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>Date: June 20th, 2017
>Location: Underground Area
>Time: 11:00 PM

>Motors and wires slowly churn and hum, a soft pulse of mechanical whirring filling the empty air. A hooded man is finishing up the preparations for their latest work - as they physically place a black helmet on a kneeling figure.

"That ought to do it. Perfect."

>Now placing the helmet on the figure's head, the hooded man watches on - crossing his arms in satisfaction.

"There you go. Now you're ready."

>The empty metallic room echoes each sound for what seems like miles, as the suited man now slowly rises up from his knee stance. Faint orange lights pulse and glow across the midnight black texturing of his powered suit.

>As he looks down at the armor, surveying it closely, he then says:

"Is that everything, Placebo?"

>Speaking in a monotone and robotic voice, the figure then waits as Placebo begins walking around him - examining him.

"Should be. Of course, I don't know the purpose of this job you've been given. Just the immediate goals."

>Pointing up in the air with one of his hands, Placebo says:

"Sanctuary City Caduceus Bank. Archeon, UP and Hoyokazi Tower. MRD Spire to collect our 'friends' there."

>Adjusting the cuff-like devices around his wrist, armored figure then replies:

"As for you?"

>Scoffing, Placebo then gestures to himself, pointing at his chest as he says:

"What do you think, Pathfinder? I'm staying the hell out of this - as I'm frankly too important to get messed up and churned into minced meat!"

>Placebo says - obviously freaked out at the idea of a direct confrontation after the last encounter.

"Either way, the boss only gave us a window of time - the next 24 hours. If we're not done by then?"

>Pathfinder finishes adjusting his cuffs as he looks at Placebo - stating:

"Then what?"

>Placebo sighs.

"Then we're in real trouble….."

>Off in the distance, a large mechanical pod apparatus continues glowing faintly in the distance. It carries with it a soft orange light.


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>Location: Eukaryon - Forward Operating Base

>One of the clandestine organization's F.O.B.s - situated somewhere in Central America, is busy with its operations. As a hooded figure slowly walks through the facilities - he's accompanied by a squadron of Champion clones.

>As genetic duplicates of the Meta-Human Centurion, the "Champions" as they're called internally by Eukaryon - are immensely strong and fast Meta-Humans, capable of overwhelming most opponents with ease. The figure they are accompanying, however, is an armored man who is draped in a sleek hood.

>As the armored man slowly approaches a large test chamber, he's accompanied by his security detail - with armored personnel performing their work nearby. As they haul crates, take stock of inventory and unload the equipment acquired from their latest venture - one of the researchers walks up to him.

"Lord Ouranos! We've returned from the latest dimensional expedition!"

>Standing at attention without a care in his mechanistic voice, Ouranos then states:


>Putting a hand to his armored waist, he waits impatiently for the researcher's response.

"W-Well, the ambient mana readings were within projections. However, the catalytic conversion process required to refine said mana is behind schedule. We're-"

"Carrying insufficient technology to properly utilize the mana, I'm aware. That is why I took control of your little organization, is it not?"

>Ouranos says, stretching his arms out to the side, stating:

"Especially appropriate - considering the fumbling that was done by your prior…..'managerial talent'."

>Nodding quickly, the researcher then stumbles another sentence out of his mouth, saying:

"Of c-course your e-excellence! We're still doing research into Meta-Gene disruption and dissolution alternatives, but progress has been slow."

>Sighing, Ouranos then says:

"Then keep your pace as is. The sooner the Meta-Gene and all other obstructions are removed, the sooner our real work can begin."

>Looking off to the side, Ouranos then notices 3 figures slowly walking into the chamber - metallic steps clanging against the side of the hallway as he says:

"Speaking of obstructions. One of them may yet be removed, this day."


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>As the 3 figures slowly walk into view, their appearances bare a stark contrast with Ouranos himself.

"There you are, my Magitek Soldiers."

>The Magitek trio are wearing unique powered armor. Skin tight - with only a small amount of armored plating, their armors look more like bio-suits with organic textures occasionally intermingling with standard reinforced metallic plating. Their helmets have large glass lenses, in addition to what look like wires moving from their mouth guards to their necks. All 3 of the Magitek soldiers have a unique antenna of sorts - to compliment the style of their unique armors.

"Reporting for duty, sir."

>Each of the 3 Magitek soldiers then takes a quick salute at Ouranos - standing at attention without moving a muscle.

"At ease."

>Making a gesture and wave with his hand, Ouranos watches as his subordinates comply with his order, watching as they begin to instinctually move their bodies again, albeit in small motions.

"You have your target. You know his currently available parameters. You also have your conditions for success and failure."

>As the Magitek soldiers nod in response, a pair of armored workers nearby slowly look at each other. They seem to be talking to each other, but imperceptibly - as not to attract attention.

>While this is happening, Ouranos then states:

"Good. In that case, I'll make my preparations to create more of you - should you fail."

>Gesturing to a large cache of highly advanced Magitek in the center of the room - Ouranos then states:

"You have been given a fusion of advanced technology and powerful magical energies. Your baseline strength exceeds that of even the strongest Meta-Humans on Earth. So does your speed, your reflexes and your durability."

>Pointing a finger at them, Ouranos then says:

"Do not fail me - and so too tarnish my skill at creation. Is that understood?"

>The 3 Magitek troopers nod once more, as they state:

"Of course, Lord Ouranos."


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>As Ouranos continues speaking to the Magitek trio, the two armored personnel from before continue to speak. Then, one of then turns towards the center of the room.

>After a few moments - suddenly a massive explosion erupts seemingly out of nowhere - causing a massive surge of energy to spike and magnify. The explosion then converts into pure white hot flames - as the area is now turned into a complete mess.

>The two armored workers from before are now suddenly replaced in columns of bright blue and red light. In their place are two futuristic looking figures in heavy armor.

"Fugue, go for the databanks while they're stunned. I'll keep them preoccupied."

>Chimera, already spinning his blaster in his hand, flicks a mechanical card-like device into it - and blasts forward. As the blasts of blue light materialize into humanoid shapes.

>Then, in an instant, the bright humanoid lights shift into more malleable forms. Complex mechanistic carapaces form the outer shell of humanoid looking robots with blasters. Dozens of them fill the area - as they begin firing on Ouranos and the 3 Magitek troopers.

"Impudent gnats!"

>Ouranos waves his hand - generating a glowing green energy barrier around himself to defend against their attack volleys. While he does so, he takes notice of Fugue moving towards nearby terminals.

"How did I not sense them….."

>Eyes widening behind his helmet, Ouranos mutters to himself

{"Thulcandran technology!"}

>Shouting, he says to the Magitek troopers.

"Stop them, you idiots!"


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>The Magitek troopers move into action - attempting to stop Fugue from gaining the data.

"Not gonna happen!"

>Chimera's voice fills the room, as he moves to kick one of the Magitek troopers. Although the strike doesn't send them flying back, the force of the strike against their block does cause a slight stagger.

"Ngghhhh! Stronger than I thought…."

>Chimera then delivers another kick mid-air, which does nothing.

>In return, the Magitek trooper spins her body in return, delivering a clean roundhouse kick to Chimera - who's sent flying backwards.

>Ouranos turns his attention to the robot humanoids attacking him with volleys of energy blasts - preparing something seemingly powerful with his hands.

>At the same time, Fugue looks back to see the Magitek troopers moving to close the distance on him.


>He thinks to himself, as he instinctively flicks a mechanical card of his own. Slotting it onto the device on his belt - pink light shifts around, with the distortion effect staggering the remaining two Magitek users in place.

"What the hell?!"

"What's he doing?!"

>They both move to fire energy blasts at him from their hands - but it's too late.


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>The bright light then fades - as a familiar pyrokinetic Meta-Human appears in Fugue's place.

>Taken aback by the change in circumstance, one of the Magitek troopers shouts:

"Vulcan?! What?! How is that possible?!?!"

>Without even responding, 'Vulcan' then immediately brings his hands together - generating a wall of magma in front of him to block the energy blasts. He then discharges a massive slew of magma into the area before him - creating a wave of fiery brimstone and soot which begins pushing the Magitek troopers back.

"This is unexpected…."

>The magma doesn't actually hurt the Magitek troopers, but it confuses them long enough for the server download to complete.

>With one more magma wave, 'Vulcan' then turns back into Fugue with another bright red light.

>Grabbing the drive with his fingers, he then shouts:

"Chimera! Let's get the fuck out of here!"


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>As Chimera gets the signal, he finishes his constant summoning of humanoid robot infantry. As the sheer numbers and esoteric weaponry continues to apply pressure to Ouranos - he then says:

"Not yet! There's something else we're prying from them!"

>Chimera rushes towards the Magitek trooper that he was fighting - the only woman of the group. As he capitalizes on her momentary distraction at Fugue's words - he moves in and fires a charged blast directly in her face.


>The blast causes a brief short-circuit of the Magitek trooper, as her body begins to convulse rapidly in place. The realization then hits her quickly:

{"He's hit me with some nanite bomb! It's messing with my suit's motors! Shit!"}

>The remaining Magitek troopers then move to help their comrade; as she's still not hurt, but instead momentarily disarmed by the technological attack.

>While this is happening, Chimera rushes over to the large Magitek cache in the center of the room - the one which created the suits used by the Magitek troopers.

"I bet you'd be set back a few months without this, huh?"

>Ouranos looks over, his eyes widening in rage as he shouts:

"Don't you dare, interloper!"

>Chimera scoffs, right as Fugue lands on the large Magitek platform beside him. As they both stand and place their hands on the upright portion of the platform, Chimera then says:

"Next time, buff up your security, 'Lord Ouranos'."

>A bright white light then begins enveloping the platform, as Chimera and Fugue's transmat systems activate. Though it takes a moment or two, they're then teleported out of the area completely - leaving only a lunging Ouranos, an instant too late to stop them.

>As he lands on the floor - right at the center of the room in silence, Ouranos then looks up at the ceiling, screaming in rage.

"Very well then, humans! The die is cast, once more!"

>Ouranos then quickly hovers to his feet and begins making a series of unique gestures with his hands. As he does so, glowing green energy begins to surround him and the Magitek troopers. As the green energy begins to increase in its luminosity and cover all of them, Ouranos says through bared teeth.

"You will all suffer for this affront to my plans! If I must sacrifice something of myself to achieve this end?"

>The green light then continues to consume them all, as his eyes glow green behind his helmet slits.


>He states, in an inhuman cadence of voice - otherwordly power flowing into him and his subordinates as the rest of the area continues to get enveloped in the sinister green light.


