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>Date: September 20th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown Sector
>Time: 7:30 AM

"….So you do have the card, right?"

>A pair of MRD officers sit on the front of their hovercraft, both reminiscing about their past experiences with playing cards.

>One of the MRD agents agents slowly sips his cup of hot coffee through the exposed part of his helmet. His partner sits on the other side of the vehicle's front, scratching the back of their neck.

"Yeah well, it's a vintage collectible. They don't make the pocket creatures like they used to."

>Scoffing, the other MRD agent then responds.

"You said that card was for your kid, James."

"Yeah well, I can buy him a whole pack of newer cards once I sell this one on the market."

>Their discussion is then interrupted by a sudden surge of force - powerful enough to knock them both off of their positions. As they fall to the ground, they can barely make the image of a large creature barreling down the street towards them.

"What the hell?!"

"Shit! Call HQ! We're gonna need backup!"

>The monster continues charging down the street, seemingly breathing fire and generating pulses of energy all around it as it does so. Buildings start to shatter dramatically while this occurs - collapsing under the weight of their compromised foundations.

>People start screaming and running for their lives, attempting to duck for cover as the creature continues to barrel forward.

"Uh, we're out of our league here man! Let's get these people to safety!"

>Quickly scrambling to their feet, the MRD agents slowly move their hovercraft onto its standing position and quickly get inside. As they prepare the engines, they're looking in the rear view mirror - seeing the giant monster rapidly approaching them.

"Oh nonononono! Shit! This isn't a good idea!"

"Well it's too late to get out now! Brace for impact man!"


>Both MRD agents then close their eyes behind their helmets and brace for impact…….and then silence.


"Are we alive?"

>Both MRD agents look up - and are astonished by the sight before them.


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>A single gloved hand is holding up the right foot of the giant monster - keeping it at bay. The figure holding up the monster's giant foot then turns back, looking at the MRD agents in the hovercraft.

"Hey guys. What a day, huh?"

>Mosaic then turns his attention back to the giant monster with protruding crystals from its shoulders. Curious, he then speaks.

"Uhh, I'm not sure if you can understand human speech but….you're sort of, kind of in the way here."

>Casually pointing his free hand around with his finger, Mosaic looks nonchalant as he explains.

"Bustling streets - people trying to get to work. The good 'ol Sanctuary City commute. It's a beautiful thing when it's in action - like a rehearsed dance."

>Sensing the anger and frustration from the giant monster, Mosaic then looks up at its foot and speaks.

"Oh easy there big guy. I know that you're angry, but there are better ways to cool off than flattening an entire city - thank you."

>With careful precision and a precise application of his immense strength, Mosaic lightly pushes his hand up - shifting the giant monster back a step or two.

>Sensing that the area is rapidly clearly, Mosaic then turns back to the MRD agents and says:

"You might wanna help the civilians evacuate the area. I'll handle the kaiju over here."

>The MRD agents nod quickly and don't even take a second to count their blessings. As the engine fully fires up - they fly off into the distance, to coordinate evacuation efforts with the other approaching hovercraft.

>Turning back to the monster standing a few meters away from him, Mosaic crosses his arms and looks up, sizing the monster up.

"Let's see here. Giant kaiju-inspired monster seemingly appears out of nowhere, spontaneously and without any logical reason for doing so."

>Putting his gloved hand to the tip of his helmet, Mosaic then assumes a crossed-arm thinking position.

"Either I'm hallucinating and this is a giant illusion, or someone or something has started messing with reality to make you - big guy."

>Flicking his finger off from his thinking position to point at the monster, Mosaic's arms are still crossed as he concludes.

"I'm gonna go with the latter - which means the real question is….."

>Mosaic then quickly blasts up into the air - now hovering in mid-air to meet the monster at its eye level.

"….Who decided to make you, and toss you in here?"


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File: 1712533982668-2.png (1.44 MB, 1846x930, Monster.png)

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>Suddenly, the large kaiju-like monster then immediately opens its mouth, releasing a massive blast of bright radiation and plasma.

>The sheer force and power of the attack is enough to immediately combust and ionize the air around the blast - causing a chain reaction of explosions that get larger as they converge on Mosaic's location.

>Mosaic then gasps with an exaggerated tone of voice, embellishing his response by quickly bringing his hands up to his helmet.

"Oh no! A powerful blast of radioactive energy! What ever shall I do?"

>Now acting more serious, Mosaic raises his hand and creates a distortion in space in front of him - a large circular distortion that almost looks like a flat disc.

>As the energy and force of the radioactive blast starts to reach his location, the spatial distortion instead absorbs the blast - seemingly shunting it elsewhere.

"Dimensional planes, always useful."

>Mosaic then rushes towards the giant monster, raising a hand directly in front of himself as grabs the monster by the snout and literally tosses it up into the air.

