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>Date: April 21st, 2017
>Location: S.C. - The Spire
>Time: 8:00 AM

>Flipping through the pages in his dossier file, Chase narrows his eyes behind his sunglasses. Adjusting the position of the papers in his hands, he then carefully examines the marked on map - guiding his eyes across the brush marks towards a large X symbol.

"…..Someone's been busy….."

>Looking through more papers, Chase then thinks to himself:

{Am I looking at the same thief here? Nobody's this good at breaking and entering into facilities. There must be some mistake."}

>Chase then picks up the phone on his desk and begins dialing a number. After doing so, he continues examining the papers and making markings with his pen as he carefully examines the diagram of the map before him.

>As the phone picks up the call, a voice can be heard on the other side.

["Hello Chase. What do you need?"]

>Still looking at the map, Chase then asks:

"Dianna. Do we have any known burglars or infiltrator Meta-Humans in the in city that are unaccounted for?"

>There's a sound of ruffling on the other side of the call, as Chase waits for an answer. Finally, Valkyrie then responds:

["No. Not that I'm aware of. Why do you ask?"]

>Muttering, Chase then says to himself:

"Then we have a new thief that's unaccounted for. Absolutely no information whatsoever - and nothing to go off of. All I know is that they're going after high value targets."

>Silent on the other side of the phone, Valkyrie then says:

["Want to start an investigation then? I can scout out the area of the scene of the latest crime. See if I can get any leads."]

>Chase instinctively nods his head, before stopping himself and saying:

"…..Why don't we both go and check out the scene together?"

>Silent for a moment, Valkyrie then stammers:

["I-I mean…O-Of course sir! I'd be happy too!"]

>Embarrassed, Valkyrie then coughs lightly through the call as she waits for Chase to speak in return. Eventually, he says:

"Sure. I'll go pick you up from the precinct, and we can go assess the scene ourselves. It'll give me a good measure of how you're doing in your new job - Commander."

>Chase then ends the call and gets up - starting to walk towards the door out of the office. While doing so, he thinks to himself:

{"How can a thief inadvertently avoid any and all detection on a consistent basis - while leaving behind absolutely no trail whatsoever?"}

>He then leaves the office as he walks away to the aerial hovercraft vehicles on the landing pad of the highest floors in the Spire's structure.

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