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>Date: March 10th, 2017
>Location: Western Europe - Unknown Forest Laboratory
>Time: 10:00 AM [Relative]

>Distant sirens blare as a research facility goes into lockdown. As more lights blare, research personnel inside of the facility begin frantically running towards exits. Cursing to themselves, the researchers hurridly look at their documents, still cursing to themselves.

"Shit! We're running out of time. The structural blueprint hasn't been fully decoded!"

>A researcher says to themselves, quickly barreling around the nearest hallway while continuing to talk into their phone.

"I know! I know! But we haven't figured out the proper sequencing method! We don't know if the program can fully complete the process! This is biological code! Not some random program! It could take decades-"

>The researcher is then knocked back by a violent explosion, sent spiraling across the room and knocked to the floor - spiraling across the ground. Damaged by the force of the explosion, the researcher can feel a ruptured rib cage, and the searing pain of a pinched nerve in his lung. Reeling from the pain, he looks up, with hazy vision slowly making out a blurry figure in the distance - at the edge of the hallway.

"….What the…."

>At the end of the hallway is an armored figure, clad in midnight black armor and plating. A glowing red visor pulsates light from their body as he walks to a nearby scientist on the ground. Watching as the scientist panics and slowly begins easing away from the figure - the damaged researcher can only look on in horror - as the armored figure reaches down and snaps the scientist's neck.

{"Oh God! He killed him!"}


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>As the armored figure turns around, they look in the researcher's general direction, and begins to chuckle in amusement. With a slightly distorted voice, and an unusual cadence, the figure then says:

"Doctor Bolivar. You and your associates have stopped providing Meta-Gene research to us. That's going to cost you."

>The researcher then begins speaking up, quickly.

"W-W-Wait! I can help you! I swear! We were just losing confidence in the veracity of our results! The genetic sequences you sent us….they weren't entirely stable!"

>The armored figure cranes his head to the side, making a sound almost like a snarl.

"Are you insinuating that we've deceived you, doctor?"

>Shaking his head, Dr. Bolivar begins to panic internally. His heart rate increasing, he can feel the pounding of his heart in his ears, as well as the muscle tremors of his hands, increasing rapidly in frequency.

"I…..I…..I didn't mean to imply that! Merely explain the c-cause of our…unsatisfactory r-results!"

>The armored figure then looks down at the dead body beside him, then back at the researcher, before saying.

"Faust will see if you speak the truth, or merely run your mouth out of self-preservation."

>Suddenly a large bullet rushes towards the armored figure at blinding speeds. Reacting almost instinctively, the armored figure swipes at the bullet, deflecting it to the side with slight effort as he looks up from the end of the hallway.

"Shaking out your own dirty research lab. Wow, you've really lost your touch, tin-head."

>Smoke slowly billows from an open chamber on a large hand cannon, as a figure in armored clothing, a jacket, and a hood looks on from behind the researcher.

>Snarling again, the armored figure then says out loud.



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>The hooded figure, helmet concealing his face and voice, lowers the hand cannon. Looking down at Dr. Bolivar, he then says:

"You. Not a word, and not a single movement. I'd prefer to get the information out of you myself, and I'd prefer to get it, with you still alive. So remain there, and allow me to deal with the glorified knight."

>Dr. Bolivar is paralyzed with fear, stammering and unable to form a coherent sentence. Panic still flows over him, as he struggles to come up with a complex thought.

>Turning back towards the armored figure, Chimera then says:

"So how about it, Nicea? Going to be a good tin-head this time, and tell me where Faust is?"

>Nicea laughs once more, saying:

"Not in your lifetime, insect."

>Nicea then rushes at Chimera, barely giving him enough time to bring up his hands in defense. As he does so, the force of the impact shatters Chimera's hand cannon - as the resulting shockwave sends Doctor Bolivar spiraling forwards. Being knocked into a wall with the force of the shockwave, the researcher is knocked unconscious immediately.

>As Chimera and Nicea are locked into a dual arm grip, both of them plant their feet in place.

"Still being stubborn about this, eh? Fine."

>Nicea laughs as he says:

"It matters not, insect. Your pursuit ends today, and your reward, is death."

>Before Nicea can speak, Chimera knees Nicea in the chest, sending him stumbling backwards. Chimera then says:

"Cute. Before you whine, I didn't ask for your fucking opinion either."

