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>Date: Indeterminate
>Location: Trans-Temporal Space
>Time: Indeterminate

"We need a different method, a new approach."

>Davos says, as he places both of his hands on the central terminal of the TTC's interior. Thinking intently, he then notices as Maxwell stares at him from his visor, stating:

"So what exactly do you propose, Eshiram?"

>Scoffing, Davos the mutters under his breath as he continues looking around, stating:

"If only you were as intellectually curious as I am, little brother."

>Looking back up at Maxwell, he then states:

"We will do what we always do, Eizen. Improvise and create a more effective solution to our problem. That problem being….."

>Flicking his finger on a small button on the central terminal - Davos stands back as he then crosses his arms. A large glowing projection of the Earth then appears, stating:

"The super-humans on this variation of the Earth. Several of them seem to be immune to our psionic suggestion. Temporally, they're black holes as well."

>Narrowing his eyes behind his helmet, Maxwell then states:

"The ones that Mechanicus decided to partner with? The Grayson boy and his compatriots?"

>Nodding, Davos then states:

"Among other things. If Mechanicus has found anomalies in the fabric of reality that cannot be accounted for with our abilities - then he may have found a countermeasure against us. This is….problematic."

>Maxwell leans against a pillar inside of the TTC's interior control room - as bright waves of energy flash outside of the windows, contrasting with the black void of outer space.

"So where are we going? You said we needed a new approach, Eshiram. So what is the approach?"

>Looking up at Maxwell, Davos then sighs as he makes a gesture with his hand. Immediately, his body begins to glow with a bright golden light - releasing energy as his form shifts. Now in the body of a somewhat younger man with sliver hair and glowing eyes, he states:

"We find the countermeasure and prepare accordingly. A field test of our capabilities against these superhumans will be necessary - if we are to enact our plans."

>Maxwell then nods at the machine in the center of the room, as well as the large holo-projection of Earth, stating:

"The contingency is still available. It'll require months of preparation, but we should be able to do it."

>Waving his hand in dismissal, Eshiram then states:

"Bah. The coward's approach. We will show the humans why they are our lesser regression, our embryonic state. Then, and only then, will Samael understand the weight of his mistakes. Entrusting them with our world's legacy."


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>Sighing, Maxwell then states:

"Fine. So what are the objectives again?"

>Eshiram then points at the screen in front of them, above the analogy and mechanical controls of the central panel.

"The Meta-Humans will require a specific level of expertise to disarm. We could do that ourselves….Or…."

>Raising an eyebrow behind his helmet, Maxwell continues:


>Continuing his statement, Eshiram says:

"…..Or….we could requisition the aid of the supposed 'expert' on Meta-Humans. One recently deceased, as we know."

>Scoffing again, Maxwell retorts:

"The Chiral buffoon? Why on Thulcandra would we need the help of that reprobate?"

>Eshiram gives Maxwell an annoyed look, clarifying:

"We do not need him for his intellectual prowess, Eizen. We need him for his remarkable ability to sow discord among their society. His personal connection to the Grayson boy will also serve as a means of distracting him from our main goal."

>Still unconvinced, Maxwell states:

"He's dead. There's no point in trying to get him back. We can't change the timestream, Eshiram. You know this."

>Rolling his eyes, Eshiram responds:

"A clone will be sufficient. Residues of his psionic energy should permeate the Astral Plane. Once aggregated, a reconstruction of his mind should be possible - a close enough façsimile of the real human."

>Eshiram then pulls up an image of Elias Grayson, around the time of his initial death - before he became Chiral.

"The man will serve as an excellent distraction, with a few modifications. While there in the Astral Plane, we should also requisition the aid of powerful psionic beings."

>Crossing his arms still, Maxwell says:

"More fodder?"

>Eshiram nods.



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>Finally, Eshiram turns to Maxwell and says:

"Eizen, we can do this. Thulcandra has been lead astray by Samael's indecisive nature for long enough. It's time that real leaders take charge and drive our species away from Hedonistic discontent - and towards glorious expansion. We will be the ones to educate and reform sentient life in this universe."

>Eshiram says, putting his hands behind his back and turning around to face the emptiness of space outside of the window as he speaks.

"We will be the ones to prepare this universe for the threat that makes its way towards us - at this very moment."

>Maxwell leans on the pillar still, craning his head slowly to take in the words of his older brother.


>Eshiram continues speaking:

"We will become the architects of the future, of this universe and this multiverse. All worlds will soon know the prosperity that comes to all who join our great empire. Long live Thulcandra!"

>Eshiram says, looking down at one of his hands as he curls it into a fist.

"But we will start with a most appropriate of mobilizations - the acquisition of a resource that will aid is very effectively in our goals."

>Turning towards Maxwell, he then states:


>With that, the TTC then blasts off into higher dimensional existence - leaving the normal plane of outer space where the machine was hovering before.


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>Date: Indeterminate
>Location: Unknown Dimension
>Time: Indeterminate


>A young mage is sent sprawling backwards with a remote push of force. As the mage lands on the ground and scrambles to his feet, he then casts another barrage of powerful fire spells at his attackers.

"You're not getting inside of the Library of Magicka!"

>As he continues launching barrages of fire spells, the heat of the general area begins to rise, drastically. Unable to keep up his magic for much longer, he thinks to himself:

{"I need to warn Noridion and Julius! Now!"}

>The bright haired mage then turns and makes a break for it - boosting his movement with fire magic, as he combusts the air around him to fly like a human flame.

>The bright skies of the dimension above then give way to a dark moon - as an overcast eclipse begins to form.

>Behind the fire mage - the cloud of flame and smoke begins to slowly fade away, as two figures step out of the dust, still concealed by the embers of the fires around them.

"Let him go. He'll lead us right to them."

"I was hoping for a better fight from him. I suppose his friends will have to do."


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>[A few minutes later]

>The fire mage then bursts through the doors of the large palace - scrambling around to find the mages he's looking for.

>In a daze, he begins darting his vision from side to side, before shouting:

"Noridion! Julius! We're under attack! Warn Queen Beelzebub!"

>On cue, two figures quickly rush out from nearby hallways upon hearing the voice of their colleague. As both mages quickly rush into view, the dark haired magician is the first to speak:

"What do you mean we're under attack, Pavion? The Dreamwalkers were repelled just yesterday!"

