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>Date: February 5th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - MRD Spire
>Time: 7:00 AM.

>The large mechanical apparatus towering over the Financial District of Sanctuary City is the Spire. A large command center which serves as the national headquarters of the MRD. Separate from the core MRD Precinct - the Spire is the true headquarters of the organization.

>Inside of his office, situated at the highest story of the building, sits the MRD Director. As he sips a cup of coffee, Chase moves through the MRD recordings once again.

"Might as well look through it one more time. See if there's any discrepancies I didn't notice the first time."

>Pressing a button on his computer, he loads up a video file, CCTV footage of the MRD operation held at Daedalus Industries - a front organization for a mercenary group that the MRD have been investigating for months.


>The footage is partially grainy as a young man with wavy brown hair quickly runs down the hallway of a Daedalus Industries manufacturing center. The sound of gunfire and bullets can be heard in the distance - as MRD officers engage with the mercenary agents in the front half of the building. After rounding the corner, the young man is approached by a man wearing a unique outfit - an MRD armor. The MRD agent then speaks to the young man, his words indecipherable due to the helmet and the lack of audio. In his hand, the MRD agent holds a glowing metallic sphere with a series of unique circuitboard patterns. Handing the sphere to the man, the MRD agent then pats him on the back and then walks away - calmly.


>Confused, the young man then takes the metallic sphere and runs, thinking:

{"What the hell is this sphere? I'm guessing it's some kind of mechanical container? Is this reinforced steel or some sort of unique alloy?"}

>Tapping it as he comes to a halt before another corridor, he then thinks:

{"I could sell this to Archeon, since this job went bust. Hopefully that'll help with my application there, since these guys seem to be mercenaries, not a legit company."}

>Gritting his teeth, the man then slams his fist into the sphere in anger, a kneejerk reaction to his feelings of embarrassment and frustration at his past decisions.

{"Stupid, stupid, stupid! Good job Jericho. You got yourself roped up in some major situation, and you've got nothing to show for it!"}

>Sighing, Jericho then begins running to the edge of the corridor, saying out loud:

"This damn place is way too big! I knew I should've looked at the schematics before I started here!"

>His voice then cuts off as he hears footsteps now quickly running in his direction. Kicking himself mentally once more, he then realizes:

{"Now I've given them my position! Ugh! You idiot!"}

>Quickly turning around, Jericho begins running in the opposite direction, his nervousness starting to get the better of him as he tries to keep his conviction and focus.

{"You can do this. You can do this….You can do this!"}


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>A group of mercenaries in tactical armor, visors and silenced weaponry then appear at both ends of the corridor. Blinking, he then says:

"…..You're not getting this. Whatever it is, I know it's better out of your hands!"

>The mercenary in the lead of the operation steps forward, hoisting his firearm and readying it at his side.

"Just give over the device, kid. You don't know what that is."

"I doubt you do - none of you are engineers or scientists - clearly."

>Jericho says, gesturing to them all in front of and behind him with the large sphere in his hands.

>Annoyed, the mercenary then says:

"Just get rid of him. We'll retrieve the device and send it back to the Breakers. This is their op, and we shouldn't be clean up duty anyways."

>Confused, Jericho says:

"The Breakers? What are you talking about-"

>Then one of the mercenaries in the front immediately fires a warning shot at Jericho's side - just as he instinctively moves his hands to gesture - following his inquiry.

>A loud crackle fills the hallway, as glowing blue energy begins to rupture from the metallic sphere - broken by the force of the armor piercing round.

"Oh no."

"Idiot! What did you do?!"

"Warning shot! Didn't know he'd move when he was talking!"

>Looking down at his hand, Jericho blinks as the spherical case is annihilated in a surge of blue light and energy - the force of the discharge knocking the mercenaries back. As the blue energy surge begins forming around his left hand, he winces in pain slightly.

"Ack! What's happening?!"

>Still on the floor, the Mercenary's team leader begins radioing to their unit across the building, stating:

"Target compromised! I repeat! Target compromised! The spherical container is shattered! Item designate B2-105 is compromised!"

>Jericho begins screaming in pain as a glowing blue device begins forming around his left hand, with electric bolts seemingly arcing from it, and randomly striking areas beyond the immediate area. Several mercenaries are struck in the chest - and knocked out cold as he continues struggling to keep his bearings and focus.

"What…is this?!?!"


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>Blue circuit designs begin appearing throughout Jericho's body, starting from his left arm - the origination point of the connection. After a few moments, his eyes begin glowing with a blue light, maintaining that same circuitry pattern. He can then hear a voice in his head - speaking in a mechanical, yet human voice.

"Genetic Substrate Analyzed. DNA Sequence Cataloged."

>The glowing blue light then solidifies, subsiding as it forms a futuristic, silver, red and blue watch around his left wrist.

"Index Activated."

>The device then activates a series of silver and black nanites, dispensing from small, microscopic openings on the sides of the interface - which slowly begin covering Jericho - covering him with a complex, futuristic suit. A large, crystalline helmet with an entirely one-way appearance covers his head, with a series of unique technological harnesses covering his new body suit and armor. His voice now partially modulated, he then says:

"Woah….This is something else….Is this nanotech?"

>Feeling the perfect fit of the carbon fiber material fitting around his body, his feet and his fingers, Jericho looks on in astonishment.

"Must be. It's form fitting without any changes."

