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>Date: April 15th, 2017
>Location: Paradise City
>Time: 9:00 AM

>A large structure, made entirely of what seems to be glass - continues lumbering across Paradise City - wreaking havoc on the large archipelago-like structure as it does so. Entire city blocks are shaken by the force of its large, titanic steps. The rupturing of power cables and integrated circuitry begins to turn the downtown area of the city into a large hazard zone.

>Naturally, the city's local MRD contingent are attempting to stop the monster - but are having difficulties doing so. A few of them radio to each other, from different points in the city.

["Visual on the underside of the monster. See any openings?"]

["Negative. There's nothing to indicate points of potential breakage. Solid casing of glass by the looks of it."]

["So why aren't conventional weapons working? Glass shatters without much effort with projectile weapons."]

["Unknown. Potentially being reinforced by a Meta-Human's ability."]

>The MRD troopers continue communicating over the radio as they attempt to figure out some way to stop the monster. As mentioned prior, conventional artillery weapons aren't working.

>However, one of the MRD agents notices something interesting about the monster.

["Hey wait a minute - you see that color gradient it's showing? It glows whenever it's hit - and then the glow concentrates quickly around the attacked part."]

["Maybe that's how it's doing this. Reinforcing itself through an energy field. So we just need to concentrate fire - and then hit it from behind when it's distracted."]

["But how are we going to do that? Most of our firepower's already concentrated here to keep its attention. We're not going to be fast enough to-"]

>Then they hear it, a loud sonic boom - concentrated in range, but unmistakable. A figure in red then quickly bursts onto the scene from the skies above - carefully winding their way through the complex network of buildings, overpasses and tunnels in the city. They're headed straight for the monster, and as they slow down in their speed - their appearance is immediately telling.

"Well shit, she's here. About time."


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>Hyperia's cape rapidly flutters on her back as she maneuvers her way throughout the area. Carefully aiming with her eyes - they then begin to glow with a bright red luminescence. After a few moments - she then fires; a massive burst of red energy escaping her sclera as she targets the back of the monster - primarily their reinforced glass leg.

"Can you feel that?"

"Never seen her blast with that much heat before. Guess she's just as pissed off as we are."

>After a few moments, the monster's leg then falls off - shattering into large pieces. Due to the scene lockdown implemented by the MRD prior - there's no casualties, outside of property damage. This gives Hyperia more than enough reason to cut loose.

>Undeterred, the monster then mysteriously generates a massive chunk of spiky glass from its chest - shooting it out towards Hyperia at surprising speeds.


"Is she gonna catch that-"

>Hyperia does in fact catch the large glass sphere with her bare hand. Grabbing the glass and piercing into its shell with the sheer strength that her fingers exert - she then winds her arm back slightly - and launches the sphere back at the crystal monster - causing its head to shatter.

"Nice! She probably figured the same thing we did. It can't reinforce all of its body at once!"

>Keeping note of the MRD agents down below with her supernatural sense of hearing - Hyperia then flies towards the now jagged stump on the monster's head. The entire time, a single thought is going through her mind:

{"This doesn't look all that different from what that jackass summoned."}

>With her eyes glowing red once more, Hyperia then unleashes an even more concentrated blast of heat - her spiking emotions fueling her increased energy output to a staggering degree.

>The crystal monster somehow begins screaming in pain - despite not having any notable mouth. As it continues screaming - Hyperia continues to blast clean though the monster's body - right to the small, spherical core in the center.

{"There you are."}


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>As the monster attempts to regenerate - Hyperia continues piling more energy and heat onto the monster's core. Her thermal vision begins to take on a new set of characteristics. The beams become a more dark red in color - as multi-color sparks begin to fly from the beams' combined diameter.

"Is that thing its core?"

"Shit. We're gonna have to pull back!"

["Everyone pull back! Hyperia seems to have this, but we don't know how that thing's gonna react when it's pushed to critical mass!"]

>The MRD troopers begin a hasty retreat - moving back as far as they can, and as quickly as they can. While they do this, they watch in awe as Hyperia continues to absolutely tear through the giant colossus of a monster before them.

"Mother of God….She's cleaning through it like butter."

"Has to be reinforced diamond at this point. No amount of energy shielding would protect it if that were just glass."

"Whatever it is, just be glad that she's handling this and not us. Not sure we're fair much better in her situation to be honest."

>The energy beams start to crack the outer shell of the monster's core - causing a mass of black energy to start leaking out. Undeterred, Hyperia pours on even more energy - as her emotions get even more heightened. Now feeling nothing but intense rage for what the monster and the substance reminder of - she seemingly remembers what they are, and pushes her emotional resonance with her powers further than she ever has before.


>Hyperia's beams then completely envelop both the core and the black substance - atomizing both and then completely obliterating half of the monster's body. As she pulls herself back, and higher into the air in order to further increase the size and scope of her beams - she then completely eradicates the monster.

>After a few more seconds, Hyperia finally stops screaming. Her beams then die down rapidly - as all that remains is a large scorch pattern on the ground. Having completely eradicated all traces of the monster, she finally exhales. Panting every so slightly, Hyperia feels only emotional exhaustion - as her body hasn't lost any energy.

"…..And fucking stay dead."

>She mutters to herself.


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>Lowering herself slowly to the ground, Hyperia then takes a moment to look over her own hands. Realizing that they were reflexively balled into fists, she can see the strain clearly as her muscles appear to bulge. Glancing at her wrists and underarms - she can almost see her veins through her costume.


>The MRD then begin rushing back towards the scene, as Hyperia blows some hair out of her face. Once they arrive, she's calmed down a bit.

"Is the monster completely destroyed?"

>One of the MRD troops asks her, as the rest of the MRD begin repair operations - waiting for the city's public and private construction enterprises to arrive on the scene and take stock of the situation.

"…..As far as I can tell, yes. It's atomized."

"Was there anyone-"

"No. That's what the X-Ray vision is for. It was either remotely controlled or a sentient monster. Now it's dead. Anything else?"

>Hyperia rotates her left arm around her shoulder cuff, before doing the same with her right arm. Feeling her trapezius muscle ache slightly after staring down the monster with considerable strain, she then says:

"Actually, scratch that. I've got places to be."

>Before the MRD can react, Hyperia plants her feet down on the ground and launches off into the air - creating a shockwave that sends the MRD troopers flying backwards. As they tumble onto the ground, one of them looks up and says:

"….Alright, she's kind of a bitch when she does that."

>A brief blast of thermal vision lands itself right next to the lower half of the MRD trooper's body. Getting the hint, he shuts up until she's left the area.


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>Location: Paradise City Atmosphere
>Time: 9:30 AM

>Hyperia takes the long way to return to her business headquarters. She takes a brief detour - going up into the clouds as she breathes in some fresh air. The relative smog of the city, while lower than most, is still too irritating for her enhanced senses. The grime and excess carbon remains ever present in her mind - the downsides of her supernatural senses.

{"He better not be back. I swear to God, I will end him myself if that's the case."}

>Once again reflexively feeling her hands ball into fists, Hyperia begins taking in deep breaths as she thinks to herself:

{"No. That's not possible. Aiden's other self basically obliterated him into non-existence. That creature looked like the one he summoned - big difference."}

>Now flying over the lowest cloud formations in the air, Hyperia keeps her arms crossed as she thinks intently:

{"Whatever they are, they're clearly bad news. I just hope that's the only one running amok. If there's more? Then well….I'll have to see about anger management therapy again."}

>Now hovering over the Eros Inc. main building - she begins her descent, arms still crossed.


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>Location: Eros Inc. - Administrative Floor

>Dusting her clothes off, Phoebe walks out of one of the maintenance rooms in the upper floors. As an area where only executive staff are regularly allowed, she's not concerned about theatrics or blowing her cover. Instead, what's on her mind is what she mentioned before - the nature of the supernatural creature she just encountered.

{"I'll have to ask Jonah or Aiden about this later."}

>As she reaches the administrative lobby in front of her office, she meets the receptionist.

"Hey Darcie. Any waiting visitors?"

>The receptionist smiles at her boss before stating:

"I believe you have one visitor, Miss Grayson. She just arrived, last minute. Given who it is, I respected her decision to make it a surprise."

