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>Date: June 1st, 2000
>Location: Unknown
>Time: 11:30 AM

>The sounds of clicking and tapping fill the room, bouncing and echoing off the sterile, colorless floors and walls of the room. Being a lab, the room is full of various equipment and computers, most of which appearing ahead of their time for one reason or another.

>Near-by, a pair of young children - one a blonde boy and the other a reddish-brown haired girl sit next to each other on a mostly cleared off counter top.

"Can we get up now?"

>The boy looks at a tall, blonde man in a lab coat typing away at a computer. Without giving the children so much of a glance, he sternly replies:



"No. We have several tests to work through today. So you will remain there, while I finish preparing."

>Both children let out audible groans. Once again, the room goes silent. With only the sound of clacking keys being heard.

>It stays like this, for several minutes - before finally the girl speaks up this time:



"F-Father. How much longer?"

>Now appearing visibly frustrated, the man stops typing - letting out a sigh as he pinches his brow. He mumbles:

"Damn you Monica. They're like this because of you."

>He turns to look at the girl, causing her to nervously real back slightly. She averts her eyes, trying to avoid his stern gaze.

"If either of you bothers me with that question again, I-"

>The man suddenly stops, interrupted as he hears a knock coming from behind him.


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>Turning around, the man immediately takes note of another man standing in the doorway. The other man stands tall, with long platinum blonde hair.

>Speaking with a modest German accent, he says:

"Ken. It's time for their assessment."

>Ken lets out a sigh.

"Now? I was just about to begin-"

"We talked about this. June first."

>Shaking his head, Ken takes a moment to compose himself - adjusting his lab coat.

"You're right. Let's just get this done and over with."

>Motioning for the pair of children, Ken states:

"Up. Follow me."

>Without a word, the children hop off the counter and begin following their father - with the girl taking hold of the boy's hand.


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>The men exit the room, followed along by the small children. The adults talk amongst themselves, passing through various sterile and technology filled corridors.

>Meanwhile, the little girl looks at the boy - asking:

"Orion? Is this another test?"

"I don't know."

"If it is, I hope it doesn't hurt this time."

>After a few more minutes of travel, the platinum haired man stops before a regular looking door. He turns to face Ken and the children, stating:

"Ready, everyone?"

>Ken rolls his eyes, as the man opens up the door - revealing an entirely different kind of room.

>The room is much more natural looking, full of various pleasing colors and materials. Furniture of all kinds line the room, with various books lining the shelves.

>In the center of the room a circle of chalk surrounds a small, glowing object. The object is shaped like a pyramid - blue in hue. It appears smooth, yet engraved with several symbols.


>The children say in unison.

>The man smirks, and adjusts his tie.

>Appearing less impressed, Ken asks:

"Alright, Karl. What now? I assume it has something to do with that… pyramid object."


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"Correct as always, Kenneth."

>Gesturing towards the object, the man elaborates.

"The children simply need to step inside the circle, and the assessment can begin."

>Blinking, the little girl finally speaks up and asks:

"Assessment? What's that? Is this a test?"

>Smiling, the man nods at the girl, replying:

"Yes Circe. That's what an assessment is. A test."

"What kind of test?"

"A magic test."

>Both children let out an audible "Woahh" sound once more, as their father crosses his arms. Speaking up, he says:

"Right. Well, let's get this over with Karl. Your 'magic' is fascinating. But it's something I don't have much patience for."

>Looking at Ken, Karl continues to hold his smile.

"Relax. This is what they were created for, isn't it? To make the ultimate Meta-Human being, capable of incredible feats of science and magic?"

>Ken stares at Karl in silence for a moment, before relenting.

"Yes. That's correct."


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>Clapping his hands together, Karl says:

"Now! Enough of the chit-chat. I'm eager to see how the children fair."

>Turning to face the young blonde boy, the man says:

"Little Orion. You're up first. Step inside the circle."

>Orion blinks, and then stares at the circle.

"Oh. Okay."

>Slightly nervous, Orion moves towards the circle - stepping into it. He stands there in silence, staring at the glowing object.

>After a few moments of this, he looks over his shoulder and asks:

"Now what, Mister Karl?"

>Still smiling, Karl calmly replies:

"Try and… reach out to it. With your mind."


"Like you do to move things. But don't focus on moving it. Just… try and feel it. Like you're trying to see what's inside."

"Er… okay. I'll try."

>Turning to face the object, Orion stares at it in silence for several moments. He continues to blink, before holding both palms towards it.

>As he begins to concentrate, the object begins slowly glowing brighter and brighter - beginning to levitate off the floor.

>This continues for several more moments, before in an instant everything stops - the pyramid dropping back to the floor as Orion kneels over, panting.

>Finally showcasing an expression other than a smile, Karl cranes his head to the side slightly and says:

"Hmm… not bad. Definitely above average. But… not exactly what I had hoped."

>Ken speaks up.

"And… what would that be, Karl?"

"You'll know it when you see it. Which will hopefully be next. Circe, your turn."


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>Stepping out of the circle, Orion says:

"That was weird. Did I do good?"

>Ken opens his mouth to speak, only for Karl to cut him off.

"Yes. You did fine. But now it's little Circe's turn."

>The little girl looks back and forth between the pyramid shaped object, and the men. Nervous, she remains in place - only to begin moving in a hurry once noticing her father's expression.

>Slowly walking towards the drawn circle, she covers her mouth, trying to suppress her nervous giggling. Immediately upon stepping inside the circle the glowing object reacts to her presence, briefly glowing much brighter than before, before returning to it's normal light levels.

"Oh my…"

>Karl's eyes are firmly glued on Circe and the object.


