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>Date: March 10th, 2017
>Time: 8:00 AM
>Location: Anticosti Island - "The Wedge"

>Situated high up north, at the border of the United States and Canada, is Anticosti Island. The island is formally known as territory placed in the province of Quebec, and has been a relatively unused area for most of its history.

>However, in the 1980s, after the onset of Meta-Humans - circumstances quickly changed with the island. A joint venture between the United States and Canada led to the formation of one of the most reinforced supermax prisons for Meta-Humans in the entire world - "The Wedge".

>As a nigh impenetrable remote outpost, far situated from the rest of the world, "The Wedge" as a prison seemed the ideal holding facility for the most dangerous Meta-Humans in both countries. The facility has around-the-clock patrols of MRD agents; in addition to a whole slew of clinical psychologists, therapists and general practitioners.

>However, the remote facility may be due for an unexpected visit.

>Time: 8:30 AM
>Location: - "The Wedge" - Interior

>Inside of the facility, groups of psychologists, therapists and their MRD escorts are quickly walking through the Administrative hub of the facility. The first of 3 core areas of The Wedge, the Administrative hub, serves as a logistics and authorization clearance frontend. All authorized personnel are required to verify both their identities and their assigned visiting periods inside of The Wedge, in order to maximize security.

>In front of the main desk area, a man in an enhanced suit of power armor walks forward - a MRD agent.

"Hey, I'm here for my scheduled check-in, assessment of patient #1008."

>The receptionist at the desk raises an eyebrow for a moment, before saying:

"…..Verification card, please."

>The MRD agent hands a card over from their pouch, waiting for it to be scanned through a complex electronic machine. After a few seconds, and a brief flash of green light from the machine, the receptionist hands the card back to the MRD agent.

"Authorized. You're allowed in, lieutenant."

>Nodding, the MRD agent then walks through, uncharacteristically quickly for a regular inspection.


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>Location: Sanctuary City - The Spire
>Time: 9:00 AM

>The second most secure Meta-Human containment facility in the United States remains The Spire, situated in Sanctuary City. As the central hub of command for the MRD nation wide, it serves as the main base of operations for the MRD Director, and his regiment of trained units. In addition to the standard units, the more elite units of the MRD can be found training in the open grounds at the back of the facility.

>Loud sparks and bright, glowing lights can be seen from a distance, as two figures in particular are sparring. Both figures move at rapid speeds, their limbs flailing around in a flurry of lightning fast movements.

"Hey! You're gonna have to do better than that, Di!"

>Dynamo, the MRD Commander of the local Sanctuary City MRD unit, quickly flips backwards and lands on his feet. Despite the size of his heavy armor and its metallic plating, he seemingly moves with the agile grace of an olympic gymnast. As more dynamorphic energy courses through his body, his superhuman physicals continue to be shown - through the rupture of the ground beneath his armored boots.

"I'm not gonna go easy on you just because you're still new to being a super human!"

>Picking up a massive boulder of earth beneath his feet, Dynamo then launches the car-sized boulder at the figure hovering in the air.

"I figured not!"

>The figure then rushes quickly, propelling herself in the air with the power of flight - as she rushes straight towards the boulder. Without a second thought, she then pulls her fist back - and smashes through the boulder with such force as to pulverize it into dust.

"Woah! Shit!"

>The resulting force wave sends Dynamo stumbling backwards, as he lands on the ground - on his backside.

"Ugh…..You really had to do that?"

>In a flurry of motion, the woman lands down on the ground in front of him, kneeling for a brief moment as she looks upward and smiles. Although her domino mask is obscuring her eyes - the facial expression still shows enough traits to remind Dynamo who she is.

"If you had your powers from the start, Valkyrie, we wouldn't even be in this situation. Honestly."

>Standing up himself as he dusts himself off, Dynamo then watches as Valkyrie walks over to him and lightly punches him on the front of his shoulder. Careful to restrain her full strength, she still watches in amusement as Dynamo's body slightly convulses at the motion.

"Ack! Shit, I keep forgetting how strong you are now….And I'm used to being the tough one here…."

>Rubbing his shoulder, Dynamo mutters in annoyance as Valkyrie places her hands on her hips.

"What? Is there a problem with the role reversal now?"


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>As Dynamo begins quickly stammering with a response, Valkyrie eases up and smiles, tapping him on the side of his shoulder with her palm.

"Relax, chrome head. I'm just messing with you."

>Dynamo then looks carefully at Valkyrie again, this time staring at her intently through the lenses in his helmet.

"….Diana, are you sure about this? I know Sacrament's got a good head on her shoulders but…..what you had to give up to her…."

>Her face souring for a moment, Valkyrie looks to the side, instinctively and sighs. Reflexively looking back at Dynamo, she says:

"I've already worked it out with her. She just wants protection and a place to stay, and I'll be her legal guardian in response."

>Dynamo puts his hands on her shoulders, saying:

"Again, I know she's meaning well, but I don't know if she had to take that from you. Your full autonomy-"

>Lightly swatting his hands away, Valkyrie then says to Dynamo:

"It's fine, Ryan. Really, I mean it. It was a small price to pay, and I'm stronger than most Meta-Humans could even dream of being."

>Looking down at her physique for a moment, Valkyrie takes a moment to reflect on her transformation. After taking Sacrament's penance and making a deal with her for power, Valkyrie has noticed a few changes in her demeanor and her stature. She's somewhat taller, sturdier and even more fit than before. All of those little aspects of herself that she barely paid attention to beforehand.

{"Every part of me seems more toned, more well defined. In all the areas that matter…"}

>Looking down at her own chest for a moment, Valkyrie feels second-hand embarrassment at the somewhat noticeable size increase.

{"…And in all the ways that don't as well. Ugh. Hopefully people don't notice the bump up."}

>Looking back at Dynamo, Valkyrie then says:

"It beats wearing an armor around. Knowing that I don't need it anymore. It makes me feel….stronger."

>Dynamo raises an eyebrow behind his helmet, a quizzical tone in his voice.

"….Showing more skin makes you feel stronger? Is that an empowerment thing or…."

>Valkyrie rolls her eyes as she begins walking past Dynamo, the latter sheepishly shrugging his hands as he says:

"Well either way, Chase just notified me via comm link. We need to meet him at his office in 5 minutes."

>Feeling her heart skip a beat at the mention of Chase's name, she outwardly makes no emotional or physiological reaction to Dynamo's statement.

"Good to know. Let's go see the Director then."


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>Location: The Spire - Director's Office

>Chase is sitting at his desk, sunglasses on as usual. As he sifts through various papers on his desk, he reflexively scratches the light stubble of his chin - feeling it after a recent trim a few days ago.

{"Wonder if I should try a different barber next time. The trim was good, but I should've asked for a different trim level…..Been more specific rather….."}

>As he senses 2 figures approaching his door, he waits for one of them to knock. After a few seconds, there's a knock on the door.


>Knowing who both of the people are before they even walk in the room, Chase then says audibly:

"You can come in, yeah. I'm here, sitting as usual."

>The door then opens, with Dynamo and Valkyrie both walking through. As they stand at attention before Chase, he then looks at them both, saying:

"Commander Dynamo. Lieutenant Valkyrie."

>Silence passes as both of them give a formal salute to their commanding officer. After a few moments, Chase then laughs and says:

"Man, I've always wanted to say that. Now it's awkward. so it's ruined. Sorry about that guys."

>Shaking his head, Dynamo sighs and mutters in annoyance as he puts his gloved hand to his helmet forehead.

>Valkyrie crosses her arms and puffs hair out of her eyes with precision accuracy. Trying not to stare at Chase too intently, she then says:

"…OK Chase, we're here. What is it?"

>Chase pulls up a report on his computer, and activates the holographic projection system in the center of the room.

"20 minutes ago, we got a distress signal from The Wedge. Priority 1 security lockdown was initiated, nobody gets in and nobody gets out."

>Both of the MRD officials are stunned at the revelation. The Wedge? Broken into? The idea of it is seemingly absurd. The Wedge is the most secure facility in the entire Eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada. The idea of it being broken into sends proverbial shivers down the spines of both officials.

"….No way…"

"You're serious? The Wedge? Isn't that where all of the Alpha Level Meta-Humans are? The ones that are-"

"-Too unstable to keep here in The Spire? Yes. That's why I'm sending both of you there, to assess the damage and from the inside and neutralize whatever threats may have broken containment. I'll requisition for more backup after you've arrived."

>Silent for a moment, Dynamo then says:

"….Well. In that case….I guess it's an order?"

>Chase nods at Dynamo, slowly.

"….Ryan I wouldn't be giving this order if it wasn't absolutely essential. I'm not allowed to leave my post in this city as Director, unless-"

"….'Unless it pertains to significantly extenuating circumstances'. I know. I've read the protocol outlines for the MRD's code of conduct and standard operating procedure."

>Noticing as both Chase and Valkyrie look at him, he then says, annoyed:

"….What?! I do read!!"

>Shaking his head, Chase then says:

"Dynamo, prep the hovercraft. I need to talk to Valkyrie about her recent field reports since her transformation, as well as her guardianship status for Sacrament now."

>Nodding, Dynamo then turns around and leaves the room, saying:

"Engine's up in 5 minutes, Di. Don't take too long."

>Closing the door behind him, Dynamo doesn't focus on the room he's leaving as he makes his way down to the hangar bay of The Spire.


>After a few seconds, the door remotely locks behind Dynamo after his absence, as Chase gets up and walks from his desk to Valkyrie - standing before her in silence.




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File: 1662262117139-3.jpg (299.16 KB, 1920x1200, Bright Light - 2.jpg)

>The two figures then immediate move in to kiss each other, rather intently for a few seconds. Afterwards, Chase pulls Valkyrie back away from him with both hands.

>Annoyed slightly, Valkyrie then says:

"….Why can't you just commit to it? We both want it!"

>Chase looks at Valkyrie intently in her eyes - through her mask, then says:

"You know why. It's not professional and-"

"And it didn't stop you from doing it right now. Did it?"

>Silent for a moment, Chase then sighs and steps backwards - leaning his hands on his desk as he looks away from Valkyrie, and out at the city beyond the Spire through his window.

"It's likely a break-in to get a high value target."

>Valkyrie raises her eyebrow, stating:


>Chase then looks back at her, repeating his statement with more resolve and certainty this time.

"It's almost certainly a high value target acquisition strike. Either Chiral or someone else in the facility."

>Blinking for a moment, Valkyrie feels more annoyance building up inside of her as she crosses her arms - burying her feelings as she focuses on the task instead.

"….What did the preliminary reports say? Any IDing of the potential instigators? Audio captured from the base? Anything?"

>Chase shakes his head, saying:

"Whoever's doing this knew how to lock down the standard security protocols of the base….But…."