>Raising an eyebrow behind her sunglasses, Phoebe then says:

"Well, I'll go meet them then. Thanks again Darcie."

>Darcie nods as she continues working at her desk, on her computer.

>Phoebe then walks to he door and opens it - thinking to herself the entire time:

{"That's weird? Who'd visit me this early? Most of my visits with designers and suppliers are scheduled after lunch."}


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>Phoebe then walks into her office - taking a note of the elaborate detail that she's put into its design. Appreciating her work for a moment, she then thinks:

{"You always outdo yourself, Phoebe. Good work."}

>Then she notices her guest visitor - a woman in a leather jacket and a hat. She has bright blonde hair, similar to Phoebe's under her wig. The same turquoise eyes - as well as a very similar facial structure. Recognizing the woman immediately, Phoebe says:

"Kira? What are you doing here?"

>Kira Grayson, Phoebe's older sister, looks at her with a warm smile.

"Sis! There you are!"

>Standing up, she walks over to her with her hands outstretched. Hugging her tightly with a bear hug - she then says:

"I haven't seen you in months!"

>Stepping back for a moment, Kira gestures with her hand to Phoebe's desk - as she says:

"I've got a lot to talk to you about….."


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>After a few minutes of explaining the situation, Kira watches as Phoebe examines the large chunk of metal - taken out of Kira's bag.

"….Metallic alloy - mostly iron and nickel. Cheap, probably mass produced."

>Raising an eyebrow, Kira states:

"Your molecular vision is that good?"

"Atomic technically. But yeah, I've practiced."

>Handing the piece of broken metal back to Kira, Phoebe then says:

"So this is basically armor plating. Not sure what needs armor plating this thick, as it'd wear down any regular human being - but the curvature and pressing of the alloy leaves no real doubt. It's designed to reinforce against piercing and substantial displays of force."

>Letting out an audible sound of recognition, Kira then states:

"….Then it's likely for something larger. If only I knew who designed it."

>Phoebe thinks for a moment, before saying:

"Wait a minute. Let me see that again."

>Kira hands the piece of armor plating back to Phoebe again, who examines it more carefully. Moving down her sunglasses barely with her gloved fingers - her eyes then glow red as she faintly pulses thermal vision into the armor plating. The plating then slowly convulses and changes shape - revealing indentations in the armor plating that turn into letters and numbers.

"What the- Is that a metamorph alloy? How'd you know?"

>Stopping her heat distribution, Phoebe then cools the piece of armor plating immediately with her freeze breath - stating:

"Jonah. He clued me in on the technology. Companies seem to be moving to this to save manufacturing costs in higher production situations."

>Looking at the armor plating, Phoebe then narrows her eyes as she says:

"…..DataDrive? Wait a minute."

>Giving the armor plating chunk back to Kira, Phoebe then says:

"That's the organization that Chiral was hiring Meta-Humans to attack. Which probably means."

>Kira sighs.

"Those Eukaryon people. It's a front organization for them."


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File: 1679619897498-1.png (169.42 KB, 500x500, Kira - 3.png)

>Getting up, Phoebe says:

"Now we've got another problem. If DataDrive's manufacturing these parts then it's probably for something that they're building. We need to shut it down."

>While saying this, Phoebe thinks to herself:

{"What on Earth is going on now? First that giant crystal monster, and now the Eukaryon manufacturing."}

>Looking behind her back from her chair - Kira looks curiously at Phoebe, stating:

"Something's on your mind, Pheeb. I can tell."

>Sighing, Phoebe then says:

"Alright then. I'll lay it out for you, since you asked."

>After spending a few minutes explaining the situation, Phoebe then says to Kira:

"I don't know I'm doing, honestly. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing and overthinking things as usual. Or maybe it could be a bad omen, and I need to be careful."

>Kira then gives Phoebe a grin as she says:

"You're doing fine, sis. If you're concerned about this monster of yours - go ask Aiden. You said he knows how to contact that Sorcerer version of him right? Then have him do that for advice."

>Standing up, Kira then states:

"As for this with the manufacturing? DataDrive have a few manufacturing plants up north and outside of the city. Let's go pay them a visit then."


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File: 1679620754724-1.jpg (569.49 KB, 700x1190, Phoebe - 2.jpg)

File: 1679620754724-2.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1679620754724-3.jpg (465.57 KB, 1080x1349, Kira.jpg)

File: 1679620754724-4.jpeg (631.62 KB, 2047x2447, Arcadia - 7.jpeg)

>Location: Outskirts of Paradise City
>Time: 10:00 AM

>After walking out of the city a good mile or two, Phoebe and Kira reach the woods beyond the artificial archipelago that is Paradise City.

"Alright, ready?"

>Phoebe nods as she looks down at the ring on her finger. As it begins to glow with a red light - it forms an energy band around her body, displacing her Hyperia costume onto her in real time. After finishing her transformation, Hyperia turns to Kira and says:

"I didn't figure you for the vigilante type, sis. You've never mentioned it before."

>Kira adjusts her hat as she then says:

"Because you've never asked."

>Closing her eyes for a moment, Kira then opens them as they glow white - crackling with blue and yellow lightning. After doing so, she snaps her fingers - causing her body to be enveloped by a burst of bright light. As the light fades - a Kira stands in place - wearing a power armor, but with her head still visible.


>Looking at the arm cannon on Kira's right hand, Hyperia then points at it and says:

"Not for show I'm guessing?"

>Kira shakes her head, as she then begins speaking in a modulated voice.

"Naturally. Call me Arcadia. A bit cheesy I know, but I like to be fun with the names."

>Arcadia then walks forward a few feet, getting her bearings as she then taps the side of her visor.

"I'm using wide band to get a better lock on the manufacturing plants with GPS."

"Archeon's satellite network?"

"Of course. Better to do things in house, wouldn't you agree?"


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File: 1679621151654-1.jpeg (657.52 KB, 2000x2100, Arcadia - 4.jpeg)

File: 1679621151654-2.jpeg (597.31 KB, 2048x2048, Arcadia - 8.jpeg)

File: 1679621151654-3.gif (1.98 MB, 500x281, Speed - 3.gif)

>Looking at Arcadia with a stare of amazement, Hyperia then puts the pieces together.

"Wait a minute. That final 'gear' that Aiden had…..He gave it to you?"

>Kira nods slowly as she looks at her arm cannon carefully, examining it for a moment before stating:

"I figured out how it works, reverse engineered it. Was probably the most difficult thing I've ever done - examining a system this complex. But…."

>Looking back at Phoebe, she says:

"The results were more than worth it. You remember my specialty right?"

>Hyperia nods as she walks towards Arcadia, now walking around her armor as she examines the intricately complex circuitry and bright glowing lights.

"Technopathy. Like Amber."

>Giving a light sound of amusement, she then says:

"Far better than Amber. You ever wondered where Aiden got the Manifold and the Aurora from?"

>Eyes widening, Hyperia curses to herself as she says:

"That little. I knew he had help! Trying to take credit on his own. Hah!"

>Giving an amused chuckle, Arcadia then says:

"Well, we better get going then."

>A bright blue and yellow light covers Arcadia's head - manifesting into her helmet as she says:

"Let's get a move on."

>Arcadia's back thrusters then activate - as she immediately bursts forward at hypersonic speeds, surprising even Hyperia for a moment.

"Hey! Wait up!"

>Hyperia then picks up her flight, beginning to run after Arcadia towards the outskirts of the manufacturing plant.


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File: 1679621791562-1.jpg (50.6 KB, 920x469, Lab - 2.jpg)

File: 1679621791562-2.jpg (97.41 KB, 541x1041, Scientist.jpg)

File: 1679621791562-3.jpg (108.39 KB, 1280x720, Agents - 2.jpg)

File: 1679621791562-4.jpg (70.11 KB, 474x673, Champion Bet.jpg)

>Location: DataDrive Manufacturing Plant
>Time: 10:10 AM

>Hidden under a layer of elaborately decorated forestry, the DataDrive manufacturing plant continues its operations underground. Various workers are continuing the production of different parts and components - as they each begin to assemble much larger humanoid structures.