"Just watch."

>Now speaking to the girl, he says:

"Go on Circe. You know what to do."

>The little girl gulps, and then begins focusing on the object…


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>For the first several moments, everything is still. The air feels heavy, with all traces of sound within the room seemingly having vanished.

>In an instant, the pyramid cracks - it's surface shattering. It then begins floating in the air, spinning at an accelerating rate. The room itself seems to rattle, with the shelves lining the walls beginning to spill out books and papers - all starting to fly in the air encircling the girl.

>Appearing visibly shaken, Karl stammers out:

"M-My god…"

>Ken's eyes dart back and forth between the girl and Karl, asking:

"What? What the hell is happening, Karl? Tell me!"

>Karl's eyes remain glued on the show in front of them.

"I've never seen or felt anything like this…! She's… she's too much!"


"This was a mistake! She'll be impossible to control!"

"God damn it Karl! This was your idea! Aren't you supposed to be good at this?"

"I am a master. But this girl… she's something else."

>Now looking at Ken, Karl says:

"I'm stopping this, now. And wiping their memories."

>Before Ken can even attempt to protest, Karl holds his palm towards Circe, mumbling something in his native tongue. A series of brightly colored runes and bands of energy surround his arms as everything in front of him freezes in place - before dropping to the ground harmlessly.

>Circe and Orion both pass out immediately, with Ken looking bewildered. Gritting his teeth, the man yells:

"Karl! Explain!"


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>Still appearing shook, Karl wipes his hand down his face. The strange glowing runes and bands encircling his arms vanish, appearing to shatter apart into nothingness.

"The test… it was supposed to measure potential aptitude. Something all children in my bloodline go through once reaching the age of five."

>Now peering at Ken, Karl continues:

"T-That girl… she isn't ordinary. Even considering the circumstances surrounding her creation."

"So what? I don't see what all the fuss is about. Moving things around is something Orion does all the time. It's child's play."

"No. You're not a mage. You don't understand. That was much more than some simple psychic trick."

>Ken scoffs.

"Just… trust me Kenneth. This girl you and Monique created… she cannot be left unsupervised. Nor allowed to know about this."

>More annoyed than ever, Ken picks the unconscious Orion up and throws him over his shoulder - before walking over and doing the same to Circe. He looks at Karl, and says:

"I've been willing to set aside my beliefs, and try to accept something new. But this has all just been a waste of my time. You still have my respect, Karl. But my focus remains on science and the power of the mind."

>Without another word Ken leaves the room, carrying the two children on his shoulders…


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>Date: December 16th, 2014
>Location: Unknown
>Time: 8:00 AM

>A beautiful young woman sits alone in what appears to be a small, almost prison-like dorm room. The woman is tall, as well as noticeably fit and busty.

>She appears bored and sullen, sitting against the wall with her knees pulled as close to her chest as her body will allow. She stares at the floor, silently lost in her thoughts.

>Suddenly, the door to the room slides open, with a now slightly aged looking Ken stepping into the room. Appearing mostly the same as he did in his younger years, the man looks down at the young woman and says:


>The woman doesn't respond, staying seated.

"I said. Up."

"I don't want to… don't make me…"

>Ken suddenly grabs the woman by the arm, forcefully pulling her to her feet. He glares at the woman, and says:

"Stop acting pathetic and do as you're told, Circe."

"My name is Stephanie."

"No. Your name is Circe. Now shut your damn mouth. You have a lot to do today."

"I don't want to-"



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>Stephanie simply stares at Ken, her eyes darting all around his face. After several moments of silence, she quietly replies:

"…What are we doing?"

>Regaining his composer, Ken releases his grip on Stephanie's arm. He adjusts his lab coat, and turns around to leave the room.

"More work on these energies you've been producing lately. And later you have an assignement elsewhere. Something about a troublemaker needing dealt with."

>Silently, Stephanie follows her father out of the room, her eyes glued to the floor.

>Having expanded in operations over the years, the halls of the mysterious complex are full of various people in labcoats and suits moving about.

>Ken leads Stephanie along, walking at a quick pace. After several minutes he arrives at a sealed door resembling an airlock. The scientist places his hand on a near-by scanner, forcing the door to open.

>Inside is a massive laboratory, large enough to be a separate building itself. Various high tech machinery is spread about the room, along with several dozens of people dressed in labcoats and other safety gear.

>Near-by, Orion leans against an empty counter - crossing his arms. Instantly, he notices his sister's arrival. Walking towards her, he asks:

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine…"

"Both of you. Shut up. There's work to do."


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File: 1643065690167-4.png (642.09 KB, 1279x720, Crystal.png)

>As Ken begins silently typing away at the keyboard, Stephanie's eyes begin slowly moving around the room. Orion takes notice of this, and begins staring at his sister.

>Using his psychic abilities, he starts a mental conversation with her, asking:

{"Stephanie? What're you doing? You look like you're planning something."}

>Still studying the room, she replies:

{"I'm sick of this place, sick of these people. We need to go."}

{"What? Circe! They're not going to just let us go!"}

>Staring intensely at her brother now, Stephanie replies:

{"I don't care. We have to get out. We have to."}

>Orion's eyes begin moving around the room.

{"How? There's dampeners everywhere. And the guys over working under Karl supposedly can stop us even if those fail."}

{"They won't."}

{"How do you know that for sure?"}

{"This is how."}

>A series of images and feelings begin flashing through Orion's mind. Images of strange energies and symbols, flashes of a strange room with a glowing pyramid inside, people dressed in arcane robes and clothes performing strange experiments. And finally feeling of comfort and warmth, accompanied by the blurry image of an object floating in a strange room.


