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>Date: September 18th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Archeon Complex
>Time: 12:00 PM

"I can see why you said this would be a bit difficult."

>Aiden says, as he carries a large crate in his hands. While moving through the interior of the hangar, he then turns his head to the side - seeing Amber as she walks beside him.

"You're the one who wanted to do manual labor."

>Amber says impatiently, as she looks at her datapad. While she's checking the inventory for the supplies, she then speaks up once more:

"I hope you know what you're doing, Aiden. We're giving them a lot of stuff."

>Giving an amused scoff, Aiden then places the box on the ground - near the shipping container. Dusting his hands, he then looks up and turns to his chief technology officer.

"Well I can't back out now, can I? As much as I'd love to terminate the deal, for personal reasons of course - I can't actually do that. Fiduciary responsibility and all."

>Aiden then scratches the stubble of his chin lightly, his sunglasses obscuring his eyes as usual.

>Rolling her eyes, Amber then looks up at the shipping containers, while keeping the datapad in her hand.

"You still need to inform Dana of the generous change in budget - for the genetics division."

>Letting out a loud sigh, Aiden then places one hand at his side - with the other at his chin.

"Well it can't be helped now can it? Like I said."

>Turning to face Amber once more - Aiden gives her an amused look.

"Fiduciary responsibility."

>Aiden then turns around and walks off, leaving Amber with the boxes - and more Archeon personnel carrying them around.


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>Location: Archeon Complex - Genetics Division
>Time: 12:10 PM

"Hey! Watch the samples! I need that spectrography done soon! The last thing I need is a mess!"

>Dana says, irritated, as the lab assistants nearly push over the stacked biomass samples.

"Ugh…..New hires are always so clumsy…."

>Muttering to herself, Dana turns around and begins walking back towards the larger meeting room at the center of the Genetics building. Once she arrives, she then opens the door to find her subordinates already there.

"Oh. Joshua, Mariah. You're already here. Great."

>As both of her subordinate researchers look up from the table at her, Mariah gives her a pleasant wave.

"Hey Misses Desmond!"

>Joshua looks at her from the periphery of his eyes. His snow white hair contrasting with his black coat.

"……You're later than usual."

>Dana looks at Joshua and sighs - a look of slight disappointment with herself clearly on her face.

"I'm sorry, you two. The new hires were rearranging the specimens. It was a nightmare, honestly."

>Sighing, Dana then walks over to the large holographic board on the wall and begins interacting with it - using her fingers to bring up UI elements.

"Good news. Our division's gotten a twenty percent budget increase."

>Mariah nearly spits out her drink as she takes a gulp. Joshua shows no visible response.

"W-What?! Seriously? Holy sh-"

>Seeing Dana raise an eyebrow, Mariah coughs into her fist as she reiterates:

"Holy cow. That's….definitely a bunch of money coming our way."

>Dana nods as she speaks:

"Indeed. It's a sign of profound confidence in the scientific applications for our work."

>Joshua then finally speaks up in response.

"Military applications as well, no? Defense contracting is a potential application of our work."

>Dana shakes her head.

"Not directly from us Joshua, but-"

>Joshua then interjects again.

"No, but from subcontractors that work as intermediaries between us and Uncle Sam, right?"

>Mariah rolls her eyes.

"Oh like you're suddenly so serious about the warfare applications of scientific advancements."


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>Joshua then looks at Mariah for a moment, as he then says:

"You're really going to lecture me about experimental guinea pig work?"

>Mariah narrows her eyes, clearly getting angry.

"That wasn't my choice. You know what he did to me."

>Joshua then scoffs lightly, before looking away.

"Yeah, so you've said."

>Dana, sensing the tension between the two young researchers, then says:

"Well then. In any case, we've been given a substantial increase in our budget. Now our department's CFO is going to want to know how we're intending to proportion the given budget."

>Crossing her arms, Dana then asks:

"What are your suggestions? I'll take them into consideration."

>Mariah speaks up first.

"Testing and clinical trials for existing research should be our goal. Longitudinal studies, clinical assessments. Potential psychopathology concerns coming from neurological modifications. The whole nine yards."

>Joshua then speaks up in return.

"It'd probably be better to put the money into further R&D. Experimentation always yields greater potential returns."

>Mariah then turns and looks at Joshua.

"But the risks are too high. You know what happens when you rush to find the next big breakthrough. You can attest to that personally."

