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>Date: March 28th, 2017
>Location: Sanctuary City, Shopping District
>Time: 11:15 AM

>The ground rumbles, quaking as a man in a shoddily put together, sharp edged metal suit slams into the concrete. He tumbles and rolls, leaving behind a trail of cracks and holes with broken off pieces of metal everywhere.

>Having finally stopped, the man takes a moment to catch his breath - letting out an animalistic growl. He speaks to himself under his breath, as if he were talking to someone else entirely.

"Kill him. We'll kill him."

>The man spits out a bloodied tooth, and then his head jerks to the side. His tone of voice changes.

"My tooth! He made me lose a tooth!"

>Again, the man jerks his head to the side and continues conversion with himself.

"Forget the tooth! We'll replace it later! After we've killed him."

"Yes! Good idea! Kill him and then fix our tooth!"

>As the man begins pulling himself up from the ground another figure in a much sleeker and more protective looking metal suit hovers down from the air towards him.

"Having a conversation with yourself again, Crazy Guy?"

>The man glares at Omnius, quickly forcing his arm towards him, causing a bolt of lightning to launch from his palm and towards his target.

>Omnius moves quick, narrowly moving himself out of the way by just a hair's width.

"You missed."


>The man now standing up fully extends both arms towards Omnius, firing two continuous electric streams towards him. The vigilante again moves out of the way, fly around, ducking and weaving out of the way of the attack.


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"Stop moving, damn it!"


>Omnius suddenly stops, allowing the electricity to catch up for him. The armored man smiles, only for his jaw to drop as the lightning curves around Omnius's body, now appearing to orbit him.

"Hey look at that. I caught it. Your turn."


>Before he can finish speaking the lightning suddenly blasts into the man's chest, knocking him to the ground and causing his body to spasm.

>Landing on the ground next to him, Omnius says:

"Not a great idea wearing a metal suit if you can't take what you can dish out… Talks to Himself Man, or whatever it is you call yourself."

>Soon after the man's spasms stop, leaving him unconscious and hurt, but alive. Now finished, Omnius waits for the authorities and then leaves, taking off just before they can arrive.


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>A little while later

>Orion rounds the corner, returning to the shopping district. He's now wearing his civilian clothing, casually making his way through the typically crowded streets with ease while he focuses on his phone.

>He narrows his eyes at his phone, before beginning to tap away extremely fast.

["What did you say it was called again?"]

>He continues to type as he reaches a storefront.


>Orion slips his phone into his pocket and then heads into a store with a massive sign on it reading "COMICS & MANGA"


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>A tall man with dark hair stands outside the store, leaning with his back against the wall of the neighboring building. He remains still, watching the windows and entrance of the comic shop closely.


>Not seeming all that out of place, people continue to pass him, not paying any attention to him.


>A few minutes later…

>Orion steps outside of the store, now looking a little grouchy as he furiously types away at his phone.

["They didn't have it."]

["No there's this other place near-by. I'm going to look there."]

>Orion resumes his trip down the street, being followed closely behind by the dark hair man. The man keeps a steady pace, not losing sight of Orion for a second. With every turn Orion makes, he follows - remaining completely hidden from his target.

>This continues for several minutes until Orion suddenly stops, standing in the middle of the sidewalk. Appearing confused, he turns his head around. His eyes shift back and forth, clearly looking for somebody. After several moments of being unsuccessful, he turns his attention back to his phone and mumbles:



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>The man suddenly steps out from behind a lamp post, almost as if he had just appeared out of thin air. With Orion's attention back on his phone he continues to trail him.

>After seveal minutes and another store trip later, Orion exits another comic store, still glued to his phone.

["They didn't have it either!"]

["No I don't want to order online, Madeleine. I'd have to wait. There's this other place across town. It's small but not as many people use it so maybe they'll have stuff in stock."]

{"Gonna cut through this alley and just quickly fly over…"}

>Just as Orion turns the corner into the alley he suddenly stops in place - pulling his eyes away from the phone. He looks up, staring right at a tree.

{"What the hell…?"}

>Before he can do anything else, a deep voice calls out from behind him.

"You should really pay more attention to your surroundings, instead of that phone."

>Recognizing the voice Orion immediately whips around, taking notice of the man.

"Rick! What the hell? Where did-"

>Rick cuts him off, adjusting his jacket slightly.