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File: 1643066603296-2.jpg (113.54 KB, 761x497, Ken - 19.jpg)

>Startled, Orion stumbles back slightly, causing Ken to deliver him a glare. Not saying anything, Orion simply turns his head away, appearing annoyed.

{"What the HELL was that, Circ?"}

{"I really do wish you'd stop calling me by that name."}

{"Sorry. Habit."}

>Stephanie's eyes shift to the side, and she begins watching Ken and his screen as he continues to type away - unaware of the conversation next to him.

{"Anyway. To be honest, I'm not sure Orion. I've been having these… visions, and feelings over the last couple months. And every time I do I learn a little more about this place. And I grow a little bit stronger."}

>Stephanie stares at Orion, waiting for a response. Nothing comes up, as he instead appears to be listening intently. Deciding to continue, she says:

{"Something is trying to help us, Orion. And nobody here can stop it. I can feel it."}

>Orion stares at his sister, shocked. Trying to comprehend this new information, he asks:

{"If you're that confident we'll be okay… then do you have some kind of plan? We can't just make a break for it."}

{"We can. We just need to work together."}

>Stephanie looks around the room, saying:

{"There's nobody here who can keep you out of their head. Even with the dampeners on. So the plan is this: We put everyone in as wide an area as we can to sleep, and just run."}

{"Just run, huh?"}

>Orion thinks it through for several moments, looking to the floor as he does so.

>After about a minute he looks towards Stephanie and says:

{"I'm in. Fuck these guys. They took away our mom, and our freedom. So just say when, and we can start."}


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File: 1643165329448-3.png (438.47 KB, 990x1619, Stephanie108.png)


{"What? Okay."}

>Without warning an ear piercing noise rings inside the heads of everyone in the room, causing them to immediately stop what they're doing as they drop to the ground unconscious.

>Dropping to his knees, Ken clenches at his head - able to resist somewhat due to his own innate Meta-Human ability. Struggling to speak, he says:

"O-Orion…! What… are… you… doing…?"


>Before Ken can react, Orion's fist connects with his face - knocking him to the floor. With everyone in the room now unconscious, Orion looks at Stephanie and says:

"There. Now what? Just run for it?"


>The pair take off, running towards the lab's doors. Without hesitation Stephanie rams through the door - causing it to crumple up and break off the hinges. Orion follows close behind.

>People in the halls begin to panic, as the pair race through the maze-like complex at increasingly high speeds. Just as they're about to turn a corner, Stephanie skids to a stop - holding her arm out for Orion to do the same.

>Lowering his voice, Orion asks:

"What is it?"

"Do you feel that?"

>Orion blinks, and then focuses briefly, before responding with.

"Yeah. There's someone around the corner. And they've got… something going on. Feels strange."

"I think it has something to do with those people in my visions. It feels similar."

"Okay, and? Can't we just knock 'em out or rush by?"

>Stephanie shakes her head.

"No. I don't think so. Which means we're going to have to either talk them down, or fight our way through."

>Orion lets out a sigh, before taking a moment to think. After a few seconds, he replies:

"Okay. I'll go forward and try to be a distraction. While you figure out if there's something you can do with all these weird new things you can do."

>Stephanie nods her head, simplying replying with:

"Got it."

>Without a word, Orion turns and begins moving around the corner…


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File: 1643168575005-1.gif (1.69 MB, 320x240, TK - 6.gif)

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>Orion stops at the end of the hallway, surprised as he's met with the sight of a single man standing at the end of a darkened corridor.

>With his face obscured by the lack of light, Karl stands opposite to Orion - studying him. Not making a sound, Karl remains in place like a statue - waiting for Orion to act.

>Feeling tense, Orion says out loud:

"Karl? Come on. Get out of the way."

>Karl doesn't respond.

"I'm serious. We're leaving. And there's nothing you can do to stop us. So I'll give you one chance to move."

>Orion stares into the darkness, waiting for any sort of sound to escape the man's lips. After what feels like an eternity of silence, Orion says:

"Fine. If you're not going to say anything, I'll just move you myself."

>In one swift motion, Orion extends his arm, pointing the palm of his hand towards the silent man. An almost explosive wave of invisible force rockets out of his hand and towards Karl, ready to blast him backwards.

>A sound resembling a firecracker suddenly goes off, as the wave of telekinetic force stops just before Karl - leaving him unharmed.


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File: 1643169790199-1.png (273.97 KB, 448x418, Orion105.png)

File: 1643169790199-2.jpg (66.53 KB, 900x675, Purple Energy.jpg)

File: 1643169790199-3.jpg (166.67 KB, 680x394, Black Smoke.jpg)

>Finally doing something, Karl cracks a smile. Speaking to Orion, he says:

"No. I don't think you'll be going anywhere, Orion.

>Remaining in place, the man continues to speak calmly.

"Too much time and resources have been invested in the two of you. Besides. We still have so much to do. So much to learn."

>Furrowing his brow, Orion says:

"I don't care."

"A shame that you don't. But, your opinion matters little here. All that's needed is for you to do as you're told."

"Fuck off with your 'Nice guy who does what has to be done' act. You're just as much a piece of shit as that turd who calls himself our father."

>Karl lets out a sigh, shaking his head.

"Well, Orion. I was going to offer you the chance to go back consequence free. But I can't tolerate that dirty little mouth of yours."

>Before Orion can say anything else, Karl snaps his fingers - generating a loud booming noise. For the first few moments, nothing happens.

>But suddenly, the shadows themselves begin stretching out towards Orion - appearing as several solid masses. The psychic tries to move back, only to be held in place by his very own shadow.

