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>Date: February 21st, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City

>Once a day of festivities in Ancient Roman times, the 21st day of February is of little concern for most Americans, just another day in the second month of the year, creating a relatively quiet day.

>In a quiet corner of the city, a teenaged boy talks to a man hidden behind the shadows.

"A-are you sure it'll?"

>The boy looks down at something the man is holding out, a belt of some kind.

"Beyond even your wildest dreams, put it on, try it out."

>The man's voice is distorted by some kind of modulator, further obsfucating his identity.

>Hesitating for a moment, the boy reaches out and takes the belt, carefully putting it on and looking around, smiling awkwardly when he sees a piece of trash on the ground.

>The boy reaches out his hand and points it at the trash.

>After a few seconds, the trash flies towards the boys stomach, disappearing into the thin air just before hitting it.

"Woah, a-and I don't need to pay for this."

"No, and I'll shake on that."

>The man offers out his hand for the boy to shake, and he happily takes it, suddenly pulling it back as he's shocked by something.

"Woah, static, weird! But thanks man!"

>The boy turns around, rushing off to his own business.

"No problem, you've helped me too. . ."


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>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown
>Time: 9:00 AM

>A large, black limousine quickly glides through the streets of the downtown metropolis - weaving in and out of large stretches of road. The main driver of the limousine looks through the rear view mirror and towards the figure sitting in the back of the vehicle - behind an obstructed wall.

"Mr. Khyber, are you alright?"

>From the other side of the wall, a well-dressed man shakes a gloved hand through the open slot.

"I'm fine, Jeremiah. Thank you."

>The well dressed man looks relatively young, no older than 20 years of age. Pressing a finger behind the back of his neck, he lightly brushes aside a set of his bright white hair - an unusual sight compared to most.

"….Can't wait to deal with some more suggestions from would be investors….."

>The man looks outside of the window, thinking to himself - as a news report plays on the flat screen TV to his side. On the TV screen is female reporter, speaking on the day's news.

{"…Still uncertain whether Fantasian Enterprises will respond to inquiries about their next major film project. The company's founder and CEO, Jason Khyber, as still refused to comment."}

>The man with white hair rolls his eyes and then sighs, looking back down at his book as he continues reading carefully.

{"Fantasian currently sits with a market cap of a trillion dollars after their most successful global marketing strategy, making in-roads into new territories with their most recent film - 'Symphonia Aeterna' directed once again by Khyber himself, currently a potential nominee for the yearly awards-"}

>Jason then turns down the volume with the remote in the nearby holding compartment by his arm. As he does so, he fishes for a photo inside of his jacket and brings it out. The photo is of an attractive woman, around the same age as Jason. The woman has striking pink hair, likely dyed, and a smug grin on her face. Flipping the photo over, a custom type of cursive handwriting is on the back of the photo.

["Be a good husband and don't get yourself into trouble!"]

>Eyes narrowing, Jason has a brief recollection of prior events, before sighing once again. Looking at the ring on his finger, he adjusts it momentarily.

"…….Right. No trouble then."

>Jason then looks back out the window as he puts the photo away, back in his jacket pocket. Taking note of the large structures before him, he then cracks his knuckles individually with his thumb; resisting the urge to groan, as he lets out one more exasperated sigh.


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>Location: Downtown Sanctuary City - Shopping District
>Time: 9:10 AM

>Busy as always, the shopping district is packed full of people. With everything from small local businesses, big box stores, to international markets and more, the shopping district is arguably the city's most popular area for both tourists and locals.

>Weaving his way through the crowds, Orion walks with his hands deep in his pockets. His eyes shift around back and forth, appearing nervous.

{"Not seeing him. Maybe he won't notice."}

>His eyes continue to dart around for several more moments before he seems to ease up, breathing out a sigh of relief.

>Orion continues to weave around the crowd, trying to avoid bumping into people while keeping track of where he is.

{"This would be so much easier if I could just fly over the crowd. But no. This is a no fly zone. And even if it wasn't Aiden is anal about me doing anything in public."}

>He grunts to himself and then keeps on walking, heading towards the more food oriented areas of the district.


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>A flick of a finger taps Orion on the side of his head, as a familiar voice says:

"Maybe if you weren't a loose cannon, I wouldn't have to say that."

>Aiden appears from the periphery of Orion's vision, casually walking beside him with his hands by his side. Looking between Orion and the crowd in the district, Aiden says:

"You finished the backpile yet. I didn't make you COO to slack around. If you need assistance, you can always ask Jonah."

>A person walks by Aiden, doing a double take for a moment, before shrugging and moving onward. Noticing Orion's expression, Aiden says:

"Perception filter. Nobody recognizes me, so you don't have to worry about me causing a scene by being here."

>Returning to his original point, Aiden then states:

"I know you're still aggravated about what happened, but you can't dwell on that Orion. He's not here."


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"It's not that. I'm just tired, okay? Sometimes I feel cooped up in that office and need to take a breather. Which is something I never really got to do before."

>Orion looks around for a few moments before turning his eyes back on Aiden.

"What're you doing out here anyway? Wasn't today supposed to be busy for you?"


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>Aiden glances at Orion at the edges of his eyes for a moment, saying:

"Yes, which is why I did most of my work the week prior. If you look at my official schedule, I'm ostensibly busy. But if you remember who I am then you probably know I don't get busy."

>A stray bottle nearly connects with Aiden and Orion, as Aiden flicks it out of the way, without looking at it.

"Coordinating the research for genetic recombination experiments isn't riveting either, I might add. But the Desmonds are close friends of my father - so I felt I owed it to them to spend the extra time expanding the genetics division of Archeon."

>There's a brief moment in Aiden's mind where he thinks of Damian, and his transformation into Arachnid after the field trip disaster.

>Aiden then holds out his hand in front of Orion - stopping them both for a moment as a bunch of teenagers run around at superhuman speed - easily trackable to the both of them. After the teenagers pass, Aiden then lowers his hand and says:

"I understand your frustration, but you don't have to be at the office. If you want to be home with Phoebe, that's fine. The office is just there in an official capacity, as you need it. Nothing more."