>Shaking his head, Pavion then says:

"It's something new! Someone new! There's two of them!"

>Looking panicked, he then states:

"I-I don't know where they came from, or how they even found our world! But they're coming for the Library's records! That's what they demanded!"

>Eyes widening, Julius then looks at Noridion, who just closes his eyes and groans - placing his gloved fingers to his eyelids.

"You buffoon! You have brought them to our doorstep!"

>An eerie tapping noise can then be heard at the doors of the large castle building - an almost methodical and deliberate tapping sound.


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>All three of the mages then stand at attention, their hands glowing with large spheres of colorful light.

"Stand ready, we don't know what they're capable of!"

>As the three magicians stand at the ready - they then wait for the door to open. As it opens, they then see two shadowy figures slowly walking towards them - dressed in black and with glowing lines of light across their armors.

"There! Attack!"

>Pavion and Julius then launch waves of powerful fire and ice magic at the figures - surrounding them in hazardous elemental attacks. However, Noridion holds his gloved hand out, shouting:

"No! Don't! I can sense what it is! It's a distraction-"

>But before his compatriots can register his words, Noridion watches on in shock as the attacks are immediately reflected back at his allies. Thinking quickly, Noridion makes a hand gesture, faster than he's done in years - to produce a powerful gust of wind.

>The wind gust blows away the fire and shatters the ice with its sheer air pressure - causing the area surrounding the castle interior to become severely damaged.

"Damnit! They're just messing with us!"

"Stay back and get behind me!"

>Noridion shouts to Pavion and Julius - who reluctantly agree to do so. As Noridion creates an energy barrier around him and his allies, he then watches to see the dust settle.



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>Silent for a moment, the three mages then watch on as a disembodied voice speaks to them from beyond the area.

"Impressive, for humans I might add. Though we will entertain your parlor tricks no longer, I'm afraid."

>Confused, Noridion then states:

"Whoever you are, show yourselves! Grant us the decency of knowledge regarding our enemies! So that we may show mercy when you inevitably fall!"

>Silent for a moment, the disembodied voice then says:

"If you insist."

>Suddenly, two armored figures appear directly in front of Noridion's energy barrier. The figure with their hands behind their back is adorned in black and gold armor - while his companion has silver and purple armor. Both figures are wearing highly advanced armor, with a somewhat arcane and temporal based motif. The black and gold figure's helmet has blood red lenses that are stylized - glowing softly for an added intimidation factor.

"You may address me as Laplace - master of Technology, Time and Space….."

>Gesturing to the entrance to the throne room behind Noridion, he then states:

"And soon to be Magic - once your civilization's knowledge is added to my repository."

>Eyes widening behind his mask, Noridion snarls:

"…..You are the one who slaughtered all of our people?! Our mages?! Our warriors?!"

>Scoffing, Laplace then states:

"Please. You're beneath the effort required to kill. They are merely incapacitated. If any one of you were to be worth the effort to obtain - it would be your Queen, Beelzebub."

>Noridion then assumes a defensive combat stance behind his barrier, shouting:

"Queen Beelzebub is not being absconded with by the likes of you, interloper!"

>The man beside Laplace crosses his arms, as Laplace keeps his hands behind his back.

"If you insist on continuing to feign strength in front of your arcane superiors, then my associate Maxwell will discipline you accordingly."

>Looking behind his back, Laplace states:

"Maxwell, if you may?"


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>Before Pavion, Julius and Noridion can even react, Maxwell charges up purple energy and light in his fingertips and slams through Noridion's energy barrier - dissipating it completely.


>Noridion is then punched in the face - knocking him to the ground and out cold, as Maxwell then moves towards the other two figures.



>Spin kicking Pavion in the head with precision and speed, Maxwell slams his face into the ground on the pavement. He then moves quicker than the eye can process to slam Julius into the ground as well - knocking them both out in addition.

>After finishing, Maxwell slowly stands up, stating:

"You know I still loathe these spells and wards you commanded me to learn."

>Walking forward with his hands still placed behind his back, Laplace states:

"They are a means to an end, Maxwell - as are all endeavors pertaining to self-improvement. Come now. The Queen of this dimension awaits us."

>Maxwell continues walking towards the entrance to the throne room, along with Laplace in front.


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File: 1686428960827-1.png (4.26 MB, 1645x2327, Laplace - 2.png)

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File: 1686428960827-4.jpg (36.15 KB, 852x480, Protodermis - 2.jpg)

>Inside of the throne room, a beautiful woman in an arcane wardrobe sits on a luxurious throne - adorned with magical gems, artifacts and tomes.

>As the woman gives an amused look to her new guests, she then waves her hand, stating:

"Ahh, visitors. It's been too long since Elaron has received them. Now tell me."

>Now sitting up straight and more properly addressing the armored figures before her, she then says:

"What might I help you two gentlemen with today?"

>Maxwell is silent for a minute before he crosses his arms and says:

"You're not going to fight us huh?"

>Giving a sheepish smile, Queen Beelzebub then makes another gesture with her hand, stating:

"I sensed your power from the moment you stepped foot onto this dimension. I would not be able to best you, even if I tried."

>Maxwell is about to speak, before Laplace holds his hand out - gesturing Maxwell to fall silent.

"Regardless, I would like to see if you are worth the effort for recruitment. Prove your worth to us, and we will spare your life."

>Narrowing her eyes, Beelzebub then states:

"Making demands of the fabled 'Queen of the Flies'. A bold move, sorcerer."

>Laplace responds without even blinking or fidgeting, stating:

"A meaningless title for a Queen of a declining empire. Your incursions against the Malfeaseans of Nocturna, make that very clear."

>Raising an eyebrow, Beelzebub then gives a slight murmur of interest, stating:

"….You have encountered the Malfeaseans? Those born in shadow, and sworn to scour the endless void?"

>Nodding slowly, Laplace then holds his hand out, conjuring a large black scroll. An eerie power emanates from the scroll - enough for Beelzebub to sense the truth of his words. Taken aback, she then says:

"…..There's no need for a fight then. I will gladly lend you my aid, in exchange for that veritable wealth of knowledge…."