>Panicked, he begins firing bolt after bolt of glowing psychic energy at Karl - only for it to be effortlessly blocked and consumed by the darkness.



File: 1643170471129-0.jpg (367.54 KB, 989x1200, Karl - 11.jpg)

File: 1643170471129-1.jpg (250.48 KB, 500x706, Orion63.jpg)

"How annoying."

>Walking towards Orion, Karl says to him:

"I've never come across a Meta-Human who's abilities I couldn't dampen. Yet you're still able to act…"

>Looking Orion over, he adds:

"It must have something to do with your mother's DNA. Fascinating."

>With Karl now in striking distance, Orion balls his fist and takes a swing at the magician - only for one of the shadow shapes to race in front of the punch, blocking it.

"Oh no. There won't be any of that."

"Fuck you!"

>Orion begins throwing several strikes at his target, moving at superhuman speeds. Each and every punch is blocked by the dark substance, leaving Karl completely unharmed.

"God damn it! Why can't I hit you!? Why can't I crush you!? Why can I not do anything!?"

>Karl smiles, calmly replying:

"Because, Orion. You're too weak, and too ignorant."

>Before Orion can react, the shadow shapes wrap around his face and arms - covering his mouth and restricting his ability to move further. The room rumbles and shakes violently, as Orion lets out muffled shouts from behind his mouth covering.


File: 1643171199884-0.png (866 KB, 1600x3000, Karl - 7.png)

File: 1643171199884-1.png (273.97 KB, 448x418, Orion105.png)

File: 1643171199884-2.jpg (259.62 KB, 599x660, Stephanie78.jpg)

"That's enough!"

>Karl's attention is immediately turned towards the entrance to the corridor. There, Stephanie stands ready - visibly angered.

"Well well. I was wondering when you'd come out. Hello, Circe. So nice to see you again."

"Let him go!"

"No. I won't. He is being punished. And so will you, if you don't come with me willingly."

>Stephanie's eyes dart between Orion and Karl, causing her to grit her teeth.



"We're not coming with you. Now let him go."

>Raising an eyebrow, Karl states:

"You're not really in a position to make demands here, Circe. I have your brother at my mercy."

>Stephanie's eyes shift back towards Orion, who is just barely able to return her gaze. After several moments of this, she looks at Karl - asking:

"What is this? It doesn't feel like psychic energy, or an illusion. So how are you doing it?"


File: 1643245074781-0.jpg (26.01 KB, 423x600, Karl - 12.jpg)

File: 1643245074781-1.jpg (20.7 KB, 172x209, Stephanie73.jpg)

>Amused by Stephanie's question, Karl chuckles to himself.

"You want to know how I'm doing this? That's funny."

>Stephanie raises her eyebrow, waiting for Karl's explanation.

"You know, when you two were very young you gave me quite a scare, Circe. But that was a long, long time ago. And I'm not the same man I was then."


>Karl lets out a sigh, as he appears to relax his body a bit.

"I suppose it won't hurt to tell you. Maybe then you'll be a good girl and do as you're told."

>Karl smiles at Stephanie, giving off a false sense of warmth.

"Magic, my dear. That's all it is."


"Yes. Is that so hard to believe in a world where men can fly without wings, walk through walls, and control the elements?"

"I… I guess not…"

>Stephanie's brows furrow. She brings her finger to her chin, becoming visibly lost in thought. Noticing this, Karl states:

"Don't think about it too hard, Circe. Magic is a complex thing that requires years of practice. And I'm afraid you've lost that privilege."


File: 1643247122272-0.jpg (16.34 KB, 236x272, Stephanie24.jpg)

File: 1643247122272-1.jpg (76.08 KB, 558x708, Karl - 9.jpg)

>Stephanie taps at her chin, mumbling as she's lost in thought.

"Magic… magic…"

>Now raising an eyebrow, Karl says:

"Circe? I told you not to think too hard about it."

>After a few more seconds of silently watching, a series of magical bands begin forming around the magician's arms. Strange runes and symbols glow softly in the dark, illuminating his face.

"Alright then. Standing here is becoming tiring. So I'll be bringing you back now."

>Suddenly, the bands of runes surrounding the magician's arms jitter and fizzle, like lightbulbs struggling to stay on. Karl raises his arm to his face, inspecting it closely.

"That's… odd."

>Before Karl can react, Stephanie's hand grabs hold of Karl's face - shocking him. In one swift motion she pivots her foot around - slamming the wizard into the hall wall.

>The wall shacks, fracturing and cracking severely from the force of the impact. He struggles, trying and failing to break free of the woman's iron grip. Looking Karl in the eye, Stephanie says:

"I don't know how all this magic works. But I'm guessing you need to talk to do it."

>As Karl begins reaching towards her, Stephanie suddenly delivers a hard kick to his hand - breaking it. The man lets out a muffled scream, as Stephanie keeps hold of her grip on his face.

"Gotta move your hands too, right? That's how it goes in stories lots of stories."

>Before he can pull it away, Stephanie shatters the mage's other hand - kicking it with the force of a steam roller.


File: 1643247747646-0.png (412.9 KB, 780x900, Orion3.png)

File: 1643247747646-1.jpg (92.04 KB, 640x360, Stephanie111.jpg)

>The runes and symbols shatter, breaking away into small glass-like pieces that fade into nothingness. Watching this, Stephanie says:

"Thanks for this, Karl. You really shed some light on things for me."

>Without another word Stephanie releases her grip from Karl's face and steps back - before delivering a swift kick to the head, knocking him out cold.

>Now released from his restraints, Orion drops to the ground - coughing and clenching his throat as he tries to catch his breath. He takes Stephanie's hand, allowing her to help him up.