>Nicea regains his composure and starts rushing towards Chimera, attacking him from multiple angles with various hand strikes. Chimera deflects most of the attacks with equally fast strikes and hand motions - surprising Nicea.

"You've never been this fast before. What have you done, Chimera?"

>Chimera then grapples Nicea by the right arm and pushes down into it, snapping it in half and causing Nicea to shout in pain.

"Nothing. I just got you out of your element, given what your power is."

>Silent for a moment, Nicea then reacts in surprise, as he begins speaking:

"The covenant from above bestows upon me my strength! I will act in his na-"

>Chimera then palm strikes Nicea up into the ceiling - causing him to hand from the hole created in the wall. As debris falls down, Chimera muses to himself:

"Power from faith, and you forgot to pray before a fight. No wonder you're an attack dog at best."

>Letting Nicea hang for a few moments, Chimera then grabs him by the leg and drags him down to the ground. Seeing as Nicea coughs, he then says:

"What's the matter? Cat and tongue? Or are you just not as confident in yourself as you used to be?"


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>Nicea then screams in anger, generating more power as he begins speaking rapidly:

"My faith is my strength and my strength is from the divine! I will not allow this sacrosanct rite to be invalidated!"

>Stepping backwards for a minute, Chimera then scoffs, saying:

"Not bad. I guess I underestimated you. Then again…"

>Chimera's hands start to ripple with transparent force, saying:

"….I don't take chances either."

>Chimera then blasts a wave of condensed vibrations - a massive surge of high pressure sound directly towards Nicea's location.

>Nicea then quickly begins stammering uncontrollably, staggering in place as he slowly falls to the ground. The pressure of the sound displacement being too great for them. As the sound pressure reverberates within his armor, and his helmet, Nicea is then knocked unconscious.

>Silence then falls across the hallway as Chimera deactivates his sound manipulation. Now walking towards the unconscious figure, he then says to himself:

"Now that you're dealt with, let's see what you know."

>Kneeling down before the figure, Chimera then places his fingertips on the front of Nicea's helmet. As he focuses, he sends a pulse of psionic energy across his body and towards Nicea.

{"Let's see what you have here…."}


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>Date: ???
>Time: ???
>Location: ???

>A hooded figure paces back and forward in a large room, a ceremonial mask hiding his face. A menacing growl emanates from the figure as he looks at Nicea - standing before him.

"This is the fifth time this asshole's gotten in the way! Burned down four different research facilities!"

>Nicea speaks up:

"I am aware, Faust. But I do not think our priority should be a single masked buffoon-"

>Faust then immediately interjects:

"Shut the fuck up, tin-man. I'll lay this out easily, because I'm the one with the fancy cognitive powers here. The super intelligence, the hyper cognition, and all the fancy simulation crap."

>Making an exaggerated gesture with his hands, Faust then says:

"He. Is. The. Main. Priority. All the labs being made by these Eukaryota fucks are the best lead we've got for finding their ringleader."

>Faust then begins walking around slowly, moving between the sides of the desk before him, still glaring at Nicea behind his mask.

"We need them, in order to find the people who made me what I am. So if I don't find them, then I can't defeat Mobius. I don't beat the shit out of Mobius, then we don't win this!"

>Nicea stands in place, completely still and not remotely animated in any way.

"I understand, Faust. But the organization is secretive. We have not been able to draw them out with conventional methods. So instead I would suggest-"

>Faust then interjects.

"Using yourself as bait to catch the dumbass in the act and finish him once and for all? Great. Glad you volunteered!"


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>Immediately realizing the context of the scene, Chimera snaps himself back to reality and stands up, turning around to find himself face to face with Faust.

"Well it's about time I got to meet you in the flesh - prick."

>Before Chimera can move, Faust grabs him by the neck, saying:

"Would you look at that? I don't think I know my own strength!"

>Chimera, struggling against Faust's grip, tries to speak:


>Faust then feigns ignorance, making an exaggerated hearing motion with his free hand.

"Oh I'm sorry, what was that? I'm sorry for getting in your way Faust? I'll die easily for you to make it up to you now? Fantastic idea!"

>As Faust is about to snap Chimera's neck, Chimera then reaches down into his jacket and brings out a small capsule. Crushing it in his hand, he shoves it towards Faust's mask - causing him to stumble back in pain.

"What the fuck?!?! Ack!"

>Faust starts coughing violently as he then says:

"W-What the fuck did you do to me?!?!"