>Queen Beelzebub then stands up from her throne and begins slowly walking down the steps towards Laplace and Maxwell. After standing before them, she then bows as she states:

"Knowledge of that level of power can topple worlds. Bend souls to one's whim. Cast aside notions of life and death and-"

>Suddenly, Laplace grabs Queen Beelzebub by her face - surprising her. As she begins to shout an incantation in a distorted voice:

"Stamen id quod deceptum est-"

>She's suddenly stopped by a pulse of black energy from Laplace's hand. Now instead shouting in pain - Queen Beelzebub's body begins to weaken.


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File: 1686429498778-1.png (448.08 KB, 605x807, Maxwell - 2.png)

File: 1686429498778-2.png (419.8 KB, 1920x1080, Protodermis.png)

File: 1686429498778-3.jpeg (152.23 KB, 850x850, Beelzebub - 3.jpeg)

>Laplace then briefly shakes the large scroll in his left hand, stating:

"I must acknowledge your talent for deception, Queen Beelzebub. Though I would hope that a sorceress of your level would understand; the subtleties of hand movements are not hidden from one versed in the mystic arts. The gift of extra-sensory perception that is bestowed to me and my colleague - it betrays your intentions."

>Maxwell then nods at Queen Beelzebub's hands as she continues screaming loudly in pain.

"Don't think we didn't notice. The whole palace is a mana conduit, and your little spell to contain us probably would've worked…."

>Crossing his arms, Maxwell looks at Laplace as he states:

"….About a millennia ago? When we were still starting out with this magic nonsense."

>Eyes widening in fear, Queen Beelzebub then falls to the ground, as Laplace removes his grip from her face. Panting heavily, she looks on at the two figures nervously, as a supernatural black fluid seemingly emanates from Laplace's hand.

"T-The Darkness! Tenebrae Aeternae! That is the magic of the Dark God, Nyrian! Lord of the Umbral Dimension! How did you-"

>Staring blankly at the woman behind his helmet, Laplace states:

"The 'Dark God' has a weakness like any other. A connection to his native dimension. Weakening it with the Transduction Field of the Trans-Temporal Capsule was easy enough. The thing about dimensions - is that they're very rudimentary ideas. At least to us."

>Confused, Queen Beelzebub then says:

"What are you- GYAAHHHH!!!"

>Maxwell then opens his hand and fires a barrage of supernatural purple lightning at the woman - torturing her as she continues screaming in pain.

"Stop! Please! I give in! Spare my life! Take the library! Even take my subjects! I care not for their worthless lives! Only my own!"

>Laplace then assumes a thinking position for a moment, pretending to think over the offer.

"I'm not sure……."

>Laplace then places a hand on his hip as he turns behind to look elsewhere, stating:

"What do you three think?"


File: 1686429927004-0.png (439.66 KB, 720x650, Laplace.png)

File: 1686429927004-1.jpeg (36.45 KB, 473x532, Noridion - 3.jpeg)

File: 1686429927004-2.jpeg (144.59 KB, 867x1300, Pavion - 2.jpeg)

File: 1686429927004-3.png (154.93 KB, 709x1178, Julius.png)

File: 1686429927004-4.jpeg (160.44 KB, 850x842, Beelzebub - 4.jpeg)

>Noridion, Pavion and Julius stand in shock behind Laplace. After hearing the words of their former Queen, they immediately begin shouting in anger.

"Remove yourself from this position at once! You traitorous witch!"

"We trusted you with your position! Yet you sell us out at the slightest hint of trouble?! Out!"

"Leave! Before we destroy you ourselves!"

>All three of the magicians look on, outrages at Queen Beelzebub - who then stammers:

"I-I was just attempting to surrender myself to them! It was to protect you! I swear on my life-"

"Your life means nothing to us! It is as worthless as your words, traitor!"

>Laplace then looks back at Queen Beelzebub, stating:

"My, what a predicament you've placed yourself in, Sorceress. Whatever shall you do?"

>Stammering, she then says:


>Turning away, Queen Beelzebub closes her eyes in shame, remaining silent.

>Giving a somewhat disappointed sound, Laplace turns back to the mages and states:

"You three, and the rest of your kingdom of mages, answer to me now."

>Before they can protest, all three of the mages are forced to the ground by a massive wave of force and pressure. Stammering, Noridion says:

"S-Such power! I-I can't…..Gyah!"

>Falling to the ground weakened, Noridion and the other mages remain silent for a moment. Then after a long silence, they look up as Noridion states:

"…..We submit to your rule, Lord Laplace."

>Clapping his hands together once, Laplace states:

"Excellent. I would hate to waste such useful mages, especially for the circumstances that are to come."


File: 1686430421641-0.jpg (283.45 KB, 1920x1050, Throne Room.jpg)

File: 1686430421641-1.jpeg (397.33 KB, 1448x2048, Laplace - 6.jpeg)

File: 1686430421641-2.png (448.08 KB, 605x807, Maxwell - 2.png)

File: 1686430421641-3.jpg (36.15 KB, 852x480, Protodermis - 2.jpg)

File: 1686430421641-4.jpeg (115.81 KB, 850x509, Beelzebub - 2.jpeg)

>Laplace then slowly walks back towards the throne at the center of the room. As he does so, Maxwell walks behind him. Once Laplace gets to the throne at the center of the room - he sits down on it, as Maxwell stands beside him, crossing his arms.

"I am now King of Elaron, the fabled land of the mystics. The 'Stewards of Eternal Twilight', Blah, blah, blah."

>Waving his hand in a dismissive motion, he then states:

"In all truthfulness, your dimension is bordered at the edges of Umbran - Nyrian's domain. Subjugating him took time - centuries honestly. Ask my partner Maxwell - the fight was becoming rather boring."

>Maxwell gives a scoff, stating:

"You could've dropped a dimension on him from the start with the transmatter dislocator."

>Sighing, Laplace continues.

"Either way, after subjugating Nyrian, we absorbed his magical power with our own absorption spells - and gained control over his darkness essence."

>Laplace holds up his hand - as massive plumes of black flame and liquid seemingly appear from it. The black substance is animated, and seems to have a mind of his own.