"Quickly. We need to pick up the pace. High command wants an update on the manufacturing process of the Watcher Unit chassis."

>A pair of scientists are explaining the armor plating binding process to Eukaryon troopers - while flanked by a Champion clone. The Champion clone is mute, like the rest - only responding to direct commands.

"We understand, but the process is delicate. The right temperature gradient has to be reached before the alloy binding process can begin with maximum efficiency."

>Sighing, the Eukaryon troop then says:

"Whatever. Just pick up the pace before it's all of our heads on plates."

>Gulping, the scientists nod quickly and begin to resume their work - overseeing the alloy binding process.

>Then a loud explosion occurs in the distance, a story above them. Shocked, the scientists quickly look at the Eukaryon troops, who then turn to each other. Looking at each other for a moment, they then turn around and quickly begin to move out of the area.


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File: 1679622130905-1.gif (1.98 MB, 500x281, Speed - 3.gif)

File: 1679622130905-2.jpeg (415.77 KB, 2075x2415, Arcadia.jpeg)

File: 1679622130905-3.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1679622130905-4.gif (584.81 KB, 500x210, Flight - 2.gif)

>As the troops reach the upper floors of the facility - they're shocked to see the complete chaos and destruction abound. Entire production lines are destroyed - burned into crisps as molten metal begins to fill the area.

"The fuck?!?! What's happening?!?!"

>Quickly spinning around - the Eukaryon troops are then swiftly punched in the face by a blurry figure. As the Eukaryon troops are flung backwards with such force as to shatter various workbenches - before crashing into the metallic walls at the side of the room.


>As they fall to the ground, unconscious, Arcadia comes to a halt - stopping her super speed. Looking around for a moment, she then says to Hyperia in the back:

"All clear!"

>As Hyperia finishes tossing the last of the guards to the side - knocking them out, she then walks over to Arcadia and says:

"Alright. We can start burning the lab-"

>Suddenly, Arcadia is rushed by a blurry figure herself - knocked into the air and up into a higher floor. Hyperia immediately rushes after her - up into the higher floors.


File: 1679622800961-0.jpeg (901.57 KB, 2000x1181, Arcadia - 15.jpeg)

File: 1679622800961-1.gif (497.92 KB, 500x281, Beam Blast.gif)

File: 1679622800961-2.jpg (612.08 KB, 855x1283, Nu!Hyperia - 9.jpg)

File: 1679622800961-3.jpg (101.04 KB, 544x824, Champion Bet - 2.jpg)

File: 1679622800961-4.gif (1005.22 KB, 500x284, Explosion - 5.gif)

>Arcadia spins into a neutral position - skidding to the floor and landing on her feet as she looks up. Barely recognizing the attacking coming towards her - a fist, she narrowly weaves to the side. Instinctively, she lifts up her arm cannon and blasts the figure with a targeted plasma blast - narrowly missing them. However, she scrapes them on the side of their face - stunning them in the process.


>The figure is silent, but stops moving for a moment. Arcadia then gets a clear glimpse of the figure - a man with a bodysuit and somewhat short hair. Recognizing him based on his facial structure.

"Yep. Champion clone."

>Before the Champion clone can react, Hyperia bursts through the ground - grabbing the Champion clone by the face and slamming it into the ceiling.

"Don't you dare touch her."

>Slamming the Champion clone to the ground, Hyperia lands and walks forward to face the clone. As the clone begins to react, rushing towards Hyperia, she quickly punches him in the gut - stunning him and causing him to fall over. Moving with speed beyond the Champion clone's reaction times - Hyperia then says:

"You're done."

>Glowing with her signature red eyes - Hyperia then burns the clone with intense heat, causing it to destabilize and disintegrate. Once the clone is completely immolated to ashes, Hyperia turns around and looks at Arcadia - stating:

"They're imperfect clones. They weren't going to last long."

>Nodding, Arcadia then says:

"Taken into consideration."

>Hyperia then says:

"Let's get everybody out first - then destroy the place."

>Arcadia nods as she and Hyperia get to work.


File: 1679623090898-0.jpg (175.85 KB, 1200x600, Forest - 4.jpg)

File: 1679623090898-1.jpg (88.69 KB, 1920x1080, Fire Blast - 3.jpg)

File: 1679623090898-2.jpg (108.39 KB, 1280x720, Agents - 2.jpg)

File: 1679623090898-3.jpg (97.41 KB, 541x1041, Scientist.jpg)

File: 1679623090898-4.jpg (131.87 KB, 474x500, MRD.jpg)

>As all of the Eukaryon troops and scientists are knocked out - while sitting outside, a few of them wake up.

"Nggh. What the….What's that…"

"What happened…."

"Shit. My head…."

"Ughh… Status report?"

>Smelling burning metal - they quickly wake up and realize what's happened.

"….Fuck! The base…it's completely wrecked!"

"Not good! Call for backup! We need extraction, immediately!"

>Then a voice from behind them speaks:

"Now what have we here? These info tips keep getting better and better."

>The C.O. of the MRD platoon on the scene then reaches the area they were clued in to - looking at the assortment of armed troops and scientists on the ground that they stumbled upon.



File: 1679623481064-0.jpg (170.82 KB, 1331x688, Eros CEO Office.jpg)

File: 1679623481064-1.png (169.42 KB, 500x500, Kira - 3.png)

File: 1679623481064-2.jpg (423.42 KB, 623x807, Phoebe - 7.jpg)

File: 1679623481064-3.jpg (2.62 MB, 1000x1407, Watcher Schematics.jpg)

>Location: Eros Inc.
>Time: 12:00 PM

>Kira finishes recompiling the data they've acquired from the Eukaryon base, on a spare laptop that she had in her bag. After looking through the data and documents, she then says:

"Something called the 'Watcher' project. Not sure what it could be outside of….wait."

>Pressing a few keys on the keyboard, Kira then brings up a set of detailed schematics. They detail a large robotic humanoid with a series of complex mechanical systems and components. The blueprints also state:

["Meta-Human Hunting System Ver. 1.05"]

>Eyes widening, Kira then says:

"…The Watchers are hunting robots. Eukaryon's creating machines to hunt and kill Meta-Humans…."

>Phoebe scowls at the revelation, stating:

"They just don't know when to quit. Send this to Aiden and Jonah."

>Kira nods, stating:

"You should go and see him about that crystal monster too. I need to see him about upgrades to the Manifold and Aurora as well - so I'll join you."

>Nodding, Phoebe then says:

"We can take the long way. Race you?"

>Kira nods and grins, stating:

"You never change, Phoebe. That's the good part."


File: 1679624658990-0.png (209.26 KB, 750x422, Cave - 2.png)

File: 1679624658990-1.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1679624658990-2.jpeg (901.57 KB, 2000x1181, Arcadia - 15.jpeg)

File: 1679624658990-3.jpg (612.08 KB, 855x1283, Nu!Hyperia - 9.jpg)

File: 1679624658990-4.jpg (125.11 KB, 1024x768, Manifold - 3.jpg)

>Location: S.C. - The Prism
>Time: 2:00 PM

>Inside of the underground base of operations - Mosaic watches as Arcadia finishes up the final touches to the Manifold and the Aurora. Her arm cannon's contact beam can function as a complete nanite farm. The cannon dispenses pre-programmed nanites that make alterations and modifications.

"You're really putting that gear to work, Kira."

>Arms crossed, Mosaic watches as Arcadia adds new components to the Manifold and the Aurora, including new motors, engines and even retractable thrusters.

"Modified the kinetic dampening system. It should be able to handle high speed perpendicular maneuvers while maintaining most of the vehicle's momentum - for either vehicle."

>Whistling, Hyperia crosses her arms as she says to Mosaic:

"Not that you need vehicles anyways. What's the point when you can fly and teleport?"

>Mosaic walks over to the Manifold and kneels down to examine the tires on the left side of the vehicle. While doing so, he says:

"Preference. It's also good to give the impression that I'm not absurdly powerful. Element of surprise against enemies in a fight."

>Standing back up, he then turns to both Hyperia and Arcadia, stating:

"As for the Watchers? We're going to have to find the rest of the manufacturing plants - before they can ramp up their production facilities. They'll need to offset the base that they just lost - which means they'll have to expedite the process."