>Valkyrie then places her hands on her hips, saying:

"But what, Chase?"

>Chase then replies:

"They didn't know about the automated backup systems powering the facility. In the off chance of a complete power failure - the system reboots itself with a secondary backup generator and sends an emergency alert signal to all MRD precincts across the United States - and the Spire as well, obviously."

>Silent for a moment, Valkyrie then marches forward and grabs Chase by the edges of his jacket. Pulling him in for another deep kiss, she then says:

"You're committing to this, and I'm going to make sure of that."

>Sighing, Chase then taps Valkyrie on the forehead - causing a bright spark of light to appear around her face for a moment. Puzzled by what Chase did, she then says:

"What was that for?"

>Chase replies:

"Mental fortification. Knowing who's being kept in The Wedge, you'll need it."


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File: 1662262534312-3.png (53.43 KB, 266x199, Gadget - 16.png)

>Looking at Chase intently again from behind her mask, Valkyrie sighs and lets go of his jacket. As he dusts himself off, he then says:

"….You know you don't have to prove anything to me, right? Not anymore. You've already sacrificed enough - especially for your power."

>Annoyed once again at the reminder of the bargain she's made for immense power, Valkyrie generates a strong burst of wind inside of the room - messing up various books and paraphernalia decorating the office of the Director, and likely doing it there intentionally.

"Sorry, must've been the wind."

>Turning around, she then says to Chase:

"We'll talk about this further when I get back."

>Raising an eyebrow, Chase says:

"Talk about what?"

>Letting out an exasperated sigh, she states:

"About us you idiot. When to make it official, and when-"

"To let Ryan know that he's been unintentionally third wheeling for years now?"

>Silent, Valkyrie says:

"….He's your best friend, Chase. You've known him longer than even I have. He deserves to know."

>Chase stands up and then replies:

"And you have every right to tell him as well, so why don't you, Diana?"

>Valkyrie glares at Chase for a moment, before sighing. Now walking to the door, she says:

"Because then we'd both be guilty of being shitty friends to him."

>Opening the door, Valkyrie walks out of the Director's office, slamming the door shut behind her. She's accompanied by a platoon of MRD troopers, rank and file, who begin walking behind her from the hallway.

>As she does so, Chase then notices a barely visible humanoid form, slowly rippling around - beside him, and situated at a nearby wall covertly.


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File: 1662263492743-1.jpeg (46.19 KB, 485x750, Valkyrie - 5.jpeg)

File: 1662263492743-2.gif (584.81 KB, 500x210, Flight - 2.gif)

File: 1662263492743-3.png (3.26 MB, 1700x2219, Dynamo - 6.png)

File: 1662263492743-4.jpg (62.49 KB, 1200x571, Hovercraft.jpg)

>At the edges of the MRD facility, large hangar bays protrude out from the core structure of the large skyscraper that is the Spire. Various hovercraft fly into and away from the facility at regular intervals - using the area as a standard take off and landing platform array.

>As Valkyrie slowly walks onto the open air strip at the edge of the building's interior levels - she walks out into the open hangar platforms. As she does so, she notices the dozens of MRD agents standing at attention in her presence. As they all salute her, as their commanding officer - she notices the intense stares from the agents - especially the ones wearing male armor.

{"….Bet I could figure out what they're thinking if I had-"}

>Suddenly, various voices begin to appear in Valkyrie's mind, echoing with various reverberations, cadences and distinct voices.

{"…Size of her rack…holy shit. Was she always this big?"}

{"Whoever's dating her…Lucky son of a bitch. Her bust. It's so huge!"}

{"Man, falling asleep on those pillows must feel like heaven."}

>Gritting her teeth slightly, Valkyrie then contains her reaction as she then thinks to herself:

{"Did I just….read…their……minds?"}

>Awareness now rushing over her, she remembers Sacrament's statements, moments before she gained her powers:

{"This is why nobody's tried to get as much power out of me as they can. Because nobody's willing to give up control of their bodies for ultimate power. Makes sense though, who'd think ultimate power is worth that?"}

>Now walking up to Dynamo, who's sitting at the front of a large hovercraft in the cockpit seat, she then crosses her arms as he notices her arrive.

"Oh hey, Diana. What's wrong?"

>Noticing her gritted teeth and annoyed expression, she then quickly adjusts her facial expression and smiles at Dynamo, saying:

"Oh nothing! Just thinking about how awful this weather is on my skin. Not used to showing this much of it either!"

>Falling for her sleight of hand maneuver, Dynamo then sighs and says:

"Yeah no problem. I still can't believe it either."

>After a few moments of silence, he then says:

"I've got the coordinates punched in for Anticosti Island and The Wedge, and I'm ready to go. Want to hop into the hovercraft so we can leave now?"

>Dynamo gestures with his thumb pointing towards the passenger seat beside him, as Valkyrie shakes her head. Her more annoyed expression returns to her face as she says:

"No. I can mentally mark where the place is, and I don't need a vehicle. Meet you there."

>Then without a word, Valkyrie launches into the air at staggering speeds - flying several times faster than the speed of sound as she rushes off into the distance like a speeding sound wave. A massive sonic boom is felt on the landing pad - seemingly only knocking down the MRD agents who were previously saluting her as well.

"Well shit. Alright then, I guess."

>Stunned for a moment, Dynamo then looks down at his console and dashboard and begins pressing buttons and flipping switches on them both carefully. After a few moments, his hovercraft is now stable and begins slowly hovering into the air. As it does so, it begins orienting itself in the air and prepares to fly off - now activating its thrusters as a burst of blue light and energy leaves faint trails in its wake. The energy and light trails then slowly fade into nothingness as the hovercraft leaves the hangar bay at rapid speeds as well.


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File: 1662264136393-3.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662264136393-4.gif (897.59 KB, 500x215, Flight.gif)

>Location: MRD Director's Office

>Still looking at the barely visible figure, Chase then says:

"….How long have you been there?"

>The figure then replies in a distorted voice:

"Long enough to know you have relationship problems. But who am I to judge?"

>Decloaking, the form of Mosaic is then made apparent, as he leans back on the nearby wall. Crossing his arms, he then cranes his head to the side at Chase and says:

"…..I was just dropping by to let you know that I've found another miniature network cluster of Chiral's old cloning labs underground. Right above the old Eukaryon buildings he trademarked with William Whitemalkin, as the notes said."

>Flicking a set of papers out of his cloak with his gloved fingers, Mosaic watches as they effortlessly glide onto Chase's desk. Looking back at Chase, he then says:

"Need help with your lockdown issue? I know for a fact that you wouldn't send your best friends there if you didn't have a plan. And since I doubt regular MRD troops are going to be much help - I'm gonna assume I was always going to be your plan, wasn't I now?"

>Sighing, Chase brings his hands up in resignation as he says:

"I can't leave my post, or I would've handled it myself. Besides, it's Chiral who's there as well. Given your relation to him, I'm pretty certain you'd want to check up on him - make sure he's still OK."

>Narrowing the lenses of his mask with advanced nano-mechanical motors, Mosaic then leans off from the side of the wall as he walks a foot or two towards Chase. Pointing a finger at him past his cloak, he then says:

"You're playing a really dangerous game using me as your backup plan McIntyre. You know that, right? I'm not the MRD's clean up crew. Nor am I their first line of defense. I do what's best for the people of this city first - task forces second, if ever."

>Staring down Mosaic, Chase then says:

"The bravado and righteous indignation are noted, Aiden. Now are you going to keep my friends safe or not?"

>Scoffing slightly, Mosaic then states:

"You're lucky you're a better MRD Director than your predecessor. I almost tied him up at City Hall once. Almost."

>Raising an eyebrow, Chase watches as Mosaic then phases through the wall. As he walks towards the window, he sees the figure of Mosaic gliding off into the distance at near mach speeds.

"….Well, at least he can be counted on, unlike some people."


File: 1662264421098-0.png (295.14 KB, 540x304, Sanctuary City - 2.png)

File: 1662264421098-1.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662264421098-2.gif (897.59 KB, 500x215, Flight.gif)

>As he continues gliding through the city on wind currents, Mosaic then activates the comms link in his cowl. Now broadcasting a frequency that connects to a certain someone's phone, he then speaks on the call, saying:

"Orion. You can finish up your work at Archeon for the day. If anyone asks for me, tell them that I'm out for the rest of the day as well. They can phone Alice if it's urgent. She'll book an appointment for me."

>Weaving through a large construction site, Mosaic ignores the dozens of construction workers struggling to take pictures of him as he whirs on by at supersonic speeds.

"I'm going to have to go to Quebec - right off the coast of Maine. Anticosti Island. There's a maximum security prison there called The Wedge, and I'm going to have to break into there in order to figure out what's going on. Dynamo and Valkyrie are already en route, and the Director's pretty much begged me to keep an eye on them from a distance. I'll see you soon then."

>Mosaic is about to end the call as he continues flying through the skies - getting close to Archeon Incorporated's headquarters - the Archeon Complex.


File: 1662309943118-0.jpg (126.58 KB, 1070x470, Cave.jpg)

File: 1662309943118-1.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662309943118-2.png (27.33 KB, 267x200, Gadget - 29.png)

File: 1662309943118-3.jpg (39.65 KB, 1280x720, Aurora - 4.jpg)

File: 1662309943118-4.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x816, Sanctuary City.jpg)

>Location: Archeon Complex - The Prism

>Underneath the large megastructure of Archeon, Mosaic walks down to the lower levels of his underground cave hideout. The Prism, as he's named it, is still an eerily quiet expanse of natural stalactite and stalagmite formations, rocky protrusions and hollow cave openings. Large waterfalls pour along the lengths of the cavernous area as Mosaic lightly jumps down several levels,


>Remaining quiet, he lightly glides down to the ground levels, and begins walking towards the large black hovercraft at the edge of the cave. A sleek, midnight black vehicle hovers silently in the air - powered by an advanced anti-gravity technology. As Mosaic walks up to the machine, he makes a gesture with his gloved hand.

"Open sesame."

>Snapping his fingers after making the sardonic remark, Mosaic watches as the remote signal activates. The hood of the large hovercraft then pulls back - revealing the glowing red light of the interior below. Turning his attention back, Mosaic then thinks:

{"Oh, I almost forgot. Might need a few things."}


>After a minute or two of stocking his utility belt with nanite capsules, Mosaic then leaves one of the nearby workbenches and then makes his way towards the hovering vehicle again. As he jumps into the Aurora's cockpit, the cover protrudes over the vehicle once more as he begins powering it up. After messing with a few of the controls on the dashboard, he then charts a course for Anticosti Island.

>Without another word, the Aurora begins powering up as the back engine glows with a bright red light. Then, the vehicle lifts up and begins flying out of the Prism's cave exterior through an underground tunnel pathway - outside of Sanctuary City and away from the Maine coastline entirely.