>In the H.U.D. of the suit, he then sees the phrase:

["Matrix Suit Online. Default Parameters Established. Biometric Readings Scanned. Preliminary Information Delivery Initiated."]

>Blinking behind his crystalline helmet, Jericho then says:

"Preliminary Information Delivery? I don't like the sound of that-"

>Jericho's body then convulses briefly as he experiences brief shocks and tremors. As lightning arcs across his body, he winces in pain again, feeling his spine light up briefly. Images and information then flood Jericho's mind, as his new nanite connections help his brain process the information.

"Jesus Christ!"

>Staggering backwards, he then says:

"…Well now I know what it meant. Alright….Alright."

>Taking a minute to calm himself down, he then looks around, still speaking.

"Alright….Recombinant DNA Cataloguing Device. Hence, Index. Right…."


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>Seeing the information notifications appearing at the top of his H.U.D., Jericho blinks.


>With his new neural connections, Jericho's accelerated processing helps him rapidly process the information.

"Interesting….Diagnostic calibration sensors."

>Looking down at one of the handguns left by the stunned mercenaries, Jericho kneels down to pick it up. As he does so, he notices light blue circuits appear around the weapon for a brief moment, as his H.U.D. immediately begins requisitioning information about the weapon.

"Service model number. Manufacturing. How does this suit know all of that?"

>Silent, he then stands up and looks around, before saying:

"Right. Better get out of here. Before the situation gets even worse. Ugh."

>Tossing the weapon aside, Jericho then begins running in the other direction of the hallway - moving much faster, more efficiently and with greater precision than before. As he barrels down the hallway, the MRD agent from before appears.

"Good. You're on your way now. Let's see if you can prove me right."

>Taking off the helmet and dissolving the rest of the suit into particles, the figure of a familiar young man with two tone hair and elaborate clothes - looks onward.

"Center stage there, Jericho. I wonder what path you're going to take."

>Looking up at the CCTV camera, the man smiles and waves, disappearing just as quickly as he appeared.


>Chase sits up close the instant he sees the man in the video footage.


>His mind then quickly races, remembering that same person appearing during a prior incident in his life. The voice of said man then appears in his own head, stating as he did before:

{"All in due time Chase. You've got a part to play in all of this. A few others do."}

>Stunned, Chase then shakes off the thought as he then looks at the CCTV footage. Aware that he's the only person who's seen it, he then makes a decision.

"Breaking protocol, but whatever. I'm the decision maker so…."

>Tapping his finger across the keyboard, Chase then makes a series of keystrokes - which remove the footage from the MRD entirely.

"…..Making a decision."

>Chase then sits back in his chair, rubbing his eyelids as he sighs.

{"I'm going to need to find that guy. Before rumors get out about the watch."}

>He then looks on at the windows of the office - looking over the city skyline as he ponders his next move carefully.


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>Date: February 10th, 2017
>Location: Archeon Incorporated - Office Area
>Time: 3:00 PM

>Looking around nervously, Jericho watches as the management official looks over his resume. The man wears a pair of sharp and slim glasses, as well as a well-fitting suit.

"Your credentials are more than impressive. I'll have to finish the referral through the proper channels, but I can confidently say you're a good fit for this company."

>Lowering the papers and removing his reading glasses, the man then shakes Jericho's hand.

"Congratulations Mister Blackstone, or Jericho if you prefer."

>Jericho shales the man's hand in return, a wave of relief waving over him.

"Thank you! I can start tomorrow if you'd prefer!"

>The man then nods as a figure walks into the room.

"Oh. Mister Grayson! I didn't see you there!"

>The management official quickly coughs into his hand as Aiden walks into the room. Waving his hand, he then says:

"It's fine Alfred. You're doing fine."

>Looking at Jericho, he then says:

"So this is our new head engineer for systems designs? At least I hope he is. He looks bright."

>Jericho looks embarrassed and coughs into his hand, thinking:

{"Seeing him in person, it's kind of remarkable. He's no older than me, yet he's CEO? How smart is the guy?"}

>Studying Aiden's facial expression for a moment, he's surprised by how relaxed he is, thinking:

{"He's really like his dad, at least in terms of looks. Maybe he saw that he was ready? It's still weird though."}

>Out loud, Jericho then coughs into his own hand and says:

"I think I might be getting the job. Sorry, my name is Jericho! It's nice to meet you Mister Grayson! I mean, it's an honor!"

>Aiden shakes his head.

"No need. I'm about your age group as you can probably tell. You can call me Aiden."

>Walking back out of the office, he then says:

"We've got a series of residential homes in the residential district of the city. You can use that even after you leave the company. It's a token of goodwill from all of our higher level employees."

>Seeing Jericho's stunned face, Aiden then says:

"Make us something great! Head engineer!"

>Aiden then waves at Jericho and walks out of the office.


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>Location: Abandoned Building - Sanctuary City
>Time: 4:00 PM

>Inside of a derelict building, a group of Meta-Humans sit around a large television set, powered up by improvised electronics. All wearing different armor and costumes, the figures look at the TV monitor, as pictures appear - diagrams specifying certain areas of the MRD headquarters.

"The target's being sent here. The Spire."

>The leader of the group, wearing a black and white costume, points at a diagram showcasing a map. Looking at it carefully, he then elaborates:

"We need to keep out of the way of the Brigadiers, the Outsiders, the Autonauts and the MRD. They're all gonna be vying for the target, so we're gonna have to be quick about it."