"The Protodermis as it was called - the 'Skin of the Darkness'. Anyone consumed by it loses their inhibitions, in exchange for the dark power that it provides. A useful tool for subjugation."

>Laplace says, staring directly at Queen Beelzebub - who begins trembling in fear.

"Worry not, though. We have no use for its effects on any of you - provided you do as you are told, and only as you are told."

>Easing up, Laplace then states:

"We are not here to fight a war against you, or your people. We are not even here to subjugate you either. We simply needed the means to prepare for our true objective - the subjugation of the Earth itself."


File: 1686431029504-0.png (439.66 KB, 720x650, Laplace.png)

File: 1686431029504-1.jpg (764.47 KB, 2000x2829, Nyrian.jpg)

File: 1686431029504-2.jpeg (179.6 KB, 850x1202, Beelzebub - 5.jpeg)

>Seeing the look of confusion on the faces of his new subjects, Laplace rolls his eyes behind his helmet and states:

"As if words alone are not enough. Fine then."

>Making a brief incantation with his voice - Laplace then snaps his fingers, as a large plume of flame appears in the center of the room.

>Startled, Noridion and Queen Beelzebub both stammer and move backwards, as the large plume of magical fires quickly subsides.

>Now standing in place before them, is a large humanoid figure in armor - and with a flaming spectral plume for a head. Kneeling, the figure then states:

"…..Lord Laplace."

>Laplace nods, finding amusement in the sheer disdain of the figure's tone of voice.

"Lord Nyrian. How nice to see you again. You're behaving more like a good associate now, aren't you?"

>Gritting his spectral teeth, he then snaps:

"I only aid you under pact that I was tricked into. Conditional magic can be broken!"

"Only by those harboring strength greater than that of the caster's. Or did you forget that little detail?"

>Silent, Nyrian then growls again in anger.

"You are bound to me as my familiar. Nyrian. As my servant. Should you attempt to break the terms of the pact, your essence is forfeit to me in its entirety. Do not tempt fate."

>More silence from Nyrian, as Laplace turns his head to face both Queen Beelzebub and Noridion.

"Is that sufficient evidence?"

>Noridion is silent, too shocked to even speak. Queen Beelzebub however stammers:

"I-I believe you, Lord Laplace."

>Resting his helmet on his gloved hand, Laplace then continues to sit on his new throne as he states:

"Good. Because now I have an assignment for your entire kingdom. Prepare for a potential full scale assault on another world."


File: 1686432156159-0.jpg (199.22 KB, 1920x753, Astral Plane - 2.jpg)

File: 1686432156159-1.jpeg (214.79 KB, 850x1199, Laplace - 5.jpeg)

File: 1686432156159-2.png (846.56 KB, 683x1253, Nyrian - 2.png)

File: 1686432156159-3.gif (943.47 KB, 320x320, Energy - 2.gif)

>Location: The Astral Plane
>Date: Indeterminate
>Time: Indeterminate

>As Laplace and Nyrian continue walking through the expanse of power that is the Astral Plane - their mental forms continue searching across the vast emanations of psionic power before them.

"You're looking for the essence of a mortal, correct?"

"Chiral. The man known as Elias Grayson. I have use of him."

>Scoffing, Nyrian then states:

"You tread dangerous ground, provoking the response of the Sorcerers Supreme."

"That is a risk that I am willing to take. My quarrel is with those anomalies - not the people of the Earth. They are my subjects. My responsibility."

>Giving a somewhat annoyed look, Nyrian mutters:

"That's what all despots say. I should know….."

>After a few more minutes of searching, they come across a series of fragmented mental residues - each being a portion of Elias Grayson's mental imprint, the last vestiges of his identity.

"This will suffice. I will use my psionic abilities to fill in the blanks. Recreate him as a more effective subordinate."

>Nodding, Nyrian then states:

"Once again I warn you, Laplace. The Sorcerers Supreme will smite you with a divine fury incalculable even to you. I cannot lie to you under the terms of my conditional bindings - this you know to be true."

>Silent for a moment, Laplace says:

"As is customary of those who engage in good faith, yes? I have refrained from traveling through time, regarding the Earth's history for a reason."

>Picking up a psionic disturbance, Laplace then states:

"Ahh, another stray dog in need of a master."

>Laplace then turns around to encounter the dark humanoid form of Malice - a psionic beast of pure anger and hatred.

>Nyrian immediately captures the being in a cage of psionic energy, restraining it. Turning to Laplace, he says:

"….You plan to bond Malice with a human host, don't you?"

>Laplace nods, stating:

"With one who does not deserve his life anymore. A twin to our dear Chiral here….."


File: 1686433143077-0.jpg (108.02 KB, 1024x576, Lab.jpg)

File: 1686433143077-1.jpg (156.89 KB, 1024x1582, Chiral - 4.jpg)

File: 1686433143077-2.png (4.26 MB, 1645x2327, Laplace - 2.png)

>Location: Indeterminate
>Date: Indeterminate
>Time: Indeterminate

>A capsule in a laboratory slowly activates - retracting the front panel from its closed position. As the panel flips up, a figure slowly steps out, rubbing their eyelids.


>As the figure slowly adjusts to their vision, a voice calls out to them.

"Elias Grayson, I presume."

>Immediately darting around, the figure's appearance shifts in an instant - pale white skin contrasting with midnight black hair - and piercing blood red eyes. The figure then immediately hurls chunks of sharpened metal in the direction of the voice - only for it to hit the laboratory walls.


>Laplace then stands directly in front of the man - startling him. As he then shouts, Laplace says:

"Or I can refer to you as 'Chiral' instead - assuming that is what you prefer?"

>Chiral remains silent for a moment, before taking a moment to look over the place.

"…..Who are you? Where am I?"

>Holding his hands out, Laplace gestures to Chiral, stating:

"In the middle of your second chance at life, Chiral."


File: 1686433616403-0.jpg (87.69 KB, 900x604, TTC Interior - 5.jpg)

File: 1686433616403-1.png (439.66 KB, 720x650, Laplace.png)

File: 1686433616403-2.png (124.74 KB, 250x330, Chiral - 5.png)

File: 1686433616403-3.jpg (1.11 MB, 882x1261, Contagion.jpg)

>Now in the interior of the TTC's central control room, Laplace then says:

"In short, we need you to serve as a distraction. The Meta-Humans are not our target. Instead, it is these figures."