File: 1662310581534-0.jpeg (158.09 KB, 1500x779, The Wedge - 2.jpeg)

File: 1662310581534-1.jpeg (70.16 KB, 433x650, Hollow - 4.jpeg)

File: 1662310581534-2.jpg (62.39 KB, 600x859, Paramour.jpg)

File: 1662310581534-3.png (293.92 KB, 500x807, Whipsaw.png)

File: 1662310581534-4.png (232.53 KB, 300x631, MRD - 10.png)

>Location: The Wedge
>Time: 9:00 AM

>At the Administrative level of The Wedge, a figure in a dark suit carefully walks through the mess of dead and unconscious MRD agents. Slowly moving over them, the figure looks around - their eyes obscured with a mask-like harness. Smiling, the figure then walks up to a nearby set of containment units, staring at them. Looking at the pair of Meta-Humans trapped inside, he then says:

"You're Paramour, I presume?"

>The woman gives the figure a wry smile, sizing them up and down for a moment before saying:

"Who's asking?"

>The figure then smiles in response, speaking in a coy tone:

"I'd imagine a nice woman such as yourself would have no issues charming the good doctors here. Maybe enough to help you clear your psych evaluations?"

>Raising her eyebrow, Paramour then says:

"Huh. Wise guy then, aren't you? Maybe if you get me out of this cell, I can do a lot more than just charm people."

>Turning around to the knocked out receptionist and remaining MRD agents a few hallways back, the figure then says:

"In that case, what about the gentlemen to your left? What's his view of the matter?"

>The man in the containment cell next to Paramour remains silent. Unspeaking, he just stares at the figure, saying:

"….Can you get me out of here or not?"

>The figure shrugs, as a pair of MRD agents rush towards him - rounding the corner from the hallway with their blaster rifles at the ready.

"It's Hollow!"

"Shit! Open fire!"

>The pair of MRD agents then fire energy volleys from their rifles - aiming directly at the figure's face. The figure, Hollow, however casually ducks between the MRD agents - spinning and flipping in the air with surprising speed.

>Then landing on the ground, he then moves to close in on the MRD agents - knocking one of them away with surprising strength - and sending him hurling through a set of containment lockers. As he's knocked out cold, he turns his attention to the next MRD agent - taking note of their heightened blood pressure and heart rate.

"Now, you do have another option. Walk away, and live to tell your fellow Humans about your encounter with a Meta-Human."


File: 1662311196760-0.jpg (86.07 KB, 900x720, MRD - 5.jpg)

File: 1662311196760-1.jpg (299.16 KB, 1920x1200, Bright Light - 2.jpg)

File: 1662311196760-2.jpeg (480.84 KB, 700x1000, Hollow - 5.jpeg)

File: 1662311196760-3.jpg (62.39 KB, 600x859, Paramour.jpg)

File: 1662311196760-4.png (293.92 KB, 500x807, Whipsaw.png)

>The MRD agent hesitates, before taking out an energy grenade from his waist, priming it, and tossing it directly at Hollow. As Hollow catches the grenade, it goes off - blasting him in the face as the MRD agent picks himself up to his feet and runs off, deeper into the facility. Scoffing and laughing, Hollow then watches as the blast of light clears from his body.


>Knowing full well that he could pounce on the MRD agent as he leaves, Hollow turns his attention back towards the contained Meta-Humans. Without hesitation, he then rushes back towards their containment cells and punches into their electronic wiring with superhuman strength - rupturing the circuitry and wiring and causing a short circuit effect. After a few seconds, the energy cells are de-activated, and the Meta-Humans land down on their feet.

"Huh. Thanks."

>Immediately, Paramour rushes to kiss Hollow on the mouth - seemingly confusing the nearby man.

"The hell are you doing?"

>However, Hollow only gives a sound of amusement as Paramour pushes backward. Somewhat started herself, she then says:

"What, my power works on everyone!"

>Hollow gives a wry smile as he wipes the side of his lips with his tips of his fingerless gloves. As his fingers slowly glide over them, he then speaks:

"….Most Meta-Humans. I'm aware of your dossier. Psionic Meta-Humans are resistant to your abilities, and guess what I am?"

>Narrowing her eyes, Paramour curses to herself as she replies:

"Figured as much. No wonder you looked so calm."

>The other Meta-Human shakes his head, stating:

"…Thanks for letting me out, but what the hell is this even about, again?"

>Hollow casually waves off Paramour with his hand as he speaks to the man.

"Whipsaw, correct? Paramour can brainwash her target through physical contact. Mess with their memories and their own thoughts. Her power's most effect through more….intimate means of skin to skin contact - as you've just witnessed."

>Whipsaw rolls his eyes as he then says:

"Yeah whatever. Can we get out of here now?"

>Hollow brushes him off again, stating:

"Keep watch on the Administrative level. Once I've found my quarry and gotten him out of his containment field, I can teleport us all out of The Wedge. Until then, stay put, and stop anyone else from entering."

>Sensing the approach of more figures, he then says:

"I'm anticipating reinforcements from the MRD in around an hour or so, give or take. More than enough time for you to prepare."

>Hollow then walks off, deeper into the facility.


File: 1662311900702-0.jpeg (262.19 KB, 1920x1058, The Wedge.jpeg)

File: 1662311900702-1.jpeg (183.64 KB, 1067x1743, Valkyrie.jpeg)

File: 1662311900702-2.jpg (131.87 KB, 474x500, MRD.jpg)

>Time: 10:00 AM
>Location: The Wedge - Exterior.

>As Valkyrie touches down on the interior of the Wedge, she begins to walk up to the large doors - barricaded from the outside. Confused, she then thinks to herself:

{"Doesn't seem like a place that was broken into. Would've expected some kind of a resistance to be mounted. Meh, whatever."}

>As Valkyrie walks up to the security checkpoint outside, she then sees a pair of MRD agents standing guard. As she walks up to them, she says:

"MRD Lieutenant #1200. Callsign: Valkyrie."

>Holding up her badge of authentication, the MRD agents then nod and let her pass, one of them saying:

"Good to see you, Lieutenant Valkyrie."

>Valkyrie then asks:

"What's the situation inside? There was a distress signal."

>Still standing at attention, the MRD agent then says:

"Break in through a vehicular aerial assault. Crash landed around the exterior of the facility - and the assailant used the distraction to sneak in. We've got the place on lockdown and we've just finished containing him."

>Valkyrie then says:

"…Can I see him then?"

>Nodding, the MRD agent says:

"Of course Lieutenant."

>The MRD agent then signals for the barricade to be opened up with a hand gesture, as Valkyrie begins walking inside."


File: 1662311971320-0.jpeg (471.28 KB, 1920x1000, The Wedge - 3.jpeg)

File: 1662311971320-1.jpeg (46.19 KB, 485x750, Valkyrie - 5.jpeg)

File: 1662311971320-2.jpg (196.81 KB, 1024x1449, Receptionist.jpg)

File: 1662311971320-3.jpg (62.39 KB, 600x859, Paramour.jpg)

File: 1662311971320-4.jpg (86.07 KB, 900x720, MRD - 5.jpg)

>Inside the facility, Valkyrie comes to the Administrative sector, watching as the woman at the reception desk smiles at her. Bringing up data on her computer, she then says:

"Oh, Lieutenant Valkyrie! Just got authorization that you've entered the premises. Can I scan your badge to authenticate your visit?"

>Nodding, Valkyrie takes out her badge again and hands it to the receptionist. Scanning the area with her eyes behind her domino mask, she then thinks to herself:

{"Attack from the outside, and they're showing me in from the front. Lockdown measures in place, yet nobody's hiding out in the safety rooms…."}

>As she sees her badge getting scanned in the machine with the green light, Valkyrie asks the receptionist:

"….Where exactly are the Meta-Humans held in containment here on this level?"

>The receptionist looks up and nods at Valkyrie with her eyes closed and a smile on her face.

"Right behind you, silly!"

>Spinning around, Valkyrie stares at the woman in front of her, flanked by two MRD agents. Before she can react, one of the MRD agents sprays her with a tranquilizing agent - knockout gas which causes her to begin coughing.

{"Damnit! It was a trap! Shit!"}

>As she's trying to regain her composure, she looks on to see the female Meta-Human lean in close to her - and give her a deep kiss on the mouth.

"I'm Paramour by the way, and I think we're gonna become real good friends. Don't you?"

>Valkyrie then feels her mind slowly shift around, as her memories and disposition begin to change…..


File: 1662312387612-0.jpeg (471.28 KB, 1920x1000, The Wedge - 3.jpeg)

File: 1662312387612-1.jpg (62.49 KB, 1200x571, Hovercraft.jpg)

File: 1662312387612-2.png (3.26 MB, 1700x2219, Dynamo - 6.png)

File: 1662312387612-3.jpg (131.87 KB, 474x500, MRD.jpg)

File: 1662312387612-4.gif (1.91 MB, 500x279, Punch.gif)

>Time: 11:00 AM

>As the MRD Hovercraft touches down on the ground, Dynamo slowly parks the vehicle and climbs out of it. Still in his large and structurally reinforced armor, he lands on the ground with a slight quake - the force of his landing causing a rumbling around him from the ground to the air.

"Still need to get used to that."

>As he starts walking his way towards the entry barricades of The Wedge - he doesn't notice an invisible machine - hovering in the air slowly behind his vehicle…..


>Making his way towards the entrance, Dynamo is met with the same MRD agents as before. He then says to them:

"MRD Commander #1. Callsign: Dynamo."

>Nodding, the MRD agents then say:

"Commander Dynamo. We believe Lieutenant Valkyrie is expecting you inside. She was just here earlier, around half an hour ago."

"I see. Well, in that case, I'll let myself in then."

>As the MRD agent waves for the MRD agent in the control room nearby to open the barricade doors - he suddenly feels a tight pressure around his neck.


>As the remaining MRD agents are watching Dynamo walk into the facility, they watch as the door still remains opened. Confused, they then investigate by walking towards the nearby control room.

"Why is the door still open? Authorized personnel have already been let inside of the facility-"

>In that moment, both MRD agents are struck by an invisible force - with enough strength to knock them both out in a single blow. They land on the floor of the control room, next to the barricade operator - slung back in their chair and unconscious as well.


File: 1662312850250-0.jpg (94.66 KB, 1280x720, Dynamo - 9.jpg)

File: 1662312850250-1.jpg (196.81 KB, 1024x1449, Receptionist.jpg)

File: 1662312850250-2.jpeg (183.64 KB, 1067x1743, Valkyrie.jpeg)

File: 1662312850250-3.jpg (1.44 MB, 1468x2101, Imperia.jpg)

File: 1662312850250-4.jpg (131.87 KB, 474x500, MRD.jpg)

>As Dynamo makes his way inside, he's met by the receptionist as well.