>Blinking, the woman with dark hair and olive skin points at the man, stating:

"So what's the deal here Fracture? Who's the target?"

>Silent for a moment, Fracture then says:

"It's one of the Helixers' main experiments. They call her….Sacrament? Not sure why. She's a young adult. One of the strays that the Helixers capture and experiment on."

>Silent for a moment, a figure in large bulky armor with glowing blue sections full of water - begins speaking.

"So then we've gotta extract her and…what? Hide her from the others?"

"No. Our clients are the Helixers themselves."

>Mass protesting and groaning then appears from the other three Meta-Humans as Fracture rolls his eyes.

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Seriously? We're this desperate?!"

"You cannot be serious right now man!"

>The other woman in the room, wearing a black bodysuit and white hair, states:

"This is a rough idea, even for you, Fracture, You sure about this?"

>Fracture closes his eyes and sighs. Opening his eyes again, he then says:

"We need the money, as you can see, Capgras. Unless you want to try your luck at the banks again, after what happened with that dude who tried to be the Blake woman."

>More silence, before Fracture then concludes by stating:

"Right. So we're gonna have to attack the MRD convoy and break her out. Any questions?"

>Silence from the group.

"Alright then. So let's get to it."


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>Location: Sanctuary City - Downtown
>Time: 6:00 PM

>A large MRD cruiser slowly drives from a MRD safehouse - making its way to the Spire. Surrounded by the cruiser are a set of convoys, armored MRD escort vehicles.

>Inside of the main cruiser, a pair of MRD agents are handling operations while a young woman sits in the background. Sniffling, the young woman with red hair and glasses looks down at her complex body suit. The result of her experimentation, the suit serves as a focusing conduit for her powers.

"You guys know how tight this suit is? It's itchy! Can I get a backscratcher?!"

>The young woman, Sacrament, makes a scratching motion with her hands, trying to scratch her back to no avail. Groaning, she then says:

"This sucks! I don't wanna go to MRD training school! I wanna be a hero! Like Mosaic and Omnius are!"

>The MRD agents at the front of the cruiser sigh themselves, with one of them shaking their head.

"Kid, trust me. This is for your own good. The MRD will take good care of you."

"Sure they will."


>Suddenly turning around, the MRD agent looks at their partner and goes silent.

"….Nice joke."

"Wasn't a joke. Not working for the armored bruisers seems like a good idea."

>Before the MRD agent can react, their "partner" then turns around and swiftly punches them in the face - knocking them out and onto the floor.

"Aahhhhhhh!!! Why'd you do that?! Isn't he your friend?!"

>The female MRD officer then laughs as she says:

"Don't have friends in my line of work sweetie. Just partners. I'm here to make money and not much else."

>Taking off her helmet, she then reveals her appearance - that of Capgras.

"You'd be amazed how boring it is, waiting for patrols to change."


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>Location: Sanctuary City - Restaurant
>Time: 6:05 PM

>Sitting outside at a local burger restaurant, Jericho lazily looks through his phone, scrolling through the text messages he's sent to his family. Statements of congratulations and support come from his parents, as well as his older sisters.

>Sighing, Jericho then rubs his eyes as he looks up, stating:

"….Would really go for some action right now…."

>Almost replying to his query, the city's nearby block then explodes as massive surges of force appear - sending cars flying backwards into view. As people begin running away in terror, Jericho stumbles to the ground, blinking.

"Wait what?! What's happening?!"

>Instinctively putting his hands up to his face, Jericho puts his phone into his jacket, saying:

"Oh no. Meta-Human attack!"

>Up ahead, the MRD have engaged in a fight with Meta-Humans, each noticeable for their specific appearance, costumes and powers.

"….The Breakers!"

>Jericho notices the infamous mercenary Meta-Human group, wanted by the MRD and by the rest of the department at large. Recognizing their leader, Fracture, in his distinct white and black costume, Jericho then hides underneath a nearby plant setup.

"Shit! Shouldn't Mosaic be here?! Omnius?!"

>As the combat still goes on around him, Jericho then looks down at his hand, blinking for a moment. The silver, black and red watch then glistens with a glowing blue light on the glass screen.

"…..To hell with it. Not like I have any other options."

>Jericho then looks around, making sure that nobody actually notices him, as he presses a button on the side of the watch. Nanites then swarm all over his body with astonishing speed and precision…..


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File: 1641611177220-1.png (1.05 MB, 924x1035, Fracture - 4.png)

File: 1641611177220-2.jpg (111.85 KB, 1008x1200, Sacrament.jpg)

File: 1641611177220-3.jpg (608.11 KB, 582x900, Capgras - 3.jpg)

File: 1641611177220-4.jpg (100.67 KB, 303x338, Anime Woman.jpg)

>Fracture soon finishes off the last MRD agent, firing energy blasts at their chest, and frying a portion of their armor. As they fall to the ground, defeated, Fracture then holsters his blasts - turning around.

"Hurry it up! The sooner we get her, the better the payout!"

"Payout? What are you all doing?!"

>Jericho runs out in his Matrix suit, his technological armor glistening in the sunlight. Fracture stands confused, looking over the man.

"Who the hell are you? Some new Meta-Human?"