File: 1679624953998-0.png (209.26 KB, 750x422, Cave - 2.png)

File: 1679624953998-1.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, True!Mosaic - 22.jpeg)

File: 1679624953998-2.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1679624953998-3.jpeg (415.77 KB, 2075x2415, Arcadia.jpeg)

File: 1679624953998-4.jpg (2.01 MB, 2000x955, Archeon (Earth-0) - 3.jpg)

>Nodding, Arcadia then says:

"We'll have to get right on that. I'll tell Jonah. Also, Hyperia's got something to tell you."

>Mosaic turns to Hyperia and states:

"It's about the crystal monster isn't it."

>Somewhat surprised, Hyperia then puts it together.

"You saw the TV footage of the fight in Paradise City."

>Giving a finger gun motion with his hand, he then says:

"Nailed it. You did a good job there by the way."

>Crossing her arms, Hyperia then lets out an exasperated sigh.

"I remember your memories, Aiden. I know that crystal monster. It's the exact same monster that he summoned."

>Mosaic is silent for a moment, before saying:

"It definitely is. Which tells me that whatever dimension that monster came from has been disturbed - substantially."

>Raising her eyebrow, Hyperia says:

"Dimension? As in, another plane of existence? How do you-"

>Mosaic then holds his hand up, focusing intently as he then shifts the world around them - towards the rooftop of the Archeon Complex.


File: 1679625212321-0.png (2.31 MB, 1024x1300, True!Mosaic - 23.png)

File: 1679625212321-1.jpg (65.35 KB, 750x1060, Nu!Hyperia - 8.jpg)

File: 1679625212321-2.jpeg (402.62 KB, 2113x2059, Arcadia - 5.jpeg)

>Stunned by their sudden transportation dozens of miles higher into the air, Hyperia and Arcadia turn around and look in shock for a moment.


"Did you just-"

"Yeah. It's what I said before. Messing with dimensions."

>Holding a hand up, Hyperia then says:

"I know space-time manipulation. There's usually a warping effect, and then the world spins around before the user teleports somewhere else."

>Shaking his head, Mosaic continues:

"Dimensional manipulation, Phoebe. I'm reaching out higher to shift our relative position in three dimensional space. It's not something that any Meta-Human can do."

>Narrowing her eyes, she then says:


>Once again, Mosaic nods as he states:

"I also know who might be able to help us with this problem."

>Mosaic then focuses on his ring, thinking intently as he sends out a bright pulse of red light - which radiates outward.


File: 1679625540752-0.png (94.28 KB, 720x720, Magister - 54.png)

File: 1679625540752-1.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1679625540752-2.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1679625540752-3.jpeg (415.77 KB, 2075x2415, Arcadia.jpeg)

>In that moment, the same shifting effect occurs. Reality doesn't warp or bend - instead a man in a fancy black cloak fades into existence. Instantly rendering himself visible, as if being camouflaged beforehand.

>Noticing the figure immediately, Arcadia says:

"There's something off about him. Not sure why but he looks familiar."

>Hyperia then immediately recognizes him, stating:


>Arcadia stares at Hyperia, then points to Mosaic, saying:

"But…he's right there?"

>Magister sighs as he lowers his cloak and takes off his spectacles - allowing his full face to be seen.

"It's me, Kira. I'm an Aiden from another universe."

>Shocked, Arcadia stumbles back a bit, stammering:

"A-Another universe?! What?!"

>Magister then raises his cloak back up, while also putting his spectacles back on his face as he states.

"Is this about the Silicotroph?"

>Hyperia is confused for a moment.

"The what?"

>Magister turns towards her.

"The crystal monster, Phoebe."

>Hyperia then nods.

"Oh, right. Yeah that. What is it? Why did it appear in Paradise City?"


File: 1679626184006-0.jpg (285.36 KB, 551x561, Magister - 56.jpg)

File: 1679626184006-1.jpg (151.69 KB, 736x1086, True!Mosaic.jpg)

File: 1679626184006-2.jpg (612.08 KB, 855x1283, Nu!Hyperia - 9.jpg)

>Magister crosses his arms underneath his cloak as he hovers in mid-air.

"Silicotrophs are native to the Siliconis dimension, an adjacent plane of existence to your universe. It's a world full of silicon based life forms - infused with naturally occurring mana and magical energies."

>Hyperia then gives a eureka sound.

"Huh. That's why it was impossible for the MRD to destroy its outer casing. It's reinforced with magical energy."

>Nodding slowly, Magister continues hovering in place as he continues elaborating:

"Yes, however there's a limit to its magical shielding. Its surface area is too large in order for its natural mana reserves to properly reinforce its entire body. As you found out - simultaneously attacking various portions of its body allows for substantial damage. Then all that remains is the core - which you destroyed with ease, I might add."

>Magister thinks for a moment, bringing a gloved hand to his spectacles as he states:

"….That was most interesting. Normally a supernatural component would be required to achieve such a feat - and Meta-Human abilities, even at their peak, are barely sufficient to destroy a Silicotroph of that size. It's spherical density is absurd, far too much for a conventional human or even a Meta-Human to defeat."

>Sighing in resignation, Magister then says:

"Either way, a connection to Siliconis is still open, and needs to be properly severed. Preferably before other dimensions begin reacting to the disturbance."

>Pointing at Mosaic with his gloved finger, Magister then says:

"You'll have to watch out for the Parsinions as well."

>The statement catches Mosaic's attention, stating:

"That tiny nation in Western Europe? Actually, now that I think about it. Their soldiers - the 'Shards' as they call them. Are they using magic?"


File: 1679626781267-0.jpg (836.6 KB, 736x825, Magister - 35.JPG)

File: 1679626781267-1.jpg (218.04 KB, 565x800, True!Mosaic - 5.jpg)

File: 1679626781267-2.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1679626781267-3.png (598.17 KB, 1078x888, Shards.png)

>Magister nods as he snaps his fingers - creating a brief representation of a set of Shard soldiers, clad in their unique black and silver uniforms.

"Julian Gray and his entire family line are descended from the Thaumians. As such, they are capable of Thaumaturgic magic. They're Sorcerers who have a connection to an ancient and very powerful supernatural being."

>Crossing his arms, Mosaic then says:

"…Like Faust briefly did after he was was revived."

>Nodding slowly, Magister then states:

"Correct. Much like Faust was, Julian is a Conduit - a being imbued with a direct connection to a supernatural higher presence. Essentially an avatar of their power. The only difference being whatever power they were connected to - was slain by Julian's ancestors."

>Hyperia stares on in disbelief, stating:

"So let me get this straight. The king of the smallest nation on the planet is also a powerful magical sorcerer and warrior whose family line is directly descended from ancient magicians - and whose powers come from a connection to a dead God?"

>Giving a hand gesture, Magister replies:

"It does border on absurdity, that I can agree with. However, Gray is not to be trifled with. He is one of the few people on this planet who can properly challenge you, Aiden - even now. He may not necessarily be your equal - but he far from your inferior."

>Magister points at Mosaic as he continues:

"These dimensional connections - they are called Shatter Points. Their existence is the result of harmonic convergences from super structures - higher dimensions interacting with lower dimensions."

>Mosaic nods in understanding, as he says:

"Noted. So Silliconis is one of the dimensions that Julian draws his energies from - and a Shatter Point for it just opened. If we try and close the Shatter Point before he forms the connection himself - he could take that as a form of retaliation."

>Mosaic lowers his arms as he concludes his statements:

"…..Denying him a greater source of power."

>Magister then replies:

"Exactly. Despite imbuing all of his citizens with a fraction of his power - Julian is still aiming to increase his strength. To better prepare himself for a threat such as yourself, should they ever find themselves on his country's doorstep."


File: 1679627150636-0.jpg (52.74 KB, 377x566, Magister - 53.jpg)

File: 1679627150636-1.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1679627150636-2.jpg (65.35 KB, 750x1060, Nu!Hyperia - 8.jpg)

>Mosaic crosses his arms then as he looks up at Magister, stating:

"So you're saying - prepare for a fight."