>Recognizing Orion's change in position and stature, Aiden sighs:

"I'm not going to say anything else, as I know it makes you feel awkward.


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>Orion stands there in silence, staring at Aiden. After several moments he says:

"Well in that case, I guess I shouldn't feel bad for going out then. Thanks."

>Orion watches as moments later another teenager trailing behind the rest suddenly rushes around them, bumping past someone.

>After watching them run off, he looks back at Aiden again and says:

"Well, I was gonna go check out this restaurant near-by I've been hearing a lot about recently. They apparently have ice cream pancakes for breakfast. You can come if you want."


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>Aiden looks at Orion again, and actually smiles slightly.

"Sure, I don't see why not."

>He then continues walking with him through the shopping district, very much cognizant of the factors and elements occurring around them, with his abilities.


>Aiden thinks to himself, as a pulsating sensation fills his mind. An all too familiar feeling.

{"Why is my danger sense acting up? It's light, but I can still feel it activating."}

>Looking off in the distance slightly, he then thinks to himself again"

{"Off in the distance. It has to be something big then."}


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>As Aiden and Orion walk by, a news report plays on a large screen in the center of the shopping district. The same news reported from before then speaks:

{"..while authorities are still searching for the latest Meta-Human vigilante to appear in the city. The figure, calling themselves Demiurge, has been reported combatting the Brigadiers and Outsiders in various skirmishes across the city."}

>The screen then plays phone recorded footage of Demiurge, clad in black armor, robes and a mask - along with an ornate hood. The figure is seen using his hands to direct large mechanical structures and various smaller technological humanoid frames - as they unleash barrages of laser blasts and futuristic weaponry on various Brigadiers and Outsiders.

{"As a warning to the general populace, Demiurge is considered to be an Alpha-Level Meta-Human threat by the official MRD threat assessment classification system. If Demiurge is seen, you are strongly advised to report them to the MRD using the official public line at…."}


>Looking at the screen from inside of his limo, Jason raises an eyebrow as the report goes over the known details about Demiurge.


>Now looking at the book in his hand, he thinks to himself as he turns the page.

{"Feels like it was yesterday, the city didn't use to have so many people in masks, running around and fighting crime. I wonder what changed."}

>Jason's mind then wanders to images he remembers seeing of Mosaic, Omnius and Arachnid, among other vigilantes.

{"Of course I know. What am I even saying?"}

>In front of the private lounge section of the limousine, Jeremiah continues driving the limousine carefully throughout the shopping district.

"Sir, we're nearing the restaurant you wanted to eat at. Are you ready?"

>As the limousine pulls up, Jason says:

"Yes, of course Jeremiah. Thank you."


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File: 1658869162403-2.jpg (212.4 KB, 1600x1067, ihop-interior.jpg)

>A few minutes later…

>Orion opens the front door the the National House of Pancakes (or NHoP for short).

>He stops for a moment to scan the fairly occupied restaurant for open seating, before spotting a freshly cleaned booth by the front windows.

>A few minutes later after having gotten the menu from a waitress, Orion's eyes dart around the menu.

"They really do have ice cream pancakes. And fudge pancakes, blueberry and strawberry, caramel…"

>Orion's voice trails off as he continues listing the various pancake breakfast choices out loud to Aiden.


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>Aiden raises an eyebrow at Orion as he says:

"This one's on your dime, since you're so enthusiastic about it. Your salary should more than cover it though."

>Aiden mentally marks the items he wants to eat, and jots them down in his head for the waitress to order later on.

"Also, there's something I should probably update you on, Orion."

>Making a gesture with his hand, Aiden projects a powerful psionic field around him and Orion - muting his conversation from the minds of those nearby.

"Nobody can hear what we're saying, or register that we're talking either. So don't worry about cover here. But I need to say this."

>Aiden takes out a piece of paper from his jacket and begins making an elaborate drawing - a roughly accurate map of Sanctuary City. He then places various dots on the map, marking them as he does so.

"Jonah did some digging and found a few businesses with coordinates that line up with the Meta-Human contraband activity we tracked a while back. Correspondence wasn't easy, but it added up after enough work. The businesses aren't active, and are just registered in the name of William Whitemalkin."

>Before Orion can speak, Aiden says:

"Yes, I know. Cousin's step-dad isn't hard to forget the name of. Which tells me this goes a bit deeper than I expected, and I'm starting to think my family may have been involved in this, in some way."

>Aiden's facial expression darkens as he thinks:

"….No, not mom and dad. They're not the type. But I don't have any other family members outside of-"

>Aiden's face then widens as his hyper-cognition works in overdrive.

"Oh no. Nononononononononono. Damnit!"

>He then instinctively presses on the table with his superhuman strength from his hands, denting it slightly.


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File: 1658870090238-2.jpg (146.64 KB, 757x1054, Aiden - 18.jpg)

>At a nearby table, Jason sips his coffee slowly and carefully, taking in the aroma and the saturated taste of the coffee beans. He then thinks to himself:

{"Not quite as coarse as my own brand, but it's adequate enough. I'm really here for their pancakes either way."}

>Looking out through the window, Jason sees the parked limousine and gives a light wave to Jeremiah behind the wheel of the vehicle. He then motions, saying he won't be there for too much longer.

{"Still, I should be getting back-"}

>Jason then swears he overhears speech nearby, raising an eyebrow as he lowers his glass. Standing up, he then walks over to Aiden and Orion, saying:

"Sorry, I don't mean to intrude, but I could've sworn I heard something about William Whitemalkin? You two know this man?"

>Jason eyes Orion for a moment, obviously not finding his appearance familiar. He then focuses more closely on Aiden, narrowing his eyes as he then sees him as he is. Startled and taken aback, he then says:

"….Grayson? What are you doing here?"

>Aiden then rubs his eyebrows in annoyance and mutters to himself.

"Just leave, Khyber. I did not want to see you here, right now."


File: 1658872239298.jpg (250.48 KB, 500x706, Orion63.jpg)

>Orion looks back and forth between Aiden and Jason.

"Who's this guy Aiden? Also I thought you said nobody could hear us talking?"