>Still coughing violently, Faust tries to regain his composure as Chimera feels the sides of his neck.

"I figured you didn't have a slot open for protection against a neurotoxin. You're strong, Faust. But I know that unlike Mobius? Your powers are unstable."

>Seeing Faust struggle to balance his legs, he then looks up in shock. Chimera then scoffs, saying:

"You think I didn't know? The MRD's got a file on you larger than a God damned server stack. Took a while to get into, but they bury their dirty laundry - they don't get rid of it."


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>Faust continues writhing in pain as Chimera then taps the side of his helmet, opening a comm link.

"Fugue. He's distracted. Meet me at the waypoint below the facility."

>A voice on the end of the comm link says to Chimera:

{"You sure? How much time do you think we have?"}

>Looking at Faust, still disoriented and now stumbling around, he then says:

"About five minutes I'd say."

>After a brief silence, the figure then says:

{"Alright, I'll meet you there."}

>Looking back at Faust, Chimera then says:

"Sorry scarecrow, but I'm not in a position to fight you yet. Fortunately, that's why I'm here."

>Chimera then focuses, as space-time slowly ripples around him. In a blink, he then disappears - being teleported away through the fabric of space-time.


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>Location: Eukaryota Lab - Underground
>Time: 10:10 AM [Relative]

>Deep underground, a laboratory full of more researchers is studying a bright silver pod with intricate circuitry patterns. Various computers and machinery surround the laboratory as the researchers continue to study the pod.

"Structural integrity is at one hundred percent, even after the particle beam emission."

"Magnetic resonance pattern is the same. It hasn't shifted after a week."

"Polymorphic structure is still rigid. The magnetic sensors can't find a weak link in the chain. It's almost as if it's structurally inert…"

>Suddenly, the figures of Chimera and Fugue appear in the center of the room - blasted with the expansion of space-time around them. The appearance knocks a good amount of the machinery into the air, causing it to spiral. The researchers then get up to their feet, bewildered.

"Who are you?! Where's William?!"

>Chimera stares blankly at the figures, saying:

"….William Whitemalkin isn't going to be dealing with you lot anymore."

>Holding out a hand and making a gesture, Chimera generates telekinetic force - knocking the researchers away.

"But I'm not here to kill you either."

>As the researchers are knocked out, Chimera then turns to Fugue and says:

"Go for it. We've only got five minutes as I said. The neurotoxin should be scrambling and destroying the synaptic connections in Faust's brain, faster than he can cognitively think to stop it. Given what we know about his powers, it'll take them a few minutes to reorient his mind properly."

>Looking at the nearest terminal, Fugue then says to Chimera:

"….Marek, it's encrypted."


"No. Combinatorial. Breaker's going to need about a minute to crack it for info."

>Fugue says as he gets out a small mechanical device with a wire.


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File: 1658029894591-2.png (91.14 KB, 312x233, Pod.png)

File: 1658029894591-3.jpg (49.95 KB, 681x900, Terminal.jpg)

>Fugue then looks at Chimera, stating:

"….Marek. I don't know if this was a good idea. We rushed into a highly secured facility, sprung a trap to catch us, got fucking Faust on our tail! What if he uses his powers to figure out who we are?!?!"

>Chimera looks at Fugue for a moment, then says:

"I told you before Jakob, that I'd never let anything happen to you. Didn't I?"

>Sighing, Fugue looks down at the floor, responding:

"….And you've done that so far. I appreciate it. I just….I don't know if we needed to do this to get back at dad-"

>Chimera then holds up his finger, pointing as he says with clear disdain in his voice:

"That piece of shit is not our father, Jakob. He made sure of that, after what he made me do. All of those people are dead because of me!"

>Fugue is silent for a moment, stating:

"….They're all dead because of what he made you do. You didn't have a choice, Marek."

>Silent for a moment, Chimera turns towards the pod fastened in the middle of the laboratory, stating:

"…No, but I could keep you out of it, and I did. Miranda too. That was enough to keep me going, and I'm tired of feeling just too weak to push back."

>Now marching towards the pod, Chimera then grabs onto the center of the pod, gripping it with his gloved fingers. A discharge of light and electricity surges from the pod - generating a significant amount of energy.

"Marek! What are you doing?!?!"

>Chimera grabs at the pod with his remaining hand, generating more and more supernatural force as he forcibly presses against the energy discharge.