"How… How did you… do that? I couldn't get… past his shield…"

>Orion lets out another cough, turning his head away out of courtesy.

"I just needed to disrupt it. So that's what I did. It was composed of energy, and I could feel it the way I do others. Meaning I could control it. At least a little. So I just made a small enough opening for me to break through."

>Having finally caught his breath, Orion stares at Karl's unconscious body:

"Good job Circe. Sorry. Stephanie. Still not used to calling you that. Anyway, I dunno what the deal is with the whole magic mumbo jumbo, but you did it. Now let's get the heck outta here."

>Stephanie nods at her brother, and the pair begin running off - almost immediately picking up enough speed to become nothing but a blur.


File: 1643248573729-0.jpg (168.04 KB, 600x800, Stephanie51.jpg)

File: 1643248573729-1.png (377.09 KB, 360x618, Orion106.png)

File: 1643248573729-2.jpg (553.83 KB, 1280x680, Field.jpg)

>Now confident that they're no longer being followed, Orion looks at Stephanie and says:

"We're far enough away now that we can just break out without causing a collapse to kill a bunch of people. So come on."

>Instantly, the ceiling rips open - crumbling away as Orion remotely tears a massive hole in it. He takes his sister's arm and leaps dozens of feet into the air - clearing several floors in seconds.

>The twins breathe in the fresh air, as they leap out from the ground and into the air. Moments later they land on the ground, appearing it what is apparently just a field of grass and wheat in the middle of nowhere.

>Letting go of his sister's arm, Orion says:

"Holy shit, we made it out."

>Before he can do anything else, Stephanie jumps into him - hugging her brother tightly. She lets out a giggle, as Orion lifts her in the air slightly, before putting her back down. A tear rolls down her cheek, as Stephanie says:

"…I just wish mom was here. That way we could all be together again."

>Orion looks down, trying to hide his own emotions, as he says:


>The pair remain silent for several minutes, both grieving and celebrating to themselves. After a while, Orion looks towards Stephanie.

"…What now? We can't just stand here forever. They're going to start looking for us soon. So we need to find a place to stay."

"…No. Not yet. We have to stay here."

>Confused, Orion furrows his brow.

"Huh? Why?"

"Because something is coming to meet us. I can feel it. It wants to help."

"…O-Okay… it was your plan, so I guess we're staying for now."

>Orion pulls his legs into the air, assuming a cross legged position as he hovers over the ground, waiting for Stephanie's apparent ally.


File: 1643249335492-0.jpeg (304.28 KB, 1920x1200, Space-Time.jpeg)

File: 1643249335492-1.gif (1.95 MB, 448x252, Blue Light Explosion.gif)

File: 1643249335492-2.jpg (146.26 KB, 709x1127, Jehuty.jpg)

File: 1643249335492-3.gif (2.76 MB, 625x350, Time - 3.gif)

>After a few moments, a faint sound begins to emanate from the sky above - a sort of vibrant string sound. As the sound increases in intensity, the fabric of reality begins to distort - a few dozen feet away from Orion and Stephanie.

>Bright, radiant lights then appear from the distortion as a man in his early 30s slowly hovers through.

"The Empyrean finally signaled for you. Good."

>The man says, staring directly at Stephanie.

"You remain unharmed as well, wonderful."

>Then turning his attention towards Orion, he states:

"I'm sorry Mister Thompson, I need to converse with Miss Thompson for a moment."

>Before Orion can speak, the man in the mysterious robes and cloak whispers an unintelligible set of statements - before snapping his fingers.

>The world begins to lose its saturation, developing a monochromatic shade as it slows to a halt. Now putting a hand to his chest, the figure says:

"I am Jehuty, or Thoth. The Egyptian God of Knowledge, Science…..and a bit of Magic - as you can see."

>Holding his hands out and slowly turning around in place, Thoth then states:

"Basic alteration field - localized time manipulation on a planetary scale. It's one of the more utilitarian spells you'll learn as Sorceress Supreme."


File: 1643249995915.png (1.02 MB, 1104x1058, Stephanie225.png)

>Stephanie waves her hand in front of Orion's face. Not getting any sort of reaction from him, she says:

"…Wow. So you can just do this?"

>Slowly turning to face the man, Stephanie says:

"So you're a… god? A real god?"

>She furrows her brow.

"If gods are real, then why are you here? Shouldn't you be answering prayers and helping people."

>She brings her hand to her chin, as she thinks about it more.

"…And are you the only god out there? Or are there more?"

>Her mind races, as more and more questions begin to crop up.


File: 1643250690772-0.jpg (146.26 KB, 709x1127, Jehuty.jpg)

File: 1643250690772-1.jpg (112.4 KB, 600x600, Magic Rune.jpg)

File: 1643250690772-2.jpg (126.52 KB, 700x525, Magic - 6.jpg)

File: 1643250690772-3.jpg (24.06 KB, 796x398, Portal - 2.jpg)

>Thoth crosses his arms, an amused expression on his face.

"Smart of you to ask. Question everything you experience, including phenomena like this."

>Walking up to Stephanie, but still giving her a dozen feet of space, he then continues:

"However, yes. I am in fact a 'God' as you would call it. More a metaphysical abstraction given solid form and crystalized through collective - no wait that's too early. Later in your training you'll learn that."

>Thoth gives an exasperated sigh as he readjusts his stance.

"Forgive me. I had just finished conversing with Isaac. He's much further along than you are in his training."

>Thoth then turns around and makes another set of incantations, along with hand gestures that are incredibly fast and precise. bright multi colored trails of light trace across his fingers as he does so - conjuring a large surge of energy around the space-time rupture.