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File: 1692030516640-3.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, Space-Time - 2.png)

>Date: June 21st, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential District
>Time: 7:00 AM

>As Aiden puts down his mug, his spectacled sunglasses hide the expression of his eyes at the dinner table.

"So someone's taken over Eukaryon and basically subjugated everyone else? You think he's dangerous, and is going to be coming for me as his priority target?"

>Marek looks at Aiden from across the table as he sighs to himself. As he rubs his eyelids, he then says:

"Yeah. Wasn't how I planned that things would go, but we'd been tracking their movements through Central America for weeks now. I noticed something was up when they started to coordinate their forces in new patterns."

>Aiden nods as he leans back in his chair, unphased by the statement.

{"He's a Thulcandran. Probably a Chronarch."}

>Aiden thinks to himself, before saying out loud:

"Do you have any other leads?"

>Marek shakes his head, stating:

"As of now? We don't have anything. Jakob's still sifting through their encrypted data. It's taking all of the Charon's processing power to crack the encryption, but we should have it. Fortunately, this 'Ouranos' guy wasn't able to completely retrofit their technology infrastructure yet. Though I'm not sure what help that'll do now - since we got this out of there."

>Nodding, Aiden then looks off to the side, before saying:

"Leave him to me. You should go back to San Francisco. Spend time with Jenny."

>Aiden drinks from his mug again as Marek looks on in surprise.

"You sure? Fumble or not, we got lucky against that Ouranos guy. The armors muted our presence, and he wasn't prepared for what we could do. But even then, I get the feeling he wasn't going all out."

>Aiden puts the mug down on the table as he looks at Marek - square in the eyes behind his spectacled sunglasses and says:

"Neither am I."

>Understanding his statement, Marek then stands up and says:

"Then it's in your hands, cousin. Try not to make a mess of things, alright?"

>Aiden waves his hand in a casually dismissal tone, as he says:

"That's not exactly my style anymore."

>Sighing, Marek then mutters:

"Still a smartass, even if you've taken a lesson in calming down."

>Marek then folds space-time around himself gradually. After 2-3 seconds, he's then gone from the area.


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File: 1692031223271-1.png (2.92 MB, 1434x2024, Aiden - 43.png)

File: 1692031223271-2.jpeg (252.66 KB, 1184x2048, Stella.jpeg)

>Stella gives a somewhat skeptical look at Marek, just as he leaves the room. Once she walks into the room to sit beside Aiden, she then says:

"Your cousin is somewhat off putting, Oreo."

>Thinking to himself for a moment, Aiden then states:

"He's been through a lot - and it's unsurprising. Though I do understand what he might unsettle you a bit."

>Placing his hands together as he thinks intently for a moment, he then says:

"Reminds you of the old me - doesn't he? Just a bit."

>Stella sighs and looks down at the table for a moment, before she replies:

"Just a bit, yes."

>Closing his eyes behind his sunglasses, Aiden then exhales before putting a cheery expression on his face.

"Well I'm the handsome one, so it can't be too bad."

>Groaning, Stella rolls her eyes before saying to Aiden:

"Come on, we need to get to Archeon before eight."


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File: 1692033600387-1.jpg (2.01 MB, 2000x955, Archeon (Earth-0) - 3.jpg)

File: 1692033600387-2.jpg (200.5 KB, 1650x928, Archeon (Earth-0) CEO Offi….jpg)

File: 1692033600387-3.jpeg (337.76 KB, 715x1000, Aiden - 51.jpeg)

File: 1692033600387-4.jpeg (314.44 KB, 1242x2048, Stella - 6.jpeg)

>Location: Sanctuary City - Archeon Complex
>Time: 7:30 AM

>Aiden sits in his seat inside of his office, as he starts to go through his schedule for the day. As he does so, he then picks up the phone and calls Orion's number.

>While doing so, he makes sure to keep the call on speaker at his desk while he continues searching for data on his computer.

"He really should be awake by now."

>Stella looks at Aiden from the side of his desk, shuffling through another set of papers before laying them down at his desk.

"Alright. I'll leave you be for now. Call me over the phone if you need anything."

>Stella gives Aiden a quick kiss on the lips before she smiles and leaves for her office - closing the door to Aiden's office behind her as she does so.

>Meanwhile, Aiden still waits for Orion to pick up the call.


File: 1692038029260.jpg (41.48 KB, 600x600, Orion125.jpg)

>Several moments pass, with it starting to feel like there would never be an answer. Eventually though, the call is accepted.


>Orion's voice sounds gruff and tired, indicating that the call had woken him up.


File: 1692038554492.png (381.38 KB, 701x463, Madeleine_24.png)

>The phone briefly picks up a tired feminine British voice from the background.

"Orion? Who's calling? Tell them it's too early."


File: 1692038694321.png (273.97 KB, 448x418, Orion105.png)

"Hey whoever this is. I didn't look at the caller ID before answering. Why're you calling so early?"

>Orion sounds no less tired than before.


File: 1692044495772-0.jpg (200.5 KB, 1650x928, Archeon (Earth-0) CEO Offi….jpg)

File: 1692044495772-1.jpeg (182.33 KB, 891x1482, Aiden - 52.jpeg)

>Aiden blinks for a moment, before he sighs, stating:

"It's me Orion. You're supposed to be here in thirty minutes. If you're late, Stella can reschedule your operations and surveying work."

>After a moment, Aiden then states through the speaker on Orion's phone - allowing his voice to be heard in the room:

"It's nice to see you too, Maddie. Now I know why my Chief Operating Officer is sleeping in on a work day."

>Stopping for a moment, Aiden then reiterates:

"Stella can give you an hour and a half at best - before the workflow starts to break down. They're gonna need you there Orion, call me if you need anything."


File: 1692044896936.jpg (41.48 KB, 600x600, Orion125.jpg)

>Still groggy, Orion isn't even holding the phone anymore. It floats aimlessly around him, not moving in any particular direction.

"Ugghhhh… I fucking got…"

>The sound of Orion moving around in his sheets can be heard from the phone.

"Like four hours of sleep. Can it wait till tomorrow or something?"


File: 1692045172075-0.jpg (200.5 KB, 1650x928, Archeon (Earth-0) CEO Offi….jpg)

File: 1692045172075-1.jpeg (590.08 KB, 2457x3402, Aiden - 41.jpeg)

>Aiden continues writing at his desk, signing papers and taking notes at inhuman speeds. As he does so, he cranes his head to the side slightly, only seeing past his sunglasses with his peripheral vision.

"If that's what you want, sure. You can take the day off. However, there's authorization papers that legally need your signature - and you haven't signed them yet. We're getting close to the date that legal's going to need them by, so that'd be appreciated."

>Very cognizant of what happened before, Aiden then states:

"So you're still going to have to come by the office later today. Use it as an opportunity to take Madeleine around the city."

>Aiden says, flicking another page in the paper pile as he continues writing and reading simultaneously.


File: 1692045944568.jpg (165.23 KB, 658x811, Orion4.jpg)

>Orion groans loudly.

"Can't it wait until tomorrow? They're not going to explode if I make them wait one more day are they?"

>More shuffling can be heard as Orion tries to make himself more comfortable.


File: 1692046010241.png (137.77 KB, 267x646, Madeleine_28.png)

>Madeleine's voice comes in fromt he background.

"It's probably not going to explode if they wait one more day. . . unless your legal department needs them today."


File: 1692046113395-0.jpg (200.5 KB, 1650x928, Archeon (Earth-0) CEO Offi….jpg)

File: 1692046113395-1.jpeg (59.2 KB, 850x592, Aiden - 44.jpeg)

>Aiden stops writing and instead takes up a thinking position at his desk - with his fingers interlaced between each other. After a moment of consideration, he then says:

"Then I'll just show up at your house with the documents for you to sign."

>Giving a slight smile, he then states:

"Don't worry. I'll use the door this time."

>After a moment, Aiden then exclaims:

"Spend some time getting ready, and getting a bite to eat. I'll be there in an hour or so from now."

>After hearing Madeleine's voice, Aiden then states:

"You're correct, Madeleine. So like I said, I'll bring the documents to you instead."

>Once more, Aiden says:

"And if there's nothing in your pantry like the last time, I'll bring you some breakfast. What are you hungry for?"

>As he's talking, Aiden spins a pen through his fingers rapidly, flicking it against the ground as a notepad seemingly appears out of nowhere for him to write on.


File: 1692046413456.jpg (41.48 KB, 600x600, Orion125.jpg)

"Okay Aiden. Whatever you want. I'll be here when you need me. Sleeping."

>A sudden "thud" noise can be heard as the phone drops from the air and lands on Orion's head, before apparently hanging itself up.


File: 1692046696504-0.jpg (200.5 KB, 1650x928, Archeon (Earth-0) CEO Offi….jpg)

File: 1692046696504-1.jpeg (182.33 KB, 891x1482, Aiden - 52.jpeg)

File: 1692046696504-2.jpg (67.02 KB, 561x588, Mansion - 2.jpg)

>Aiden looks up slightly, hearing the ending of the phone call.

"…..I have a questionable taste in subordinate evaluation processes."


>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential Sector

>Time: 8:30 AM

>Aiden stands at the doorstep of Orion's small house, ringing the doorbell while holding a neatly designed bag in his hand.

>As he waits, he thinks to himself, remembering the last time that he was here - with his counterpart.

{"Don't worry about being perfect. Just be you - as you are."}

>Stella's words reflexively ring in his ears as he sighs and says to himself:

"That shouldn't be too hard now….."


File: 1692047220298-0.png (273.97 KB, 448x418, Orion105.png)

File: 1692047220298-1.jpg (311.32 KB, 1200x800, Orion's House.jpg)

>Nothing happens for a minute or two, before the door slowly begins to creak open. Orion stands on the other side of it, looking pretty much exactly as expected.

>He stares at Aiden, clearly telling the truth about lacking sleep.

"I had a dream that you rang someone else's doorbell because your mental image of my house was different from what it actually is. Wouldn't that of been stupid?"

>Orion stares at Aiden for a few more moments before opening the door completely and stepping to the side to allow him in.


File: 1692047496731.jpeg (207.01 KB, 1443x2048, Aiden - 53.jpeg)

>Aiden looks at Orion up and down for a moment, saying nothing. His expression is neutral, and his eyes are obscured by his spectacled sunglasses.

"….I can understand not being thrilled about having this. I'm just here to drop them off."