>Slowly, Magister nods as he then sighs with exasperation.

"Unfortunately, yes. Julian, while well meaning unlike his forefathers - is incredibly stubborn and tenacious. Too prideful. My universe's incarnation of him is equally dim witted in his antics. He'll likely be en route to the source of the new connection - attempting to harness it."

>Looking at Hyperia, Mosaic then says:

"Maybe you should go marry him. One night with you and he'll probably give up power searching altogether."

>Scoffing, Hyperia retorts by stating:

"I'm out of his league."

>Mosaic, teasing her still, presses on:

"Greater good and all."

>Hyperia then raises her hand, balled into a fist:

"Knocking some sense into you also counts as pursuing the 'greater good', I'd bet."

"Enough you two. I handle enough of this with my own sister, Persephone."

>As both Mosaic and Hyperia turn back to Magister, Hyperia says:

"Oh, your version of me calls herself by her middle name?"

>Magister nods:

"Just as headstrong as you too."


File: 1679627559592-0.png (94.28 KB, 720x720, Magister - 54.png)

File: 1679627559592-1.png (2.31 MB, 1024x1300, True!Mosaic - 23.png)

File: 1679627559592-2.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1679627559592-3.jpeg (901.57 KB, 2000x1181, Arcadia - 15.jpeg)

>Mosaic then finishes conversation by summarizing the core points.

"Alright then. So the connection to Silliconis wasn't properly severed - leading to monsters slipping through the cracks into our dimension. Julian's power as a Thaumaturgic mage partially stems from these dimensions."

>Magister waits for the information to be processed before he then continues speaking:

"This new connection, if he acquires it, could potentially increase his powers substantially. He's strong enough to give even me a decent fight, and we should probably sever the connection before more monsters appear in the world. Correct?"

>Magister nods, stating:

"Correct. I'll be on my way then. You should be able to sense the location of the rift - as it's only visible to those capable of perceiving higher dimensions. Mainly Julian and yourself."

>Magister then waves at Hyperia and Arcadia, stating:

"It's been a pleasure meeting you, Phoebe. You too Kira. You're both very similar to my world's Persephone and Kira - so it's comforting to know that there is a benchmark of consistency that's met across all universes."

>Turning his attention back towards Mosaic, Magister then concludes by stating:

"As for you, Aiden. You are my counterpart, and as such you have the capacity to reach greater and greater heights of power - as you have recently experienced. However, do not lose sight of your humility and remain vigilant. Apathy and overconfidence are the enemies of greatness. Remember that."

>Nodding, Mosaic says:

"Understood, Magister. Thank you."

>Magister then nods and waves once more - before disappearing in the same dissolution into reality, seamlessly and without a trace.


File: 1679628150335-0.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, True!Mosaic - 22.jpeg)

File: 1679628150335-1.jpg (612.08 KB, 855x1283, Nu!Hyperia - 9.jpg)

File: 1679628150335-2.jpeg (415.77 KB, 2075x2415, Arcadia.jpeg)

File: 1679628150335-3.gif (584.81 KB, 500x210, Flight - 2.gif)

File: 1679628150335-4.gif (897.59 KB, 500x215, Flight.gif)

>After Magister disappears and leaves the current plane of existence, Mosaic then turns around to face Hyperia and Arcadia. He then says:

"I'll go check it out. Chances are that he's already there, and he'll not take a denial of added power very well."

>Hyperia sighs as she then says:

"Fine, Aiden. But if you need backup - let us know. I'm not going to let some smug power hungry ruler take over an entire dimension."

>Cracking her knuckles, she then states:

"He won't know what hit him either."

>Arcadia looks at the both of them, before stating:

"Well you're both far more powerful than I am. That, I can already sense. So I'll leave it to the two of you. Though I'd like for Phoebe to help escort me back to San Francisco."

>Nodding, Hyperia turns to Mosaic, before stating:

"I mean it Aiden. If you're in trouble for even a moment there - let me know. You're powerful, probably more powerful than any of us right now - but you're not invincible."

>Sighing, Mosaic then says:

"I'm aware, Phoebe. Thank you though."

>Mosaic then watches as Hyperia flies away, carrying Arcadia through the skies at speeds beyond hypersonic movement.


File: 1679628888491-0.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1679628888491-1.jpg (302.29 KB, 900x842, Telepathy - 2.jpg)

File: 1679628888491-2.jpg (2.01 MB, 2000x955, Archeon (Earth-0) - 3.jpg)

File: 1679628888491-3.gif (905.49 KB, 480x360, IT - 4.gif)

>Now standing on the rooftop with no companions, Mosaic then thinks for a moment.

{"Thaumaturgic Sorcerer? Then he really is an actual match for me - at least the closest thing that exists currently. Still, I'm going to have to play this safe."}

>Putting his right index finger and middle finger to his helmet, Mosaic focuses for a moment. Homing in on the energy signature of the Shatter Point, he then realizes where it's situated.

{"…..Western Europe? Not too surprising. I'll have to focus closer for a more accurate signature."}

>At the same time, Mosaic then thinks to himself:

{"Still, it likely wouldn't hurt to see if Phoebe or Jonah would want to help me from the start. Possibly Orion? But is he powerful enough yet?"}

>Lowering his fingers and his hand to his side, Mosaic then continues thinking:

{"Orion's power…It's been increasing at a geometric rate. But something about him…."}

>Mosaic's mind thinks back to his first encounter - how Orion's mind was the first mind that he couldn't read no matter what.

{"I doubt that even now I'd fair much better psionically. Granted, I rarely ever use psionic abilities - but still. There's something about him that's similar to me."}

>Mosaic still continues thinking, now lost in thought for the moment.

{"We both have internal powers that grow drastically in response to different stimuli and circumstances. My power just grew exponentially over the past few weeks, and I would imagine that his power will grow too - eventually."}

>Looking back out into the distance, taking in the city skyline before him, Mosaic then finishes with a final thought on the situation:

{"I'll have to ask him. Absorbing Sun's power into myself became possible after I changed my mindset - affirmed that I was the one in control of my power. Maybe the same can happen with him - if I help him to change his mindset on his own abilities and potential that's clearly there."}

>Mosaic then crosses his arms, considering his options for a moment, before thinking:

{"Alright. I'll tell him - and hopefully he'll see this as an opportunity to grow his power. I should be more than powerful enough to take Julian down if need be - but I'll want to have Orion rethink his mindset to grow stronger at the same time. Hopefully this works out then."}

>Mosaic then places his right index finger and middle finger to his helmet once more - honing in on a location. The location is where Orion is likely to be. As he focuses on the location, he then disappears in a blink of reality - gone in an instant now.


File: 1679631492111-0.jpg (311.32 KB, 1200x800, Orion's House.jpg)

File: 1679631492111-1.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x1800, Orion's Bathroom.jpg)

File: 1679631492111-2.jpg (41.48 KB, 600x600, Orion125.jpg)

File: 1679631492111-3.gif (1.69 MB, 320x240, TK - 6.gif)

>Location: Sanctuary City

>Located near one of the more wooded ends of the city sits a small, but decent looking house. The outside looks surprisingly well kept, thanks to the professionals that keep it that way in the owner's place.

>Inside, Orion sits on the toilet in a fairly small, plain bathroom. He looks bored as he sits there, scrolling through his phone as it hovers in the air in front of him. This changes when Mosaic's sudden appearance causes Orion to nearly jump out of his seat.


>Orion instinctively telekinetically shoves Aiden back - sending him crashing through the wall.

"My wall!"

>Orion quickly jumps up, hurrying to put his pants back on. He does it quickly, and then jumps through the hole in the wall - only to realize who the intruder is.

"Aiden!? What the hell!? Why did you just appear in my bathroom!?"


File: 1679680075450-0.jpg (218.04 KB, 565x800, True!Mosaic - 5.jpg)

File: 1679680075450-1.gif (905.49 KB, 480x360, IT - 4.gif)

File: 1679680075450-2.jpg (232.86 KB, 985x704, TK.jpg)

>Mosaic slowly stands up, tapping the side of his head. Shaking his head, he then says:

"Sorry. I keep forgetting that energy signatures are precise."