File: 1658874117470-0.jpg (601.38 KB, 654x875, Aiden - 13.jpg)

File: 1658874117470-1.jpg (117.08 KB, 440x632, Jason - 9.jpg)

>Aiden rubs his eyelids again, eyes closed as he says:

"The perception filter is just that - a filter. On a basic level, it works on people who have no conception of who I am, or who you are. So it should block out ninety nine percent of people."

>Opening his eyes, Aiden then says:

"But it doesn't work on that percentage of people who do know who I am - like Mister Khyber over here."

>Jason looks directly at Aiden, then sighs as he says:

"I know who Aiden is. I've known him for years. You tend to meet a lot of people in good economic positions in our business. Either way, I'm probably why your perception filter doesn't work."

>Noticing Orion's surprise, Aiden says:

"He's Demiurge. I could tell from a mile away."

>Jason then blinks for a moment as he looks surprised and startled.

"How did you-"

>He then thinks carefully.

"…..Perception filter? Aiden are you a-"

"Same as you."

>Silent, for a moment, Jason then says:

"Well that does make sense. It explains a lot about how you're always so confident and capable. Never understood how you could handle the pressure of all this."


File: 1658874416310-0.jpg (90.1 KB, 600x600, Jason - 14.jpg)

File: 1658874416310-1.jpg (159.97 KB, 752x1062, Demiurge - 8.jpg)

File: 1658874416310-2.jpg (75.76 KB, 1000x640, Brigadiers.jpg)

File: 1658874416310-3.png (295.14 KB, 540x304, Sanctuary City - 2.png)

>After a few more moments of silence, Jason then says:

"Well, I was inspired by the vigilantes in the city. The guys in the masks and suits doing the heroic work and saving people."

>Jason then continues, trusting the perception filter that Aiden has built up.

"I wanted to actually help people for once. Not be content with the same corporate crap of socially responsible investing and PR measures. I felt like an inconsiderate person for not doing what I could to help people - directly. Then the Brigadiers showed up and tried trashing one of my studios in the city one day. I was about to visit the place, and the MRD were already en route. But…."

>Silence fills the air around the three men, as Jason then elaborates:

"I couldn't just stand there and let them trash the place. Do whatever they wanted without any real issues. So I made a costume with my powers. Gave myself a name, and I just….did it. I stopped them."

>Jason is referring to the news footage shown to Aiden and Orion earlier - the massive fight between Demiurge and the Brigadiers, as well as later skirmishes with the Outsiders as well.


File: 1658875024084.png (321.04 KB, 475x720, Orion81.png)

>Orion stares at Jason for several moments, trying to remember who Demiurge is.

"Oh you're that guy. The one with the laser sword who makes robots and other things. That's cool."

>Orion goes back to looking at the menu.

"I tried making a robot once. I was kind of successful. Until I remembered I have no idea how to make a robot so it was basically just a hunk of metal I made out of some dust around the room."

>Orion continues reading through the menu for a few more seconds before noticing Jason still standing there. He blinks, and then says:

"You er… you gonna keep standing there? I think I see the waitress coming over to take our order."


File: 1658875252353.jpg (720.04 KB, 916x1440, Jason - 6.jpg)

>Jason blinks for a second, then looks at Aiden and Orion - before looking back at the direction of the waitress coming to them. He then says:

"No, it's fine. I'll talk to you later."

>Jason then walks back to his seat and continues drinking his coffee while reading his book.


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File: 1658951485196-1.png (410.1 KB, 610x612, 1c9c1b9966470ec4b53f7d24d5….png)

File: 1658951485196-2.gif (2.31 MB, 850x410, Ring_Deploy-2.gif)

File: 1658951485196-3.gif (1.65 MB, 600x338, Running-4.gif)

>Across the restaurant, in her own booth, Lisa Dawkins, full-time physicist and part-time superhero, sits blissfully unaware of the conversation as she receives her order.

"Here's your strawberry banana pancake, extra chocolate drizzle, extra caramel sauce, extra rainbow sprinkle. . ."

>After the server moves away, the redhead lets out a low and evil giggle, looking at her creation from all the angles she can.

"I've earnt this, and it's not like I can be expected to eat the stuff at the canteen all the time, there's too much green. Green isn't nice. Besides, it's got fruit so it's healthy. . ."

>Done with her justifications to herself, Lisa takes a spoonfull from the pancakes and puts it in her mouth, letting out a sigh of elation as she swallows it.

>As she goes to take a second spoonful, however, a shiver runs down her spine, before a car alarm rings outside, stopping her for a moment.

"I'm sure it's nothing, just-"

>The alarm is joined by a buzz and beep from Lisa's wrist, and she brings it up to look at a device she has attached to it, noticing a light flashing.

"That's. . . not meant to go off?"

>The device beeps at and buzzes her again.

"Yeah yeah I know what you mean when you do that, but that shouldn't happen."

>The device beeps at and buzzes her for a third time.

"Ok ok. . . fiiiiiiine. . ."

>Looking around the room, Lisa gets the attention of a server.

"Hey, really sorry, but something's come up and I need to do something, can you wrap this up to go and put it somewhere safe for me so I can get it later? Okthanksbye."

>Walking out of the restaurant as quickly as she can, Lisa looks from right to left to make sure nothing is watching her, then disappears in a flash, appearing around the corner in an alleyway.

"Can't even enjoy a strawberry pancake. . ."

>Taking a ring out of her pocket, Lisa puts it on her finger, holding it out in front of herself before pressing a button on the side that releases a latch. . .

>From the ring, a costume flies out, rapidly expanding. . .

>Once enough of the costume is exposed, Lisa rushes forward in a cloud of lightning. . .

>From the lightning, Speedrunner appears, stretching her arms and legs.

"Right, car alarm, should be easy enough, maybe I can even bring the charm. . ."

>Speedrunner clicks her fingers and immediately follows up with fingerguns aimed at some empty space.

>This is then followed by an awkward cough.

"Anyway, of we go then. . ."

>With nothing else to add, Speedrunner speeds off.


