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>Date: April 22nd, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown Sector
>Time: 11:00 PM

>MRD agents find themselves in a firefight against a series of Brigadiers. The hooded criminals, known for their penchant towards property damage - continue lobbing flaming grenades across the barricaded streets.

"Shit! Watch out!"

>MRD agents quickly leap for cover - barely avoiding the massive explosions that form around the barricaded cars. As the smell of burning metal seeps into the air, they quickly rise to their feet - aiming their plasma blasters.

"Shoot to neutralize, men! Take 'em down!"

>The MRD then retaliate in kind, firing off waves of plasma bolts towards the Brigadiers. As their ranks slowly go down - incapacitated due to the plasma bolts, the remaining members start to improvise.

"Fuck these pricks! Go all out!"

>The remaining Brigadiers then begin using their powers, transplanted from their leader Trasher. As they begin generating bone spike protrusions from their body - their hoodies quickly become ruined as they start rushing towards the MRD.

>Muttering underneath their breath, the MRD agents slowly lower their weapons in shock.

"….Oh hell….."

>At that moment however, a blinding flash of technicolor light reverberates across the sky - catching the attention of the Brigadiers.

"What the fuck?"

"Dude, is that a space rock?"

"Oh shut the fuck up and focus on the-"

>The light then grows brighter and brighter, flashing with a bright radiance as it rapidly converges on the ground between the MRD and the Brigadiers.


>The resulting explosion knocks the MRD agents back - sending them flying into cars and lampposts. As they're knocked out, the Brigadiers who remain are resistant to the blast; their enhanced abilities improving their durability.


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>As the MRD agents remain dazed on the ground, the Brigadiers cough as they move smoke and dust out of their way. Still reeling from the explosion, they check on each other as they get a handle on the situation.

"I thought you said we should focus?! The fuck did that do for us huh?!"

"Will you shut the fuck up and let me think-"

>Then the Brigadiers all fall silent as a glowing rainbow of energies slowly rises from the nearby crater. Jaws dropping from their hoodies and masks, they watch on in awe and astonishment as a sleek figure slowly forms from the energies. As the figure lands on the ground, the rainbow light fades as a woman with blonde hair and striking blue eyes appears. Wearing a bright yet ornate series of robes with a witch's hat - the woman has a staff in her hand.

>Staring directly at her chest and noticing her endowments, the Brigadiers continue to stare, dumbfounded.


>The woman stands still for a moment before focusing her gaze on the Brigadiers in front of her. As she does so, she then looks them over for a moment, seemingly peering into their minds. After a few moments, a look of disgust falls over her face as she states:


>Speaking Ancient Greek, the woman then emanates a reverberation of force and power through her voice - watching as the Brigadiers suddenly begin to pass out. Now overcome by a strong sense of fatigue and tiredness, their bodies slowly crash to the floor - landing on the ground with a silent 'thud' motion.

>Satisfied, the woman then brushes her long blonde hair out of her way, casually flicking her staff in her hand. Closing her eyes for a moment, she then thinks to herself:

{"The artifact's last known presence was here. A few days ago I believe. Whoever has it, I must find them. Before his work is complete."}

>Rising up into the sky, the woman then begins slowly hovering into the clouds above the city - fading from view.


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>Date: April 23rd, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Business Sector
>Time: 12:00 PM

>Aiden watches the television broadcast on the news, detailing the altercation from the night prior.

{"-Authorities still have no leads regarding the unknown assailant who caused the crater. The MRD are analyzing video footage, but otherwise have no further comments for the public."}

>Looking over at the information on his desk, he then thinks to himself:

{"Definitely not a normal Meta-Human if that's the case."}

>He then continues reading the papers on his desk, paying close attention to key wording.

{"I can barely focus. Why do I have the feeling that someone's watching me?"}

>Moving his gaze around the office, Aiden notices the lack of a response from his psionic danger senses.

{"Whatever this feeling is, at least it's not a threat. Danger sense would've picked up on that."}

>Still somewhat uneasy, Aiden then stands up and moves to grab his keys from his desk as he rounds the corner.

{"Well, at least I have an idea of what's-"}

>Then he sees it.

>Aiden's eyes immediately fixate on the figure hovering outside of his office - and right in front of his windows. The woman, wearing a blue outfit with pink trimming, sits casually on a staff as she looks at Aiden from the window.

