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>Date: August 25th, 2019
>Location: Metro City - Financial District
>Time: 7:00 AM

>A motorcycle quickly drives down the streets of the metropolitan city, narrowing a nearby turn as the vehicle continues chugging light fumes.


>The motorcycle continues weaving its way down the street as it goes faster and faster. After a few minutes, it reaches its destination - a large hospital building.

"Perfect. Right on time."

>Parking the bike, the figure gets off of it and take off their helmet - revealing a mane of midnight black hair. Yawning, the man then carries his helmet as he walks inside the building.

>Time: 5:00 PM

"Thanks Aiden! We'll see you tomorrow!"

>Waving back at the nurse, Aiden then walks out of the building, holding his motorcycle helmet.

>Aiden then rubs his eyelids - tired.

"Gotta love residency. Sheesh."

>Shaking his head, he then looks down at his watch - checking to make sure that the time is exactly on the dot.

"Alright. Time to go home."

>In the periphery of his vision, he then notices something surprising.


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>Aiden then sees a woman being cornered by a bunch of figures - humanoid but clearly monstrous.

{"What the? Are those monsters?! Ohhh that's not good!"}

>Instinctively running towards the woman, cornered, he then hears her start to shout.

"Someone please! Help me!"

"Hey! Leave her alone!"

>Aiden jumps onto one of the figures - immediately feeling a chill going down his spine.


>Still, he grabs onto the figure and tries to pull them away from the woman - as she continues screaming in terror.

{"This is bad timing! There's nobody around the hospital at this time of the day! I guess it's just me then!"}

>Aiden is then knocked back across the street by the figure - scraping across the floor. As he coughs, he slowly rises to his feet, looking at his motorcycle.

{"Didn't want to ruin it but….It'll have to do."}

>Aiden then puts on his motorcycle helmet and then drives head on towards all 5 of the monsters - from the side.

>The monsters slowly turn around towards Aiden - only for him to slam into them with the motorcycle - damaging both them and it.

>The motorcycle then catches fire somewhat - as Aiden crashes into a nearby wall - barely jumping from the motorcycle in time - as it explodes - with the monsters catching flames as a massive explosion starts.


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>Being knocked down and blown far back - Aiden skids on the floor again, coughing. As he rubs his eyes, he then looks up.

{"Hopefully that did it! Not much of a fighter anymore, but I've still got my instincts!"}

>Slowly rising to his feet, Aiden winces for a moment before he then stands up straight. Placing a hand to his shoulder, he breathes slowly, thinking:

{"OK. I think I have them down - whatever they are!"}

>To his dismay, the very same figures slowly start walking out of the fire - in flames, but still walking.

"Uh oh…."

>Steeling his nerves, Aiden then thinks:

{"Well, at least that woman's OK. Hopefully she's turned and run."}

>Out loud, he says:

"Not down then? In that case, fine by me! I'm not gonna let you hurt people just like that! Because that's not what heroes do!"

>Suddenly, Aiden feels a vibration in his phone. Raising an eyebrow, he thinks:

{"Who's calling right now? Is it mom again? Bad timing….."}

>Almost making a gesture to get the monsters to stop walking, Aiden takes out his phone and looks at it. There's a system UI prompt on his phone that he doesn't recognize.

["Behavioral Status Affirmed. Effective Driver Candidate Detected. Proceed With Audio Commentary?"]

>Skeptical, Aiden starts backing up while tapping "Yes" on the prompt - as his earphones start speaking to him.

"Aiden Ethan Grayson, you are an effective candidate to become a Driver."

"What's a Driver again, and how is this helping me right now?"

>The monsters begin to walk faster - starting to close in on him.

>Aiden picks up the pace.

"Drivers are heroic warriors chosen to protect humanity from Shades - the enemies before you right now."


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>Starting to pace around the large area near the edge of the street, Aiden then continues speaking to the seemingly sentient program.

"Alright. So how do I become a Driver?"

>The program responds in his ear buds.

"Authenticate through the phrase "Transformation". Once bestowed with the Driver Belt, state the phrase: "Driver, Engage"."

>Nodding, Aiden puts the phone away back in his jacket - as he instinctively begins to move without thinking. Assuming a combat stance, Aiden then stretches out his hand - slowly moving it across the air as he speaks:


>In that moment, a black mass with red and gold light forms around his waist - with a futuristic belt appearing. Not even noticing the belt, Aiden then says:

"Driver, Engage!"

