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>Date: August 25th, 2019
>Location: Metro City
>Time: 5:30am

>A pickup pulls up to a junkyard in the city, the driver winding down the window slowly, and manually, to talk to the man on the gate.

"Hey Gus, here for the usual. . ."

>The voice startles the man, causing him to jolt up, shaking his head.

"Oh hey Hiyuki, didn't see you there. . ."

"Sleeping on the job again?"

". . .just resting my eyes! Here for the usual?"


"Sure, one min. . ."

>The man stands up, walking out of his security office and heading to the gate, where he pulls out a set of keys and manually unlocks the gate, slowly pulling it open for the pickup to rumble through.

"Thanks Gus, you're the best, don't let anyone tell you anything else."

>The driver, Hiyuki, steps out of the vehicle, stretching to warm her body slightly. Moving back to the pickup, she takes out several tools from the back, clipping them onto a mechanic's belt which she then slings around her waist. Reaching back into the truck, Hiyuki takes out the keys before giving Gus a wave as he closes the gates again.

>With everything secured, she heads further into the junkyard.

>Time: 6:02am

>Deeper in the junkyard, a newly formed pile of electronics parts grows larger and larger as Hiyuki adds more and more spare parts from the surrounding scrapped electronic appliances to it.

>Once the pile has reached a certain height, Hiyuki returns to it, going through it piece by piece to determine the usability of each part.

"Junk. . . repairs. . . spares. . . junk. . . junk. . ."

>Hiyuki's process is practiced, almost ritualistic, reducing the size of the pile at a scary pace, only being stopped when the young woman hits something unfamiliar.

>Taking out an odd battered belt, Hiyuki brings it up to eye level, leaning back from the pile slightly.

"Well. . . what're you then. . ?"

>Hiyuki spins the belt around, taking in all of the details, only for the belt to spark, shocking her.

"Ow, who puts electronics in a belt?! Well, except toy companies. . ."

>Shrugging, Hiyuki takes the belt and puts in her pile of things to take home.

"Still, rules are rules, anything that shocks me goes home. . ."

>Standing up and dusting herself off, Hiyuki checks the time.

"Never had it be so literal before though. . ."

>Grabbing the pile, Hiyuki makes her way back to the entrance of the junkyard.


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>Time: 6:30am

>Hiyuki's pickup pulls out of the drivethrough for a Snack in the Box, swerving into a side street where she pulls over to the side.

>With the truck in park, Hiyuki reaches into the bag and takes out her breakfast - a vegetarian breakfast burrito. With her food successfully liberated from its packaging, she goes to take a bite only to be interrupted by someone knocking on her window.

>Turning to see who it is, she sees an oddly shrouded figure, their features "bleeding" shadows. Bringing her burrito down from her mouth, she winds the window down slightly.

". . .Hello?"

"Give. . . the. . . driiiiiveeeer. . ."

>Blinking twice, Hiyuki weighs her options for a moment, looks down at her burrito, then throws it at the figure.

"Yeah fuck whatever this is."

>Not putting the window back up, Hiyuki speeds off down the street, swerving around the corner before the figure can react.


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>Time: 6:59am

>Location: "Hoyokazi Industries"

>"Hoyokazi Industries" is a small independent repair and parts shop in Metro City, the stock being mostly made up of parts scavenged from the nearby junkyards, albeit cleaned up and repaired when needed. Several signs on the front window block off most of the light from outside, advertising the various products and services available.

>Behind the counter of the store, Hiyuki has placed her haul from the morning on a workbench, with little pattern in the way that the parts have been put down, including the belt, which is resting on an open laptop that has a post-it note with "FIX ME TO SELL" stuck on the screen.

>Having changed into more presentable since getting back to her home, Hiyuki stretches before walking towards the door, checking her watch as she stands in front of the door for a moment.

". . .and. . . 7. Time to let all my eager customers in!"

>Hiyuki unlocks the door, opening it for the public, only for no one to be on the other side.

"Yeah. . . figures. . ."

>Hiyuki trudges back to the counter, leaning over it and taking her phone, which she wearily scrolls through.

". . .never. . . anyone. . . always just some granny who needs her grandkids laptop fixing or something. . ."

>Hiyuki flicks her phone over to a budgeting app, sighing again.

"Gotta hope the grannies are feeling generous this month. . ."

>The screen on Hiyuki's phone flickers for a second, causing her to frown and slap the side.

"This isn't the 90s, screens don't do that anymore. . ."

>Hiyuki goes to slap the side of her phone again only to be interrupted by a cough, causing her to look up and see a man standing on the other side of the counter.

"Oh, hey there, how can I help-"

"That belt."

>The man points at the belt, Hiyuki's gaze following his finger.

"What about it?"

"Give it to me."

>Hiyuki shakes her head.

"I don't know what you've heard about this place, but I don't do giveaways, got bills to-"

>The man glares at Hiyuki, lunging forward to grab her, only narrowly missing as she jolts backwards.

"Give it to me."

"Hey man, n-no need to get violent, I'm sure we can come up with a reasonable price. . ."

>Hiyuki slowly starts moving backwards, reaching for something to defend herself with.

>The man continues his glare, slowly climbing up onto the counter. . .

>Hiyuki's hand finds something, and she pulls it in front of her to point at the man.

"Don't try anything, I've got a. . ."

>Hiyuki looks down at what she picked up.

". . .a belt? What good's a belt going to do?"

>The man stops for a moment, looking at the belt, then starts moving again, inching closer.

>Looking around, Hiyuki tries to work out the quickest way to the nearest door, only to stop as a new thought comes to her mind, seemingly from nowhere.

"Stop, or I'll. . . driver engage? What does that even-"

>Hiyuki is interrupted as the belt sparks again, causing Hiyuki to drop it on the floor, but not before the spark of electricity travels through her body, hitting the laptop, which then fires a beam at the man, causing him to disappear in a flash of light. Blinking from shock, Hiyuki looks around the room.

"Did I. . . did I just kill a guy. . ?"

>Hiyuki looks at the laptop, which looks completely different from before, and tilts her head, confused.

"What. . . the. . . what. . ?"

>Hiyuki stumbles backwards, away from the laptop, nearly tripping over the belt on the floor.

"i. . . uh. . . I need to talk to someone?"

>Taking her phone out, Hiyuki looks through her contacts and picks a number, ringing it.

"Hey. . . uh. . . yeah yeah I know it's early. . . uh. . . I just. . . uh. . . I think I just killed someone? And also this weird belt. . . uh. . ."