>As he looks at the damaged wall, he then places his hand on a portion that hasn't been demolished - slowly repairing it with telekinesis.

>After a few moments, he then turns around towards Orion and says:

"If it's any consolation - I have to deal with the fact that you've had sex with Phoebe."

>Mosaic then gives Orion a weak laugh, before sighing.

"I came here because I've got something for you - if you're open to it. Something that might increase your power."


File: 1679680960326.jpg (38.67 KB, 600x705, Orion145.jpg)

>Orion looks around for a few moments, making sure everything is back in it's correct place.

"I dunno what you mean about the power thing. But if you want me to help you with something, sure. I wasn't doing anything anyway."

>Satisfied that the wall is repaired and everything knocked over has been picked up, Orion turns to face Mosaic.

"Anyway. What's up?"


File: 1679681228195-0.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

>Mosaic nods as he then says:

"….It's a long story….."

>After a few minutes of explaining - Mosaic is then standing in the middle of Orion's living room as he says:

"You know your salary can get you a down payment on a bigger house, right?"

>Mosaic looks around the space for a bit before stating:

"Unless you're alright. But if you need some financial help, I can put something together. Anyways…"

>Mosaic then makes a few gestures with his hand to help communicate his point.

"We're about this close to more of those crystal monsters just basically invading the Earth. So we're going to need to get to that Shatter Point before Julian does. Given how powerful he is - fighting the both of us could help you to boost your powers."

>He then points at Orion as he continues speaking:

"I've noticed your gradual increase. It's getting faster. My theory is, if we push you far enough, you're going to be able to break whatever inhibitor's keeping you restrained. Because you've got way more power in you - I can tell that much."

>Tapping the side of his helmet, Mosaic then reminds Orion:

"I couldn't break into your head when we first met, remember? Neither could Miranda. Even Chase tried - but just like me? Nothing."


File: 1679681659669-0.jpg (27.34 KB, 425x600, Orion142.jpg)

File: 1679681659669-1.png (566.46 KB, 821x942, Interface1.png)

"I'm fine on money. I don't need a bigger house. This one is big enough for me and it's in a part of the city with less people to bother me."

"Anyway. I don't really understand. I feel fine. But if you're just concerned about me, thanks. I'll still help you with this Julian guy though, since you want me to."

>Orion takes his phone and places it down on a near-by table, before pressing a button on his watch. His body is engulfed in light, forming his armor around him.

>Omnius looks at Mosaic.

"Okay. I'm ready whenever you are."


File: 1679681886471-0.png (2.31 MB, 1024x1300, True!Mosaic - 23.png)

File: 1679681886471-1.gif (905.49 KB, 480x360, IT - 4.gif)

>Nodding, Mosaic then says:

"Just an experiment. We'll see if it works out - or if I'm just as reckless as Phoebe is."

>Putting a hand on Omnius's shoulder, Mosaic then places two fingers to his helmet - concentrating.

"It'll take me a few seconds to pinpoint where the Shatter Point actually is. Range was in Western Europe before. I think?"

>Focusing more carefully, he then says:

"Actually no, sorry. Was completely off…….There!"

>Without a moment's notice, Mosaic and Omnius then disappear in an instant.


File: 1679682686339-0.jpg (91.84 KB, 777x387, Island.jpg)

File: 1679682686339-1.png (788.37 KB, 1846x1036, Magitek Ship.png)

File: 1679682686339-2.png (598.17 KB, 1078x888, Shards.png)

File: 1679682686339-3.jpeg (133.31 KB, 1003x1334, Julian - 4.jpeg)

File: 1679682686339-4.jpeg (304.28 KB, 1920x1200, Space-Time.jpeg)

>Location: East Africa - Seychelles Islands
>Time: 3:00 PM [Relative]

>A series of technological airships surround the large island structure. Metallic in composition, the airships then continually circle around the edges of the largest island - as it touches down lower. After reaching the edges of the beach - a series of black and silver clad figures quickly move out in single file.

>The figures - the Shards of the Parsinion Army, wait at the ready for their leader. As the regal figure walks off of the ramp - he looks onward towards the waters stretching out into the vast expanse of the ocean.

"Stand at attention. Now I secure more of my birthright."

>The Shards all stand in place, bringing their right fists to their chests as they nod swiftly. Still standing in place, the Shards then watch as the figure with red hair begins walking towards the water.

{"I knew that presence that I felt was familiar. That must be another connection into Silliconis."}

>As he walks forward - Julian then begins walking on the water that reaches the shores of the island. While he does so, his boots begin to generate fractal images that reflect against the fabric of space-time. Ignoring the water, Julian continues marching towards the large bright vortex of white light in the middle of the ocean.


File: 1679682956120-0.jpg (151.69 KB, 736x1086, True!Mosaic.jpg)

File: 1679682956120-1.gif (905.49 KB, 480x360, IT - 4.gif)

File: 1679682956120-2.jpeg (274.97 KB, 850x1530, Julian - 2.jpeg)

>However, once he's halfway there - he's stunned to see the sudden appearance of two armored figures - both of them standing in the water as well.

"Sorry about this, King Gray, but can't let you use this Shatter Point."

>Narrowing his eyes, Julian looks over both of the figures - instantly recognizing them. Raising an eyebrow, he then brings his arms to his back as he states:

"You two. The vigilantes from Sanctuary City I presume? Your antics do serve as a cautionary tale for those who would attempt insubordination against a rigid system."

>Mosaic blinks behind his helmet, stating:

"….We're not the ones fighting the MRD, if that's what you're implying."

>Rolling his eyes, Julian then says:

"No, of course not. You are the ones who inspire rebellion and dissident behavior within my nation. That isn't appreciated."

>Mosaic then says:

"Well, you're a powerful Sorcerer who clearly doesn't need any more magic-"

>Julian interjects, stating:

"Sorcery? I have no interest in fantastical concepts that do not exist, vigilante. I only deal in the practical and the tangible."

>Now confused himself, Mosaic states:

"Wait. I thought your family were Sorcerers?"

>Julian is silent for a moment, before giving Mosaic a look of disbelief.

"…..Magic has not been practiced even once in my nation - because it doesn't exist. Now please step aside, I have a birthright that I must obtain."


File: 1679683423206-0.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1679683423206-1.jpeg (115.54 KB, 800x960, Julian - 3.jpeg)

File: 1679683423206-2.gif (1.89 MB, 540x250, Vision.gif)

File: 1679683423206-3.gif (1.99 MB, 500x280, Punch - 2.gif)

>Thinking for a moment, Mosaic considers the situation:

{"Magister was wrong about something? That's surprising…."}

>Outward, he then says:

"In that case, we still can't let you get the Shatter Point."

>Irritated, Julian then responds:

"What is this 'Shatter Point' that you keep referring to? I am here for the energies that sustain my nation. Now if you would please…."

>Julian then begins walking forward - only for Mosaic to place a gloved hand on his chest, shaking his head.

"Sorry, we can't do that as we said before. This connection needs to be severed."

>Now irate, Julian's eyes begin glowing a bright blue as they crackle with energy.

"Then I'm sorry as well."

>Julian then unsheathes his sword - striking at Mosaic with one arm. His sword seemingly crackles with a bright blue light as well - sending Mosaic spiraling backwards across the water. As he does so, he then thinks to himself:

{"Wow. He really is strong. Hits harder than anyone I've met so far - even Thrasher and Titanomachia aren't this tough…"}

>Turning towards Omnius, Julian holds his large sword out towards him as he states:

"….Leave - I will not ask again, vigilante."


File: 1679683870242.jpg (141.19 KB, 1000x1000, Interface28.jpg)

>Omnius stands in place, looking somewhat relaxed he gives a look in Mosaic's direction.

"Yeah… I'm sure you won't."

>He turns his eyes back on Julian.

"Nice sword."

>Without another word a remote force begins pulling on Julian's sword, forcefully attempting to both pull it away and peel his fingers off of it.

>While this happens Julian's lower body is pulled out from underneath him, causing him to fall to the ground. Omnius then races over, grabbing at Julian's sword to fully wrestle it away from him.