"I've been watching you for weeks now, Orion. By the way, who were you talking to? Was it your sister? Because I'd like to find her too."

>Orion grits his teeth and slides his phone into his pocket.

"No. Just a friend. And you're not going anywhere near my sister."


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>Rick lets out a chuckle.

"Sure I'm not. Anyway, that father of yours sent me to come get you two. Again."

>He smiles in a mocking fashion.

"Guess you didn't learn your lession the last time when your mother got a bullet to the head for trying to hide you, huh?"

"You son of a bitch!"

>The tree breaks in half as Orion suddenly rushes forward, leaving behind a shockwave. He races towards the man, cocking back his fist - only to suddenly find himself crashing through that now toppled tree.


>Orion coughs, trying to clear a mix of wood, smoke and dust out of his face so he can breathe. Meanwhile, Rick now appears suddenly standing on top of a tree stump, looking down on him.

"You done?"

"Fuck you!"

>Orion remotely hurls a chunk of mangled wood at the man, only for it to vanish and then re-appear behind him - causing him to hit himself.


>The man lets out a laugh.

"Hahah! Still an ill tempered idiot I see! Alright, alright come on. That's enough."


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>Standing up to his feet, Orion wipes his chin with his sleeve.


>Rick raises an eyebrow.


>He smirks, keeping his smug aura.

"You're kidding right? You just showed me that even after all this time, you still can't beat me. Now come on, don't be stupid. Know when you're beaten."


>The ground begins to quake and rumble, as the wind blows hard - causing the trees to rock and sway.

>Rick lets out a sigh.

"Oh boy. Here we g-"

>Before he can finish he's suddenly pulled towards Orion. He lets out a yell of surprise, only to be silenced as he's stuck hovering in the air in front of him.

>Furious, Orion can be seen visibly struggling to keep himself composed. He lets out a growl, and says:

"One. Chance. Leave. Now."


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>The man suddenly disappears, only to re-appear near another tree. He dusts himself off, now looking annoyed.

{"Well, I guess he's gotten a little better. Still, he can't win."}

>Without saying a word Rick glances at Orion. Immediately, the ground beneath Orion disappears - causing him to begin falling.

>Orion catches himself quickly, now hovering over the hole - only to notice a large shadow being cast over him. He looks up, taking notice of a massive compressed ball of rock and dirt falling towards him.


>He points his palm towards the sphere, causing it to begin slowing down. Despite this however, it continues to move towards him slowly but surely.

>Orion grunts, and grits his teeth.

"Damn it…"

>Rick smirks.

"Keep pushing all you want. But I'm the one in control here."

>Without warning Orion's body is yanked to the side, causing him to slam head first into the nearest tree - shattering it. Seconds later the splintered remains shoot forward like a flurry of needles towards Rick, only to slow down before apparently remaining in place.

>He steps around them, saying:

"You're so stubborn, you know that?"

"Fuck you!"

>Orion leaps into the air again, prepared to attack the man. He races forward faster and faster, and then throws a punch - only for his fist to suddenly fly right back at him - hitting him in the face.


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>Orion crashes into the ground, rolling and tumbling across it and through several more trees, causing them to break apart and topple.

>After a few moments of tumbling he finally slams into a large boulder, crashing into it and causing it to crack apart.


>Blood trickles down Orion's face, as he lays still, groaning. Smirking, Rick casually strolls towards him, with his hands in his pockets.

"Ouch. I've never seen someone nearly knock their own head off like that before. Heh."

>He moves closer towards Orion and crouches in front of him, looking him in the eyes. Orion silently stares back, giving a weak glare.

>Rick grabs Orion by chin, digging his fingernails into his skin.

"What's the matter, giving up? Maybe you hit your head a little too hard and you can't do all that psychokinesis shit anymore?"

>Rick stares at Orion for a second, before cocking his head to the side.

"Oh, or maybe you're trying to get into my head? Yeah. You're trying to get into my head."

>He grins.

"Sorry, kid. But one of the perks of working for your daddy are the toys he makes that can keep you from getting in my noggin."

>He taps what appears to be a small ear piece on the right side of his head.


>Orion tries to lean forward, throwing a punch at Rick - only for it to miss, as if there was more room between the two than previously appeared.