{"….Am I seeing hallucinations or is that a woman on a staff? Is she a magician?"}


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>Raising an eyebrow, Aiden looks at the woman carefully - examining her appearance up and down.


>Silent, he then thinks to himself:

{"Yeah, she's a Sorcerer. No Meta-Gene signature. But mana traces. Lots of them too."}

>Out loud, he then says:

"….Can you hear me?"

>The woman slowly nods as she remains hovering on the staff, casually crossing her legs. A somewhat bored expression is on her face as she responds:

"Yes I can, Thaumaturge."

>Eyebrow still raised, Aiden's surprise deepens.

{"Thaumaturge? How does she know that I have the Thaumaturgy Ring?"}

>Resisting an urge to look down at his ring, Aiden then continues thinking:

{"And how did she even know to find me here either. I'm suppressing my mana signatures…."}

>Somewhat distrusting, Aiden then says:

"….Fine. I'll do this more directly."

>Without a word, Aiden then rockets up into the air - casually phasing through his office as he moves higher and higher through the Archeon Complex - transforming into a mass of bright light.


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>As the mass of bright light reaches the rooftop of the Archeon Complex - it subsides as Mosaic's robes and armor manifest in their wake. Rising to his feet slowly, Mosaic then watches as the female sorceress slowly rises to the top of the complex.

>Feeling a sense of curiosity, but not fear, Mosaic then speaks first.

"Who are you, and what do you want?"

>The woman narrows her eyes for a moment, before easing up and giving Mosaic a smile. As she lowers herself down to the ground at the roof of the complex - she then casually hops off her makeshift flying broomstick.

"I am Stella Bray, last Sorceress of Thaumia."

>Taking a bow, which catches Mosaic off guard, she then continues speaking.

"To answer your second question; I am here for you - Thaumaturge. The inheritor of my people's knowledge and power."

>Instinctively looking down at the ring on his finger, Mosaic sighs as he then says:

"….You're a Thaumian. I figured you were all dead."

>Rising up back to a standing position, Stella gives Mosaic a skeptical look as she states:

"Some on this planet would wish such a fate onto us. I would hope you to feel differently."

>Mosaic then immediately says:

"I do. My statement was taken out of context."

>Laughing cheerily, Stella then immediately lightens up as she states:

"Of course, Thaumaturge. I would expect nothing less."


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>Mosaic then crosses his arms as he then nods at Stella, asking:

"So why did you seek me out? Are you attempting to return home or…."

>Stella's face darkens somewhat as she states:

"…..No. There are more pressing matters to consider, in my case."

>Looking away from Mosaic for a moment, her face darkens before she then states:

"…..My father. Lucien. He seeks to lay claim to the planet. Retaliation for the destruction of our home dimension."

>Thinking to himself for a moment, Mosaic then states:

"…..Lucien……Why is that name so…"

>The ring on Mosaic's finger then begins glowing faintly with a purple light - as the psychic resonance of the Thaumians' knowledge enters his mind briefly.

"…..Archmage of the Thaumian High Council."

>Stella nods slowly, stating:

"Yes. Lucien Bray is the last of the High Council - ever since his banishment. To think the shame of his crimes would spare our lives….."

>Silent for another moment, Stella then looks up at Mosaic as she walks towards him. Grabbing his hand with both of her own, she then looks up at him - determination in her eyes.

"Please! You must stop my father! Whether that means sealing or even death, he cannot be allowed to take his anger out on this world!"

>Nodding slowly, Mosaic thinks to himself:

{"I can't sense any malicious intent from her mind. She's actually serious."}

>As Stella removes her hands and steps backwards, she then lightly coughs into her fist as she regains her composure.

"Yes well….I would rather he be sealed away, if I may request that - Thaumaturge. He is still my father, regardless of his mistakes."


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File: 1682304738436-3.jpeg (497 KB, 595x842, Stella - 4.jpeg)

>Mosaic then nods again as he then states:

{"I'm guessing she's not aware of…..though I should ask either way."}

>Out loud, he asks:

"How did you find me anyways? I've suppressed most of my magical power."

>Winking at him, Stella says:

"A very impressive feat, Thaumaturge. However, not all of your power was hidden. Though I must say, the small portion that wasn't suppressed - it was still staggering."