"Hello Commander Dynamo! I'll just need to check you in for a moment."

>Shrugging, Dynamo hands the receptionist his badge, but then looks around, coming to the same mental conclusions as Valkyrie.

{"Oddly quiet place for a lockdown scenario…."}

>As the badge is being scanned by the machine with green light, he then says:

"….So where's Valkyrie? Down in the lower levels?"

>The receptionist nods enthusiastically, stating:

"Oh she's doing a good job of containing the area so far! We'd be toast without her!"

>Noticing how unusually upbeat the receptionist is, Dynamo then asks:

"I'm assuming she's down in the Observation level then?"

>The receptionist nods again, handing back the badge as she states:

"No she's right here. And she's with an escort for you."

>From behind a nearby hallway, Valkyrie walks into view - with a woman beside her. The woman has long hair, and stunning bright eyes. As Dynamo looks at her, he then does a double take:

"Wait, isn't that I-"

>The woman then locks eyes with Dynamo behind his helmet - maintaining line of sight with him as she then says:

"Why don't you be a dear and help us, Commander? We're awfully short on staff at the moment…."

>The woman, Imperia, is one of the Meta-Humans contained inside of the Wedge. With the power to directly control people's thoughts and actions with a single statement and line of sight contact - she's able to bring Dynamo into a trance.

"…Yes. Of course."

>Dynamo, now under her control, begins walking with her, deeper into the facility, alongside Valkyrie. As they leave, with the door closed behind her, the receptionist goes back to her duties.


File: 1662313315391-0.jpeg (471.28 KB, 1920x1000, The Wedge - 3.jpeg)

File: 1662313315391-1.jpg (62.39 KB, 600x859, Paramour.jpg)

File: 1662313315391-2.png (293.92 KB, 500x807, Whipsaw.png)

File: 1662313315391-3.jpg (196.81 KB, 1024x1449, Receptionist.jpg)

>After a few minutes in the Administrative hub, Paramour begins stretching her arms, yawning in boredom.

"What's taking this dude so long?"

>Flipping through a MRD handbook at a nearby table, Whipsaw then says:

"This is the most secure MRD holding facility in the United States. You think it was going to be a cakewalk to get people out of here? Whoever he's after, the guy must be big news."

>Thinking to herself for a moment, Paramour then says:

"Who's even kept here anyways? There's you and me obviously. Imperia and Micron……A few more I think? But it can't be that many people, right?"

>Whipsaw shakes his head and shrugs, saying:

"I've got no idea. They don't tell you anything when they drag you in here. All I know is that it's the baddest of the bad who get dropped here. Not surprising though."

>Without warning, both of the Meta-Humans then here a loud 'thud' sound - spinning their heads to see the receptionist sitting face down on her desk. Her hair covering her face, they can't see her expression as they both get up to their feet.

"Wha? What the hell's going on? Why'd she just drop like a plank?"

>Staring at each other, Paramour then stares at Whipsaw and says:

"I dunno genius. Why don't you go figure out?"

>Annoyed, Whipsaw gets up and walks to the receptionist and shakes her carelessly.

"Wake the fuck up. Come on."

>After getting no response, Whipsaw then raises her head back up to see her facial expression - completely asleep with her eyes closed and her muscles reflexively moving. She's unconscious now.

>Stunned, he then says to himself:

"What the fuck…..?"

>Looking more carefully at the woman, he then notices a bit of her hair sticking out. Curious, he pulls it back to find a small metallic black and grey dart, with a glowing red light pulsating from one part of the plating. Surprised, he then says:

"Shit! She's been tranqed-"

>Suddenly, Whipsaw goes stiff as he feels his body fall to the ground as well.


File: 1662314100551-0.jpg (62.39 KB, 600x859, Paramour.jpg)

File: 1662314100551-1.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662314100551-2.jpg (131.87 KB, 474x500, MRD.jpg)

File: 1662314100551-3.png (55.19 KB, 266x200, Gadget - 12.png)

File: 1662314100551-4.jpg (104.31 KB, 865x505, Explosion.jpg)

>Freaking out, Paramour begins stumbling back as she shouts.

"Show yourself! Whoever you are!!"

>Looking back and forward carefully, she can feel her heart rate increasing as she says:

"You don't scare me! Show yourself so I can punch the shit out of you!"

>Right behind her, a voice then says:

"Poor choice of words, Paramour."

>Spinning around, Paramour reflexively strikes at the voice behind her - coming face to face with the form of Mosaic. As Mosaic casually grabs her arm with one hand, he effortlessly flips her over the nearby table - slamming her into the ground. As Paramour yelps in pain from the slam, she then says:

"Fuck! God damnit! Shit! That fucking hurts!"

>With his hand still gripping her arm tightly, Mosaic then replies in a distorted voice:

"Tell me what you know about the break-in, and that'll be the worst of it."

>Looking between her hand and the cold, unrevealing visage of Mosaic's fully covered face mask, Paramour thinks to herself rapidly as Mosaic gives her an important reminder:

"Your power works through skin contact Paramore. So you're not in a position to bargain."

>Frantic, Paramour watches as two MRD agents appear from around the corner of the room - shocker and raising their rifles.

"Hold it right there!"

"Stop moving!"

>Without even removing his glare from Paramour, Mosaic makes a gesture with his free hand, dispensing two large CD-sized vibro disc blades from his gloved palm, which rapidly expand into fully blown throwing weapons. Priming them with a specific gyroscopic gesture - they begin glowing in the center with a rapidly blinking red dot. Tossing them at the MRD agents at the end of the room - they quickly connect and blast them backwards with relatively weak explosive charges.

>However, the charges are still more than enough force to knock the MRD agents back into the wall - and knock them out with the resulting force.

"That's the lowest level charge on my discs, and they have reinforced titanium-iron alloy plating for their armor. I don't think you'd fare so well."

>Panicking, Paramour then immediately begins spilling the beans of everything she knows to Mosaic rapidly now.

"This guy named Hollow walked into the place disguised as a MRD agent! He broke us out of containment along with Imperia and Micron! Then he had us brainwash and mind control everyone in the facility to keep up appearances and trap anyone else who comes in!"

>Mosaic tightens his grip on Paramour for a moment, saying:

"Like, I presume, Valkyrie and Dynamo."

>Wincing in pain after a slight cry of shock and pain due to the tightening grip on her arm, Paramour relents even more:

"Yes! They're both in the inner levels of the prison keeping watch! Hollow wants to take us all to the MHA when he's found who he's looking for!"

>Mosaic then states:

"And who's he looking for?!"

>Paramour shakes her head, now crying slight tears of fear and pain.

"I don't know! I don't know! I swear to God I don't know! I'm telling the truth I swear! Don't hurt me please!"

>Mosaic then sighs and lightly smacks Paramour on the side of her face - knocking her out as well.

>Standing back up, he then adjusts his knuckles, stating to himself:

"Time to get to work then. Given who else is kept in this prison, they can't leave either."

>Mosaic then slowly walks forward, deeper into the facility.


File: 1662317027104-0.jpeg (385.13 KB, 1920x994, The Wedge - 4.jpeg)

File: 1662317027104-1.jpeg (183.64 KB, 1067x1743, Valkyrie.jpeg)

File: 1662317027104-2.png (3.26 MB, 1700x2219, Dynamo - 6.png)

File: 1662317027104-3.jpeg (231.68 KB, 850x1275, Imperia - 2.jpeg)

File: 1662317027104-4.jpg (1.26 MB, 1468x2101, Micron.jpg)

>In the lower levels of the facility, Valkyrie and Dynamo are standing guard - over the Panopticon deck - which catalogues the cells of hundreds of Meta-Humans in confinement. As they do so, Imperia walks up to them both and says:

"You're both serving as such good guard dogs for us. We'll get you an even better position once we've regrouped with the MHA. You'll love our people there, I just know it."

>Patting them both on the back, Imperia then turns around to Micron, stating:

"They won't be a problem."

>Nodding Micron, who is a big burly man with a short trim for his hair, then states:

"What about the prisoners in the remaining cell blocks? Shouldn't we bust them out?"

>Looking back at the large Panopticon control deck, Imperia then scoffs.

"Hollow didn't find them worth the effort to remove. Only Kresnik at the lower levels - and whoever he's going for next."

>Shrugging, Micron then takes out his radio communication device, and flips a switch. Now speaking into it, he says:

"Paramour. Whipsaw. You read us? It's Micron here, with Imperia. Just checking to make sure the upper levels are secure."

>After a few moments, Paramour's voice then appears from the other side of the line.

["Yes, dumbass. I'm here with Whipsaw. Lounging around while you two have all the fun as usual."]

>Sighing, Micron then says:

"Yeah well, keep an eye out. Communications are one way. Administrative level can see downward into Observation and Containment, but not the way up. They were smart about their security protocols here for classified access, I'll give them that."

>On the other side of the transmission, Paramour says:

["Yeah, sure whatever. We'll make sure no party crashers show up either."]

>Ending the call on his communications device, Micron flips a switch and turns it off, saying to Imperia:

"We're good. I'll go sweep the upper levels again though, just in case."

>Nodding, Imperia goes to sit down at a nearby chair, lazily waving her hand and saying:

"By all means, my knight in shining armor. Go defend your princess."

>Rolling his eyes, Micron turns around and starts walking out of the room and up the stairs - towards the interconnect between the Administrative hub and the Observation hub of the Wedge itself.


File: 1662317651498-0.jpg (108.02 KB, 1024x576, Lab.jpg)

File: 1662317651498-1.jpg (1.26 MB, 1468x2101, Micron.jpg)

File: 1662317651498-2.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662317651498-3.png (43.8 KB, 267x200, Gadget - 18.png)

File: 1662317651498-4.png (39.16 KB, 267x200, Gadget - 26.png)

>As Micron walks up the levels of the stairs for a few minutes - he reaches the central connection point between the Administrative hub and the Observation hub. Now opening the door to the connection point, he sees the familiar view of the large open office space, now empty.


>Seeing various cubicles abandoned, with stacks of papers and various computers nearby - he reminisces about his time being held captive here in this facility.

{"At this point, I'll take the damn MHA over this shit. Treating us like lab animals, experiments. Just because we're more powerful than they are. Humans. They never admit when they're outclassed."}

>Feeling himself tense up - he then notices the rustling of papers in the distance. Acting immediately on instinct, Micron balls his hand into a fist - generating a large spatial-temporal singularity event that crushes that entire row of desks into an infinitesimally small point. An artificial gravity well forms in the center - a large bright sphere of green energy, for only a few seconds before it disappears into nothingness.