>Hiyuki looks down at the belt.

". . .belt. . . uh. . . thing. . . shocked me and and I think it turned one of my laptops into something else and that's what made it shoot the beam at the person. . . yeah it was a beam from the. . . uh. . . the laptop. . . you think you should come over? Yeah. . . uh. . ."

>Hiyuki looks around the shop.

"uh. . . probably a good idea yeah."


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File: 1679080923222-1.jpg (711.45 KB, 850x1202, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-9.jpg)

>Some time later.

>Having calmed slightly, Hiyuki has moved the former laptop to the front counter, where she has started to tinker inside of it, somehow having managed to take a side panel off of it.

>The tinkering, however, is notably from an angle that gives the screen a wide berth.

>Bringing her head out from the side of the device, Hiyuki runs a hand through her hair.

"None of this is familiar to me - and I'm familiar with everything when it comes to electronics. . ."


File: 1679081223966.png (2.31 MB, 900x1500, Stephanie - 13.png)

>Without warning the front door to the shop is suddenly shoved open. A rather tall woman with a slightly over-sized hoodie and red hair rushes into the shop, appearing angry with a mix of panic.

"Hiyuki! You don't call or text me for… four months, and when you finally do it's because you think you killed someone!?"

>The woman has her hands in the air, marching towards the counter.

"What happened!? Was it self defense!? Tell me it was self defense!"


File: 1679081682741.jpg (231.01 KB, 850x1533, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-27.jpg)

>Hiyuki jumps slightly, like a child that has been caught doing they shouldn't, and knocks her head on the computer.

"Oooooow. . ."

>Rubbing the back of her head, she looks up at the newcomer.

"It wasn't. . . not self-defense? And I didn't mean to not call! I just. . . uh. . ."

>Hiyuki looks around the shop awkwardly, avoiding eye contact.

"Uuuuhhhh. . ."

". . ."

"I was busy with the shop, lots of customers. . ."

>Hiyuki's eyes dart around the room, betraying the complete lack of customers.

". . .they're just somewhere else right now and. . ."

>Hiyuki points at the computer.

"Anyway look at this, it was a laptop before right and now it's a weird computer that shoots lasers."


File: 1679081824170.jpg (113.58 KB, 850x1241, Stephanie - 19.jpg)

>The woman looks at Hiyuki confused. She tilts her head to the side slightly.

"What the hell are you talking about? You said you killed someone. Where? What happened?"

>Her eyes move towards the computer, not really noticing anything unusual about it from a surface glance.

"You can show me whatever computer thing you have later. This is serious!"


File: 1679082373167.jpg (13.42 KB, 360x360, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-56.jpg)

"I explained on the phone though. . ."

>Hiyuki shuffles awkwardly.

"Did you. . . did you not believe me? I wasn't making things up. . . the laptop really did turn into. . ."

>Hiyuki gestures at the computer.

". . .this, and then it shot a laser at the guy and poof, he was gone. It. . ."

>Hiyuki stops for a second, remembering something.

"It did it after I picked up this!"

>Hiyuki picks up the belt again.

"And said something stupid like. . . errr. . . driver engage."

>The belt sparks again, but otherwise does nothing.


File: 1679082592048.jpg (119.78 KB, 850x1585, Stephanie - 16.jpg)

"Hiyuki, I don't think you should touch that thing. You'll electrocute yourself."

>The woman walks around the counter, and looks Hiyuki in the eyes.

"You know how ridiculous this all sounds, right? Your laptop changed shape? It shot someone with a laser? Are you sure this wasn't just some kind of… vivid dream?"

>The woman stares at Hiyuki for a few moments in silence, before sighing and adding:

"I won't be mad at you if that's what this is."


File: 1679082899970.jpg (459.32 KB, 850x988, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-40.jpg)

"It's fine, it only delivers light shocks."

>Hiyuki puts the belt back down.

"And it's not a dream, I had 3 hours of sleep last night, that's 1 more than normal. . ."

>Hiyuki looks up at the woman.

"I'm doing alright, ok? I don't have any problems like that. Someone did come in here, he wanted that belt, and he disappeared after the laptop transformed. . ."

>Hiyuki sighs.

"What do I need to do to prove it?"


File: 1679083013556.jpg (501.74 KB, 850x1133, Stephanie - 5.jpg)

>The woman's eyelids droop a bit, making her appear tired.

"Well I don't suppose you could make it change shape or shoot a laser like you say it can. Otherwise I'm going to just assume this is some insomnia induced vivid dream."


File: 1679083768702.jpg (220.2 KB, 850x1256, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-39.jpg)

"I. . . uh. . ."

>Hiyuki steps away from the woman and walks up to the computer, tapping it on the top.

"Work with me, ok?"

>Looking at the woman, then at the computer, she then awkwardly rotates the computer so that the screen is facing a wall and not pointing at her.

"Right. . . so. . . don't be shocked if it blows up the wall or something, ok?"

>Hiyuki carefully presses the power button for the computer and moves away from it, closing her eyes and looking away, opening them again to see that the computer has not fired any sort of laser.

"No. . . it really did it. . ."

>Hiyuki moves around to the front of the computer, looking it up and down, the light from the screen reflecting on her face.

"I swear it. . . wait. . ."

>Hiyuki rotates the computer to show the woman the screen.

"That's him, right there, looking at us!"

>Hiyuki points to an image of the man from earlier, his eyes fixed clearly on Hiyuki.

"Oh thank god I didn't kill him, I just. . . uh. . ."

>Hiyuki taps the glass where the man is.

"Trapped him in a computer?"

>The man taps the glass back, causing Hiyuki to jump back.


File: 1679083990252.jpg (136.16 KB, 888x1200, Stephanie - 24.jpg)

>A little bit weirded out, the woman stares at the screen and says:

"Hiyuki, I think you just fell asleep watching some horror videos or something. Maybe you should do yourself a favor and take the rest of the day off."

>The woman looks towards the store's front doors and says:

"It's even a nice day outside. It would do you some good to get fresh air."


File: 1679084306539.jpg (176.21 KB, 850x1178, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-47.jpg)

"I don't watch horror movies. . ."

>Hiyuki objects, quietly adding:

"not without someone like you"

>With the woman staring at the screen, the man switches his attention to her, tapping the screen to get her attention before pointing at the belt, then to himself.

"See? He's clearly reacting to you, he's even asking for the belt like he was threatening me for."