>Surprised, he then asks:

"…..How far away could you sense me?"

>Chuckling, Stella then replies:

"Your power radiates with the luminosity of a miniature star, Thaumaturge. How could I not sense it?"

>Focusing his senses, Mosaic then closes his eyes for a moment - as he begins adjusting his vision properly.

{I never did try and detect my own magical energies….."}

>Opening his eyes, he slightly recoils as he looks at the massively bright aura around him. The light emanating off of Mosaic's body is blinding - and reaches out into the sky above, seemingly for miles.

{"Oh no. Jonah was right. Even with some concentration, I'm still leaking too much power."}

>Concentrating, Mosaic begins forcibly directing all of the magical energy around him into his ring. Wincing slightly, he then focuses as more of the large magical energy mass begins rapidly converging around his ring. As the energy flow continues to rapidly condense around him - he then says out loud:

"I apologize for that. I've been trying to get a handle of my power for the past few days. I thought I suppressed it all, but apparently a fraction remained flowing outwards….."}''

>After a few more seconds, the entirety of Mosaic's magical aura is then suppressed - his ring glowing faintly for a moment before the light subsides from view. Sighing he then states:

"That should be all of it."

>Craning her head to the side, Stella looks at Mosaic in awe, stating:

"….A fraction?"

>Now at a loss for words, Stella takes a moment to process the statement before shaking her head. Regaining her focus, she then looks up directly at Mosaic and states:

"In that case, we must move quickly. My father is likely taking refuge somewhere on this planet."


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File: 1682305223768-4.gif (905.49 KB, 480x360, IT - 4.gif)

>Mosaic looks at Stella for a moment before stating:

"Is there anything you have that has a strong connection to your father? A magical artifact or a momento? Something he gave you?"

>Silent for a moment, Stella's eyes narrow as she slowly begins pulling the necklace off of her neckline. As she hands it to Mosaic, she states:

"A memory stone. It is a charm of good luck amongst us Thaumians. Imprinted with the emotion of the grift bearer, towards the receiver."

>Understanding the artifact's purpose, Mosaic then holds a hand out - touching the surface of the necklace. As his fingers move across the surface of the large ruby gemstone, his eyes begin to flash with psychic memories.


>As his mind begins to filter out the memories, Mosaic's focus shifts towards a magical connection between the gemstone and Lucien.

{"Now I just have to pull it towards me carefully….."}

>As Mosaic's vision shifts, he finds himself in an immaterial gray and black void. The figure of a hooded and masked man, presumably Lucien, is on the other side of a large spectral portal. The hooded and masked man is hovering in the middle of a dark cave network. Surrounded by burning fires and arcane markings - his legs are crossed in place as he continues meditating.

{"That must be him."}

>Without a second thought, Mosaic places his fingers to his helmet - and instantly transports himself and Stella towards the cave network…..


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File: 1682305595663-1.jpeg (117.12 KB, 1240x1748, Monarch Lucien.jpeg)

File: 1682305595663-2.png (1.18 MB, 982x1780, Stella - 2.png)

File: 1682305595663-3.jpg (218.04 KB, 565x800, True!Mosaic - 5.jpg)

>Location: Cave Network - ???
>Time: 12:05 PM

>Feeling a sudden disturbance, Lucien quickly moves his gaze upwards.


>Stumbling, the master sorcerer quickly drops to the ground. Looking up at the two figures before him, he immediately notices Stella.

"….Stellara! What have you done, child?!"

>Narrowing her eyes, Stella quickly places the necklace back on her neckline, stating:

"Fixing my mistake! All of those people are dead because of you! Turned into a soul monstrosity!"

>Shaking his head, Lucien quickly rises back into the air - ripping large chunks of the rock from the cave network towards him.

"Azazel is my greatest achievement. A monument to Thaumian power! The full manifestation of the power found within the souls of mankind! It is-"

>Mosaic then cuts him off as he states:

"It's dead, and so is the rest of your dimension."

>Stunned somewhat, Lucien then regains his composure and begins to chuckle.

"Yes, of course. The grand soul amalgamation, powered by hundreds of thousands of magician souls - is dead. Destroyed by you. A mere man in a costume."

>Angry, Stella shouts at her father, snapping in anger.

"No! He is the Thaumaturge! The true heir to our people's legacy! Not your twisted perversion of nature!"