>Shaking his head, Jericho responds:

"No. I'm……"

>Thinking rapidly for a name, he remembers the HUD initialization message from earlier in the day.

"….I'm Matrix. The new guy on the block."

>Looking around at the knocked out forms of the MRD agents on the ground, he then says:

"I don't see what's so remarkable about you - compared to them."

>Blinking, Matrix then raises his arms in a combat position, quickly adjusting to the volumes of information previously integrated into his memory.

"Yeah well, everybody's got a few surprises, right?"


>Inside of the MRD cruiser, Sacrament bites at Capgras as she tries to give herself some space.

"Hey! Hands off the suit, lady! It's carbon weave!"


>Sacrament then headbutts Capgras, causing her to stagger backwards. Feeling her bruised head, Capgras then grows enraged as she lashes out.

"Little devil! You're coming with us, Sacrament!"

>Sacrament sticks her tongue out and says:

"Yeah, sure I am. You can't even yank me out of here! I bet you don't have any offensive powers!"

>Capgras grimaces in annoyance.


>Capgras then lunges towards Sacrament, who immediately ducks and spins around - rolling into Capgras's feet, a move that takes her by surprise as she's knocked to the floor.

"Ack! Why you little-"

>Sacrament is then already running out of the cruiser - and out into the street. Groaning, Capgras gets up from her feet and speaks into her communicator in her wrist.

"Capgras to Breakers. She's out, and she's running away. Yes, I know! But I'm useless in a fight. You guys go after her, I'll regroup with you in a different form."

>Capgras then shapeshifts into a completely different woman, effortlessly - as she also slowly walks out of the cruiser.


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File: 1641611975660-1.jpeg (123.51 KB, 1080x1080, Index Watch.jpeg)

File: 1641611975660-2.png (1016.26 KB, 552x978, Zeta Form.png)

File: 1641611975660-3.gif (1.04 MB, 500x282, Fire - 5.gif)

File: 1641611975660-4.png (673.64 KB, 536x754, Fracture.png)

>Matrix continues jumping around with surprising speed and accuracy, moving at speeds exceeding that of an olympic level human athlete.

{"Bastard's fast. Almost as fast as that Arachnid kid. Is he one of them? The vigilantes?"}

>Still firing shots at Matrix and narrowly missing them, Fracture then says out loud:

"Not bad newbie! Pretty good for a tryout with this whole 'hero' shtick huh?"

>Spinning his blaster, Fracture then says:

"But I think you know that your luck's eventually going to run out! All of you wannabe hero types! You're on borrowed time!"

>Matrix hides behind a column in front of a coffee shop as he listens to Fracture's words.

"It starts out fun, getting some high fives from people in the street."

>Fracture then fires energy blasts at the column that Matrix is at - causing him to move as the blast immediately cleaves through the brick structure.

"But it's all downhill from here! Old Eagle man thought he could do the same! And he washed out!"

>Matrix thinks to himself, trying to remember who Fracture is referring to.

{"Strike Eagle. That old hero from like 30 years ago? Didn't he retire because he got too old?"}

>Out loud, Matrix says:

"Big talk from a hired gun there! You sure you're not just stalling for time?!"

>Scoffing, Fracture then says:

"I dunno, are you?!"

>Fracture then blasts another volley of lasers at Matrix - who quickly rolls out of the way, and into the street again.

"Yeah. Needed to catch my bearings, and catch up on my reading."

"Reading? What are you talking about-"

>Looking down at the watch on his wrist, Matrix then hears the robotic voice in his mind again, the operating A.I. for the system he's using now.

"Defensive Parameters Operational. Form Zeta - In Standby Mode."

>Hesitating for a moment, Matrix then slams his gloved hand against the watch - with the glowing blue hologram of a humanoid figure shown.

>Fracture them blasts Matrix with a large volley of energy beams - frying what appears to be his body and leaving a cloud of smoke - as a glowing blue light appears, radiating brightly and covering the entire area around Matrix's form.

>After a few moments, the dust subsides as a humanoid figure in a white and black robe outfit, a skeletal face and a glowing blue flame on his head - speaks.

"That hurt. Let me return the favor."

>Holding out his hand, the new figure generates a massive plume of blue flame, immediately frying Fracture's form and causing him to scream in pain. As he quickly falls to the floor and begins rolling around on the ground, the new flame figure scoffs - letting off a breathe of blue flame from his skeletal jaw.

"Roasted. Sorry, I couldn't resist."

>Looking around, he then says:

"What about that girl who ran away from them? Might need to check up on her."

>The new form of Matrix then begins a casual jog, walking down the street in the direction of the woman from before.


File: 1641612277644-0.png (299.72 KB, 500x600, Sacrament - 5.png)

File: 1641612277644-1.jpeg (181.64 KB, 640x904, Nu!Chiral.jpeg)

File: 1641612277644-2.png (1016.26 KB, 552x978, Zeta Form.png)

>Sacrament stops running, hiding behind a dumpster as she sighs - rubbing her eyelids.

"Oh Goooooood. I'm in so much trouble! What if he finds me again?! I don't want Chiral to find me again!"

>Panicked, Sacrament's heart begins to race as she looks around. Nervous stuttering fills the void around her, as she begins to hallucinate the familiar form of a young man with white hair, a stylish outfit and a distinct hat.

>Glowing gold eyes radiate from the hallucination's form, as the man waves, snickering with malicious intent.