"….Like I said. I'm through feeling like I'm just too weak to handle the situation!"

>Looking back at the panels nearby, Fugue sees the warning on the screens.


"Marek! You're overloading the system! We don't need this stuff! Let's just get the hell out of here before Faust arrives!"

>Chimera shakes his head, saying:

"No! We need more power if we're going to kill the bastard! And if this is anything like that artifact found in Sanctuary City?! Then it's ours!"


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>Location: Eukaryota Base
>Time: 10:15 AM [Relative]

>Faust still reels in pain, clawing at his forehead behind his mask as he screams in agony.


>Struggling to retain his sense of composure and his cognition, Faust's power goes into overdrive, finally stabilizing enough to manifest a counter ability. A neutralizing agent is then generated in his brain, rapidly negating the effects of the neurotoxin as he falls to the ground on one knee. Panting heavily, he then coughs as he mutters under his breath:

"…God damned piece of shit. I'm going to rip him apart, slowly….."

>Punching the ground, it begins to immediately shatter as he then hovers in the air. Regaining his composure, he then says:

"No. Nononononononono. You're not getting away with this, bastard. Not anymore….."

>Scanning around for a moment, Faust then falls silent as his power begins to work for him. After a few moments, he then begins laughing as he psionically focuses on a familiar psychic signature.

"Ahh. There you are. Piece of shit…."

>Faust then disappears in a blink - teleporting to the location he's marked with his powers, and moving towards the signal.


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File: 1658030923292-2.png (290.58 KB, 441x580, Fugue.png)

File: 1658030923292-3.jpg (19.93 KB, 640x427, Rigel Q-Driver (Storage Mo….jpg)

File: 1658030923292-4.gif (1.95 MB, 448x252, Blue Light Explosion.gif)

>Location: Eukaryota Lab - Underground
>Time: 10:13 AM [Relative]

>After about 2 minutes, Chimera then rips the pod's opening apart. After minutes of sustained pressure, Chimera then sees the contents of the pod - looking closely for a moment. Narrowing his eyes behind his helmet, he then says:

"….So that's it huh?"

>Inside of the pod, Chimera finds two futuristic bracelets bracelets. A blue watch with black components, and a reddish-pinkish bracelet with similar components. Blinking, he then says to himself:

"Whatever this shit is, it better be good."

>Grabbing the objects, Chimera's hand moves towards the blue watch first - which then glows with a blue light and shifts onto his left wrist. Stumbling backwards, Chimera then shouts in pain, a searing agony flowing through his body for a moment as the watch like structure begins speaking in his mind:


>Screaming again in pain, Chimera falls to one knee as Fugue runs towards him.

"Marek! What's happening?! The device is grafted to your skin!"

>Wincing for a moment as Fugue gets closer, Chimera then grabs Fugue's hand and says:

"No time. You need your power too."

>He then shoves Fugue's hand into the pod, to bind the reddish-pink bracelet with his own hand, causing a similar bust of red light and more screaming in pain from Fugue.

>A similar voice appears in Fugue's mind, as the bracelet activates:


>As both of the figures continue grappling with the intensity of the light generated from their devices, the light grows brighter and brighter - as it begins to envelop the area entirely.


File: 1658031488862-0.gif (1.95 MB, 448x252, Blue Light Explosion.gif)

File: 1658031488862-1.jpg (1.43 MB, 1600x1280, Nu!Chimera.jpg)

File: 1658031488862-2.jpg (72.46 KB, 1024x729, Nu!Fugue - 8.jpg)

File: 1658031488862-3.jpg (234.59 KB, 1400x2075, Faust.jpg)

>As the blue and red lights slowly fade, the two figures appear changed. Now sporting more futuristic and advanced suits of armor, both of them slowly stand up. Stabilizing their stances, they both look at their hands and feet for a moment.

"….Wha….Marek? Is that you?"

>The figure in light red armor looks ahead of himself - seeing a figure in dark blue armor in front of him. Sizing him up, he then says:

"….Huh. I think it worked."

>Looking at his hands carefully, he then looks down at his side, seeing a futuristic blaster on one side of his hip, and a small container on the other side. After seeing a similar design on Fugue, he then says:

"Would you look at that. You seem taller. You feel stronger too? Because I know I do."

>Fugue then looks down and sees a similar attire on his body, with a similar container, but no blaster.

"What's this?"