File: 1679084451857.jpg (117.57 KB, 850x1216, Stephanie - 26.jpg)

>Getting a little more freaked out, the woman gives a bit of a nervous laugh.

"Come on Hiyuki. You made this didn't you? It's all pre-recorded. Who's that, some guy you hired?"

>She glances at Hiyuki.

"You never struck me as the film-making type."


File: 1679084809874.jpg (484.37 KB, 850x1838, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-10.jpg)

"I'm not!"

>Hiyuki scrambles for ideas.

"Look, watch, you pick up the belt and wave it about randomly, I bet his eyes follow it."

>Hiyuki shoves the belt forward for the woman to take.

"I couldn't predict something like that, right? Right?"


File: 1679084876087.jpg (461.23 KB, 850x891, Stephanie - 8.jpg)

"H-Haha… right…"

>The woman grabs a hold of the belt, and begins moving it around in all kinds of different directions in front of her.


File: 1679085269912.jpg (174.59 KB, 850x1202, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-13.jpg)

>The man's eyes follow the belt precisely, and he even reaches forward at one point when the belt gets closer, hitting his hand against the glass. Behind the woman, Hiyuki seems vindicated.

"See? See? I told you it isn't pre-recorded, that's the guy who tried to take that belt earlier."

>The man reaches forward again, only to disappear from the screen with a "pop", being replaced by a text box that simply reads:

[Do not taunt the prisoners]

>Rushing over to the screen, Hiyuki looks it up and down.

"Do you think it's watching us?"


File: 1679085410646.jpg (116.23 KB, 850x1257, Stephanie - 17.jpg)

>The woman nearly drops the belt, letting out a little scream.

"Aahh! Y-You were right! He's in there!"

>She puts the belt down near-by out of reach of the computer.

"How is this happening?"

>Her hands are on her head, making her hair slightly ruffled as she freaks out and tries to think.

"This doesn't make any sense! You can't put someone inside a computer! This… violates the laws of physics!"


File: 1679086542289.jpg (174.59 KB, 850x1202, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-13.jpg)

>Hiyuki seems more immersed in the screen to notice the woman's freak out.

"How do you think it does it? How would you even. . . Oh!"

>Hiyuki rushes away from the computer for a second, pulling an old battered keyboard from one of the shelves and looking for somewhere to plug it in, once she's found a port, she plugs it in and then rapidly types on the keyboard.

"Can. . . you. . . read. . . this?"

>Satisified with herself, Hiyuki only then seems to notice the freak out.

"Oh. . . er. . . yeah. . . that's not something that normally happens, right? It's like something out of those cheap shows my dad used to show me when I was growing up, hehe. . ."

>Hiyuki scratches the back of her head, wincing as she catches the bit she hit on the computer previously.

"But, like. . . we can't, but what if this was aliens or something? Not bad for a junkyard find, right?"

>The computer screen flashes as a new message is displayed.

[I can, please present Driver for verification.]


File: 1679086705235.jpg (662.6 KB, 850x1134, Stephanie - 6.jpg)

>The woman places her hand to her face, rubbing it. She grumbles.

"Only you would be able to find something like this."

>After a moment she looks back at the screen, reading the message. She blinks.

"Well.. are you going to do what it asks?"


File: 1679087507490-0.jpg (76.79 KB, 800x900, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-55.jpg)

File: 1679087507490-1.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, sample_87c559cdbd11eaa5780….png)

"I mean, does it mean like Doors drivers or something? Because I might have a spare CD lying around for that. . ."

>Hiyuki looks around, scanning the room, stopping when she sees the belt again.

"Oooooh, it probably means the belt, right?"

>Hiyuki picks up the belt and holds it front of the screen.

"It probably means the belt. . ."

>Nothing happens.

". . .so do I just. . . oh wait, I said a thing before. . ."

>Hiyuki coughs awkwardly, realising how her holding a belt in front of a screen and speaking to it looks for the first time.

"Ahem. . . Driver, Engage!"

>The screen flashes to life as the belt sparks, engulfing Hiyuki in a white light for a second, her form being replaced by an intricate mechanical set of red armour with golden highlights, a single stylised horn protruding from the helmet of the armour.

"That was. . . bright. . ."

>The computer flashes to life again, displaying a new message.

[Driver verification accepted, returning to base form.]

>The armoured figure is engulfed by light again, and Hiyuki is left standing in the same spot as before, although now she is carrying a different belt, coloured in red and gold, with no sign of any damage or wear.

[Driver information saved, calculating mission parameters.]

>Looking to the woman, Hiyuki shrugs, apparently unaware of what just happened.

"Well, it did something, maybe?"


File: 1679088754140.jpg (248.95 KB, 850x1202, Stephanie - 18.jpg)

>Stunned, the woman takes a step back.

"Hiyuki! You just… you just had a suit of futuristic looking armor appear on you, before vanishing! It looked like something out of one of those shows my brother watches!"

>Her eyes move towards the belt.

"Your belt changed too!"

>She huffs, blowing some hair away from her face.

"Maybe you should've called my brother instead."


File: 1679089129799.png (512.2 KB, 978x1244, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-33.png)

>Hiyuki blinks, confused.

"You have a brother, Stephanie?"

>Hiyuki looks down at the belt in her hand.

"Oh wow it did change, did the armor look cool?"


File: 1679089229547.jpg (58.2 KB, 850x1202, Stephanie - 25.jpg)

>Stephanie palms her face, before looking at Hiyuki again.

"Yes I have a brother. You've met Orion before."

>She looks at the belt again, and then sighs.

"Yeah. It looked cool, I guess. More importantly though. What now? You've got this… probably alien belt that makes armor. What're you going to do with it?"

>She looks at Hiyuki again waiting for her answer.


File: 1679089744569.jpg (110.3 KB, 850x1117, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-31.jpg)

>Hiyuki shakes her head.

"Pretty sure I'd remember someone called Orion. . ."

>Hiyuki brings the belt up to her eye level.

"I dunno, sell it? You'd think there's someone who might be interested in something like this, the government maybe?"

>Computer flashes at this comment.

[Do not sell the Driver.]

[The Driver is required to defeat the shades created from the darkness in people's hearts.]

>Hiyuki looks at the belt, then at the computer.

"I. . . what. . ?"

[Additional Drivers may be required. Potential volunteer detected.]

>Hiyuki looks at Stephanie.

"I think it's talking about you."