"Who's there?"

>More silence and more rustling of papers in the back half of the room - as Micron continues firing off miniature gravity singularities. After a few more seconds, he walks forward, stating:

"I don't know how you got passed Paramour and Whipsaw, but you're not getting past me. I can compress this entire space within a few seconds, if that's what it'll take. Luckily for me, I'm immune to my own powers."

>Grasping his hand together, he then states:

"But unfortunately for you, you'll be a stain on the floor by the time I'm done with you."

>Suddenly, lines and ropes of a seemingly reinforced black material appear from various angles - binding his hands and feet together. Unable to move his hands, he can only watch in surprise as a figure stands over him from behind - speaking in Paramour's voice.

["You really thought I'd be over there? Seriously?"]

>Mosaic's form stands over Micron, waving his hand as he holds a small black and red device in his hand. Mosaic then taps the side of his mask and cowl, flipping the voice synthesizer function. Now speaking in his standard distorted voice, he says:

"Know what this is? This is a microcontroller and a pneumatic air pressurizer. It's a really simple gadget actually. I use it for redirecting air pressure, negating vacuums, oh and…."

>Pressing a button on his circuitry laced gloves, red lines glowing and pulsating faintly, Mosaic activates another burst of air in the room - causing more papers to shuffle around.

"Causing distractions too, as you can see now."

>Realizing he's been duped, Micron closes his eyes in frustration, saying:

"….Just get it over with."

>Mosaic then stands up, stating:


>Mosaic then lightly kicks Micron in the face - knocking him out as he walks by past him and down the steps.


File: 1662318256514-0.jpeg (471.28 KB, 1920x1000, The Wedge - 3.jpeg)

File: 1662318256514-1.jpg (1.44 MB, 1468x2101, Imperia.jpg)

File: 1662318256514-2.png (59.61 KB, 267x200, Gadget - 20.png)

File: 1662318256514-3.jpeg (46.19 KB, 485x750, Valkyrie - 5.jpeg)

File: 1662318256514-4.jpg (94.66 KB, 1280x720, Dynamo - 9.jpg)

>After a few minutes, Imperia looks bored, staring at the information passing across the monitor screen. Still staying put in the Observation hub, she then yawns as she says to herself:

"God, this is boring. I wish something exciting would happen…."

>After a few seconds, she then hears a thud, looking instinctively at the small black and red device now suddenly appearing next to the keyboard on her desk. Bewildered, she then reaches out to it, saying:

"What the hell? Where did this come from…."

>Now touching it, Imperia watches as a spray of colorful gas rapidly pours out of the device. As she rapidly inhales it, she begins coughing loudly.

"Damnit! Knockout…..gas…."

>As she continues coughing, she watches as Dynamo and Valkyrie rush over to her. However as she loses consciousness, Dynamo abruptly stops walking to her - Imperia's grasp on his mind rapidly abating now.


>Looking around, and then looking at Valkyrie kneeling before Imperia, he then says:

"Valkyrie. What-"

>Now noticing Dynamo's change in behavior, Valkyrie spins around and punches him on the helmet - sending him spiraling backwards into a nearby wall and shattering the electronics and wiring in it.

"You're supposed to be on our side, Dynamo. If you've turned against us, then I'll put you down."

>Dynamo, rising to his feet, then says:

"No. I've got to bring you back to your senses!"

>Dynamo then rushes towards Valkyrie - lunging at her and punching her in the face in response, causing her to stagger back slightly.

>Silence falls between the two as Valkyrie slowly cranes her neck back. Smiling, she taps at her cheek - not even bruised, as she says:

"I always was made of tougher stuff than you. Now it's official."

>Valkyrie then punches Dynamo again, sending him flying backwards once more, while rushing up into the air - ready to dive and crash into Dynamo below. As she's rushing towards his dazed form laying on the floor and leaning up next to the wall……something occurs.

>Valkyrie is then suddenly dropped to the floor by a loud noise - a resonance frequency that's messing with her head somehow, as she lands on the ground, bringing her hands to her ears. Screaming in pain, she then shouts:

"Gyah! Make it stop! Fuck! What is this?!?!"


File: 1662318968786-0.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662318968786-1.png (34.9 KB, 266x200, Gadget - 27.png)

File: 1662318968786-2.jpg (57.56 KB, 1024x415, Sound Wave.jpg)

File: 1662318968786-3.jpeg (183.64 KB, 1067x1743, Valkyrie.jpeg)

File: 1662318968786-4.png (3.26 MB, 1700x2219, Dynamo - 6.png)

>Slowly walking down the steps into view, from outside of the Observation hub - is Mosaic. As the masked vigilante walks towards them both, he has another small gadget in his hand. The black and silver device, with glowing red lights - continues emanating an ear piercing frequency - seemingly tuned specifically to Valkyrie's body and not Dynamo's nor Mosaic's own body either.

"Harmonic resonance in action. Your senses are so acute, the right counter frequency can disrupt your vestibulocochlear nerve."

>As Mosaic stands before Valkyrie, he then continues, stating:

"Responsible for balance, relative equilibrium, your sense of coordination and proprioception…."

>Kneeling before Valkyrie, he then concludes by saying:

"Oh, and your sense of hearing. Imagine having to balance all of that, with senses as super charged as your own. You don't have much experience with that yet, do you?"

>Looking up at Mosaic, barely able to focus as the pain of the frequency strains her muscles too much - Valkyrie is only able to muster up a small response:


>Mosaic then takes out a capsule from his utility belt and brings it up to Valkyrie's face.

"You'll get me next time, definitely."

>Activating the capsule - it produces another form of knockout gas, dispersing entirely in front of Valkyrie's face and causing her to cough. As she begins to lose conscience, he deactivates the auditory gadget and places it back in its nano-capsule on his utility belt.

>The device breaks down into nanites and starts forming a small pouch around it too - alongside the other nanite pouches on his utility belt.

"Sorry about that."

>Turning his attention to Dynamo, Mosaic then states:

"She'll be fine. Paramour's effect undoes itself after the target loses consciousness. It's why they were able to catch her eventually in the first place."

>Nodding, Dynamo sighs and slowly rises to his feet - wincing as he feels sharp pains moving through his body. Holding his hand out, he then says:

"Easy there, chrome dome. I'll go deal with the ringleader himself, and whoever else he's busting out."

>Mosaic then walks forward - out of the Observation hub and through the connection point - down even deeper below into the Containment hub of the facility.

>Still left to rest in the Observation hub, Dynamo leans backward towards the wall and sighs, exhaling a breath of fresh air. Now looking at Valkyrie for a moment, he then looks onward at Mosaic as he leaves.

>Focusing on the vigilante's appearance for a moment, Dynamo then says:

"Shit…I need gear like his for this shit, I swear."


File: 1662319535214-0.png (4.32 MB, 1920x1080, The Wedge - 6.png)

File: 1662319535214-1.jpeg (70.16 KB, 433x650, Hollow - 4.jpeg)

File: 1662319535214-2.jpg (236.32 KB, 1448x2048, Kresnik - 4.jpg)

File: 1662319535214-3.jpg (1.78 MB, 1500x2045, Elias.jpg)

File: 1662319535214-4.png (122.33 KB, 540x700, Providence - 2.png)

>In the lower levels of the Containment hub, Hollow finally reaches the cell he's been looking for. As he walks up to the energy barrier holding the Meta-Human in place, he then looks to his side.

"Are you ready?"

>The Meta-Human behind him, Kresnik, nods slowly. A young man with dark hair and a bio-organic carapace surrounding his lower face as a mask of sorts, he then holds out his hand.

>Focusing outward, Kresnik then begins converting the entirety of the pair of cells in front of him into organic mush. The metallic and inorganic circuitry and metallic plating begins to rapidly transmute into liquid metal - rapidly being absorbed by Kresnik himself.

"Well done, Kresnik. There may be a place in the MHA for you after all."

>Nodding again silently, Kresnik then takes a note of the cell to the left of his vision. A man in a coat, a hat and relatively long, dark hair - obscures his face. Silent, the man says nothing as Hollow waves his hand.

"Whoever that man is, he is not important. What matters is the man now in front of us."

>Gesturing a hand towards the man sitting in a now open cell, he looks up at them, The man is wearing a black suit with red stripes, as well as an elaborate cowl over his face - shaped like a prism and cross pattern. The bottom of his face is still visible, including his nose, cheeks and mouth. As the figure slowly looks up, he notices the complete lack of active dampener technology.

"….What is this? Did you…"

>Hollow nods, smiling wildly.

"Disable the generators keeping your powers in check? Absolutely."

>Slowly standing up, the man in black and red then slowly walks forward. As he steps out of his cell, he then sizes up the man in front of him.

"Hmph. I suppose I owe you my thanks."

>Hollow nods and bows slowly, stating:

"Of course. Anything to free the great Providence from his cell. The progenitor of the MHA's ideals."

>Raising an eyebrow behind his cowl, Providence then says:

"….MHA? The hell is that?"

>Hollow then quickly answers:

"The Meta-Human Alliance! A group dedicated towards the guaranteed strength and dominance of Meta-Humanity, across the world! We have taken your rightful message of domination and natural strength over Humanity! And we have taken that message to heart!"


File: 1662319955864-0.jpeg (146.03 KB, 1024x1543, Providence - 3.jpeg)

File: 1662319955864-1.jpeg (480.84 KB, 700x1000, Hollow - 5.jpeg)

File: 1662319955864-2.png (1.23 MB, 750x888, Discs.png)

File: 1662319955864-3.png (492.31 KB, 587x453, Discs - 2.png)

File: 1662319955864-4.jpeg (95.99 KB, 820x1000, Kresnik - 3.jpeg)

>Annoyed, Providence then grabs at Hollow with surprising speed, rising up into the air and seemingly hovering with sheer energy itself.

>Now holding Hollow by the throat, he presses on his neck with surprising strength - enough to hurt even Hollow.

"Copycats then. Rank amateurs with the balls to try and usurp my own vision?"

>Struggling to breathe, Hollow shakes his head, stating:

"N-No! Ack! Just humble aides, hoping to realize our shared vision!"

>Providence keeps his eyebrow raised:

"….Our shared vision? Well then. If you truly do embody my ideology, then you will show the strength to resist my powers."

>Hollow, wincing in pain, then swipes his hand across Providence's face - causing a pair of discs to appear from the Meta-Human, as he falls to the ground, unconscious.

>Landing on the ground, Hollow breathes heavily as he caresses his neck with his hand. Muttering to himself, he then looks at both discs. One of the discs is black and red - the other disc is white and blue.

>Kresnik, taking note of the entire situation, then says:

"Your power, I assume?"

>Hollow nods, holding both discs in his hands.