>Somewhat angry, Lucien makes a swiping gesture with his hand - knocking Stella away with a shunt of telekinesis.

"Ignorant as ever, Stellara. Your mother would be disappointed in you."


File: 1682306815717-0.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, True!Mosaic - 22.jpeg)

File: 1682306815717-1.gif (1.99 MB, 500x280, Punch - 2.gif)

File: 1682306815717-2.jpeg (117.12 KB, 1240x1748, Monarch Lucien.jpeg)

File: 1682306815717-3.jpg (232.86 KB, 985x704, TK.jpg)

File: 1682306815717-4.jpeg (327.53 KB, 850x1356, Stella - 5.jpeg)

>Looking at Stella as she's knocked off to the side, Mosaic then slowly turns his attention back towards Lucien.


>Silent for a moment, he then begins speaking in a subdued, and painfully controlled tone of voice.

"….Pick your next few words very carefully, Lucien."

>Lucien then scoffs as he then speaks in a mocking tone of voice.

"What gives you the right to prattle on about-"

>Before Lucien can even react, he then experiences a sudden motion of force. Mosaic's gloved hand then quickly slams into his mask - shattering it partially as he's slammed down into the ground with enough force to rupture the lower levels of the cave network. As the entire structure begins shaking rapidly, Lucien gasps for breath.

>Dumbfounded, he then quickly cobbles together a reaction, stating:

"W-What is this?! You cannot be this powerful! This is absurd!"

>Attempting to quickly scramble to his feet, Lucien rapidly backs up - with his cracked mask looking on in horror as Mosaic slowly walks towards him.

"I've had my fair share of people abusing their power at the expense of others. You're no different, from what I can tell."

>Immediately feeling his bravado soften rapidly, Lucien then says:

"…I-I-I-I-I am the last of my people! You would not condemn us to the pages of history, would you?"

>Looking over at the injured form of Stella in the distance, he then states:

"My daughter, Stellaris! She is the last female Thaumian! Our people have been decimated! The wrath of the Gods was ever present! Our dimension unprepared for life to flourish!"

>As he begins coughing due to the pain of his own injuries, Lucien continues frantically:

"The weakest among us. They were the first to suffer from the harsh environment. We had no choice! Their souls….Their souls could still be salvaged! For the greater good! Given new forms! Given new….life…."

>Mosaic is then silent for a moment - standing a few feet from Lucien as he then says:

"…..The Djinn used to be people."

>Silence fills the cavern as Mosaic's hands ball into fists. His anger and rage bubbling up to the surface.

"…..You turned your own people into guinea pigs! Damn you!"

>The force of Mosaic's anger manifests in vibrational and sonic force - rupturing the floor of the cavern network even harder. As more of Lucien's mask cracks, but doesn't break - he then moves forward. Now starting to beg and grovel before Mosaic's feet, he then begins breaking down - crying.

"Oh please! Thaumaturge! Forgive me! I did what was best for our people! I did what I had to! The High Council, they understood! They understood what was at stake for us all!"

>Stella then begins slowly walking forward, grabbing her shoulder as she winces. Now standing beside Mosaic, she then narrows her eyes at her father - a sense of hatred brimming in her eyes as she does so.

"You did this all for yourself, father! You drove mother away with your insane machinations! You converted my own bother into one of your Djinn. An artificial test subject! Your own son!"


File: 1682307213330-0.jpg (326.04 KB, 1000x1000, True!Mosaic - 4.jpg)

File: 1682307213330-1.png (1.18 MB, 982x1780, Stella - 2.png)

>Mosaic then turns to Stella, stating:

"….You have a brother?"

>Nodding, Stella feels a tear roll down her left cheek, as her anger flares. Staring directly at the groveling form of her father before her, she continues.

"….Ignis. He was my older brother. Born with substantial magical power, much like myself. Father decided to make him a test subject."

>Lucien turns his cracked mask away in shame as Stella continues speaking:

"…..Our society was beginning to crumble under the weight of the inhospitable conditions we forced ourselves into - just to escape the wrath of the Gods. Resources became scarce, and we soon began to run out of energy stockpiles. We needed a new way to generate and store mana."

>Mosaic looks down at his ring as he then speaks:

"….Thaumaturgy. Harnessing souls for immense magical power."