>Pulling up images, Laplace then states:

"Mosaic, Hyperia, Scalar, Speedrunner, Omnius. There is seemingly one more presence within the city - though I have been unable to track them."

>Turning his attention to Laplace, he then states:

"I trust you have familiarity with them?"

>Laplace nods slowly, stating:

"Yes, somewhat. My memories are hazy, and I believe I have lost most of my knowledge regarding the years before my….death again. But I do remember their capabilities."

>Nodding, Laplace says:

"Good. We will need your expertise in order to devise a plan. I am not interested in their capabilities. That is known enough to me. Instead, what I seek are their behaviors. Their tendencies. Their weaknesses - in both mind and spirit."

>Thinking to himself, Chiral then states:

"Am I the only one to combat them, then?"

>Shaking his head, Laplace then exclaims:

"Oh heavens, no. I brought you a 'partner', so to speak."

>Laplace then gestures behind him, as a figure in bright red and purple armor slowly walks into the area. A large and imposing figure with their face obscured by their helmet - as well as it's unusually dark shadow.

>Laplace then tells Chiral:

"Read his mind, if you want to know more."

>Hesitant, Chiral does so - projecting out his psionic power and his telepathy to read the surface level thoughts of the figure. As he does so, his eyes widen as he mutters:


>Laplace nods once more, saying:

"Him, indeed. You desired revenge, so now you have it. He is now rendered subservient to you - a shell of his pitiful human self."

>The psionic being then steps forward, still refusing to say a word. However, after a few moments, he then speaks with a highly distorted cadence to his voice.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Elias. As is now known, I am paying my penance - and I am paying it well. As are you."

>Chiral looks at the figure for a moment, staring at him.

"….I would've preferred you dead, William. Though I suppose psionic hollowing is an adequate punishment for you as well."

>Silent, William then says:

"Refer to me as Contagion - as my past no longer matters."

>Looking on in annoyance, Laplace then states:

"Enough trivialities - the matter still persists. The anomalies will be dealt with - once and for all."


File: 1686434169015-0.jpg (390.14 KB, 2100x1080, TTC Interior - 10.jpg)

File: 1686434169015-1.jpg (38.49 KB, 564x503, Aiden - 19.jpg)

File: 1686434169015-2.jpg (76.43 KB, 600x420, Virgil - 8.jpg)

>Date: May 16th, 2017
>Location: ?????
>Time: 10:00 AM

>Aiden looks on in his seat inside of the TTC - taking a moment to observe the live feed of Laplace's own TTC interior. Raising an eyebrow, he then says:

"….I forget that you built a backdoor into the architecture of the TTC construction process."

>As Aiden continues speaking, Virgil walks into view from another side of the control room area. Dusting his coat off, he then says:

"And now you know why I did that. Eshiram was never one for subtlety. The ignoramus."

>Rubbing his eyelids, Virgil sighs as he then states:

"I'm sorry Aiden, but I had to notify you of this on short notice. Laplace is a myopic moron, taken by delusions of grandeur."

>Aiden then looks up from the seat, stating:

"I suppose it can't be helped. From how you've described them, House Sefirot seem to have a chip on their shoulder."

>Virgil sighs again.

"They've had it out for me over the past billion years. Time flies, but grudges hold, Aiden. House Sefirot has been trying to upstage House Thaumiel for so many years, mainly due to the decisions I made at the very start of our society's creation."

>Sitting down in a nearby chair, Virgil closes his eyes and sighs once more. He then says:

"I would be remiss to not mention that I already traced the path they went through. Shadowed them."

>Eyes widening, Mosaic then states:

"So you know what magic they've learned?"

>Virgil shakes his head, stating:

"No. The magic is lower level, despite their boisterous claims. It's been sleight of hand with technology the entire time. Laplace is using Thulcandran technology to simulate what you would call 'magic'. He's using algorithmic reality warping. Structural in nature."


File: 1686434816254-0.jpg (390.14 KB, 2100x1080, TTC Interior - 10.jpg)

File: 1686434816254-1.jpg (236.86 KB, 1100x629, TTC Panel - 2.jpg)

File: 1686434816254-2.jpg (59.28 KB, 408x600, Aiden - 12.jpg)

File: 1686434816254-3.jpg (76.43 KB, 600x420, Virgil - 8.jpg)

File: 1686434816254-4.jpeg (304.28 KB, 1920x1200, Space-Time.jpeg)

>Curious, Aiden then says:

"If he's just using highly advanced technology, then how was he able to subdue Nyrian? From what I saw when fighting him - he seemed to be pretty magical enough."

>Virgil smiles, stating:

"What's the first rule of any magician's craft, Aiden?"

>Aiden then responds:

"….A magician never reveals his secrets….Ugh it's not actually Nyrian is it?"

>Shaking his head, Virgil exclaims:

"No, it's like a trans-temporal replica created from his temporal information. Basically a time clone, constructed with algorithmic block modifications. Same with Chiral and Contagion. Laplace isn't dumb enough to actually try and attack the Earth - or appear there. He knows that I'm watching him like a hawk - but he doesn't know that you're just like me either."

>Aiden thinks for a moment, before saying:

"…So the contract, the binding, the magical display of power. The protodermis. All of it was fabricated? Staged?"

>Raising an eyebrow, Virgil almost looks offended, stating:

"Aiden, we're part of a highly advanced race of evolved human beings - capable of altering reality itself through technological and psionic means. I don't see why it's so difficult to believe that Laplace could trick a handful of simple magicians."

>Virgil then holds up his hand with a pointing motion from his finger, stating:

"After all, 'any sufficiently advanced technology'-"

>Aiden finishes the statement.

"….'Is indistinguishable from magic', of course."

>Nodding, Virgil then asks Aiden:

"So, you want to stop him now? Before he causes more of a mess? Because if so, I'll accompany you."

>Aiden stands up and begins walking to the central console terminal of the TTC, looking over the controls.

"…..I still don't understand why I suddenly have this now."