>Looking down at the container on his side, Fugue is then stopped by Chimera, who says:

"You sense that? Suit's picking up a space-time distortion. Looks like he's about to arrive. Get ready."

>Fugue then does a double take and says:

"WHAT?! NOW?!"

>Suddenly, Faust then appears a few feet before them. Cracking his neck, he then says:

"There you are. Motherfuckers."

>Now laughing, he then says:

"Oh, I've been waiting a long time for this."

>Silent for a moment, he looks between the two and says:

"Armor's changed, but your dumb fucking ass is all the same. Ready to call it quits now?"


File: 1658032243787-0.jpg (1.43 MB, 1600x1280, Nu!Chimera.jpg)

File: 1658032243787-1.jpg (72.46 KB, 1024x729, Nu!Fugue - 8.jpg)

File: 1658032243787-2.jpg (234.59 KB, 1400x2075, Faust.jpg)

File: 1658032243787-3.gif (1.95 MB, 500x270, Kick - 2.gif)

>Fugue looks slightly apprehensive and steps back a few feet, nervous. Meanwhile, Chimera stands right in place, not moving a single muscle.

"You know there's one thing you've proven over the past few minutes that's been smart. Power doesn't really matter-"

>Faust then immediately rushes Chimera at blinding speeds - aiming a punch at him, only for Chimera to catch it with his hand - dragging it down slowly.

"Ack! Fuck!"

>Faust continues to wince a bit in pain as Chimera continues speaking.

"If you're too much of a dumbass to use it properly."

>Chimera then kicks Faust back with surprising strength and force - sending him flying backwards through a series of desks and computers in the laboratory.

"You actually thought that was a neurotoxin? Think for a moment, you fucking idiot."

>Faust then quickly spins into a stable position in midair, landing on the ground as he scowls in confusion.

"….What the fuck are you talking about, block head?!"

>Chimera shakes his head, sighing.

"Read your file, like I said. I know your power responds automatically by manifesting whatever abilities you think you need. If it was a real neurotoxin, you'd have dealt with it immediately, as the brain damage would constitute an immediate threat."

>Silent for a moment, Faust then says:

"…..You've gotta be fucking kidding me. You bullshitted me with a fake fucking smoke blast?!"

>Chimera sheepishly shrugs.

"What can I say? You are pretty gullible, from what I've read. Probably why you were the prototype. Placebo effect is a hell of a sensation, isn't it?"

>Screaming in anger, Faust then smashes a nearby computer, pulverizing it into dust as he says:

"I'm gonna grind you into the fucking dirt, runt! Then once you're dying, I'll peel your brain apart and figure out who you are. Then everybody you know is equally in deep shit! What do you think about that?!"

>Chimera then taps his helmet, saying:

"I think you haven't been paying attention. There's a reason why I went to all that trouble to stake this location. Whether you were here or not. It didn't make a difference."

>Faust immediately attempts to probe Chimera's mind with his psychic powers, only to find a disruption effect and a psionic feedback loop redirected back towards him.

"Nngh! What?! That's not supposed to happen! Your mind should be an open God damned book!"

>Chimera then says:

"It would've been earlier - if you weren't cocky and you actually bothered reading my mind when you had a chance."


File: 1658033051161-0.jpg (1.43 MB, 1600x1280, Nu!Chimera.jpg)

File: 1658033051161-1.jpg (72.46 KB, 1024x729, Nu!Fugue - 8.jpg)

File: 1658033051161-2.jpg (128.31 KB, 1600x1589, Faust - 2.jpg)

File: 1658033051161-3.gif (1.91 MB, 500x279, Punch.gif)

>Chimera looks back at Fugue and says:

"You're starting to get the information too, right? Central Nervous System uplink to the databanks in the suits."

>Fugue nods, looking between Faust and Chimera.

"Yeah, I've got the schematics to the devices stored in these suits. I had no idea stuff this advanced even existed."

>Chimera nods at Fugue, saying:

"Like I said. I'll always keep you out of danger. No matter what."

>Before Fugue can nod back at Chimera, Faust rushes towards him, shouting:

"You don't look so fucking tough! I'll break you first instead!"

>Fugue, reacting at the same speeds as Faust and Chimera, quickly leans to the side - narrowly avoiding Faust's attack. At that moment, Faust generates an ability that provides him massive energy blasts. Seeing the beams charge up with his hands, Fugue then says:

"Uh oh."

>Chimera then places a hand on Fugue's shoulder, stating:

"Time to go top side."