>Nodding, Stella then says:

"….Father had the brilliant idea to sacrifice the bodies of the most healthy and powerful magicians in our society. Wipe their memories and turn them into energy stores, magical batteries for our society's use - nothing more. These came to be known as the Djinn - artificial humans separated from their souls, with new bodies constructed around said souls."

>Looking back at Stella, Mosaic waits as she concludes her speech:

"….The first of the Djinn was my older brother Ignis Bray. Lucien's first child with our mother, Cordia."

>Mosaic then figures out the connection as she finishes speaking:

"….Ignis then became Iblis, the first of the Djinn."

>Now speaking, Mosaic says:

"….You're the one who freed Iblis and gave him the Spectral Rings…."


File: 1682307698181-0.jpeg (204.79 KB, 900x1357, Stella - 3.jpeg)

File: 1682307698181-1.jpg (151.69 KB, 736x1086, True!Mosaic.jpg)

File: 1682307698181-2.jpeg (117.12 KB, 1240x1748, Monarch Lucien.jpeg)

File: 1682307698181-3.jpg (31.3 KB, 1024x768, Red Light.jpg)

>Nodding, Stella feels more tears stream down her face as she continues speaking.

"I couldn't handle it anymore. The pain. Seeing our society limp on, day after day. Being fueled by the sins of my father."

>Placing a hand to her eyes, she begins gritting her teeth in rage, more tears streaming down her face as she continues speaking.

"Seeing his face….Dazed…almost drugged…..Just staring into oblivion. Day after day….I couldn't bear it anymore. I had to do something!"

>Looking back at the groveling form of Lucien below them, Stella then spits on his hood, speaking with a quiet and deliberate tone of voice.

"Death is what you deserve, but that will not bring my brother back. Nor will it bring my mother back to this world."

>Mosaic then holds his hand out, gesturing for Stella to give him her necklace.

"……Of course."

>Stella then hands Mosaic the necklace as he then begins making a series of gestures with his hand.

"What you did is beyond forgiveness - but it isn't my place to decide the fate of your life."

>As he finishes the incantation and watches as the red glow of light surges around the necklace - Mosaic holds it out in front of Lucien as he says:

"That's between you and those beyond. You'll stand trial before them and face what you've done."

>Lucien then holds his hands up, pleading for his life - shouting as the magical incantation begins to activate.


>Mosaic then speaks in response:

"….This is mercy."

>Lucien then continues shouting, screaming in fear and panic as he's slowly absorbed into the red gem. As he does so, he raises his hand out to his estranged daughter, pleading with her.


>Stella can only look away in disgust and anger, waiting for the spell to take full effect.

>After a few more seconds, Lucien is gone - with only the glowing red form of the ruby gem in his place.


File: 1682308231650-0.jpg (737.68 KB, 2560x1600, Sanctum - 7.jpg)

File: 1682308231650-1.jpg (31.38 KB, 300x407, Doctor - 20.jpg)

File: 1682308231650-2.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, True!Mosaic - 22.jpeg)

File: 1682308231650-3.png (1.18 MB, 982x1780, Stella - 2.png)

File: 1682308231650-4.png (415.39 KB, 730x350, World Spheres.png)

>Location: The Axiom - Nexus of Magic
>Time: 1:00 PM


>Mosaic then hands Doctor the large red ruby gem from before. The ruby still pulses with a glowing red light as Doctor places it in a dimensional disc.

"That more or less ties up the last loose end with Thaumia. Thank you Aiden. I didn't expect circumstances to resolve themselves in this way - but I'm glad that they did."

>In the back of the living room, Stella is sitting at a table - staring wistfully at the small sphere of Thaumia.

"….It looks so empty. Ruined. Everything is destroyed. The Aesopian Cliffs. The Demiurgic Plains. The capital city of Thaionia. It's all decimated beyond repair."

>Placing her hands on her face, Stella begins to cry again as Mosaic and Doctor walk towards her. Placing a hand on her shoulder, Mosaic then says:

"I know that nothing I say can make up for what you've lost. Believe me - it's not easy to comprehend that. The scale of what you've lost."