>Joshua looks up at Mariah - as his black coat briefly flashes with a tentacle, bringing his cup to his hand. As he takes the cup, the tentacle instinctively 'retreats' back into the mass of his black coat.

"You're looking at the results of that R&D aren't you? Without that research into the protoplasm, Hollow would've killed me."

>Mariah shakes her head.

"It was still a risk! If you didn't have a biochemical Meta-Gene, who knows what the protoplasm could've done to you!"

>Joshua then shoots Mariah a look.

"I was bleeding out and seconds away from dying, Mariah. Forgive me for throwing caution to the wind for human progress."

>Both Mariah and Joshua then look at Dana - who then looks between the two of them.

"Well. I….Erm….."

>Then, a voice from the entrance of the meeting room speaks out.

"Divert the resources equally between the two."


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>All three of the researchers turn around to see Aiden standing in the doorway - hands in his jacket pockets. As he looks over the meeting room, he then reiterates.

"Scientific discovery is a risky process by nature - and has to be buffered by rigorous testing and peer review. At the same time, moonshots and bets have to be made to progress the field further."

>Taking one hand out of his pocket, he then points at the holographic board at the end of the room on the wall.

"That's why I gave you a twenty percent budget increase. Your work is becoming more profitable through licensing and iteration of your bio-medical products and machinery."

>Dana nods quickly, thankful for Aiden's arrival to defuse the situation.

"We appreciate the recommendation, Aiden. Thank you."

>Mariah and Joshua then sigh in relief - neither of them having to capitulate their preferences.

>Aiden then turns towards Dana and says:

"I'm going to help Damian finish up his internship here in a few months. By the end of the year, he should be ready for a full position - assuming you believe he's cleared for work?"

>Dana nods quickly once again as she responds:

"Of course. I believe he demonstrates more than adequate skill and competency - with respect to the demands of the job."

>Aiden nods at Dana and then turns around to leave.

"Thanks for your assessment."

>He then leaves the laboratory as quickly as he arrived.


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>Location: Archeon - Administrative Building
>Time: 12:20 PM

>Looking up at the papers at his desk, Aiden walks into his office as he hears footsteps behind him.

>Before he can turn around, he feels two hands placed over his sunglasses.

"Guess who?"

>Giving a soft smile, Aiden then sighs and replies:

"The one woman who could bombard me with deadly hexes if I missed the answer to this question."

>The voice then responds.

"So who am I then?"

>Aiden then says:

"Stellara Bray."

>Giving a satisfied hum, Stella removes her hands from Aiden's face as she walks up beside him. Giving him a light flick of her finger on his right cheek, she then speaks:

"You're right about the 'deadly hexes' part. Though I'm slightly offended that you didn't remember the destruction magic."

>Aiden sighs as he then says:

"I'm finished for the day. No invoices, and I've pushed all of my appointments back a week."

>Stella looks at Aiden in surprise.

"It helps when you're hyper efficient."

>Giving a gesture of 'naturally', Stella then asks him:

"So what are you going to do now? You said that you needed to help Damian with his internship, correct?"

>Aiden ponders for a moment as he then says:

"Well. That was partially correct. He's fine with his work so far. What I meant was Arachnid. I need to make sure he's really ready for all of this - provided I'm not around."

>Stella's face shifts to a look of surprise for a moment, before clarity reaches her mind.

"You want him to do this, don't you? Legitimately."

>Aiden doesn't give an immediate response, as he then speaks:

"He'll be here in a few minutes for me to discuss that with him. So we'll see then."


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>Time: 12:25 PM

>A knock then emanates from the door, as Aiden says out loud:

"It's open, Damian. You can come in now."

>The door then opens, as Damian walks into the office. His black hair is wavy and partially combed as usual. His large spectacles cover his eyes - as they dart around from Aiden to Stella.

"Oh, hey Aiden."

>Looking at Stella once more, he then waves slowly.

"H-Hi Miss Bray."

>Stella nods and gives Damian a warm smile as she gestures to the coach across from her.

"Hello, Damian. It's nice to see you again. Please, make yourself comfortable."

>As Damian sits down across from Aiden and Stella, he then speaks up once more:

"I got your message. I assume what you really meant was my stuff as Arachnid."

>Aiden nods slowly as he leans forward from his seat on the couch - staring at Damian directly behind his sunglasses.