>Screaming, Sacrament then loses sight of the hallucination, now at the verge of tears.

"I just want you to go away! I don't want to be experimented on again! Please! Just let me go!"

>There is silence as Sacrament weeps to herself in her knees, until she hears a coarse voice.

"You OK? I could hear you from all the way across the street."

>Looking up, Sacrament sees the form of a flaming man with a skeletal face.


>Sacrament scrambles to her feet and begins running away, unable to turn her head from the man as he says:

"No wait! I'm not a demon!"

>Looking down at his appearance, feeling his skeletal face, and then looking at his appearance in a puddle of water on the ground nearby, he then sighs:

"….Of course I did that."


File: 1641612880877-0.png (336.63 KB, 548x808, Sacrament - 2.png)

File: 1641612880877-1.jpeg (151.23 KB, 907x1899, Matrix - 5.jpeg)

>Holding up his hands, the flame figure then says:

"I'll prove it to you!"

>Sacrament still keeps running as she shouts:

"I think it's too late for that skeletal man!!!!!"

>Sighing, the flaming man then looks down, seeing a small glowing symbol on his waist. The symbol glows with a faint blue light, as the figure instinctively presses it.


>Sacrament watches as the man is consumed by a glowing blue light. As the light fades, he's replaced by Matrix in his traditional armor once again.

"Yeah sorry, it's a transformation mechanism. I still don't know how it works but-"

>Sacrament narrows her eyes.

"You're not with the Breakers? They're the ones who tried to capture me!"

>Matrix then points up at a nearby billboard - showcasing the news. It depicts the scene of the cruiser fight, with the charred costume of Fracture on the ground.

"Oh no. I really hope I didn't fry him!"

>Noticing Matrix's genuine concern and worry in his voice, Sacrament then takes a big sigh of relief.

"Yeah you're too lame to be a Breaker. Too soft."

>Sacrament says, smugly.

>Turning around, Matrix then says, defensively:

"H-Hey! I jumped into action when nobody was around! I'm just as tough as Mosaic and Omnius!"

>Silence falls on them both, as Sacrament then begins squealing in excitement:

"Omigod! Do you know Mosaic and Omnius?! Have you seen what they look like behind their masks?! Are they hot?! I bet they're hot."

"Well I-"

"Are you their sidekick or something? I mean that's really cool and all but I thought they'd be into cooler designs for their sidekicks! Wait, isn't that Arachno dude Mosaic's sidekick? His color scheme is closer, and his suit is way sexier than yours-"

"I don't, what?! Why would a suit be sexy?!"

>Annoyed, Matrix then says:

"You know what? Let's just get you to the MRD."

>Sacrament sighs, saying:

"But that's soooo boring! They're just gonna prod me about my power and other boring stuff!"

"Your power? You have a power?"

>Sacrament looks annoyed.

"Yes you dummy! Why do you think I was in a MRD cruiser?! A maximum security mobile transport?!"

>Silent, Matrix then says:

"I mean….I never really considered that-"

"It's because I'm an Omega-Level Meta-Human!"

>Sacrament says, smugly.

>Stunned, Matrix then states:

"….Wait, what?!?!"


File: 1641613308283-0.jpeg (319.33 KB, 1132x1600, Matrix.jpeg)

File: 1641613308283-1.jpg (111.85 KB, 1008x1200, Sacrament.jpg)

>Sacrament looks happy as she begins to explain her power.

"Ya huh! In fact, I'm the first one they've officially catalogued in years!"

>Holding her hands out, she makes a timeline on a scale, stating:

"I've got a cool power! Basically, I make a bargain with someone, and if they give me what I want in a way that I can take, then I can give them Meta-Human powers!"

>Stammering, Matrix then says:

"….So you're a wish granter? Like some genie or something?!"

>Annoyed, Sacrament begins shouting at Matrix.

"No you idiot! I take attributes and traits from people, that they willingly give up, and I give them Meta-Human powers in return! I'm a power granter! It's why I'm called Sacrament! Duh!"

>Scratching the side of his helmet, Matrix then laughs nervously, saying:

"Ha ha….Right…..Got it…."

>Sacrament looks smug, saying:

"Wanna try it?!"

>Silent for a moment, Matrix sighs and says:

"Yeah fine, whatever."

>Sacrament holds out her hands, saying:

"Take my hand and give me what I want. Then I'll give you what you want in return! It's that simple!"

>Hesitant, Matrix then takes Sacrament's hands in her own, saying:

"I don't like the sound of this…."

>Sacrament then begins focusing, as glowing light appears around her.

"Hmm let me see….I want…."

>Sacrament then opens her eyes, saying:

"Your undying loyalty!"

>Stunned, Matrix says:

"What the hell?! Why would I do that?!"

>Sacrament then winks at Matrix, stating:

"Because then you'll get me out of the MRD!"

>Matrix once again groans, then says:

"…..Say I give you that, what are you going to give me in return?"

>Sacrament blinks for a moment before saying:

"Super powers. Duh. What do you want?"


File: 1641613935825-0.jpeg (151.23 KB, 907x1899, Matrix - 5.jpeg)

File: 1641613935825-1.png (299.72 KB, 500x600, Sacrament - 5.png)

File: 1641613935825-2.jpg (16.32 KB, 852x480, Green Light.jpg)

File: 1641613935825-3.gif (1.95 MB, 448x252, Blue Light Explosion.gif)

File: 1641613935825-4.jpg (176.21 KB, 900x900, Circuits.jpg)

>Sighing for a moment, Matrix then says:

"….The loyalty's not literal commands right?"

