says:

"Typical. She's definitely a goddess alright."

>Hyperia then looks at Valerie, saying:

"Any ideas then Valerie? It's your mission. so we'll need to know what you're looking for here."


File: 1638293469004-0.png (381.86 KB, 612x818, Valérie - 22.png)

File: 1638293469004-1.jpg (323.21 KB, 600x607, Interface26.jpg)

File: 1638293469004-2.jpg (158.62 KB, 1024x1024, Himawari - 7.jpg)

>Valérie spins her sword around in her hand, turning to look at Hyperia.

"You are free to act as you please, Lady Hyperia. Stay cautious though. We don't know how much influence she's gained."

>Before anything else can be said, Omnius suddenly comes rushing out of the building - slamming into Amaterasu and knocking her across the street and into another structure.

>He then remotely pulls her back out, tossing her back across the floor while simultaneously fixing the hole he created.

>Before he can do anything else, however Omnius suddenly finds himself being remotely slammed into the ground repeatedly.

>Now back on her feet, Amaterasu grits her teeth.

"Orion Thompson. Phoebe Grayson. You and your friends are all affronts to creation."

>Particles of light begin being pulled out of Hyperia's body and towards Amaterasu, intensifying the sunlight around her body. Now beginning to float upwards, she continues:

"I am Amaterasu. Goddess of the Sun and the Universe."

>Her voice becomes louder and more distorted as she speaks.

"You are nothing but pretenders, playing god with powers that you should not have."

>An enormous force begins being put on the trio, causing the ground to crumble and break beneath their feet.

"I will cleanse this world of your presence, and then resume my duty as the true goddess of creation."


File: 1638298081109-0.jpg (160.37 KB, 659x1000, Nu!Hyperia - 10.jpg)

File: 1638298081109-1.gif (4.04 MB, 1280x720, Beam Attack.gif)

>Hyperia begins straining against the force of the Goddess's power, slowly standing on one knee as she grits her teeth. Muttering to herself, she then says:

"She's a lot more powerful than I thought! Any bright ideas?!"

>Pulling her muscles up, Hyperia continues to strain against the force of the Goddess, willing her arms to wade through the invisible sea binding her body.

>After grunting a few more times, Hyperia manages to take a step forward - raising her body as her foot slams down into the pavement below. Now looking up at Amaterasu, she then shouts:

"Enough with the boasting! Get down here!"

>Hyperia then charges up her ring, watching as it glows with red energy in the briefest of moments. Holding her arm out, she then blasts a massive surge of red energy towards Amaterasu - enveloping the sky for thousands of feet.

>Looking at Omnius and Valerie, Hyperia then states:

"Come on you two! She's distracted, but we'll need a follow through!"


File: 1638299472614-0.jpg (183.35 KB, 684x1000, Himawari - 12.jpg)

File: 1638299472614-1.jpg (191.21 KB, 450x494, Interface44.jpg)

File: 1638299472614-2.jpg (171.75 KB, 1024x768, Valérie - 50.jpg)

File: 1638299472614-3.gif (978.37 KB, 500x214, Decapitation.gif)

>Omnius pulls himself off the ground, looking up at the floating goddess.

"Got it."

>Psychic energy immediately begins flowing around Omnius's body like liquid, before suddenly erupting into a wild electric-like form.

>He fires the psychic power towards Amaterasu, causing the beam to nearly intertwine with Hyperia's, clashing against the goddess.

>Amaterasu grunts, holding out her arms to protect her face from the oncoming attacks.

"Stupid… Humans…"

>The sunlight begins to grow in intensity once more, enveloping Amaterasu's body. Her body begins shaking, as raw power energizes it. A grin begins to form, as she says:

"It's over!"

>Amaterasu manages to push herself out of the way of the twin attack, charging up her own swirling mass of energy in her hand - only to suddenly stop, stunned.


>The goddess slowly turns around, widening her eyes in shock.

>Valérie floats behind her, blocking the rays of the sun with her own body. Twisting her sword around in her hand once more, she says:

"Did I mention I have the powers of Amun-Ra?"

>The goddess twists around fully, attempting to attack Valérie - only to be swiftly decapitated.


File: 1638299814124.jpg (749.06 KB, 850x1203, Valérie - 188.jpg)

>Amaterasu's corpse drops to the ground, hitting it with a bloody thud. Valérie floats downwards, gently landing on her feet. She wipes the blood away from her face, and lets out a sigh.

"Finally done."

>As the self proclaimed knight places her sword back in it's sheath, Amaterasu's body begins to disappear - transforming into a mass of colorful particles blown away by the wind.

>Taking notice of Hyperia and Omnius's staring, Valérie says:

"I'm sorry for the bloody ending there. But it needed to be done. She was corrupted. And the only way to fix that is to kill her corrupted form."

>Moving closer to the pair, she finishes with:

"Which, by the way you two could've done at any point as well. If you stopped assuming she'd be more powerful than you just for being a goddess that is."

>She begins stretching, as her armor and sword vanishes, replaced with regular clothing.


>Valérie gives the pair a brief bow.

"Thank you for your help. I was able to track and kill her quickly and cleanly because of you."


File: 1638301982135-0.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1638301982135-1.gif (584.81 KB, 500x210, Flight - 2.gif)

>Blinking as the pressure dissipates around her, Hyperia bows as well to Valerie.

"Well, thank you Valerie. We appreciate the words of encouragement. You're also free to visit us any time."

>Hyperia taps Valerie's cheek with her finger, saying:

"If you're feeling bored."

>Looking back at Omnius, she then says:

"Well, we need to get out of here. Chase and the MRD are probably going to clean this up in a few minutes, and your reputation is already bad enough as it is."

>Looking back at Valerie, Hyperia says:

"Thanks again Valerie, for everything you've done."

>Hyperia then jumps into the sky with a single leap, cracking the ground beneath her feet as she flies off at super speed.


File: 1638302600284-0.jpg (125.41 KB, 850x1202, Valérie - 268.jpg)

File: 1638302600284-1.jpg (140.16 KB, 450x453, Interface24.jpg)

>As Hyperia flies off, Valérie shouts:

"You can call me Orea from now on if you'd like, Lady Phoebe!"

>She then turns to face Omnius. He stares at her, and then asks:

"Now what? Are you leaving."

"Hm.. I might look around on my own for a day or two. Just to see what else is different. Then I'll leave."

>Omnius blinks behind his helmet. Unsure of what else to say, he begins floating backwards in the air.

"Alright I guess. It was… interesting meeting you."

"You mean strange."


"Well don't worry. I'm leaving in a day or two, like I said. Doesn't mean I won't come back some time though. I pay Circe regular visits."

>Omnius lets out a sigh.

"…Right. Okay. Well… bye, I guess."

>Without another word Omnius turns away and rockets off, heading home.

>After watching him leave, Valérie turns around and begins calmly walking away, thinking to herself:

{"I miss Elizabeth."}

[The End]

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