>Virgil walks up next to him, stating:

"Temporal resonance effect. Reality seemingly understands that there's now 'two' of me - so it replicates what's connected to me on a temporal level. That includes my capsule it seems."

>As Virgil speaks - a pulsating hum appears over the room, as he then says to Aiden:

"Make sure to take care of her. She can get pretty lonely if you don't visit often."

>Aiden nods as he then begins flipping through data switches and keyboard keys on the central control panel. Pressing a few switches, he then pulls a lever, stating:

"Laplace wanted to take over the Earth as his master plan; like he's a conductor to some great symphony, right?"

>Now pulling the final lever, he then says to Virgil:

"Let's go cut his overture short, then. Stop this nonsense before it even begins."

>Aiden then presses a single button after pulling the last switch, as the entire structure begins humming to life. Then, the outside container of the TTC capsule hums faintly once more - before it disappears from its parking place, moving through higher dimensions as it converges on its location.


File: 1686435178954-0.jpg (87.69 KB, 900x604, TTC Interior - 5.jpg)

File: 1686435178954-1.jpg (236.86 KB, 1100x629, TTC Panel - 2.jpg)

File: 1686435178954-2.png (439.66 KB, 720x650, Laplace.png)

File: 1686435178954-3.jpeg (452.21 KB, 723x1023, Maxwell.jpeg)

File: 1686435178954-4.png (124.74 KB, 250x330, Chiral - 5.png)

>Location: Laplace's TTC
>Time: Indeterminate

>Laplace then goes back to planning the coming war strategy, as he states:

"Soon, we will unify the entire universe under my rule - my guidance. I will offer it the deliverance that it has been denied for so long…."

>Gripping his gloved hand into a fist, he then murmurs:

"I've waited so long for this moment….Complete and utter victory. It appears, finally within my grasp - and the taste is sweet…."

>Then suddenly, alarms begin flaring up in Laplace's TTC control room. The blaring of a loud voice then occurs.


>Baffled, Laplace then rushes to the side of the TTC control unit, rapidly beginning to press buttons and flip switches. "

>Chiral rushes forward, shouting:

"What's wrong?!"

>Cursing to himself, Laplace then quickly states:

"Something has breached the extra-dimensional manifold of the capsule! That should be impossible! The Capsule is a multi-dimensional super-structure! It is interlaced with several degrees of quantum shielding and probability shearing defenses! Nothing should be able to even come close to it unless-"

>Stopping himself from speaking, Laplace then falls silent as he says:

"…..Oh no. I knew it. I knew he found a way!"

>Angrily kicking a nearby chair, Laplace then whirls around - as Maxwell arrives.

"I heard the message! You think it's him?!?!"

>Cursing under his breath, Laplace then snarls:

"I know it's him! Samael! Get out here!"


File: 1686435658183-0.jpg (157.88 KB, 798x1024, TTC Exterior.jpg)

File: 1686435658183-1.jpeg (214.79 KB, 850x1199, Laplace - 5.jpeg)

File: 1686435658183-2.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1686435658183-3.jpeg (119.96 KB, 850x1203, Mechanicus.jpeg)

File: 1686435658183-4.jpg (1.31 MB, 1988x3056, Chiral.jpg)

>Before any of them can react - they all then see it. A large silver cylindrical structure with a large curved door. Stunned, Laplace then staggers backwards as he mutters to himself:

"….No. Nononononono!"

>Rushing towards the central control panel, he then states:

"Keep them busy! I need to de-materialize the Capsule and prepare for a dimensional jump!"

>Confused, Chiral then says:

"What are you talking about-"

>Laplace then snaps back:


>Stunned, Chiral then turns back - to see two figures walking out of the capsule. One of the figures has black and red armor with white accents - a red inner lining being visible with his coat. The second figure has a more orange design - with an armor very similar to Laplace and Maxwell's being worn.

"I didn't know you could materialize a Capsule inside of another Capsule."

>Mosaic says, hands still in his pockets as he turns towards his friend.

"Of course you knew that, stop being aloof, Mosaic."

>Mechanicus says, slightly annoyed.


File: 1686435876646-0.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2893x4092, Mechanicus - 2.jpeg)

File: 1686435876646-1.jpeg (70.85 KB, 1920x1080, Quantum Tuner.jpeg)

File: 1686435876646-2.png (2.89 MB, 998x2000, Mosaic.png)

File: 1686435876646-3.jpg (583.95 KB, 1280x1589, Chiral - 8.jpg)

File: 1686435876646-4.jpg (88.69 KB, 1920x1080, Fire Blast - 3.jpg)

>Chiral then generates dozens of clones of himself, surrounding the two figures and charging his hands with glowing blue energies.

"Welcome back, Mosaic! I do not recognize the design, but I do recognize your voice! I will enjoy having my revenge on you now-"

>Mechanicus then casually flicks his wrist, revealing a small wand-like device from his sleeve. As he holds it out, he activates it - and each copy of Chiral then begins immolating on fire.


>The Chiral clones begin running around in pain, struggling to maintain their concentration.

>Mechanicus then turns towards Mosaic, stating:

"Laplace is a bit of a control freak - so I knew he would've injected his "subordinates" with control nanites. I just used the Quantum Tuner to override their programming and cause them to rapidly oxidize the bio-molecules in their bodies so…."

>Casually tapping his Quantum Tuner on his finger, Mechanicus states:

"They did the rest."

>As the Chiral clones continue to lose their minds, they then eventually disintegrate into nothingness - the evil Meta-Human disappearing from this world as quickly as he returned.

"The nanites also break down genetic information as a failsafe countermeasure - disintegrating them into atoms almost immediately thereafter."

>Mechanicus then flips his Quantum Tuner up into the air, catching it as he concludes by stating:

"I'm sorry that Laplace gave you false hope, but you're supposed to be dead, Dr. Grayson. History is preserved when you stay that way."

>Mosaic looks at Mechanicus, stating:

"Wow. You're more ruthless than I thought."


File: 1686436298603-0.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, Mosaic - 2.jpeg)

File: 1686436298603-1.jpeg (119.96 KB, 850x1203, Mechanicus.jpeg)

File: 1686436298603-2.gif (1.99 MB, 500x280, Punch - 2.gif)

File: 1686436298603-3.gif (1018.51 KB, 500x281, Kick.gif)

File: 1686436298603-4.png (448.08 KB, 605x807, Maxwell - 2.png)

>Maxwell then rushes forward - attempting to make quick work of Mechanicus and Mosaic in front of him.