>Sacrament thinks for a moment and then says:

"No, but it's really hard for you to ignore my requuuueeeests!"

>Silent, Matrix then says:

"….Fine. I'll humor you. Give me genius level intelligence."

>Blinking, Sacrament then says:

"….That's it? Seriously? You don't want super speed, or power copying or flight?"

>Matrix shakes his head.

"Cloning? Teleportation? Space-Time Manipulation? Seriously?!"

>Matrix looks down at his watch, the Index glowing and pulsating on his left arm - stating:

"I think I may already have all of that. I just need to be smart enough to use it."

>Rolling her eyes, Sacrament then says:

"Whatever. You're still getting me out of the MRD situation."

>Matrix looks at her, stating:

"If you make me smart enough to handle that, I will."

>Smiling, Sacrament then generates a greater green light and glow around her, as she says:

"Sure, why not."

>A bright green light then transfers from Matrix to Sacrament, then back to Matrix - as the bright green light discharges - leaving them standing apart from each other.

"Well? How do you feel?"

>Sacrament crosses her arms impatiently as Matrix quickly comes to his senses.

"….I feel not too differe-AGGGHHHH!!!"

>Matrix clutches his head for a moment in pain, as flashes of energy and information begin to pulsate through his mind. Recognizing the general reaction, Sacrament then shouts:

"It takes time! Focus on yourself and power through the pain! You're probably not a Meta-Human! So now you're becoming one!"

>Sacrament, with a hint of supportiveness in her voice, encourages Matrix on to maintain his perceptions.

>After a few moments of bright blue and green flashes, Matrix lands on one knee, panting lightly.

"I'm….I'm OK…."

>Sacrament looks down at Matrix and says:

"Well? How'd it turn out?"

>Sacrament asks impatiently as Matrix stands up and looks around. His vision begins to demonstrate large surges of information, represented in a specific three dimensional binary and art filled view.

"….I think it worked. My mind feels way less cluttered…."

"Good! Now escort me to the MRD!"

"Yeah, sure, no problem-"

>Matrix shakes his head going:

"Wait a minute. It is command based!"

>Sacrament sheepishly shrugs as she says:

"Hey, you signed the contract. Now come on, your big brain can't go to waste! Because once we get to the MRD, you're gonna think of a way to get me out of there!"


File: 1641614692306-0.jpeg (151.23 KB, 907x1899, Matrix - 5.jpeg)

File: 1641614692306-1.png (299.72 KB, 500x600, Sacrament - 5.png)

File: 1641614692306-2.jpg (131.21 KB, 900x660, Disc.jpg)

>As Matrix escorts Sacrament across Sanctuary City, the sun begins to lower as he continues speaking to her:

"What happened to you anyways?"

>He says as they pass over a set of empty cars in an abandoned dealership, taking the long way around the main streets - towards the MRD Spire in the distance.

>Sacrament's expression darkens as she says:

"The asshole behind everything in this city so far, he captured me and experimented on me. Was gonna harvest my DNA next and leave me for dead."

>Stunned, Matrix looks behind his shoulder at Sacrament and says:

"….Who is this guy? Is he some kind of super villain?"

>Shuddering, Sacrament then says:

"Worse, he's a maniac. He's called Chiral, and he's the leader of the Helixers - the DNA Meta-Human gang that's making it big in this city."

>Blinking, Matrix then says:

"….So you want me to get you away from the MRD because that makes you an easy target for Chiral?"

>Sacrament nods, saying:

"He can't track me because of the nature of my powers. Makes it really hard to get a lock on my psychic signature with his telepathy. So instead he's hired a bunch of mercs to drag me back to him - through the Helixers."

>Turning around and stopping, Matrix then states:

"So the Breakers don't even know that the Helixers are sending you right back to him?!"

>Shaking her head, Sacrament elaborates:

"The Helixers are just his front organization. He doesn't care about them or anyone else. We're all expendable to him - just more experiments on his record. He'll dissect them once he's done with everyone else probably."

>Matrix then lowers his head, saying:

"And the Breakers don't know that the Helixers are using them with this job."

>Nodding Sacrament then says:

"They think that the experiments are blood draining and the like, to make their humor substance. But it's so much worse than that. He does live operation. He's doing so much worse than just making his stupid drug…."

>Sacrament's eyes water as she wipes away her forming tears. Feeling empathy, Matrix then says:

"….Well, I could try and lay low with you then. But I'm going to need the MRD to think that you've been taken by Chiral and the Helixers."

>Sacrament raises an eyebrow:

"What? Why?!"

>Matrix then taps the side of his crystalline helmet.

"Super genius, remember? If they think you've been recaptured by the Helixers, they're going to mount a full on search and rescue operation. You're too much of a valuable asset for them to leave in the Helixers' hands, ever since they first catalogued you, right? The day after you first escaped, and were kept in that safe house you told me about."

>Suddenly, Sacrament's eyes widen with excitement.

"…..Which means they're gonna uproot basically everywhere that the Helixers are - and probably expose Chiral's location once and for all!"