>As Aiden walks into the house, he then looks around as he states:

"Besides. It's been a while since I actually talked to you. Almost a month I'd say?"

>Aiden then seemingly pulls a set of folders out of nowhere and places them on a nearby coffee table.

"These are the papers. Official sign offs for the decisions you made over the past month. I know it's tedious, but you do need to sign off on each and every single one - for company records."

>After doing so, Aiden then looks around for a moment, his eyes still obscured by his sunglasses. A few more seconds pass before he then asks:

"You doing alright, Orion? You're my second in command at the office, so it's best if you're in top condition."

>Aiden then hands the bag of food to Orion, stating:

"Your favorite, at least from what Phoebe and I remember."


File: 1692048202906-0.png (313.36 KB, 588x855, Orion25.png)

>Orion stares at the food, and then the stack of papers. His expression looks blank for several moments, before he turns to look at Aiden.

"Give me a second…"


>Orion looks in a random direction, not really paying attention to his surroundings. Nothing happens.

"Can you magic my signature onto these papers at once so I don't have to do them?"

>More silence follows, as Orion starts looking annoyed.

"Fiiiine. I'll do them."

>Orion turns to look at Aiden again.

"Okay I'll do them. Just so I can get it done and over with."

>Orion places the bag of food Aiden handed him on the nearest surface, and then lazily drags his feet towards the papers, causing them to remotely fly into the air as a pen moves across the room to sign them.

>Without turning away from the papers, Orion starts speaking to Aiden again.

"Thanks for the food."

>Suddenly the pen stops moving, and Orion turns his head to look at Aiden.

"Since when do you have white hair? Did you dye it?"


File: 1692048412092.jpeg (767.87 KB, 849x1200, Aiden - 49.jpeg)

>Aiden blinks for a moment before he then says:

"It's the result of my powers. You're only able to see it because of your latent psionic power. Most people still think it's black."

>As he sees the papers getting signed, Aiden then puts his hands in his jacket pockets as he further explains.

"One part magic. One part…..let's just say alien evolution. Two parts Meta-Gene limit reaching. One part dimensional shenanigans…."

>Aiden then briefly takes one of his hands out of his jacket pocket in order to give a dismissive wave of his own statements.

"It's nothing huge. Just-"

>Suddenly, Aiden's voice then becomes very urgent, as he says:

"…..Orion turn on the news right now. I think something's happened."


File: 1692050041943.jpg (40.22 KB, 480x600, Orion129.jpg)

"Okay, I guess."

>Orion resumes what he was doing, as across the room the television seems to flick on by itself.


File: 1692050191875-0.jpeg (94.68 KB, 850x1159, Aiden - 48.jpeg)

File: 1692050191875-1.jpg (196.81 KB, 1024x1449, Receptionist.jpg)

File: 1692050191875-2.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x816, Sanctuary City.jpg)

File: 1692050191875-3.jpeg (438.25 KB, 1920x1920, Pathfinder - 7.jpeg)

File: 1692050191875-4.jpg (349.86 KB, 791x1200, Ouranos - 6.jpg)

>As the television is turned on, a worried news reporter woman looks nervously at the screen. Stammering, she continues to give updates.


>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown Sector - SCTV News Station

>Time: 8:30 AM

{"T-This just in! A mysterious man in black armor has just appeared i-in Sanctuary City's Downtown Sector! Eyewitness reports are sporadic and just coming in! But, reporters in SCTV's helicopters are able to confirm a live feed of the situation!"}

>The channel then flips to the view from a camera man inside of a helicopter - focusing on another reporter.

{"That's right Erica! We're miles above Sanctuary City, and as you can see? It's absolute chaos and pandemonium! That entire mass of dark matter that you see down below? The one stretching out for city blocks? That's our suspect right now. Rough estimates place his replication ability at being fast enough to overcome MRD defenses in roughly ten minutes! He's growing his numbers of clones at an exponential rate too!"}

>The news reporter then gestures to his pilot to watch out for the sporadic fireballs and energy blasts being thrown in the air - bracing himself as the news helicopter barely avoids the attacks.


>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential Sector - Orion's House

>Time: 8:30 AM

>As Aiden looks at the broadcasted news report, his eyes narrow behind his black spectacles. His suspicions confirmed, he then says out loud:

"That proves it then. Someone's attacking the city at a massive scale. Self-replicating…."

>Closing his eyes for a moment, Aiden focuses and reaches out deep - seemingly pulling reality to him, for assistance. As his eyes open, he finds himself in a heightened state of focus - similarly to his time in the alternate dimension.

"Whoever this is? He's able to replicate himself without limit from what I can sense. Each replicant also has an entirely new ability however - that's going to be an added problem."

>Turning back to Orion, Aiden then states:

"We're going to have to get back to Archeon, now. Prep in case he's going for the facilities -"

>In that moment, Aiden's eyes widen behind his black spectacles as he then states:

"There's someone else. Is that….."

>As his extra-sensory perception kicks in, Aiden's abilities focus his mind, hundreds of miles away - to a figure hovering in the sky with a sleek suit of armor and a hood over his shoulders.

"…..So that's - Ouranos. He fits Marek's description perfectly. Great."

>Shaking his head, Aiden then states:

"Change of plans. You and Madeleine need to get out of here now."


File: 1692118627281.png (313.36 KB, 588x855, Orion25.png)

>Orion furrows his brow, confused.

"The hell are you talking about? Why would I need to leave?"

>Having finished signing the papers, Orion is looking around in the bag of food Aiden brought him.

"Do you not want my help or something? Because it sounds like you don't want my help."


File: 1692118985504-0.jpeg (207.01 KB, 1443x2048, Aiden - 53.jpeg)

File: 1692118985504-1.jpg (302.29 KB, 900x842, Telepathy - 2.jpg)

File: 1692118985504-2.jpg (67.02 KB, 561x588, Mansion - 2.jpg)

File: 1692118985504-3.jpg (64.9 KB, 632x1264, Ouranos - 9.jpg)

>Aiden looks Orion directly in the eyes - to the point where Orion can feel Aiden's stare penetrating his vision.

"I would want nothing more than for you to be able to do this with me, Orion. But I care far more about your safety - as well as Madeleine's."

>Clearly showing a degree of frustration and urgency in his voice, Aiden states:

"Look, earlier today Marek told me about what he encountered. This Ouranos guy - he's from the same evolved group that I've mimicked. He's bad news, Orion, and he's far more powerful than I can explain."

>As Aiden continues to explain, he suddenly feels a powerful wave of psionic energy rushing over the area. As he does so - he assumes that Orion can sense it too.

"….Shit. He's here."

>Aiden moves to the window in Orion's living room and removes the drapes. He can see an armored man in a hood slowly walking down the streets.

"He's narrowed our signatures down this quickly?!"

>Looking back at Orion, Aiden states:

"Get Madeleine and let me take you both to Archeon. You'll both be safer there - at least until your sister can arrive."

>Ouranos continues walking down the streets of the neighborhood - slowly turning his head from side to side, attempting to locate the psionic signature that has suddenly dampened in strength.


File: 1692128617836.jpg (250.48 KB, 500x706, Orion63.jpg)

>Still looking confused, and now a bit annoyed Orion places the bag back down where it originally was.

"Okay? So we can just make him go away. I don't see the problem."

>He blinks.

"…And why would Stephanie need to be here?"


File: 1692128685664.jpg (89.58 KB, 741x1024, Madeleine_3.jpg)

"I'm not going."

>Madeleine enters the room, having smartened herself up.

"For one, I don't like going to crowded places."

>Madeleine raises a finger, counting her reasons.

"Two, ignoring that, why should others be put in danger for my own safety?"

>Madeleine raises a second finger.

"And three, I'm still half asleep, I don't want to teleport anywhere."


File: 1692129744712-0.jpeg (182.33 KB, 891x1482, Aiden - 52.jpeg)

File: 1692129744712-1.jpg (67.02 KB, 561x588, Mansion - 2.jpg)

File: 1692129744712-2.jpg (349.86 KB, 791x1200, Ouranos - 6.jpg)

File: 1692129744712-3.jpg (232.86 KB, 985x704, TK.jpg)

File: 1692129744712-4.jpg (88.69 KB, 1920x1080, Fire Blast - 3.jpg)

>Aiden continues looking back and forward between the window and the two people next to him.

"You guys don't understand. He's not here for you, he's-"

>In that moment, the entire front half of Orion's house is ripped apart with sheer telekinetic force. As the debris is sent spiraling - the armored figure from before stands outside in the front yard. The force of the rupture causes his hooded cloak to ruffle and flutter around his body.

"So this is where you were hiding, psion."

>Holding out his hand, Ouranos then states:

"I am Ouranos. You will tell me where Mosaic is - or I will take that information from your mind, and render you a lifeless husk."

>As if to accentuate his point, Ouranos watches as a nearby MRD vehicle quickly rushes onto the scene. Within a split second, and without a single motion from him - the car is automatically exploded into flames.


File: 1692130069091-0.png (313.36 KB, 588x855, Orion25.png)

File: 1692130069091-1.jpg (557.52 KB, 1480x2092, Interface18.jpg)

>Orion stares at Ouranos in silence. He blinks, and then glances down at the bag of food in front of him - before glancing back at the man.

>Grabbing the bag, Orion pulls out a handful of food.

"I'm not telling you shit, bitch. You just ruined my fucking house!"

>Orion throws the wad of food at Ouranos, making sure it lands directly on his face. His armor generates around him, and then Orion jumps forward - throwing a right hook at him.


File: 1692130194701.jpg (62.18 KB, 563x790, Madeleine_59.jpg)

>Madeleine picks up a bit of the debris that had fallen to the ground.

"I'd just convinced him to put up a Tomuro poster too. . ."

>Madeleine sighs.


File: 1692130496001-0.jpg (108.03 KB, 707x1131, Ouranos - 15.jpg)

File: 1692130496001-1.png (2.89 MB, 998x2000, Mosaic.png)

File: 1692130496001-2.gif (1.99 MB, 500x280, Punch - 2.gif)

File: 1692130496001-3.gif (584.81 KB, 500x210, Flight - 2.gif)

File: 1692130496001-4.jpeg (207.01 KB, 1443x2048, Aiden - 53.jpeg)

>Ouranos takes the hit and steps back slightly - giving an irritated grunt as he says:

"A house is immaterial, you buffoon."

>Grabbing the arm that Omnius used to punch him with, Ouranos then slams him into the ground as he states:

"Your life is worth far more - at least I assume it holds that worth to you."