File: 1682308353607-0.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1682308353607-1.jpg (88.34 KB, 785x1017, Aiden - 34.jpg)

File: 1682308353607-2.jpeg (162.15 KB, 850x1453, Stella.jpeg)

>Stella stops crying and looks up at Mosaic - her eyes still blood red from crying. An expression of sorrow and hopelessness fills her face as she replies:

"….I have nothing left. My family. My friends. I've lost my brother. I've lost my mother. I've even been forced to seal my father away. It's all gone."

>Stella is about to burst into tears again, before Mosaic leans in to instinctively hug her. Patting her on the back, Mosaic then says:

"….I can't change the past for you and bring it all back, Stella. I'm sorry. But I can try and help you get through this."

>After a few moments, Stella stops shaking as she takes a deep breath. Letting go of a breath that she had inhaled - she then exhales lightly and says:

"…..Alright then. Thank you, Thaumaturge."

>Mosaic shakes his head as he pulls his helmet off from his head - revealing his face and shaking his head again; moving the hair out from his face.

"You don't have to refer to me as that anymore. My name is Aiden. Aiden Grayson."

>Aiden then holds out his hand to Stella for her to grab.

>Stunned, Stella looks up at Aiden and stares directly into his eyes. Noticing their color, a piercing sky blue, Stella then feels a funny feeling in her chest.

>Closing her eyes for a moment, she then opens them again, and gives Aiden a weak, but genuine smile.

"Alright then."

>Reaching out to grab onto Aiden's hand with her own, she then says:

"…..Thank you, Aiden."


File: 1682308816175-0.jpg (102.34 KB, 1280x720, Doctor - 24.jpg)

File: 1682308816175-1.jpg (151.69 KB, 736x1086, True!Mosaic.jpg)

File: 1682308816175-2.jpg (88.34 KB, 785x1017, Aiden - 34.jpg)

File: 1682308816175-3.jpeg (497 KB, 595x842, Stella - 4.jpeg)

>Doctor then coughs into his fist briefly as he then says:

"Well, Stella. If you'd want to stay here in the Axiom with me and Crepido, we'd be more than happy to have you."

>Shaking her head, Stella maintains her vision - staring directly at Aiden.

"No, I'd like to stay close to him."

>Raising an eyebrow behind his mask, Isaac states:

"Aiden? You'd want to live on Earth?"

>Looking at Aiden still, Stella then explains:

"I may be a Thaumian - the last Thaumian that is. But I am still human, just like him. Earth is my home too, regardless of my family's dark history with the Gods."

>Standing up, Stella then places her hands on her hips, saying:

"Of course, I would need the guidance of the Thaumaturge to ensure that I remain on my path."

>Scratching the side of his left cheek, Aiden gives a slightly embarrassed expression as his cheeks turn red. Now noticing how attractive the sorceress is, he then says:

"….I appreciate the vote of confidence, Stella. I really do. But I'm…."

>Looking away, he then feels his gaze fade off into the distance as he says:

"…..I'm more of an advisor than a close confidant, if you get the gist of the saying."

>Raising an eyebrow for a moment, Stella then gives Aiden a relaxed and amused expression. Under her breath she then says:

["….There's another woman you're already in love with, isn't there?"]

>Aiden then quickly says:

"We can still find a position for you at Archeon! I don't really have an assistant or a secretary or-"

>Laughing, Stella then states:

"An assistant? As in a secretary? If that is the best I can offer at the moment? I suppose that will suffice."

>Aiden scratches the back of his neck.

"Sorry. You don't have any formal education, so I can't offer much else without the board raising eyebrows. I barely got Orion on board as it is."


File: 1682309151692-0.jpeg (162.15 KB, 850x1453, Stella.jpeg)

File: 1682309151692-1.gif (882.58 KB, 480x270, Magic - 2.gif)

File: 1682309151692-2.jpeg (314.44 KB, 1242x2048, Alt!Stella.jpeg)

File: 1682309151692-3.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, True!Mosaic - 22.jpeg)

File: 1682309151692-4.jpg (88.34 KB, 785x1017, Aiden - 34.jpg)

>Looking up and down at Aiden one final time, Stella then sighs as she places one hand to her hip.

"I suppose it cannot be helped then. Very well, I will assist you at this 'Archeon'. Whatever training I need, I will divinate. As for my appearance…"

>Looking up and down at her arcane blue robes and hat. Noticing the striking appearance of the sapphire blue outfit along with its bright pink accents and highlights - she then says:

"….To further assist with my new position, I suppose a change in wardrobe is appropriate, no?"