File: 1658952122967-0.png (356.21 KB, 870x918, Formerly Milkshake, now Or….png)

File: 1658952122967-1.jpeg (262.26 KB, 1200x900, 1_8J29OiCns75ZeqCjF0UNHQ@….jpeg)

>Speedrunner reappears a few streets over, finding a suspiciously empty high school courtyard, the scenery looking like some kind of twister come through and tore out anything not physically connected to the ground. A crowd of people, mostly teenagers, has gathered around, their attention directed towards a hole in the side of the school building in particular.

>Pulling down her goggles, Speedrunner begins scanning the area, nudging one of the teenagers as she does.

"So. . . what happened here?"

>The teenager looks at her, confused for a second at the outlandish clothes of the person asking the question, before realising who it is.

"Woah, you're Speedrunner, right? Can I get a selfie for Pinsta?"

>Speedrunner thinks for a second.

"Sure, if you tell me what happened."

"Oh. . . errr. . . someone with a sucking thing on him just. . . like. . . blew through the wall."

"Weird, where'd he go?"

>The teenager looks around and points down a street.

"That way I think."

"Cool, thanks kid, say cheese!"

>Rushing behind the teenager, Speedrunner pulls a grin and holds out a peace sign for them to take a selfie of the two together before walking away, still looking around with her goggles down.

"Doesn't explain the beeping though. . ."


File: 1658954260377-0.jpg (59.28 KB, 408x600, Aiden - 12.jpg)

File: 1658954260377-1.jpg (144.62 KB, 942x652, Phone - 3.jpg)

File: 1658954260377-2.jpg (79.93 KB, 858x928, Soda Drink.jpg)

>Aiden looks at Orion as he's halfway through his own meal. Looking down at his phone for a moment, he pays close attention to a new notification that appears on his phone.

"….Oh. Alarm. You want to look over it? Not too far from here."

>Finishing his drink, Aiden then looks at his phone once more as he continues:

"It's not too serious, but we don't have much to do right now either. Unless you want to talk about your most recent performance evaluation at Archeon."


File: 1658954485139.jpg (794.95 KB, 991x1402, Orion28.jpg)

>Orion stares at Aiden for a few moments, before suddenly shoveling the last of his pancakes into his mouth and swallowing.


>Immediately jumping out of his seat, he throws cash down on the table.

{"Super lucky to have this on me right now."}

"Okay see you there."

>Without another word Orion speed walks out the front door before quickly disappearing afterwards.


File: 1658954766092-0.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1658954766092-1.jpeg (304.28 KB, 1920x1200, Space-Time.jpeg)

"You're awfully hard to find, for someone seemingly everywhere in this city."

>Mosaic says, appearing from a distortion in space-time beside Speedrunner.

"If anybody asks, it was your idea."

>Mosaic then looks around, not giving any indication of what he's thinking as he walks beside Speedrunner.

"He should be here any minute now……"


File: 1658954848231.jpg (149.24 KB, 960x1280, Interface38.jpg)

"I was already here."

>Omnius says standing behind Mosaic.


File: 1658956041776-0.png (356.21 KB, 870x918, Formerly Milkshake, now Or….png)

File: 1658956041776-1.gif (1.63 MB, 480x270, Running-9.gif)

>Speedrunner looks at Mosaic, a set of screens speeding away inside her goggles.

"Sure. Right. Ok. Not sure why you're looking for me, I'm busy."

>The goggles flash as Speedrunner keeps on looking around, causing her to stop and look at something on the ground, a single fallen leaf.

"Oh. . . "

>Speedrunner sneels down and picks up the leaf, turning it over in her hand for a moment.

"Interesting. . ."

>Speedrunner closes her hand, crushing the leaf, and opens it again to let what remains scatter.

"So, we're looking for a guy with a sucking thing in his. . ."

>Speedrunner indicates to her torso.

"This area. He might be a student or something so probably best to not just punch him or whatever, right?"

>Speedrunner coughs to get the pair's attention.

"Right? Also he probably went in that direction."

>Speedrunner points in the direction she was told earlier, and a new car alarm starts going off.

"Yeah definitely."

>Without getting an answer, Speedrunner disappears in a stream of lightning.


File: 1658956401380-0.jpg (16.63 KB, 277x678, Gradient.jpg)

>Mosaic looks at Omnius for a moment and says:

"She missed the joke. Can run everywhere, yet never seem to run into her at places."

>He then makes a gesture with his hands, stating:

"I think she's not the most socially aware. Might be a speedster characteristic, honestly. Either way."

>Mosaic makes a drawing motion across both of his mask lenses, turning them red as he states:

"Already have a few frequency scans opened up for MRD activity. We'll see if anyone makes a report matching the guy we're looking for."

>Turning to Omnius, he states:

"Can you keep up with her? I need to go assess something right now."


File: 1658956598350.jpg (263.5 KB, 538x614, Interface48.jpg)

>Omnius stares at Mosaic.

"I didn't get the joke either."

>Without saying anything else Omnius rushes off, in the same direction as Speedrunner, lagging behind but still moving faster than any normal person.


File: 1659383929935-0.png (1.18 MB, 982x726, hurricane-rt.png)

File: 1659383929935-1.png (782.64 KB, 1008x792, Running Speedrunner.png)

>It only takes a second for Speedrunner to arrive in the next road over, finding another trail of destruction. Walls are pulled from buildings, cars that were parked at the side of the road are torn in half, several holes where tree planters used to be litter the street, and a stream of water flies up from where a pipe has been rent out of shape.

>To the reassurance of the speedster, however, no one appears to have been injured, as if the perpetrator is deliberately avoiding people in their path of destruction.

>Down the road, just within shouting distance, a lone figure stumbles away.

>Seeing them, Speedrunner does a quick visual scan of the street to confirm that no one is in immediate danger, then calls out to them.

"Hey, you got time to answer a few questions?"

>The figure wordlessly turns around and Speedrunner, simply standing in place, saying nothing.

>Speedrunner feels herself being pulled closer to the figure as they stand in place, being moved without any action of her own, and starts turning around, moving her legs to run away.

>Initially, her steps do nothing, and her trademark lightning fires off behind her, being dragged towards the figure's stomach and disapearing, but after some effort, the speedster manages to break free, flying away and zipping around the nearest corner, where she catches her breath.

"Well, that one's new. . ."