>Looking down at Omnius, while still slightly wincing from the super strong punch, Ouranos then asks:

"Once more, I ask. Where. Is. Mosaic?"

>Ouranos says, the irritation building in his voice as he does so.

>Before Ouranos can say anything more - he notices something in the periphery of his vision.


>Suddenly, Mosaic appears and delivers a punch straight to Ouranos's gut - connecting with his armor and delivering enough force to shatter it.

"Y-You! How did you track me-"

>Mosaic, still holding back the force of the strike, then says:

"You're not difficult to find."

>Then, he lets go with the force of the blast - sending him flying backwards.


>As Ouranos is sent flying backwards, small parts of his armor fall off - shattered pieces of his chest armor.

>Aiden looks at Mosaic for a second, before looking back at the sky.

>Mosaic then gives a sheepish shrug, before blasting off into the sky after Ouranos.

>Turning back to Madeleine and Omnius on the ground, Aiden then states:

"You alright?"


File: 1692130715287.png (566.46 KB, 821x942, Interface1.png)

>Not bothering to pick himself up the "normal" way, Omnius slowly floats upwards and then onto his feet. He dusts himself off, sounding irritated.

"Yeah. Yeah. Whatever I'm fine."

>He turns to look at Madeleine.

"Sorry I threw the food at him. There should still be a little in the bag… if you want to eat mush, I guess."


File: 1692130821066.png (137.77 KB, 267x646, Madeleine_28.png)

"No Orion, I don't want to eat mush. . ."

>Madeleine looks down at the bag.

"I want to eat a regular, normal food breakfast that's not mush."

". . .I was hungry too."

>Madeleine sighs.

"Anyway, who was that? Some cosplayer?"


File: 1692131194964-0.jpeg (94.68 KB, 850x1159, Aiden - 48.jpeg)

File: 1692131194964-1.jpeg (304.28 KB, 1920x1200, Space-Time.jpeg)

File: 1692131194964-2.jpg (67.02 KB, 561x588, Mansion - 2.jpg)

>Sighing, Aiden then thinks for a moment, before he snaps his fingers.

>In an instant, the entirety of the debris field is slowly reversed in its trajectory. The small exterior of Orion's house begins to reconstruct itself.

>Orion's food and the bag are both instantly restored to their prior condition at that same rate.

>Then, as all of the damage is reversed, Aiden then looks at Omnius and says:

"There. The damage is undone. I was hoping to keep that a secret for a bit longer but…."

>Sensing how his clone is doing against Ouranos, Aiden then states:

"He'll be keeping Ouranos busy for now."

>Aiden looks at Madeleine for a moment, blinking behind his sunglasses. He then says blunt:

"He's a billion year old evolved human from another universe with a penchant for megalomania and a desire to subjugate all of humanity on our world. Oh and he's a magician too."

>Aiden looks back at Omnius and says:

"If you want to help me fight him? No issues. But I'm not going to lie and tell you that it'll be easy."


File: 1692131505104.jpg (149.24 KB, 960x1280, Interface38.jpg)

>Orion stares at Aiden, not really understanding why Aiden seems to just be coming up with no powers out of nowhere constantly.

"You can clone yourself now too? You must've been busy lately."

>He then turns to look at Madeleine.

"Guess you get to have Human food. I'll be back soon."


File: 1692131691685.gif (2.33 MB, 268x400, Madeleine_121.gif)


>Madeleine leans into Orion, whispering:

"The screaming tree was still weirder."

"Yes, I need human food, Orion. . ."

>Madeleine clutches her head.

"Urgh it's too early."


File: 1692131960620-0.jpeg (590.08 KB, 2457x3402, Aiden - 41.jpeg)

File: 1692131960620-1.jpg (379.62 KB, 1059x600, Air Gust.jpg)

>Aiden blinks at Madeleine for a second before turning to Omnius.

"I've always been able to duplicate myself. It's how I tricked Ryozo Hoyokazi when he tried to assassinate me - remember? It was on the news."

>Thinking for a moment, he then states:

"You might need to get Madeleine out of here - unless you want her to help you pry into his mind. He knows your identity now, Orion - so we need to fix that."

>Aiden says, still having his hands in his jacket pockets.

"….Also Archeon's under attack right now, and I need to make sure that Stella's okay. If she gets hurt because of any of this…"

>The air pressure around the room begins to rise, sharply - as Aiden's emotions start to flare up.

"Then Ouranos is ending up in a body bag instead of handcuffs."

>He says through gritted teeth.


File: 1692132163804.jpg (263.5 KB, 538x614, Interface48.jpg)

"What makes you so sure I can't just rip into his mind? He didn't seem that tough to me."

>Orion looks out the nearest window, trying to see if he can see the fight outside.

"I'll try it now."

>Orion goes silent for several seconds, apparently concentrating. After a few moments he turns and faces the other two.

"Okay yeah he's got some pretty tight defenses."


File: 1692132461121.png (354.94 KB, 564x752, Madeleine_15.png)

"That just means a slightly more concerted effort."

>Madeleine rubs her eyes, still not entirely awake.

"Which I can do if you keep me safe. You know the drill, Orion, blind to the outside world and all that."

>Madeleine looks around the room.

"Why's there never anywhere comfy enough available?"


File: 1692132931855-0.jpeg (767.87 KB, 849x1200, Aiden - 49.jpeg)

File: 1692132931855-1.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x816, Sanctuary City.jpg)

File: 1692132931855-2.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, Mosaic - 2.jpeg)

File: 1692132931855-3.jpg (1.95 MB, 1186x1800, Ouranos - 8.jpg)

File: 1692132931855-4.jpg (302.29 KB, 900x842, Telepathy - 2.jpg)

>Aiden looks at Madeleine for a moment and takes note of her tired demeanor.

"Seriously, you can sit this one if you want to. I'm the one he's after - and he just needed the two of you to get to me."

>Thinking for a moment, Aiden continues his parallel processing - as his counterpart continues avoiding energy blasts and mystical bolts from Ouranos - miles in the air.

[Moments Later]

"You are beginning to irritate me, Mosaic!"

>Ouranos says, slightly panting - as his stamina finally begins to wear down over the course of the fight.

>Mosaic, not tired whatsoever, instead says:

"Oh I'm sure. But I'm doing my job perfectly well - irritating you."

>Confused, Ouranos then states:

"What are you babbling about, human?"

>Scoffing, Mosaic crosses his arms as he explains:

"It's simple. I'm the distraction."

>Confused, Ouranos then says:

"For what? Is this some sort of retrochronal joke or - ARRRGGHHHH!!!"

>Ouranos then puts his hands to his head as he begins to scream in pain, suddenly feeling a surge of psionic energy rippling into his body."

>Mosaic cranes his head to the side slightly as his arms remain crossed.

"Oh, so that's what it feels like. Interesting….."


File: 1692220613486-0.jpg (36.49 KB, 600x338, Archeon (Earth-0) - 2.jpg)

File: 1692220613486-1.jpg (131.87 KB, 474x500, MRD.jpg)

File: 1692220613486-2.jpg (67.75 KB, 1920x1080, Archeon Generator.jpg)

File: 1692220613486-3.jpeg (74.67 KB, 1800x1013, Pathfinder - 4.jpeg)

File: 1692220613486-4.png (40.7 KB, 750x450, Lightning Bolt.png)

>Location: Sanctuary City - Archeon Complex

>The entirety of the front space leading up to Archeon is swarmed by clones of Pathfinder. As the armored figure commands his personal army with mental orders, they continue to move into formation.

"How many of them are there?! Holy shit!"

"Will you just shut up and help me with the energy barricade?!?!"

>A pair of MRD troops are working to fix the energy generator device - while a squadron of their fellow troopers do their best to hold off the Pathfinder swarm.


>A MRD trooper is sent flying backwards by a gust of compressed air - generated by one of the Pathfinders. That Pathfinder then replicates itself, the new clone generating plumes of fire in his hands.

"So that's how it works?! They get new powers when they replicate?!"

>Looking down frantically at the generator, the MRD troopers continue to mess with the controls, one of them cursing under their breath as the swarm approaches.

"We're gonna need a miracle here, holy shit…."

>As if on cue, a large blue thunderbolt crackles down from the sky - burning a massive hole in the defenses of the Pathfinder swarm. Confused and started, the MRD agents look up in shock.

"Hey is that-"

"I think so. It's one of the 'heroes'."


File: 1692220761856-0.jpg (93.01 KB, 1024x576, Rooftop.jpg)

File: 1692220761856-1.jpeg (279.38 KB, 1920x1175, Pathfinder - 8.jpeg)

>A few blocks away, on a rooftop overlooking the battle - a pair of Pathfinders are standing around, observing the chaos with a careful eye for detail.

"What's your analysis telling you?"

>The Pathfinder with the scanning ability then turns his head to his counterpart, stating:

"It's Matrix. The one with the Index. I can sense its energy signature from here."

"He'll be the biggest problem then. Intel did indicate that the Index was sent here to this city."

"Correct. Proceed with extreme caution."

>The Pathfinder relays this command to the remaining Pathfinders across the city - but primarily the ones situated in Archeon.


File: 1692221146444-0.jpeg (153.96 KB, 736x1045, Eta Form.jpeg)

File: 1692221146444-1.gif (497.92 KB, 500x281, Beam Blast.gif)

File: 1692221146444-2.jpeg (438.25 KB, 1920x1920, Pathfinder - 7.jpeg)

File: 1692221146444-3.gif (1.98 MB, 500x281, Speed - 3.gif)

File: 1692221146444-4.jpg (438.31 KB, 1080x599, Space Time Sphere.jpg)

>Matrix slowly hovers in place, covered in a black and blue carapace - the armor looking futuristic and alien in nature. As he does so, mechanically protrusions from his back assist him with flight - generating energy pulses in the shape of wings.

"Pretty sure this is private property, and you're all trespassing."

>The Pathfinder clones look around in confusion and silence for a moment, before one of them immediately lobs a giant fireball at Matrix.

>Quickly flying out of the way, Matrix then sighs as he states:

"Of course you don't care."

>Holding out his arm, his robotic suit then transforms itself into a blaster once again - as he arcs a flurry of plasma shots towards the waves below.


>Waves of Pathfinder clones are then demolished, as two of them look at each other and nod.

"On three."


>The two Pathfinder clones then start running, with one of them rapidly increasing in speed, while holding onto the shoulder of the other - allowing him to share said speed.

>As both clones begin rapidly increasing in velocity, Matrix loses track of them.