>Chimera and Fugue then disappear in virtual blue and red lights - dematerializing in thin air, just as Faust obliterates the entire lab with energy blasts.


>Back top side in the hallway, of the laboratories, the blue and red lights rematerialize the forms of Chimera and Fugue respectively. As both of them appear in the hallway, Fugue then turns to Chimera and says:

"I don't have enough time to sort through all of this."

>Chimera nods, adjusting the bracelets around the wrists of his armor.

"That's more than fair. We should have enough raw power to beat him down a bit, at least for now. He's still likely disoriented from the Placebo effect on his mind. Now we just need to beat him down enough to get him to retreat."

>Fugue nods at Chimera then says:

"Alright. But I'll go from your lead here."


> As Faust reappears in the hallway - he noticeably has more difficulty tracking their signatures. Recognizing that his tracking ability is losing its effectiveness by the second, Faust then says:

"You know what, fuckers? Let's just do this the old fashioned way! Hand to hand! Come on! Get the fuck out here!"

>A voice then says from beyond the hallway:

"If you insist."

>Suddenly, Chimera and Fugue burst from nearby walls - each of them punching Faust in the face. With surprising speed, they then both kick Faust in the chest, with seemingly charged kicks infused with extra-dimensional energy. The combat maneuver is enough to send Faust spiraling backwards, now struggling to repair the damage being done to his body.

"It's as I said, you may be powerful - but you can only do a few things at once. Can't strike, move and heal at the same time - and you can't track us and improve your accuracy either. Must be terrible, having to cycle through a bunch of powers to fight us, huh?"


File: 1658034089768-0.jpg (94.02 KB, 960x720, Nu!Chimera - 8.jpg)

File: 1658034089768-1.jpg (74.51 KB, 1024x1373, Nu!Fugue - 6.jpg)

File: 1658034089768-2.jpg (234.59 KB, 1400x2075, Faust.jpg)

File: 1658034089768-3.jpg (438.31 KB, 1080x599, Space Time Sphere.jpg)

File: 1658034089768-4.gif (671.94 KB, 500x205, Ice - 2.gif)

>Faust then reorients himself, beginning to generate blasts of compressed space and distorted time from his hands. The blasts begin retroactively shifting the relative positions and timelines of the objects in their vicinity - partially repairing and further eroding different sections of the hallway.

"Temporal attack. Look out."

>Chimera says, beginning to weave through the space-time spheres.

"Got it!"

>Fugue says, moving behind Chimera very carefully. As they continue to weave through the space-time attacks, Fugue begins generating blasts of thermal inversion - rapidly cooling and superheating the air simultaneously.

>The protrusions surrounding Chimera and Fugue's elbows begin to vent excess thermal energy, while the suits themselves begin to absorb ambient heat - regulating the temperature automatically.

"What?! You're not affected by that?! Shit!"

>Chimera is the first to home in on Faust, pulling back his fist as he says:

"Stay down for now, rabid dog."

>He then uppercuts Faust into the air - right as Fugue jumps after Chimera, both hands above his head in a grapple fashion - as he then provides an overhead swing attack down on Faust's head - slamming him back into the ground.

>As the dust settles, Faust quickly begins healing the damage - only for Chimera to kick him squarely in the chest - knocking him back into a set of cupboards and drawers in a break room. As plates and utensils shatter around Faust, he then lands on the ground - groaning in pain. His body doesn't rapidly heal this time as Chimera speaks:

"Looks like your powers are still too unstable to help you out here. So since you'll be hanging around for a bit, I'll ask you one question."

>Chimera crouches on both knees and picks up Faust by his hood - facing Chimera and his sapphire blue fractal helmet.

"What does Eukaryota have to do with your powers? They hate Meta-Humans and want us all dead. That includes you and me."


File: 1658034324301-0.jpg (1.43 MB, 1600x1280, Nu!Chimera.jpg)

File: 1658034324301-1.jpg (72.46 KB, 1024x729, Nu!Fugue - 8.jpg)

File: 1658034324301-2.jpg (69.07 KB, 1400x700, Faust - 3.jpg)

File: 1658034324301-3.png (419.8 KB, 1920x1080, Protodermis.png)

>Faust laughs slowly as he coughs up blood.

"Haha….Fuck you, piece of shit. I wouldn't tell you even if it killed me-"

>Chimera punches Faust across the face with his free hand - drawing blood.