"Mind and Power. Conscious and Capability. I can extract both from any living being with a touch, and insert them into any other being. 'Hollow' people out, so to speak."

>Looking down at Providence with a bit of annoyance, he then says:

"….And I can take from the uncooperative as well."

>Taking the blue and white "memory" disc - Hollow then flings the disc back at Providence. The disc quickly integrates itself back into Providence's head - waking him up as he slowly comes to his senses.


>Looking up at Hollow, Providence sees the black and red disc still in his hands and says:


>Hollow then smiles, saying:

"Yes, me. And it's about time you understood where your position is, on this food chain."


File: 1662320351730-0.png (122.33 KB, 540x700, Providence - 2.png)

File: 1662320351730-1.jpeg (70.16 KB, 433x650, Hollow - 4.jpeg)

File: 1662320351730-2.png (55.19 KB, 266x200, Gadget - 12.png)

File: 1662320351730-3.gif (1.95 MB, 350x215, Explosion - 4.gif)

>Anger fueling his body, Providence then stands up, shouting:

"Insubordinate welp! I will crush you-"

>Hollow then backhands Providence, sending him flying to the side with a single backhand motion from his hands.

"I wouldn't make orders, given who holds all the cards at this moment."

>Taking the disc and inserting it into his own body, Hollow gives a wry smile as a wave of red energy and light pulsates over his body.

"You're an antiquated relic of the past, yet you still have value. I believe my associates back at the MHA could make use of a figurehead such as yourself."

>Turning towards Providence - who is sitting weakly in the corner, he notices as the man grits his teeth - blood pouring down the side of his face from his cowl.

>Laughing intently, Hollow then says:

"Why, after we fix you up of course! But you'll be a good symbol for our revolutionary ethos!"

>A vibro blade disc then races towards Hollow - stabbing itself into his chest as he looks down. The center of the disc then begins glowing with a small red dot, that begins blinking faster and faster over time.


>Before he can react, he's then blasted backwards by a powerful explosion, caused by the vibro disc - sending him spiraling backwards into Providence's cell.


File: 1662320941056-0.jpg (236.32 KB, 1448x2048, Kresnik - 4.jpg)

File: 1662320941056-1.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662320941056-2.jpeg (63.06 KB, 373x658, Providence.jpeg)

File: 1662320941056-3.jpg (773.61 KB, 1605x2000, Elias - 8.jpg)

>Providence then makes a break for the exit at the edge of the hallway, as Kresnik turns his attention towards the corner in front of him.

>Looking at the end of the passageway - he sees Mosaic standing at the end, waving in a sarcastic manner, stating:

"Hey there. Sorry, I had to be theatrical with my entrance. I'm sure you understand."

>Kresnik then begins firing blasts of concentrated liquid metal at Mosaic - while also beginning to convert the entirety of the passageway to liquid metal.

>As he does so, Mosaic blasts the floor beneath him with another explosive vibro blade disc, moving down dozens of meters into the network of ventilation shafts and ducts below.

>Now just outside of the range of Kresnik's transmutation field - Mosaic begins maneuvering through the passageways and ventilation systems below, with Kresnik running after him through the same shaft.

>Meanwhile, Providence is still running towards the exit of the Containment hub - until he finds himself suspended in place. Unable to move, he is bewildered to find himself immobilized by an invisible force.


>As he can't move, he only hears footsteps behind him. As the footsteps draw closer, he hears an oddly familiar voice.

"…..Providence. That's what you call yourself still, after 20 years?"

>Still trying to figure out the familiarity of the voice, he strains to look to the side with his head - seeing the appearance of a man in his mid 30s, walking casually towards him. The man has a hat on his head, and is now wearing an elaborate set of clothing. Fingerless gloves on his hands as he rubs said hands together.

"And to think I was done reminiscing and moving down memory lane. Instead I'm reminded of you, my second biggest failure as a scientist."

>Now remembering the cause of the voice's familiarity, Providence's body tenses up in horror as he stammers at the man, now standing in front of him.


>The man then looks upward, revealing his face, somewhat tired eyes, and wry smile. Elias Grayson then cranes his head to the side, stating:

"In the flesh! And here I thought you had forgotten about me too….."


File: 1662321429941-0.jpg (40.92 KB, 816x459, Lab - 3.jpg)

File: 1662321429941-1.jpeg (95.99 KB, 820x1000, Kresnik - 3.jpeg)

File: 1662321429941-2.png (172.1 KB, 608x456, Gadget - 30.png)

File: 1662321429941-3.png (59.61 KB, 267x200, Gadget - 20.png)

File: 1662321429941-4.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

>Kresnik appears through the ventilation shafts, into a large storage hallway with a seeming dead end. Confused, he looks around the large area, realizing its size - around 50 square meters away from him - with multiple doors and passageways besides the dead end in front of him.

{"He's outside of my range. Of course."}

>Now manually moving around, Kresnik pays no attention to the small nanite black cubes spread around the area.

>As he looks through various rooms, and finds more storage rooms and lockers containing various cleaning equipment, he then states:


>After checking the last room, Kresnik realizes his mistake.

{"He knew I'd check the rooms, while he double backed outside! I've got to catch him before he-"}

>Kresnik's thoughts are then abruptly stopped as he walks face first into a mask outstretched around the nearest corner. Immediately on cue, gas begins pressurizing itself from the mask and pushing itself into Kresnik's exposed nose - his lack of preparation costing him the victory in the encounter.

>As he falls to the ground, he slowly curses to himself:

{"God…damnit. I should've…..seen that…..coming….."}

>As he moves into unconsciousness, Kresnik barely sees the faint outline of Mosaic's body, standing over him.

>Mosaic then watches as Kresnik is knocked out, as he magnetically recalls the charged cubes to his palm with a magnetic attraction force generated by circuitry in his gloves.

"Good surveillance cubes. You helped me stop the third-to-last bad guy."

>As the cubes form into more nanite capsules on his utility belt once again, Mosaic turns around and begins walking out of the storage hallway.

"Now for the last two bad guys there…."


File: 1662322074201-0.png (4.32 MB, 1920x1080, The Wedge - 6.png)

File: 1662322074201-1.png (122.33 KB, 540x700, Providence - 2.png)

File: 1662322074201-2.jpg (1.78 MB, 1500x2045, Elias.jpg)

File: 1662322074201-3.jpg (267.41 KB, 1000x805, Blood.jpg)

File: 1662322074201-4.jpg (522.23 KB, 600x849, Brain Removal.jpg)

>As Providence remains immobilized in place, Elias then says:

"How've you been old chap? Couldn't have been too bad, being stuck in that comfortable little cell of yours."

>Providence is silent for a moment, fear still gripping him.

"Y-you're supposed to be dead! You were supposed to be dead!"

>Eyes flaring, Elias punches Providence across the mouth, drawing blood easily with his superhuman strength.

"Reprobate. You are the worst form of trash. The trash that believes in the delusion of their supposedly inherent strength. The strength they claim to hold over their fellow man."

>Still coughing blood, Providence then struggles to respond - dazed from Elias's strike.

"I-I needed to get you back for what y-you did to m-me!"

>Elias immediately stops him, speaking in a deathly low tone of voice.

"You and I both know that William was the one trying to sabotage your treatments. The instability of your power is why I tried to help you."

>Seeing Providence fall silent, Elias continues.

"As Eukaryon's first clinical patient, I was supposed to prove to the world, that Meta-Humans like you could be stabilized. That your powers could be controlled. But no, what did you do? You stole my experimental serums. The "humours" as I called them. I hope your little power boost was worth it then - along with the stabilization it gave you."

>Providence remains motionless, fear gripping his heart as he dares not to utter a sound.

"And then you gave William the great idea to turn those very serums against me. All of my research. Every damn thing I had ever made in the service of Humanity!…All of it!"

>Pointing a finger at Providence, Elias then finishes:

"…And Meta-Humanity! Then you threw it away!"

>Coughing up more blood, Providence then begins pleading with Elias, begging him for mercy.

"P-Please, Elias! I need help! I need treatment! That wasn't me! You have to believe me!"

>Elias stares ahead with dead eyes at Providence. With the same eerie tone as before, he then says:

"You showed me just what kind of man you are - with that pitiful 'reject' version of you, right now."

>Eyes widening behind his cowl, Providence then screams in fear:

"Oh God No! Don't do it! Please! Don't do it Elias! I'm begging you, please! I can fix this! I can-"

>Elias then flicks a finger across Providence's face - generating a degree of precision and strength with his telekinesis to rip Providence's forehead and skull clean off. After looking at his now open and pulsating brain, Elias places two fingers on it, as his core ability begins to manifest itself.

"I'm taking everything left, that has any worth, within that weak little brain of yours, Providence. Then the world will be done with you."

>Afterwards, Elias releases his telekinetic grip on Providence - and casually tosses him to the floor with two fingers, another demonstration of his telekinetic power.


File: 1662325076471-0.jpg (773.61 KB, 1605x2000, Elias - 8.jpg)

File: 1662325076471-1.jpeg (480.84 KB, 700x1000, Hollow - 5.jpeg)

File: 1662325076471-2.jpg (232.86 KB, 985x704, TK.jpg)

File: 1662325076471-3.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

>As Elias watches Providence's lifeless body flop across the floor in a pool of blood, he watches intently for a moment as it reaches the soles of his newly formed boots. Scoffing at the floor, Elias then adjusts his hat and begins casually walking forward.

"If only I dealt with you sooner."

>Walking forward, Elias then watches as he sees Hollow slowly rising out of the cell. Still coughing as his clothes are singed, he feels the weight of the fully powered explosive vibro disc. Dazed and injured, but not fatally so, he then slowly stumbles forward, turning his attention towards Elias.


>Then noticing the dissected and dead corpse of Providence in the corner, Hollow's body now fills with rage - stating:

"You idiot! You've ruined everything! Our entire plan is ruined! Now we don't have a symbol for the organization-"

"Your organization is a pathetic echo of his own. Just as feckless, aimless, and dripping with insecurity. What kind of man defines himself by his power? I wonder."

>Hollow then rushes towards Elias with his signature superhuman speed - rushing in close on his location - only for Elias to stop him in mid-air with his telekinesis.

"I wonder. Is it a stronger man? Or a weaker man? Who does that…."

>Staring at Hollow for a moment, who remains immobilized like Providence did, Elias then analyzes him, as his core power begins reading him like a proverbial book.

"Ahh, there it is. How it works…That wondrous ability of yours."

>Eyes widening, Hollow looks on in terror as Elias walks closer to him - both hands behind his back.

"Psionic in nature. Compartmentalizing information taken from genes, neural activity and imprints. Converting it into….discs? How quaint. I think I could make use of that."

>Grabbing Hollow's outstretched hand, Elias looks onward as the effect begins.