"You're both ruining everything now-"

>Mosaic then casually grabs Maxwell by the helmet - surprising him at the man's sheer speed.

"I could say the same about you, honestly."

>Slamming Maxwell into the ground, Mosaic then stomps on his chest - knocking the wind out of the man. As he begins to cough for air, Mosaic then says:

"What is it you said about humans? That we're 'weak' and 'worthless'? Well, for such a worthless human, I seem to have done a pretty good job of folding you like a towel."

>Mosaic then kicks Maxwell up into the air with surprising speed - disappearing in an instant. As he appears above Maxwell, he then slams him down into the ground again - causing a massive crater. The force of the crater sends Laplace flying as Mechanicus jumps to avoid the pressure wave on the floor.

>Landing on the ground, Mosaic then looks at Maxwell - seeing genuine fear in the Thulcandran's eyes.

"Next time you want to take over the world - get a better meeting spot. Preferrably one that isn't designed by the founder of your entire civilization - genius."

>Mosaic then swiftly kicks Maxwell in the helmet - knocking him out, as he turns his attention to Laplace, stating:

"So, pointdexter. Any wise remarks you want to make now?"

>Mosaic says, his hands now in his external coat pockets as he casually walks towards Laplace - without hesitation.


File: 1686436706714-0.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1686436706714-1.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2893x4092, Mechanicus - 2.jpeg)

File: 1686436706714-2.png (439.66 KB, 720x650, Laplace.png)

File: 1686436706714-3.jpeg (452.21 KB, 723x1023, Maxwell.jpeg)

File: 1686436706714-4.jpg (32.06 KB, 852x480, Glowing Red Sphere.jpg)

>Laplace stammers as he begins staggering backwards.

"Y-You weren't s-supposed to k-know about t-this!"

>Stumbling backwards, Laplace trips on an open cable array - not paying attention to his surroundings anymore as he's gripped by sheer terror.

>As he walks up to the cowardly Thulcandran, Mosaic keeps his hands in his jacket pockets - with Mechanicus standing beside him.

"The fact that you had the audacity to imply that you defeated Nyrian is almost insulting to me. You're an ant compared to him - and especially compared to the Sorcerers Supreme."

>Laplace then looks onward, still panicking in terror as he then says:

"Y-You can't stop me! I'm going to fix this universe! Right its wrongs! Save humanity and all sentient life from themselves-"

>Interjecting, Mechanicus states:

"You're a megalomaniac who's had delusions of grandeur for eons. I've put up with it for long enough, and now? You're going to pay for what you've done."

>Mosaic nods, saying:

"Get ready brainiac."

>Trembling, Laplace then feels a wave of force wash over him - telekinetic pressure. He tries to push against it with his own telekinesis, but is then shocked to find that he cannot.

"W-What?! How am I not breaking free of this telekinetic field?!?!"

>Mosaic then says out loud:

"Because it's magic induced telekinesis. Not psionic. Since you aren't a real magician - you have no counter to this."

>Laplace then watches as Maxwell is hovered up next to him. Looking on in shock, he then says:

"W-What are you going to do to us?!"

>Mosaic then holds out a hand - stating:

"Show you mercy."

>Without saying a word, Mosaic then activates his magic - causing a bright flash of red light to flood out from both Laplace and Maxwell. Both of them scream, not in pain but in fear - as the effect of the spell takes hold over them…..


File: 1686437058589-0.png (2.89 MB, 998x2000, Mosaic.png)

File: 1686437058589-1.jpeg (119.96 KB, 850x1203, Mechanicus.jpeg)

File: 1686437058589-2.jpeg (193.66 KB, 1448x2048, Laplace - 4.jpeg)

File: 1686437058589-3.jpg (262.68 KB, 500x682, Contagion - 2.jpg)

File: 1686437058589-4.jpg (199.22 KB, 1920x753, Astral Plane - 2.jpg)

>Contagion then rushes towards the central control room of the TTC - having departed minutes prior.


>As he arrives in the room, he's then immediately assaulted in his mind by the combined strength of all four of the Thulcandrans in the room. As he struggles to maintain his psionic form, he screams in pain, shouting:

"What is the meaning of this?!?!"

>Laplace, holding his hand to his helmet as he maintains his psionic force, states:

"I'm fixing a grave mistake, before it gets worse."

>Contagion then continues to buckle under the pressure, as the psionic force begins to manifest in actual psionic energy around him - slowly tearing him apart.

>At the same time, Mosaic makes a series of gestures with his hand, creating a portal to a small opening of the Astral Plane around the figure.

"You're almost there. Keep up the pressure and you'll rip him apart."

>Contagion continues screaming, his voice getting louder and less human as he begins rapidly breaking down into psionic energy, shouting:


>Scoffing, Laplace then says:

"Yeah, sure you will. You're just another experiment that I regret making. Begone with you, specter!"

>All four of the Thulcandrans then hold their hands out - exerting one more push of psionic power - as Contagion is ripped apart into psionic energy and blasted into the Astral Plane. The portal then disappears behind him, as this happens.


File: 1686437590383-0.jpg (157.88 KB, 798x1024, TTC Exterior.jpg)

File: 1686437590383-1.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, Mosaic - 2.jpeg)

File: 1686437590383-2.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2893x4092, Mechanicus - 2.jpeg)

File: 1686437590383-3.jpeg (193.66 KB, 1448x2048, Laplace - 4.jpeg)

File: 1686437590383-4.png (448.08 KB, 605x807, Maxwell - 2.png)

>Silence then fills the TTC interior as Laplace falls on one knee. Placing a hand to his helmet, he then says:

"….I have been such a fool. A complete, immeasurable fool, Samael."

>Sighing, Mechanicus crosses his arms as he says:

"I'm aware. But this "awakening" that Mosaic has induced within you - it's forcing you to come to terms with your empathy for the first time in eons, is it not?"