"What the? Where did they-"

>Then before he can react, Matrix feels a presence appear behind him. Barely able to turn around due to his system's automatic nervous system defenses - he sees it.


>Matrix is right in front of both clones - having ran at immense speeds around the complex to build up enough momentum to launch themselves into the air - right at him.

>Still before he can react, Matrix is then lobbed by a sphere of compressed space-time, created by the Pathfinder clones.

>Now trapped in the bubble - Matrix can only look around as he sees the MRD being attacked and swarmed below.

"No! Shit, I've gotta get out of here! Argh! Let me out!"

>Matrix continues to struggle against the force of the distorted sphere of space-time, unable to break free at the moment.


File: 1692222201537-0.jpg (285.41 KB, 582x900, Arachne - 3.jpg)

File: 1692222201537-1.png (159.84 KB, 500x508, Arachne - 2.png)

File: 1692222201537-2.gif (1.95 MB, 500x270, Kick - 2.gif)

File: 1692222201537-3.jpg (94.5 KB, 1917x875, Webbing.jpg)

File: 1692222201537-4.jpeg (74.67 KB, 1800x1013, Pathfinder - 4.jpeg)

>At that moment, another figure comes swinging onto the scene - rapidly attempting to trip up the Pathfinder clones.

"Ugh! Bastards! Where the hell did you come from?!?!"

>Arachne moves as fast as her supernatural physiology will allow her, becoming a single blur of motion. As a black and white streak of movement, she weaves through the waves of Pathfinders, using every object in her vicinity to damage them.

>Everything from lampposts, to cables and even cars are used to destroy dozens and dozens of Pathfinders. However, for every Pathfinder that she destroys, two more are replicated.

{"Damn. They really can replicate themselves instantly! How do we beat this?!"}

>Attempting to protect herself from a light blast with a makeshift web shield - Arachne is still knocked back in the air.

"Ngghh! Damnit!"

>Spinning a web from her wrist, she then swings around a nearby lamp structure in order to regain her bearings and build up momentum into a swing kick.


>She then connects the swing kick with a group of Pathfinders who aren't fast enough to react - destroying them in a burst of light.

>However, that's not enough, as once again - even more Pathfinder clones are created. As they begin to circle around her, Arachne lands on the ground in an open space and begins looking around quickly.


>Gritting her teeth, she then thinks to herself:

{"Shit. I'm out of options. I can't damage them fast enough to-"}

>Before she can think further, she's suddenly grabbed by the throat - as a Pathfinder clone rapidly approaches her with superhuman speed. As he does so and starts to grab onto her neck, he then states:

"The reactor schematics. Where are they?"

>Coughing and struggling to breathe for a moment, Arachne says:

"Why the fuck would I know, asshole?!?!"

>She then delivers a swift kick to the Pathfinder clone's helmet - shattering it and destroying the clone in a burst of light as it explodes.

>Now, she then quickly flips to shoot a web strand at another Pathfinder clone, stunning them and launching towards them. As she delivers a kick to their chest - they also explode.

>However, once again, more Pathfinder clones are instantly created from those who remain, as Arachne lands on the ground. Now finally panting for the first time, after minutes of continual fighting - she says:


>The Pathfinder clones slowly walk up to her and surround her, stating:

"We're your revisions. Your better selves."


File: 1692223545658-0.jpeg (279.38 KB, 1920x1175, Pathfinder - 8.jpeg)

File: 1692223545658-1.jpg (131.87 KB, 474x500, MRD.jpg)

File: 1692223545658-2.jpeg (304.28 KB, 1920x1200, Space-Time.jpeg)

File: 1692223545658-3.png (607.62 KB, 900x1367, Arachne - 6.png)

>The MRD troopers nearby see Arachne being surrounded by the Pathfinders and make a break for her.

"Hey! Leave her alone!"

>The MRD agents move to intercept the Pathfinders surrounding Arachne, but are pushed back.

"You're not our targets. Please, stay back."

>The Pathfinders casually shove the MRD troopers back, with a combination of their combined strength and harmless uses of their powers.

"Nghh! No way! She's not done anything to you! Leave her alone!"

>The MRD troopers continue to push through the Pathfinder clones, who are conflicted over whether to push back or not.

"Hmmm? The humans are still pushing? Interesting."

>A Pathfinder then grabs one of the MRD agents by the shoulders and says:

"As we said, humans. Please remain here - away from the anomalies. We're-"

>The MRD agent then shouts and punches the Pathfinder clone in the face through their helmet - destroying it in a flash of bright light.

"….Trying to help you…."

>The Pathfinder clones then fall silent, as one of them states:

"Please understand. We're here to help you - humanity."

>Said Pathfinder clone then raises their hand and generates a space-time distortion - a portal effect that teleports the MRD troopers away, halfway across the city.

"Now. Where were we…."

>Turning their combined attention back to Arachne, the Pathfinder clones begin to surround her again, as she stands in place - shaking.

"…D-Don't get any closer! Stay away!"


File: 1692223997307-0.gif (1.95 MB, 448x252, Blue Light Explosion.gif)

File: 1692223997307-1.jpeg (90.08 KB, 784x848, Jericho.jpeg)

File: 1692223997307-2.jpeg (123.51 KB, 1080x1080, Index Watch.jpeg)

File: 1692223997307-3.jpeg (128.98 KB, 1920x1080, Pathfinder - 2.jpeg)

File: 1692223997307-4.jpg (50.91 KB, 435x648, Arachne - 8.jpg)

>The time distortion bubble holding Matrix in place then disappears - as his armored form immediately begins falling to the ground.

>As he screams, a bright blue light begins to flicker on his chest - before his body is enveloped in a bright blue light.


>Once he lands on the ground, cushioned by the armor at the last second - Matrix's armor disappears in a bright flash of blue light, leaving only his human form with his jacket and outfit visible.

>The futuristic recombination device - The Index, is resting on his left hand once more. As he looks up at it for a moment, he then says weakly:

"Come on roulette machine. Give me something…"

>Still in a haze, he looks up from his sitting position - only to see a Pathfinder clone standing before him.


>As he scrambles back, he watches as the Pathfinder clone remains still - looking at him intently.

"Scan complete. You are indeed a Meta-Human. However…"

>Craning his head to the side, the Pathfinder clone then stops for a moment, thinking before saying:

"Interesting….You are lacking the necessary codons and transcription factors for the production of the Meta-Gene. You must be an artificial Meta-Human then. More Human than not."

>Holding out his hand for Jericho to grab, the Pathfinder clone states:

"Welcome, we are your protectors. Your salvation against the threat that is the natural Meta-Human."

>Disgusted, Jericho swaps his hand away as he says:

"You're gonna say that about my friend that you're swarming?! She didn't do anything wrong!"

>The Pathfinder clone looks confused for a moment, before stating:

"She is an anomalous being. A potential threat to humanity's evolution and growth."

>Jericho then shouts:

"She is is human! You stupid bucket of bolts! That's the whole point! They're called Meta-*Humans*!"

>Arachne looks on as the Pathfinder clones all turn around and focus their attention on Jericho.


>After Arachne hears what he says in defense of her, she can't help but hold back a tear, whispering:

"…..Thank you."


File: 1692224519645-0.jpeg (463.36 KB, 1920x3413, Pathfinder.jpeg)

File: 1692224519645-1.jpeg (404.07 KB, 600x840, Jericho - 7.jpeg)

File: 1692224519645-2.jpeg (123.51 KB, 1080x1080, Index Watch.jpeg)

File: 1692224519645-3.gif (1.95 MB, 448x252, Blue Light Explosion.gif)

File: 1692224519645-4.jpg (75.9 KB, 495x752, Arachne - 17.jpg)

>All of the Pathfinder clones then begin walking slowly to Jericho in single file - marching in perfect unison. As they begin to approach him, the leader of the clones in front then says:

"This outburst is unnecessary, Matrix. We are your protectors. Your shepherds. We are….the stream directing the current of human evolution."

>As they stand before him, the Pathfinder clones stop to stare at him up and down. Then, the lead Pathfinder clone in front states:

"However, it seems that the modifications you have acquired have….clouded your judgment. Your cognitive decision making capabilities. We will relinquish you of your burden in response."

>The Pathfinder clone then grabs at Jericho's left wrist with superhuman strength - causing him great pain. As he screams, he then shouts:

"Ack! Go to hell you stupid fucking machine!"

>The Pathfinder clone then states:

"We are bio-mechanical androids. Replicants designed with the highest level of human technology. Our design is….perfect. Absolute."

>As he begins squeezing tighter on Jericho's hand, the latter begins screaming even louder - as he can feel blood pushing back up his arm. The pain is unreal for him, but he holds his composure as he says:

"I don't give a shit what you think of yourself! You're flawed as fuck if you think that subjugation is a design goal for humanity! Fuck you!"

>Then, the Index on Jericho's left wrist begins glowing rapidly, as it speaks through Jericho's mind:

"DNA Sequence Assimilated. Replicant Physiology Established. Form Lambda Constructed."

>Suddenly, Jericho's entire body is covered by the same glowing blue light as before - which generates an energy wave powerful enough to send the Pathfinder clones flying backwards.

>The shockwave is so powerful, that it sends the rest of the Pathfinder clones surrounding Arachne back - although she instinctively protects herself by grabbing onto the concrete floor with her adhesive powers.

{"Holy…..Jericho was holding back this much power?! It must be that damn watch of his!"}


File: 1692224983815-0.jpeg (74.13 KB, 1800x1013, Lambda Form.jpeg)

File: 1692224983815-1.jpeg (249.6 KB, 3840x2160, Lambda Form - 5.jpeg)

File: 1692224983815-2.gif (1.04 MB, 500x282, Fire - 5.gif)

File: 1692224983815-3.jpg (196.58 KB, 436x624, Arachne - 15.jpg)

File: 1692224983815-4.jpeg (95.3 KB, 1800x1013, Pathfinder - 5.jpeg)

>As the dust settles and the light fades, the Pathfinder clones slowly rise up to their feet - confused.

"What has happened?"

"This energy surge…."

"Could it be?"

"That signature."


>The dust continues to settle as a figure in an identical black armor slowly walks forward. Sporting a set of glowing blue lines, instead of orange - this new Pathfinder like being steps forward, stating:

"Let's try this again."

>Placing his hand to the chest, the Pathfinder copycat states:

"I'm Matrix. This is my neck of the woods, and that's my friend."