File: 1659384925651-0.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1659384925651-1.jpeg (346.67 KB, 2048x1152, HUD.jpeg)

File: 1659384925651-2.jpg (32.51 KB, 710x473, HUD.jpg)

>Back at the school courtyard, Mosaic kneels down on both legs, crouching as he looks through the debris of the scene. As his visor begins picking up unique elements for him in his H.U.D., he then mutters to himself:

"…No residual traces of that mutagenic sample. I guess it's not Chiral then."

>Slowly rising up to his feet, he then watches as the wind slowly blows dust particles off of his costume as well as his cloak.

"Well if it's someone new, I'll have to put them on the backburner for now. Chiral is still first priority."

>Activating his comm link, Mosaic then contacts Omnius, stating:

"Omnius, what's your status? How's speedy handling the situation?"


File: 1659386022547.jpg (83.04 KB, 540x540, Interface47.jpg)

"I don't know. I just caught up and it looks like she went around the corner for some reason."

>Omnius's feet lift off the ground and he starts hovering in the general direction he saw Speedrunner go.

"Hey! Speedrunner! Where'd you go!? What's going on?"

>Currently focused on Speedrunner, Omnius doesn't pay much attention to the figure.


File: 1659386497404-0.jpg (16.63 KB, 277x678, Gradient.jpg)

File: 1659386497404-1.jpg (32.51 KB, 710x473, HUD.jpg)

File: 1659386497404-2.jpeg (304.28 KB, 1920x1200, Space-Time.jpeg)

File: 1659386497404-3.gif (897.59 KB, 500x215, Flight.gif)

File: 1659386497404-4.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

>Looking around for another moment, Mosaic then says into his comm link:

"I suppose that's enough of a reason for me to let this go. Besides, I heard someone else was coming back in town later today. Let's see if they're able to catch up to you on this."

>Mosaic leaves the identity of the person ambiguous on purpose, as he finishes scanning the environment for data. Afterwards, he then says to Omnius once more on his comm link:

"Keep your distance, Omnius. I get the sense the person you're looking for is a bit of a glass cannon. At least, that's my impression obviously. I've got stuff to do right now."

>After that, Mosaic then disappears as the fabric of space-time warps around him, displacing him through it and leaving nothing in its wake.


>A dark red blur rushes through the aerial skyline of Sanctuary City, making a series of quick, precision turns. As the blur narrows itself, it quickly reaches Omnius's location and slams down hard - creating a miniature quake that stretches out for dozens of meters.

"You couldn't even wait for me to get here before going out for food, could you?"

>As the dust settles, Hyperia's costumed form walks forward, pointing a ringed finger at Omnius.

"And don't try and pretend you didn't go to the ice cream shop. I can see trace elements of the ice cream on your phone."

>Clearly annoyed, Hyperia puts her hands on her waists, her long red cape billowing in the wind from her arrival, and her red domino mask and lenses obscuring her eyes. Her special red ring glows with a faint red light, crackling with a unique form of energy.

"What are you even doing here anyways? Shouldn't you be back at the office?!"


File: 1659386815578.jpg (106.43 KB, 1000x1000, Interface36.jpg)

>Slightly annoyed himself, Omnius says:

"I'm allowed to get breakfast myself. You weren't supposed to arrive until noon."

"And have you seen this place? It looks like a tornado came through. So obviously something has happened."

>He crosses his arms and turns away slightly.

"Besides, your brother told me today that I don't actually have to go into the office if I don't feel the need. And most of the time, I don't."


File: 1659387083628.jpg (65.35 KB, 750x1060, Nu!Hyperia - 8.jpg)

>Rolling her eyes behind her mask, Hyperia lets out a slight groan of annoyance, saying:

"The point isn't that you can't get breakfast, or lunch. The point is that we were supposed to get it together. You know, like an actual pair?"

>Now recognizing the disaster muddled nature of the situation, Hyperia then says to Omnius:

"Yeah, I sort of got the picture there Omnius-"

>Now finally noticing Speedrunner, Hyperia's annoyed expression turns into that of a giant grin as she quickly walks over and gives Speedrunner a giant bear hug - pulling her up from the floor as she speaks.

"Speedy! I've missed you so much! How have you been? Is my brother treating you with respect?"

>Still hugging Speedrunner with surprising strength, she then says:

"We have a lot to talk about later. I need to check to make sure you're still not binging on fast food. Oh and your wardrobe. I need to take you shopping later this weekend too…."


File: 1659387662686.png (566.46 KB, 821x942, Interface1.png)

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever."

>Omnius lets out a grunt and flies off, heading towards the figure in the distance.

"Hey! What are y-"

>Now feeling the pull of the strange figure's ability, Omnius begins being slowly pulled towards them.

"Hey! Stop!"

>Omnius fights against the pulling force, only somewhat slowing himself down.

"Damn it! Stop!"

>Now annoyed, Omnius remotely pushes the figure backwards and away from him, giving himself enough space to break free from the pulling force.


File: 1659464267196-0.png (356.21 KB, 870x918, Formerly Milkshake, now Or….png)

File: 1659464267196-1.png (304.99 KB, 927x679, Vibrating_hand.png)

>Several bits of debris are pulled from what remains of the surrounding walls fast than Omnius, speeding towards the figure and disappearing the moment they hit their stomach, leaving no trace of ever even existing beforehand.

>The push is enough to send the figure toppling backwards, landing flat on the ground on their back.

>Without them facing him, the force that was pulling Omnius towards the figure is gone, leaving it so that he's easily able to move away from the figure.

>From above, a cloud slowly starts spiraling down to the figure, who seems content to rest on the floor for a moment.

>From within Hyperia's hug, Speedrunner's muffled voice comes out.

"It's. . . really. . . really great to see you Ph-. . . Hyperia. . . but we're kind of in the middle of a situation. . ? We can catch up when it's sorted though!"

>Speedrunner starts vibrating and steps backwards, through Hyperia's arms, stopping once she's fully out of them before shaking herself off for a second.

"Either we're dealing with a meta-human who had some kind of suction power and it suddenly went out of control for some reason, or we've got someone with a suction power who suddenly decided they wanted to be villain of the day. . ."

>Speedrunner thinks for a moment.