"You don't have to do this. You can stop being Arachnid, and you can just live a normal life."

>Damian ruffles the back of his hair a bit, as Aiden continues to speak.

"I can see it in your body language sometimes, Damian. The frustration. I know you've had to give up a lot because of this job."

>Now looking down at the floor, Damian feels his teeth grind slightly as he then speaks up.

"You don't need to feel sorry for me, Aiden. I chose to do this."

>Aiden shakes his head as he says:

"You didn't ask for the Helix thugs to attack the lab - and you sure as hell didn't ask to be bitten by a genetically modified spider."

>Damian is silent for a moment, before he then states:

"No, but I did ask to be Arachnid. You waited three months to actually offer me training. But you knew the entire time, didn't you?"

>Aiden nods slowly as he responds:

"I did, yes."

>Damian then presses the reasoning further.

"Because you were testing me - wanting to see if I'd break and just give up. Or if I'd stick with it and do the right thing no matter what."

>Damian then looks back up at Aiden, determination in his eyes as he says:

"There's your answer."

>Aiden takes a moment to look at Damian, and then smiles as he stands up.

"Well, that's as convincing an answer as any. But I'm still going to need to upgrade the Prism for you. It's been a while since I gave the place a tune up."

>Stella stands up beside Aiden, as Damian looks at them.

"Really? Just like that? I'm good?"

>Stella then responds, saying what both she and Aiden are thinking:

"It's as you said, Damian. You already gave your answer a long time ago. Sometimes it's nice to see renewed conviction in a person's eyes."


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File: 1706051115123-2.jpeg (153.28 KB, 850x1413, Stella - 3.jpeg)

File: 1706051115123-3.jpg (42.88 KB, 500x680, Damian - 4.jpg)

>Aiden then whistles lightly as he spontaneously teleports the keys to the office to his hand. As he does so, Stella begins making gestures with her hands - causing the office to begin magically reorganizing itself.

"I'll never get used to that, honestly."

>Stella then looks at Damian with a warm smile, stating:

"I can teach you the basics of the arcane, if you'd prefer."

>Damian gives a 'no thanks' gesture with both of his hands.

"I really appreciate the offer, Miss Bray. But I'm not sure if I'm magically inclined."

>Aiden then says behind his back.

"That's what I said about half a year ago. You'd be surprised."

>After all three of them have exited the office - Aiden locks the door behind him as they begin walking down the hallway.

"So where are you going now?"

>Damian asks, as Aiden replies:

"I need to go see how my Chief Financial Officer is doing. Provided he's not out of the office again. After that? I need to go talk to Suisei and her brother. That warning from Jericho's new friend is pretty telling."

>Stella then looks at Damian and says:

"Aiden will be free later this day. Around five or six PM. He'll meet you when he's done for the day."

>Damian nods at both Aiden and Stella, walking away as he says:

"Good luck to your friends, boss. I hope they're okay given all of this."

>As Damian leaves the hallway, Aiden turns to look at Stella and states:

"Well, let's go see how my brightest mind is doing."

>Aiden then starts walking down the hallway, with Stella beside him. After a few moments, they've reached Jonah's office - as Aiden knocks on the door with his hand.

"You doing alright there, Jonah? Just wanting to check up on you? Stella's here with me. Can we come in now?"

>Aiden then patiently waits for a reply.


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File: 1706303216532-1.jpeg (545 KB, 827x1080, Alt!Jonah - 5.jpeg)

File: 1706303216532-2.jpeg (252.66 KB, 1184x2048, Stella.jpeg)

File: 1706303216532-3.jpg (824.74 KB, 1153x709, CEO Office.jpg)

>After a few seconds, a voice can be heard in response to Aiden's statements.

"Oh, sorry about that brother! I'll be there in a minute!"

>After less than a second, the door unlocks as Jonah opens it. Waving to Aiden, he then says:

"Hello Aiden! Sorry I've been busy! It's just erm….well….work has been very multi-modal in its demands of me haha!"

>Aiden raises an eyebrow as he looks at his brother for a moment, before saying:

"Jonah did you just get here?"

>Jonah looks around, first at Stella as he waves at her. Laughing nervously, he then replies:

"Would it be more satisfactory of an answer if I explained all of the structural deficiencies I fixed along the way? Archeon's manufacturing plants should be in top condition now….."