>He says, pointing behind the Pathfinder clones at Arachne. Stunned, Arachne looks and sees Matrix's new appearance, thinking to herself:

{"That must be it! His watch lets him transform into beings that he encounters! That's incredible….The technology required to even sequence a genome alone…"}

>The Pathfinder clones turn around and look at Matrix, unphazed by his statements.

"Interesting. We will study you further as required-"

"You're not studying shit."

>In that moment, Matrix creates hundreds of copies of himself, each clad in the same black armor with glowing blue accents. All of them seemingly manifest different variants of abilities - but with a clear difference.

"Oh and before I forget. This watch of mine? This Index? It's not just a sequencer."

>Each of the Matrix clones behind him - created in sequential order, begin manifesting different abilities.

>The first Matrix clone demonstrates fire hands……But then so does the next one, and the next, and the next.

>Soon, all of them demonstrate pyrokinetic abilities - with their own unique abilities on top of that.

"It's also an enhancer. Should've figured that out first."

>The Matrix clones then rush towards the Pathfinder clones - most of them demonstrating super speed after a certain point, while Matrix himself remains standing in place with his arms crossed.

>Arachne takes advantage of the chaos to begin swinging up into the air - moving to survey the scene in the air as absolute chaos befalls the area below her. With her mouth agape, she can only say in amazement and wonder:

"Holy shit."


File: 1692225413492-0.jpeg (95.11 KB, 1800x1013, Lambda Form - 3.jpeg)

File: 1692225413492-1.jpeg (53.67 KB, 1800x1013, Lambda Form - 4.jpeg)

File: 1692225413492-2.png (1.6 MB, 949x1240, Arachne - 5.png)

>As the battle is occurring, a clone of Matrix walks up in front of the original - as per mental instructions.

>Nodding at the clone behind him, the original Matrix then says:

"Do it. Access the Master Core and remove the safeties."

>As he nods at the original Matrix, the clone of Matrix taps on the chest symbol carefully - allowing the panel to recognize his DNA. He then begins interfacing with the control interface, full of wires, switches and components.

>After a few seconds, a voice is then spoken out loud, from the speakers of the suit.

"Index Master Control Safety Protocols - Overridden. Complete Access: Granted"

>As the panel closes, Arachne slowly swings down below to his level - landing at his feet. As she looks up at him, Arachne states:

"….Jericho? What happened to you?"

>Matrix looks at Arachne and states:

"Are you alright, Mariah?"

>Sighing, Arachne smiles and nods, saying:

"Yes, you idiot. I'm fine. What about you?"

>Matrix looks down at the symbol on his chest and states:

"I've overriden the safety locks on the Index. No more unexpected timeouts on transformations. I'm in full control now."

>Looking back at the clones of himself moving to completely demolish the Pathfinder clones, he states:

"I just needed some helping hands with that - thankfully this form was exactly what I needed."

>Nodding, Arachne then turns her attention back to the Pathfinder clones and grits her teeth - baring her hands into fists as she says:

"Then let's go kick their asses."

>Holding her back with his hand, Matrix then says:

"No. I've got this. Watch, Mariah. This is where Pathfinder reconsiders his actions up to this point."


File: 1692226233911-0.jpg (93.01 KB, 1024x576, Rooftop.jpg)

File: 1692226233911-1.jpeg (438.25 KB, 1920x1920, Pathfinder - 7.jpeg)

File: 1692226233911-2.jpeg (74.13 KB, 1800x1013, Lambda Form.jpeg)

File: 1692226233911-3.gif (584.81 KB, 500x210, Flight - 2.gif)

File: 1692226233911-4.jpg (101.32 KB, 1280x720, Portal - 4.jpg)

>Back at the rooftop a few blocks away, the Pathfinder clones look on in astonishment and surprise - as their clone numbers begin to rapidly decrease in Archeon's vicinity.

"How is this possible? He-"

"Matrix has accessed a form comparable to our own."

>The Pathfinder clone looks down at their counterpart in shock.

"He has achieved replication of our abilities with the Index?"

>The Pathfinder clone that's analyzing the situation then nods:

"This was always a possibility. Regroup. The main body must be protected-"

>Suddenly, the Pathfinder clone that was speaking - is then stabbed through the back of the chest with a hand.

>The clone then disappears in a blast of bright light, as another separate hand does in the other Pathfinder clone.

>Once they're defeated, the Matrix clones look at each other and state:

"We'll have to find the original."

>Giving a sheepish shrug, the other Matrix clone says:

"Then let's keep going."

>The Matrix clones then nod at each other once more, before they jump off of the building - one of them flying at supersonic speeds, while the other rapidly teleports short distances instead.


File: 1692226686066-0.jpg (391.83 KB, 1920x963, Base - 5.jpg)

File: 1692226686066-1.jpeg (279.38 KB, 1920x1175, Pathfinder - 8.jpeg)

File: 1692226686066-2.jpg (167.42 KB, 1000x838, Wyvern - 2.jpg)

File: 1692226686066-3.gif (1.94 MB, 489x274, Sonic Scream - 2.gif)

File: 1692226686066-4.jpeg (74.13 KB, 1800x1013, Lambda Form.jpeg)

>Location: Sanctuary City - Caduceus Bank

>Various Pathfinder clones continue to ransack the bank for money - only to be stopped by Matrix clones who have appeared.

>The Matrix clones defeat a Dragon version of Pathfinder utilizing space-time manipulation to separate it in half. They also defeat a version of Pathfinder that can generate sonic waves by absorbing their kinetic energy and redirecting it back at them.

"Looks like we're done here. Let's go."

>The Matrix clones then disappear in a flash - as quickly as they arrived.


File: 1692227016000-0.jpg (100 KB, 640x480, Spire.jpg)

File: 1692227016000-1.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1251x1770, Valkyrie.jpeg)

File: 1692227016000-2.jpeg (95.3 KB, 1800x1013, Pathfinder - 5.jpeg)

File: 1692227016000-3.jpg (86.67 KB, 500x882, Capgras - 7.jpg)

File: 1692227016000-4.jpeg (555.21 KB, 3840x2160, Lambda Form - 6.jpeg)

>Location: Sanctuary City - MRD Spire

"Keep holding down the perimeter!"

>Valkyrie says as she continues moving at hypersonic speeds - faster than most of the Pathfinder clones can even react. She's been doing a good job of keeping their numbers low, and continues to maintain the pressure on them.

>A Pathfinder clone rapidly flies through the air, performing a spinning motion as it turns into a bolt of electricity. Another Pathfinder clone encloses that electricity bolt in a rift of dimensional space - expanding it into a spatial array - that begins firing the electricity at a rapid pace.

>Valkyrie avoids the electric energy volley, as she moves to intercept the Pathfinder clones. Pulling her fist back, Valkyrie punches right through them both - causing them to explode in a burst of light.

"Two down."

>Looking back down at the battle below, Valkyrie then says:

"A few dozen more to go it seems."

>As she lands on the ground with a quick motion - Valkyrie creates a shockwave that knocks a few nearby Pathfinder clones back. The force of the shockwave alone stuns them, as they're dissipated into light as well.

"They're fragile, good. Makes it easier to stop them."

>As Valkyrie ponders her thoughts - a sharp pain is felt in the back of her head, her danger sense ability manifesting.

>Spinning around, she prepares herself for the attack from the Pathfinder clone - only to find it stabbed in the back of the chest with a pipe. It then disappears into light as well - as a Pathfinder clone stands behind it.

>Silent for a moment, Valkyrie then says:

"……Jen? Is that you?"

>The Pathfinder clone then shifts its form into that of Capgras, Valkyrie's lieutenant and right hand woman.

"I've gotta say, this form is a lot of fun to use."

>Sighing, Valkyrie then states:

"I'm getting immediate reports of a similar being moving around the city. I'd stay like this if I were you - as not to confuse them."

>Scoffing, Capgras says:

"How likely is that-"

>Then, clones of Matrix appear from above - seemingly dragging a set of Pathfinder clones to the ground in a flying dive motion. As they slam into the ground, the Pathfinder clones are dissipated into light - with the Matrix clones landing on the ground.

"……Never mind."


File: 1692227287525-0.jpeg (95.11 KB, 1800x1013, Lambda Form - 3.jpeg)

File: 1692227287525-1.jpeg (74.13 KB, 1800x1013, Lambda Form.jpeg)

File: 1692227287525-2.jpeg (5.5 MB, 2480x3508, Valkyrie - 3.jpeg)

File: 1692227287525-3.jpg (107.66 KB, 719x1111, Capgras - 2.jpg)

>Matrix looks down at the dust beneath his feet, as his clones walk up to him. He nods at them for a moment before turning his attention to Valkyrie.

"Director Valkyrie."

>Walking up to the woman, who is only an inch shorter than him, Matrix then states:

"It's Matrix. It's hard to explain what happened, but-"

>Valkyrie puts a hand up, stating:

"I know it's you. Your energy signature is the same as that watch of yours."

>Crossing her arms, she then says:

"Good job taking down the stragglers. But they just keep coming. Any idea what's causing this?"

>Matrix then exclaims:

"The clones have an original body. Take that down, and the whole clone army ceases to exist."

>Nodding, Valkyrie then says:

"Alright then. So find the original. Can't be that hard, can it?"

>Suddenly, a loud blast of force can be heard from the skies above - as Matrix, Valkyrie and Capgras look up.

"What in the hell was that?"

>Matrix focuses behind his helmet up at the figures in the sky, and states:

"Mosaic. That and whoever he's fighting…."


File: 1692227735394-0.jpg (21.3 KB, 877x500, Atmosphere.jpg)

File: 1692227735394-1.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, Mosaic - 2.jpeg)

File: 1692227735394-2.gif (1.99 MB, 500x280, Punch - 2.gif)

File: 1692227735394-3.jpg (86.43 KB, 400x400, Ouranos - 12.jpg)

File: 1692227735394-4.gif (1.97 MB, 500x281, Magic - 4.gif)

>Location: Skies Above Sanctuary City

>Mosaic's fist clashes with that of Ouranos's once more - as space-time begins to violently distort around them both.

"You won't take my willpower that easily, human!"

>As he looks over his opponent, Mosaic then states:

"I very easily can at this point - given how much of your attention's been going into defending your mind. That leaves you weak, and open too."

>To prove his point, Mosaic moves to backspin kick Ouranos at such rapid speeds, that the Thulcandran Sorcerer can barely respond. Stunned by how Mosaic's attacks are moving through his magical force field, Ouranos finally realizes the explanation as he says:

"You're a magician yourself! Impossible!"