"Déjà vu if it's the second. . ."

>Adjusting her goggles, Speedrunner looks around the corner for a moment watching Omnius get pulled along for a second then push the figure back.

"Your boyfriend's just knocked them onto their butt. . . not reading any sort of gravitational activity, so it's not a black hole. . . it is deleting things though. . ."

>Speedrunner turns back around.

"He can do the whole mind reading thing, right? I think I heard that once."

>Without an answer, Speedrunner turns around the corner again and shouts to Omnius.

"Hey, X-face! You can read minds, right? Can you read theirs?"

>Speedrunner points to the (currently prone) figure.


File: 1659464581438-0.jpg (220.31 KB, 660x786, Interface39.jpg)

File: 1659464581438-1.jpg (27.18 KB, 559x316, Telepathy.jpg)

>Omnius turns to look at Speedrunner in the distance.

"Huh? Yeah! I could do that."

>He then turns his attention to the person on the ground, and begins to access their mind.


File: 1659464864572-0.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

>Somewhat amused at Speedrunner's description of Omnius's helmet, Hyperia then says:

"You do seem to share that in common with Mosaic. Can't for the life of me understand why that is."

>With one hand on her hip, Hyperia then looks back at Speedrunner and says:

"You said they were generating a vacuum or suction effect, right?"

>Looking back at the figure laying prone on the ground, Hyperia says:

"If the telepathy doesn't work, then why not just use a convection effect if they start that vacuum power again? Displace the air with a high enough temperature gradient - and the pressure difference should generate enough force to knock him out."

>Hyperia shrugs after speaking.

"Then again, I didn't major in science, so…."

>Hyperia then crosses her arms as she finishes speaking:

"Should do some damage from afar, but not enough to kill the poor guy either. Because I'm sure as hell not rushing him - I'm fast, but I don't know how his little 'deletion field' works."

>Blinking to herself, she then says:

"Wait a minute. Speedy, was this guy too fast even for you? I crossed the Atlantic in about a minute to get here, and you're faster than me too! What gives?"

>Hyperia then lightly slaps Speedrunner on the back.

"Have some faith in yourself!"


File: 1659465818090-0.png (356.21 KB, 870x918, Formerly Milkshake, now Or….png)

File: 1659465818090-1.png (293 KB, 350x1349, senpai_anime_profile.png)

File: 1659465818090-2.jpg (40.29 KB, 800x600, Telepathic-link.jpg)

"What? No, he wasn't too fast. . ."

>Speedrunner coughs.

"The suction was nearly enough to pull me in despite my speed, like he had a black hole in his stomach or something, he even pulled in some of my lightning."

"Except he doesn't have that because I'm not detecting anything out of order with the gravity here. . ."

>Speedrunner taps her foot, thinking.

"Maybe it's something to do with telekinesis? Can X-face do anything like this?"

>Omnius is able to easily access the figure's mind, finding nothing guarding it.

>The actual mindscape of the figure is odd, however, as if it's being muddled by something, like a TV with poor signal.

{"What the hell. . . said. . . could control. . ."}

>The thoughts ebb for a second.

{"Stupid belt. . . never should. . ."}

>As this thought surfaces, the boy sits up and starts to pull at a belt around his waist, trying to remove it before Omnius feels the boy feel a flash of pain and the thoughts stop.

>As this happens, he stats to stand up again, angling to face Omnius as he does.


File: 1659466007136.jpg (612.08 KB, 855x1283, Nu!Hyperia - 9.jpg)

>Hyperia then immediately narrows her eyebrows as her facial expression changes, more serious now.

"He was drawing in your lightning? Isn't that nearly as fast as you are?"

>Thinking for a moment, Hyperia then says:

"Omnius is strong, but autonomic vacuum pressure isn't something he's demonstrated with his telekinesis. Mosaic hasn't either, but that's probably because he loves to undersell himself - as always."

>Hyperia then says out loud:

"Hey! Omnius! What are you getting from his mind there?"


File: 1659466657242.jpg (191.21 KB, 450x494, Interface44.jpg)

>Just as he realizes what's happening, Omnius begins getting pulled towards the boy. He grits his teeth, and grunts out:

"Not again."

>Orion extends his hand forwards, and the sound of wind begins rushing in front of him. Moving faster and faster, it starts rotating in the opposite direction of the boy's own power.

>After a few moments the force dragging him downwards begins to weaken, further and further until it's finally been cancelled out.

>Omnius immediately zips forwards, continuing to hold back the vacuum effect as he comes within an arm's reach of the boy.

"Give me tha-"

>He stops just as he's about to grab the belt, remembering that the boy tried to remove it just a minute earlier, hurting himself. Annoyed, he jumps back and shouts to Hyperia and Speedrunner:

"It's something going on with this belt! He's unconscious and removing it will hurt him!"


File: 1659467454214-0.png (293 KB, 350x1349, senpai_anime_profile.png)

File: 1659467454214-1.png (356.21 KB, 870x918, Formerly Milkshake, now Or….png)

"The speed's not really what matters there, it's the fact that it absorbed it and nothing happened, that never happens, it's why I'm careful to make sure it doesn't hit anything."

>Speedrunner sighs.

"So many broken microwaves. . ."

>Speedrunner looks over to Omnius.

"Well, would you look at that. . ."

>Speedrunner rushes over to Omnius and the boy, finishing her sentence.

". . .and you thought he couldn't do these things. Nice job, loverboy."

>The boy stumbles forward another step, completely oblivious to what has happened.

>From their spot, Speedrunner adjusts her goggles again, flicking through various displays as she does.

"Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. And. . ."

>Speedrunner's watch beeps.

"Oh. . . silly watch, that's impossible. . ."

>Speedrunner covers the watch with her other hand and looks at Hyperia.

"Can you two keep him still for a minute, I want to have a look at this mystery belt."


File: 1659468411821.jpg (141.19 KB, 1000x1000, Interface28.jpg)

>Omnius blinks, and remotely holds the boy in place without saying anything.


File: 1659469469929-0.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)


>Raising an eyebrow, Hyperia then says:

"I guess he's not all talk after all. Proud of you, there brainy."