>Aiden sighs and rubs his eyelids behind his sunglasses before stating:

"I'm guessing you'll be leaving for Haven City in a few hours?"

>Jonah nods quickly, and almost imperceptibly fast as he states:

"Well, yes! I surely shouldn't keep the rest of the staff waiting for those financial reports!"

>Stella then looks over at Jonah and asks:

"You know, you're more than welcome to stay here, Jonah. You don't necessarily have to leave so quickly."

>Jonah looks at Stella and replies:

"I do appreciate the thoughts, Stella. But I do have a responsibility to my subordinates. If only I didn't leave the rest of my data and research here in the Sanctuary City office….."


File: 1706303693858-0.jpeg (73.71 KB, 707x1000, Aiden - 61.jpeg)

File: 1706303693858-1.jpeg (314.44 KB, 1242x2048, Stella - 6.jpeg)

File: 1706303693858-2.jpeg (267.74 KB, 1218x1500, Alt!Jonah - 7.jpeg)

>Nodding her head, Stella then says:

"Alright then Jonah. Still, be careful."

>Aiden then gives Jonah a quick tap on the shoulder, stating:

"Thanks for all your work, man. Not sure if I'd have the same focus on accounting and budgeting."

>Jonah then gives a brief laugh in response, as he says:

"You're being too modest, both of you. But thank you. I'll see you soon then!"

>Aiden and Stella then wave at Jonah as he closes the door behind him.

>Once it's just the two of them again, Stella then turns to Aiden and asks:

"So, now what?"

>Aiden then looks at Stella, stating:

"What you suggested a while back. An actual, formal training session with the Sorceress herself."

>Stella's eyes widen in shock, and then excitement as she then says:



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File: 1707943031455-2.jpeg (229.61 KB, 850x1276, Sua - 2.jpeg)

File: 1707943031455-3.jpg (88.69 KB, 1920x1080, Fire Blast - 3.jpg)

>Location: Throat of the World
>Time: 12:30 PM

>Sun continues meditating in place, keeping his eyes closed as birds continue to land on his body. Maintaining his posture, he continues to demonstrate perfect control over his muscles - not moving them, with even the slightest muscle twitch.


>Suddenly, a small object whirls towards him at supersonic speeds - seemingly from nowhere. As the object rapidly closes in on his location, Sun holds out his hand - grabbing the object in his palm as it slowly grinds to a halt. Burning smoke can be seen emanating from his hand as he opens his eyes.


>Looking down at the object in his hand, Sun recognizes it almost immediately. A small baseball - embroidered with a specific signature on the side.

>Holding the ball in his hand for a few more seconds, Sun then flicks it into the air with his hand - catching it again, before then launching it with immense speed towards the direction it came from.

"Hey! I wasn't ready for that!"

>A figure says, as they suddenly become visible - catching the ball with both hands, as opposed to one hand. The same searing heat and smoke of the collision causes a brief spout of flame - before the figure douses it with their hands.

"Never project that which one cannot receive in kind."

>Sun says, closing his eyes again as he meditates - aware of the birds that have fled the scene due to the action.

"Oh you are such a font of wisdom, aren't you big bro?"

>Sua says, rolling her eyes as she dispels her invisibility charm. Walking up towards Sun, she then takes out a roll of paper from her bag - attempting to lightly whack her brother on the side of the head with it.

"Nice to see you too, sister."

>As Sun opens his eyes, he then looks up at his sister, seeing her holding the paper in front of her.


File: 1707943668893-0.jpg (129.59 KB, 829x964, Wukong - 65.jpg)

File: 1707943668893-1.jpeg (844.99 KB, 1920x3050, Sua.jpeg)

File: 1707943668893-2.jpg (174.66 KB, 981x814, Scroll - 2.jpg)

>Curious, Sun takes the paper from Sua's hand and slowly rolls it open. Once he sees the contents of the message, he narrows his eyes as he reads it out loud.

"Treasured spawn, or blighted progeny. Whichever you see yourself as. Take upon yourself the initiative to reclaim what I have denied you."

>Sun looks up at Sua, pausing for a moment as she nods.

"Keep going."

>Sun reluctantly returns to reading the passage.

"Should you find yourself lacking the will to achieve those ends - you will be left asunder, rendered helpless before the proving….."

>He then squints, as he realizes who wrote the message - all while finishing his reading.