>Aiden then moves his hands in a swift crossing motion - as a wave of black mass, red light and golden light forms around him. The force of the energy generation is bright enough to illuminate the entire block - and powerful enough to send the Shades flying backward.

>In Aiden's place stands a figure draped in black armor; with a gold trimmed carapace, ruby red eyes and an elaborate helmet. His helmet is decorated with an ornate golden trim, and almost regal-like horns.

>The figure then makes a pose, instinctively - generating another burst of force.

"Shades! Your unrelenting assault of malevolence ends today!"

>He then makes another pose - stretching out his gloved hand with a reaching motion.

"Empowered by the ultimate forces of good, I will overcome your sinister machinations!"

>Now making a pose that points upward into the air, he concludes by stating:

"Face your nightmare! As I am the worst fear of all evildoers whose hearts give in to temptation!"

>The figure then makes another pose - with both hands closed into fists in a combat stance as he concludes by stating:


>Spontaneous explosions of black, red and gold energy then appear behind him.


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>The Shades instinctively recoil at the energies that emanate from the masked warrior - causing them to scream in an unnatural cadence.

>One of the Shades rushes Black, attempting to lunge at him. While this happens, Black immediately leaps forward - somersaulting. Evading the strike, he then lands behind the Shade and strikes them in the back.

>The Shade then screams loudly once more, as Black grabs it from behind and flips it over. As it lands on the ground, he then jumps into the sky - somersaulting again. His right boot then immediately catches fire - burning with a supernatural red and black flame as he shouts:


>Slamming into the Shade, it immediately catches into flames and burns - disintegrating into ash. The remaining 4 Shades look on in surprise and astonishment, recoiling as Black lands on his feet, kneeling.

"The instrument of divine retribution!"

>Posing once more, Black continues:

"The guardian of good!"

>Slamming his hands together, they then immediately catch on fire - more traditional red and orange fire in each hand as he concludes:

"The emissary of heaven and hell! I am your destruction!"

>Moving forward, he then rushes all four of the remaining Shades, striking them with supernatural punches so fast - that the human eye cannot perceive Black's movements. The shockwaves of force build up within each Shade as the force and power of Black's punches allow him to completely immolate the four remaining Shades entirely.

>As the four Shades stumble back - immolated and burning up from the inside and out, Black turns around, stating:

"Evil will be punished. When the hearts of men fall victim to weakness, I will be there, waiting for them."

>Striking another pose, Black concludes by stating:

"They will then face the grand judgment of the champion of good!"

>With one final pose being struck, he says:


>The four Shades then slowly fall to the ground, burning up and causing a massive explosion of black, red and gold fire.


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>As the flames continue to burn, Black then thinks for a moment, before shaking his head.

"Ngghh. What happened…."

>Looking around, Black's memories begin to return as he states:

"Did I….do that? Huh."

>Turning his gaze to the damaged and burning form of his motorcycle, Black sighs as he then states:

"Well, I'm gonna need to save up for a new one then."

>In the back of his mind, the same program speaks to Black, seemingly from a disembodied voice.

["Unnecessary. The motorcycle can fuse to your Driver Vehicle. Summon it for the synthesis process to begin."]

>Nodding slowly, Black then instinctively strikes a pose once again - shouting:

"Driver Vehicle! Come! Mosaic-One!"

>Suddenly, the burning wreck of the motorcycle and the helmet are surrounded in a bright red light - as well as a black mass. After a few moments, a larger, more reinforced motorcycle appears - with golden trimmings.

>Holding out his hand, Black watches as the Mosaic-1 instinctively reacts to him. Slowly moving to sit on the new high tech bike, Black then slowly revs the engine as he says:

"Evil still exists…lurking in the shadows."

>Pointing out to the streets beyond, Black then elaborates:

"Come, Mosaic-One. We must hunt down the twisted hearts of men, and deliver them divine judgment!"

>Pressing down on the pedal, Black then drives off into the city; flames blasting through the exhaust of the Mosaic-One he maneuvers down the streets in a blur - unable to be detected by any human eyes or cameras either.

[To Be Continued in "A New Dawn"]

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