>Hyperia then walks forward, taking her time to move at a slow pace, before she reaches Omnius's side. Hand now on her hip again, she says:

"And you also keep doubting yourself. Good to know your strength's not that fragile either."

>Looking at Speedrunner, Hyperia raises up her free hand and says:

"Can't do much if your boy here's suspended in mid-air. Hopefully Omnius can contain whatever force he generates though."


File: 1659474787440.png (356.21 KB, 870x918, Formerly Milkshake, now Or….png)

"Just be ready to grab him if holding him and stopping the suction effect gets too much for X-face, ok?"

>Speedrunner makes her way over to the boy, taking out a tool from her belt when she reaches him.

"Yeah. . . right. . . got it. . ."

>Speedrunner nods proudly.

"I have no idea how this works."

>Her watch beeps at her again.

"Ok ok, I know."

>Running away for a moment, Speedrunner returns with a stool, using it to add more height and carefully pulls on the belt, making sure there's no reaction.

"Looks like it doesn't react unless a certain amount of force is applied, whoever designed this is clever, doing that means it wouldn't trigger if he just adjusted it casually or anything. . ."

>Taking another angle, Speedrunner waves a hand in front of the boy's eyes, then shines a flashlight into them.

"Out cold then. . . Which means the belt is controlling his body. . ."

>At an inperceptible speed, Speedrunner moves her watch next to the belt, noting its reaction before pulling away.

"Right. . . I can probably remove it, but. . ."

>Speedrunner makes her way back to the other two.

"Without being able to look inside it, I have no way of knowing what it'll do if it doesn't detect him inside it, and I don't want to open it up while he's got it on in case it has some kind of failsafe to prevent tampering. . ."


File: 1659479399924-0.jpg (612.08 KB, 855x1283, Nu!Hyperia - 9.jpg)

File: 1659479399924-1.jpg (17.85 KB, 400x224, X-Ray vision.jpg)

>Hyperia cranes her head to the side in annoyance for a moment, before saying:

"You do remember that I have X-Ray Vision, right? Never really liked that name, but you get the point."

>Hyperia then looks directly at the belt on the boy's waist, containing advanced machinery as she begins to focus her eyes. Activating her X-Ray Vision, Hyperia then looks around the device and sees a large array of wires and complex circuitry. Narrowing her eyes, she then states to Speedrunner intently:

"So what should I be looking out for here? Running in the dark here, Speedy. Meaning some context would be nice too."


File: 1659480231656.jpg (384.67 KB, 720x1200, Interface45.jpg)

"I know what you're thinking Phoebe and I'll do it. But if I have to add another task after this I'm not going be able to keep this kid from eating things again."

>Omnius immediately uses his telepathic abilities to link Hyperia and Speedrunner's minds together, allowing Speedrunner to see what Hyperia sees.


File: 1659525573029.png (356.21 KB, 870x918, Formerly Milkshake, now Or….png)

"Pffffft. . ."

>Speedrunner stifles a laugh.

"When I said look, I didn't mean see, I meant look."

>Speedrunner brings up her hands and waves them a little.

"You know, with my hands, with tools, it's not just a case of just seeing. Just being able to see the insides is about as much use a bike in a swimming race. . ."

>Speedrunner stifles another laugh.

"Ok but seriously, can we stop this whole thing, it's weird seeing two things at once, makes me feel dizzy, like my brain's going to spark out or something."


File: 1659545955929.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

>Scoffing, Hyperia cranes her head slightly and looks at Speedrunner, then giving her a quick smirk.

"Like I said, I'm not like my brothers. Maybe if the brainiacs were here, they'd be able to give you a hand."

>Looking back at the device, Hyperia then says:

"Omnius, stop the connection. It was a good idea, but clearly I misread the situation. We're going to have to try something else."

>Looking at Speedrunner, Hyperia then says:

"We're running out of time, Speedy. Is there anyone in the city who could know what we're dealing with here? Because if you can't tamper with the belt, then we're out of options besides containment."


File: 1659551652287.jpg (164.42 KB, 690x800, Kaixa_-_7.jpg)

>Orion grumbles.

"Now I feel like an idiot."

>He drops the telepathic connection, and then says out loud:

"Can't one of you just pull it off really fast or something? You're both quicker than me."


File: 1659561971248-0.png (782.64 KB, 1008x792, Running Speedrunner.png)

File: 1659561971248-1.gif (4.13 MB, 1280x720, Running-3.gif)

File: 1659561971248-2.gif (1.99 MB, 500x200, Waterrunning-1.gif)

File: 1659561971248-3.png (1.94 MB, 1300x919, 59595614-lightning-explosi….png)

>Speedrunner freezes for a second.

"Yeah. . . you're right. . ."

>With a flash of lightning, she rushes over the boy, bringing up her hand and vibrating it for a moment.

>Grabbing on to the belt carefully, she yanks it off the boy's body without damaging it, placing it on her own, an act that causes her to visibly shiver with a a line of vibration from her feet to her head.

"Woah that's a weird feeling. . . I'm gonna run like hell, ok? If I don't come back, it exploded on my waist or something, got it?"

>Rushing off, the only sign Speedrunner leaves of being where she was is a brief trail of lightning, which soon disappears.

>Accelerating along the streets, Speedrunner carefully weaves her way between the people and cars, hitting the sea front in no time at all. Once there, she vibrates herself again to run through the barriers and hit the sea, which she continues to rush along the surface of.

>After hitting about a mile from the shore, the belt on her waist flashes red.

"Yep. . . figures. . . Putting it around a different person only bought a few seconds of my time. . ."

>Speedrunner sighs and turns running her fingers along the surface of the water for a second as she does, picking up more speed after she's straightened her path out again.

"Just need to. . ."

>With the same trick as before, Speedrunner removes the belt from herself, holding it front of her so she can give it a quick look over.

"Nothing noticeable. . . except the red light that probably says something's armed. . . oh there's some kind of writing here, what is that, Chinese?"

>Speedrunner flicks the belt around to get a clearer look for future reference.

"Gotta have someone look at that. . . oh and now it's flashing. . ."

>Looking away from the belt for a moment, Speedrunner lets out a sigh of relief as she notices her target, an icy region.