>With a single shunt of force, Mosaic tosses the monster high into the stratosphere - and into another spatial distortion.

"What? You thought I was gonna fight you here and risk more people's lives? Please."

>Mosaic then quickly flies into the spatial distortion himself.


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>Location: Pocket Dimension

>As the giant kaiju monster lands on its feet, it finds itself surrounded by a massive expanse of empty plains and valleys. A bright purple sun hovers in the distance, as the world itself appears devoid of all life.

>After a few seconds, Mosaic comes flying into the dimension through the spatial distortion. Hovering in place, he looks down at the monster and says:

"You've already messed up my morning commute, so I'm going to make this quick."

>Mosaic then quickly moves to the side, avoiding another blast of radioactive energy from the monster. The attacks from the monster begin to escalate in both size and speed - as it demonstrates a supernatural degree of attack speed in the fight.

"So you're holding back a bit? That's good to know, honestly. I was worried for a moment if you'd fold like a piece of cardboard."

>Giving himself a second to think, Mosaic's eyes then scan the structure of the monster - which causes him to raise an eyebrow behind his helmet.

"Well then, you're not even a living being. That makes this easier then."

>Mosaic then flies into the sky, avoiding the borderline bullet spray of energy beams from the monster's mouth.

>As he's making his way into the air, he starts weaving in-between the energy blasts, before landing on one of them with his feet.

"Sorry, but I think you misplaced this!"

>Suddenly, the energy blast turns from purple to red, as Mosaic begins to manually guide the energy beam in the sky. Surfing on the energy blast like a surfer - the speed of the energy blast begins to rise, getting faster and faster until it closes in on with the monster's mouth.


>Mosaic says as he then kicks the red beam of energy back into the monster's mouth - after narrowly avoiding the rest of the purple beams fired at him. There's a moment of eerie silence as the monster begins to convulse violently.

"Oh? Bad stomach? I thought so."

>The monster then clutches its mouth as it desperately tries to contain the power building up inside of its internal organs. After a few seconds however, it becomes clear that the energy is too much for the monster to handle.

>It then explodes in a blinding flash of red light - completely vaporizing into nothingness as it does so.


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>Giving a salute to the vaporized husk of the monster, Mosaic then watches as its skeleton fades away into dust.

"It's been fun, but I really have to get to work."


>Location: Sanctuary City

>Mosaic then flies out of the dimensional portal and back into Sanctuary City. As he flies away towards the Archeon Complex in the distance - a small boy is seen sitting on the edge of a rooftop, kicking his feet enthusiastically.

"Woah…he was faster than I expected! I wonder if all of them are like that!"

>Hopping to his feet, the boy with blue hair and bright eyes begins cheering excitedly. As he jumps up for joy, he then shouts:

"That's awesome! He beat Godblaster the Giant! Maybe he can show me where the other powerful people are too!"

>The boy then instantly disappears in a flash, leaving the rooftop empty once more.


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>Location: Archeon Complex
>Time: 7:40 AM

>As Mosaic's figure quickly flies like a rocket across the skies, his arms remain crossed as he thinks to himself.

{"I'm still not sure what exactly caused that monster to appear. Was there a dimensional fissure that occurred somewhere? A summoning ritual from some underground magician? No that's impossible. Isaac said that magicians more or less kept to themselves in different dimensions."}

>Now reaching the top of the Archeon Complex main building, Mosaic then thinks to himself:

{"Oh right, my car. I need an alibi for how Aiden Grayson got here."}

>Kneeling on the edge of the building's rooftop, Mosaic uses his enhanced vision and other senses to ensure that no one is looking at his target location. After a few seconds, he then snaps his fingers - as his car slowly fades into view in his designated parking spot.

{"There, now that's dealt with I can-"}

>Turning back around, Mosaic is surprised to find the figure of a small boy staring up at him.

"Erm, where did you come from? Are you lost or something little guy?"

>Mosaic kneels down in front of the boy, who still looks at him with an awestruck expression.

"You're that Mosaic guy right? The one who beat Godblaster?"

>Blinking, Mosaic then states:

"….You mean the giant monster from downtown? Wait…How do you even know what it's called-"

>Then, his intuition kicks in and Mosaic begins to understand almost immediately.

>Pointing a finger at the boy, Mosaic then says carefully:

"…Are you by any chance the one who summoned him?"

>The boy nods his head quickly as he then points at Mosaic and speaks.

"Yep! And you defeated him! That makes you cool!"

>Mosaic points back at himself for a moment, confused.

"Wait, that makes me cool?"

>Careful, Mosaic then uses his senses to visually examine the boy's energy readings. After a moment, he then has another realization.

{"…This boy isn't human. He's definitely supernatural. Great, as if my morning couldn't get any stranger."}

>The boy then pouts and crosses his arms as he says:

"I didn't mean to make it strange!"