File: 1679089878002.jpg (131.82 KB, 850x1142, Stephanie - 22.jpg)

"Oh God…"

>Stephanie steps towards the computer.

"Elaborate. Before I volunteer for anything I want to know what these Shades are, and more about the Driver"


File: 1679090832715-0.jpg (48.45 KB, 641x477, Weird_Computer.jpg)

File: 1679090832715-1.jpg (144.44 KB, 850x1251, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-7.jpg)

[Permission denied, only drivers may request additional information.]

>Hiyuki coughs.

"What are these Shades? And what are the Drivers?"

>The computer pauses for a second, then flashes again, almost seeming like its reluctant to.

[Shades are formed from the negative emotions from within the hearts of humans, they have different abilities depending on the mix of emotions that they are made of.]

>The computer lets the text linger, then flashes again with a new information.

[Drivers are warriors created to defend humanity from the Shades, they are granted powers through their armor. Each Driver has their own set of abilities tailored to their preferences.]

[Is further information required? Y/N]

"I think it wants you to press the key on the keyboard."


File: 1679090983260.jpg (631.36 KB, 850x1134, Stephanie.jpg)

>Stephanie looks hesitant for a moment, before pressing the Y key on the keyboard.


File: 1679091326665.jpg (48.45 KB, 641x477, Weird_Computer.jpg)

>The computer flashes to show more information.

[Driver armor provides protection from all conventional attacks, and boosts the physical abilities of any Driver by a base amount, regardless of any further abilities. All Drivers are also provided access to an emergency access vehicle, should the situation require it.]

[Further Driver abilities are available upon Driver progression.]


File: 1679091458588.jpg (504.26 KB, 900x1327, Stephanie - 31.jpg)

>Stephanie blows hair out of her face again, thinking out loud.

"I dunno… I was going to join the police academy a few years ago because my mom works for them. But I changed my mind…"


File: 1679091647207-0.jpg (191.48 KB, 850x1180, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-11.jpg)

File: 1679091647207-1.jpg (48.45 KB, 641x477, Weird_Computer.jpg)

"I didn't know you wanted to join the Police."

>Hiyuki interjects.

"Hey maybe you'll have armor that looks like the Police or something? That'd be cool, right?"

>The computer repeats the earlier question.

[Is further information required? Y/N]


File: 1679091767168.png (1.11 MB, 800x1100, Stephanie - 36.png)

"Well like I said. I changed my mind, since I decided I'd rather just make art."

>Stephanie scratches the side of her head.

"Well how dangerous are these Shade things? Why can't the police just handle it?"


File: 1679092005915-0.jpg (113.6 KB, 850x1206, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-24.jpg)

File: 1679092005915-1.jpg (48.45 KB, 641x477, Weird_Computer.jpg)

>Hiyuki mumbles under her breath.

"Always the artists isn't it?"

>When the computer doesn't respond to Stephanie's question, Hiyuki realises that it needs her input.

"Oh, couldn't these Shades be dealt with by the police?"


"Well, that's succinct. . . Why?"

[Your police lack the equipment to face Shades, Drivers are required.]

>Hiyuki shrugs.

"It's saying it, not me."


File: 1679092095178.jpg (414.83 KB, 850x1051, Stephanie - 29.jpg)

>Stephanie lets out a sigh and looks at Hiyuki.

"Well, what do you think? I want your opinion."


File: 1679092361461.jpg (142.36 KB, 850x1219, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-4.jpg)

"I mean, it said it's safe, right? For the Drivers at least. . ."

>Hiyuki looks elsewhere in the store.

". . .and, like, it's helping people? And I think one of these stole my breakfast burrito earlier. . ."

>Hiyuki's stomach grumbles.

"Well, not stole, I threw it at someone acting strange who tried to take the belt from my pickup. Plus. . ."

>Hiyuki coughs quietly.

". . .it could be fun, you know?"


File: 1679092491275.jpg (261.32 KB, 850x1418, Stephanie - 27.jpg)

>Stephanie stares at Hiyuki, thinking silently. Finally she lets out a sigh.

"…Fineee. But if it becomes too dangerous we need to call the police. Alright?"

>Stephanie turns to look at the computer screen, and then lets out a shrug.

"Okay. I guess I'm volunteering. What now?"


File: 1679092828326-0.png (512.2 KB, 978x1244, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-33.png)

File: 1679092828326-1.jpg (48.45 KB, 641x477, Weird_Computer.jpg)

>Hiyuki grins.

"It'll be fun, right?"

[Volunteer located, producing new Driver.]

>The computer glows, obscuring Stephanie's hands for a moment before receding to reveal a new belt in Stephanie's hands.

>Once the process is complete, the computer locks itself out.

[Verify new Driver.]


File: 1679093429818-0.jpg (83.48 KB, 850x1225, Stephanie - 42.jpg)

File: 1679093429818-1.jpg (388.17 KB, 850x939, Driver.jpg)

>Similar to Hiyuki, Stephanie points the belt at the computer screen and says:

"Um… driver activate?"

>Like before the computer and belt react, causing Stephanie to be engulfed in a bright light. In her place is now an armored figure, covered from head to toe in dark blue armor.

>After a moment she's again engulfed in light, leaving Stephanie standing in her place again.

>Stephanie looks down, examining the belt.

"That was… weird. But hey, it got my favorite color."


File: 1679432003781.jpg (13.42 KB, 360x360, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-56.jpg)

>The computer flashes to indicate it has read Stephanie's details.

[Driver verification accepted, Driver information saved, Welcome, Stephanie.]

>Seeing the namedrop, Hiyuki pouts.

"Hey, why didn't you do that for me? So rude. . ."

[Identification was deemed unnecessary.]

"You fix something and this is the thanks you get. . ."

>Hiyuki turns to Stephanie.

"I didn't know your favourite color was blue. . . kinda makes the pink wrapping paper I got for your birthday stupid now. . . It looked good on you though."

"Like, really good."


File: 1679432153938.jpg (81.26 KB, 850x1011, Stephanie - 2.jpg)

>Stephanie raises her eyebrow.

"You've gotta work on remembering things about people. Because that's the second time today you've forgotten something about me I told you about years ago."

"And thanks. You looked nice in your red outfit too."


File: 1679432870426.jpg (113.82 KB, 736x1308, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-59.jpg)

>Hiyuki stammers through a response

"Really? Oh t-that's good haha, I'm g-glad I don't look bad in the outfit hahaha. . ."

>Looking for a way out of the conversation that she herself started, Hiyuki turns her attention back to the computer.