>Looking away, Laplace falls silent in shame. Beside him, Maxwell is also silent, as Mechanicus states:

"Words are meaningless, only actions take precedent. If you truly wish to begin atoning for your actions - fix the mess that you have caused, now."

>Standing up, Laplace nods as he states:

"….Maxwell and I will return to Elaron, and repair the damage that we have caused."

>Mechanicus still has his arms crossed as he says:

"You will also remain there, to ensure that they can rebuild their cities and strongholds. As well as to maintain their established power structure. If that means having to aid the Queen in regaining the trust of her subordinates? So be it. You will remain there until the job is done, is that understood?"

>Laplace nods quickly as he looks at both Mechanicus and Mosaic.

"Yes, that is understood."

>Mosaic then stares at Laplace and states:

"You also keep away from Earth. If I see you there under any unauthorized circumstances - you're going to wish I disintegrated you right here and now."

>Laplace then nods again quickly and then hurriedly moves over to the central terminal of the TTC interior, stating:

"As you wish, Mosaic. I will not interfere anymore."

>Satisfied, Mosaic then places his hands back in his coat pockets, saying:

"Then this little overture is finished. Let's get going Mechanicus."

>Mechanicus nods at Mosaic as they begin walking towards Mosaic's TTC. As they reach the entrance, Mosaic turns around back to Laplace and says:

"It's never too late to do the right thing. I learned that the hard way - and now so will you. Do a good job of repairing your damages, and be a better person from now on too."

>Mosaic then goes inside of his TTC - closing the door behind him as it then dematerializes into thin air.

>Laplace and Maxwell are then left somewhat shaken, as Laplace then says:

"…On to fixing our mistakes then….."


File: 1686438020572-0.jpg (578.39 KB, 800x507, Mansion - 5.jpg)

File: 1686438020572-1.jpg (157.88 KB, 798x1024, TTC Exterior.jpg)

File: 1686438020572-2.jpg (617.27 KB, 666x674, Aiden - 10.jpg)

File: 1686438020572-3.png (452.01 KB, 650x910, Stella - 9.png)

File: 1686438020572-4.jpg (116.36 KB, 600x600, Virgil - 11.jpg)

>Date: May 16th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City
>Time: 10:00 AM

>The TTC then materializes again as a large cylinder in the backyard of the Grayson Manor. As Aiden walks out, he then says to Virgil, who is walking out as well:

"Have the Chronarchs always been this much of a hassle?"

>Laughing, Virgil says:

"Well, you're a Chronarch yourself, Aiden. Why don't you tell me?"

>Silent, he then states:

"That's what I was concerned about. But I have my answer."

>Nodding, Virgil then walks to the Grayson Manor, as the door opens.

"Finally! There you two are! I was looking all over for you!"

>Stella runs out of the backyard and gives Aiden a giant bear hug, taking him aback slightly.

"Ack! Stella, I'm fine! I just had to check something with Virgil here-"

"Oh nonsense! I know you went somewhere else! At least you're back!"

>Stella then rubs her cheek against Aiden's own while humming happily with her eyes closed.

>Somewhat amused, Virgil then says:

"Well, I'll leave you to it then Aiden. I need to get back to my firm's headquarters here in Sanctuary City. I can do some work here for the rest of the day before I head back to New York City."

>Nodding, Aiden slowly pulls Stella away from his cheek, as she then wraps her arm around his. He then states:

"You sure you don't want to stay for dinner or something? I could cook you some pizza. Authentic, I swear."

>Laughing, Virgil then says:

"It's fine, Aiden. I'll talk to you soon."

>Virgil then waves to Aiden and Stella as he walks through the backyard exit to the front, where his limousine is parked.

>After Virgil departs off in the limousine, Stella turns to Aiden and says:

"You have a habit of disappearing to save the day, you know that?"


File: 1686438528566-0.jpg (578.39 KB, 800x507, Mansion - 5.jpg)

File: 1686438528566-1.jpg (59.28 KB, 408x600, Aiden - 12.jpg)

File: 1686438528566-2.jpeg (314.44 KB, 1242x2048, Stella - 6.jpeg)

File: 1686438528566-3.gif (1.12 MB, 498x278, Kiss.gif)

File: 1686438528566-4.jpg (149.26 KB, 590x300, Mana Particles - 2.jpg)

>Aiden looks at Stella as she has her arm wrapped around his. Thinking for a moment, he then says:

"Would you believe me for a moment if I ever said that I didn't sacrifice my time to protect you from danger? At any cost?"

>Shaking her head, Stella then states:

"That's the only reason you'd ever spend time away from me, Aiden. I know that with my heart."

>Closing his eyes and smiling, he then says:

"…..Then you know me better than anyone else, honey."

>Looking down at the ring on his finger, Aiden then says to Stella:

"….I meant what I said though, Stella. I want to marry you. As soon as I can."

>Stunned for a moment by the weight of the statement, Stella slowly feels tears flowing down her cheeks.

>Closing her eyes, she then laughs as she states:

"…..I blame you…."

>Aiden looks concerned for a moment, before Stella explains:

"….I blame you for making me the happiest woman in the world…."

>Feeling moved, Aiden then makes a gesture with his hand - seemingly materializing a handkerchief with his fingers from seemingly nowhere. He uses it to gently wipe away Stella's tears on her cheeks and around her eyes as well.

>Dispersing the handkerchief into non-existence once more, Aiden then says to Stella:

"Well, you made me the happiest man alive. I can't say otherwise."

>Aiden then gives Stella a deep kiss on the lips - a kiss that Stella returns in kind, as she places both of her hands on his cheeks. Bringing him in deeper for the kiss as the embrace lasts for a few more seconds, Stella then finally breaks away from Aiden, stating:

"By the end of the year then. I still want to spend more time with your father - and maybe meet your mother if that's alright. Also….I want you to meet my mother. I think she'd be happy to learn that I met a man like you, Aiden."

>Grabbing his hand with her own, Stella then briefly sees through the distortion to see his true hair - black and white two-toned hair. Looking on admirably, she then dispels her true sight, now seeing the normal black hair once again.

"Well then? Let's get going, Oreo~."

>Aiden then walks with Stella back to the house, stating:

"Of course, honey."

>The two of them then enter the house to continue their day off.

[The End]

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