>Mosaic then states:

"That, and a Chronarch like you. So don't act too surprised."


>Mosaic then slams his palm into Ouranos's face as he states:

"Let's take this elsewhere, shall we?"

>Without a moment to spare, Mosaic shifts himself and Ouranos to the ground below. As Ouranos's body is barely able to react to the force of Mosaic's hits, his mind then races as he states:

{"H-How?! He shouldn't be this powerful!!!!"}

>Out loud, Ouranos shouts in return:

"Insolent human! I will crush you into the primordial stew you once were!"

>Ouranos then moves to attack Mosaic with a magical energy attack with his free hand - which Mosaic dodges.

"If it were only that simple, Ouranos."

>Now in the open fields of Sanctuary City's outskirts, Ouranos slowly rises to his feet - panting heavily. As he still feels the psionic presence of Mosaic's associates attacking his mind, he claws at his face mask - trying to apply pressure with his hand to make the irritation stop.

"GYAAAAHHH!! Get out of my head!"


File: 1692228395745-0.jpg (175.85 KB, 1200x600, Forest - 4.jpg)

File: 1692228395745-1.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1692228395745-2.jpg (86.43 KB, 400x400, Ouranos - 12.jpg)

File: 1692228395745-3.jpg (478.65 KB, 1016x1143, Eldritch Being.jpg)

File: 1692228395745-4.jpg (16.32 KB, 852x480, Green Light.jpg)

>Now in the woods and forestry area outside of Sanctuary City's main metropolis, Mosaic has his hands in his coat pockets as he looks at Ouranos, stating:

"Everything that's going through your head is a fraction of the chaos you've put people through - for millennia. Eons."

>Confused, Ouranos then states:

"What are you talking about, insect? What could you possibly know of the deeds that I have done-"

"Chronomore Five."

>Silent, Ouranos stands completely still, as he then silently whispers.

"….How do you know that name?"

>Now speaking again, Mosaic states, with his arms still in his coat pockets.

"You led a contingent of Reclamation Units against a captured Stronghold in the Thulcandra - Formic War. Your Reclaimers were losing the battle against the Formics, and you were running out of supplies."

>Walking back and forth, as he sees Ouranos's mind completely shatter from the realization of his knowledge - Mosaic continues speaking:

"Then when your own people needed you the most - you sacrificed them to the Formics as sustenance. As an offering for them to make you their leader. Their king."

>As Mosaic begins walking forward, with his hands out of his coat pockets now - he watches as Ouranos slowly stumbles backwards.

"When your own people needed you the most - you betrayed them. You ran away like the coward that you are. Rather than accept responsibility for what you had done - you decided to frame them and attempt revisionism on Thulcandra."

>Crossing his arms, Mosaic then states:

"Fortunately, someone has access to all internal TTC monitoring. Mechanicus."

>Ouranos curses himself for a moment as Mosaic then concludes:

"Since he has that knowledge - so do I. Because of that alone, you are going to pay for what you've done, Kyrios."

>Ouranos, further panicked at the mention of his true name, shouts:

"Lies and deception! This is an illusion of the mind! A mere trick!"

>Bringing his hands together for a powerful attack - a burst of green light begins to manifest from Ouranos, as the shadowy presence of an eldritch being begins to wrap around him. In his madness and frenzy, Ouranos begins to scream in an inhuman cadence:



File: 1692229134011-0.jpeg (92.65 KB, 800x600, Space.jpeg)

File: 1692229134011-1.png (2.89 MB, 998x2000, Mosaic.png)

File: 1692229134011-2.jpeg (404.69 KB, 1920x1080, Jupiter's Lightning Bolt.jpeg)

File: 1692229134011-3.jpg (20.41 KB, 634x312, Ouranos - 5.jpg)

File: 1692229134011-4.gif (1.95 MB, 350x215, Explosion - 4.gif)

>As the massive form of the Eldritch being slowly begins to merge with Ouranos's essence - the entirety of the sky instantly goes dark. Day turns to night in an instant, in a way that seemingly defies all logic as Ouranos's body begins to rapidly merge with that of the eldritch entity. The inhuman cadence of his voice continues to echo out in a wave of fear, anger and paranoia.


>As the Ouranos - Eldritch fusion begins rushing towards Mosaic, glowing with green energy, Mosaic simply stands still.

"Really now? If you really want my life essence, then I insist."

>Keeping one hand in his coat pocket, Mosaic raises out his other hand - bringing it in front of him as to generate a massive glowing rune with red light as a barrier field. While he's doing this, the entirety of space-time begins to warp dramatically around them, shattering into large individual pieces of "glass". This effect keeps up until both of them are placed into a cosmic void.


>Mosaic gestures around with one hand, stating:

"I've brought you to where you need to be. A world, or a reality as empty and vacant as your own soul."

>Not even hesitating to strike, Mosaic then raise his arm out - and generates a surge of light and energy in the area right above his open hand.

>A brilliant blue light radiates down from above, seemingly from the realms above their current dimension. As Mosaic does this, the energy pressure of the entire void begins to shake - seemingly infinite in size and scope.


>Now holding a bright, radiant bolt of blue lighting - crackling in the air above his palm, Mosaic then immediately grabs onto it as he now feels the energy surge into his hand.

>With his own supernatural cadence to his voice, Mosaic then states:

"Fulmen Iovis! Jupiter's Lightning!"

>Mosaic then launches the bolt forward - watching as it rapidly grows in size and speed, in addition to power. As it moves to connect with the merged form of Ouranos and the Eldritch Being - they shout in pain and unison, screaming as the mystical properties of the bolt begin to burn them apart at the seams.


>As the Eldritch Being slowly begins to get separated from Ouranos, its body begins to burn up into nothingness as it screams one final time.


>Mosaic gives a dismissive wave as he states:

"Just like the rest. Not that surprising. Get in line, pal."

>The Eldritch Being then finally breaks apart as it screams one final time:


>Then it disappears into nothingness, leaving only Mosaic, and the barely conscious form of Ouranos in the void of space.


File: 1692229592570-0.jpg (175.85 KB, 1200x600, Forest - 4.jpg)

File: 1692229592570-1.jpg (151.69 KB, 736x1086, Mosaic - 24.jpg)

File: 1692229592570-2.jpg (31.38 KB, 300x407, Doctor - 20.jpg)

File: 1692229592570-3.jpg (149.26 KB, 590x300, Mana Particles - 2.jpg)

File: 1692229592570-4.jpg (349.86 KB, 791x1200, Ouranos - 6.jpg)

>As the world slowly shifts back to the forest from before, Mosaic then walks up to the downed form of Ouranos and states:

"It's time to pay for your mistakes, Kyrios. Maybe if you're lucky, the Thulcandran High Council will show leniency to you."

>As Ouranos barely has the energy to stand, Mosaic stands before the downed Thulcandran Sorcerer - with two fingers to the front of his armored mask, stating:


>Then, a spark of psionic energy runs through Ouranos, enough to send him spiraling backwards. The entirety of the previous events are then wiped from his memory with surgical precision - as Omnius's identity and the nature of the prior events, are permanently wiped from his mind.

>Now in a daze and completely knocked out, Mosaic then takes out an artifact from his jacket and states:

"First time I've had to use this in a long while."

>As he activates the artifact with a tap of his gloved finger, he then waits a fraction of a second for Doctor to arrive.

"Ah. Aiden. What's the occasion?"

>After Mosaic spends a few minutes explaining the situation to the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor then states:

"Then I believe you'd request that I rescind his ability to cast magic?"

>Mosaic shakes his head, stating:

"Just his magical knowledge. I'd feel better knowing that you did it instead."

>Giving a somewhat amused laugh, Doctor then says:

"As you wish. Though I did feel a disturbance in another dimension. Your doing I presume?"

>Mosaic nods and puts his hands back in his coat pockets - as Doctor says:

"Well done. You may have a Sorcerer Supreme's potential in you yet."

>Mosaic then watches as Doctor kneels down to Ouranos and places a single finger on his mask - dispersing a surge of magical energy and bright multi-colored light around him as he states:

"Now, you know longer have the knowledge to cast - not even a single spell."

>Ouranos then falls down on the ground, unconscious as Doctor states:

"Furthermore, no more eldritch oddities from you either."


File: 1692230266971-0.jpg (36.49 KB, 600x338, Archeon (Earth-0) - 2.jpg)

File: 1692230266971-1.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, Mosaic - 2.jpeg)

File: 1692230266971-2.jpeg (129.68 KB, 850x1223, Aiden - 45.jpeg)

File: 1692230266971-3.png (809.9 KB, 1023x1484, Arachne - 14.png)

File: 1692230266971-4.jpeg (74.13 KB, 1800x1013, Lambda Form.jpeg)

>Location: Archeon Complex

>As Matrix and Arachne watch the situation - they see the MRD slowly arrive back on the scene. Before they can reach out to call for them, they notice that their words don't seem to affect them.

"What. What's happening? We're right here guys! Can't you hear us? See us right here? What's going on?!"

>Confused, Arachne looks around until she hears a voice coming from right behind her.

"As energetic as ever, Arachne."

>Immediately knowing the voice, Arachne slowly turns around and rushes towards Mosaic, screaming at him as she hits her fists against his chest.

"You complete asshole! Where the hell where you?!?!"

>Mosaic holds up a hand, stating:

"Busy. Believe me, there was something far worse than Pathfinder on the run."

>Looking up at Matrix, Mosaic then says:

"Good work, Jericho."

>Surprised, Matrix says:

"I-I what?! How do you know who I am-"

>Amused, Mosaic then flicks his fingers as his helmet disappears - revealing a familiar face with sunglasses and black hair to Jericho and Arachne. Even if his true hair color is white.

>Dumbfounded, Matrix then states:

"….Mister Grayson?!"


File: 1692230348751-0.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1692230348751-1.png (2.92 MB, 1434x2024, Aiden - 43.png)

File: 1692230348751-2.gif (959.59 KB, 500x281, IT.gif)

File: 1692230348751-3.jpg (50.91 KB, 435x648, Arachne - 8.jpg)

File: 1692230348751-4.jpeg (95.11 KB, 1800x1013, Lambda Form - 3.jpeg)

>After a few more minutes of explaining, Mosaic then states:

"I needed to make sure that you were trustworthy before I revealed the truth to you. But you've proven yourself today Jericho. I'm proud of you."

>Nodding slowly, Matrix still looks confused for a moment, before he turns to Arachne and points a finger at her, stating:

"You knew the entire time?!?!"