"…..Know that I will be there, to judge with my all-seeing eyes. Whether you truly were a boon, or an omen for what is to come."

>Sun recognizes the letter characters drawn on the end of the message, before ripping it up with his hands - instinctively. As he feels anger building up within his body, he reflexively grinds his teeth.

"That arrogant excuse for a demi-being. He has the audacity to make demands of us, even now?"

>Sua gives a look of concern, as she says:

"It's the first time he's written to us in years, Sun. Maybe dad's trying to reach out to us - in his own egotistical way."

>Sun then shoots Sua a look - glaring at her with an intensity she's never felt before. Stepping back, she then raises her arms up defensively through sheer instinct, saying:

"Hey! I'm not your enemy here big bro! I'm just the messenger."

>Sun continues staring at Sua with a look of intensity on his face, before he then sighs and lowers his guard. Rubbing his eyelids, he then finally speaks.

"I know, Sua. I am sorry for my reflexive outburst. But father's transgressions can never be forgiven. Nor does he have any business expecting us to kowtow to his demands."


File: 1707944180242-0.jpeg (141.81 KB, 1200x1500, Sun - 6.jpeg)

File: 1707944180242-1.jpeg (46.18 KB, 850x567, Sua - 8.jpeg)

File: 1707944180242-2.jpg (36.37 KB, 513x600, Hayden - 3.jpg)

>Sighing, Sua then looks at Sun, crossing her arms in concern as she states:

"Sun, I think he wants us to find it."

>Rolling his eyes, Sun then states:

"A mystical and metaphysical artifact, with no record of existing. A font of power and wish granting to immense, as to completely remove one's self from the purported 'wheel of fate'? It is utter nonsense, Sua. It does not exist."

>Meanwhile, footsteps appear from the edges of the compound's interior doorway. As a man with black hair and black clothes walks out of the interior - his piercing blue eyes look groggy and sleepy.

>Yawning, the man rubs his eyes, and then sees Sun and Sua standing in the middle of the compound. Waving, he then goes:

"Oh hey! 'Sup guys! I guess I overslept again, haha!"

>Sighing, Sun tries not to give an annoyed look, while Sua laughs.

"Nice to see you too, Hayden. You going to the car shop?"

>Hayden nods, stating:

"Yeah, I wanna keep repaying you guys for helping me out. Plus, we can get twice as many cars fixed up if we're both there, right man?"

>Hayden says as he walks up to Sun and lightly taps him on the shoulder. Giving an amused look, Sun then says:

"Mere months with automotive work, and now you see yourself as a savant? I am impressed, Hayden."

>Hayden shrugs, without showing any real signs of concern.

"Eh, don't worry about it. Oh, by the way. I overheard you guys talking about some artifact thingy? What's that about?"

>Sun and Sua both look at each other, before Sua asks:

"Hayden, what do you know about the Ancient Greeks?"


File: 1707944664957-0.jpeg (86.63 KB, 744x930, Sun - 4.jpeg)

File: 1707944664957-1.jpeg (990.52 KB, 754x1450, Sua - 5.jpeg)

File: 1707944664957-2.jpg (212.57 KB, 520x680, Hayden - 2.jpg)

>Hayden thinks for a bit, ruffling his hair as he normally does - when he's using his brain.

"Uhh….They created Democracy, right?"

>Sun nods, as he then speaks up.

"My sister is referring to the Pythagoreans - the followers of Pythagoras. In their attempts to understand the nature of reality, they came to believe in something known as the 'Monad'. The singular and indivisible point in existence - from which all things are derived."

>Looking immediately confused, Hayden then looks back and forth between the two siblings, asking:

"….So it's like God, or something?"

>Sua then chimes in to respond:

"In a manner of speaking. Remember when we told you that our dad isn't exactly…..a normal person?"

>Hayden scoffs lightly as he says:

"Hey, I've got the power of a demon or something fused in me, don't I? I think I can handle it."

>Sun then speaks up in response:

"Yes well, our father is Sun Wukong and he-"

>Hayden then has an epiphany as he immediately interjects:

"Ohhhhhhh! So your dad is the actual Monkey King guy! Awesome!"

>Sighing once more, Sun places a hand on his forehead as he continues to speak:

"As I was saying. Our father is of supernatural origin - and has been searching for a mechanism to remove himself from reality's detection. Yet another way to further abandon his obligations…"

>Sun says, crossing his arms with a hint of irritation and anger in his voice.