"So. . . errr. . . fighting shades, what do they look like exactly? I'm guessing they're not all like the dude with the weird shadows. . ."

>Hiyuki pauses for a second.

"He was a shade, right?"

[Indicators point to this conclusion being correct.]

"Oh good, I didn't just throw a burrito a random guy then. . ."

>As she finishes the sentence, Hiyuki's stomach grumbles.


File: 1679432994456.jpg (332.87 KB, 850x1206, Stephanie - 37.jpg)

"Probably wasn't a good idea to throw your food at him."

>Stephanie looks at the computer.

"Um… computer. Do we have the time for me to get Hiyuki some food? Or are these shade things a problem right now?"


File: 1679433306779.jpg (191.48 KB, 850x1180, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-11.jpg)

>Hiyuki objects, her pride wounded by Stephanie's comment

"It was a good idea at the time, ok?"

>At Stephanie's second question, the computer produces a small radar dish, which rotates around several times before retreating again.

[No major Shade activity detected, if new activity is detected, you will be informed.]


File: 1679433534627.jpg (136.16 KB, 888x1200, Stephanie - 24.jpg)

"Great. Alright Hiyuki, come on. I haven't eaten either. So we're going out."

>Stephanie grabs Hiyuki by the arm and begins to pull her along.

"Oh, and I'll be nice and pay for your food. But you have to drive. You at least have the decency to leave your passenger seat clean, right?"


File: 1679433895880.jpg (711.45 KB, 850x1202, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-9.jpg)

"But what about my customers. . ?"

>Hiyuki looks around the store as she's pulled along.

". . .ok I get the point."

>Hiyuki let's Stephanie lead her out of the store.

[Best of luck, Hiyuki Hoyokazi].

>The computer's message is left unseen


File: 1679434409301.jpg (248.95 KB, 850x1202, Stephanie - 18.jpg)

>Stephanie waves her hand in a somewhat dismissive manner.

"They'll realize nobody is there soon. It's fine. The few times I've seen you take a lunch break you forget to flip your sign anyway."

>Now at Hiyuki's truck, Stephanie lets go of her arm.

"Oh and I don't want to be cheap but when I said I'd take you out I meant like a fast food joint. Not something fancy. So, somewhere like… I dunno. Taco Hell or Snack in the Box. Or maybe Pizza The Hutt if you want pizza instead."


File: 1679434864281-0.jpg (906.14 KB, 850x1511, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-51.jpg)

File: 1679434864281-1.jpeg (953.33 KB, 2048x1536, Hiyukis_pickup.jpeg)

"I can't go Snack in the Box twice in a day, what if they notice that I was there earlier, Stephanie?"

>Hiyuki reaches into her pocket for her keys, unlocking the driver's side door and getting into the vehicle.

"Can't have Pizza the Hutt because I don't want to deal with having eaten that much cheese today. . ."

>Fully in the vehicle, Hiyuki twists herself around to kick the passenger door, bringing her foot down against it with full force. After the first one fails, she kicks it again, causing the door to pop open.

"Taco Hell then?"


File: 1679435196259.jpg (223.48 KB, 850x803, Stephanie - 15.jpg)

"Girl you could've just opened it like a normal person."

>Stephanie climbs in the truck and pushes some junk away from the passenger seat before sitting down and closing the door.

"Does your air conditioner work? It's like an oven in here. Sheesh."

>Stephanie begins flapping her hand near her face mimicking a fan.

"And yes. Taco Hell sounds fine. Just hurry and turn the truck on so we can get some cool air."


File: 1679435399639.jpg (157.17 KB, 850x1202, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-3.jpg)

>Hiyuki turns the key to start the ignition, then presses the button for the AC.

"Door's broken. . ."

>Hiyuki presses the button for the AC again, not getting any response.

"AC's broken too. . . Windows work though!"

>Looking back, Hiyuki reverses the pickup out of its parking spot, swerving it around the corner.

"Where's Taco Hell again, near monument plaza, right?"


File: 1679435518835.jpg (97.8 KB, 850x1271, Stephanie - 35.jpg)

>Stephanie lets out a sigh.

"I shouldn't of asked you to drive… and yeah… near monument plaza."

>Stephanie slinks back in her seat as far as her seatbelt will let her, waiting for the cool air to rush in the window.


File: 1679435867663-0.jpg (906.14 KB, 850x1511, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-51.jpg)

File: 1679435867663-1.png (57.78 KB, 629x419, Monument_plaza.png)

>Hiyuki speeds down the road, barely slowing down for the corner.

"What'd y'mean? I've never crashed."

>The pickup speeds across the city at an unsafe speed, but doesn't collide with anything the entire time.

>Reaching Monument Plaza, the pickup slips around the plaza, taking the road and giving Stephanie a nice view of the monument that the area is named after, before Hiyuki swerves around the corner to reach Taco Hell, pulling into the parking lot and taking up a space.

"Taco Hell has vegetarian options, right?"


File: 1679436058650.jpg (84.06 KB, 1010x1200, Stephanie - 41.jpg)

>Stephanie looks almost dazed, clenching tightly onto her seatbelt. She pants heavily for several moments before turning to look at Hiyuki.

"We are never. Ever. Doing this. Again. Ever."

>She begins to unbuckle herself.

"I'm sure they'll have something for you. Just… just give me a moment. I wasn't prepared for a roller coaster."

>Stephanie takes a moment to try and calm herself.


File: 1679436424275.jpg (459.32 KB, 850x988, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-40.jpg)

>Hiyuki blinks, confused.

"Doing what? We haven't even eaten yet, or do you just dislike me that much. . ?"

>Hiyuki opens her door, stepping out of the car.

"Nothing like a brisk drive in the morning. . ."


File: 1679436679354.jpg (150.24 KB, 850x1361, Stephanie - 50.jpg)

"Letting you drive again. After today I'm never letting you drive me again."

>Stephanie pulls on the door handle and tries to open it, only to realize it's jammed. She shoves it with her shoulder, and then shoves it a second time with more force causing it to finally pop open.

"You know you should think about fixing your truck before it falls apart."

>Stephanie hops out and then closes the door, adjusting her top slightly.

"Oh and stop speeding! You're going to hurt someone! I almost thought we were going to die!"


File: 1679436907630-0.jpg (711.45 KB, 850x1202, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-9.jpg)

File: 1679436907630-1.jpeg (953.33 KB, 2048x1536, Hiyukis_pickup.jpeg)

File: 1679436907630-2.jpg (54.19 KB, 600x397, taco-bell-cantina-main_0.jpg)

>Hiyuki puts her hand on the top of the pickup.