"Perfect, just gotta. . ."

>Putting one foot forward, Speedrunner suddenly stops running, letting go of the belt as she does to allow its own momentum to send it flying forward, away from her. . .

>Not checking what the belt has done yet, Speedrunner starts moving again, heading at an angle from the belt to not hit it.

"Now, what's your deal. . ."

>After a brief moment, the belt sparks up, igniting a localised storm of forked lightning that dies down as quickly as it started.

"Yeah. . . of course. . . great. . ."

>Speedrunner makes a note of the phenomenon before turning around, heading back to Sanctuary City. . .

>About 10 seconds after she disappeared in a usual frame of reference, Speedrunner reappears where she began, brushing herself off and jumping on the spot to calm herself down.

"How long was I gone? Because it was a couple of minutes to me."


File: 1659567550501.jpg (612.08 KB, 855x1283, Nu!Hyperia - 9.jpg)

>Hyperia points at a clock on a billboard a few miles in the distance, significantly far away to the normal human eye, compared to her own.

"About ten seconds. You're getting faster, Speedy. Not bad there."

>Looking at Speedrunner's body, Hyperia notices a trail of microscopic ice particles on her suit - due to her own microscopic vision.

"Hmm. Arctic Circle? Or Antartica. Either way, you're getting much faster. Good job!"

>Hyperia gives Speedrunner another bear hug, this time holding her less tightly and giving her some space.

"Now let's get something to eat."

>Putting Speedrunner down, Hyperia points at the boy, stating:

"….After we turn the guy in for questioning."


File: 1659629172863-0.png (356.21 KB, 870x918, Formerly Milkshake, now Or….png)

File: 1659629172863-1.jpg (36.88 KB, 1024x1024, depositphotos_126884522-st….jpg)

"Errrrm. . . left? I didn't really check which way I went. . . One sec. . ."

>Speedrunner reaches into a belt pouch and pulls out a phone, bringing up her texts.

"Just need to. . ."

>Speedrunner sends a message to one of the numbers with a cropped image of the text from the belt, putting her phone back after.

"Also, if we're just turning him in, we should probably clarify that he wasn't doing this willingly. . . I have a feeling he's like the case I dealt with last week, same kind of MO. . ."

>Speedrunner's phone buzzes and she takes it out, reading through a set of texts from someone marked with a penguin emoji.

[This is a super weird text, I just woke up. . .]
[Like, I can read it, it's still weird]
["The first time was free"]
[That's what it say, ok?]
[Stop sending me weird pictures]

>Reading them through, Speedrunner sends a reply in thanks and then puts the phobe back away again.

"Change that feeling into definitely like a case I dealt with last week. Which means, if he's the same, he didn't do this entirely under his own influence. Did you get any sign of that in his mind, X-face?"


File: 1659629443849.jpg (106.43 KB, 1000x1000, Interface36.jpg)

"He was a bit hard to understand but from what I got he was complaining about not being able to control himself. Then he passed out again."

>Omnius stares at the boy while answering.


File: 1661112763229.png (356.21 KB, 870x918, Formerly Milkshake, now Or….png)

"See? Exactly like I said."

>Speedrunner nods to herself.

"So, do you think you'd be able to get him out of going to prison or. . . juvie? It's juvie for minors, right? It's not like anyone got hurt."

>Moving over to the boy, Speedrunner carefully moves him over to the side of the road, giving him a dust off and propping him against a wall.

"Either way, I've got. . . important stuff to get back to. . ."


File: 1661113350418.jpg (83.04 KB, 540x540, Interface47.jpg)

"I guess? I don't have any real sway over the authorities or anything. But I could tell them what I saw, I suppose."

>Omnius looks between Speedrunner and Hyperia, waiting for Phoebe to say something.


File: 1661113497187.jpg (612.08 KB, 855x1283, Nu!Hyperia - 9.jpg)

>Hyperia looks at the tired form of the boy for a moment, before turning her attention to Speedrunner.

"Uh huh. Sure you do, strawberry."

>Moving forward, Hyperia then gives Speedrunner another giant bear hug. As she applies the same degree of careful pressure as before, she then states:

"Oh, and don't forget. I'm taking you shopping later in the week."

>Hyperia then lets go of Speedrunner, patting her on the head as she does so.

"Also did you clean up your apartment?"

>Hyperia says, with a slightly stern tone of voice to her statement.


File: 1661114230684-0.png (356.21 KB, 870x918, Formerly Milkshake, now Or….png)

File: 1661114230684-1.gif (1.63 MB, 480x270, Running-9.gif)

"Yeah you do that X-face, more evidence to help him is good, also he'll need a good lawyer. . ."

>Speedrunner fixes her hair where it was patted.

"And my flat is always exactly clean enough, I know where everything is in it, anyway really gotta go do that important stuff okbye."

>Speedrunner disappears in a flash of lightning.


File: 1661114447336.jpg (65.35 KB, 750x1060, Nu!Hyperia - 8.jpg)

>Crossing her arms, Hyperia then blows a quick burst of air from her lips, cleaning up a good chunk of the debris on the streets.

"Well, she's getting better at it - didn't get the sense that she was lying about that."

>As the debris clears to the sides of the streets, Hyperia looks behind her at Omnius and states:

"As for you. Since you're off work today, guess who's helping me with my errands?"

>Hyperia says, her domino mask obscuring her eyes - but her smug grin clear and apparent on her face.


File: 1661114841025.jpg (137.62 KB, 500x750, Interface6.jpg)

>Orion looks around for a few moments, before looking down at the unconscious boy.

"Hey look at the time. Time for me to take him to get medical attention."

>Omnius throws the boy over his shoulder, and then immediately turns around and flies off.


File: 1661115055037-0.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1661115055037-1.gif (584.81 KB, 500x210, Flight - 2.gif)

>Immediately scowling, Hyperia begins walking forward, clearly annoyed given her body language and posture.

"You're not getting away that easily genius!"

>Barely crouching, Hyperia then jumps up hundreds of meters into the air - beginning to fly quickly and effortlessly towards Omnius. As she catches up with him, she glares at him from the side.


>She then flies off with Omnius, still annoyed at his response.

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