>Nodding, Matrix then says:

"Yeah, basically. So we're going to need to fake it. I've been looking through the data in this watch since you made me a Meta-Human. I think I've got what I need."

>Matrix takes out a small metallic disc from his belt, expanding it and saying:

"Light hologram decoy. Hard light construct technology. You said the other Breakers were still after you right?"

>Sacrament nods.

"Then let's get two birds with one stone here."


File: 1641615277449-0.jpg (100 KB, 640x480, Spire.jpg)

File: 1641615277450-1.jpg (1.28 MB, 1275x1800, Chase - 12.jpg)

File: 1641615277450-2.jpg (131.87 KB, 474x500, MRD.jpg)

File: 1641615277450-3.jpeg (151.23 KB, 907x1899, Matrix - 5.jpeg)

File: 1641615277450-4.png (299.72 KB, 500x600, Sacrament - 5.png)

>Location: MRD Spire
>Time: 6:30 PM

>Chase waits outside of the MRD's Spire entrance, as his puzzled MRD agents stand behind him.

"Sir? Why are we waiting outside? The convoy was trashed and Sacrament's whereabouts are unknown."

>Shaking his head, Chase taps at his watch, saying:

"Probability powers at work. They'll be here."



>After a few minutes, two figures can be seen in the distance. Matrix, in his armored suit, carries Sacrament in his arms as he carefully holds her. Looking at the MRD platoon beyond, he then says:

"I've got her! Right here!"

>Chase crosses his arms as he says from across the distance:

"You're new around here. I haven't seen your face around. You a part of Mosaic's crew? I've heard a lot about him and his protege! The Arachnid kid!"

>Blinking behind his crystalline mask, Matrix says:

"What?! No! I'm not with him! But I've got your target of interest right here!"

>Sacrament waves, but remains silent.

"Right….Well hand her over…"


File: 1641615443747-0.jpg (360.88 KB, 587x798, Chase - 9.jpg)

File: 1641615443747-1.jpeg (151.23 KB, 907x1899, Matrix - 5.jpeg)

File: 1641615443747-2.png (673.64 KB, 536x754, Fracture.png)

File: 1641615443747-3.jpeg (136.86 KB, 850x1202, CopyCat - 2.jpeg)

File: 1641615443747-4.jpg (340.84 KB, 1280x1829, Aquarius.jpg)

>Chase motions at Matrix with his hand, from across the street. As Matrix begins to walk towards Chase - he's suddenly knocked back by a volley of blasts. As Sacrament is knocked out of his arms, Matrix rolls to the floor - looking up to see Fracture aiming a blaster at him from across the street.

"Been looking for you chrome head."

>Flanked on either side of Fracture are CopyCat and Capgras - with Aquarius hovering in the air, surrounded by a surge of water.

"We'll be taking the girl now, and sending her to the Helixers - like we promised."

>Capgras grabs Sacrament with her arm, looking smug.

"Told you we'd get you back, runt."

>Sacrament remains uncharacteristically silent, looking away.

"Huh? What's up with you?"

>Looking behind him, he then says:

"It doesn't matter. Get us out of here, now, Aquarius."

>Aquarius then nods, bringing up a massive surge of water from the air, creating a shield against the energy blasts of the MRD agents.

"Damn! We're losing her! The target's about to get away!"

"We almost had this!"

>The MRD agents keep firing to no avail, as Aquarius captures all of the Breakers in a massive storm of water, along with Sacrament - who is still uncharacteristically silent.

"Be seeing you around chrome head, because now you're a person of interest for us. The Breakers don't forget a new foe either."

>Fracture then waves as the Breakers are all carried away by Aquarius's massive surge of water - a storm surge that moves away at dozens of miles per hour.


File: 1641615954954-0.gif (1.52 MB, 500x290, Water.gif)

File: 1641615954954-1.jpg (131.87 KB, 474x500, MRD.jpg)

File: 1641615954954-2.jpg (1.28 MB, 1275x1800, Chase - 12.jpg)

File: 1641615954954-3.jpeg (151.23 KB, 907x1899, Matrix - 5.jpeg)

File: 1641615954954-4.jpg (32.84 KB, 852x480, Rain Storm.jpg)

>As the massive surge of water rushes away, the MRD all look dejected and frustrated. They also look angry at themselves as Chase looks to them all, saying:

"It's not your fault. They tricked us, and waited for this 'Matrix' to bring Sacrament right to us. But now they've made themselves public enemy number one of the MRD."

>Adjusting his sunglasses, Chase then says:

"Effective immediately, I'm requisitioning most of the MRD's available resources towards search and rescue operations. Reconnaissance, tactical information gathering and infiltration protocols are all fair game now. Our main priority is the safety of Sacrament, and the defeat of the Breakers now!"

>The MRD all cheer with renewed motivation, immediately getting to work and beginning to scatter with their new resource allocations.

>As the MRD agents all run away with renewed energy, Chase slowly turns around and walks towards Matrix, his hands in his pocket.

"You're the new kid, Jericho."

>Stunned, Matrix then stays entirely silent, as quiet as an empty gust of air, as Chase then holds out his hand, saying:

"I'm Director Mobius of the MRD. As far as most people know, I'm also the most powerful Meta-Human on Earth. I'm going to have the psychic abilities to figure you out."

>Resigning, Matrix then slowly rises to his feet as Chase says:

"….I also know that you've already hidden Sacrament nearby."