"Don't listen to her girl, you're doing fine, I won't let you fall apart. . ."

>After her vehicle is "comforted", Hiyuki shrugs.

"I haven't hit anyone or got into a crash, and it's not like I'm breaking any laws by not following the speed suggestions. . ."

>Walking into the restaurant, Hiyuki walks to somewhere where she can see the menu.

"Besides, following them is boring."


File: 1679437025856-0.jpg (54.19 KB, 600x397, Taco Hell.jpg)

File: 1679437025856-1.jpg (1022.92 KB, 1000x1500, Stephanie - 33.jpg)

"Speed limits. Limits. You're not supposed to go over them. Or at the very least. Not very much. Most people I know go no more than about five over."

>Stephanie walks in the restaurant alongside Hiyuki.

"Anyway. See anything you like? I already know what I want."


File: 1679437234631.png (300.94 KB, 700x700, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-49.png)

"No I'm pretty sure it's suggestions. . ."

>Hiyuki looks at the menu, then gulps.

"T-that's very for-. . . Oh you mean the food. . . errr. . . I guess I'll just go for a vegetarian burrito? There's no cheese in that, right, or I can get it without cheese?"

>Hiyuki glances to the side for a moment, hoping Stephanie hadn't noticed her slip up.


File: 1679437431945.jpg (261.32 KB, 850x1418, Stephanie - 27.jpg)

>Stephanie, seemingly oblivious to Hiyuki's slip up just stares at the menu, checking for what Hiyuki had asked.

"I'm pretty sure you can just ask them to add or remove things like at Snack in the Box. So if you don't want cheese just tell them."

>Stephanie looks at Hiyuki.

"Are you alright? You look a little flush."


File: 1679437923880.gif (713.47 KB, 540x339, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-60.gif)

"O-oh, that's good, don't want to trigger the l-lactose intolerance today, r-right?"

>Hiyuki steps back from the menu.

"And I'm fine, I just. . ."

>Hiyuki's belt starts beeping, as does Stephanie.

{"Oh thank god something's happening. . ."}

"That has to be some kind of alarm, right? We should probably check it out. . ."

>Hiyuki's phone buzzes, and she takes it out of her pocket, only for her to have a new alert on it.

[Shade activity detected nearby, Drivers required.]

"Oh look we should probably deal with that. . ."


File: 1679438039601.jpg (340.55 KB, 972x1969, Stephanie - 46.jpg)

>Stephanie lets out a sigh.

"Right… well. We'll eat later then."

>Stephanie immediately turns and begins heading out the door and back towards the truck.


File: 1679510168169-0.png (57.78 KB, 629x419, Monument_plaza.png)

File: 1679510168169-1.jpg (171.33 KB, 800x990, Clown_Bullshit.jpg)

>As Stephanie steps through the door, a bench flies over her head, smashing through the door and tumbling into the Taco Hell, thankfully hitting no one in its path.

>Within Monument Plaza, a clown holding a giant pair of scissors hangs from the eponymous monument, using the scissors as cover for its eyes.

"HEHE HOO HOO HAHA! It feels soooooo good to be awake again! And in such a lovely place too! With so many to play funny pranks on!"

>The clown jumps down from the monument, pushing someone over as it lands next to them.

"Huhuhuhu! I'm just a funny little trickster boy! Whatever shall I do next. . ?"

>The clown looks around, locking its eyes on Hiyuki.

"How about I kill someone?"

>Jumping forward, the clown brandishes its scissors, aiming them at Hiyuki's chest.


File: 1679510492253-0.jpg (484.37 KB, 850x1838, Hiyuki_(Earth-71)-10.jpg)

File: 1679510492253-1.gif (1.4 MB, 320x180, power-ranger-transformatio….gif)

File: 1679510492253-2.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)

>Acutely aware of the clown rushing towards her at high speed, Hiyuki grabs her belt, reacting in an instant.

"Driver engage!"

>Hiyuki disappears in a flash of light, reappearing in her Driver armour, blocking the clown's scissors with a sword that also appears in her hands as it reaches her.

"Looks. . ."

>Hiyuki pushes the clown away from her.

"Looks like that shade activity found us!"


File: 1679511414692-0.jpg (1022.92 KB, 1000x1500, Stephanie - 33.jpg)

File: 1679511414692-1.jpg (388.17 KB, 850x939, Driver.jpg)

>Stephanie's eyes dart between the strange clown and Hiyuki several times, well aware of the absurdity of the situation.

"A… clown?"

>Her eyes look back to Hiyuki who has already transformed, and then down to her own belt.

"Driver engage! I guess!"

>Like Hiyuki before a light engulfs Stephanie, causing her to reappear in her armor. She seems strangely more animated in her movements now.

"Yeah, I think so!"

>With a sudden display of acrobatics Stephanie runs forward, flipping into a kick directed at the clown - knocking it even further back.

>Surprised, Stephanie looks at her hands, still moving in an oddly animated fashion.

"Woah! I feel like some kind of super hero now!"


File: 1679511863937-0.jpg (117.35 KB, 992x909, Clown_Bullshit_2_Electric_….jpg)

File: 1679511863937-1.png (216.97 KB, 593x373, Eey5QKxXkAAhfze.png)

File: 1679511863937-2.gif (7.73 MB, 480x358, fight.gif)

>The clown's eyes seem to pop out as its flung backwards.

"OOOOOF! He. . . he. . . he. . ."

>The clown does a backflip, jumping up and down after it lands.

"Huhu hehe, what do we have here. . ?"

>The clown does and exagerated looking gesture, moving its body as high and low as it can.

"My oh my oh my! Drivers! Brave defenders of humanity! Such fun such fun!"

>The clown flips towards Stephanie, throwing a punch in her direction while also swinging around to kick at Hiyuki.

"Play with me Drivers, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

>For good measure, the clown flips around again, swinging its scissors at Stephanie


File: 1679512011627-0.gif (7.73 MB, 480x358, fight.gif)

File: 1679512011627-1.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)

>Hiyuki swings her new sword at the clown, missing and tripping slightly as its foot connects with her leg, several sparks flying from where it managed to hit her, before bringing herself up with a jump.

"Do you think that all of the shades are annoying as this?"

>Hiyuki flips to avoid another attack, then swings again, grazing the clown.

"I'm really hoping they're not."