File: 1679684343254-0.png (3.8 MB, 3330x2674, Julian - 6.png)

File: 1679684343254-1.gif (1.95 MB, 448x252, Blue Light Explosion.gif)

File: 1679684343254-2.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, True!Mosaic - 22.jpeg)

File: 1679684343254-3.jpg (22.4 KB, 824x548, Mosaic Energy.jpg)

File: 1679684343254-4.gif (1005.22 KB, 500x284, Explosion - 5.gif)

>Grunting in annoyance, Julian feels the sword slip away from his grasp as he falls onto the "floor" of the water.

"Instigators, the both of you."

>In a flash of blue light, Julian disappears and reappears in the air. Holding out his hand, he generates another blue light - creating another copy of his large sword. The pommel gleaming with a glowing blue crystal, Julian then throws the sword at Omnius with supernatural speed.

>At the same time, Mosaic comes rushing back to the scene - crashing into Julian with both of his arms in a cross fashion. As they begin flying backwards, he then says:

"You're not a Sorcerer then, so what are you? A Meta-Human?"

>Scoffing, Julian retorts as they continue flying at high speeds in mid-air.

"My nation was isolated from the world for centuries. I am no mere science experiment, vigilante!"

>Pushing back, Julian then slashes at Mosaic with his sword - causing Mosaic to deflect the attacks with the metallic cuffs of his armor. As the steel of the sword clashes with his magical cuffs - the energy release is massive. Sparks of blue and red energy release from both combatants as Julian then says:

"You are….stronger than I anticipated."

>Moving back, Julian then snaps his fingers - causing a massive conflagration of fire to spontaneously combust from nowhere, completely incinerating the area around Mosaic in a massive ball of fire.

>The pressure wave of the fire blast is so powerful that it ruptures the waters below, creating massive tsunami waves.

"Look at what you're doing you idiot! There are people on those islands!"

>Mosaic then waves through the fire with his hand - generating a powerful counter wave of air. As the fires die down, he then rushes towards Julian again.

{"He's still standing? Impossible! That was raw energy from Pyronis!"}


File: 1679684854674.jpg (239.32 KB, 693x417, Interface34.jpg)

>Omnius suddenly appears behind Julian, having flown up behind him while he was distracted. He grabs Julian by the shoulder, and says:

"You ever had a stroke before? No? Don't worry. It won't be fatal."

>Without warning the flow of blood to Julian's brain begins to slow to a stop, as psychokinetic power prevents it from moving.


File: 1679685257154-0.jpeg (133.31 KB, 1003x1334, Julian - 4.jpeg)

File: 1679685257154-1.jpg (302.29 KB, 900x842, Telepathy - 2.jpg)

File: 1679685257154-2.png (2.49 MB, 2732x1534, Bahamut.png)

File: 1679685257154-3.gif (1.95 MB, 448x252, Blue Light Explosion.gif)

File: 1679685257154-4.jpg (147.31 KB, 564x752, True!Mosaic - 9.jpg)

>Caught off guard by Omnius's movements, he spins his head around to look at the figure.

"What are you - GYAH!"

>Julian places a hand to his head for a brief moment, before he's suddenly convulsing for a brief moment. Afterwards, his mind goes dark as his vision darkens.

"Nngghh…Damned, vigilantes…"

>After a few moments, his mind goes completely dark - only for an ethereal voice to speak in his mind.

"Gray. I did not make a pact with your bloodline for you to abstain so easily. Fine, the boy will meet my mind as well."

>A large armored figure hovers in Julian's darkening figure - adorned with wings and a large sword…..

>Julian's eyes then snap open as they're completely blue - with light radiating out from them. Without speaking, Julian's body goes on autopilot, as he turns around and knocks Omnius back with a sword strike.

>Mosaic notices the altercation, and the sudden surge in power within Julian as well. Raising an eyebrow, he then says:

"….Now that's interesting…."

>Looking behind Julian, he shouts:

"You OK Omnius?!"

>Julian, now enveloped by a bright blue aura - turns his attention to Mosaic.

{"Orion succeeded in shutting his mind down - but there's something else in his head. Great."}

>The figure then rushes towards Mosaic - radiating the same blue aura as before. Now, he summons a mass of large glowing swords from seemingly nowhere - all converging on Mosaic's location.


File: 1679685869267.jpg (263.5 KB, 538x614, Interface48.jpg)

>Orion's armor stitches itself back together from the swipe of the sword, with Orion catching himself in the air.

"I'm fine!"

{"What the fuck just happened? Gave the dude a stroke with my telekinesis and he has a mind swap or something."}

>Omnius flies back in the direction of the figure. He reaches out and manages to grab one of the glowing swords before it's launched.


>The energy enveloping the sword burns and crackles against Omnius's armor, forcing it to constantly try and repair itself again. He moves quickly and swings himself around - throwing the sword in the direction of it's owner.


File: 1679686645669-0.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1679686645669-1.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1090, Forcefield - 2.png)

File: 1679686645669-2.gif (2.27 MB, 540x281, IT.gif)

File: 1679686645669-3.png (380.52 KB, 728x830, Julian - 8.png)

File: 1679686645669-4.png (2.49 MB, 2732x1534, Bahamut.png)

>Julian's body reacts to the sword - grabbing it with both hands as his eyes narrow. Still saying nothing, he then rushes towards Omnius with increased speed - aiming his sword outward.

{"No, that's not good. I've gotta move!"}

>Placing his hands together, Mosaic then generates a massive surge of energy. The energy appears as a bright red wave, pressing outward and deflecting the swords moving towards him.

{"No time to think!"}

>On instinct, Mosaic performs an Instantaneous Transmission maneuver with his fingers to his helmet - reappearing in front of Omnius, as he takes the sword in the side of his chest. Blood drips out of a small rupture in his armor, as he then states:

"….Whoever you are….Give control back to Julian. We just wanted to talk - not fight."}''

>Narrowing his eyes, the figure in control of Julian's body then speaks in an unnatural cadence.

"I am aware of who you are, Mosaic. You and your partner slowly encroach on levels of power that cannot be ignored."

>As the sword drives deeper into Mosaic's side, he replies without flinching:

"If you really believed that - you wouldn't have let Julian fight us in the first place. Unless you'd want to risk your conduit's death."

>Using a surge of power that catches Julian off guard, Mosaic pulls the sword out from his body - as his wound slowly heals.

>The being puppeteering Julian's body then summons one more copy of the large blade - readying himself as he prepares for another fight.

>However, Mosaic simply tosses the sword out to the side - watching as it hovers in mid-air. Raising an eyebrow, the being replies:

"Surrender? Or another attempt at deception."

>Not assuming a combat stance, but still standing firm, Mosaic responds:

"Neither. We wanted to talk from the very beginning, just as I said. We could drag this out all day, as your Conduit's life gets put further in jeopardy. Or we could just do that. Talk."

>Looking between Mosaic and Omnius for a moment, the being in control of Julian's body then closes his eyes and thinks for a moment.

"Very well then. I will relent in the face of the risk before me. However, I will not allow more deception. If his mind is attacked again? There will be retribution."

>Mosaic then sees the faint form of a large armored figure behind Julian - clad in armor with various bladed wings. The figure holds a larger version of the sword in Julian's hands, as he then fades away into nothing.

>The blue aura then fades as well. as Julian's body slowly lowers to the waters below. Standing on the waters with a fractal pattern - he then slowly wakes up, rubbing his forehead.

"What in the world…..What happened to me…."


File: 1679688376936-0.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, True!Mosaic - 22.jpeg)

File: 1679688376936-1.jpg (112.4 KB, 600x600, Magic Rune.jpg)

File: 1679688376936-2.gif (943.47 KB, 320x320, Energy - 2.gif)

File: 1679688376936-3.jpeg (115.54 KB, 800x960, Julian - 3.jpeg)

File: 1679688376936-4.gif (1.95 MB, 448x252, Blue Light Explosion.gif)

>Holding his hand out to Omnius, Mosaic then shouts:

"Don't attack his mind! He's disarmed!"

>Turning back towards Julian, he then says:

"….King Gray. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. We just wanted to sever the Shatter Point's connection to Earth - not necessarily to you."