"In either regard, he has searched for eons for an artifact that seemingly existed from the beginning of all creation. Whether this is true or not is obviously cause for speculation."

>Sua then points her thumb sideways at Sun beside her.

"Well it was, until this guy met the Sorcerer Supreme of our universe."

>Hayden blinks and does a double take.

"The what now?"

>Sun then gestures for Sua to not say more or speak further about the topic.


File: 1707945333314-0.jpg (169.72 KB, 1920x1080, Throat of the World - 3.jpg)

File: 1707945333314-1.jpeg (141.81 KB, 1200x1500, Sun - 6.jpeg)

File: 1707945333314-2.jpeg (229.61 KB, 850x1276, Sua - 2.jpeg)

File: 1707945333314-3.jpg (36.37 KB, 513x600, Hayden - 3.jpg)

>Sun sighs as he then waves a dismissive hand in front of them.

"It does not matter. My father and his nonsensical views has done nothing but ruin the lives of others - for countless millennia."

>Looking down at the fingerless gloves and wraps around his hands, Sun curls his fingers up for a moment, examining them as he states:

"Would he have ever considered accepting his responsibilities - he would not need an easy escape - in the form of an imaginary artifact."

>Sua then walks up to Sun and places her hand on his shoulder. Sun's eyes close as he sighs - exhaling deeply.

"You are not responsible for his mistakes, Sun. That I completely agree with you on."

>Sun waits for the inevitable 'but' to her statement.

"…..But, there's no harm in finding out for ourselves if this artifact really does exist. Even if it's not as powerful as the myths and rumors say, it could still sever our connection to dad's identity."

>Sun thinks for a moment, scowling as he then realizes what's happening.

"….He knew that he'd have our own ulterior motive for hunting down this artifact - even if it wasn't for his sake."

>Sun then shakes his head.

"Despicable to the end, aren't you father?"

>Silent, Hayden then looks at Sun and Sua, still scratching his chin as he says:

"So you guys wanna get this artifact thingie to get those monsters off your back right? If it's so important, wouldn't a bunch of other dudes be looking for it too?"

>Sun and Sua both look at each other, before looking back at Hayden.

"That is a very good point, Hayden. In fact, that might be the reason why our father wants us to partake in this hunt. To remove any and all obstacles in his way."

>Narrowing his eyes, Sun then says:

"…..I will have to get a second opinion."


File: 1707947829650-0.png (2.01 MB, 1837x1053, Combat Arena.png)

File: 1707947829650-1.jpeg (129.53 KB, 850x1218, Andromeda - 3.jpeg)

File: 1707947829650-2.gif (1.97 MB, 500x281, Magic - 4.gif)

File: 1707947829650-3.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1707947829650-4.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, Space-Time - 2.png)

>Location: The Axiom - Nexus of Magic
>Time: Indeterminate

>Half of the cosmic expanse seemingly inverts in color - as a maelstrom of randomized effects begin to strike the platform down from above.

"Just remember, Aiden! A single scratch, and you're done!"

>Andromeda says with a maniacal smile on her face, as she continues her orbital bombardment of magical energy blasts. Hovering in the sky above the platform of the combat arena - she then casually summons large meteorites that fragment into thousands of smaller projectiles.

>Each of the projectiles begins to cause a spatial warping effect, seemingly inverting the space around them into 'negative' space. The effect leads to areas of space-time that rapidly pull together with a strong vacuum effect.

"I noticed. Good job with that one."

>Mosaic moves at speeds far too fast for the human eye to process - carefully weaving his way through the projectiles themselves.

"I'll be nice and meet you halfway with the spatial attacks."

>With a specific set of motions, Mosaic spins together a series of small 'strings' - filaments that seem to be composed of warped space itself. Pressing his hand to his mask, while still holding the strings - he then concentrates. Soon, the strings are coated in a faint white light.

>Spinning the strings around - Mosaic then begins snatching the spatial projectiles in mid-air, 'negating' their properties and blasting them into non-existence through physical contact with his strings.

>Large concussive ruptures begin to emanate from thee arena, as the spatial convergence effect intensifies. More and more spatial warping seemingly occurs as the stalemate between Mosaic's strings and Andromeda's projectiles continues.

>Eventually, both combatants drop their current attack methods, and instead move to try different approaches.

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