>Stunned again, Matrix then stammers:

"I-I-I mean…."

>Sighing, Chase then smiles and says:

"I get it. You want to give her a normal chance at life after what she told you. Fortunately, you've bought yourself both some time, since now I've got the pretext I need to hunt down the Breakers without issue. Just keep doing what's right, and I'll have the MRD look the other way."

>Looking over his shoulder, seemingly at someone invisible, Chase then says:

"And look out for her, she's never had any family, and right now? You're the closest person to a family she's ever had."

>Nodding, Matrix then says:

"…..Yes sir."

>Matrix then turns around and walks away, leaving Chase to himself and his own thoughts - as rain begins to pour down.

"Consider this your first successful operation. Though you're still in training."


File: 1641616519992-0.jpg (75.76 KB, 748x500, Derelict Building.jpg)

File: 1641616519992-1.jpg (131.21 KB, 900x660, Disc.jpg)

File: 1641616519992-2.png (673.64 KB, 536x754, Fracture.png)

File: 1641616519992-3.jpg (68.48 KB, 526x748, Capgras - 11.jpg)

File: 1641616519992-4.jpeg (136.86 KB, 850x1202, CopyCat - 2.jpeg)

>Location: Breaker HQ
>Time: 7:00 PM

>Looking at the broken holographic disc on the floor, Fracture shouts in frustration as he hits himself on the head multiple times.

"So that's why she finally shut up for once! I knew it was too good to be true!"

>Capgras is seething with anger, as well as general embarrassment.

"We've been made fools of! And now the MRD think we're the ones who took her!!!!"

"They're gonna be here man! We've gotta move!"

>Muttering, Fracture looks down at the broken disc, sighing in an exasperated tone of voice as he says:

"Fine. The place is compromised now that the MRD have every incentive to actually start snooping around."

>Turning around to face the Breakers, he then says:

"This Matrix guy is serious business. He's a priority threat now. If you see him? Let us know. We need to figure out who he is, as soon as we possibly can too."

>The Breakers then all walk off, leaving the broken and destroyed form of the holographic disc below in their wake.


File: 1641617038880-0.jpg (62.49 KB, 1200x571, Hovercraft.jpg)

File: 1641617038880-1.jpeg (151.23 KB, 907x1899, Matrix - 5.jpeg)

File: 1641617038880-2.png (299.72 KB, 500x600, Sacrament - 5.png)

File: 1641617038880-3.jpg (76.43 KB, 600x420, Virgil - 8.jpg)

File: 1641617038880-4.jpg (195.95 KB, 1024x768, Stopwatch.jpg)

>Location: Sanctuary City - Residential Area
>Time: 7:30 PM
>A few minutes later MRD Hovercraft flies over the residential area of Sanctuary City. As it hovers, cloaked over the residential housing purchased for management personnel at Archeon, it remains pulsating with electricity and blue energy - ever so faintly.

>Inside of the main pilot's seat, Matrix presses a few buttons as a bunch of wires from his suit are roughly integrated into the dashboard.

"It's a work in progress, but I think I managed to get cloaking for this hovercraft."

>In the other seat, Sacrament shrugs as she says:

"Meh, not as cool as Mosaic's Aurora. It's way sleeker than this pile of junk."

>Matrix gives an annoyed sigh as Sacrament laughs:

"I'm just messing with you Jericho! Thanks for helping me out!"

>Muttering, Matrix then says:

"Somehow I don't think I realize what I've gotten myself into."

>Shrugging again, Sacrament then looks serious for a moment, staring off into the distance.

"I mean it you know. You did save me. Since Chiral doesn't have any idea where I went, he can't use any frame of reference to track me. He doesn't know that I'm with you for example, and you seem to be shielded from his psychic shield due to that watch of yours."

>Looking down at the glowing blue light of the Index, Matrix then says:

"Yeah. I really lucked out with this watch, the more I think about it. Honestly, it really makes me wonder about the guy who gave it to me."

>Sacrament sits up in her seat, blinking in shock.

"Wait, someone gave that to you?! Who?!"

>Matrix shakes his head as he replies:

"I'm not sure. But I think he was a MRD agent, or at least he looked like one there."

>Blinking for a moment behind his crystalline helmet, Matrix then says:

"Actually you know what? I never really asked for your name either. I'm Jericho obviously, as I said before. So who are you? What's your name, Sacrament?"

>Sighing, Sacrament then says:

"Well you deserve to know. It's Rachel."

>Matrix nods as he says:

"Nice to meet you Rachel. As a proper introduction this time."

>Thinking about Matrix's prior statement regarding the MRD agent, Sacrament sighs again as she leans back in her seat, looking upward at the ceiling of the MRD Hovercraft now clearly tired.

"More questions and less answers. Don't you love being a Meta-Human in this city?"

>Matrix actually laughs for once, saying:

"Would you believe me if I said this was my first day on the job?"


>A figure with a familiar two-tone hairstyle leans against a lamppost on the ground of the residential district street. His fancy clothes still radiant as ever, he takes out the same stopwatch as before. Counting down the minutes and seconds on the stopwatch, he then says to himself:

"More players on the field. More strategies decided upon."

>Closing the stopwatch lid, he then looks up directly at the MRD Hovercraft, still invisible to it and anybody passing by.

"Finally, all the pieces seem to be fitting together now. The actual plan starts now."

[The End]

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