>Looking up at Mosaic, the Parsinion King then rubs his eyelids for a moment, groaning in pain.

"….If only you had said so prior."

>Thinking for a moment, he then states:

"….You are Mosaic correct?"

>Mosaic nods.

"I think I know what I have to do in order to sever the Shatter Point - but you can do what you need to do first."

>Nodding, Julian then turns his attention to the glowing white energy vortex in the distance. As he walks towards it, he eventually stands before it.

>Radiating extra-dimensional energies that have no effect on the physical world, Julian then holds his right hand out - as his eyes glow bright blue.

"Light, see through me."

>As he speaks, a surge of energy begins drawing itself out of the vortex - a blueish light. As the light continues to integrate itself into Julian, Mosaic arrives at the energy nexus. Making a series of gestures with his hands, he then mutters to himself:

{"Not sure if this is going to work, but I'll have to try. Magister seemed to think I can do it - so hopefully he was right about that."}

>Continuing the hand gestures, Mosaic generates a massive surge of runic red energy around the energy vortex. As he does so, he continues to condense more energy and mana around the nexus. His ring begins glowing rapidly with energy while he does this, causing him to strain.

{"Jesus….That's a lot of energy this thing has. I need to press further - rip apart that connection…."}

>No shouting, Mosaic pushes his hands forward - emanating one last burst of red light and energy, before the vortex collapses entirely. A bright shockwave of energy and light is discharged - as the nexus no longer exists.

>Looking back at Julian, Mosaic lands on the waters as he walks up to him, stating:

"Are you alright?"


File: 1679689407530-0.jpeg (261.91 KB, 850x1116, Julian - 9.jpeg)

File: 1679689407530-1.gif (1.95 MB, 448x252, Blue Light Explosion.gif)

File: 1679689407530-2.jpg (125.24 KB, 900x541, Dimensional Nexus.jpg)

File: 1679689407530-3.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1679689407530-4.gif (905.49 KB, 480x360, IT - 4.gif)

>Lightly panting, Julian then slowly looks up at Mosaic - the faint blue luminescence of his eyes now fading.

"….I…..I don't feel much different."

>Holding a hand to his chest, he then says:

"There's a sense of….completeness. I can't explain it - but other that that…I cannot sense any greater power within me."

>Somewhat disappointed, Julian makes that known on his facial expression - as Mosaic says:

"That's not necessarily true. Look."

>Mosaic points at Julian's boots - causing the young ruler to look down as well. Amazed for a moment, he then realizes what is happening.

"My God…."

>A large fractal pattern spreads over the ocean - revealing different variations and permutations of that same ocean, seemingly across different…..worlds?

"Is that…."

>Mosaic crosses his arms in satisfaction.

"Never sell yourself short. That's all I have to say. Oh and a suggestion?"

>Julian looks back up at Mosaic, who states:

"Dial it back on the unilateral authoritarian power. Your people deserve a shot at their own paths."

>Looking down at the floor again, Julian's face darkens.

"I cannot. The rules of Parsinion do not allow for it."

>Blinking, Mosaic then replies:

"…Then change the rules? You have ultimate power in the nation, do you not? Change how that power is handled and distribute it. If not to the rest of the people - then at least to a Queen or something."

>Thinking intently, Julian then says:

"…..That….could work. It would help me save face at least, somewhat. I swore that I wouldn't be the same as my forefathers - and I intend to keep that promise to myself."

>Looking up at Mosaic once more, Julian holds out his hand for Mosaic to shake.

"Thank you, Mosaic. I will remember your example today - showing restraint, and wisdom."

>As Mosaic takes his hand and shakes it - another surge of blue and red light blasts outward from their hands, briefly enveloping Mosaic.

{"What the? Oh right……"}

>Stunned at the display of light and energy, Julian brushes it off before saying:

"I must return to my nation. Again, many thanks for your example and insight, Mosaic. I will be seeing you again in the future - hopefully, with a better nation for the world."

>Julian turns around and begins walking away - still making the large ocean fractal around him; it showcases various alternate dimensions, and even worlds.

>While this happens, Mosaic watches as Omnius approaches, stating:

"Come on, let's get back."

>Holding out his hand, Mosaic places it on Omnius's shoulders as he then performs Instantaneous Transmission back towards the Archeon Complex.


File: 1679689592164-0.jpg (2.01 MB, 2000x955, Archeon (Earth-0) - 3.jpg)

File: 1679689592164-1.jpg (151.69 KB, 736x1086, True!Mosaic.jpg)

File: 1679689592164-2.gif (905.49 KB, 480x360, IT - 4.gif)

>Location: S.C. - Archeon Complex
>Time: 3:30 PM

>Mosaic and Omnius then reappear on the rooftop of the Archeon Complex. Taking a step back, Mosaic then looks over Omnius as he says:

"How are you feeling? I noticed you straining against the force of the sword attack from Julian."

>Examining him, Mosaic assumes a thinking position with his arms perpendicular to each other. He touches the edge of his helmet - waiting for Omnius to respond with his thoughts and opinions.


File: 1679689747892.jpg (137.62 KB, 500x750, Interface6.jpg)

"The armor took most of the force, so I'm alright."

>Omnius peeks over the edge of the roof looking down at the city below.


File: 1679690088898-0.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1679690088898-1.jpg (2.01 MB, 2000x955, Archeon (Earth-0) - 3.jpg)

>Mosaic then nods at Omnius as he thinks for a moment. Looking over the city skyline as well, he then pauses for a moment before saying:

"….Orion? I am so sorry I wasn't focusing helping you out. The past few weeks have been just…."

>Slowly moving forward, he then just leans on the railing at the edge of the rooftop. Hands straining, he tries not to remember the situation most irritating him.

"…It's just. There are times where I just ask myself…'what if I died that day?'…..I know someone else would've stepped in but…"

>Silent for another moment, he then says:

"It's just. All of this. The company. The city. The Meta-Humans. The chaos. The fighting…..And the near death experiences….Even for me - I think I'm starting to crack."

>Lowering his head down, he thinks for a moment before saying again:

"As I said - I'm sorry. I should've helped your transition to Archeon more closely. I should've been there helping you rehabilitate more effectively."

>Mosaic then looks down at his hand, intently, stating:

"…God I'm such a fucking idiot. I even screwed up with the one woman that I might actually be in love with."


File: 1679690605675.jpg (220.31 KB, 660x786, Interface5.jpg)

>Omnius just stands there awkwardly, looking down at the city. Not used to talking to someone in this kind of conversation.

"Er… hey… I'm sure it's fine. You can turn things around with that… what was her name again? Yuki?"

>He pauses for a second to think.

"Oh. Hiyuki. Anyway. I'm sure you can turn things around with her. And I'm fine."

>Orion goes silent, not really sure of what else he should say.


File: 1679691026454-0.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, True!Mosaic - 22.jpeg)

File: 1679691026454-1.gif (905.49 KB, 480x360, IT - 4.gif)

File: 1679691026454-2.jpg (2.01 MB, 2000x955, Archeon (Earth-0) - 3.jpg)

>Staring down at the city below with his arms still crossed, Mosaic then says:

"You're likely correct. I just feel like an awkward teenager again. Christ."

>Sighing, he then shakes his head and says:

"I'm supposed to be the one giving you advice. I'm your boss."

>He then looks up at the higher skyline of the city once more as he says:

"Though you're right. I'm going to have to go see her and actually clarify what I meant."

>Feeling a sense of awkwardness crossing over his body, he then sighs and groans once more, before stating:

"…..Assuming I can even reach her. She's probably in Japan right now, so there's no point in just appearing on her doorstep."

>Mosaic looks onward at the city skyline as he continues to speak:

"….I should probably just take a break for the rest of the day. Go see how Phoebe and Jonah are doing."

>Standing back from the railing, Mosaic then dusts his gloved hands and turns towards Omnius, stating:

"Thanks Orion. I'll see you next week. You can take the rest of the week off if you want."

>Placing two of his fingers to the front of his helmet, Mosaic then says:

"Keep doing your best. Don't be like me, and learn from my example. See you soon."

>He then disappears from the rooftop with Instantaneous Transmission.

[The End]

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