>Arachne sticks a tongue out at Jericho playfully, stating:

"Oh there's a lot that I know, Jericho. You should try learning some time."

>Sighing, Mosaic then says:

"Alright, that's enough, Mariah. I'll explain the rest to Jericho later. Just know that your watch as you call it. That Index."

>Mosaic points at the chest symbol on Matrix's armor, as he continues speaking:

"It's far more important than you think."

>Arachne then turns to Mosaic and asks:

"What about the rest of the Pathfinder clones, Aiden? Can you stop them?"

>Mosaic nods as he begins to walk forward, hands in his coat pockets as he states:

"Yes. I'll finish this now. Thank you both for everything. You've protected the people here, and I cannot thank you enough for that."

>Mosaic then disappears in an instant - as the MRD now suddenly recognize the vigilantes' presence, stating:

"Hey! You two! You both alright?!?!"

>The MRD troopers now walk over as Arachne responds to them saying:

"Yeah, we're fine. More than fine actually."

>Arachne then looks up at the sky - seeing it returned back to normal, then smiles while thinking:

{"…..That was you. Seriously, you really are something, Aiden."}


File: 1692230790944-0.jpg (108.02 KB, 1024x576, Lab.jpg)

File: 1692230790944-1.jpeg (4 MB, 2480x3508, Mosaic - 2.jpeg)

File: 1692230790944-2.jpeg (86.19 KB, 1800x1013, Pathfinder - 3.jpeg)

File: 1692230790944-3.png (124.09 KB, 340x657, Placebo.png)

File: 1692230790944-4.jpg (232.86 KB, 985x704, TK.jpg)

>Location: Sanctuary City - Underground Lab

>Placebo continues standing in the middle of the chamber, panicking as he thinks to himself:

"Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit! He's stopped them all!"

>Spinning around to the original Pathfinder - Placebo kicks him in the back as he sits down, meditating.

"Hey! You stupid bio-android! Make more of yourself before they figure out where we are!!!!"

>Before Pathfinder can response, Placebo is suddenly immobilized from behind.

"There you are."

>Walking up to the immobilized form of Placebo, Mosaic then scrutinizes him carefully for a moment before saying:

"Interesting. You're less impressive in person than I thought you'd be."

>Panicked, but still offended enough to be irritated, Placebo shouts:

"Hey! I'll have you know that my boss thinks I'm very unique!"

>Ignoring Placebo, Mosaic then walks over to Pathfinder's meditating form and stands behind him. Pathfinder then asks:

"Have you come for me now?"

>Mosaic gives a 'half-and-half' expression with his gloved hand as he states:

"Yes and no. I'm here to stop you, but I'm not here to kill you."

>Pressing a set of two fingers to the stem of Pathfinder's neck, Mosaic then passes a bolt of magical energy through his body. As his internal programming begins to change, Pathfinder then slowly stands up. Turning around towards Mosaic, he then states:

"……What should I do now?"

>Confused, Placebo shouts through their restrained form, still hovering in mid-air.

"Wait, what the hell? What'd you do to him?"

>Mosaic turns around and places a hand on Pathfinder's shoulder, stating:

"I gave him a clear mind, and something he hasn't had before - a good purpose."

>Still panicked, Placebo then looks around erratically, shouting:

"H-Hey! I'm not gonna do good in a MRD prison! Trust me! I'm too squishy!"


File: 1692231173884-0.jpg (100 KB, 640x480, Spire.jpg)

File: 1692231173884-1.jpg (94.79 KB, 600x533, Chase - 16.jpg)

File: 1692231173884-2.jpeg (5.5 MB, 2480x3508, Valkyrie - 3.jpeg)

File: 1692231173884-3.png (2.31 MB, 1024x1300, Mosaic - 23.png)

File: 1692231173884-4.gif (897.59 KB, 500x215, Flight.gif)

>Location: Sanctuary City - The Spire
>Time: 6:30 PM

>As Placebo is hauled away into the brig - a whole slew of advanced equipment is brought into the MRD's loading bay area. As the large trucks carry the acquired resources and technology, Chase stands in the middle of the driveway - watching as the cars come into the loading bay.

"Long day?"

>As he looks to the side, he sees Valkyrie walking up to him. As she stands beside him, she crosses her arms and states:

"No really. I'm genuinely asking."

>Sighing, Chase flicks through the pages on his datapad - real time data and reports on the state of Sanctuary City. As he does so, he then says:

"You'd be surprised. Not really. It was easier given the literal army of vigilantes that helped us. Never thought I'd be saying that out loud."

>As she looks over the equipment being acquired, Valkyrie then states:

"It's awfully convenient for us that someone gave us a tip about this Placebo guy being in the area….."

>Silent for a moment, Valkyrie then asks in a teasing tone of voice:

"…..How much of it do you think he let us keep this time?"

>Chase sighs as he states:

"Enough of us to develop further - but not enough to shift the balance in our favor. That's Mosaic for you."

>Valkyrie sighs as she looks up at the sky, stating:

"Yeah. That's him for you."

>Up in the sky, Valkyrie can see the hovering form of Mosaic, who's saluting to her with a quick motion. In another movement, he spins forward in the air and flies away at speeds faster than a hypersonic jet - flying far into the distance.


File: 1692231488076-0.jpg (126.58 KB, 1070x470, The Prism.jpg)

File: 1692231488076-1.jpeg (337.76 KB, 715x1000, Aiden - 51.jpeg)

File: 1692231488076-2.png (281.38 KB, 1275x952, Damian.png)

File: 1692231488076-3.jpeg (279.38 KB, 1920x1175, Pathfinder - 8.jpeg)

File: 1692231488076-4.jpeg (343.2 KB, 1920x1080, Zero Point Energy Device.jpeg)

>Location: Sanctuary City - The Prism
>Time: 7:00 PM

"So that's what you decided to use it for?"

>Damian says, as he sees the small group of Pathfinder clones working to clean up the underground cave. As they continue carrying objects and items around the large area - they continue to clean up the place in an efficient manner.

>Aiden then states:

"More or less. He's a biological android, so I just changed his programming. He'll help you with maintenance of this place for now. Keep it busy and protected while you're at college."

>Nodding, Damian then looks up at Aiden an says:

"Do you think he ever wonders what he used to be?"

>Aiden shakes his head, stating:

"His powers give him agnosia, regardless of his programming - he was never going to know who he was. Because there was nothing to know in this context."

>Aiden and Damian then leave the underground cave, as Pathfinder continues doing his work - cleaning up the area.


File: 1692231881107-0.jpg (578.39 KB, 800x507, Mansion - 5.jpg)

File: 1692231881107-1.jpg (290.8 KB, 1500x1083, Manor Bedroom.jpg)

File: 1692231881107-2.jpeg (182.33 KB, 891x1482, Aiden - 52.jpeg)

File: 1692231881107-3.jpeg (314.44 KB, 1242x2048, Stella - 6.jpeg)

>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential Sector
>Time: 8:00 PM

>As Aiden sits on his side of the bed, he then exhales and looks up at the ceiling. Staring at it for a moment, he notices Stella moving beside him from the periphery of his vision.

>Noticing her movements, Aiden then looks at her and says:

"Something wrong, honey?"

>Stella thinks for a moment, before stating:

"You need a break Aiden. A real break. The first, genuine break that you've gotten in a while."

>Aiden thinks about this himself for a moment - then says:

"You're right. I've never given myself that much downtime, especially now."

>Sitting upward, Aiden thinks again about what to do, before he states:

"….I've got it. We can go on a cruise. My family has a catering service, and we have a cruise ship or two."

>Blinking, Stella then says:

"I sometimes forget that you're wealthy. Given how frugal you and your siblings are."

>Tapping the side of his cheek, Aiden then says:

"Well, I'll invite Phoebe and Jonah since you reminded me of them. I suppose Virgil could come as well. Maybe Isaac."

>Stella then thinks for a moment before stating:

"What about your friends? The Yoshimura twins?"

>Aiden then has another moment of realization as he says:

"Right. Ryūsei and Suisei can come as well. I haven't talked to them in a while. Suisei especially."


File: 1692232431283-0.jpg (290.8 KB, 1500x1083, Manor Bedroom.jpg)

File: 1692232431283-1.jpeg (94.68 KB, 850x1159, Aiden - 48.jpeg)

File: 1692232431283-2.jpeg (252.66 KB, 1184x2048, Stella.jpeg)

File: 1692232431283-3.jpg (40.73 KB, 600x600, Phone - 6.jpg)

>Aiden then sits upright more comfortably as he then looks at Stella again. He then says:

"Right. Thank you, Stella. That'll help me get my mind off of matters."

>Before Aiden leans back down to go to sleep, Stella then places her hand on his hand again as she states:

"Wait, Aiden. There's one more thing you have to resolve."

>Immediately knowing what she's referring to, Aiden sighs and states:

"Stella, I don't care about her. She's not here. You are. The rest of the department can close the deal in my place."

>Aiden moves to look away, before Stella takes her hand and places it on his cheek - slowly moving it towards her own.

"We both know that won't suffice. You may not love her anymore - but you do owe her a better version of you. Just as you've given me a better version of you."

>Silent for a moment, Aiden then states:

"You're incredibly generous with her, when it comes to me."

>Stella just smiles as she says:

"I told you before. I wouldn't let myself get in the way of your feelings. No matter what. You may not be interested in her as something more than friends anymore - but she does deserve you as her friend nonetheless."

>Seeing Aiden as he instinctively pouts slightly, Stella then looks at him intently and says:

"Schedule the meeting to close the deal - and start to talk to her, finally."

>Silent once more, Aiden then exhales lightly and says:

"Alright. I will."

>Stella then gives Aiden a more cheerful expression as she kisses him on the right cheek - stating:

"Good. Take your friend Ryūsei with you to the meeting, if you feel that you need someone to vouch for you."

>Stella then lays back down on her side of the bed to sleep, as Aiden looks up at the ceiling briefly.

{"She does deserve me as her friend. Anger solves nothing, Aiden. You know this. Let it go. Just let it all go away now, finally."}

>Aiden then takes out his phone and begins dialing a number. After it connects, he then says:

"Hey, Ryūsei. It's Aiden. There's something that I want to talk to you about again. But later. How about this weekend during a cruise event?"

>After talking with Ryūsei on the phone for a few more minutes, Aiden then ends the call.

"Right. Here's to better tomorrows then."

>Aiden then sighs and lays back down on his side of the bed, finally resting his neck on his pillow as he goes to sleep as well.

[To Be Continued In - "Remedy"]

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