>Hollow is confused and perturbed, as glowing red light appears from the tips of Elias's fingers, and begins rapidly coursing through his right arm - at the point of contact with Hollow's left arm. Afterwards, the red light dies down as Elias removes his hand.

>Feeling uneasy, Hollow then asks:

"What did you do?!"

>Elias then responds, stating:

"I replicated your ability. Your Meta-Gene. Your surprise is noted, and is amusing as well. Tell me."

>Holding his index and middle fingers of his right hand up to Hollow's face, he then says:

"….Do you have any last words? Requests? Wishes? Before you perish?"

>At that moment, Elias is then knocked back by telekinetic force - flying backwards. As he lands on his feet with his own telekinesis, he looks up, surprised.


>Holding his hand out, Mosaic watches as Hollow lowers to the ground, coughing in pain.

"You need to stop this, Chiral. Back in your cell."


File: 1662325620336-0.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662325620336-1.jpeg (70.16 KB, 433x650, Hollow - 4.jpeg)

File: 1662325620336-2.jpg (1.78 MB, 1500x2045, Elias.jpg)

File: 1662325620336-3.jpg (232.86 KB, 985x704, TK.jpg)

File: 1662325620336-4.jpeg (304.28 KB, 1920x1200, Space-Time.jpeg)

>Looking back up, Elias looks amused as he adjusts his hat, created from biomass. Looking back at Mosaic, he then states:

"You've made my initial operations more problematic than I'd like, vigilante."

>Staring at Mosaic across from the hallway, he then looks down at Hollow and says:

"….Go. Crawl back with your band of ragtag fighters - squirming back to your little master. I'll deal with him, and the rest of your lot soon enough."

>Not hesitating to take his chance, Hollow then quickly teleports out of the room - also taking every Meta-Human he freed with him; a phenomenon that Mosaic and Elias can both sense.

"Well now, I suppose it's just you and me then."

>Mosaic shakes his head.

"You're dangerous, and you can't be allowed to go free."

>Elias scoffs lightly, saying:

"I already told you, boy, I'm not interested in your little squabble anymore. I know who has to pay, for what they did to me."

>Mosaic crushes a nearby container cell into a canister with immense telekinetic strength to prove his point. The gloves are off now.

"I've spent a very long time messing around with restraints. Unless you want to be the first test of my power without limiters - then get back into your cell, or get out of the country. Leave and never come back."

>Elias takes a slight step back at the sheer display of power - startling even himself.

"….Leave, or I won't find you lucky the second time, Chiral."

>Elias sighs and adjusts his hat, scowling once more.

"…..Fine then, vigilante. You're far more powerful than I realized - even compared to your compatriots. You also seem to have what it takes to force the situation to your favor - good qualities. You remind me of my son, Marek."

>Lenses narrowing behind his mask, Mosaic then says:

"I'll take that as an epithet."

>Smiling once more, Elias bows, saying:

"Until next time then, Mosaic. I have other matters to attend to, and other scores to settle first. But I will be back, and you will show me just how powerful you really are."

>Elias then disappears through a portal of space-time folding around him. Now remaining in the room, and completely silent, Mosaic then sighs.


File: 1662326036279-0.png (3.26 MB, 1700x2219, Dynamo - 6.png)

File: 1662326036279-1.jpeg (183.64 KB, 1067x1743, Valkyrie.jpeg)

File: 1662326036279-2.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

>After a few minutes, Dynamo and Valkyrie come rushing down the stairs into the Containment hub of The Wedge. As Dynamo stops running, and Valkyrie stops flying - now hovering in place, they both respond to the situation:

"Jesus Christ…."

>Looking at the dissected body of Providence laying in the corner and soaking in blood, Valkyrie brings a hand to her mouth.

"Oh God. I think I'm going to throw up."

>Bewildered, Dynamo spins towards Mosaic, stating:

"Mosaic, was this you?!"

>Annoyed, Mosaic looks over his shoulder and says:

"The fact that you even ask that question is insulting, and below my effort to respond."

>Sighing, Dynamo then places a gauntleted hand to his helmet, exhaling in resignation.

"What a fucking shitshow. The debrief on this alone….It's going to be massive…."

"….I have a feeling Doctor Grayson will handle it."

>Looking up at Mosaic, Dynamo says in bewilderment.

"Miranda? What's she have to do with this?"

>Staring at Dynamo, and now Valkyrie who's returned her attention at the mention of Miranda's name, Mosaic then exclaims:

"Ask your boss, the Director. I'm sure Chase has something he'd want to tell you about her."

>Mosaic then walks past them both, stating:

"And you're welcome, for the record. Both of you were careless and reckless, and you should've formed a pair to infiltrate the facility."

>Valkyrie immediately gets defensive, somewhat irate and hostile. Flying towards Mosaic, she hovers in front of him and points a finger at him, stating:

"Oh bullshit! Like you're one to talk! Who's responsible for all of the property damage in the city?"

>Dynamo holds a hand out, attempting to ease Valkyrie out of her anger state.


>Valkyrie shoots Dynamo a look.

"No Dynamo! He needs to answer for what he's done! For years at this point!"


File: 1662326609968-0.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662326609968-1.jpeg (46.19 KB, 485x750, Valkyrie - 5.jpeg)

File: 1662326609968-2.jpg (94.66 KB, 1280x720, Dynamo - 9.jpg)

>Mosaic has one hand on his hip, staring down Valkyrie completely unphased.

"You need to be held accountable for your actions! You aren't above the principle of justice!"

>Barely making a note of her statement, Mosaic flicks a piece of dust off of his suit as he examines his gloved hands, stating:

"And yet neither of you were able to bust the criminal drug rings inside of Sanctuary City this entire time. Nor were you able to stop the distribution of the humour drug that was being spread throughout the city."

>Valkyrie stiffens up and grits her teeth, looking defensive.

"That's not-"

>Mosaic interjects, beginning to work his psychological expertise.

"In addition to that, you couldn't even identify the group behind the drug networking either - Eukaryon. The very group created by William Whitemalkin in the aftermath of Elias Grayson's death."

>Seeing the stunned look on Valkyrie's face, Mosaic continues - now moving a hand from his cloak and pointing it at her in response.

"In addition, neither of you had a clue that all this time, Providence was the direct result of Elias and William's actions. Nor that Elias and William had both been using old bases they created, for different reasons. Elias wanted to distribute his humour serum to amplify the powers of Meta-Humans so that they could overthrow you - the MRD. The very organization who allegedly had him killed in the first place."

>Floating back down to the ground, Valkyrie feels herself becoming uneasy as the weight of the revelations piling on. Slowly developing a sense of true uneasiness and wariness in her body, she feels her breath become light and stale.

"No…Not..possible. We're….We're the good guys…Aren't we?"

>Looking at Dynamo, Valkyrie then says:

"Aren't we Ryan?!?! We're the ones who protect people!"

>Dynamo looks away in silence for a moment, as Mosaic begins to walk past Valkyrie.

"Next time you try and rush in blindly, without asking questions? Ask yourself - why are you being given those orders by the MRD to begin with?"

>Mosaic then walks by, leaving the area. He doesn't look back to see Valkyrie still leaning on the wall, with Dynamo walking towards her, and putting a hand on her shoulder for comfort and support.


File: 1662327419540-0.jpg (100 KB, 640x480, Spire.jpg)

File: 1662327419540-1.jpg (709 KB, 1020x632, MRD Office.jpg)

File: 1662327419540-2.jpg (1.28 MB, 1275x1800, Chase - 12.jpg)

File: 1662327419540-3.jpg (1.2 MB, 1694x1440, Enkrateia - 14.jpg)

File: 1662327419540-4.jpeg (183.64 KB, 1067x1743, Valkyrie.jpeg)

>Date: March 11th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City - The Spire - MRD Director's Office
>Time: 10:30 AM

>Valkyrie sits in a chair across from Chase's desk, as he goes over the report once more. Leaning on the wall, with her long hair pressing against her jacket, is Miranda, who looks on with a neutral expression on her face.

"Suspect identified as 'Hollow' a MHA affiliated Meta-Human, attempted to breach The Wedge for the expressed purposes of breaking out Providence - one of the most dangerous Meta-Humans in modern history."

>Looking up at Valkyrie sitting at attention in her chair, Chase then looks back down at the paper report in his hand as he continues reading:

"Commander Dynamo and Lieutenant Valkyrie both responded to the alert systems then-activated at exactly 8:50 AM, Eastern Standard Time. As per protocol, they moved towards the scene and conducted field operations. They met resistance, and were directly confronted by Hollow, his fellow Meta-Humans broken out of containment, and Providence."

>Looking up at Miranda for a moment, before looking back at the paper report in his hand, Chase then concludes:

"During the ensuing confrontation, Chiral was released from containment, who then proceeded to kill Providence - forcing Hollow to escape with his associates via teleportation abilities. Chiral himself soon escaped the facility as well. Known casualties are Providence, a dozen MRD agents, and half a dozen scientists. Only 3 fatalities among the 19 casualties."

>Tossing the report back to his desk, Chase then says:

"That's the official story, internally."

>Valkyrie looks down at her feet, dejected and defeated.

"I don't…..I……."

>Miranda then leans up from her position at the wall and then walks up to Valkyrie, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"You did what you could, but the situation was out of your hands. Chiral was the unintended variable, and you weren't equipped to handle someone of his level of power."

>Looking up at Miranda, Valkyrie then stammers with a response, confused:

"But I'm incredibly powerful. I could've done something to stop him if I wasn't so careless-"

>Miranda looks at Valkyrie, speaking again with a more stern and forceful tone in her voice.

"Lieutenant Valkyrie. You did everything in your power to contain the threat, but were outclassed by a potential Omega-Level Meta-Human in a facility full of Alpha-Level Meta-Humans. You had no hand in the events as they occurred prior, and merely responded with your dedicated training, maintaining protocol."

>Silent, Valkyrie nods and looks away from Miranda and Chase - out towards the skyline beyond. Looking at the various skyscrapers and MRD hovercraft flying across Sanctuary City, she then says:

"….Yes, of course Doctor Grayson."

>Satisfied, Miranda then removes her hand from Valkyrie's shoulder and says:

"I'll give you a psychological evaluation and a trauma analysis."

>Looking from Valkyrie to Chase, Miranda continues:

"….As per the terms of my official partnership with the Meta-Human Response Division, correct?"

>Chase nods at Miranda, letting out an exasperated sigh.

"….Correct, doctor."


File: 1662328089930-0.jpeg (46.19 KB, 485x750, Valkyrie - 5.jpeg)

File: 1662328089930-1.jpg (294.52 KB, 737x938, Enkrateia - 24.jpg)

File: 1662328089930-2.jpg (94.79 KB, 600x533, Chase - 16.jpg)

>Chase then looks at Valkyrie and says:

"Dismissed, Lieutenant Valkyrie."