File: 1679512379980.jpg (414.05 KB, 850x1023, Driver - 11.jpg)

>Stephanie just barely manages to block the clown's punch on time, stumbling back in a dramatic fashion.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they are!"

>After catching her balance again Stephanie runs back towards the clown, delivering another acrobatic kick - this time hitting him back towards Hiyuki.


File: 1679512693415.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)


>Hiyuki slashes her sword upwards, bringing it across the clown in a dramatic series of sparking explosions.

"Back to you!"

>With a spin, Hiyuki kicks the clown back towards Stephanie, the clown tumbling as it approaches her.


File: 1679512811113.jpg (183.15 KB, 850x1133, Driver - 4.jpg)

>This time Stephanie throws a punch, knocking the clown aside and onto the ground.

"Huh. We're already pretty good at this."


File: 1679512961155.jpg (4.39 MB, 1729x2450, Clown_Bullshit_3_Dark_of_t….jpg)


>The clown cries out as it hits the ground.

"That hurts! Rude rude ruder rudity rude!"

>The clown rolls around on the ground, in pain, before smiling again.

"Owie. . ."

>The clown melts into the ground.


File: 1679513093136.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)

>Hiyuki puts her hand on her hip, a smug grin not visible thanks to her helmet, but still very obvious.

"Yeah we are, I reckon we might be naturals at this."

>Hiyuki kneels down to the ground, touching where the clown was.

"Weird how it disappeared differently to that guy in my shop though. . ."

>Outside of Hiyuki's notice, the ground begins to crack below her. . .


File: 1679513158588.jpg (388.17 KB, 850x939, Driver.jpg)

"Hiyuki! Get away from that!"

>Stephanie grabs Hiyuki by the shoulder and yanks her back away from the weird clown goo.


File: 1679513439061-0.png (874.29 KB, 700x933, Clown_Bullshit_4_The_Quest….png)

File: 1679513439061-1.gif (3.35 MB, 640x362, krang-giant.gif)

>A giant clown hand bursts out of the ground where Hiyuki was looking, and is soon followed by more and more clown parts.

>Pulling itself up, the clown stands in the plaza, now giant in height, the comical villain easily matches the height of the surrounding buildings, its feet barely missing the two heroes down on the ground.


>The clown's voice booms around the plaza.


File: 1679513564458.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)

>Hiyuki narrowly misses being hit by a giant clown hand thanks to Stephanie's yanking her back.

"T-thanks. . ."

>Looking up at the giant clown, Hiyuki goes to scratch her head, being unable to thanks to her helmet, instead settling on knocking the side of her helmet.

"So. . . errr. . . how do we deal with that?"


File: 1679513775334.jpg (221.1 KB, 850x924, Driver - 5.jpg)

"I don't know!"

>Stephanie looks up at the gargantuan clown, trying to think of what to do. Suddenly she flashes back to earlier, remembering what the computer told them.

"We have vehicles!"

>Stephie turns to look at Hiyuki.

"The computer said we have some kind of emergency vehicles! Maybe those will help!"


File: 1679514277815-0.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)

File: 1679514277815-1.gif (9.38 MB, 480x270, Activation.gif)

"R-right! Vehicles might help!"

>Hiyuki looks around, jumping out of the way as a clown foot slams down near her, the gargantuan gagster walking away from the plaza. . .

"Do they like, what? Just deliver them to us or something? Do I just really think that I need a vehicle. . ."

>Hiyuki closes her eyes for a moment, thinking really hard about vehicles, when the image of a pair of yellow eyes flashes in her mind.

"Oh! That. . . I think that worked somehow! I think it works by reacting to what we need or something!"


File: 1679515620750-0.jpg (183.15 KB, 850x1133, Driver - 4.jpg)

File: 1679515620750-1.jpg (200.96 KB, 850x1063, __liger_zero_jager_zoids_a….jpg)

"O-Okay! I'll try!"

>Stephanie thinks hard about the fact that she needs a vehicle, only to experience a similar sensation to Hiyuki.

>Moments later the ground rattles, causing Stephanie to stumble and fall back as a massive mechanical cat-like machine lands next to her.

"Holy shiiii— is that the vehicle!? I was expecting like… an armored car! Or some kind of tank!"


File: 1679516481431-0.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)

File: 1679516481431-1.jpg (84.05 KB, 780x438, Dragon_Red-2.jpg)

File: 1679516481431-2.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1080, Dragon_Red-3.png)

>A screech can be heard and the ground shakes as a massive mechanical red dragon-like machine lands on the ground, letting out a triumphant roar and spreading its mechanical wings.

"Oh my god that. Is. Awesome!"

>Hiyuki looks up at the mechanical creature of myth.

"How do we even get in though?"

>A thought enters Hiyuki's mind, answering her question.

>Standing in front of the dragon, Hiyuki brings her hand down to her belt.

"Driver! Access, Dragon Red!"

>Hiyuki disappears into a trail of light that fires up to the dragon's head, finding herself in a spacious cockpit inside the creature.

>Despite being apart from her companion, Hiyuki's voice sounds clearly in her ears.

"These'll work perfectly, come on Stephanie, let's kick this clown's butt!"

>With another roar, the dragon jumps in the air, a set of thrusters along its wings firing, and flies off in the direction of the giant clown.


File: 1679517132013-0.jpg (388.17 KB, 850x939, Driver.jpg)

File: 1679517132013-1.jpg (198.8 KB, 850x680, __liger_zero_jager_zoids_a….jpg)


"Driver! Access, Blue Lion!"

>Stephanie disappears, reappearing inside the lion's cockpit.

"Woah! I feel like I already know how to work this thing! Alright, here I come!"

>The Lion lets out a roar of it's own and begins running in the direction of the clown, taking only a few seconds to catch up to the dragon.


File: 1679517587933-0.png (712.54 KB, 788x1014, Clown_Bullshit_5_The_Clown….png)

File: 1679517587933-1.gif (2.69 MB, 498x211, godzilla-walk.gif)

>A fair bit away, the clown continues its march, not going anywhere in particular.


>Bringing up its scissors from before, the clown goes to slice through a building. . .


File: 1679517807121-0.jpg (161.14 KB, 940x1032, Dragon_Red.jpg)

File: 1679517807121-1.gif (6.25 MB, 600x255, ezgif-2-3c0bc65641.gif)

>Seeing the clown aiming at a building, Hiyuki guides her dragon to dive down, hitting the clown squarely on the shoulders and pulling it away from the building.