"I don't have time for your games, you jester. If you can't help us, I'll throw you in the gutter like the trash you are."

>Silent for a moment and recognizing his situation, Faust then weighs his options as he says:

"….They know about the process that gave me my powers. Because one of their own was there."

>Dropping Faust's head back on the ground, Chimera then stands up and says:

"They have a mole, don't they? Someone who's working for the opposing side. Typical."

>Looking back at Faust for a minute, Chimera says:

"I know from your file that you're unkillable. So I'll just say this once. You and your band of delinquents need to stay out of our way. If you do that? Maybe I'll leave a crumb for you, once I've destroyed Eukaryota."

>Adjusting his wrist bracelets again, Chimera then states:

"Don't bother trying to figure out our identities. You're blocked out of our heads by psychic receivers. Whoever built this stuff knew how to deal with assholes like you."

>Defeated for now, Faust then coughs again as he says:

"I'll destroy you one of these days, Chimera. Even if it's the last thing I do. If I can't take down Mobius or the bastards who did this to me. I'll at least get the satisfaction of ending you once and for all!"

>Faust then disappears into a mass of black liquid - disappearing from the area entirely.


File: 1658035809587-0.jpg (77.86 KB, 1000x579, The Charon.jpg)

File: 1658035809587-1.jpg (231.44 KB, 1238x622, The Charon [Interior].jpg)

File: 1658035809587-2.jpg (1.43 MB, 1600x1280, Nu!Chimera.jpg)

File: 1658035809587-3.jpg (72.46 KB, 1024x729, Nu!Fugue - 8.jpg)

>After scanning the area for a few moments to ensure Faust's disappearance, Chimera then turns to Fugue and says:

"We've got what we came here for. Let's get out of here."

>Still looking around the area himself for a few more moments, Fugue then turns towards Chimera and nods.

"Yeah. I don't think there's anything left for us now, so let's go figure out what these suits do."


>Date: March 11th, 2017

>Location: The Charon - Metamorphic Airship
>Time: 8:00 AM

>The skies above San Francisco are holding a large, technologically advanced aircraft - the size of various carrier planes. Inside of the command center of the ship, Fugue is handling navigational controls - working on them for the entirety of the morning.

"You seem to be having a good time handling a warship."

>Chimera slowly walks into the room, looking at the large holographic screens at Fugue's desk and chair.

"Well this ship was one of the vehicles inside of the armory. I've tried to understand this all night….but how is dimensional engineering of this scale even possible? An entire battleship was just stored inside of your gear!"

>Chimera points at one of the holographic images on the screen - making a series of gestures until the screen showcases the footage referenced in his mind through the neural connection to his suit.

{"Just get rid of him. We'll retrieve the device and send it back to the Breakers. This is their op, and we shouldn't be clean up duty anyways."}

{"Ack! What's happening?!"}

{"Target compromised! I repeat! Target compromised! The spherical container is shattered! Item designate B2-105 is compromised!"}

>Looking over the scrubbed footage of Jericho obtaining the Matrix watch, Chimera looks back at Fugue, saying:

"I've heard reports about pods like these. They're incredibly rare, but I didn't have much of a choice in our situation. Faust was onto us, and I had to act fast."

>Looking up at Chimera, Fugue then says:

"Are there any more pods like these?"

>Chimera shakes his head:

"No. I've only heard reports of four pods. One of them crash landed a few years back if reports are correct. Don't know who got to that one though. Another was taken by the guy in the video. Engineer working at Archeon-"

>Shocked, Fugue then says:

"Archeon? You mean Aiden knows who this guy is?"

>Groaning loudly, Chimera says:

"…Don't even mention him. I don't want to talk about him after what happened."

>Fugue sighs himself, stating:

"Yeah, sorry. Either way, we found the third pod obviously, but what about the fourth one?"

>Silent for a moment, Chimera then says to Chimera:

"That's the issue, Jakob."

>Looking away from the holograms and towards the windows displaying the large coastal beach structure outside, Chimera then states:

"I have no idea where it is. But, with this technology, if we get a clear activation signal? We should be able to detect it. So for now, we just wait. Get more intel on Eukaryota, and whatever the fuck William is planning."

>Finally, Chimera looks down at his hand and slowly balls it into a fist, before easing up on it again.

"…..We also keep an eye out for Faust - and we destroy them both when we get the opportunity."

[To Be Continued]

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