>Snapping her fingers, Stella then watches as a bright pink light envelops her for a few moments. As the bright pink light subsides, her appearance has changed. Now sporting a more modern blue outfit, she then says:

"Well then, shall we be off now, Mister Grayson?"


File: 1682309668288-0.jpg (737.68 KB, 2560x1600, Sanctum - 7.jpg)

File: 1682309668288-1.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, True!Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1682309668288-2.jpg (88.34 KB, 785x1017, Aiden - 34.jpg)

File: 1682309668288-3.gif (905.49 KB, 480x360, IT - 4.gif)

File: 1682309668288-4.jpg (31.38 KB, 300x407, Doctor - 20.jpg)

>Aiden looks at Doctor who nods at him:

"I'll handle the rest Aiden. Besides, I think I have an idea of how this may connect to something else; a different case that I've been working on as of now."

>Aiden nods as Stella walks over to him. She then waves at Doctor, stating:

"Thank you, Sorcerer Supreme. I'll keep in your good graces, I promise."

>Nodding, Doctor then says:

"….I'll see about what we can do to help your brother recover his memories. It may not be easy - but it should be possible."

>Stunned and moved at the display of generosity, Stella feels another tear well up in her left eye - as she lightly brushes it away with her finger.

"…I would like that, very much so."

>Holding onto Aiden's arm with her hands, she then looks up at him and says:

"Well then, tall, dark and handsome? Shall we?"

>Feeling his face flush red, Aiden then places two gloved fingers to his forehead as he thinks to himself:

{"….Now to explain this one to the board. Great. At least circumstances are looking better than before."}

>Aiden and Stella then instantly teleport out of the Axiom - leaving Doctor alone in the living room.

"Bray……That last name…..Wait, the woman who the Axiom sensed in that dimension…."

>Placing a hand to his mask in a thinking gesture, he then says:

"…..Of course! It all makes sense now! The Bray woman we encountered….It was Stella's mother!"

>Doctor then quickly hovers out of the room, and towards the library - in search of Crepido for their next mission.


File: 1682310161642-0.jpg (36.49 KB, 600x338, Archeon (Earth-0) - 2.jpg)

File: 1682310161642-1.jpg (200.5 KB, 1650x928, Archeon (Earth-0) CEO Offi….jpg)

File: 1682310161642-2.jpg (68.57 KB, 633x1200, Aiden.jpg)

File: 1682310161642-3.jpeg (153.28 KB, 850x1413, Alt!Stella - 3.jpeg)

>Location: Archeon Incorporated
>Time: 5:00 PM

>Aiden finishes shuffling the papers around on his desk. As he does so, he watches as Stella enters the room - looking proud of herself.

"Alright, your meeting with Baryon Dynamics is scheduled for Ten thirty tomorrow morning. I've also put Minerva Solutions on for an hour after, at eleven thirty - right before lunch."

>Nodding, Aiden then says to Stella:

"How are you holding up so far after your first day at work?"

>Sighing, Stella moves some of her blonde locks of hair out of her face - looking wistfully at the bookcases on the side. Speaking to herself for a moment, she then says out loud:

"It's fine, Aiden. I've adapted to modern linguistics and terminology quite well, I'd say."

>Tapping his left cheek reflexively, Aiden then says:

"Sorcerers, you're information sponges, honestly."

>Giving Aiden an amused smile, she then replies:

"As are you, Thaumaturge. Remember?"

>Looking away in embarrassment again, Aiden then sighs as he states:

"Still, thanks for your help today. I was able to focus a lot more on my work with someone around to handle my calls."

>Nodding, Stella then says:

"Of course. Oh and before I forget."

>Pointing at the door, Stella states:

"My apartment's in the residential area right? Executive floor?"

>Aiden nods as he says:

"Right next to mine. It was the only space open, so you got really lucky there with size."

>Still giving Aiden an amused smile, Stella then says, playfully:

"Oh? Right next door you say?"

>Aiden immediately stands up as he begins to speak:

"Great work today Stella. I'll see you tomorrow!"

>Tapping her on the back, Aiden then quickly walks past Stella, as she starts laughing cheerily. They both then walk out of the office; Aiden leaving first with Stella then closing the door behind her.

[The End]

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