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File: 1675390635826-1.jpg (70.12 KB, 685x285, cmykHogandHollowhill_Woods….jpg)

>Rick lets out another sigh as Orion's body is apparently pulled back, smashing his head back into the rock with a hard thud.


>Slowly, Rick begins to stand up, stretching his arms in front of him and cracking his fingers together.

"Alright. Well, that was fun. But I don't want to keep Mister Thompson waiting for too long."

>His eyes turn towards Orion.

"Now, why don't you be useful and tell me where your sister-"

>A leaf crunches. Ken immediately jerks his head towards it.

"What? Oh. Very funny."

>He turns to look at Orion again.

"Trying to-"

>Another crunch.

>Rick again, looks to the side. Once again, nothing is there. Now starting to get annoyed, he lets out a grunt.

"Enough. Stop trying to fuck with me. I'm not letting you run away."

>He turns his attention back towards Orion, and begins leaning down to grab him.


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File: 1675391215105-1.jpg (57.12 KB, 395x600, Beast.jpg)




"For fuck's sake…"

>The crunching continues, beginning to sound like something is moving towards him. Now annoyed, he ignores it, and grabs a hold of Orion's arm.

>Noticing a worried expression on Orion's face, Rick tilts his head.

"What the hell are you looking so afraid of? Don't tell me there's actually something here."

"Alright, whatever you are-"

>As he turns around, Rick suddenly freezes and lets out a scream. Slowly, a massive monstrous figure walks towards him. Appearing like a cross between man and some kind of mole made of tar, the beast lumbers forward, moving with an ape-like gait.

"What the FUCK is that!?"

>Rick throws his palm forward, trying to will the beast away. But it doesn't work. Rick begins to panic.

"W-What the fuck!? What the fuck!? Get away!"

>The beast continues closing in on him.

"I said get away! I-!"

>Before he can say anything else he's suddenly swept off his feet, having been grabbed by an identical beast. The monster holds Rick by the ankles and lifts him in the air - tilting it's head quizicaly as it stares at him.


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>Rick lets out a scream, and suddenly vanishes - only to re-appear a few feet away, now surrounded by seemingly dozens of these identical monsters.


>In an instant he's knocked to the ground, having been hit in the head from behind.


>Orion stands over Rick, watching as he restlessly grumbles and rolls around in his sleep, complaining about the monsters getting him.

"Shouldn't of let yourself get distracted."

>He opens his palm, revealing the broken remains of the ear-piece. He empties his palm, letting them fall to the ground. Afterwards he grits his teeth, still seething.

"Fucking bastard."

>Orion kicks Rick in the stomach, causing him to unknowingly vomit on the ground while remaining asleep.

"Fuck you."

>Orion kicks him again, this time on the face. He grunts and huffs, trying to recompose himself. He turns away from Rick, and closes his eyes, trying to rest his arms behind his head.

>A few minutes of this pass, with Orion eventually calming down. Without a word he remotely picks up Rick's sleeping body, and then flies away.


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>A few hours later

>Omnius races across the sky in a hurry.

{"God damn piece of shit. Thinks he can just do this. Should've taken care of them when we had the chance."}

>Flying over a seemingly endless field of wheat, weeds and other grasses Omnius lands on the ground, his armored feet causing the ground to rumble.

>Immediately the Earth begins to rip open, as he flings massive chunks of soil out of his way and into the ground.

>This continues for only a few seconds, before he comes across a reinforced concrete exterior. Without hesitation Omnius tears through this as well, and then jumps into the newly made hole.


>Omnius is greeted only by silence, as the bunker base is completely empty, devoid of any signs of life or any trace that anyone was ever there.


>Anger boils up inside him, and Omnius slams his fist into a wall - causing a massive crack to spread from the wall to the ceiling and causing a part of it to collapse.

"Damn it! They moved! Fuck! Of course they did! Grah!"

>Omnius remotely rips a chunk of concrete off the wall and hurls it down a hallway and into another wall.


>He does this again. And again. And again. Now panting, he tries to regain his composure.

{"Whatever! I'll find their new base later! I'm going home."}

>Omnius rips open an even bigger hole in the ceiling and then flies into the air. He stops and then turns around to face the now damaged bunker. He winces, and then makes a crushing motion with hiz hand - causing the rest of it to collapse in on itself.

>Afterwards he turns around and rockets off, heading back home…

[The End]

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