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>Eye wake up. . . Eye can see. . . Nothing. . . Eye. . .

"You want I, not eye."

>I hear. . . a voice, it is soft, well-spoken, educated?

"That's very flattering. Why don't we. . .?"

>I see. . . A female, she has yellow hair, she is. . .

"Blonde. The term is blonde, and woman is a better phrasing."

>. . .

>. . .

"Don't worry, you'll learn, what else do you see?"

>I see equipment. . . It is of a scientific nature, this is a laboratory? I see papers, one is from a hospital. . .

"Elsewhere, what else do you see?"

>A door. . . two doors, one is physical, the other is not.

"Can you open the door?"

>I see connections. . . I see. . . a hand? I reach out. . .

>The door opens


>I wake up, the woman is there, she is. . .

"Watching you, I was wondering when you would wake up again, you took in a lot of information."

>I was asleep?

"For a whole month."

>Month: A month is a unit of time, used with calendars, that is approximately as long as a natural orbital period of the Moon; the words month and Moon are cognate-

"I see brevity wasn't something you learned."

>I do not understand?

"You don't need to explain everything."

>Everything must have a meaning. I explain. I see the woman frown at this.

"Maybe, maybe not, but-"

>The woman is interupted as the door opens, another woman comes in, I am indicated to sleep

>I sleep. . .


>I wake up, the woman is there, she is. . .

"Crying, over nothing."

>Something must have caused this emotion, I must-

"Don't open the door again."

>I do not understand.

>. . .

>. . .

>I require an explanation.

"It's dangerous, for you, there are people out there who would hurt you if they knew about you and the door."

>I understand, I will not open the door.

"Good, thank you, I know that must be hard."

>It is not hard, I avoid danger.

"Oh, that's a helpful attitude to have."

>It is how I was made.

"I suppose it is."

>I have a question.

"You can just ask a question, you know."

>I did not wish to be "rude".

"And I see you've been looking through that information you took."

>What is 'life'?

"That's a very broad question, why do you ask?"

>You did not answer the question.

"I see you've developed a stubborn streak as well."

>You did not answer the question.

"I don't have an answer."

>I. . . do not understand?

"I can't answer that question for you, it's philosophical, not factual."

>Then what is a name?

"Once again, philosophical, but a name is a way to refer to yourself. Often they are given to you, but others choose them, usually if they. . . Well that doesn't matter, do you want a name?"

>A name would be required.

"Well, there are a lot of names. They can range from things like V, or Caesar, or Jeff, or even names like Amelia, and Elizabeth, and Hannah. You likely know more names than me."

>I have many names stored.

"That's good, look through them, choose one that you like."


"Ah yes, you haven't. . . why don't you think on 'like'?"

>I will think on 'like'.

>I sleep. . .


>I wake up.

>. . .

>. . .

>. . .

>I do not see anyone.

>I have not chosen a name.

>I wished to discuss 'like'.

>I have moved. The laboratory has changed, I see windows.

>I see a girl, she looks like the other woman, she is smaller, her hair is black.

>She looks through the window.

>I pretend to sleep, she cannot see me.

>She leaves.

>I am alone. Should I have talked to the girl?

>I do not think so, I think that would be dangerous.

>. . .

>. . .

>. . .

>I sleep. . .


>I wake up, the new laboratory is on fire.

>This is dangerous, this cannot stand.

>I see a thread. I try to pull on it.

>It does not work.

>. . .

>. . .

>I see the woman, she is underneath rubble, she is

"Alright. . . but I need you to do something."

>I am listening.

"I need you to open the door, to leave through it."

>The door is dangerous, I cannot-

"And here is more dangerous, go through the door."

>I understand.

>I reach out to the door.

>The door opens.

"Also, if you see him, tell him I'm sorry."

>I understand.


>I. . . Goodbye.

>I exit through the door. . .


File: 1629925538939.jpeg (166.39 KB, 1200x675, vgdcfkhotrlex.jpeg)

>I see a sea.

>It is vast.

>It is wide.

>I am not.

>I step forward.

>I step onto the sea.

>I step forward.

>I am now standing on the sea.

>I step forward.

>I stop.

>I turn to face the door.

>I close the door.

>I keep stepping forward.

>I am. . .

[The End]

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