>As the rupture appears to generate a bright blue light, he then states:

"No, I am not the only God you will meet. My extended family in the Egyptian Pantheon also exists - as well as the other Pantheons. All in due time, Sorceress Supreme."

>The rupture then increases in size and brightness, as Thoth elaborates:

"We will only be gone for a second of time, relative to your twin brother Orion. I need to direct you towards the Crystal - the one that chose you, and the one communicating to you in your dreams. Only then can you begin your training."

>Thoth then motions towards the portal, stating:

"Come along, Stephanie. Time is of the essence."

>Thoth then hovers through the portal, disappearing inside of it there.


File: 1643251153668-0.jpg (115.37 KB, 640x640, Stephanie223.jpg)

File: 1643251153668-1.png (139.34 KB, 1094x731, Dimension.png)

>Stephanie takes a few moments to stare at her brother, watching his motionless body. She hesitates - before saying out loud:

"O-Okay. I'm coming."

>She then steps towards the portal, walking through it…

>On the other side of the portal is a large mountain range full of vast forests and fields of colorful flora. The plants showcase a wide range of colors, from deep blues to bright pinks, and more.

>As Stephanie finishes stepping through the portal she immediately drops to the floor - clenching her head. Howling in pain, she says:

"Augh! Why is the air so hot and heavy!? I feel like my whole body is about to burst!"


File: 1643251772743.jpg (146.26 KB, 709x1127, Jehuty.jpg)

>Jehuty appears beside Stephanie, completely unharmed by the atmosphere.

"I don't have much time to explain. Stephanie, you'll see bright colored particles around you."

>Jehuty quickly gestures to the particles around her, and spread out throughout the entire dimension as well.

"Focus on them, and draw them to you with your mind. Then picture them forming a protective skin around your body."

>Noticing Stephanie's condition deteriorating, he then says:

"Quickly! You must accomplish this if you are to proceed!"


File: 1643252488052-0.jpeg (24.29 KB, 320x320, Stephanie99.jpeg)

File: 1643252488052-1.png (139.34 KB, 1094x731, Dimension.png)

File: 1643252488052-2.jpg (31.47 KB, 640x360, Void.jpg)

>Stephanie groans, as she tries to ignore the pain. She looks up, eyes darting around as she scans her surroundings. She squints, adn says:

"I-I can see them."

>Glowing particles of all colors permeate Stephanie's surroundings, embedded within everything. She focuses her attention on the nearest bunch, floating freely in the air just before her.

>She concentrates her attention on them for a few moments, before stating:

"W-Wait. Something feels off."

>She reaches out, touching the particles in front of her. They react immediately, generating a bridge of colorful static to her fingers that quickly fades.

>She then makes a swiping motion - pushing the particles away from her. The world shimmers and fracures in the place once held by the particles, causing her to begin swiping more of them away.

>As she does so, more and more of the world begins to crack and fade - before shattering like glass, revealing nothing but an impossibly illuminated void of blackness.

>Now holding some of the particles in her hand, Stephanie observes as they radiate color - gently warming her skin. Now feeling normal again, she says:

"That was… an illusion. Like the kind Orion and I have made with telepathy. Except it felt solid. Real."


File: 1643253287894-0.jpg (146.26 KB, 709x1127, Jehuty.jpg)

File: 1643253287894-1.png (262.95 KB, 1321x742, Door to the Axiom.png)

File: 1643253287894-2.jpg (176.21 KB, 900x900, Circuit Board.jpg)

File: 1643253287894-3.jpg (149.26 KB, 590x300, Mana Particles - 2.jpg)

>Thoth claps his hands as he hovers in place in the void of darkness.

"You shattered the illusion I placed in this dimension. Psychosomatic effects were the main element of the spell. Well done Stephanie."

>As he stops clapping, he then states:

"I would be remiss to not point you in the direction of your actual objective."

>Pointing away from him, to his side, Thoth redirects Stephanie's attention towards a series of giant silver doors in the distance.

"That is the entrance to your home - by birthright as Sorceress Supreme. Created by the will of the almighty Crystal. But you must demonstrate the same potential for magic you have shown here - in order to pass through the barriers, those doors."

>A large, complex circuit pattern is etched onto both doors, separated into multiple pieces of colored circuits - each a different color associated with a different pattern.

"Those particles you manipulated were called mana. They are a physical representation of the magical forces all Sorcerers manipulate. They exist as particles so long as you choose to see them that way. Streams of light are another, similar representation of their essence."

>As he slowly guides Stephanie towards the entrance of the other area - he then says:

"Simply take the mana in your hands and match them to circuits you see inscribed on the doors. A basic frequency conversion test. By far the most basic, but instrumental skill you will learn as a Sorceress."


File: 1643255023362-0.png (262.95 KB, 1321x742, Doorway.png)

File: 1643255023362-1.png (961.57 KB, 1066x1422, Stephanie175.png)

File: 1643255023362-2.jpg (107.1 KB, 852x480, Mana Particles - 2.jpg)

>Stephanie stares at the doorway for a few moments in silence, studying it's appearance. She tightens her fingers around the particles in her hand, keeping them in place.

"…Okay. But afterwards you need to explain what you mean by "Sorceress Supreme" and my "birthright"."

>The apparent Sorceress Supreme begins walking towards the door, growing both more nervous as she approaches it. Several seconds pass, as she closes the gap between Thoth and the doorway.

>Now finally in front of it, Stephanie studies it's architecture up close - looking up in awe at the size of the giant doorway.

{"Time to find out what's behind this door."}

>Stephanie opens her palms, causing the particles to fly outwards. They hover in place in front of Stephanie, almost as if they're waiting on her command. She furrows her brow, and concentrates.