>Still somewhat shaken, Valkyrie nods and stands up to her feet, wrapping her right hand around her left elbow. Feeling inadequate due to her field performance, she hangs her head down slightly and turns around to walk away.

"Hold on. A moment please, Lieutenant."

>Valkyrie turns around to see Miranda walking toward her, a serious expression on her face.

"You did the right thing, and you were doing your job. No matter what anyone else says, the MRD can only operate within the parameters of the law. You are an officer of the law, and have adhered to the tenets of the law with iron clad dedication. You should be proud of that."

>Miranda puts her hand on Valkyrie's shoulder once more, reassuring her. She then says again:

"Also as I said, I'll provide support therapy to you afterwards, later today. You'll get through this."

>Nodding, Valkyrie turns around and gives Miranda a genuine hug of thanks, before turning around. Looking at Chase one more time, she then says:

"Director. Thank you."

>Chase nods, and replies:

"Of course. Any time. You can go back to your field duties for now, Lieutenant Valkyrie."

>As Valkyrie closes the door and leaves, Miranda turns her attention back to Chase - the serious expression still on her face.

>Walking up to Chase, she then watches as he says:

"Look, I appreciate the help but-"

>Miranda then slaps him across the face, nearly knocking his sunglasses off.

"Idiot. You complete and utter buffoon."

>Stunned and somewhat annoyed, Chase retorts by asking:

"What the hell was that for?!"

"For being moronic and dull-witted enough to send a pair of inexperienced Meta-Human MRD officers to try and contain the strongest known Meta-Human criminal on the planet. Chiral."

>Narrowing his eyes behind his sunglasses, Chase then says:

"You mean your father, Elias. Have you told Marek and Jakob yet? About their father?"

>Miranda narrows her eyes, speaking coldly in a voice eerily reminiscent of her father.

"I could turn your entire mind to mush, right now, Chase. Meta-Human or not, you're an ant compared to me in terms of psychic power - and we both know it."

>Narrowing his eyes in return, Chase watches as Miranda continues speaking:

"There are only two beings on this planet who are even comparable to me in psychic power. Aiden Grayson and Orion Thompson. My cousin, and his bonehead of a friend."

>Turning around, Miranda groans and places two fingers at the edges of her eyes, as they close.

"For reasons I honestly can't understand - it's those two. And they're going to be a problem if they keep getting in our way."

>Chase raises an eyebrow at Miranda.

"….Our way?"

>Miranda turns her attention back towards Chase, stating:

"Of course. I need your help to deal with William once and for all, in an official manner of course."


File: 1662328816908-0.jpg (709 KB, 1020x632, MRD Office.jpg)

File: 1662328816908-1.jpg (1.28 MB, 1275x1800, Chase - 12.jpg)

File: 1662328816908-2.jpg (1.2 MB, 1694x1440, Enkrateia - 14.jpg)

>Chase looks at Miranda, aghast and in shock.

"You want to off your own stepfather?"

>Miranda rolls her eyes, looking more annoyed in response to Chase's inquiries.

"He's a piece of shit and is responsible for this entire situation. And I'm going to need to deal with him, before dad does. Knowing him, he'll likely be making a b-line to William's cell right now. Once he can find the records of his location that is."

>Miranda begins pacing around, thinking to herself, while Chase just stands there in shock as usual.

"Miranda, listen to yourself! You can't just undermine the law! Look at what you just told Diana!"

>Miranda turns her head towards Chase and snaps in a raised tone of voice:

"I told her the truth! She has no blood on her hands, and was simply doing her job. Whereas your job, Director, is to deal with all national security threats of the Meta-Human variety - to the United States. Is it not? Tell me."

>Waving a hand at Miranda in a dismissive motion, he then walks back to his desk and sits down, looking up at her again in disbelief and slight disgust.

"So what are you going to do, Miranda? Destroy your own father?"

"…Step-father. My biological father on the other hand, has become collateral damage because of my step-father's mistakes, and so will everyone else if we don't locate his group and stop them. We also need to deal with William as well, once and for all."

>Putting his hands together as he leans forward at his desk, Chase thinks very intently for a moment before responding.

"…..Just let Chiral do it."

>Miranda spins her head towards Chase's position with surprising speed and precision.

"I'm sorry, what?"

>Chase looks her dead in the eyes as he continues speaking.

"You heard me. Put out a redacted version of the report, showing Chiral having broken out of containment, and use the CCTV footage of Hollow infiltrating The Wedge in his shape-shifted form to establish him as the prime suspect. The CCTV cameras were only at the upper levels of the buildings anyways. Nobody else was even aware of what transpired afterwards."

>Miranda raises an eyebrow at Chase, stating:

"And I suppose you've already scrubbed the records of everything pertaining to anyone but Hollow and his Meta-Humans?"

>Chase nods.

"Well, naturally, given the complexity of the situation. Have Chiral be declared public enemy number one using his shape-shifted appearance, so nobody knows it's your father. Then have that motivate him to find both William and the MHA - so that he can destroy them both in one fell swoop. Then we can neutralize him using your psionic powers, as your cousin did a few days prior."

>Chase then stops for a moment, before saying:

"….And since you've already wiped the minds of everyone within a hundred miles of the area….what else is there for you to worry about now?"

>Miranda then smiles for the first time that morning, and walks over to Chase - leaning over the desk and directly in front of his face. Her trademark smug expression back, she then speaks in a sultry tone of voice.

"Well done, Director. I guess I can count on you after all~."

>Chase mutters to himself and rolls his eyes again, as he goes back to his work - with Miranda leaving his office as he does so.


File: 1662329573211-0.jpg (126.58 KB, 1070x470, Cave.jpg)

File: 1662329573211-1.jpg (94.6 KB, 800x518, Computer.jpg)

File: 1662329573211-2.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662329573211-3.jpg (88.34 KB, 785x1017, Aiden - 34.jpg)

File: 1662329573211-4.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

>Location: Sanctuary City - Archeon Complex - The Prism
>Time: 10:30 AM

>Looking at the live feed of the hidden cameras in the MRD Director's office, Mosaic sits in his chair. Unmasked with his cowl and hood lowered on his neck, he then presses a button on the large keyboard interface in front of him. As the loud noise of the waterfalls serves as background noise to mediate the eerie silence of the Prism, he then rewinds and analyzes the discussion between Chase and Miranda once more.

>Beside him, Hyperia stands with her arms crossed and her domino mask still on. Muttering to herself, she then says out loud:

"The self-serving bitch. I knew it. She really does want him dead and out of the picture."

>Still looking at the large monitor showing the recording of the footage, Mosaic nudges his head towards Hyperia from his seat, now stating:

"Well it couldn't be helped. As long as uncle Eli is running amok, he could more or less reveal the truth about our family."

>Feeling Hyperia's gaze on him, Mosaic rolls his eyes, saying:

"Not agreeing with her, just explaining her reasoning."

"Good. Now how do we stop her?"

>Mosaic brings up a series of MRD reports and statistical analysis papers. As he does so, he then explains:

"The MRD's been doing cross referential analyses between the information known internally about Eukaryon's business assets and the onset of Meta-Humans in the city. There's a remarkable correlation between the two, which basically confirms what's already been theorized - Chiral's more or less been capturing both Humans and Meta-Humans; taking them all over the city to experiment on them. Or rather he was until I scared him off for now."

>Crossing her arms, Hyperia then asks:

"So what do we do with this? Destroy his remaining labs?"

>Mosaic nods as he fixates his eyes on various pieces of data and information appearing on the monitor.

"Exactly. Dismantle his network, and learn where the rest of the bases are. Might see if we can find some of Eukaryon's bases as well, since there would likely be references to future business expansion spots in those existing labs. They're repurposed clinics, and uncle Eli and William likely put a bunch of stuff in there, just in case they needed reference points for future locations."

>Thinking for a moment, Hyperia then says:

"….What about Marek? Isn't he demolishing Eukaryon bases left and right? He's going to become a problem eventually."

>Sighing, Mosaic runs a hand through his hair - fixing it up as he then says:

"We'll deal with that when it gets there. Besides, knowing Marek, he'll be more pissed off at uncle Eli, William and his sister when he learns the truth."

>Mosaic brings up another piece of information, reports of 3 other situations. Phoebe then responds after speed reading one of the headlines in a fraction of a second.

"Hydroponics district having issues again?"

>Mosaic nods, keeping pace with the speed of her reading as well, without effort.

"Yeah. There's also reports of the Outsiders planning a frontal assault on all the major MRD bases in the city - and given who's funding them, I wouldn't be surprised if this is Eukaryon's doing as well. Same with the killer robots we're starting to get reports of, all across the country too."


File: 1662330090913-0.jpg (126.58 KB, 1070x470, Cave.jpg)

File: 1662330090913-1.jpg (94.6 KB, 800x518, Computer.jpg)

File: 1662330090913-2.jpg (74.51 KB, 700x707, Gradient - 2.jpg)

File: 1662330090913-3.jpg (43.98 KB, 477x703, Nu!Hyperia.jpg)

File: 1662330090913-4.jpg (316.41 KB, 900x1403, Scalar - 2.jpg)

>Hyperia puts her hand on her hips, looking somewhat amused at all the headlines as she summarizes.

"So we need to stop uncle Elias from killing William. Destroy the rest of his and William's individual Eukaryon-based facilities and laboratories. Stop a potential disease outbreak in the Hydroponics district from spilling over into the larger Sanctuary City overall. Foil an all out war being planned between the Outsiders, the various criminal Meta-Human gangs in the city and the MRD. Then lastly, deal with a bunch of killer death robots sprouting up across the entire country?"

>Mosaic puts on his mask and cowl and stands up from his desk - tapping a few more keys on the keyboard to download schematics and data files to his mask's lenses.

"That about covers it all, yeah. Also we'll need to stop the MHA however we can, despite them being an international situation. Oh and we're going to need to deal with Marek and whatever chaos he's getting himself into as well."

>In a blast of bright golden lightning, Scalar races into the Prism, up the stairs and then stops right in front of both Mosaic and Hyperia without missing a corner or turn either.

"Sorry I was late! Had to deal with a string of robberies, break-ins, burglaries, gang turf wars and some accounting issues on the way here! So, what did I miss now?"

>Scalar looks at both Mosaic and Hyperia - who both look at each other in turn.

"Oh this should be good."

>Hyperia says, a smug expression on her face.

>Sighing, Mosaic then says:

"Alright Jonah, it's a lot to unpack here. Ready?"

>Mosaic begins filling Scalar in on the situation, as Hyperia watches on with her hands on her waist. All 3 of the vigilantes then prepare for what comes next, as they plan their next move.

[To Be Continued]

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