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File: 1712536260955-1.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1712536260955-2.jpeg (61.92 KB, 850x460, Aesop - 2.jpeg)

File: 1712536260955-3.jpg (47.39 KB, 700x467, Business Papers.jpg)

>Doing a double take, Mosaic then stands back up and crosses his arms.

"So you're also psionic. That makes it more believable that you're responsible for this."

>The boy looks up at Mosaic, still pouting.

"I wasn't trying to hurt anybody! I just wanted to see you fight! You're the hero right? That's what you do!"

>Craning his head to the side, Mosaic keeps his arms crossed as he says:

"….You realize that you could've harmed a lot of people if I wasn't there, right?"

>Now crossing his own arms, the boy still pouts and looks away from Mosaic.

"But you didn't! You saved everybody instead! Because that's what heroes do! It's what I knew you'd do!"

>Still dumbfounded by the boy's penchant for bluntness, Mosaic then tries a different approach to reason with him.

"Can you tell me who you are? You're clearly not a human being - given your energy readings."

>The boy then places his hands at his side as he shuffles his body front and back - nodding his head quickly. His hyperactive behavior is somewhat off putting to Mosaic.

"Ya huh! I'm Aesop! And I'm an Astral!"

>Sighing, Mosaic then facepalms lightly as he thinks:

{"That explains it. I have a literal reality warping child at office."}

>Mosaic then speaks up out loud again.

"Well? What are you the Astral of? I know from my friend that you're all tied to different concepts, different ideas."

>Aesop then begins writing in a notebook that he spontaneously created out of nowhere.

"I'm the Astral of Stories silly! It's in the name!"

>Sighing once more, Mosaic then says to himself:

"Right….Aesop. Very on the nose there."


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File: 1712536770618-1.jpeg (265.24 KB, 800x1131, Aesop.jpeg)

>Aesop then laughs as he continues looking at his notes in his notebook.

"Let's see here. Right!"

>Tapping his pen against his cheek, Aesop begins to think.

"You're Aiden Grayson, also known as Mosaic. You always had your powers, but they finally activated after your lab accident-"

>Mosaic interjects:

"How did you even find out about that?"

>Aesop ignores Mosaic and continues reviewing his notes.

"Your twin sister is Phoebe Grayson and she's way more awesome than you. Your twin brother is Jonah Grayson, and he's way more polite than you….."

>Aesop makes a scribble over one of his existing notes in his notebook as he continues writing.

"Your maybe-but-not-really best buddy is Orion Thompson. He goes by…Omnius right? Yeah that! He thinks you're pretty annoying."

>Mosaic stares at Aesop with an unamused look behind his helmet, which Aesop can seemingly perceive.

"Buuuuuut he still thinks you're OK at times!"

>Mosaic sighs as he gestures for Aesop to keep speaking.

"You also have a huge crush on his sister, Stephanie. She's the Sorceress Supreme right?"

>Aesop makes a note of that too as he keeps going.

"Oh and you're (hopelessly) in love with what's her name? Uhhhh…..Hiyuki right? Yeah that's her! Hiyuki Hoyokazi!"

>Mosaic now feels himself on the verge of groaning as he finally interjects.

"How do you know all of this again?"

>Aesop looks up at Mosaic and blinks twice - with a completely surprised look on his face.

"I just told you silly! I'm the Astral of Narratives! I exist because of stories and their interchangeable facets!"

>Surprised by Aesop's sudden improvement to his vocabulary, Mosaic then speaks up once more, now jokingly speaking:

"Alright then. So what am I the Astral of?"

>Aesop looks at Mosaic blankly in the face as he nonchalantly answers:

"…..Courage. Just like the other you."

>He then goes back to his notebook to continue reviewing his work.

"Your friend Isaac is the Astral of Justice, but I don't think he told you that yet. Whoops! Spoilers haha!"


File: 1712537787034-0.jpeg (4.57 MB, 2480x3507, Mosaic - 21.jpeg)

File: 1712537787034-1.jpeg (99.26 KB, 850x602, Aesop - 3.jpeg)

>Mosaic takes a moment to absorb the information, but only a moment, before he finally says:

"So do you know the future or something? Because that'd be pretty useful to know."

>Aesop shakes his head 'no' and starts hovering in the air, writing in his notebook as he starts floating around Mosaic.

"Nope! I can only know what's already there - and only if it impacts someone else. That's what a narrative does, remember? It's a chain of events that leads to an ultimate conclusion!"

>Flicking his finger to move to the next page, Aesop then asks:

"Anything else you're curious about while I'm here? I'm booked for my next few visits. All of you blank spots are something else!"

>Raising an eyebrow behind his helmet, Mosaic then says:

"Mechanicus mentioned something like that before. What exactly makes me and the others 'different'?"