"Oh no you don't!"

>While in the air, the dragon turns its head to fire a blast from its mouth, then spins around, throwing the clown away.

"Over to you, Stephanie!"


File: 1679518107430-0.gif (1007.66 KB, 500x360, Merlin behavior.gif)

File: 1679518107430-1.jpg (198.8 KB, 850x680, __liger_zero_jager_zoids_a….jpg)

"I got him!"

>Stephanie maneuvers her lion to leap into the air, actually catching the clown by the leg. The lion bites down hard on the clown, slamming him into the ground as it lands.

>Now with the clown on it's back, the lion pounces - scratching and swiping at the clown from all directions as it's pinned.


File: 1679518386728.jpg (152.66 KB, 710x1125, Clown_Bullshit_6_The_Undis….jpg)


>The clown attempts to stand up, only to get knocked down by a hundred ton metal claw in its chest.


>The clown struggles, trying to grab the lion.


File: 1679518520427.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1080, Dragon_Red-3.png)

>From her vantage point in the sky, Hiyuki laughs as the giant feline pins the giant clown down, then has an idea.

"Throw it up in the air Stephanie, I'm going to finish this!"

>Hiyuki maneuvers the dragon around to have a vantage point to fire at the clown once it's flying.


File: 1679518680672.jpg (226.81 KB, 600x424, __liger_zero_and_liger_zer….jpg)


>The massive lion bites down around the clown's neck and then jumps off his chest. In one swift maneuver it jumps into the air - twisting itself and throwing the clown into the air.

"There you go!"


File: 1679519687709-0.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1080, Dragon_Red-3.png)

File: 1679519687710-1.gif (6.19 MB, 640x246, laser-anime.gif)

File: 1679519687710-2.gif (1.06 MB, 498x278, falling-hi.gif)

File: 1679519687710-3.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)

"Right! Let's show them what you've got, Dragon Red!"

>Leaning over her console, Hiyuki grabs two levers, thrusting them forward as far as possible.

"Go! Driver. . !"

>From the outside, the dragon opens its mouth.

"RED. . ."

>The dragon spreads its wings as far as possible.

"DRAGON. . ."

>The dragon pulls its head back, making strafing slightly to get a good angle on the clown.


>With a roar and spark of energy, a giant beam of energy fires from the dragon's mouth, spreading out everywhere it can in the sky, engulfing the clown entirely.

>After a few seconds, the beam increases in energy, causing the dragon's head to tilt even further back.

>Then, as quickly as it started, the beam stops, leaving no trace of the clown in the sky. . .

[Shade Pagliaccio: Neutralised]

"Good work, Dragon Red. . ."

>The dragon looms in the sky for a moment, then disappears in a cloud of digital-looking cubes, leaving Hiyuki to fall to the ground below. . .


File: 1679519986547-0.jpg (388.17 KB, 850x939, Driver.jpg)

File: 1679519986547-1.jpg (200.96 KB, 850x1063, __liger_zero_jager_zoids_a….jpg)

>Hiyuki is suddenly caught mid-air, being rescued by Stephanie. The pair fall down, with Stephanie landing harmlessly on top of her lion.

"Hiyuki. Hey. Are you alright?"

>Stephanie looks down at Hiyuki, still holding onto her while she waits for a response.


File: 1679520235927-0.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)

File: 1679520235927-1.gif (50.44 KB, 220x171, umaru-hyper.gif)

>Hiyuki looks up at Stephanie, Stephanie's helmet being reflect in her helmet's eyes.

"Am I alright. . ?"

>Hiyuki splays her arms and legs out in excitement, still somehow remaining in Stephanie's grip.

"Did you see that? I was awesome! And you were awesome too! This isn't where I was expecting this day to go at all! But I'm glad it did!"


File: 1679520448602.jpg (112.11 KB, 850x1202, Driver - 10.jpg)

>Stephanie instinctively jerks her head back to avoid being hit by Hiyuki's arms. Beneath her helmet she smiles.

"Yeah, it was awesome. Wasn't it? I was kind of scared but everything turned out alright…"

>Stephanie stands up from her crouching position, still holding Hiyuki.

"You did really good Hiyuki. I don't think it would've gone as smoothly if I were out here by myself."


File: 1679520614475-0.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)

File: 1679520614475-1.jpg (200.96 KB, 850x1063, 1679519986547-1.jpg)

"Haha yeah, we made a great team! And I would be flattened on the concrete if you hadn't. . ."

>Hiyuki looks at where she is, and quickly jumps out of Stephanie's arms, brushing herself off.

"Caught me! Thanks for that by the way!"

>Hiyuki looks around from the top of the lion.

"S-so! How do we get down from here?"


File: 1679520752694.jpg (183.15 KB, 850x1133, Driver - 4.jpg)

>Stephanie shrugs.

"Jump, I guess. I jumped real high to catch you and I turned out fine."

>Stephanie holds out her hand towards Hiyuki.

"But if you're scared we can do it together."


File: 1679521110294-0.png (563.86 KB, 850x1202, Driver_Red.png)

File: 1679521110294-1.gif (1.56 MB, 498x262, anime-hands-clasped.gif)

>Hiyuki thinks for a moment, looking at the city below, then at Stephanie again.

"I. . ."

>Hiyuki goes to look at the city, considering jumping by herself.

"I think I'll take your help. . ."

>Hiyuki takes Stephanie's hand to jump together.


File: 1679522185993-0.jpg (212.83 KB, 1280x874, television-4480915_1280.jpg)

File: 1679522185993-1.jpg (115.94 KB, 1056x1123, latest (1).jpg)

File: 1679522185993-2.jpg (128.17 KB, 1447x2048, Driver Shadow.jpg)

>Somewhere else. . .

>In a dark, abandoned room somewhere, a mysterious lone TV, not plugged into anything, replays the fight between the two Drivers and the Shade, looping between each move.

"Interesting. . ."

>A single dark red eye flashes, then glows in the dark, soon accompanied by a plume of sickly white fire.

"These new Drivers will disturb our plans. . . Driver Shadow. . ."

>A Driver steps out of the shadows, her armour coated in silver, purple, and black, with gold highlights and spikes throughout.

>Stepping in front of the eye and fire, the Driver kneels down

"Yes, my liege?"

"Dispatch these new Drivers before they can interfere too much."

>On Driver Shadow's helmet, two intricate red slits flash, glowing ominously.

"With pleasure. . ."

[To Be Continued. . .]

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