{"It's just like psychic energy. I just have to will it to do what I want."}

>Immediately the particles split away from each other, flying towards the door. Each goes towards their corresponding color. Red to red. Green to green. All of them match exactly.

>Once making contact, the circuits absorb the particles - beginning to glow softly. Stephanie watches, as the door begins to rumble and creek - slowly beginning to open.


File: 1643255708244-0.jpg (146.26 KB, 709x1127, Jehuty.jpg)

File: 1643255708244-1.gif (1.91 MB, 435x250, Golden Light.gif)

File: 1643255708244-2.jpg (1.16 MB, 4000x2401, Sanctum.jpg)

File: 1643255708244-3.jpg (737.68 KB, 2560x1600, Sanctum - 7.jpg)

File: 1643255708244-4.jpg (49.7 KB, 852x480, Hologram Earth Map.jpg)

>Looking at Stephanie, Thoth then nods.

"Again, well done, Sorceress Supreme. After you."

>As Stephanie and Thoth watch, the giant doors slowly grind open, revealing a bright golden light behind them. The sheer brightness of the light envelops the darkness and fundamentally transforms the area - illuminating it entirely at a speed faster than light itself.

>Thoth then begins moving into the golden portal, with Stephanie behind him.


>Inside the area, and after the portal's entrance, is a large 16th century style interior. Extensive ceiling space looks on for what seems like miles, as bright and colorful objects lay across the room. More mana particles are found in the living space, along with pristine and high quality furniture.

"And here we are. The Axiom - the Nexus of Magic. The focal point of all known magical energies throughout the Universe."

>Turning his attention back towards Stephanie, he sidesteps a magic carpet as it quickly flies through the room.

"As for your questions, Stephanie."

>Thoth then snaps his fingers, generating a small miniature hologram diagram to help guide his explanations.

"You are the Sorceress Supreme of Earth-0, the Prime Universe by which all others are connected to. Meaning you are tasked by the Crystal with protecting the Universe - and the Crystal itself, from all manner of otherworldly and malevolent threats to their combined existence."

>Making a diagram representation of the Crystal itself, he then says:

"This is what you were communicating with in your dreams. The Crystal is the source of all magic in this universe, though not its controller. While all magic flows from it - the Crystal cannot decide how it is governed or redirected. Which is why magicians exist - to harness that magical power for their own ends."

>He then continues:

"As the Sorceress Supreme, you are chosen before your birth, by the Crystal. You are destined to take your place as ruler of the Axiom, and defender of the Universe and the Crystal - as stated before. As such, the Axiom is your birthright, seeing as it serves as the main pillar of defense against supernatural threats - when used by you properly there."


File: 1643256164752-0.jpg (737.68 KB, 2560x1600, Sanctum (2).jpg)

File: 1643256164752-1.png (226.49 KB, 468x755, Stephanie186.png)

>Stunned by this revelation, Stephanie instinctively takes a step back. She blinks rapidly.

"What? I'm supposed to be some kind of guardian super hero?"

>She brings her hand to her cheek, resting her elbow in her other hand. Looking to the ground, she says:

"I… don't know. I'm not sure if I deserve something as important as this, considering the things I've ahd to do… and besides that, I just wanted to live a free life with my brother…"

>Several more objects fly by Stephanie's head, avoiding collision with her. Her eyes follow them, as they race towards their desinations.


File: 1643257125088-0.jpg (146.26 KB, 709x1127, Jehuty.jpg)

File: 1643257125088-1.gif (6.07 MB, 636x264, Iso Dimension - 2.gif)

File: 1643257125088-2.jpg (85.75 KB, 500x312, Library - 2.jpg)

File: 1643257125088-3.jpg (47.64 KB, 1280x720, Isaac.jpg)

File: 1643257125088-4.png (335.59 KB, 640x453, Ring.png)

>Thoth then looks at Stephanie, a sympathetic look on his face as he nods slowly.

"I understand, Stephanie. However the option of refusal for the Crystal is not available. It chose you and no one else."

>Blinking for a moment, Thoth then states:

"Well, no other Sorceress. It has already chosen its Sorcerer Supreme - your potential partner in your work. I've mentioned him before."

>Speaking a quick incantation, Thoth makes a gesture with his hands, causing the entirety of the living room to shift around - floor, ceiling and walls all shifting around - moving the two across the Axiom and towards a different area of the structural interior.

"The Axiom is an entire separate dimension, removed from the conventional laws of time and space. It is separate from the Universe as you know it and does not obey the standard rules of physics nor reality itself either."

>After a few moments, the movement and shifting of the floor, ceiling and walls ends abruptly - causing the two of them to stand before a large set of infinitely expanding bookcases and stories of floors.

"This is the Arcane Library - the metatextual repository of all known and unknown knowledge in the Universe."

>Thoth points as various tomes fly around the library autonomously, each embroidered with their own unique gems, symbols and glowing runes on their covers as well.

"It functions through a complex space-time event which replicates all written and unwritten knowledge capable of being produced by human thought. In fact, the psycho-historical implications are quite amusing to consider-"

>Thoth stops himself as he says:

"Pardon me, I got carried away as usual. Well, it's time to go meet him. The Sorcerer Supreme in training."

>Thoth then guides Stephanie through a series of large and interweaving stories and floors in the Arcane Library - before finally rounding the corner up in a higher story and floor.

"There he is. Isaac?"

>Thoth says with an inquisitive tone of voice, causing the man sitting at the nearby table to raise his head from the tome.

>The man is around the same age as Stephanie with somewhat long, wavy two tone hair. Half of his hair is blonde, and the other half of his hair is black. He has deep blood red eyes, a set of fangs and ornate glasses neatly resting on the bridge of his nose without tilting.