>Aesop looks up at Mosaic from his notebook and responds:

"I dunno. But you're definitely different. You, Orion, Phoebe and Hiyuki for starters."

>Thinking to himself, Mosaic begins to piece something together.

"Huh….My mimicry didn't work on any of them. It never worked on Phoebe from the start, but it did on Jonah. Didn't work on Orion, but it worked on Madeleine. It never occurred to me that it didn't work on Hiyuki either….."

>Looking back up at the Astral, Mosaic then asks another question:

"What exactly did you mean when you said that I was the Astral of Courage? If I was an Astral I would've known, wouldn't I?"

>Aesop then breaks into a fit of uncontrollable laughter - on the edge of hysteria as he then says through his laughter.

"You…hahaha! You can mimic the power of whatever you encounter….and you're…hahaha…you're wondering when you became an Astral?! Bwahahahahahah!!!!"

>Aesop wraps his arms around his chest as he continues laughing hysterically, causing Mosaic to groan loudly.

"…..Meeting Isaac must've triggered it somehow - because I didn't mimic anything from him either. Wait….It was the same with Stephanie."

>Now genuinely lost in thought for a moment, Aiden then says:

"….Myself, Orion, Phoebe, Lisa, Hiyuki, Isaac and Stephanie. I've met them all within the past year….."

>Looking up at Aesop, Mosaic then asks:

"What exactly are we?"

>Aesop shrugs and says:

"Dunno. But since you're the first one to put it together, that you're all unique - I'll admit that's what caused my interest in you all."

>Mosaic presses on with his questioning.

"Why? I still don't understand…."

>Aesop then gives him a thumbs up as he says:

"That's because you're the ones the narratives seem to bend around! I dunno why, but all seven of you are pretty special! Enjoy it!"


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File: 1712538607040-1.jpeg (265.24 KB, 800x1131, Aesop.jpeg)

File: 1712538607040-2.gif (584.81 KB, 500x210, Flight - 2.gif)

File: 1712538607040-3.png (2.89 MB, 998x2000, Mosaic.png)

File: 1712538607040-4.jpeg (94.68 KB, 850x1159, Aiden - 48.jpeg)

>Mosaic then crosses his arms once more as he thinks to himself:

"OK, so to recap. You're the Astral of Narratives and Stories, and you're aware of anything that could have narrative significance to anyone else."

>Aesop nods in affirmation as Mosaic continues speaking.

"You're interested in me, and six other people because, for whatever reason - we're essentially gravitational bodies when it comes to narratives. They just seem to swarm around us."

>Aesop nods again, excitedly.

"Ya huh! You're getting it so far!"

>Mosaic then makes a set of gestures with his hands, to explain his thoughts as he speaks on them.

"I'm apparently an Astral like you, and Isaac. I have a lot of unresolved relationship dynamics with people-"

>Aesop interrupts.

"You should talk to Hiyuki sometime!"

>Mosaic reflexively groans loudly.

"….As I was saying. I have interconnected and interpersonal relationships with people that happen at an abnormally high rate?"

>Aesop nods.

"Duh? Weren't you listening to what I just said? Why do you think everybody likes you so much? Well, outside of a few exceptions. Did you think you were just that naturally charming?"

>Mosaic ponders on the thought for a moment.

"I….never really thought about it that way before."

>Aesop gives an amused look of smugness.

"Just as many bad guys see you as public enemy number one though, so be careful!"

>Mosaic then makes a dismissive gesture towards Aesop, turning away as he puts his hands on his hips.

"Either way, you've made your point, Aesop. If you want to go 'interview' the others, you're more than welcome to. I just have three conditions."

>Aesop nods.

"Yeah what are they?"

>Mosaic unfurls 3 of his fingers, 1 at a time as he speaks.

"One. Don't cause any more trouble like you did earlier. If you want to talk to us after this first time, just appear when we summon you."

>Aesop nods.

"Two. Don't reveal to them what you've told me. Let them figure it out on their own."

>Aesop then nods again in response.

"Three. Please stop mentioning Hiyuki. I'm not exactly thrilled to see her again."

>Aesop looks at Mosaic blankly in the face, before his face then slowly turns into a wide smile.

"Yeah you're lying with that last one. But I'll honor the first two conditions! Thanks again Aiden! See you later - eventually!"

>Aesop then waves as he flies off into the air - quickly disappearing into nothingness.

>Mosaic sighs and stands on the rooftop of the Archeon Complex's main building once more.

"….Where do these guys keep coming from? Seriously…."

>Mosaic then snaps his fingers as his costume instantly disappears, replaced with his standard clothing and sunglasses as Aiden.

>After looking around for a moment, Aiden then places his hands in his coat pockets and begins walking into the Archeon Complex.

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