>Standing up, the man adjusts his glasses, slightly pushing them higher as his long button shirt and scarf move themselves slightly on their own - adjusting themselves to his new posture.

"Hey Thoth. I was just finishing up my review of trans-dimensional sound crafting. Remember that idea for a dimension that converted excess kinetic motion into slow decay mana? I did it and created a dimension to do just that."

>Finally noticing Stephanie, he says:

"….Oh, hey there. I'm Isaac Meisner. Or you can just call me Isaac. I'm guessing you're the Sorceress Supreme that the Crystal's been waiting for all this time. It's nice to meet you, honestly."

>Isaac holds out his hand for Stephanie to shake it, a unique silver ring on his finger which hums and pulses with a faint white light.


File: 1643257950031-0.jpg (85.75 KB, 500x312, Library2.jpg)

File: 1643257950031-1.jpg (96.49 KB, 568x595, Stephanie156.jpg)

>Stephanie begins blinking rapidly. She stares at Isaac, while letting out a nervous laugh. Near-by, the lights begin to flicker violently, corresponding with her laughter.

>After a few moments she manages to calm herself, and takes Isaac's hand.


>Stephanie begins shaking Isaac's hand just a little faster and harder than would be expected. Still nervous, she says:

"I'm Stephanie."

>She continues shaking Isaac's hand, while staring at him just long enough for it to be come a bit awkward. Realizing this, she releases her grip and turns her attention away from him - coughing into her fist.

>Afterwards she looks at Thoth, asking:

"Is this really all meant for me…? Are you sure? Because I've had to do some… things before. Some very, very bad things…"

>She hesitates for a moment, before continuing:

"Surely there's someone out there better for this. Maybe some kind of sorcerer who is a good person."


File: 1643320647747.jpg (146.26 KB, 709x1127, Jehuty.jpg)

>Thoth nods slowly as he redirects a set of tomes in the air with his hand.

"Of course. You were chosen by the Empyrean - the Crystal. As such, you are the inheritor of this domain, along with Isaac here."

>Putting a hand on Stephanie's shoulder, Thoth continues to speak:

"Do not disparage yourself, Sorceress. Your past actions have no bearing on your future choices - and you were not given the power to make your own decisions in the past."

>Thoth then looks up at the libraries in the distance, taking his hand off of Stephanie's shoulder as he continues:

"I would've intervened sooner, if not for the decision of the Empyrean. For whatever reason, it chose this moment, right now, to send for aid with your situation. I do not pretend to know why that is - but I will not question the will of the Crystal, nor its power."

>Turning around, Thoth then says:

"Well then, I will introduce you to more of the Axiom, before I must make my leave - to the rest of my pantheon. Isaac will instruct you in the fundamentals of magical detection, absorption, spell creation, artifact usage and invocation. From then, I and my fellow Gods will assist you in the intermediate fundamentals."

>Finally, Thoth finishes by stating:

"Then lastly, existing Sorcerers Supreme from other universes, will appear to instruct you in the master focused skills and fundamentals. They will also aid you in preparing for the Crystal's final test - from which you will both learn the secret of magic itself."


File: 1643324997329.jpg (308.11 KB, 600x987, Stephanie13.jpg)

>Stephanie stares at Thoth in silence, thinking about the situation. After almost a minute, she finally says:

"Well… okay then."

>She lets out a sigh.

"If I have to."


File: 1643325867729-0.jpg (146.26 KB, 709x1127, Jehuty.jpg)

File: 1643325867729-1.jpg (1.3 MB, 1800x2000, Isaac - 18.jpg)

>Thoth nods as he makes another incantation, snapping his fingers as a few golden sparks fly from said fingers.

"I've just transported Orion to Sanctuary City. He's in one of the properties that Isaac owns in Wiseman Faults. Speaking of which…"

>Thoth then speaks to Isaac.

"Isaac, the quarterly reports are due in a few days. I trust you've managed your assets carefully?"

>Isaac sighs as he rubs the back of his neck, stating:

"Year over year margins are up, Thoth. I'm not a new investor here."

>Thoth then nods and smiles.

"As expected of you. So now I can guide you around Stephanie. This way please."

>Thoth then begins levitating away from the Library - guiding Stephanie to the rest of the magical structure.


File: 1644961134602-0.jpeg (24.29 KB, 320x320, Stephanie99.jpeg)

File: 1644961134602-1.png (273.97 KB, 448x418, Orion105.png)

>A few hours later…

>Stephanie stands before Orion, surrounded by tall stalks of grass. Having just spent the past several minutes explaining what had happened, she says:

"So… I've decided that I'm going to accept it. It's… strange. And It doesn't sound like I had much of a choice in the first place… but at least I can do some actual good with it."

>Orion stares at his sister, mouth hung open in disbelief.

"You're really going to just go live with some stranger? And leave me?"

"No! Orion!"

>Stephanie immediately throws herself into her brother, hugging him.

"I would never leave you. I'll just be… busy, a lot. But I'll still see you every day. Just like always."

>Orion stares at the ground behind his sister, as her arms remain locked around his body. After several moments of silence, he lets out a sigh and says:

"…Fine. I can live with that."

>Pulling away from his sister, he looks at her sternly.

"But if anything happens that makes you uncomfortable, you come to me right away. Got it?"

>Stephanie nods.

"Got it. I love you banana boy."

"I love you too."

>Orion looks around and says:

"Okay. I'm tired of being in this field. Can we go now?"

>Stephanie smiles warmly.


>She then takes her brother's hand, and walks towards a freshly opened ripple in space…

[The End]

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